That’s A Haunted House 2

You may not know this but… Haunted houses are…

McDonald's Restaurants are haunted housesEVERYWHERE!

This ain’t just an October thing people!

Oddly enough though, a majority of us aren’t really even scared of these haunted houses AT ALL!

In fact, it seems as if people actually LIKE HANGING OUT at these PORTALS TO THE UNDERWORLD!

Obama ordering fast foodBah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ah ah! Don’t tell Michelle!

It doesn’t help that many of them have… JUNGLE GYMS and PLAY PLACES…

McDonald's Play PlaceLooks like a rat cage… Are we McDonald’s lab rats?

Honestly, those just sound like the breeding grounds for Flavicoltiratiorthopoxvirus… If you want to know what that is, just go lick a stray ball or two in one of these play pens…

Ball Pit of a Play PlaceScrew it! I’m going in!

It’s quite weird to me that people are drawn to such gluttonous establishments because who wouldn’t think


unhealthy fast food burger

Is scarier than…Β 



Scared Smiley

Well, the problem is… Demons lurk within these artery clogging joints, and they are pros are luring us in (the heavenly salty and sweet aromas from the deep frier are part of their ploy)! And once we enter these falsely majestic domains and order the # 5, the BODY POSSESSION starts! Fast food does NOT speed up your weight lossΒ (if that’s what you’re after), yet these demons are excellent BSers!Β 

If these demons have taken hold of your soul, then you may want to check out the latest GiGi Eats video to see how you can perform a Fast Food Exorcism on yourself; priest/father/reverend/ not necessary!

You would think Marlon Wayans of A Haunted House and now A Haunted House 2 (among a slew of other satirical *SPOOKY* movies), would be immune to such horrific drive-ins… Well, to find out for sure whether or not he (or I guess his character Malcolm) ordered the # 5 with an extra large coke (aka: how exactly he tackles the demons in the sequel to his first Haunted House flick), you’re just going to have to check out his skin crawling movie, A Haunted House 2, this weekend!

A Haunted House 2 movie poster

Lets just say it’s certainly comparable to fast food menu items in that it’s oh so good, yet oh so naughty!

Check out the HYSTERICAL trailer:


  • Are you a fan of the scary movie genre? If so, what’s your favorite flick?
  • Have you seen A Haunted House? Any plans on seeing the sequel?
  • Are you possessed by Fast Food Demons?
  • What movie/TV show that Jamie Pressly has been in, do you like the best?
  • What’s scarier to you: fast food or Leatherface?
  • Would you rather swim in a ball pit or a pool filled with piranhas?
  • Today (April 15th) is the 5 year anniversary of having my large intestine removed… How should I celebrate?
  • What do you think of my Fast Food Exorcism steps?

GiGi with fake scary teeth

Mmm Scrumptious!



  1. SOOOOOOOO true!!! Love it GiGi! I try to avoid these places at all costs, and I am so glad you added subway to this list, as I feel they are just as bad….how can you say eat fresh?! Love your video as always, I definitely do not want demons inside me from those sesame seed buns! I rid myself of those demons long ago thankfully!

    You mentioned most of my tips, planning ahead, and packing food, I also like to look at what is available ahead of time so i can look for a better option. I actually intend to set up a business in the next few years creating fresh (like real fresh, not subway fresh), nourishing, balanced, and wordthatissolongyoucantpronounce free! Have a wonderful day!

    • OMG YOU DO?!?!?!?!?!? How can I invest in this company? I have so many ideas on a healthy “fast food” joint, I just don’t know how to even START working on creating it!!!!! I need in on this, lets start the franchise! πŸ˜‰

      And exactly – I abhor Subway just as much as the rest, and their catch-phrase KILLS ME… And is killing people who eat it! LOL!

      • At least at subway, you have can get your veggies and as long as you omit the heavy mayo’s, ranch, and calorie filled bread you are better off at subway than you are at McD’s or other burger joints. Stay far away from the Tuna and Meatball subs, those are horrible. Opt for a veggie sub or a salad and your doing good.

        Of course a healthy fast food joint, would be rather costly. It is crazy that eating healthy is so expensive. I really wish it was the opposite. I remember when I was working outside of the home, I opted to take my lunch. Of course, that consisted of a boxed meal but it was better than a greasy hamburger and fries. It is so hard to eat healthy when these haunted houses are on EVERY CORNER.

