Ab-tastic Abs by The Get In Shape Girl

Kyra Williams, the Get In Shape Girl, has decided to join me as I feast on celebrities!

Check out what she’s gnawing on today as she guest posts on GiGi Eats Celebrities!

Bikini season

…Is upon us and to celebrate let’s play a game of GUESS THOSE ABS!!

(Insert cheesy game show voice here.)

Check out the photos and guess from the list of celebs below. The don’t forget to check out the end of the post to find out the answers!

Beyonce's Abs

a. Salma Hayek
b. Shakira
c. Beyonce


Gwen Stefani's abs

a. Gwen Stefani
b. Fergie
c. Heidi Klum


Kristen Bell's Abs

a. Jennifer Aniston
b. Jessica Alba
c. Kristen Bell


Now that I’ve got you thinking about the part of our bodies that most of us are so intimidated to bare, let’s talk about the proper way to train them in order to get abs super fast!

Aside from eating clean (the most important key to achieving the coveted six pack) there are two more keys to unlocking those abs.

  1. Strength Training. You gotta lift heavy to develop muscle. I’m not just talking about doing crunches – you have to have muscle all over your body since there is no such thing as spot training. Make sure your training program includes all of the body parts, and don’t be scared to challenge yourself with weights. For example, you would want to work within the rep ranges of 8 – 12 and perform at least 3 sets of each exercise. So when you perform that exercise, your weight should be challenging. If you can do 12 reps with ten pound weights, then it’s time to use heavier weights and go back down to eight reps. You have to have muscle on your body if you want to have visible muscle so don’t think you can cardio your way to abs – you gotta lift!
  2. High Intensity Interval Training. Also known as HIIT, this is exactly what it sounds like – you work really intensely for short intervals of time. The benefits from HIIT are increased aerobic capacity (the ability to work more intensely and feel okay doing it), an increased metabolism, and increased caloric output, and it has an anabolic effect which means that you don’t burn muscle doing this kind of cardio. Typically you would work to increase your heart rate to about 90% of your heart rate max (220 – age) 5 – 10 times for about 60 seconds, with a 90 second recovery period between intervals.

If you put the two of these together, they will be the 1-2 punch that you need to get yourself a set of enviable abs for the summer.

Here’s a workout for you to do that includes both strength training AND high intensity interval training:

Workout by Kyra, The Get In Shape Girl

Here are the answers to that game of GUESS THOSE ABS!

(Beyonce, Gwen Stefani and Kristen Bell)

Now, go try that workout.. you may be spotted next!

So let’s hear it…

  • Did you guess the right celebs?
  • Have you noticed a difference in your abs since you started weight training?
  • What helps you get closer to having a six pack?


The Get In Shape Girl

Kyra Williams guest posts on GiGi Eats CelebritiesKyra Williams has not always been known as The Get in Shape Girl. She used to be quite the opposite in fact. Through college Kyra was very unhealthy – living off of pizza and beer, and post college her weight was as high as 160+ pounds due to total inactivity. One day it clicked and she knew it was time to lose the weight.

Since then Kyra has never looked back and has fallen so in love with all things fitness she has made it her life’s work to help others make the changes necessary in their lives to become fit, active and healthy.

Kyra, AKA The Get in Shape Girl is a self employed, NASM certified online personal trainer and nutrition expert, with two cookbooks and a 12 Week Workout Plan available for purchase online.



  1. I have been working on my core since October. Seriously, I can knock out a 6 minute plank like nobody’s business, but I still don’t have a freaking 6 pack. My abs look good, but no 6 pack. I think I need to eat better….sigh.

  2. Got them right! lol and I LOVE The Get in shape girl!!
    I notice my stomach before any other part of my body! It leans out really fast…especially with weight train gin!

  3. I am a mom of 3 who has a six-pack that’s quite an accomplishment I think! You are so right about the clean eating!

    • Omg I am giving you 10 virtual high fives! That’s incredible and really inspiring to other mothers!

