Academy Award Winning Appetizers

And the Oscar for Best Actress in a Leading Role goes to….

Question Marks

Wait! Hold up, someone rewind the DVR… I missed that!!!!

GiGi Missed That!

Sorry! Sorry! I was FAR too busy DRINKING and CREATING AWARD WINNING SNACKS with THE FOOD PERVERT to notice who tripped over their Valentino or Vera Wang gown, as they “sashayed” their stuff to the stage to accept their GOLD AND NAKED MAN!

Cheers to the Oscars!

That being said, I SHOULD ACTUALLY REALLY pay attention, because when Tara and I parade around the Academy Award after parties… Ahem, The Governor’s Ball followed by the Vanity Fair party… We need to know who to congratulate!

Picture This: “Oh Sandra, you most certainly deserved to WIN best actress for Gravity! I mean, the way you were able to convey a Russian hooker… Oh wait… Huh? And hold up… Cate… beat your ass? Heh… Heh…”

Sandra Bullock at the 2013 Oscars

Awk… ward!

The only way out of this “OOPS” situation would be to hand Sandra some delicious snacks that Tara and I concocted prior to hitting up all the glamorous after parties. Screw Wolfgang Puck‘s baked potatoes and caviar… How about some Tuna Poke

Tuna Poke

Or are Bacon, Honey, Nectarine Crostinis more your MOUTH’S JAM?!

Bacon Goat Cheese Nectarine Crostinis

Hit the road Wolfie! (And no, I am not talking about my car!) 

Sandra certainly wouldn’t call security on our asses after sinking her teeth into some of our exquisite salty morsels! Instead, she’d probably invite Cate, Amy and the rest of her “competition” over… So they could wolf down some of our bites as well (ha! Wolf… Wolfgang. I make myself laugh). We will take pictures of this “binge fest” and post them on instagram!

GiGi Dubois and Tara Redfield Eat Delicious Appetizers

Hey, after a few months of starving themselves so as to fit into their gowns…  These are the perfect bites to REFUEL with!

GiGi Eating Tuna Poke

Hmmm… I guess this means Tara and I need to make truck loads! 

Not to worry… Tara and I do JUST THAT in the latest GiGi (& The Food Pervert) Eats video! Check it out: 

For the Tuna Poke, you need:

Tuna Poke, Canned and Fresh Tuna



For the Perverted (non-GiGi Approved) Crostinis (2 ways), you need:

Bacon Goat Cheese Crostinis and Avocado Hot Pepper Crostinis

For Both:

  • French Baguette
  • Goat Cheese

For Sweet Crostinis:

  • Bacon
  • Nectarines
  • Honey and Pepper

For Spicy Crostinis:

  • Green Onions
  • Avocado
  • Jalapeno 

GiGi and Tara Pose for the Oscars


  • Do you watch the Oscars?
  • Do you call them the Oscars or The Academy Awards?
  • What celebrity would you LOVE TO SEE TRIP at the award show?
  • If you were to attend this fete, what designer would you like to be draped in?
  • Have you seen any Oscar nominated movies? Or do you even know what movies are nominated? 
  • If there were a movie about your life… What actor/actress would you want to play you? 

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  1. I call them the Oscars, unless I’m feeling especially bourgie. :-)

  2. Finally a bridesmaids dress you can wear again…lol

    • Bah ha ha ha! Not sure if you watched the video but…. I give you a nice little SHOUT OUT and…. I dropped food on it – AHHHHHH HA HA HA!

  3. I don’t really like movies, so no Oscars for me unless it happens to be on in the background. I did go see Gravity… and I’m still trying to figure out why it’s supposedly so great. She should have spiced that movie up with some of your spicy crostinis!

    • THANK YOU! I saw Gravity too and was like WTF – I almost vomited thanks to the 3D too. Not a FAN… Would it be mean to say, I HOPE SOMETHING ELSE WINS? ba h ah ha!

  4. Great appetizers! Tuna is close to Salmon for me, but much harder to cook well.

    I call them the Academy Awards.

    I’ve seen American Hustle.

    I want to play me! With YOU as my second choice, but if you are otherwise engaged, Johnny Depp! He’s had some experience with sharp instruments :-)

  5. Yum! Both those look delicious! My hubby and I are trying to catch up on the best picture nominated films right now. So far we’ve seen two… Guess we better get on it!

