Water You Drinking?

You’d think one of the worst experiences when drinking water is to chug a few gulps…

Only to notice…

Some teeny, tiny, fluffy bunnies… Or excuse me, food particles (perhaps some left over cinnamon bun from four days ago… Or remnants of the Honey Nut Cheerios you gobbled up this morning…) floating around in it.


Wait, was that even your water?

GiGi Eats Celebrities is confused

I know when this happens to me, I don’t need to grab a spoon in order to make myself GAG!

Gross Water GiGi Dubois

And then of course, your eyes grow wide with disgust and the contaminated water in your mouth goes down the wrong pipe, causing youย gasp for air like a dying hyena.

GiGi chokes on water

Well, while this is certainly a traumatic experience, what you don’t actually see in your water is ten times worse.

You could certainly compare tap and some bottled waters to Nick Nolte… Because what you don’t see on him… Is ALSO ten times worse.

emoji crying from laughter

Want to know what’s lingering in your water… Then check out the latest GiGi Eats below!

Luckily… As mentioned in the video… I have discovered… What I like to call, the water “Ghost Buster”!

Adya Clarity.

Adya Clarity* is a complication of ionic minerals that can transform your problematic water into clean, clear and ready for chugging water!

Happy GiGi

So Tell Me…

  • Do you ever think about what you DON’T see in your water?
  • When was the last time water went down the “wrong pipe”?
  • Have you ever tried something like Adya Clarity, any success?
  • What kind of water are you quite fond of?
  • Would you want to see Nick Nolte naked? (Wait, is that even a question?)
  • What will you be dressing up/doing for Halloween?

*Tested by certified EPA lab to reduce up to 99% of toxins in your water.

*While this is a sponsored post and I was compensated, all views, opinions, etc are MY OWN!ย 


  1. Haha, o god, back wash is so gross! (That’s why you should never share drinks with other people too ๐Ÿ˜› haha!)

  2. I thought the end was going to be about how Third World countries have much worse in their water and then a link to donate to a water purification charity. Alas it wasn’t. Missed trick there I think.

  3. There are so many things I don’t like to think about… what’s hiding in my water? Yikes, I’ll add that to the list too. Thank you?

    We have a big expensive fancy-ass multipure water filter for our home tap water, but when I’m on the road I just shut my brain off and drink whatever’s on offer and hope for the best.

    • Ah ha ha ha! I hear you – I definitely do the same. My mom has this crazy $$ filter at her house, but honestly, I taste NO difference and if anything, like the unfiltered stuff better – LMFAO! Don’t tell her that, ๐Ÿ˜‰ I like my water with an extra dose of mercury please!

  4. Not sure if that’s available here in the UK.
    I’m a tap water person myself, I let it settle, so a lot of stuff that’s in it goes to the top and evaporates away.
    Interesting blog!
    cheers, Gordon
    P.S. I’m also a chocoholic, so will be eating loads of scary halloween chocolate, most scary of all, Hersheys! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Ah ha ha ah ha! One of my up coming recipes will be for a healthier chocolate ๐Ÿ˜‰ Hopefully you tune in for when I post it!

  5. lol… I try to avoid thinking about it! But I’ve been in countries where you absolutely cannot drink the water so I’m thankful that at least we have the option to drink tap water here without becoming ill. And I just have a filter at home and the office has one too so most of the time at least my water has gone through some sort of filtering.

    • That’s a good point, we do have to at least be thankful that we CAN drink tap water if we do so choose!! And we have to be thankful that filters do exist in this country too :)

  6. Ungh backwash is the worst, add to that I’m always leaving cups of water around so they get dust in them on top of it! I’ve never used any kind of filtration system before, except at my Grandma’s because she has some nasty well water going on.

    • Ah ha ha! You’re the CUPS girl!! I cannot stand leaving cups all around, perhaps that’s why I just don’t drink enough water? ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Glad to hear your grandmother has a filtration system!