        • I remember when I used to think Subway was the healthier alternative! I would get a 12 inch sub with turkey swiss and mayo! Or I would get the meatball sub! Yikes! I cannot even fathom buying and eating such things now a days! LOL! Honestly, Subway really isn’t all that much healthier than McDonalds- there is so many chemicals in all of their products, just like McDonalds. The company has just done such a good job at marketing itself as the healthy alternative, thanks to Jarod and the “eat fresh” slogan! :(

          I really, truly wish there were healthy fast food restaurants, but hopefully in the near future more will start showing up!

  2. 80 ingredients?!? Ugh. That’s just sad and scary!! My favorite tip (which you mention) is ALWAYS having an “emergency” stash of healthy snacks with me. I literally always have something in my car, purse, or bag just in case!

    • ME TOO! I will whip out a can of sardines, a napkin and a fork from my purse and people look at me like WHAT IN THE BEEP!!! Ha! But, I don’t care because it satisfies and it’s so very healthy :)

  3. I can’t watch scary movies! They’re just too scary, lol!

    I agree, fast food and that whole industry has caused more disease than almost anything I can think of. I totally avoid it, and have for a long time.

    I went in a McD’s ball pit one time, big mistake!

    I think you celebrate that surgery with the good works you do every day!

  4. So totally agree! Not that I’ve NEVER eaten a fast food meal, but it’s rare and usually a result of being in the middle of nowhere on a road trip. I try to mitigate by splitting a burger, adding an apple or other fruit which I try to keep handy, skipping fries. Plus, vigorous rationalizing burns calories, I’m pretty sure..

    But wait, you were disembowled 5 years ago? Yikes! I think a horror movie is totally the best way to celebrate that.

    • At least you try and mitigate the situation! I know when I go on long road trips, I stock up on deliciousness prior to leaving, it actually gets me motivated to hit the road, LOL!!! And uhhh HOLY HELL – how was S. AFRICA!! You’re back!!!!

      I think I should write a screen play called COLON COMBUSTION! Would you see this movie? LMFAO!

  5. I definitely think that driving different routes helps. There is a Taco Bell right by my gym (and a McDonald’s and a Wendy’s and a Popeye’s Chicken) and I find that to be the roughest spot for me because I’m HUNGRY leaving the gym and I want a giant bucket of french fries so bad. So I try to prepare dinner ahead of time on those days. If I know that I have food at home, I’m not going to let it go to waste. That helps me!

    • UGH! That drives me insane! I find it ridiculous when I see fast food next to gyms or weight loss clinics or whatever! Really?!?!?! If the temptation wasn’t already bad enough! I am glad you have a way of avoiding these places!! Just keep prepping food for a delicious dinner!! No one wants to waste food that’s for sure! πŸ˜‰

  6. wait, McDs isn’t gigi approved? Gonna have to adjust my meal plan now…

    • Ah ha ha ha ha! Yes, MAM!! Unless McDonalds used grass-fed/finished meat and had coconut flour buns…. Yah…. Not gunna wiggle its way into my diet! πŸ˜‰

  7. Scary movies give me nightmares but I may have to watch Part 1 and 2 of this one because it looks hilarious.
    Rotten Ronnie’s gives me nightmares too and I can also claim that I’ve never been to Taco Bell! lol.
    I’d rather swim in the pool of piranhas cos I can swim real fast and my chances of survival are better.
    Take yourself to the spa and spoil yourself with a full body massage, mani and pedi to celebrate.
    Another great post, GiGi. Thanks for the important info along with the giggles. Those teeth!! lmao

  8. First off, I LOVE scary movies. These or a good drama are my go-to film categories. I think The Conjuring has been one of the best scary films I have seen in awhile. It wasn’t really cheesy, had an interesting story and seriously had me shaking when it was done.

    What also gets me shaking? Fast food. I’ve said this so many times but growing up in the South was both good and bad for me…I was surrounded by more fast food chains than anything else and often relied on those for a quick meal. However, TRUE STORY…my sister got a horrible WORM infection from McDonald’s and that has made me completely disgusted by the chains ever since. When I moved to California, I tried a couple things like In n’ Out to see if maybe a “California” chain would be better. I mean…the fries are all right? But honestly, I’ve found local spots that get local ingredients or make things fresher to be a way better option…or just pre-making food at home and taking with me!
    One easy snack to carry around? Apples! I posted a fun Infographic on my blog about how to pick an apple based on what you want in taste or what you’re cooking!