  6. Umm…I don’t have a clue which movies are nominated. Sometimes we watch parts of the awards but I rarely make it through to the end (way past my bedtime).
    Now I sort of want some crostinis!!
    Y’all are so cute with your awards – Best sushi eater, nice!!

    • Ah ha ha! Don’t hold this against me, but I needed trusty GOOGLE to figure out what movies are nominated 😉 I have seen 3. Two against my will…. And they were…. MEH! Not my Crostini! LOL!

      And you best believe I am the BEST SUSHI EATER – lol!

  7. YUM! I didn’t watch them sadly :( Hope that you have a great week!!

    • Ha Ha! No worries, you’re not really missing ANYTHING considering you can find out who won literally AS they win 😉 That’s what social media is for!!

      I hope you have a fantastic week TOO! :)

  8. Love the Oscars but really mostly for the fashion. And I would love to see Jennifer Lawrence trip… again because she is so cool and she pokes fun at herself like no one else. So I like her much which begs the question why do I like to see her trip??? 😉 those tuna poke look so yummy. Anything with tuna I am in!

    • I must confess that the RED CARPET is my favorite part… Maybe because it’s more like homework to me? I am studying Ryan Seacrest…. Since that’s what I want to do with my life! ha ha.

      Jen Lawrence, I guarantee, will do something whacky and I CANNOT WAIT!

  9. I TiVo the oscars and fast forward thru most of it the next day – 3-4 hrs of tv becomes 20-30 minutes tops -thanks TiVo!
    I would love to trip into Aaron Eckhart – but don’t think I want anyone else tripping!
    I wouldn’t wanna share these appetizers – that peach and bacon combo and coconut aminos have me intrigued!
    Yall look gorgeous, darlings!

    • THANK THE WORLD FOR TiVO!!!!!!!! Maybe I should have my Oscar viewing party on Monday night, so it can be a 30 minute show, MAX!! lol!!!!

      Trip into Aaron huh? We can arrange this! 😉

  10. The tuna poke sounds super yummy!! :) AND honestly? I don’t really watch the oscars…just like to look at the dresses and fashion!!

  11. You shut your mouth with that poke!!! I’ve been craving ahi forever and now I’m gonna need to hunt this shit down. And dedicate it to Charlie Hunnum,,, because I wanna poke him. Rarrr. Please fly your sister out to my party so I can wear one of her originals. I hate when bitches have the same outfit as me.

    • DUDE Whole Foods is in SD right?!?! They’ve got some magical AHI there!!!!! :) You can always do the canned tuna poke too – it really is just as good.


  12. I don’t watch either, but I’m still making these. I have to find some sushi-grade tuna though!

  13. Well hello darlings fancy seeing you sipping champagne in you elegant evening ware :) I have to admit to never eating sushi, yes never. The dish did look good and just might have to try it some time. Those crustini’s are one of my all time favorites I like the fruit idea definitely making some this weekend. To me very few celebrity’s are worthy of recognition, they seem to forget who makes them famous. By the way you both look amazing in your dress’s :) I’ve always wanted a Armani suit but seem to end up with La’ Bargino .
    if he was still with us I would pick Patrick Swayze to play my character, he would be older but we have many similarity’s. Please enjoy sipping your Pernod-Ricard Perrier-Jouet with your sushi and crustini’s

    • He He – Did it really look like champagne?! 😉

      And I cannot believe you’ve never had sushi before. This blows my mind. Well, I have had so much sushi in my life, that I have definitely eaten your fare share, ha ha! But I really hope you do try these recipes, as they are utterly… Well, Oscar worthy of course! 😉 And when you eat them, please do wear your finest attire!!

      I do love Patrick Swayze too by the way.

  14. Sandra Bullock has legit arms, she is a boss and I love her. I think bacon is disgusting, personal opinion, butttt I like the idea of the crostinis and I would totally get down with a vegan version..which would be nothing like these haha oops. NO TUNA FOR ME NO NONO. I LOVE LEO though, he is so amazing. I don’t watch award shows..I’m a earthy, “get lost outside” for entertainment kinda gal..haha.

  15. You’ve made me hungry. I love anything with bacon.

    I probably will NOT watch the Oscars since The Walking Dead is on. It airs Sunday, right? If it airs Sunday then no, I have too much on that I’d rather watch. I’ll catch the highlights the next day.

