MA! The Meatloaf… FACK!

Are your eyes going cross-eyed as you try to focus on your computer screen, the stop light ahead of you or your kids playing in the jungle gym…?

(Whoops, did little Harry just fall SPLAT on the ground?) 

Are you getting irritated by even the slightest of noises?

(That coworker or dog better STOP breathing!)

Is that black dot on the ceiling transforming into a scrumptious chocolate chip?

(Wow, now you’re in Willy Wanka’s Chocolate Factory!)

You don’t need WebMD to tell you that: Yup, you’re hangry!

GiGi Dubois is HANGRY!

(Hangry has possessed me! Yup, I am angry and hungry! I need to follow my own advice before I do something stupid!)

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  1. I don’t get hangry, but I do get really, really sad. Like, I feel like the whole world is picking on me! 😛

  2. where’s the sound effects of ‘yo grumble stomach? I need some proof of your Hangry.

  3. It just seems like 6 days ago you were sitting across the table from me…wait a minute… we really should have wiped out the iphone for a little combo action!

    • No Joke!! That’s what I am sayin’ – it’s so easy these days!! Well, you’re planning a trip back here REALLY SOON I am sure! LOL! 😉

  4. Well, my breakfast can be two cans of plain tuna with hi octane tea, or chicken and really sweet potatos!! I cook extra so I can have snacks, hard boiled eggs are great to. I’m training right now for a PT test so all my food is high protien and healty carbs. Eat breafast people, hey Avacados are really good to beat the Hangry. :)

    • Avocados really are a great way to beat HANGRY!! You’re right! That healthy fat definitely keeps you full for a long time! :)

  5. You are sooooooooooooooooooooo fun to watch!! Looking forward to your future fun too! I really work on planning for my eats but I am not working right now so… but planning is key. I get WAY Hangry if I don’t eat! :)

    • Ha Ha! It’s funny because sometimes planning just doesn’t work! I tend to get really hangry when I visit my home because we all have different eating habits and times we like to eat and of course, I want to eat far too early compared to everyone else!

  6. Hangry probably explains why I spend a good 45-60 minutes each morning having road rage fights with the cabbies of NYC. It’s like, “I’m hungry, I need to make ice cream, and because you are inept at driving, I have to pay”. Plan all you want, NYC cab drivers will literally shit on your parade.

    • Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ah aha ha!!! This is why I DO NOT live in NYC! I have never been truly fond of the city, won’t lie to you, and it’s mostly because of just that!

  7. Finally subscribed to your YouTube:)

  8. I get hangry to the point of bitchry. I bring fruit with me, a pb sandwich, a container of rice and beans, and WATERRRRRR! Or I stop for some Oreos. Just kidding, but I should since I know how much you loveeee Oreos! Bahahaha.

    • I gotta get you off those OREOS!!!!!! Hmmmmmmm what could I feed you to get you off them?!?! I am totally obsessed with roasted butternut squash, literally eat like 10 pounds in a sitting. Would you split a baking sheet with me? 5 pounds for you, 5 for me?? Then when we get stomach aches we can at least bitch together, lol!

  9. *Love that phone alarm
    *Nice that you sleep in full clothes
    *Thank GOD that I don’t have a regular job
    *You don’t have to be HANGRY to want bacon…BACON!!! :)
    *What are the things that are better??
    *I actually boil eggs ahead of time! Whoop!

    Love you and all your awesome-osity!!!

  10. Hangry is the worst! 😉

  11. If in doubt, I always use the proper British pronunciation. La-bore-a tory is a favorite :-)

    Good practical, concrete advice!

    No, no hangry here. Eating IF warrior style kills that problem like a careless mammoth!

    Don’t you dare sleep so near your phone, it will fry your brain. Serious doctor advice here!

    • Ha Ha! No worries, that was all set up, I don’t ACTUALLY sleep with my phone like that! AHH HA HA! Shhh, don’t tell anyone I wasn’t actually sleeping 😉

  12. I call it hunger rage. I get it frequently!

  13. Am I SUNGRY too with Sugar hunger? or will it subside and I will be Sans-hungry and STILL SUNGRY?! Oh nossss lol! MAAAA! MEATLOAF… What is she doing in there anyway?!

    • Ah ahaha ha!!! Your sugar cravings will definitely subside, you can trust me on that! It will take about a week or so, you just need to fill up on sweet veggies and fruits like roasted butternut squash – So delicious :)

      And it’s ALWAYS A MYSTERY as to what mom is doing in the kitchen! LOL!

  14. Awesome. I definitely plan ahead and I eat my breakfast every.single.morning :)

    You made me laugh!