    And wow!! What an anniversary. I think you should celebrate the idea that some people can have things like that happen or worse and not be as fantastic and happy as you are now. Celebrate all your blessings…and go and eat a TON OF SALMON!!!!!!! =D Man now I’m craving sushi…

    • Ah! I hate scary movies! And if you liked the Conjuring… Then perhaps you’d like this movie??? I was told that it was based on the Conjuring -so yeah… HOWEVER……… I warn you before you see it, if you do! LOL!

      And ugh. Fast food is fast food regardless of what state you’re in! My fast food = Whole Foods, you know that πŸ˜‰ And you’re right- apples or fruit in general is the PERFECT snack to carry with you on the go! Same goes for almonds or even hard boiled eggs!

      And you best believe I am celebrating with some Echi today for lunch!!!! Care to join?? πŸ˜‰

  9. I hate scary movies, scary commercials {I close my eyes} I am a total pansy. I do love the Haunted house at Disneyland though {maybe because they have not changed it since they built it and I know what is coming} LOL. We are not possessed by fast food demons…we don’t even step foot in a fast food place and our kids don’t care to. Yay us! I don’t know how parents let their kids play in those balls and tubes at places fast food and pizza places…now that is scary!

    • I AM SUCH A PANSY TOO! I was actually scared to go see this movie – I had to cover my eyes a few times because I hate when things POP OUT FROM nowhere!!! GAHHH! LOL! My stomach drops. And uhhhhhhhh I was scared in the Haunted House in Disneyland too! LOL!!!!!

      I AM SOOOOO happy to hear you’re not possessed by fast food! You and your family are a rare breed and I am so thrilled! :)

  10. I LOVE that you compared fast food to a haunted house! Sadly, it’s a pretty decent comparison. It’s frightening how much our society relies on fast food to exist. Scary. I’m lovin’ your teeth though….so beautiful!

    • It’s really scary! What’s even scarier is that people don’t even know what they’re putting into their bodies and they don’t even care!!!

  11. I despise scary movies, but I’d take an all-nighter of being forced to watch them over being force-fed fast food. So there’s that.
    It’s hard for you to scare me because you’re darn cute, but this post is very scary! Yuck! Horrible disgusting food!
    I do love Marlon Wayans and I do love the kinds of haunted houses that don’t have golden arches outside of them!
    I have never had KFC, but I had Taco Bell once. It was the bean burrito so maybe that slightly saved my life. I have never eaten a McDonald’s burger but I have had Burger King and Wendy’s – not in over a decade, though! Am I exorcised yet?? From the toxins??

    • I have never had any Fast Food Burger before in my life too! However, I definitely have had their fries but that was about 15 years or more ago… So I think you and I are 100% exorcised from the toxins!!! – THANK GOODNESS!

  12. Hhaah girl you good. I like the comparison. Scary Movie 3 was actually on TV the other night and I may or may not have watched all of it…. it brought back memories because I used to looove that movie in middle school.

    • OMG I NEEED to watch that movie again! NEED TO! ha ha ah aha ha h! Totally brings back memories for sure πŸ˜‰

  13. Not gonna lie – I like Taco Bell!!! I don’t eat it often but I do have it!
    I’m not a big fan of scary movies.

  14. You are too funny!!!! I used to be OK with scary movies but in my older age, just don’t go to them.. some that have more story lines to them I go to but not just for the ones that want to scare the shit out of you! πŸ˜‰

    I agree, the fast food is UGH & is not my thing although I do steal a few of my hubby’s fries when he has them.. I am for balance in life. If you have it once a week or every once in a while & don’t abuse, it is OK in my eyes .. I don’t eat it but I think it is OK for people if they are OK with it as a treat type meal…

    • I am not a scary movie person either – I could only handle this movie because it really wasn’t all that scary, more funny and making fun of scary movies more than anything! LOL! I just hate when things POP OUT FROM NO WHERE!! I had to shield my eyes a few times when I knew it was coming, lol!

      I know you’re all about the balance Jody, and I admire you because you have such wonderful willpower when it comes to balancing out the good/bad foods – IT’S OBVIOUS, I mean, look at your hot bod!! πŸ˜‰

  15. You are quite possibly the most wonderful human girl ever. I love the comparison of the jungle gyms to rate cages!! I used to work at McDonald’s (hey-when I was 14 & 15 and before I cared about living!) and I can’t begin to fathom how the ‘regulars’ stayed regulars. Filthy gross sick nasty. UGH! I think you need a show on public television like Bill Nye the Science Guy so you can make 30 minute segments about stuff like this. I’ll fund you with my hard earned McD’s bucks! :)

    • Oh my goodness, that was the most amazing compliment I have ever received! I love how you wrote “human girl” – LOL!