  16. the oscars are WAY too long! too much talking! i wish they’d just line everyone up so i can see what they’re wearing and then put up a summary of who won. wrap that bitch up in 20mins tops.

    • Dude serious. This is why I have parties because I need distractions… Or I just make a lot of food for MYSELF to keep me occupied. They always say, “don’t eat out of boredom” – OHHH BUT I DO!! lol!!! 😉

  17. Hi just hopped over from the Urban Naturale blog hop and saw your cute post! If I watch any of the Oscars (yep that’s what I can them) it’s the next day on the DVR….I can’t handle those commercials. Besides, anyone who did have to sit through the entire program would need about a 1,000 of your appetizers to stay interested. Your suggestions look tasty and would be a good way to start.

    • Aw thanks Kathy for stopping by! I hope I hooked you IN :) And you’re so right! Everyone is going to need 1,000 + of my appetizers, because these shows are horrendously too long. I have heard stories how there is barely any food during the Oscars and actors/actresses get QUITE… TESTY, if you will! LOL!

  18. Were you drinking alcohol young lady?!?!?! Naughty, naughty!

    Those apps look freaking fantastic! Totally making the poke.

    And Tara, adorable jumpsuit. I love the daring neckline…can’t decide whether I’m thankful or disappointed that their wasn’t a nip slip :)

    • OMG WHITNEY!!! I thought you, out of all people, could spot ZEVIA from a mile away 😉 Ah ha ha! That’s what we were swigging! LMFAO.

      And FUNNY you should mention the nip slip, because we most certainly have an outtake with a nip slip in it, Ah ha ha! 😉

  19. I don’t watch The Oscars. I’m far to busy reading posts like this to watch anything on TV. I am one of those people who gets embarrassed for people I don’t even know so I’m okay with no one tripping. :)

    • Ah ha ha ha aha ha! Well I am glad you’ll be hanging out on my blog this Sunday! LMFAO. I actually do two things at once, (or more)… Read blogs & watch the Oscars! 😉

  20. Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm, I may watch just for Ellen. :) She is always good. We record so we can buzz thru the bring crap! I think they need you two on stage!!!!

    • Oh Jody, I hear you! It’s coming. It’s coming!!!! I promise you :) And I ADORE ELLEN! I forgot she’s hosting. She’s the best!!

  21. Can I just hire you two to come over here and cater my Oscar’s Party? I never watch the show and I haven’t seen any of the movies..yet…but if you were catering, I would.
    I want Anne Hathaway to play me in a movie of my life, but she’d better grow her hair back long!

    • Ah ha ha! Hollywood Magic = EXTENSIONS!! She could start filming the story of your life TOMORROW after 5 hours in the salon!

  22. Mmmm Bacon. That is all.

  23. We call them the Oscars. We try to watch them if we remember 😉
    Tuna poke sounds yummy!

  24. I call them the Oscars, and yes we’ll be watching.

    Great video! I think I’ll need to make some crostinis for the boys soon. And I love tuna poke. I prefer the sushi-grade tuna, but marinated canned tuna is surprisingly good! :)

  25. I love to watch the Oscars, though I’ve been really bad this year about seeing the nominees. Oh well, I’m rooting for Sandra and Leonardo, whatever the competition!

    • I typically never really see ANY of the movies, but this year I am so proud of myself that I’ve actually seen THREE! ha! And I REALLY HOPE LEO wins, he completely deserves it!!!

  26. Both of your recipes look fantastic and you look gorgeous! I love reading about the Oscars, but I don’t really watch them much. I just like to hear who won and look at all the beautiful or not so beautiful dresses, lol.

    • I love to just watch the red carpet, and then look up the winners the next day – however, in the line of work I am in, I just simply cannot do that 😉

      Enjoy these appetizers if you do decide to make them!

  27. I probably won’t watch the show and I haven’t seen any of the movies BUT I’ll host a party if you cater. Sounds good, right? :)

  28. Have never had a tuna poke, but seen a lot of it, and the perverted crostinis…I would give those a try, even if just for the name alone. Love the video, you always make the day start off right with a giggle! I would challenge any celebrity to play me, as I am not sure any of them would take the job with all the miles I run, and the speed I run them at…..hahah, they would quit and say I was too crazy to make a movie about! Or need 3 stunt doubles 😛

    • I am so thrilled to hear this Tina, seriously, it makes me so happy!!!! So thank you :)

      I hope you get perverted with this food – it will fuel your miles and miles or running!!!!!!!

