Those Are Some Bad Words

Give me an A

The Letter A

Give me a Z

The Letter Z

Give me a P

the letter pWhat does that spell….


But… It’s PROBABLY an abbreviation for a really long ingredient in the food you might be currently eating…

Look the label… Am I right? Even if I am not, I know I am close!

GiGi with General Mills King Vitamin

I was given the opportunity to see a pre-screening of the new Jason Bateman movie, BAD WORDS

Bad Words Movie Poster

A movie about a 40-year old who takes on some pretty BRILLIANT 8th graders in spelling bee competitions… Why you might ask? Well, you’ll just have to go see the flick! Duh!

This movie really got me thinking though… About long words in foods we tend to chow down on… EVEN THOUGH we haven’t a clue what they actually are!

ingredient label

Click PLAY on the video below to learn a little more about a few PESKY added ingredients that you might want to try and avoid…Oh and whether or not I liked the movie Bad Words!

This is the only time RUBBERNECKING is acceptable!


  • Grab a packaged food closest to you and look at the ingredients. What is the longest word on the ingredients list? 
  • What is your STAPLE BAD WORD?
  • Are you a Jason Bateman fan? Have you heard of the movie Bad Words?
  • Can you remember the weirdest combination of foods you used to eat when you were little? DO TELL!
  • Do you remember 8th grade? 
  • Guess what CASTOREUM is! 

Jason Batemen swimming with ducks


  1. I just saw a commercial for Bad Words tonight!!! I kind of love Jason Bateman. Grossest/weirdest combination I used to eat when I was younger? Wonder Bread with Chinese dried shredded pork and mayo. OMG I totally forgot about that until now. I can’t even begin to imagine the number of bad ingredients in that combination.

    • Oh if you love Jason, you will ADORE this movie – he is absolutely hysterical!

      Do me ONE favor though, DO NOT bring that Wonder Bread Chinese Pork & Mayo Sandwich with you as a SNACK! LOL!!! That meal sounds like it would give anyone bad dreams 😉

  2. It’s always a good idea to read the ingredients list. The simpler, the better! If I can’t pronounce a word on the ingredients list, I don’t want to consume it. Chemicals react in your body! Whether you like it or not, life is a series of chemical and biological reactions!
    I’ve never heard of the movie Bad Words until you mentioned it. I definitely want to watch it now. Maybe I’ll laugh so much, I’ll cry.

    • I should go watch this movie again with you – we can CRY from laughter together!

      And you couldn’t be MORE RIGHT about those disgusting chemicals!! I am pretty sure Pshdkanndqyass is not something that should be ingested! LOL!

  3. I love Jason Bateman! But I’m so far behind on movies that chances are I won’t make it this weekend. Or the next (10) weekend(s). My loss, though I’d love to go with you and I wouldn’t even punch you :-) Promise.

    I brought along some Go Picnic snacks to the convention this week, and they are supposed to be pretty healthy, vegan, gluten free, non-gmo, etc. So I picked up a bag of Lundberg Rice chips and they pretty much pass the test. No words that I can’t pronounce or spell! Score!!!

    • WAHOO! As long as you can read-pronounce and KNOW what you’re eating, and are okay with eating it – you’re GOOD TO GO! :)

      You can always RENT this movie when it comes out…. In 3 years, after you’ve caught up on everything! AH HA AH!

  4. OMG, we ate like crap growing up. But I was born in the 70s though so tv dinners were popular. Ick. I love how you related the movie to this topic. You are very clever!

    • I would LOVE to look at the ingredients of a TV dinner! Oh wait, I could totally just go to the store right? LOL!

  5. Loved this! I just wrote a post about ingredient lists as a follow up to my Nutrition Label post. It’s insane what’s actually in our food and how many people are unaware of it or just don’t care :(
    Also, kudos to you for being able to pronounce any of those words haha

    • Ah ha! Thanks for the KUDOS – it was HARD, lol. I didn’t even GOOGLE the pronunciations, like I probably SHOULD have.

      And isn’t it weird how people just don’t care? It actually baffles me. But I guess HANGRY has a way of clouding our judgements!

  6. OMG, I hate the way Jason’s nose looks in that movie poster . . . ewww

    • AHHHHHHHHHHHHH HA HA HA HA HA AH AHA HA AHA HA HA AH AH AH AHA HA HA!!! I didn’t even notice it. NOW I will have nightmares!

  7. Ach! Gigi! I commented a few minutes ago! Did it go to spam? Will this one go there too?

  8. I had not heard of this film. But I’m intrigued now. I didn’t think I ate any combination that was so weird but I loved tuna fish sandwiches with potato chips in between the slices of bread. Is that weird?

    • Tuna Fish and Potato Chips – I have totally heard of this lovely combo! I could totally see why it would be amazingly good! Not the healthiest thing, but hey, what did we know when we were younger 😉

      Go check out this film if you need a good laugh!