  7. Lol! I try not to think about what’s in my water- but when I do I then remind myself “what doesnt kill me makes me stronger” HOWEVER, I’d probably be better off just using something like Adya Clarity — I’m strong enough at this point ๐Ÿ˜€

    • I typically think “what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger” too… However, our water isn’t going to kill us right away, LOL… But down the road it could cause health problems, and the thing is, we probably wouldn’t even expect it to be from our water! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  8. I drink tap water (with lots of ice) all day every day – even when I travel. I’m not picky – hotel water, water fountains….who knows what all I have floating around inside me???
    I would suck trying to use this product because I would never remember to get my water ready days in advance.

    • LMFAO!!! “Floating Inside You” – You make it seem like there is a party in you and all these heavy metals and toxins are just chillen with beers! LOL!

  9. ICK I’ve been having water issues at my apartment… last night I poured brown water from the sink onto my toothbrush… lets not talk about it.

  10. Love, love, love water filtered from our frig. Skip the ice and chug away.

    • ME TOO! That’s what I’ve got and it’s so easy :) However, a Friend of my from WA apparently did not like my water and said it made her stomach hurt!

  11. So someone probably already said this but…you should dress up as THE IONIC WOMAN for Halloween…get it? (Like the Bionic Woman)
    Ahem. Yeah.
    I drink tap and filtered water, depending on where I am and what’s available.

  12. I am definitely wondering what is hiding in my water now. Yikes!

  13. I don’t usually like to think about these types of things-LOL

  14. I will be going as the hard working geologist this Halloween as I won’t get home from work until after 10PM and then I will only be interested in climbing into bed. I have to go home the long way around too as I am invited to a party right on my usual route home and if I get caught and invited in I just can’t say no!
    I took resource management in university. I know exactly what is in the tap water. I drink it anyway. I figure the stuff we are sucking back in our air will get you long before the water at least in my area.

    • OMG YOU ARE TOO FUNNY and we are so very similar – I have to actively AVOID places I might be seen, JUST IN CASE – it’s best to just call in sick on Friday! LOL!

      And you’re very right, the crap in our air is just as bad as the crap in our water…. Los Angeles air = the most toxic of all!

  15. I try not to think about what’s in my water. I’m ghetto. I drink Atlanta’s finest right outta the tap. Probably going to die of chlorine poisoning.

    • Aren’t we all though? LOL! Can you ship me some of Atlanta’s FINEST… Cause if I am going to die from Chlorine…… I would like for it to be THE FINEST kind!

  16. Well I don’t really know what’s in my tap water and perhaps don’t even want to know! But I often wonder if my Brita filter is even doing anything or if it’s just all a big sham?!?

    • RIGHT!!! I ALWAYS THINK THAT!!!! How on earth can you even tell unless you buy the chemistry set to test your water… Ain’t NOBODY got time for that (and Brita KNOWS IT! LOL)

  17. Wow that’s pretty gross to think! I am really weary about the water I drink in Mumbai- it’s gotta be 100% bottled or filtered!

    • I can imagine!!!! I have no idea what kind of filtration system Mumbai has, but… It’s always best to be careful :)

  18. Oh man, the thought of drinking someone else’s water is gross. But drinking water with strange things in it is also pretty gross… I use a BRITA water filter at home and love it!

  19. The worst thing you can find is a BUG! Luckily that’s never happened to me(yet) but I hate having my water contaminated with food, especially if its food I don’t eat(ILL CONTAMINATE YOUR CUP WITH PIEK BELLY AND EGGS , GIGI :D)

    • OMFG GROSSSSSSSS ah ha ah aha ha ah aha! I think I would far rather have a little bug in my water than someone’s crusty back wash! — Would you like some of my salmon back wash in your water? Okay, NOW I AM GAGGING FOR SURE!

  20. #5- Seriously – NO WAY is that even a question! Just say no to the Nick! GAH!
    That one question got me so off track…GAH!!!

    Ok – back on track – nope, I have never tried anything quite like Adya Clarity ever – am so intrigued…lustrous hair and not getting sick…woa…I wonder if it would work on ebola tainted water too…hmmm…

    • Ah ha ah ah aha ha ah! I made you think of Nick NAKED!!!

      AND DUDEEEEE (lol) from the write up, it sounds like Adya Clarity could kick Ebola’s ASS!

  21. I’m a big believer in “if I can’t see it, it can’t hurt me.” Am I wrong in that thought process?? :-)
    That is also one of my all-time favorite scenes from EB! Yeah, drink up beeeacccthhhhh!!!!