      YOU MUST tell me what your experience was like, working at McDonalds! I want to know! I have heard some horror stories but I want to know if they’re true!

      AND THANK YOUUUUUU for wanting to fund my Bill Nye like show! I am not so sure PBS would want my foul mouth on there though, LOL!

  16. i actually do not like scary movies. or fast food. or the fact that you had your large intestines removed 5 years ago. But i do like the fact that you make the most of life and food and i just love your face!!

  17. Please send me through the Portal to the Underworld of Desserts. I’ll take my chances.
    I lurves Jamie Pressly. She so funny.

    • Ah ha ha ha aha ha! Dairy Queen is the portal to the underworld, dessert style……. Shhh, don’t tell Satan I told you!

  18. How is a bad (fast-food based) diet like a horror movie villain? You can’t out-run it… *rimshot*

  19. who knows what lurks in your creative and fertille brain. Only the ghosts of haunted places (such as our brains……).

    • Muahh ha ha ha ha! The GiGi Factory is constantly churning out weird and gaseous potions…… Tee he he he!

  20. This brought back memories of belly bombers on the train, White Castle was the all the rage. We never figured out why they had a green tinge ?? many moons ago. Those movie’s are really funny, how they keep it together during filming I’ll never know. My only guilty pleasure is good pizza and maybe if I’m forced some rice pudding, anything else it’s been a long long time. Those teeth really enhance the sparkle in your eye’s :) I think celebrating life is fitting, I’m thankful your here each week. Why not throw in some shopping and sushi to. BTW some people think those movies are really scary :):):)

    • White Castle – Ughh I forgot to include that one in the video. That place, like Jack in the Box, REALLY makes my skin crawl! And now I am really going to have nightmares thanks to knowing their burgers are slightly GREEN!

      Oh and at the junket the actors mentioned that……….. They really couldn’t keep it together at all! HA HA HA. They had to step out of frame when Cedric the Entertainer did his scenes because he said some ridiculous stuff! A fun fact about this movie too: It’s all pretty much Ad Libbing!

  21. The only “fast food” I eat is CHIPOTLE and I would not everrrr give that shit up…unless there was like cow meat in my beans. I don’t live near one though so I only eat it like three times a year. WOMP WOMP. FAST FOOD IS SKETCHIER THAN a back alley lady vag.

    • I’ve had Chipotle once, it’s not too bad. The CEO actually came to talk to my college advertising class. And they have very healthy ingredients, blah blah blah! So there you go, your beans are beans and now cow brains! PROMISE.

      Oh and have you seen a Back Alley Lady’s Vag???? Well, if not, when you come visit, I’ll introduce you to Shelby.

  22. I couldn’t agree more! Fast food is demonized for sure. The poof is that most people who eat there regularly walk around like zombies.
    Love the teeth! You’re such a trendsetter!

    • I feel like a majority of the car accidents in this world are due to people zoning out because of their fast food food comas!!!!!! They have a burger in their mouth and their bodies are in shock over what they’re consuming and BAM!

  23. You are amazing hahah! I fully believe that people actually become addicted to fast food. I also don’t think a lot of people realize just how horrible Subway is. Just thinking about all the artificial ingredients is enough to keep me away from these places. YUUCK!

    • It’s all thanks to the “EAT FRESH” slogan! Subway’s PR team should win an award for best FAKE OUT!

  24. Luckily I have no problem avoiding fast food, I wish I could say the same about deserts.

  25. haha…so spooky :)

    I love scary movies, Lori not so much. Most of the ones I like are so old!! Some of the newer ones I find too predicable.

    • What old ones are your favorites? I remember watching A Haunted Mansion – the FIRST ONE, in black and white and that one was TERRIFYING!!

  26. Thanks for linking up! I had to laugh when you referred to the McDonald’s playground as a rat cage. That is true on so many levels!

  27. Haha you would have been terrified of me on Sunday!! I didn’t tell you this earlier but I did subcumb to one chicken soft taco at the place you would never set foot in. I don’t want to give it power by actually saying it’s name :) Def prefer Echi!!!

    • ……………….. Whoa, sorry, JUST FAINTED FROM THIS NEWS! Thank GOODNESS you didn’t tell me earlier in person – LMFAO! At least you just had ONE… And I mean, you were prepared to say F IT this weekend too – lol!

