Avocados Get Brownie Points

Riddle me this…

What’s dark brownMoist… And can be rather dense.

Really… Did your mind REALLY… Just go there.


HOW OLD ARE YOU?! Let’s practice some maturity people!

So no. I am NOT talking about THAT.

Get your mind out of the shitter. Literally?


Now while you have probably completely lost your appetite at this point, thinking about… Well… YOU KNOW…

I am going to try my best to bring it on back!


Did that help?

Eh, you’re probably now just thinking…

“If elephants could talk… I wonder what language they would speak…”

To answer that question for you… They’re probably proficient in at least Berber, Kanuri, Yoruba, Ewe and English


You’re in luck, though… Because I cannot speak any of those African languages (just good ol‘ English)… So you will be able to read the rest of this blog post.

However, at this point, you might be confused AF… Just like you would be if three people were screaming different African dialects at you!


But I promise you, you’re totally about to give me brownie points…

Because the latest creation from the GiGi Eats Headquarters is 100% sugar, gluten, soy, nut, dairy and wheat-free and includes… Chocolate, avocado and fluffy, yet creamy coconut goodness!


You know you want to get DOWN with this dark brownMoist and rather dense creation… So click play to see what my friend Alex and I created in the kitchen! Alex thought they were pretty “bitchin'” hence the pretty GENIUS recipe name! 

Bitchin’ Blondie Brownie Hybrids

served with vanilla coconut milk ice cream

Bitchin Brownie Blondie Hybrid

For the dairy-free creamy topper… 

  • 1 can Lite Coconut Milk
  • 1 serving Vanilla Protein Powder
  • 2 tbs Erythritol
  • 15 drops Capella Flavor Drops, Vanilla

So you don’t FUDGE this up… Here’s what you must do…

  1. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. 
  2. Combine all brownie ingredients into a blender or food processor and whirl away. 
  3. Coat a baking dish with non-stick spray and then spread brownie batter evenly on pan. 
  4. Bake brownies for about 20 – 25 minutes. 
  5. While brownies… Brown… Whip out your ice cream maker*… Add all those ingredients to the contraption and let it do its thing for at least 20 minutes. 
  6. By the time the brownies are DONE… Your ice cream should almost be done as well, so let the brownies cool a tiny bit and then GOBBLE UP! 


*If you don’t have an ice cream maker, that’s totally cool (har har)… Just put all the ingredients into a blender and puree. You might have to add a little ice for a thicker consistency… Play around with it and see! 


So Tell Me…

  • How many brownies have you eaten in one sitting?
  • Have you ever added anything weird to a brownie recipe if you’ve made them before?
  • What do you like to pair brownies with? 
  • Blondies or Brownies? 
  • If you were able to cook with me in the kitchen, what would you want to make together?
  • Are you proficient in any African languages? 


  1. this sounds so good! I love avocados and let’s face it, brownies too! Stopping by from #tastytuesday

    • Ha Ha! OH GOOD – well then when the forces of your two LOVES combine…. They create something extremely mouth-tastic! LOL!

  2. Oh yes! Any way that I can get more avocado in to my diet is good with me. Bring on the healthy fats!!!

    • That is EXACTLY how I feel when it comes to healthy fats too! I definitely DO NOT fear them :)

    • Aaahhhh now you are talking Dannii coz that was my thought exactly…And these Bitchin Blondie Brownies GiGi, sound soooo deliciousoooo i am salivating watchng you guys scoff the lot Aaaaaarrgg Where does a gal get a icecream maker that creates such obviously delicious icecream in 20 mins Yummmmmm

      • OMG I randomly went on Amazon and found an ice cream makers – BAM – came in the mail 2 days later! Amazon is a WIZARD!! 😉

  3. I love watching your videos – you are a trip! The brownies and ice cream look delish! What is Erythritol?

    • Thanks Dana! :) Erythritol is a no-calorie (okay like .2 calories per gram) sweetener that does not spike insulin levels and has almost 70% the sweetness of sugar! It’s pretty great, however SOMETIMES people complain of digestion issues with it (IE… Running to the bathroom) but for me, it’s ok!

  4. These sound effing awesome! <3 I want some in my life! 😀

  5. Dude!! I want a brownie!! My birthday is in a week and a half, may I PUH-LEEEEEZE have a brownie?!

    • OMG YES!!!!!!! DUDE! These are Brownie Sundaes! ALL THEY NEED IS A CANDLE AND BAM… BIRTHDAY BROWNIE SUNDAES! 😉 And you can eat 5! LOL!

  6. That looks amazing! I am a chocoholic and I can not eat just one when it comes to brownies. I am definitely gonna try this recipe. Yum!

