The Framazing Award Goes To…

Award Season may be LONG GONE but… NOT FOR ME (and maybe YOU TOO)!

Kacie of Savvy, Sassy Me and Danielle of It’s A Harleyy Life nominated my scrumptious blog for AWARDS!

GiGi Dubois Gets An Award!

Since they nominated me for two DIFFERENT awards, I went ahead and created an entirely NEW AWARD: The “I’m FRIGGIN’ AMAZING Award” or the “FRAMAZING” award for short!

Typically when you’re nominated, you have to write out a few facts about yourself… but I decided to make a VIDEO! Weee! 


  • Detail 7 random facts about yourself (video or written – whichever you prefer!)
  • Nominate 7 people to do the same 

Are you drooling at the thought of getting to know me better? Well then WATCH the video below! YOU KNOW YOU‘RE CURIOUS!

Clearly I have a lot going on in my brain…

And now, the drum roll please….



So tell me…

  • If you could be a sea creature, what type would you be?
  • Do you have a theme song? If so, what is it?
  • Do you think chicken or ducks are cuter?
  • What is your food obsession?
  • Any new food discoveries you would like to share?
  • Who would you want to be stuck in a closet with?
  • Have you ever won anything before? If so, what was it?


  1. haha love how you made up your own award you are definitely framazing!

  2. Congratulations on this amazing award! Two entrées? I want to go out to dinner with you! Only if you’re buying though. 😉

  3. LOL!! Long may you run, GiGi!

  4. Holy crap…10 years! You haven’t had ice cream in 10 years! I’ll make sure to eat double next time for you :)

    • Ah ha ha! Yes, do so – When you’re eating it just say out loud, “GiGi THIS IS FOR YOU… Except it’s NOT, it’s for me! Mua haha ha aha” – Make sure it’s mint chocolate chip, lol!

  5. Lol I have an annoying cow lick too! Side bangs make it less noticeable at least. So wait you don’t eat dessert? That’s impressive!

    • Have you named your cow lick? I actually have SEVERAL but Jimmy is the most outgoing one (however, obviously shy in my video)… I have one on the back of my head that makes me look like Alfalfa from that movie The Little Rascals! It’s pure sexiness!

  6. Thanks for the nomination you crazy *****!!! HAHAHAHAHA! I have to make a video?

    • Ah ha ha!!! YOU’RE VERY welcome, you pervert!!! Our video together will be posted VERY SOON :) And no, you don’t HAVE TO make a video… But you totally can! 😉

  7. Thank you so much for the nom!!! If I could be stuck in a closet with anyone, it would be someone with a screwdriver who could take the drr off and get us out of the damn closet.

    • Ah ha ha ha ha ha!! How clever! I didn’t even think about how I would get out of that closet, not that I would want to with all those juicy men 😉

  8. You are definitely Framazing!!! I love this – it made me laugh the entire time!!
    And, I love all of the random facts about you – definitely friggin’ amazing!!!

    • Ah ha ha ha ha!! :) Feel free to make a FRAMAZING video about yourself – LETS start a trend! If you do, you can totally link it to my YouTube video as a “reply” too!

  9. You really are framazing!

    As for me I am lacking inspiration today, so I will simply answer your questions:

    If you could be a sea creature, what type would you be? A sea otter! Love them!

    Do you have a theme song? If so, what is it? I don’t have just one theme song, but my life definitely has a

    Do you think chicken or ducks are cuter? Ducks, and I saw 1 mom and 6 babies cross the highway no later than yesterday!

    What is your food obsession? Costco’s huge ice cream cones!

    Any new food discoveries you would like to share? Coscto’s huge bag of mixed greens (kale, spinach and chard)

    Who would you want to be stuck in a closet with? I’m just gonna say 1 thing: I can get the best out of a closet sojourn in good company.

    Have you ever won anything before? If so, what was it? Dictation, writing and spelling bee contests. I’m a total nerd!

    • OMG sea otters are adorable, I love them too! I remember getting a Beanie Baby that was a sea otter, I think I still have him!

      So cute, ducks crossing the road, however, crossing the highway is kind of dangerous – it would have been TERRIBLE to see them get RUN OVER!!