  28. I like the comparison! Technically, there are things inside both that can kill ya I guess.

    I want to like scary movies. But every time I try to watch one, I end up sleeping with my lights on and a knife beside my bed for like a month…it’s an issue of mine : )

    • AHHHHH HA HA HA HA HA AH! Good thing you don’t sleep walk, or else I would fear for the lives of the others who live in your house πŸ˜‰

  29. Ack! Scary movies really scare me — even the ones that are supposed to be spoofs. I loved Jamie Presley in My Name is Earl. (Remember that show?!) And omg my son is at the age where he thinks its hilarious to do things like lick the grocery store shopping cart just to see me freak out about it.

    • LOVE JAIME! After meeting with her, I have even more respect for her, she’s got quite the story to tell about her history!!! And she’s got a new show coming out this Summer!!! Watch out for it :)

      AND OMG OMG OMG OMG I hope you can keep your son’s tongue in his mouth!! YIKES!

  30. I don’t watch scary movies OR go to fast food joints (exception: I have been known to get a bean burrito from Del Taco in a vegan pinch). And I hate the advertising that makes it seem so sexy (Carl’s Jr.) , funny (Jack in the Box)), or healthy (Ugh..KFC).

  31. I really hate scary movies. And fast food. It’s like wasted meal. Gross.

    And those teeth… I am going to have nightmares now!!! πŸ˜›

    • It’s such a wasted meal! You eat such a tiny bit for so many empty calories! Why not eat pounds of healthy food for the same amount of nutritious calories!!

      And I do hope I haunt your dreams tonight, LOL!

  32. Fast food = scary food! We were stopped at a light in front of a McDonald’s last week and my kids wanted to go to “that play place.” No way!!! We’ve never been and never will! Just thinking about their fake food grosses me out. Even their salads are gross!

    • I am so glad you put your foot on the PEDAL and zoomed away from that McDonalds!!!!! I remember always wanting the toy that came with the Happy Meal when I was younger. Why they’re called Happy Meals is beyond me! LOL!

  33. Yup, those are some scary ingredients coming from those places! I bring all sorts of “weird” snacks with me out too. No shame in eating food with 1 ingredient!

    People are so focused on calories and fat that they don’t even look at the ingredients and if they did wouldn’t stop and think.

    My mil keeps telling me about a “really healthy wrap at Wendy’s” and I don’t start in, but seriously a lot of people think that way! Haven’t been to a fast food joint in year and never plan to again :)

    • Canned sardines, salmon, mackerel, yep – those are my “weird” snacks! LOL!
      And I couldn’t agree more! Everyone is so focused on NUMBERS (calories and what not) but if people just paid attention to WHAT the food actually was, their health would be far better and honestly, life would be so much less confusing because NUMBERS ARE SO CONFUSING! lol!!!

      Nice work on not going to fast food in a year!!!!!!!!! Definitely keep it that way :)

  34. I’ve told you the story of my child coming out of the McDonald’s Rat Cage slide eating a petrified chicken nugget he found up there — talk about horror shows!

    • I know! You inspired me to write this in my post! I GIVE YOU FULL CREDIT for spurring the idea in my head!!!

  35. You’re totally right- I’m hoping to instill some fear of fast food into my daughter!

  36. LoL that’s awesome – I’m actually NOT a fan of horror/scary movies. They’re unnecessary. However, I haven’t had any fast food in actually a few months since I just eat at home – I get off pretty early so I can go home and cook something -also we have a mini store/restaurant downstairs in my building plus a whole foods next door so I can always get something like a banana or a healthy option without having to head to McD’s – gross. Their food is SOO gross. If my son requests it I only permit the chicken nuggets and fries even still I hardly comply, if anything we just get him pizza. I wish there were better alternatives for kids unfortunately, there aren’t. Happy Hump Day GiGi! -Iva

    • Eating at home is always tastier than eating out in my mind, even if you go to a fancy restaurant. It’s nice that you can go home at a reasonable hour to cook a nice meal, so you’re not HANGRY and cooking – because that combo is the WORST, and you sometimes wind up eating things you SHOULDN’T! LOL!

      A Whole Foods right next door?!?! Dream come true. I actually live in between 2 Whole Foods – I have to exercise my willpower EVERY SINGLE DAY! LOL!