  9. Jason Bateman – love him! But I agree with Jennifer – ick on his nose in the poster! Ingredient lists on boxed foods scares me! If I can’t pronounce it or find it in my cabinet, I’m not eating. it.

  10. I never eat food out of a box, can, bag, bottle or package that has more than 5/10 ingredients listed on the label. And If I can’t pronounce any of said ingredients, it’s definitely a no-go!
    Gonna have to watch the movie though, I’m such as sucker for spelling bees and I’m not scared of saying that I was very good at it!

    • I would have actually been SHOCKED if you said that you love to eat packaged, processed foods because from the looks of it on your site, I would have NEVER EVER KNOWN. I can now rest easy knowing for SURE that you eat as cleanly as you promote! :) When are we cooking together?!?!?!! We can create a spelling bee COOKING GAME! Oh man, my mind machine is turning right now!

  11. I always hated spelling bees…now I hate reading ingredients! Aaaack!

  12. This is something that really bothers me! I try to select foods that do not have long ingredients or words I cannot spell as the ones that do often make my stomach upset, which affects my training.

    It is unbelievable the amount of them there are in foods we are giving our children! Thanks for highlighting this GiGi. I was one of those kids who would not ever let anything touch other foods. I had to eat things one by one. The idea of eating some potato mixed with a vegetable, or some meat sickened me. Keep up the good work my friend! By the way, is that a real cereal?

    • It really really bothers me too Tina! I hate when I find a product on the shelf that I think looks amazing and want to try it, but then look at the label and realize it has all of these additives that I just do not want to consume. Actually really bums me out. There are so many interesting products in this world, but I would NEVER EVER eat them because of this – I went to a Natural Food Expo last week and this was a very common problem in all the products, even though they were promoting them as HEALTHY!!! I was pretty disgusted by that to be honest.

      And YES!! It’s a REAL CEREAL – I got it at the Dollar Store because I could not fathom buying a box of cereal for more than $1 lol!

      And Ah ha ha ha ha ha!!! I have met people who don’t like their food touching. Which is funny to me because it all touches when it’s in your stomach 😉

  13. If you were sitting next to me in a movie I would feed you TBHQ personally. BALLS. BAYE.

    • Then I would start throwing the pop corn at you and then we would start the most EPIC popcorn food fight in the theater and probably get kicked out. I am totally OKAY WITH THAT THOUGH!!

  14. Love Jason Bateman and I have seen previews for that movie–looks funny! I am quickly becoming more conscious of what I’m eating as far as ingredients go. I’m a big granola bar fan but so many of them have crazy shizz in them so now I always read the labels beforehand!

    • I am SO GLAD you’re starting to look at those granola bar ingredients, because those are probably one of the WORST offenders out there! Ugh. Sad but true :(

  15. I always read the ingredients list. Even at my beloved Trader Joe’s. If there’s more than 5 ingredients, I’ll gently place the item back on the shelf. If there’s SOY on that list, I will chuck the item on the ground and stomp all over it. Normal, right?

    • Trader Joe’s could be one of the worst offenders when it comes to added ingredients. I say that because the store wears a “health halo” so so many people just don’t bother looking at ingredients because of this! They think that TJ’s has their back – LIES!!! I always look at the ingredients and really do not buy much from TJ’s aside from their spinach and frozen green beans! HA! Thankfully they don’t add crap to THOSE THINGS!!

      And you are 1000% normal… I do the same thing – STOMP ALLL OVER THAT S***. Oh wait, I wouldn’t REALLY consider me all that normal, so maybe you’re not either 😉

  16. We are basically complex converters, our food in the end feeds our brain which runs the whole show. I think all these chemicals will over time change our natural path of evolution, were not set up to process these chemicals. You would be great at doing a long term study on food and behavior in children, one group would be naturalist’s and the other quick packaged food with little thought on ingredients. it would be interesting to see how each group compared just in four years let alone a decade. Eighth grade was the last full year of school for me before my big adventure of life started, still going. :) I did go back to school and college so world peace could be possible. Thank you for helping bring awareness to the processed food problem.

    • By the way I feel bad for the beavers

    • If only doing a long term study of this was cheap and easy! Right now in school, I am learning all about study designs, etc – and it’s crazy to read all of these study’s conclusions!!!! Reporters, etc sensationalize the information so much, and most of the time they get it WRONG just so they can sell a story. For instance, this whole: MEAT WILL KILL YOU study that just came out – bonkers!

      Do you believe world peace is possible? 😉

      • If we could control greed and huge ego’s I think we could have a smoother existence. We evolved from being omnivores, I respect all eating practices but evolution does not lie. When I look at meat though lately it is all the same color red and every cut tastes the same. I just spent 18.00 per lb. for good clean beef that should be the only thing available. Are there some sociology classes in your degree? talk about an eye opener to see where were going as a race.