    • The greatest part about this recipe Christine is… You can eat 4! 😉 And they’re filling too thanks to the protein content!

  7. Whaaa? I love the idea of avocado in brownies! I rarely bake things (like, a couple times a year), so when I do I usually go full butter mode. I tried to make black bean brownies one time and they were disgusting.

    • The only time I ever bake is for the BLOG… Or if I want to be REALLY SWEET to someone… AHEM! lol. But these brownies, I AM TOTALLY MAKING AGAIN – they were THAT good!

      And yeah, I have heard black bean brownies are DISGUSTING. I mean… Unless you put like one tiny bean in there so as to not taste it! 😉

  8. I need to try this! I have all of the ingredients for the base brownies in my kitchen, and I’ll try not to think about the TOILET as I bake. :) xoxo

  9. OMG i want this so bad right now. I need chocolate.

  10. Haha, you had me rolling with laughter today! Love it. :) I don’t normally add anything weird to brownies, but I’ve been wanting to try some with black beans or avocado to test it out, so I think this post pulls avocado over to the winning side.

    • Avocado FOR THE WIN!! I have heard mixed reviews about black beans in brownies…. Leaning towards GROSS, so… AVOCADOS it is! :) Let me know what you think!!

  11. They do look “bitchin”. I’ll give you guys that.
    I have zero problems with avocados. I need them in my life. Constantly. So in brownies? Yes.
    I used to be a brownie person more than a blondie person, but lately, it’s blondie.
    And I once ate two brownies in one sitting. Yup, a lightweight.

    • Oh I am soooo more a BLONDIE kind of girl, I mean… LOOK AT MY HAIR 😉 ha ha ah! But…. So many like chocolate so – I must conform to what the PEOPLE want. Plus, if I made “blondies” with avocados… I’d probably have to call them “Greenies” LMFAO!

  12. I love healthy brownies. Will I get brownie points with my family for making these?

  13. LOL…I almost rolled my eyes until I realized that there was method to the madness

    • Bah ha ha! I rolled my eyes at myself for taking SO LONG to get to the “punch line” of this blog post – but it’s WORTH IT! LOL!!

  14. Oh yes blondies and brownies! I like the way you think :)

  15. Wow wow – who could resist these???? I sure couldn’t – but they look healthy too! You know I just am entertained by your blog BUT educated on such creative food you make!

    • :) Thanks CLARE!!! And I have to say, these are EXTREMELY hard to resist. I am pretty PROUD of myself for only eating 4. LMFAO… And um, finishing off the ice cream from the ice cream maker VAT – ha ha ha! But no guilt at ALL because these are made with the healthiest of ingredients! :)

  16. You’re funny. I actually LOL’d when I was reading through what you posted. Looks like a yummy recipe.

  17. These sound amazing – I know that my husband would love them! :)

  18. Those look amazing!! I’ve been wanting to try avocado brownies!

  19. I’ve heard that avocados in brownies are really good! I need to try that one of these days!

    Also, randomly, my sister lived in Mozambique (in Africa) for a summer so she speaks some of the language! :)

  20. Yum! Chocolate and avocados are two of my favorites, so combine them, and you’ve got me. Can’t wait to try these.

    • WOO WOO! I baked “you” in the oven??? lol… Yeah, that didn’t REALLY make sense – only in my brain! haha

  21. Avocados in brownies…that’s genius!

  22. Silly post 😉 Just loving this recipe, and thumbs on the plating gurl! Humm, made black bean brownies once and they we good!

    • HA HA AH! YOU LIKE my plating skills? I kind of felt like I was a dessert chef at a restaurant when I squirted that chocolate “sauce” on top! LOL!

      So you like the black bean brownies huh? Because I have been hearing from others that they’re NO good.

  23. I’ll have to see if my daughter can eat these on her training diet! I hope so!

    • What sort of plan is she following? I have a feeling she probably will be able to as the ingredients are ALL super healthy! :)

  24. Good looking brownies. I had an officer in the Coast Guard tell me she was ‘down with the brown’ but she was referring to Mexicans. Made me feel a little better.

    As far as brownies go I have eaten them ALL in one sitting and I prefer to pair them with Blondes.

    My African dialect is limited to the Swahili I learned in The Lion King, but point of fact: my buddy and I had the entire movie memorized and (noises included) and would often recite it front to end at retreats.

    • BAHHH HA HA HA HA HA AH AH HA! I CAN’T – I CAN’T with that comment, way too funny. I just laughed so hard I think I might have pulled a muscle.