  4. I NEED ABS!! I will start lifting today, using my cats as weights. I guessed the right celebs wowza!!! BAHAA.

  5. I have to admit as a runner it took me a long time to get the strength part! But I see it now and my abs are a work in progress :)

  6. You are right, overall weight training and cardio intervals are a must.

    I think the abs are also made in the kitchen. You can exercise as much as you want, if you don’t eat well, the abs will be there but won’t show, hidden under a layer of fat! Sometimes they can also hide under water retention/being bloated. When I eat less carbs and sweets and salt, I quickly “deflate” in a way that cannot be attributed to fat loss.

    Good luck everyone!

    • Bloating is the death of anyone’s abs! Luckily it is temporary, that is, if you follow a bloat reducing diet :)

  7. I think I will try that HIIT thing! I can probably pull off aerobic exercise for 60 seconds, then take a 90 second break. That sounds easier than running for, say, 30 minutes! My problem is committing the time. If I can break it up into small chunks and still see results, that would be great.

    • This can seriously take as little as 15 minutes.. you just gotta really get after it for those 60 seconds!

    • You can totally break it up! As long as you get it in there you will benefit! Give it a shot and let me know how it works for you! Go on and HITT the treadmill :)

  8. Got two out of three…Not too shabby! Thanks for the workout, I may do that one today!!

  9. And…Ms. Kyra Williams is….BANG ON. Ladies – lift heavy to avoid being heavy. Move your feet quick to be a sexy chick.

  10. That’s a great workout plan! I got 2 out of 3 right! It was fairly easy because you can tell by their boobs more than anything else, lol!

  11. Oh to have those abs! Sadly I love my food a bit to much – I’m trying to be better though so hopefully one day :) xx

  12. The part a lot of people I know keep forgetting is the eating clean part. You can workout until you are blue in the face, but if you aren’t eating clean, it is just not going to happen.

    • It’s so true! So true! I tell everyone at the gym but them seem to ignore me as they suck down their sugary sport drinks :-/

  13. I’m so jealous. I want abs! The thing is that, along with exercise, one needs to watch what they eat. If you exercise but eat cheeseburgers and pizza all day, it’ll make it more difficult for the abs to show.
    And, yes. Weight lifting adds muscle, which can help abs show.

  14. no video?! haha just kidding. the guess those abs game was fun too! :)

    • Ha Ha! A sexy, ridiculous video is coming NEXT week! 😀 For now, we shall just stare at celebrity tummies! LOL!

  15. I liked the ab guessing game – 2 out of 3.
    Since I run, do HIIT and lift weights I guess I have nothing but my eating to blame for my abs. They are fairly flat but no 6 pack – I’m just not ready to give up some of my favorite food and drinks. Sad but true!!

    • Woo Woo! 2 outta 3 is rock star status! LOL!

      Honestly, it really is eating! I have always believed that it’s 80% diet, 10% exercise & 10% genetics!

      It’s okay if you are not ready to give up some of your favorite foods, maybe try and recreate them with healthier ingredients? Or just say, to heck with it! LOL!

  16. :)

    • I’m ok now, six pack hmm, well I like my 4 pack, it’s funny the BMI index put’s me at obese. I’m far from it I think genetics has a lot to do with how our body’s shape from exercise. I lift heavy, do various body weight exercises, run and have never achieved the holy six pack. What do you ladies think of these new Fat Kini’s that are being sold? I think it sends mixed signals. I think your all great for caring about yourselves and wanting to help others.

      • I hate the BMI scale. It’s stupid. And you’re the prime reason as to why I hate it!!! It calls body builders and people with a lot of muscle mass and very little body fat obese! Makes no sense to me.

        As for the fat-kinis… OH GOOD GOD! This is just more of a reason why you won’t see me at the beach this summer, I don’t need to see that! LOL!

  17. Great post!

  18. Clean eating and training :)

  19. Yeap! Got them right! 😀

  20. I had a 6 pack at one point in my life. I was in my early 40s and working it hard. Not..I’m not :-).

  21. What a great workout! I’m saving that one for sure.

  22. Loved the abs game! Abs are definitely made in the kitchen first and foremost!

  23. Thanks for sharing the workout!

  24. Yep–so true! I wish I could cardio my way to abs, but I know differently!

    And I was all wrong on the celeb abs!