      Have you ever considered being a stunt double yourself? You sound crazy bad-ass!

  29. poke is such silly silly name. silly name.

    I think Meryl Streep should win because…she’s the devil who wears prada.

  30. YUM! I love anything with bacon…and goat cheese…and carbs. I could probably eat 30 of these while I watch the Oscars, or um, Academy Awards. Not sure what i should be calling them except exciting!!! Can’t wait!

    • I cannot even remember the last time I ate BACON – unless you consider my beloved salmon skin, salmon bacon?!?! Oh yes, I DO! 😉

      Who do you want to win this Sunday?!

      • I would love to see Amy Adams finally win one! It’s a toss up between American Hustle and Wolf of Wall Street and I haven’t seen Dallas Buyers Club yet so…
        I know, I know!? Maybe I can watch it b/t now and Sunday!

        • Shhh! Don’t tell the Academy but… I haven’t see DBC either!!!! AHhh! I might get kicked out of Hollywood if anyone finds out! 😉

  31. I LOVE ME SOME OSCARS, ELLEN and GETTING FAAANCY and sitting on my couch :-)

    • BAH HA! YES! That seriously is my favorite thing to do EVER! Get fancy in my favorite sweats and kick it on the couch! 😉

  32. I DVR the Oscars, the forward through the boring stuff. I don’t think there is anyone out there who could handle playing me!

    • I like your approach! There really is so much boring stuff during the Oscars! I actually mostly just like the red carpet! LOL!

  33. If there was a movie about my life I’d want it to be played by Jennifer Lawrence because everyone loves her….DUHHHHH.

  34. Embarrassing- I actually thought the academy awards and the oscars were two different shows. Yeah, that girl… lol!!


      You know though? While I laugh out loud hard core – When I was little, I thought they were different things too.

      You learn something new every day! 😉

  35. did my invitation to you little soirée get lost in the mail!!!
    everything looks mouth watering

    • I REALLY THINK it might have!!!!!! :( Ugh, thank you for telling me! I am going to kick my post man’s ASS and…. INVITE YOU RIGHT NOW!

  36. omg the ROBEEEEE!!!! hahaha i love this!!


  37. Yummmy Spicy Crostinis! This pregnant lady is drooling over your appetizers! :)

    • I highly recommend you feel your pregnant belly some of these crostinis, as for the tuna, wait til your little babe pops out! 😉

  38. i’ll poke you for some poke… oops. i just said that outloud

  39. I love, love, love the Oscars! I always order pizza and drink wine at home while watching it (classy – just like Hollywood). This year, I’m going to be at a business meeting on the West Coast. Because of the time difference, I’m going to miss about two hours of the show…I’m not very happy about that.

    • OMG NO! Your Pizza and Wine routine is going to be RUINED! But maybe you can TiVO the awards and watch them when you get back home? Just turn off all social media until you watch them. Because you know that’s EASY to do! 😉

  40. That Tuna Poke looks amazing! Is it strange that I’ve never made anything with raw tuna before at my house?

  41. I’m down for anything with avocados – yum! Not sure about the jalapeno >.< Where is this post-awards party that I wasn't invited to!??! 😛 Have a great one GiGi! -iva

  42. I would want to sit next to Jennifer Lawrence so I could try and non-creepily become her BFF. Maybe there’s not a non-creepy way to do that. Oh well, she’d still be my table pick. ;p

  43. ohmygosh Bacon, Honey, Nectarine Crostinis sound delicious. I love watching the Oscars. Actually, I just like watching the pre-show and seeing all the pretty dresses.

  44. I try to watch the Oscars but inevitably fall asleep by the third gown (or maybe the second or maybe)…am I still entitled to some of those uh-mazing tuna pokes?
    If not I might try to keep my eyes propped open with toothpicks or something 😉

    • Oh if you were watching the Oscars with me, you would NEVER fall asleep! I like to play GAMES during them – such as, guess how many F UPS there will be during the tele-cast… How many time will the camera cut to Brad Pitt.. How many HUNGRY celebrities will we see? Sucks for them, that they cannot eat my tuna during the show 😉

  45. Looks delicious! Especially the Tuna. No, I don’t watch award shows… but I LOVE reading the recaps and the fashion shows. I wouldn’t mind if Jennifer Lawrence fell, not because I want her to bust but I think she is hilarious and would have some great commentary once on stage.