      And um. Why have you not made a video of you reciting the ENTIRE Lion King Movie… Noises and all. That shit would go viral.

      • I’m not sure it would be as popular as you think it might be, except my buddy Rick is an incredible singer and sounds just like the singers in the opening song. I’m pretty sure we could still do it though.

        Happy to hear you’re Down…

        • DO IT! DO IT!!! Seriously. I am NOT kidding!

          • I’ll see what we can do. I’m in NM and Rick is back in MN. More of this “virtual world” you are referring to.

            I do realize that I don’t think my girls have seen the movie at all yet.

  25. The name of these brownies, alone, is awesome. And the intro of this post…my mind was going WAY in the gutter for that one. Oh jeez! Haha! I’ve always wanted to try a brownie recipe made from avocado!

    • SEE! I can read minds! 😉 I have magical powers – hahahahahahhahahah! I actually think I manipulated your mind to go into the gutter lol! #partytricks

  26. Wow, this creation looks great!!

    I’ve eaten a brownie or twelve!

    Blondie if I had to choose between to beauties.

    It’s been a long time, but vanilla ice cream would be my brownie’s cover over the chocolate sauce.

    When in the bush in South Africa, we were hoping to see some elephants, but all we could find were large mounds they had left behind :-(

  27. Ahhh I gotta make these! I would love to take them to a party and tell everyone after what the secret ingredient was.

    • OMG YES! That would be the best – in fact, I do that with the cookie recipes I have on the blog. People dig in and really like them and then I tell them they’re sugar, dairy, wheat, nut, soy & fruit free! 😮

  28. Um, YES PLEASE! I’ve made avocado truffles, avocado smoothies, avocado pudding, avocado muffins… but NEVER avocado brownies! I’m adding this to my list immediately!

    • AH HA HA HA AH AHA HA! I beat ya to it! 😉 But… I can assure you – they’re kick ass! NOW GO MAKE THEM for your blog young lady! 😉

  29. Your video is awesome fun-ness! Another awesome use for Avocado. Thank you so much for opening my eyes to great new opportunities to use foods I love.

  30. Hmmm, blondies v brownies…I guess depends if I am more in the mood for butter or chocolate. Except now I’m imagining putting butter on brownies. Or at least buttercream:)

  31. i love blondies and those look delicious! would have never thought to put avocado in them!

    • Blondies are so friggin’ amazing! I think if I made “blondies” (no chocolate added…) They’d be called “greenies” though because of the avocado – LOL!

  32. I have never added anything weird to brownies. I just like traditional brownies (the corner please) with ice cream.

  33. I must admit many brownies have grazed my lips, turtle brownies to be exact. This is on rare occasions only like the day’s that end in Y :) I want to make that ice cream !! next gadget I buy. The brownies look really good and healthy. I tried once to make them but they were like cement looked good, not edible (set brownies)

    • The ice cream maker was a TOTAL impulse buy but I am BEYOND THRILLED I did because it’s the best thing ever!! HIGHLY recommend it!! 😀

  34. Um, so I’ll take a whole pan of these STAT.

    Brownies and icecream or brownies and peanut butter – either combination or all three together is a match made in heaven!

    Actually.. who am I kidding? I’ll eat brownies any way they come ;P

  35. I don’t have an ice cream maker…but I think I need one! And these brownies. I need those too.

    • Think?? No….. YOU NEED ONE – no questions asked. I went right on over to AMAZON one day and was like BAM! ORDERED. DONE! ha ah ah! It’s the best invention EVER! UNLESS you like making ice cream with plastic bags, salt and ice – lol!

  36. I’m a huge brownie fan, but am getting picky in my old age. The most important rule is NO NUTS. I’ve made brownies with black beans and pumpkin (different recipes!) but prefer them with chocolate chips. I do like chocolate smoothies with avocado, so I see how this could work. 😉

  37. i made bread with avocado looong time ago..i will definitely have to try this brownies soon.

  38. These brownies look delicious. I never would think of adding avocado to them. But I love avocados.

    • I mean, if you love both – why not put them TOGETHER :) When you take a bite, you will be wondering why you didn’t do this sooner!

