Bunny Hop Bodies

Are you craving a bod like…

Or how about…

Is this more your flavor?

Then perhaps it’s time you don a pair of lycra hot pants… grab yourself some arm candy and get to the nearest dance floor.

Mmm Hmm. That’s right, dancing is a brilliant way to flatten that stomach, tighten that tush… and make you even consider consider buying…

Have you seen Kelly Osborne’s dancing transformation? She went from…


Hey look, she bought the tu-tu!

Oh and you cannot forget this monstrosity’s transformation…

We can thank Maskim Chmerkovskiy for this final product…

Give her a whip and people will start calling her Dominatrix Alley. Imagine taking a stroll down that side street…

Honestly though, the point I am trying to make, other than the fact that dancing causes you to splurge on some interesting outfits, is that taking up the fine art of dance enhances your endurance, strength, flexibility and sense of well being (obviously it tightens up… “loose ends” too). Or in other words, it is a fun heart-pumping exercise definitely worth trying.

Pop any one of these dance videos in your DVD player if you’re not quite ready to sport that tu-tu in public…

Do you boogie on down? What’s your dance your pants off theme song?!


  1. You know I wear an outfit like Pam’s to sleep in Gigi!

  2. Sometimes I will get my Sonicare out, use it as a microphone and dance my ass off to my iPod while pretending I am Adam Levine. Or I go to a dance club with my friends, but it’s been a while since I turned into a grandma (which I am OK with.)

    So now when I dance alone, I wear my tight pants and dance to this..

    You’re welcome for that eye candy.

    • LMFAO LMFAO LMFAO!!!!!! I think I am going to have that video wake me up EVERY MORNING – to motivate my ass to DANCE ON OVER TO THE GYM!!!! I love that chick’s (or wait, man’s??) outfit though, I really hope you own that too so you too can FROLICK in the woods with weird leprechaun type people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMFAO again!

  3. anonymous says:

    OMG, I WANT ME A BUNNY HOP BODIES! GIGI, what if I wear that and I shrink at night! Hahaha help me become a music video honey!!!!!

  4. colleenanderson says:

    I’ll take the guy please! :) I love dancing and dance to anything if I must and I mix it with bellydance. I’m still waiting for my body in the mail though.


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