    • BAH AHA HA HA!! Oh ignorance is the BOMB! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I live by it, ha ha ah! And yes, that’s such a good scene however, I was going through clips and there is another one that is down right hysterical………… About sexual favors….. But I did not think it would be appropriate – AH HA HA!! Oh and there was another scene about UGLY SHOES. LOL!

  22. Uhhh yeah, you need this shit for your nasty water. I couldn’t handle it. HA. I am blessed with the water I have in WA.

  23. Ewww… I hate that moment when you wonder if your water is your own. Ewww, ewww, ewww! This product sounds interesting. We have water purification systems that we use at work but of course… cumbersome. I love that this is in a little bottle you can carry around in your purse.

    And the answer to the Nick Nolte question is not only NO, BUT HELL NO!

  24. well now i’m thinking about backwash… before dinner. ACK! but i love you anyway

  25. I love alkaline water. I have an alkalizer so I am always drinking alkaline water. It tastes real smooth and is refreshing. I chug it right down so no backwash for me, LOL!

  26. The only times I think about what I don’t see in water – not necessarily “my” water – is when swimming in open waters ;). So despite my zodiac sign being aquarius I’m keeping my distance there.
    When we’re talking actual drinking I’m all about sparkling water so I always get it bottled up and I’m expecting companies to assure that’s clean.

    • I AM A CANCER and I HATE THE WATERR! HA HA AH! We have that in common too ๐Ÿ˜‰

      AND WTF- I am drinking SPARKLING WATER RIGHT NOW, ha ha ah! I am all about the FIZZIES!

  27. WOW can I say you are remarkably unlucky in water :'(
    I absolutely love my water in Sydney though the number of people who boil their water is so high!

    Choc Chip Uru

  28. Sooo a couple years ago I heard about deep sea Icelandic glacier water and how it was supposed to be amazing for you and literally almost bought a case of 12 bottles off Amazon for $75 but ultimately, couldn’t do it. So yeah, I’m kind of freak when it comes to water.

    • OMG you are one of those!!! I wish I could be like you, but I am so not a water diva, but now I really know it could be causing so many issues! I need alkaline water for my digestion. I am soooo looking into this water ha ha ah!! Or you and I can just take a trip up there and tap into this water ourselves?

  29. lol! love this post!!!



  30. I’ve never tried it, but I know my little ones always used to grab at my water and leave little particles in there, so I was always on inspection duty when it came to my drinks. For now we use a filter for our tap water, because living in NE Ohio, only goodness knows what exists in our unfiltered tap water.

    • Right?? You never know! I am so thankful that my fridge has a filter, or else, YIKES – I would be drinking scary Los Angeles tap water!

  31. I’m pretty much a healthy-living heretic when it comes to drinking water – I just don’t like it! I have MAYBE one glass a day, unless I’m working out and then I’ll have one water bottle-full. Bad, I know. I get my water via Coconut La Croix, which is the next best thing, I suppose ๐Ÿ˜‰ never heard of Adya Clarity but it sounds fancy schmancy so it must work, right? haha

    • YOU AND I ARE THE SAME! I EFFIN’ HATE WATER by itself! Fizzy water is my JAM but… It makes me so bloated, ha! So I really just DONT DRINK ANYTHING during the day… Unless I am DYING! It’s so bad, but whatever. Even water makes me bloated – dumb intestinal issues, ha! I do love me some ZEVIA though, I am sure you’ve tried it, yes?

  32. Seriously – your pictures crack me up!! I’ve never thought about this before – I’ve always been a filtered water from the fridge girl myself. Love your post, though – witty, hilarious and thought provoking!

    • Thank you Rachel! I am a filtered water from the fridge girl myself, but… If we want to get SUPER ANAL (LOL) we can always stick some Adya Clarity in there ๐Ÿ˜‰

  33. I definitely don’t drink tap water unless I am very thirsty and don’t have a choice. When I go out I always make sure to bring a bottle of filtered water with me so that I don’t get dehydrated.

  34. That is something I’ve never really thought about… until now that is! Lol that is definitely going to be on mind the next time I drink water. We usually buy bottled water. I used to just drink tap water, but my husband prefers bottled.