  46. you are a trip! I have to admit we don’t usually watch much besides whoever the opening person this case ellen. After that it’s just too many speeches for me!

  47. I will most likely not watch the Oscars but I love Tuna Poke! I had it for the first time on my honeymoon in Hawaii and it was so amazing!

  48. HAHA this post literally had me laughing out loud. I love the personal gifs 😉 I need to figure out how to make those…!! I call them the Oscars, and I would absolutely love to see Ryan Gosling trip so I could force my way onto the red carpet and help him up. And if there were a movie about my life, I would want Sienna Miller to play me. She rocks. Thanks for the awesome post!!! Can’t believe I just discovered your blog.



    • JORDAN! I am so pumped you found me too! HOWEVER, you might be fighting over Ryan Gosling, LOL! I actually almost hit him with my car in the parking lot of a 7-11 once! I was so pissed that he wasn’t looking where he was going, but then I realized who it was and was like, DAMMITTT! Why did I NOT HIT HIM! LOL! Or excuse me, lightly tap him, so then I could nurse him back to health 😉

  49. If there was a movie about my life I’d want Jennifer Aniston to play me! 1 – she’s hot as hell 2- we have the same name and 3- she seems totally down to earth

    • 1 – I couldn’t agree more
      2 – Oh hell yes
      3 – She really, truly is, which makes me TEAM JENN all the way! 😉

  50. You are hilarioussss! LOL! Ok i don’t think I’m watching the oscars, maybe the day when I’m walking to receive mine! 😉 I’d love to see Kim Kardashian fall, oh wait, she has no talent to be at the oscars or any other award!

    • Ha! I think she was completely black-listed from all award shows, LOL!! We don’t need to worry about her showing up ANYWHERE! Thank Goodness! 😉

      Are you an actress?! Should I be looking out for you at the Oscars in the near future 😉

  51. OMG your post made me laugh so much and get me doubly excited about the oscars!!!!
    Sigh.. if only I could take your winning snacks and sit with a certain Ryan Gosling at the ceremony *swoon*

    Choc Chip Uru

  52. Hahaha hilarious! And the app look SO good. My stomach is literally growling now!

    Stopping by bc I saw you RSVPd for the SoCal Blogger Brunch next month. Me too. See you ladies there :)

  53. I love watching them both… but I completely forgot they were on. I’ve been preoccupied. 😉 However, I think next year I want to come to your party with that food!! YUM!

  54. Fun apps, Gigi! See you soon:)

  55. I haven’t seen a single oscar nomintated movie this year, oh well. That Tuna Poke, my hubs would totally love that

  56. My fiance is a pescatarian so he would love this!

  57. No academy awards for me. But my wife will certainly be watching for the red carpet silliness and over the top gowns.. :)

    That tuna poke looks amazing.. Where would one find sushi-grade tuna steak?

    • You don’t want to join your wife for the Oscars!!! Common now ;)Well, I know where you will be Monday night at least – LOL!

      I actually found the sushi-grade tuna at the grocery store. I went to a place called Gelson’s here in Los Angeles, but you can go to Whole Foods if you have one near you. I wouldn’t REALLY recommend buying “sushi-grade” tuna at your local Kroger though, because, it’s just not that fresh!

  58. I don’t watch any of the awards shows!! :-/

    What actress would I want to play me……………… oooo, that’s such a good question! Jessica Biel for sure!!

  59. I am SO happy that you commented on my blog, that way I found YOUR blog! I absolutely LOVE it and can’t wait to follow your journey on here!!!

  60. I love any kind of crostini…well as long as it has cheese on it.
    Do you watch the Oscars? Yes!!!!
    Do you call them the Oscars or The Academy Awards? Oscars
    Have you seen any Oscar nominated movies? Or do you even know what movies are nominated? I’ve seen pretty much all of the main ones. I rented Nebraska last night but never got around to watching it.
    If there were a movie about your life… What actor/actress would you want to play you? Tina Fey.

