And The Binge Eating Award Goes To…

Anne Hathaway is currently on her seventh White Castle Burger…

White Castle Burgers

Conquering this mound may be harder on your body than climbing K2!

And Jennifer Lawrence has been camping out at In & Out Burger for the past few days…

Jennifer Lawrence eating on the set of Hunger Games

Wait, that’s definitely not on the secret menu… 

Why exactly?


Screw you SPAX… Suck on that Valentino… Oh and Giorgio… EAT IT!

Target-brand elastic waistband sweats and… okay… over priced plain white Versace t-shirt, here celebs come!

Now is the time that Bradley Cooper and Naomi Watts indulge in their sweet teeth (tooths? Yeah, they both sound weird!) 

Sweet Tooth

Those two aren’t the only ones who will be joining in on the Hollywood binge-fest…

You may find:

Cameron Diaz skinning a pig as hot oil boils in the deep fryer, so as to make fried pig skin.

Scarlett Johansson chasing after a buffalo trying to find it’s zesty wings.

Buffalo with Wings

FAR COOLER than any Unicorn!

Jennifer Aniston fleeing the country to get only the BEST Mexican food.

Bradley Cooper getting arrested and being filmed by TMZ after breaking into Domino’s and whipping up his own cheesy creations.

Bradley Cooper Drunk

Pizza makes you a bit loopy, huh Mr. Cooper?

Hugh Jackman sitting on the street corner of Hollywood Blvd, finishing off his fourth bottle of wine while noshing on fluffy white bread.

Robert De Niro flipping the bird to all the elephants at the LA ZOO as he wolfs down tubs of peanut butter.

Angry Elephant

Watch it De Niro!

While attacking food like a pack of wolves on a mangled moose carcass may be fun and delicious at first, the repercussions can be cataclysmic. (Not to get DRAMATIC or anything).

If these A-listers (or B & C-listers) continue to binge eat, they run the risk of increasing their levels of stress, insomnia, depression, anxiety, substance abuse and weight gain.

Oh no! If Hollywood stops binge eating, US Weekly, Star Magazine, Life & Style and In Touch might go out of business!

Lindsay Lohan US Weekly

Sorry rag mags, but I gotta help my posse out (oh how sad, I think celebrities are my friends!)

Instead of restricting yourself to lettuce leaves and green drinks, eating a balanced diet full of these healthy foods will help anyone avoid binge eating. When you eat a balanced diet (high quality protein, healthy fat and fiber-rich unprocessed carbohydrates), you stay full for far longer, thus you won’t start drifting off into Candy Land.


So Anne, you really didn’t need to subsist on kale and three almonds a day in order to slip into your gowns during this award season. You could have indulged in grilled salmon, roasted vegetables, a side of sweet potatoes and even some whole grain brown rice… Not only would you have fit even more beautifully into all of your expensive dresses, but you also probably would not have hit so many seamstresses* during the fitting process due to your HANGRY!

Anne Hathaway flipping the bird

*While I am only guessing this happened, you never know, HANGRY can be bit*hy!   


What are the foods that you stuff in your face faster than a race car?

What foods can you just NOT resist?


  1. Ha! I’m trying to be more about moderaton – a few sweets more often, rather than going for a long time without them…then going crazy!

    • Moderation really is key! So many people go days (I have a friend who does this) without eating and then goes NUTS one night on ice cream, etc!!! It annoys me, but one day he might learn? I am starting to teach him! LOL!

  2. I have a MAddDD girl crush on Anne Hathaway. OMG I need to play Candyland. I used to rape my friends in this game. I miss playing games. WAHHH! I also miss cupcakes. You would be so proud of me…I am taking a hiatus from cookies/cake like items. I am still eating chocolate chips inside of my energy bites, but that does NOT count. I WANT A FACKIN CUPCAKE!!! It’s so hard..I am so addicted. UGH!

    • Why a HIATUS??? So you can TORTURE YOURSELF?? LOL!!! Dude, roast up some sexy butternut squash – throw some cinnamon on that and eat the entire thing… Oh wait, would that be classified as binge eating?? Well whatever, then whip out a board game – I am thinking LIFE – and have at it!!!! Definitely Saturday plans – THOSE ARE my plans at least!! Come join me!

  3. Well, I no longer feel so bad about binging, haha. That picture of Brad Cooper is just sad hahahah poor Bradley.

    • Ah ha ha ha ha aha ha!! What do you binge on? If it’s something like spinach, then you shouldn’t feel bad AT ALL! And yeah, Bradley – not such a HUNK in that picture! LOL!