  35. What a cool product! I’m a huge water drinker and am always hoping the water I’m drinking is clean! I always use my Brita filter and we have water delivered to our house as well. My tap water frightens me though. Eeeee.

  36. We are not sharing drinks in LA!

  37. Nick Nolte naked? Ewww. No. Filtered water from the fridge at home and bottled at work. Some water just tastes weird.

  38. I have well water and it has been beyond horrible because of excessive blasting about a 1/4 mile away from our road. If you saw the color and smelt the odor you would be sick. I cannot drink it anymore and have a filtration system that looks like a space lab. I’m very anxious to try this without a doubt and my neighbors will likely do the same if the results are good.

    • Having a Space Lab Filtration System is pretty cool though, ha ah ah! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I would food people who came over to my house!

  39. I only think about my water when I’m out in the country or at someone else’s house :) I know the tap water I drink probably isn’t the best for me but, for some reason, I really like it! We have filter but I rarely use it – eek! I should probably do some more research and consider the facts a bit more…

    • Ha Ha! You’re one of the few people who actually enjoy tap water!! I always think about tap water when I am staying in a hotel!

  40. Now I want to gag… and go order some of this right now!

  41. So, when I finally make it on the show Naked & Afraid, should I take the Adya along as my on “free” item?

  42. Back when I worked at the gym, I would notice some of the nastiest crap in people’s water bottles. It would truly gross me out. Backwash is in the words of Jimmy Fallon “Ewa!”

    • OMFG NO! I am just imagining GYM BACKWASH – 1000000x worse than regular…. Sweaty spit and protein powder backwash! :(

  43. You always crack me up! I’ve choked like a dying Hyena many a times hahaha

  44. WOW! I never thought about “backwash” but after reading your article….OMG!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I filter my water 3 times….have been doing that for years! Now, I think I’ll filter it a few more! LOL!

  45. My kids sometimes drink out of my water bottle and it drives me nuts…especially if they have been eating,

    • Oh man, that would CERTAINLY drive me BONKERS too! ha ha ah! I don’t even want to know where kid’s mouths have been ๐Ÿ˜‰

  46. What’s more disgusting? Water arsenic or Nick Nolte naked? I don’t even know…

  47. As a chemist, I think about what is in things all the time.

    As a waterholic, I grab the nearest purified water and CHUG.

  48. I’m all for cleaner water, less bloating, an better everything.
    Your presentation is very entertaining AND really got my attention.
    Looking forward to your next video!

    • THANK YOU Judee, I am thrilled you appreciate my video :) I am planning something pretty delicious for my next video!

  49. When I lived in France I remember holding up a glass of water and seeing things swimming in it! But then the French did tell me that water was for bathing and wine was for drinking!

    I have a well and the water tastes good is is clear to look at. The best water I’ve had is from springs in nearby counties.

    I never use plastic bottled water as it’s a major environmental pollutant and eight continent swirling around in the center of the Pacific ocean.

    • Ah ha ha ha that’s a constant phrase, “water for bathing, wine for drinking!” lol!

      Ugh, there is always an issue with water, whether it’s bottled, tap or even filtered!! :(

  50. We have one of those refrigerator filters — works great for drinking water (although I know there’s lots of stuff it doesn’t filter). Although after watching your video, maybe I need to wonder if that’s enough. Anyway, fun video, as always. Oh, and do I want to see Nick Nolte naked? Not a chance. :-)

  51. I do drink bottled water and well water. My well water is a little hard, but it’s some good water, comes straight from the ground (best water) no added yucky stuff to it.

    Is this Adya Clarity the same stuff that was on the FDA radar a few years ago? Just asking because there was a big hoopla a few years ago with Matt Monarch selling it. If it’s working for you and you like it, that’s what matters.

    Take care,

  52. What if we look at it the other way? What if drinking all the impurities helps us avoid the zombie apocalypse by building up our immune system?? Yeah, you’re right, that’s what running and being strong is for… survival. Give me clean water please! I rely on the filter in my fridge and haven’t tried any additive myself, but thanks for the knowledge drop on a new product for when the power goes out!

