Angelina Jolie and Kale: Separated At Birth

This might come as a huge shock to you but Angelina Jolie and Kale are related…

Angelina Jolie is smoking hot








How exactly?

Well… It all started when the earth condensed from a cloud of gas and rock in the solar system…. Or maybe you like to believe that the world was created in seven days by God…?

Okay, to make a LONGGGGGGG story short (and less controversial), why don’t you just watch the latest GiGi Eats video!

Anyone feel like dipping Angie in some Kale Pesto? I have a slight feeling Brad Pitt may do this nightly! 

Mmm… Scrumptious! GiGi Eats Celebrities & Groceries! Hell… I just EAT! 

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  • How do you feel about Kale? Do you love it or hate it? 
  • How do you cook it?
  • Did KALE scare the pants off of you at first?
  • Are you TEAM Angelina Jolie or Sofia Vergara? (Wait, did I just cause a fued? I should alert TMZ) 


  1. Great suggestion!!

    I have been on a Kale kick! Had it every day for the past week!!

    I eat it hot (streamed) or cold chopped up in salads!

    But never in the Southern way slow cooked with hog fat, yuck!!

    However, now I’m wondering if Brad Pitt also needs to eat Kale?

    • Kale seriously rocks in all it’s forms!! I really love it LOADED UP with fat!! Hey, if that hog is grass-fed and grass-finished, I don’t think it would be all that YUCK 😉

  2. I finally an going to try kale! Bought some from TJs but want to make chips with it!!! Hubby is asleep & small place so will listen to the video later! :)

  3. Always love your videos and they always make me smile ~ Being a nutrition buff, I always enjoy how you talk about the health benefits of food … Keep up the good work!

    • I am glad I can make you smile! :) That’s my goal in life… and if I can let people know about healthy foods too – all the better!! Another video is coming next week, unfortunately it’s not about food, but it will be rather interesting, lol!

  4. I totally thought it was a wig. Actually, i think it still is. Wasn’t GaGa wearing it? No? Katy Perry Maybe?

    Eh. You are silly. Thanks for the info — I’ve never had Kale, but I’m not much of a “leafy” kind of eater. I don’t really care for lettuce, but I can eat the poop out of some spinach. Love me a good spinach and cranberry salad. Yum! (hahaha… AJ is unapproachable. LOL)

    • OMG you and I should have a SPINACH eating competition – I literally eat that stuff like someone might eat potato chips! I shove my hand in the bad for a wad and shove it in my mouth – oh but right after I squirt some sugar-free ketchup on it! AHH HA HA HA! That always grosses people out 😉 You need to try it though!

      Try Kale though – make kale chips! Lather up those scary looking leaved with olive oil and any spices you like and bake in the oven at 350 for an hour or so (always keep an eye on it though cause you don’t want it to burn)… I promise you will like it :)

  5. Mmmm love kale with olive oil and lemon. I think a new trend should be Kale bikini’s :) Kale is one of our ancient friends favorites to, the Greeks and Romans grew it. Fun post Miss GiGi I’m paitently waiting for some GiGi recipes (hint) You have a point some actors let their ego get the best of them, when are you going to be on SNL?

    • Ha Ha Ha! Oh Rocco!! I am actually doing STAND-UP COMEDY right now and I have a showcase where casting directors and such will be coming on March 17! I plan on having someone film that ho-down, lol… So I can posted on here! :) Then everyone can get a show!

      Oh you want some GiGi Eats Recipes huh?? Well… Perhaps I can work on that!! 😉

  6. Looove kale but I’m too impatient to wash it / stem it / chop it / wait to for it to cook 😛

    • LMFAO! Not going to lie, that’s how I was last night. I wanted to make KALE chips but by the time I got around to it… I always already hungry! I think I just need to make a whole bunch when I am not really hungry so that when HANGRY does come… I AM READY! :) Ha! I should take my own advice from my other videos lol!