      Dude, I give you loads of credit for winning spelling bees and writing contests!!! Having that skill is friggin IMPRESSIVE!! :)

  10. Thanks for the nomination girlfriend! I feel more Framazing already!!! Here are my answer:

    1. I would be a mermaid, duh.
    2. Theme Song: currently it’s “Hold On” from the Alabama Shakes. Very inspirational, and I like to change the lyric “You got to hold on Brittany” to “You got to hold on Whitney.” Yeah, I’m a nerd.
    3. Children or ducks??? Tough call. Yellow baby ducks trump 8 year-olds and above, but pudgy little two-year-olds are my favorite.
    4. My food obsession is froyo for sure. Any kind, I’m into it. And egg whites of course.
    5. A recent discovery that I’m now obsessed with is Raw Protein Vanilla protein powder.
    6. If I could be stuck in a closet with anyone, it would be Ben Affleck. Swoon.
    7. Hmmmm…did I just win the Framazing award?!

    • Ah ha ha ha!! Oh egg whites :) Well start thinking about our ice cream recipe missy, I have a few ideas of my own… We should discuss ingredients if we need to buy X, Y & Z….

      Will you be honoring your nomination by write your own 7 random facts post??! :)

  11. So touched. First a Framazing award…next an emmy…and maybe a grammy now that they boyband craze is back.

    • Oh heck yes! If you can sing, you need to GET THAT ON CAMERA ASAP… And post it! I will send it to all my music manager friends, and they will HOOKS IT! 😉

  12. anonymous says:


    • Heck yes you are… And you’re RIGHT THERE WITH ME CHOWING DOWN 😉 Except we have NOT in a long time :(

  13. I love you GiGi – You are so much fun!!!! So refreshing & man oh man – tell it! :) We need more of you out there!

  14. Ahhhhhh you picked me you picked me!!!! You’re framazing! But you already knew that. Wait..we’re you really BFF with Heidi? Crazyyyy! I’ve won a lot of food, I don’t know if I should be proud of that. If I could be stuck in a closet I’d choose Gerard Butler, but I think porta potties are more his style! Bahahahahah!

    When we go out to eat, can I please have your dessert?

    • I PICKED YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If only I could give you a sea horse and a huge peanut butter cookie… However, I think the FRAMAZING AWARD if pretty RAD!!!!

      And uh, YES: you can have my dessert, lets make sure it’s GINORMOUS! Typically restaurants give me free dessert out of shock that I eat so much, so you’re in LUCK – cause I won’t eat it! I always feel kinda bad when they do that too, AH HA HA! But then I give them a nutrition lesson and pawn it off on my friends…….. When you coming to LA? LOL!

  15. OMG you crack me up. I’m not a huge fan of vlogs, but you funny girl.

    • Well then I am TRULY HONORED that you took the time to watch mine! 😀 Feel free to create a FRAMAZING POST yourself to spread the award! lol… Cause I mean, it’s pretty framazing, right?

  16. lol seriously hilarious!!! giraffes are seriously adorable… my class went to the zoo the other day and i totally camped out at the giraffe area for a bit! sorry i didn’t steal one for you..

    • OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! Stop it! I have been DYING to go to the zoo lately, but everyone is “too busy” – yeah, screw that! NO ONE is too busy for the ZOO!!!! 😀

  17. Girllll can I just tell you that you are the funniest person I’ve ever met.. okay well we’ve never met, but hey you get what I’m saying right??

    …I’m obsessed with apples.. like I have to have at least one friggen apple a day or I feel as if my life just isn’t complete. Whateverr :)

    • Ah ha ha ha ha! Hey, these days, being blog friends = meeting in person! LOL!!! Soon enough computer will be invented where you can like stick your hand through the screen and give someone a high five!!! OMG, I must bring this idea to the APPLE headquarters ASAP – Don’t go stealing my idea, LOL!!!

      And I am right there with you! I am going out to dinner tonight but I know I will snack on spaghetti squash either before or after, if I don’t then I feel like, “WTF am I missing?!?!”

      Apples are BOMB – full of quercetin, a natural antihistamine! :)

    now how can I show I LOVE YOU THE MOSTEST and get you to move in with me?!

    • Ah ha ha ha!! If you send me a 10 pound salmon fillet… I may just have to move in with you because YES, I am easily persuaded by SALMON and… Well, obviously spaghetti squash – AH HA HA HA! 😉

  19. You my dear are definitely FRAMAZING! lol

    • Why THANK YOU!!!! I think you’re pretty FRAMAZING as well, so feel free to keep the FRAMAZING AWARD alive by detailing 7 random facts about yourself on your blog :)

  20. You are sooooooo Framazing!!! :-) Love your spaghetti squash obsession.

  21. LOVE this! haha!

    Also, to this – “Do you think chicken or ducks are cuter?”

    DUCKS, by a long shot. Chickens are SO mean. Like, they will literally peck each other TO DEATH if they don’t have room to run away. Plus, baby ducks, omg.