    • Ah ha ha! You get an F for the celeb an test, luckily this doesn’t mean to have to be deported? lol jk!!

  25. for me—especially after 40 waaah :-) — it is all in the damn kitchen!

  26. The best six-pack abs I have ever seen on a woman was Ruthie Bolton’s!! Hell of a great basketball player too! She would school the guys at my fitness center when not playing for the Monarchs or US Olympic team!

    I’m not so sure of the statement that you can’t spot train, but of course I do support over-all fitness.

  27. YUP, got to do it all! I have not read the comments but I am sure FOOD came up – 80% of the equation. You can do it all but if the food ain’t right well…. AND some people can do it all & the abs are not as defines as other due to body type – got to do your best. Age sucks the life out of them too! 😉

  28. Great tips – definitely agree on lifting heavy!

  29. Great post, Kyra! Just pinned that workout, too.

  30. Agree, agree, agreed! The exact same words I use regularly with my personal training clients and group fitness participants. Thanks for sharing this workout!

  31. I still have a lot of “fluff” covering my abs, but when I eventually lose that fluff – look out!! Lol!

  32. Kristen Bell…uuuuggggghhhhh. I’d rather wear super short shorts than show my stomach ANY DAY.

    • A ha ha ha ha ha! I am probably right there with you, and that’s because…. of all my stomach issues! LOL!

  33. Is it bad that my first thought with this is “how clean is clean?”. Like 80/20 clean or more like 90/10? (Once at work I asked my boss in a meting “I don’t want to be that person asking what’s the bare minimum I can do, but what’s the bare minimum we’re required to do.” Haha!)

  34. abs… what are those? I dont remember the last time i saw mine :( But this is something I am wanting to work on… like ASAP! lol

    • Well it’s all about diet! Seriously! If you need support, advice or encouragement, I’m totally here for you!

  35. LOVE this post!! And you are so right when you say abs are made in the kitchen. Some day I shall be brave enough to flaunt mine! lol

  36. After reading this I feel like I should go do some crunches haha 😉

  37. Great post on those abs. My abs build up really easy so I don’t like to overwork them, but you’re so right about the importance of strength training and HIIT. I love my pilates and think that helps, even if others think it’s lame, I find that it creates a nice tone for me. And I love HIIT, but have had to back off since my hormones are out of whack, lame.
    Abs are always made in the kitchen though! So right. People seriously think they can eat whatever they want if they workout. Not true, in the slightest. I mean it takes 5 minutes to eat 1000 calories of McDonalds but about 5 hours to work that off 😉 Not worth it to me.

    • I love pilates too! I am actually going to a session in an hour! :) I am also making my abs in the kitchen right now – sauteeing up some delicious squid and mussels! Screw McDonalds! I haven’t been there in 10 or 11 years!!! Totally not worth it for me either!

  38. Fun post! Nice to meet The Get In Shape Girl too , congrats on all her achievements!!
    I agree with everything. HIIT, Strength Training, Diet.

    Guess I know my celeb abs too, got them all right…Easy! :)

  39. You know what they say: “You can’t exercise away a bad diet.” Exercise rocks but you have to pair it with a great diet to great a great figure!

  40. Should I be proud or ashamed that I got all 3 right. I think I read too many US Weekly episodes.

  41. Thanks for the information on HIIT! I had heard of it but didn’t know what it was. Now I want to give it a try! I generally prefer shorter, higher intensity workouts over longer, drawn out ones.

  42. I totally got all the ladies right!! Wooooo go me. I tore my ACL in April and have been rehabbing from the injury / surgery at the end of May. I am not allowed to do any running or jumping right now so the only things I can do that make me feel great and super sweaty are HIIT / circuits. When I am not running I tend to eat a little less clean which is a horrible habit but I am trying here. My abs are rock solid right now I just have a lil fluff that needs to shed! I do LOVE squatting, lunging, and doing core / upper body exercises while standing on a half bosu ball. That will REALLY fire up your core!


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