      • Yes you’re definitely right about that – although, if we eat out it’s not junk food it’s a legit restaurant but you never know! Yes being hangry is when bad decisions are made, lol. Very bad ones – like chocolate chips <3

        Yes Whole Foods is right next door and its a tease. I wish they would have a juice bar in there, the ones in Miami did when I lived down there and it always saddens me they do not have that. They need to get with the program! However, they have a MEAN grain station – including all sorts of beans, rice, oats, nuts, etc. :)

        • It’s funny how all Whole Foods differ a little bit! What pissed me off is that in Boulder, CO – where I spent 4.5 years of my life for college, they had this beautiful Whole Foods but it went under construction to make LARGER……. And of course, this new and improved Disneyland like Whole Foods opened up, WHEN I MOVED out of Colorado! OHHHHH OF COURSE! LOL!

  37. Ugh. Fast food is so….gross. If I’m going to eat crap, I’d much rather eat homemade brownies. At least I can pronounce all of the ingredients. πŸ˜‰

  38. So not a fan of haunted houses or haunted movies. But yes, I’ll take Leatherface over a Big Mac any day. I’ve never been big on fast food. Thankfully my kids don’t eat it either. Like you said, it’s all about planning ahead and BYOF.

    • You’re lucky that your kids don’t really eat it!! That can be such a struggle if they do! When I was younger my mom would force feed me healthy, so I wanted to rebel by going to Fast Food. Thankfully I have learned that it’s repulsive, but you know, when you’re a kid, you want to TEST your parents πŸ˜‰

  39. bahahaha I can’t remember the last time I went to McDonalds. It is clearly yucky, but there is something about the smell that does lure me in. I know I will feel sick after so I pass. But I can see why people are drawn to it. I would rather have sushi though!

  40. The only fast food I go to is Jamba Juice…rarely…and I order only the veggies+fruit smoothies (those with little sugar)
    Because Jamba Juice is definitely a haunted house (especially when it comes to sugar) but if you cherry-pick there are some pretty healthy items to choose. Agree?

    • With all the creations you make, I am shocked you ever set foot in any fast food establishment! I am pretty sure your Banana nilla wafer concoction you posted the other day TOPS anything Jamba Juice makes!!!!

  41. Fast food is just about the scariest thing on the planet…. other than Leatherface himself eating a BIG MAC! Horrifying!!

  42. Is it bad that I secretly judge others who eat fast food daily? I wonder HOW they can put that garbage into their bodies, knowing all the while that what they’re eating is AWFUL for them, and not even real product! And subway? BLEGH EAT FRESH MY BUTT! There’s yoga matt material in that bread!

    • The problem is, a lot of the people who do eat a lot of fast food, DO NOT REALIZE how unhealthy it is for them!!! It’s really sad actually :(

      And mmmmmmmm toasted yoga mat, my favorite!

  43. I have rebuked the fast food demons but they still have my children in possession. Gotta work on that! They got us good though especially as children with the toys, the glitz and glam. Oh but I see through them now. I am better and healthier for it. BUT I did give in to a demon earlier this week but am back on track. The point is not to get possessed right? LOL #wowlinkup

    • Oh no! Hopefully you can perform fast food exorcisms on your children soon! LOL! But you know what, we all go through the phase, and hopefully they’ll grow out of it!!!

      I won’t hold it against you that you had a close encounter with a demon earlier this week, as long as you’re back! πŸ˜‰

  44. Nice teeth! πŸ˜‰ I love horror movies, especially the old ones, however this is way scarier! I can’t believe the calories in these ‘foods’, gross! I’ve never been a fan of those fast food places, even before I got healthy haha. I guess living in a small town helped, because McDonalds didn’t exist there…they still don’t have one actually! Healthy homemade foods all the way for me :)

    • The old ones are the best! Without all the graphics and the animations, etc!!! If an old black and white scary movie scares you – NOW THAT IS SCARY!!!!

      And you’re right – living in a small town definitely helps! I am from WY… Yes, there are fast food joints in the state, but in order to “beautify” our little town, there are only 2 fast food places! (And one of them is a TOTAL EYE SORE RIGHT AS YOU ENTER THE CITY, ugh….. Dairy Queen).

  45. #wowlinkup – Thanks for linking up. I used to love scary movies when I was younger, but now they actually scare me. Not sure what has changed. Maybe it’s because the special effects are so much better. I need to work some of that vudu on my kids.

    • Scary Movies terrify me! They scared me when I was younger though too lol! The special effects definitely have something to do with it!

  46. Not a huge horror movie or fast food fan, but I will eat the occasional In N Out or Five Guys. Love me some burgers and fries! Thanks for joining the #wowlinkup :)

    • Never had either of those, however, I’ve heard they’re both OUTSTANDING! LOL! My dad is a 5 Guys LOVER!

  47. those ball pits are the most nastiest thing in the world and equivalent to swimming in a big pile of steaming shit. i refuse to let my daughter play in those!!