  39. I LOVE making desserts with avocado! These look delish. Also, loving the name 😉

  40. Luckily brownies isn’t a huge thing for me because sweets aren’t my guilty pleasure lol I do make them on occasion because my bf LOVES them but I normally have one and send him packing with the rest lol
    I am curious how the avocado works out because I love avocado but the one time I used it in a green smoothie it didn’t go well lol

    • DIa, I am with you! I am a savory person over sweet – but that being said, so many people LOVE THE SWEETS so … I catered this recipe to them (ahem, I don’t even like chocolate)… So for someone who doesn’t like sweets or chocolate to LOVE this recipe… It’s saying something – he he!!! I have a feeling the BF will get a kick out of these!! 😉

  41. I have to try this! I love brownies and avocados so why not mix…

  42. I always love to add avocado in my bakes. These brownies are totally right up my alley, Gigi.

  43. I never bake but I love brownies. Do you bake and ship? 2 dozen please. Another great reason to love avocado.

    • HA HA! I need to figure out the whole shipping situation 😉 My UPS man DID tell me the other day that he’d do anything for me! LOL!!!

  44. They look amazing-love a healthy twist on a chocolate brownie! Thanks for linking up to #Tastytuesdays

    • I love healthy treats because then you can eat like 10 LOL!… Oh wait, portion control still matters 😉

  45. Oh this post was a work of art. I’ve used avocado in desserts before but never brownies (it’s on my to-do list, I swear). These look so good. Definitely going to have to give the recipe a try!


  46. How many brownies–well, I’ve never really gotten a chance to try it out! I’ll bet at least twelve…hundred XD once again, you’ve made such a funny video Gigi! I am so excited to try out these brownies and hopefully be in a future video with you!

  47. I have only used avocados in a savory way, like sandwiches, salads. But using them in brownies is fascinating.

  48. I have never made brownies with avocados in them. I’ve tried a few recipes with apple sauce and those were yummy!

  49. I’ve heard so much about making brownies with avos but have yet to try this myself… thanks for the inspiration.

    Uhm, can I plead the fifth as to how many brownies I’ve eaten in a sitting? A lot more than I should have 😉

    Also you make me giggle. A lot :) Thank you for that! XOXO

    • 😉 I am thrilled I can make you giggle… A LOT! I mean, laughing just makes days THAT much better! As does eating about 15 brownies. LOL!

  50. ooh I love avocado anything! Wonder if I can pass these off to my son without him noticing?!

  51. These look like they have awesome flavor! And their nutritional profile is even more awesome. You’ve outdone yourself. And as always, fun video — always a pleasure to watch. Thanks!

    • 😉 The nutritional profile only makes these brownies that much more TASTY!!! Oh man, if you say I have “out done” myself… What on earth can I make next to impress you with!

  52. Oh my goodness that seems so tasty, I am defientely trying this recipe out! Well done!

  53. COOKIES to all your questions!!! :)

    I have NuNaturals NanaFlour & both their gelatins in the house!!!!

  54. oh my! I want that right now. Its just amazing. Love your videos!

  55. Hey! I never got this post via email! Did you block me? Well, guess what? It didn’t work because I still showed up! Mua-ha-ha-ha-ha!!!! Anyhoo, these blondie/brownies look awesomely delish and I would have eaten the whole pan of them if I was there. Luckily for you and Alex I wasn’t :)

    • WHAT IN THE WHAT?!?!?! Mail Chimp doesn’t LIKE YOU – ha ha ah hahaha! That’s complete BS … And I am glad you found a LOOP HOLE to come over and say hi – cuz um, I LOVE IT WHEN YOU FRIGGIN’ DO!

      And um, I actually kind of wish you were in the kitchen with us because I would have NEEDED YOU to help us finish it because I REALLY DID NOT WANT TO lol!!

  56. What a fun post! would love some right now

  57. Oh wow that introduction, hahaha…

    But that plating though, so pretty! I like brownies, but I think I prefer cookies and ice cream over them if given a choice 😛

    • HE HE HE! I got ya with that intro huh? 😉

      And I will be honest with you – I think I would prefer cookies over brownies, but THESE brownies – HOT DAMN YUM!

  58. Ommmmgggg I need these in my life. Also high five on that intro. Yum.

  59. I’ve made chocolate truffles using avocado before and they turned out great. Never thought of how you could also use avocado for brownies too. Awesome. Love this recipe!

  60. Looks yummy as always Gigi! Can’t wait to try it! – Jerusha, ThePositiveYear.com

  61. i think the best thing about this brownie is the name! also the fact that you used avocado as an ingredient – delicious!! i find it makes it even more moist and… dense 😉

  62. Yum these sound awesome! Avocado in errythang!

  63. Brownies – now we’re talking! I will overlook the egg in there and say they sound faaaabulous. Ship me some? ‘kay, thanks.
    I’ve made both black bean brownies as well as some with avocado before [sadly didn’t come out too well]. Weird? What exactly is weird to bloggers anymore ;)?
    If we were in the kitchen together I’d challenge you to create a healthier and still delicious version of my family’s favourite cookie/bar: Nussecken.