  4. I have to be careful with chocolate or ice cream in the house, but I try not to binge and just have a small treat each night so I don’t feel deprived.

  5. Love it!! Thank you for this, it’s so very sad but true.

    • It is! LOL! I mean, I don’t know if you watched the red carpet but all of the celebrities mentioned how hungry they were! LOL!

  6. Yikes, your White Castle reference brought me back to the after of a late night date in my residency where we went out for those little warm buned burgers after our 3 AM par-tay :-)

    I recently saw the Christian Bale movie “The Machinist” where he needed to do some serious binge eating!

    I am going to use your “focusing on fat or happy and healthy” line in an up-coming column about the difference in how fat people and not fat people think about fitness.

    • I have never had White Castle before in my life, it def would NOT be the first fast food place I ever try… Ha! And please do use my line, it’s the truth – focusing on health and happiness is the best approach! :)

  7. The Greedies demand those White Castle Burgers. And I’m like, “Sure. Have some them.” #badmomma

    I cannot deny cake slices (you know this). But there’s nothing worse than a dry ass slice of cake. Worse…thing…ever.

  8. This was hilarious! Oh how I DON’T miss the days of starving myself in order to look good for a specific event. Now I eat what I want and when I want it. It’s really sad that society thinks this way… special event = no food in order to look skinny. Thanks for posting this!

    • I know! I don’t understand how celebs can starve themselves, it’s so weird! I need to eat or else I will faint or I will just get really really angry, lol! I think filling up on a nice big piece of salmon before an award show sounds perfect!

  9. sweets and potato chips are always the hardest for me! I still have sweets once in a while (and some pieces of dark chocolate a little more often) but I don’t go down to the vending machine and try to sneak M&Ms or snickers when no one is looking anymore…

    • Ugh, that stupid vending machine!! I have heard of healthy vending machines actually, I really hope they start to catch on more – I know they are quite popular in Boulder, CO – but of course it is popular there, lol… They’re very much into their health there :)

      PS: I totally used to eat an entire box of Pop Tarts (apple cinnamon baby, lol) when no one was looking!

  10. Popcorn. I love popcorn. I la-la-LOVE it!

    I like it popped with olive oil, topped with butter, dipped in chocolate or caramel or toffee, salted to all hell, dusted with that weird cheese powder–I’m not gonna lie, I once dunked popcorn in orange juice and liked it.

    Okay, now that I’ve basically turned into Bubba Gump the popcorn version, I just have to say FUNNY POST! Loved it.

    • YOU are just like my brother! Popcorn obsession!!! I love popcorn too but I haven’t had it in 10 years! I am an all or nothing kind of person for sure! LOL!

      OMG Popcorn in orange juice?!?!?! Now that is interesting! I have heard ice cream and popcorn though.

      And thank you for stopping by and laughing! :)

  11. This post is too funny! It’s all about the moderation!

  12. I’m down with the ‘zza du pi’ … it’s my go-to when i’m hangry … i demolish

  13. I can’t help it, every time I open a bag of goldfish I eat the whole thing. And ice cream. We only buy snack sized little ice cream cups haha.

  14. Hell yeah!! “Belly Bombers” I haven’t see White Castle since I lived in NY, I knew a girl who would eat 15 of them in a sitting :( never rode the buss with her. Well I binge but on good food, an average day is at least 3lbs of chicken,1/2 dozen eggs and various veggies, although I have been known to fiend on crusty bread and caponata now and again. Now I need White castle, I’ll be in Vegas in a few weeks I’m going to find them :)

    • OMG you and I are the same! I binge on HEALTHY food! :) 5 pounds of salmon in a sitting – you better believe it! Ew, no do NOT actively seek out a White Castle! When you’re in Vegas, go for those all you can eat buffets of crab legs!

  15. It is all about moderation and balance. Ya got that right. I have a coworker who’s doing the wheat belly diet, so no bread, rice, pasta, and no fun. I bet as soon as he breaks down and eats a biscuit, and that day will come, he’s going to put the weight back on. When will people learn. Full on crazy doesn’t work, neither does total restriction.

    • LMFAO!!! It’s so true! My friend is going sugar-free right now, but I know the second he encounters some sugar…. All sh** will hit the fan! I completely agree with you, moderation is definitely key!

  16. Haha! You are hilarious. Even while eating really healthy prior to my wedding, it still felt so good to indulge a bit when it was over! :)

    • Ha Ha! Ah yes, the getting trim before the wedding issue! My sister did that, she looked AMAZING at her wedding, she still looks good but she got a tiny bit comfy with her hubs, which is totally allowed! :)

  17. Hahaha – I think you are dean-on with De Niro!

    I could eat chocolate cake and red wine all day, every day and never, ever tire of it. Ever.