    • ACTUALLY YOU ARE ON TO SOMETHING – I met a fellow blogger over the weekend and he told me he has giardia… His body built up its immune system to it! It’s certainly interesting to think about, however, I don’t think drinking MERCURY is going to work out for ya! LOL!

  53. Okay so there’s this running joke between my hubby and me — he always tries to drink water out of my glass (because, ya know, getting his own is too much work!) and makes fun of me because he says there are “floating particles” in it hahaha so now that he has brought this to my attention I’m constantly looking in my water and getting grossed out – “WHAT IS THAT FLOATING AROUND IN THERE?!”

  54. OMG now you freaked me out about water. I know sometimes the glass at restaurants has stuff floating in the water so I tend to skip it. But having something to drip drop and to clean out tap water is a great idea. #wowlinkup

  55. We tried that stuff years ago in our hard core raw food days. We really so no difference. But everyone is different!

  56. I am not dressing up for Halloween but my 9 lb. chihuahua is going to be Super Puppy while we hand out candy to trick or treaters #wowlinkup

  57. Love that Erin Brok clip! Too good!!
    I love this water clarifier. I am intrigued!

    • There were so many clips I could have used, but a lot of the hysterical ones… Didn’t quite fit with my video’s context, LOL!

  58. I’ve been trying to drink more water, but it’s difficult.

  59. “floaties” in my water = THE WORST!!! Intrigued by this water purifier!!!

  60. Yes, I find floaters in my water all too often, but for me it’s just my kids backwash. Equally gross, ewe. I like to think that the water here in CO is cleaner than most, but it is still probably full of stuff I don’t want to know/think about.

    • CO water is far better than CA water, that’s for sure! I miss it, ha ha ah! I honestly am starting to believe the CA water I drink is causing skin problems – EW! Enjoy your CO water ๐Ÿ˜‰

  61. I was just talking about water with a friend yesterday. I was laughing at the part when you were talking about particles you can see in your water. Welcome to ever drinking after your toddler (which is something I never do because of what you mentioned…yuck!). I would really love to get some spring water or perhaps some water filters that have reverse osmosis so they can get the fluoride out of the tap water. For now, we just drink bottled water from the store since in our minds, we think this is better than drinking the tap water. Thanks for sharing this with us at the Creative Style Linkup!

    • My mom has reverse osmosis water and swears by it… I honestly don’t really notice a difference.. But I would NEVER tell her that ๐Ÿ˜‰

  62. I love Perrier, but like LOVE Perrier. What does that make me? A French? Ugh…

  63. yes! This is why I have filtered water bottles and pitchers and a filtered water fridge dispenser. The unknown is terrifying!

  64. Hi GiGi! Well, I’ve never thought about what I didn’t see in my water until nowโ€“โ€“thanks for that! Ha,ha! Seriously, I thought I was safe by drinking bottled water. I guess not. I don’t remember the last time water went down the wrong pipe but I hate it when that happens. I usually panic. To a stranger I look like I’m dying. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Right?! I start panicking like I am going to actually die too! ha ha ha! It’s kind of embarrassing too, and I never get embarrassed!

  65. I am a water snob and I even was so disgusted by our tap water that I called in someone to test it. It was fine but I still got a purifying system on top of a purifying tap…one can never be too safe when it comes to their water.

  66. I think about what is in my water ALL THE TIME! Especially when I hear reports of prescription drugs in the water…it just freaks me out! And now I am going to think about it again today! Ugh! I have never tried Adya Clarity…but I will check it out.

    • Sorry to make you a little more hyped up about what’s in your water, but I think it’s important to know! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  67. You are so silly!! I am actually very picky about my water too! I don’t like to drink after anybody else, not even family members! It just grosses me out! Unjust keep thinking…what am I drinking???

    • I am like that too, especially water bottles!!!!! I always get creeped out about their saliva all over the mouth part! ๐Ÿ˜›

  68. I’m not doing anything this year – maybe next year. I just didn’t think about it. Lol. I don’t drink enough water – for shame – but I don’t drink that much fluids period so it’s hard to digest even 8 oz of water! Bah Hmm if only they could make water that has caffeine in it..? hmm OH WAIT COFFEE + TEA! SCORE! I’ll stick to that and call it water ๐Ÿ˜‰ What are you dressing up as love? Have a safe and wonderful Halloween weekend GiGi! -Iva

    • I really don’t drink that much fluids either!!! SO BAD but…. They honestly hurt my stomach! Coffee and tea are my jam too, but more TEA than anything else. Have you tried Celestial Seasonings Holiday Teas! OMFGGGGG! I cannot even control myself around them! LOL!