  61. Hi Gigi,
    I always find that those bite-sized, cute crostinis make great appetizers for our Oscar parties and your selection of spicy veggie toppings are sure to please the most discerning palate! Thanks for sharing your wit and wisdom at the Plant-based Potluck Party!I appreciate it!

  62. You guys are just the cutest things ever in the entire world.

  63. I have seen none of the movies that were nominated this year. Don’t think I’ll watch.

  64. Mmm that tuna poke looks right up my alley! It is definitely the most popular appetizer out here and I can’t.get.enough. I should probably get my mercury levels checked

    • Ah ha ha! When you go, I should PROBABLY GO with you! LOL!! However, taking a lot of SELENIUM (which can be found in fish) helps cancel out the negative effects of mercury! SCORE!!

  65. Mmm that tuna poke looks right up my alley! It is definitely the most popular appetizer out here and I can’t.get.enough. I should probably get my mercury levels checked

  66. Sadly, I’ve only seen one of the movies nominated. I clearly need to get out more. But I love to eat! Especially anything with bacon on it!

    • Ha Ha! Eating is probably far more fun than sitting through the entire telecast of the Oscars! JUST SAYING 😉

  67. YOu and your appetizers are awesome… thank you so much for joining us on foodie friday. I look forward to more fun.

    • I am so honored to be compared to my awesome appetizers!!! :) And thank YOU for hosting Foodie Fridays! I cannot wait to check it out again this week :)

  68. I did not watch the oscars. I like to see who wins what but I usually get bored watching the shoes!

    • OH MY GOODNESS! I was SOOOO over it after about an hour into the show, LOL! I typically only watch the last hour because that’s when all the GOOD AWARDS are given out, but I went to a party so I had to pretend to care! I should win an Oscar for that, LOL!

  69. That Tuna Poke looks really freakin scrumptious! I’m definitely going to have to make some Pokes for my guests at my next dinner party!

    I’d want Henry Cavill to play me. People keep telling me that I look like him; and since he’s really freakin ripped and sexy, I take that as a humungous compliment!!! So, yeah, if my life were movie-worthy, I would want to repay him for all the compliments that I’ve had, and give him the role.
    And for his understudy: Hugh Jackman, of course!!

    • OMG if you think the Tuna looks SCRUMPTIOUS! I am so curious to hear what you think about TOMORROW and NEXT WEEK’S recipes! OMG – you might pee your pants!!!! LOL!

      Alright, well from now on, I will call you Henry… Hen for short? Does that work for you? LOL!!

      • Henry could work, I suppose. It would definitely take some getting used to. “Hen”? Let me think about all the ways that would be a challenge for me… Naw, I’m going to skip that. It’ll give me a headache. Instead, I’ll just blindly agree: Yes. You can call me “Hen” for short. Why not?!

  70. I mostly like a monk-ish existence so don’t go to the movies much (or bother watching the Oscars), but if someone were to play me in a movie, I imagine that Ally Sheedy, 20 yrs ago in her awkward Breakfast Club days would probably be a good choice, although I think Minnie Driver would be a less dark option 😉 Thanks for sharing this on Waste Not Want Not Wednesday, Gigi, I’ve pinned it.

    • Thank you Danielle! I truly appreciate it.

      And don’t worry, It is VERY HARD for me to go see Oscar nominated movies, or movies at all! They’re just so expensive!! :(

  71. Everything sounds fab (and the two of you are hysterical!) you need to get your butt back to CO and cater my next party!

    xx Kait

  72. These looks so good and your video is so cute!

  73. Love the Ahi Tune Poke as a party snack!

  74. I don’t watch the Academy Awards, because we only have Apple TV, but you know what? I don’t miss them. I only really like seeing the big award winners, and I can hear about them the next day. It would be fun to watch with a bunch of girlfriends, but my friends know that I go to bed at 8pm because I run at 5am- they don’t even ask anymore.. haha! Your appetizers look delicious!

  75. Ooooooh, I reallly like the idea of the bacon nectarine crostini thx

  76. Dear Gigi, I am actually really looking forward to the Oscars this year. I look forward to making a little party spread and just kicking back with a nice glass of wine. Your spread looks wonderful. Cheers to the weekend. xo, Catherine


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