    Vodka and Soda

  48. Bahahahahaha, you are straight up crazy Gigi, LOL! I do run away from the McD houses though. :)

  49. legit I am the biggest pussy when it comes to scary movie. Serious. I thought the scary movie franchise was deadset horror

  50. This is hilarious!! Unfortunately the fast food demons sometimes take me over!

    I loved Jamie in My Name is Earl :)

    • Ugh! We need you to wear a cross or something to scare those demons away… Oh wait, that’s just a vampire thing isn’t it? LOL!

      And check out Jaime’s NEW show coming out this SUMMER on TV LAND! :)

  51. I tried to comment yesterday and had all sorts of problems…not sure why. Anyway, I am back! I can’t eat fast food…it makes me sick…literally, I feel terrible after I eat it. And after seeing what is done to it…ugh! And scary movies, forget it…I can’t do them…I’ll be checking behind doors and under beds for eons!

    • THANK YOU for coming BACK to my blog to comment, I am sorry it was giving you trouble yesterday! :(

      Oh and I am right there with you – if I see a scary movie, I am totally checking under the bed, behind doors, in the closet… A SCARY McBURGER might pop out!! lol!

  52. Adorable. I wish I could say I have never enjoyed Taco Bell… it was a Thursday night staple in my house when I was a kiddo (payday for Dad). Glad to say I haven’t indulged in over a decade though! Winner

    • I am really happy that you broke that tradition. When these habits start young they can turn into comforting moments! BUT YOU BROKE THROUGH :) WOO WOO! My family used to have Pizza and/or Chinese night on Fridays. Happy to report that DEFINITELY doesn’t happen anymore! LOL! #WINNER for sure!

  53. Haha this was an AWESOME post, I am a massive fan of horror films, though I bet that the disgusting fast food industry would be a great premise for them! πŸ˜›

    Choc Chip Uru

  54. We should go out for a fast food meal when I’m in LA in August…LOL … or are you going to be “out of the city” then too?!?

    • OMFG WHEN ARE YOU COMING!!!!!!!!!! I will make sure I AM NOT this time – there is NO holiday in August, so I should definitely be around!!!!

      • No holiday in August? Haven’t you heard of the Brad Gouthro birthday extravaganza holiday? It just so happens to fall on August 3 of every freakin’ year since 1980ish… LOL … #LightsCameraAction #GetReady

        • SHEEEET SON!!!! Canadian Holidays are not in my calendar, My Apologies!!! BUT THIS MEANS I WILL BE AROUND! Boom-Shaka!!

  55. Hi GiGi! Oh, you’re so cute! Well, It’s a good thing I don’t eat beef. That triple thing did look scary! Your video is hysterical. Unfortunately, many people are addicted (or possessed) to Taco Bell, but your tips are very sensible so I will recommend them to my taco eating friends. You had your colon removed 5 years ago? What is that like? The reason I ask is because a friend of mine who has Crohn’s disease may have this done. I’d like to understand better what this entails. :)

    • Not having a large intestine is a constant battle but I do know that lots of people have it far worse than me in this world (ie, missing limbs, very sick, etc) so I just try and make the best of it. You’d think that it would be far easier “to go” without this vital part of my digestion, however the opposite is true. Also, depending on your friend’s condition, he/she might have to live with a colostomy bag! That is NOT FUN! :(

  56. I love your comparison! I always try to stay away from fast food!

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    Previews Blog Post: [Health Tips] .Healthy Habits You Must Add To Your Routine.

  57. Shashi @ RunninSrilankan(dot)com says:

    I so so love your hilarious post on a really scary fact!!! I am proud to say I have never had a mystery meat burger! Fast food is definitely more scarier -to me- than Leatherface!!
    But – I so do love swimming in a ball pit – way more than a pool filled with piranhas! :)

  58. I LOVE this analogy!! Oh, and I hate haunted houses…both kinds :)

  59. GiGi, your adorable even with the goofy teeth! I would jump in to the balls if I could wear a hazmat suit!

  60. I’m a big baby. Haunted houses and scary movies scare me. I’ll sleep with the light on if I have too πŸ˜‰

    Having packed snacks is always helpful when you’re stuck. Definitely!

    • I am such a baby too!!! During this movie, I was covering my eyes and the movie wasn’t even that scary, lol!!