  15. ahhh just the title of this killed me hahaha
    love it!

  16. Hangry is my husband’s new favorite word. Unfortunately, he is usually using it to describe me.

    • LOL! Oh I have been called HANGRY my entire life, lol! It’s not our fault that we are just bottomless pits? ah ha ha!

  17. Have you been spying on me?!?! Because this video basically describes how I want to kill people when I am HANGRY!!!

  18. Okay, the best part of that video was when you giggled. LOL. I just wanna eat a sweet potato now.

  19. I suffer from hungrage – you won’t like me when I’m hangry!

  20. OMG. I AM hangry. Right. Now. Going to lunch, biyatches.

  21. Thanks for commenting on my blog! :)

    I get hangry and it usually hits me the hardest on the weekends! Ugh.

    • I bet it’s because you are a bit more lax on your routine and you probably wake up later, thus you don’t have a balanced breakfast to hold you over until lunch, right?

  22. I love this video. You had me cracking up!!
    I thing hangry’s my middle name, and the worst is denial hangry when you’re obviously hangry, but refuse to admit it. Especially when your Hubby is trying to placate you with food…”Honey, maybe you should eat something.” To which hangry wants to respond, No b!tch, you make me a chicken pot pie!”

    • Ah ha ha ha!! You and I have the same middle name!! 😉

      And my HANGRY works just like yours although my HANGRY actually says what yours might be thinking! LOL!!! I am not exactly popular around 5:30pm when I visit home, Ah ha ha!

  23. I definitely have been hangry in the past at work…er, not good when I worked with ADHD kids! ha! I ended up bringing a stash of oatmeal and healthy bars to work and a bag of bagels one particularly stressful morning. I’m so glad I have 90% less stress in my current job which helps keep the hangriness down and my current work has these amazing Candice bars that are the perfect healthy snack!

    • Uh Oh! You definitely cannot get hangry in your line of work! I am glad that you prepare in advance though, you’re definitely smart compared to 80% of the population! ha ha! I should check out those Candice bars! :)

  24. So rad GiGi!
    HANGRY is my middle name- you nailed it!

    BTW- what do you do for the industry iin here in LA (or day job?!!) 😉

    • Ha ha! Hangry is my middle name too!

      Out here in LA I am a Comedian, Personality, Entertainment Reporter & Freelance Writer! :) What about you or is Moni Meals your fulltime gig?? Maybe I should be interviewing you for GIGI EATS!

  25. I am really trying to work on my hangry so I make smart decisions instead of binging on junk. I have found that loading up on protein is helping me a lot.
    Your videos crack em up. They’re fabulous.

    • Ha Ha! Thanks for watching my videos! I have one coming out in a few weeks that isn’t exactly health related… Maybe sort of MENTAL HEALTH related – it’s about the show The Bachelor! LOL!!!

      PROTEIN helps so much! SOOO much! I have been telling all of my peers that for years, but people just don’t seem to know what protein is!

  26. Yep, my whole family get hangry. I usually throw raw meat at them to stop them in their tracks while I beat a hasty retreat to the kitchen to whip up some food.

  27. Love your videos! I get very cranky when I am hungry. My kids should stay far, far away when that happens!

    • Ah ha! Thank you! :) A new video will come out pretty soon! Oh man, I agree! When I get hangry, I try and hide from people like Fiona in Shrek because, no one needs to see this beast!

  28. You are too cute!! Love! Hangry is no way to be!

  29. Since I gave up eating grains and grasses and pseudograins at the beginning of January (Whole30 Wahoooo!) I no longer get HANGRY! And, man I sure don’t miss those days!

  30. You make me smile!

    Ohhh and a sweet potato for mid morning snack or breakfast yum! Never thought about that.

    • Works like a charm :) Pairing it with a little protein, like a hard boiled egg or some turkey slices would be perfection! lol

  31. Haha you are too cute! Fun video, and great tips! I’m definitely going to keep those in mind for getting back to work next week, keeping sweet potatoes and hb eggs on hand. Thanks!

    • Oh no! Back to the grindstone next week?! I hateeeeeeeee getting back into the swing of things! Well, this video certainly comes at a good time for you 😉

  32. I totally have my “hangry” moments! I get more cranky and irritable than angry though. But if I’m tired and hungry forget about it!

  33. OMG lol your giggle CRACKED me up! hahaha too funny!

  34. My husband and I say, “I’m sorry for the words I spoke out of hunger.” LOL!

    • Ah ha! That’s cute!! I always apologize in advance for what might come out of my mouth when I am hungry, LOL!


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