      As for my Halloween Costume… I was a….. Bummed out couch potato! LOL!

  69. That’s such an ineresting thought – I always let my water settle a bit before I drink it which seems to get rid of those bits but I’ll definitely try your tips!

    • Letting the water settle is one thing, but when you bring the glass to your mouth and drink, everything moves around! ha ha.

  70. Nice time for me to read this.. after chugging 32 ounces of water and now I feel in not sitting well! I don’t think about what I don’t see in my water or I won’t drink it. I make sure to change the water filters, I hate nasty tasting water or ice cubes.
    What grosses me out is my husband drinking lake water when he goes on his excursions with his friends! He has a high tech water filter thing but still.. fish, and heck who knows what else went to the bathroom in that water!!

    • I remember when I used to go camping, we would bring water filtration systems too… Yet you’re still drinking tree branches and other crap that’s in lake water! UGH. Not a fan of FIBER FILLED WATER – ha ha ha. And you’re so right, GROSSSSSSS – you’re essentially drinking fish toilet water!!!!!

  71. Ewwwww hahahaha. I got one of those water bottles that has a filter thing attached to the top so that helps a little!

  72. So I have heard that there are tiny shrimp in NY water. How gross is that?!?

  73. Hahaha you never fail to make me LOL!!!! Seriously now you just made me re-think my water-drinking habits – I just rely on fridge water with a filter but might have to check out the ADYA clarity system you introduced to us! Thanks & have a great weekend Gigi!!


    • :) I rely on my water filter system on my fridge too but… I have NO CLUE when the last time it was replaced was! Ah ha ha ha! #FAIL

  74. and THIS is why I refused to drink tap water for the longest time. Camelbak filter was my best friend in college because I went to school where Love Canal was, water was NOT safe!

  75. Lol hilarious and informative as always. Thanks for sharing! #wowlinkup

  76. Ok I think Iโ€™ll always look twice at my glass. GREG

  77. Definite NO to seeing Nick in his birfday suit!

  78. Again, more “food” for thought and giggles too. Thanks for making us think here at #theWeekendSocial. Can’t wait to see what you bring next week. Pinned! http://www.theKitchenChopper.com

  79. Thanks for coming and linking up at #TheWeekendSocial. Please be sure to come back this week starting Thursday at 9PM EST on KitchenDreaming.com ! I hope to see you there! Pinned

  80. Girl!!! My water in Phoenix is horrible. I’ve been wanting to get an RO system for years. I only drink and cook with bottled.

  81. Hi GiGi,
    It is pretty amazing to think that a drop of this product can remove heavy metals, fluoride, aluminum and other deadly toxins from our tap water.I am so glad you enlightened us about the benefits of Adya Clarity at the Healthy, Happy, Green and Natural Blog Hop. I use a water filter but I am going to check this product out as well.

  82. Can you take that on a camping trip or if you are out of the country and put it in your water and you won’t get sick? Does it get rid of amebas in dirty water? #wowlinkup

  83. I am a big water drinker with lots of lemon and other citrus, but, come to think of it . . . those bits of citrus do float around a bit! Ha!

  84. i’ve been researching water filters for MONTHS and have come to the conclusion that carbon filters seem to be the best as it removes a whole crap load of shit that other filters don’t (namely, pesticides, endocrine-disrupting chemicals, metals etc). i haven’t pulled the trigger yet as i haven’t found a carrier in my area :(

    • Ugh, I hate that it’s not available to you! :( Maybe you can tell SOMEONE you want it for XMAS ?? And they can do the research for you! LOL!

  85. I don’t want to know exactly what’s in my water. Ignorance is bliss! Thank you for linking up with Creative Style Linkup! Have a blessed weekend!

  86. Seriously you crack. me. up! Floaters in drinks are the worst!!!


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