  18. OH NO, did you have to bring Hugh Jackman into this – I love than man! :) I do wonder what they do behind the scenes! 😉

    I love my carbs & sweets BUT I have learned how to manage all this. I don’t keep crackers or even HEALTHY granola in the house. I tried to keep those healthier Kashi protein cereals in the hose for a bit.. NOPE! Out they went! 😉

    • “Healthy” foods are almost worst than Cinnamon Buns when it comes to bingeing because people THINK since they’re “healthy” that they can eat more! Out of house, out of mind!! If you REALLY want it, you can go to the store and keep it there, but really, who really has the energy to do that lol!

  19. I love food (and it loves me). Even now that Im dieting for a bikini competition, my diet consists of whole foods and lots of variety. And if I feel like I MUST have something I will. All things in moderation! Besides, my hangry is bad . . . Real bad.

    • Whole Foods – perfection! My hangry is HORRENDOUS so I hear you! LOL! Definitely need to keep fueled every few hours to avoid that demon!

  20. I’ve never been into “dieting” or crazy fads. I would prefer to eat in moderation and up the workouts if needed, but that’s just me. I can not resist pizza! Good thing we can make it from home a lot healthier (not that we always do!!). 😉

    • Good for you! :) Moderation really is key but so many people in this world are ALL OR NOTHING types of people that they just cannot stop!

      Speaking of making Pizza – I have ALWAYS wanted to try making “cauliflower crust” – have you ever made that before?

  21. You are so, so right. It’s really unfortunate to see anyone restrict food so much that they go crazy afterward… and unhealthy… and such a poor example for young girls… great post!

    • It really is! And of course little girls probably watched the RED CARPET and heard that Jennifer Lawerance starved herself prior to the show and was so hungry! :(

  22. Oh man there are so many… Doritos Jacked: Smoky Chipotle BBQ – they’re like crack, I swear. I can’t even keep them in the house. Blocks of cheese (specifically sharp cheddar) don’t stand a chance. Guacamole. Ben & Jerry’s Blueberry & Graham Cracker Frozen Greek Yogurt. Wine of any variety. Ha!

    • OMG everyone seems to be ADDICTED to cheese! It really is a crazy DRUG – seriously! Ah ha ha! I remember I would eat whole wedges of Parmesean… and I would EVEN eat the rind!!! I am like a mouse or something!

      I will only allow you to go nuts on GUACAMOLE – with veggie sticks as the vehicle! 😉

  23. I could eat a whole bag of salty chips if I kept them in the house! It makes me sad that these celebrities have such bad food habits, especially when young people look to them as role models.

    • Chips – Oh man, restaurant style corn chips were always delicious but I never liked LAYS or DORITOS or anything like that – too processed? LOL!

      I hope you don’t keep chips in your house!! 😉

  24. It is so true and so very sad. You have an amazing blog!

  25. lol that Bradley Cooper pic made me laugh so hard, what a goofy drunk

  26. I don’t know how Anne Hathaway did it! I guess if I were in a huge movie it would be easier? Definitely not a fan of hangry!

    • No way, I know how she did it, she was motivated by a BIG FAT CHECK! LOL!!!!! I think that would definitely keep me “full”! LOL!!!

      Oh my, you do not want to see me HANGRY AT ALL! 😉

  27. lmao! Thank you for a great morning laugh! Found you at the Share Something Saturday blog hop. still laughing…

    • Ha ha! Hey Terrye! Thrilled you stopped by and got a good laugh!! I just posted a new update on my blog with a video, maybe it will make you laugh too? LOL!! Heading over to your blog now! :)

  28. Haha! I love the underlying message to this :) Why not just live year round healthy and balanced, instead of going from one extreme to another. But then again who knows what’s real and what isn’t…and who knows what goes on behind closed doors also 😉

  29. I have so many binge eating issues! I can’t keep dark chocolate in the house because I am quite simply not capable of eating one portion, or two or three!! I eat it till I feel sick.

    I have learned that the best way to enjoy foods that I over do-it with is to do it outside of the house, and on special occasions. If I don’t have it at the ready, I won’t go out and get them on the fly!

    • That’s really smart!!! I don’t know too many people who would actually say, “okay, I am going to the store to get a pint of ice cream” – because then they have to get in their car, battle traffic, wait in the check out line and drive all the way back home to enjoy it! Now that’s annoying, LOL!

  30. PEANUT M&MSSSSSSS OM NOM NOM NOM NOMMMMM NOM. Uh, so no, I don’t have any irresistible foods, why do you ask? Do you?