  61. Gigi!! Ahh, I died reading this!! Fast food establishments ARE haunted houses– even worse. A Big Mac is 298534948 times scarier than Leatherface to me, especially because it’s disguised as something that is acceptable to eat and something “bursting with flavor”… can I get an EW?! I am a total freak who loves real haunted houses and scary movies… I love being scared!! But then I sleep with the lights on for days, so maybe I’m not as brave as I think hehehe. HAPPY EASTER BOO! (Boo… scary.. get it?! I’m a dork.)

    • AHHHH HA HA HA HA HA HA! I love you! You and I think alike on so many levels however…….. I can’t figure out whether or not I actually like being scared. I like the adren. rush but…. I dunno, the rest of it I don’t like because I really don’t want to sleep with the lights on! LOL!!!!

      Happy EASTER TO YOU TOOOOO you DORK! πŸ˜›

  62. I visit the haunted houses from time to time to get a salad. I really don’t think it is a big deal to eat at the places from time to time. I always believe in the everything in moderation attitude. Thanks for stopping by the #wowlinkup.

    • The salads are okay, as long as no dressing is included! I actually BRING mustard, packets of olive oil with me… Sounds weird, but it works like a charm! :)

  63. Ohhh yes, all those year long haunted houses. The smell of grease and sodium in the air as you drive by them. I don’t find the food in these places appealing. The food is just salty, oily and heavy, without flavour. I do love a good burger once in a while, but I’ll go to a little joint in Greek town where Nick the cook makes the juiciest burgers with fresh ingredients.

    Lol, those plastic balls. I worked at Chuck E Cheese in high school and we found a soiled diaper in the balls when we were cleaning up at closing time. They really should get rid of those.

    • I have never been to a Chuck-E-Cheese before in my life!!!! And now I most certainly NEVER EVER EVER will go! I am sooooooo disgusted right now! How do you even clean the ball pits?

      And where on earth is GREEK TOWN – that sound like MY KIND OF TOWN!!! Gyros every day of the yearrr!!!

      • Haha! The balls were never disinfected, and the cesspool just remained dirty. We just threw the diaper in the garbage and left the balls as is. Poor children….
        Visit “Taste of the Danforth” if ever in Toronto in August. Danforth Ave is “Greek town” and it is a culinary delight. So many restaurants.

        • Oh that is so gross!!!! Now I cringe even more, LOL! It’s shocking that more people aren’t sick after visiting those places! Ha!

          And I need to get to Toronto immediately, I have heard great things! :)

  64. Not into horror films or McDonald’s. Both are super scary to me and I only use McDonald’s for their handy dandy bathrooms when I’m traveling!

  65. I’m not going to argue on the Subway thing as i’m a huge fan of theirs and am happy to know my son will choose to eat there before Taco bell or burger kind when out with friends. that said we are not big on any fast food restaurant. For me it’s all about packing snacks, lunches and calling ahead to review the menu before heading out.

    • Yes! I love reviewing menus prior to going to restaurants! It really helps me figure out whether or not the place is even worth visiting! And I always bring snacks OVER going to these restaurants too because, well one, my snacks are healthy and two, it’s CHEAPER! πŸ˜€

  66. OK, no…I don’t do scary movies, at all, ever. Well, mostly ever. I can probably count on one hand the scary movies I’ve seen. And yes, I kind of have fast food demons. But I was mostly cured of my McDonald’s demons when I was pregnant and watching the Sweeney Todd movie one night (hey that’s a scary movie) and then went to McDonald’s afterwards (that was located right next to a funeral home) and sat and stared at my hamburger thinking about the people in the Sweeney Todd movie unknowingly eating people in the meat pies and I just kind of…stopped eating at McDonald’s after that. OH and not sure what you should do to celebrate the removal of your large intestine, but surely you should celebrate in a large way.

    Thanks for linking up at Wordy Wednesday and brightening my evening! :)

    • OMGGGGG! I just flipped out – I have NEVER seen Sweeney Todd and I certainly don’t want to NOW!!!!!! AHHHHH!!!! I bet they got the idea for the movie FROM McDONALDS!!!! The screen writers were probably eating the burgers as they came up with the ideas. Ugh!

      AND THANK YOU SO MUCH for stopping by! I am so glad I could brighten up your evening, that means so much to me!

  67. Fun post. I’m proud to say I’m not a haunted house fan… that’s any variation of it. McDonald’s is nasty. Not because it doesn’t taste good, but I have enough respect for my body to be grossed out at the idea of eating 1500 fat calories in one sitting.

    • I am thrilled to hear that you respect your body, just like me! It makes me sad when I see people put that crap in their bodies! It’s as if they hate themselves :(


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