    • Oh girl, always know with my recipes, you can EASILY use flax or chia “eggs” and the results will kick butt still, or just don’t even bother adding anything – they typically still stick together just fine!

      How did you like the black bean brownies? I have heard mixed reviews so far… And you’re the pro so let me know! he he.

      Oh snap. I need to google Nussecken and see if I could actually make it healthier – CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!! 😉

  64. yum these look divine

  65. Another great and unique recipe! Never thought of avocados in brownies.

    • Right??? But now that I implanted the idea in your head, you’ll never forget avocados when you decide to make brownies 😉

  66. It sounds good but you have a couple ingredients in the list that I have never ever heard of. Flavor drops? Erthyrol??????

    • Ha Ha! Erythritol is a calorie-free sugar alcohol that does not spike insulin levels and does not have a harsh aftertaste like other sugar alcohols. Flavor Drops are much like extract… So you an simply use vanilla extract :)

  67. I am such a fan of brownies and I eat them all the time to show my true allegiance lol. So when I saw this I thought no way this looks good. But it does look good Gigi.

    Kia / KTS

  68. These look so fabulous!!! I LOVE Avocado anything :-) Thank you for sharing, Cheers xo

  69. I love baking with avocado! Thanks for sharing! Sounds super tasty!

  70. Haha and this sounds wonderful! You know I’m obsessed with avocados and totally want to try this with VeganEgg!

  71. Avacado doesn’t get any better than this! #sundayfitnessandfood

    • Marilyn, I AM TOTALLY going to have to agree with you on that!!! I just ate one of the left overs – BLISS!

  72. What a cool and creative recipe! I love this.

  73. Blondies or Brownies, ohh thats a hard choice as I like them both.
    I guess I would side more on the Blondies as I can find my cocoa fix on other food items like Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Ice Cream, a Chocolate Bar etc but Blondies dont have those :)

    • What’s interesting to me is a LOT of people are saying the same thing – and I honestly thought that everyone would side with the brownies!! I guess BLONDIES are next on the agenda!

  74. Yes! These sound AMAZING! I can’t wait to try them =) A sweet treat without being overindulgent, that’s where I’m at.
    Thanks so much for sharing these gorgeous avocado brownies at Healthy Vegan Fridays. I’m pinning & sharing.

    “How many brownies have you eaten in one sitting?”
    …. I may have eaten 1/2 a pan while pmsing yesterday…

    • You know what’s totally awesome though – You could SOOOO eat the whole pan of these – without guilt! LOL!

  75. Your photos are making me drool – that chocolate swirl tho’. Gaaaaahhh

  76. Mmm, I love me some avocado! Don’t think I’ve ever made avocado brownies but I’d definitely try it out.

  77. Yeeahhhsss I dig it. I wantttt.

    • Let’s make a brownie sandwich…. And smear some vanilla frosting in there (oh shit, wait…. THAT TRULY SOUNDS FRIGGIN AMAZING)

  78. These brownies look awesome and since they are made with healthy ingredients I can eat more, lol. I’ve been known to polish off a pan of brownies, I made the mistake of leaving a fork in the pan and one bite here, one bite there and they’re all gone. Take care.

    • YOU HAVE the exact same mind-set that I do! ha ha ha! MORE! 😉
      But wait… You eat them with a fork? lol

  79. I totally love this brownie recipe! I also had a blast reading the article along with the awesome video. Thanks!


  80. I’m always surprised to see recipes like this that have avocados in – I would have never thought that based on the picture! And my mind is always in the gutter haha

  81. I love brownies! Avocados really work well with chocolate and in baked goods too. Thanks so much for sharing them with us at Savoring Saturdays last week. Have a great weekend.

    • Who really would have ever thought avocados and chocolate could go together so well! They’re a match made in heaven!

  82. Sound amazing. wish i could get a grab

  83. Hey GiGi!

    These look so good. I love avocado anything…especially brownies. Thanks for sharing these!


  84. I can’t think of a better way to indulge myself than with some Bitchin’ Blondie Brownie Hybrids served with vanilla coconut milk ice cream. Thank you for sharing this healthy and delicious recipe with us at the Plant-Based Potluck Party. I’m pinning and sharing.

  85. These look delicious GiGi! Thanks for sharing on Healthy Vegan Fridays! I’m pining!!

  86. Holy brownie batman! This sounds great. And wowzers – your pictures are amazing. I’m so glad you thought of this delicious concoction.
    … I don’t think I should openly admit how many brownies I have eaten in one sitting haha ;p I know I would feel far less guilty if I ate a ton of these in one sitting though 😉