  7. Um totally unrelated, but your pad is BALLER! I want to come live with you ok? Ok good. I love kale. I usually sautee that shit cause it’s THICK when it’s raw. YUMO! I want the entire world to watch your videos and realize veggies are THE WAY TO GO!

    • AHH HA HA HA! YAY!!!! OMG if you came to visit we would have a KALE CHIP BAKERY out of my apartment!!!!! Sell bags for $10 each (like they do in Whole Foods – robbing us blind, my god! LOL)… COME VISIT!!!! Serious Business we need to attend to!

  8. Opps forgot, Sophia is great, personality and looks are #1 and I went a bought kale after your post and had 6 chicken thighs with it. :)

  9. Love me some Kale & Sofia. I like kale chips the most. yum

  10. I finally watched – GREAT VIDEO & very very informative AND fun! I have the kale here, I just have to make those kale chips. I hear that is the best way to get started! 😉

  11. I eat Kale like a beast. Love the greens…veggies that is.

  12. You are so cute! I love kale, in salads, cooked, added to various dishes to get all those great nutrients you were talking about. Tonight I actually will be massaging my kale for an awesome salad.

    • Ha Ha Ha! You massage that KALE like a BOSS! 😉 Do you eat raw kale in your salads? I give you credit, I can’t really stomach it like that!

  13. I’ve never actually made Kale…I’m still liking my Collard Greens :)

    I’ve had my Mom’s Kale Chips though…it’s mighty tasty!

    It totally looks like duster lol

  14. No kale for me, because to me it tastes stupendously bitter. I console myself with thinking that I have too many taste receptors for biter :)

  15. I LOVE Kale…and you, of course:)

  16. we love steamed kale wraps! have you tried that?! so good!

    • OMG yes! I love kale because it has the ability to wrap up lots of ingredients! I love to eat with my hands! :)

  17. We’re huge fans of kale- sauteed, roasted, raw… especially since I learned it’s one of the few greens that doesn’t affect calcium absorption. And the neutral taste is much easier for the rest of my family than some stronger ones, like mustard greens.

    • You make a really good point, it’s bite is not as bad as say dandelion greens or arugala! More of a reason to LOVE KALE! :)

  18. LOVE KALE! So healthy and green and kale chips are actually amazing.

  19. Me likey the kale! Roasted with sea salt, yummmmmmmm

  20. Hahaha you are too funny!!
    Here’s my massaged kale recipe:
    Such a perfect food :) Have a great night girl!

  21. Angelina Jolie is one of the most beautiful woman; inside and outside!

    The past few months I have rediscovered kale again and have been adding it to soups and salads. Love it!!

  22. I don’t mind Kale but I definitely prefer swiss chard and spinach!

  23. I LOVE kale! In a salad, in pesto, drizzled with olive oil and baked until crispy–pretty much any way possible, I love it! It is usually my go-to dinner veggie!

  24. Great video! I definitely need to eat more kale 😉

  25. I LOOOOOVE kale! My whole family eats it all the time. In fact, when my 5 year old and I were planning out the garden for this year, the first veggie he wanted included was kale! He’s as addicted as I am! It makes me really happy :-)

    • OMG! I am sooooo impressed that your 5 yr old eats Kale!! When I was five I didn’t even get within 10 miles of anything green! I remember throwing a FIT at a restaurant when my bowl of pasta and butter came out with a sprig of parsley on it! AHH HA HA HA! I am so thrilled your kid is an angel in comparison to me! LOL!

  26. Entertaining as always GiGi!
    I love Kale- (duh and double duh!)
    Eat it everday and make all sorts of crazy Moni Meals dishes with it. :) Trying to get the realitives back home on the KALE wagon-challenge for sure!

    Have a great weekend!!

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  28. I loooove kale! But I don’t usually eat it unless I’m dining out – never actually prepared it at home. When I have the chance though and I’m out I always order it. Love it sauteed but ESPECIALLY in chip form!