    • Chickens are totally A-HOLES… Which is why I don’t feel badly when I eat like 4 of them in a sitting, THEY DESERVE IT! ah ha ha ah! 😉

  22. you are such a nut ball and I totally love it!! not everyone is confident enough to just let it all out and be silly and fun, awesome.

    Hmmm current food obsession is wasabi. Seriously I want it on everythign.

    • Wasabi huh??? What’s the weirdest combination? I would think spreading wasabi on cereal or a cupcake would be…. Pretty…. nasty! AH HA HA HA!!!

      We could definitely go out to sushi though cause I really do LOVE GINGER! 😉

  23. Just framazing,,, well how about this; Orca, ACDC Thunderstruck, Chicken’s look just amazing on my plate,
    Roasted lamb. No new discovery’s as of late, I want to be stuck in a closet with Mila Kunis but I think she would cry :( haven’t won anything yet. I vote for Brittany her un censored and colorful comments are priceless, I have this image still of her eating fruit naked in her bedroom LOL !!! Ok how about Maxims top 100 pick OMG what are they thinking?? sorry but the #1 pick is an abomination. I dated a girl from France that was in a boarding school, she came to NY in the summer, I was a chicken and would not move to France c’est la vie

  24. This was, wait for it, FRAMAZING!! I have to agree, spaghetti squash is amazing. The tendency to eat an entire squash in one day has happened on more than one occasion!

    • Ah ha ha! WHY THANK YOU! The fact that you think I am framazing makes me feel just SO MUCH MORE Framazing 😉

      And uh oh, am I going to have to battle over the last spaghetti squash with you?! lol

  25. You crack me up! Ok so if you were stuck in a closet with all of those smokin’ men where would you start?!?!?! 😉

    • Ah ha ha… Oh my, now THAT is a TOUGH question. Well, I have had a thing for Derek Hough for an eternity, so I would probably start there, since I know the other gentlemen ain’t leaving anytime soon 😉

  26. Dolphin for sure and I LOVE all desserts!

  27. You go Gigi! I love that you made up your own award- that and the fact that it has a FRAMAZING name haha 😉 Happy weekend!

  28. Loved your video. I couldn’t stop laughing, you are seriously FRAMAZING!!!!! :-)

  29. Erin from long Island says:

    Ahhh…..finally getting around to commenting! I have a cowlick at both of my temples. I call them asshole. They really are total dicks!
    I totally bought spaghetti squash yesterday for the first time in at least a year. It’s all your fault!

    New foods? Oh god….so many! I got fiddleheads recently and even though it wasn’t my first time trying them, i had forgotten what they taste like. They aren’t too flavorful honestly, but they look so cool! I also finally found ramps. Omg, they are sooooo good. Def better than leeks, IMHO.
    My obsessions include truffled anything (the tuber, not the chocolate), dark chocolate, running, finding new workouts that are short, craft beer, and finding new produce to try

    • Ha Ha! FINALLY!!!!! Took you long enough, lol, Just kidding!

      OMG YOU NEVER BOUGHT SPaghetti squash until yesterday?!?! I am shocked, SHOCKED I tell you! I cannot wait to hear what you think. If you think it’s NASTY then you’re going to think I am an even bigger freak! AH HA HA!!

      I had fiddlehead ferns before once, on national TV – my first time ever on TV, lol! I was interning for a news station and the host had me come on and try some ferns for a cooking segment… Lets just say, they weren’t cooked very well, AHHH HA HA HA!! I do remember that the segment was played all weekend long and my dad watched EVERY ONE because my face when I bit into it was priceless! AHHH HA HA HA!!!

      And uh, would you be shocked if I told you that… I have never had truffles before!

      • Erin from long Island says:

        Yeah, sorry about the delay. I actually got busy at work then was doing stuff all weekend and finally got the time today! I am a bad fan =P

        I have had plenty of spaghetti squash, I just haven’t bought it in a while for no apparent reason. I can’t wait to shove it in my fave hole tonight!

        I’m sorry your first fiddlehead experience was so terrible. I find raw is good when they are super-fresh. Otherwise, they need to be cooked a bit longer then you might expect. I steamed some with FROZEN broccoli and the broccoli was still done first!

        Truffles are funny……I thought they were something everyone would love but I have truffle salt and my boyfriend HATES when I use it. Ha ha, oh well.

        I really think you need to seek out ramps. As a leek lover, they will change your life.

  30. Girl, you are too crazy but cute at the same time. Checking out your blog and subscribing.

  31. I’m not even sure FRAMAZING does you sufficient justice!
    Ducks are definitely cuter. Yes, ducks for sure.

  32. Love all the fun facts!!!! Congrats on your award :)


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