    • You’re just like me. I really only order it when I am out to eat (shhhh)… But I am making an effort to incorporate it into my diet far more than that. Sauteed and Chip form are my preferred ways to eat it, but I am definitely open to other ideas! :)

  29. Your posts always make me giggle. I have never been much of an Angelina thing after the who Jen and Brad break-up. I was a sucker for wanting that love story to work out. Anyway, I keep meaning to buy more Kale. We had a local fitness conference where Whole Foods came and showed us how to “massage” fresh Kale with avocado and it was quite good.

    • Ha Ha! I am team ANISTON all the way too! In my mind, they are still together!

      I need to be taught how to massage kale, because I currently only find it tasty when cooked.

  30. I bought it again tonight, tried to make kale chips but ended up with Kale
    dust :( ,,,,,being creative I added it to scrambled eggs was a little weird but I ate it.

    • Ah ha ha ha ah!!! Your kale turned into a VAMPIRE! I am totally just like you though because I HATE wasting foods, I would have added it to a dish too! :)

  31. Your video was highly entertaining. Love it, and I love kale, especially in my morning smoothies.

    • Ha ha! I am glad you enjoyed my video :) Another video (that actually doesn’t have anything to do with food – which is weird for me, lol) coming out Tuesday!

      Kale is such a popular ingredient in smoothies, can you even taste it in them?

  32. Good Morning,
    Thank you so much for sharing your awesome recipe with Full Plate Thursday. Hope you have a lovely week and come back soon!
    Miz Helen

  33. Spinach is usually my go-to salad green, but I did find a power greens mix recently that I love! I know it has some kale in it, and lots of other leaves I can’t remember the names of.

    • I have been seeing Power Green mixes a lot lately too! Spinach is also my go-to but I am trying hard to incorporate KALE! :)

  34. WOW what’s going on GiGi your blog is shaking up LA or was that an earth quake?

  35. We are totally on the kale bandwagon. Love love love your videos! Thanks for linking up at our Gluten Free Fridays party! I have tweeted and pinned your entry to our Gluten Free Fridays board on Pinterest! :)

    Thanks for linking back to the Gluten Free Fridays post!

    Party starts tomorrow night (thursday) at 7:05 pm eastern time! Hope to see you there!

    Cindy from

    • I am thrilled you’re on the kale bandwagon! I just had my fare share this evening and it was scrumptious! :) I love your blog and I will continue to link up with I have posts that correspond with Gluten Free! :)

  36. Kale is my BFF…unlike Angelina Jolie. Because she does look like a bitch!! 😉

  37. You crack me up girl. What’s really funny is when you said that “kale has more iron than the beef you are gnawing on” I was literally biting into a piece of beef jerky. Ha! U rock! :)

    • Ah ha ha ha! Oh but what would you rather eat, KALE or BEEF JERKY? I hope your jerky was grass-fed & finished 😉

  38. This is such a fun video! I love kale, and I think it’s a cute comparison with it and Angelina Jolie versus Sofia Vergara. I think you’re right about it being Sofia Vergara!

  39. That is the biggest-assed bunch of kale I’ve ever seen!
    We eat it all the time and have discovered that it’s helpful for reducing retinal pressure (my hubby has pre-glaucoma and it’s helped him!)

    • Really?! I didn’t even mention that in my video!!! Kale Video PART 2 here I come 😉

      • Haha go for it. Dress up in Kale, too and shake your cute butt! 😛 And I love Modern Family. I don’t think she can get any funnier elsewhere! lol

  40. MY NEWEST OBSESSION! SERIOUSLY, I LOVE KALE YES I DO, I LOVE KALE THAT IS TRUE! Woof, so much fiber and iron, I’m all about that and the IBS IS LOVING THE KALE. Hurray, I can add a third veggie to my list that’s okay for me to eat in massive amounts 😀 I love it sauteed with a bit of salt and pepper and olive oil!


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