        • $18 a pound? Where are you buying this meat? I do go for the pricier cuts too. I actually buy my red meat from – The best. Been ordering from them for YEARS, they have the best tasting meat I have ever sunk my teeth into and they also have the most affordable shipping prices, and shipping is FREE over a certain poundage! :)

          And no, no sociology classes in my degree, just straight up crazy nutrition! I did take some sociology in undergrad though!

  17. I love Jason Bateman!! (hubba hubba)
    Ok, I grabbed a bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs. Oops! Terrible. Horrible ingredients. Luckily I don’t really eat more than one at a time. (yeah right)
    Eighth grade…eh…I remember some of it. As a kid (and probably in 8th grade) I used to eat peanut butter and cream cheese sandwiches. I thought that was as normal as peanut butter and jelly. Apparently not! And I used to eat two or three kinds of cereal at once in a bowl, which isn’t weird, but other people looked at me funny.

    • It’s funny, sometimes I think Jason is a FOX, and then other times, NOT SO MUCH. His hilarity makes him that much hotter though!

      AND OMG I just died. I just died for sure…. Cadbury Egg. Oh wow. Oh no. LOL! Stupid Easter and its HORRIBLY UNHEALTHY snacks!

      Speaking of snacks, peanut butter and cream cheese?! SAY WHAT? That’s a new one for me! I used to just eat straight up peanut butter – I hate jelly, chunky fruit? GROSS. LOL!

      What cereals would you mix up together?

      • I kinda love him on Arrested Development but his character is not really a nice man!
        And for cereal I used to love to do grape nuts as a base for Cheerios, Krispies and honey bunches of oats.
        I used to love cereal but they’re so unhealthy.

        • Mmmmm that sounds like a delicious combo! I loved Rice Crispy TREATS as opposed to just the Rice Crispies… And Fruit Loops, and anything Marshmallow! ha ha!

  18. I’ve never even seen King Vitamin! That must be an LA thang 😀 Never eating boxed popcorn again. I wish I could talk to myself for a full 4 minutes and call it a vid. I’m oober awkz.

    • BAH AH HA! It’s more like a DOLLAR STORE thing! However, people have been mentioning that they haven’t seen King Vitamin since they were younger, so I am guessing it could also be a 1970s thing? Well before our time, LMFAO!!

      Oh and girl!!!!!!! My neighbors must think I escaped the LOONEY BIN when I make videos… Like tomorrow for instance… I’ll be making another video… And talking about erect things, LMFAO!

  19. I do want to see that movie! 8th grade sucked in my world – funny that I later taught 8th graders!!!
    Prodigious – that word is funny! Did you see October Sky? Once of the kids says that word several times!!!

    • Oh 8th grade was HORRENDOUS for me as well! Ugh, I could write a book about its brutality! Glad to hear I am not the only one? Perhaps you went on to teach 8th graders because you did not want them to suffer the same fate??

  20. I adore Jason Bateman! I mean, he is just so cute and funny. Win! I haven’t heard of this movie though. I should probably get on IMDB now…

    • YES YOU SHOULD! Do yourself a favor and go see it this weekend! Seriously! I haven’t genuinely laughed at a movie in so long!

  21. Inflammation in the body doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Just think about it: if my stomachs become inflamed (aka, grow larger through the ingestion of carrageenan & artificial flavors) that means I can fit more food inside. Duh!

    • LMFAO! I like the way you think Jody. I like the way you think! I must have the most inflamed stomach on the face of the planet then cause I can pack in quite the feast!

  22. I won’t eat carrageenan..unless it’s in a cupcake. JUST KIDDING…kind of. Hmmm I DON’T WANT THE BLOAT! WHOLE FOODS all the way biatch!! I’ve never ever heard of this movie (except from you) but Jason Bateman is a babe, and I would lick carrageenan off his chest…wait..wait?

    • LMFAO – you’re actually NOT kidding… I know you too well, because you are me! 😉

      It’s okay, we will make carrageenan FREE cupcakeroos!!!!

      And PS: I give you full permission to consume a vat full of carrageenan if you have to lick it off Mr. Bateman! I hope it get stuck in his chest hair.

  23. I adore Jason Bateman. He did an AMA on Reddit and talked about it, and I can’t wait to see it! I can’t remember any weird food combos, but my family is Polish and middle eastern so we had a lot of just plain weird food that I love 😀 My go to swear word rhymes with mother trucker.

    • Polish and Middle Eastern food mixed together – OH MY…. Pork Shawarma mixed with beets??? LOL


  24. I read the ingredients label very carefully but the corporations are getting smart (smarter? devious-er?) and using words that LOOK like they are ok until you come home and do some research and find out they’re not ok at all. When you see ‘organic’ on a label, it’s not always organic – sometimes it’s just one ingredient in there that’s organic. GiGi – I nominate you as the FOOD POLICE! We need you and you’re off to a great start! lol
    As for the movie, I’ll have to check it out because I was a spelling champ when I was a kid, lol. Now I just rely on spellcheck…sad, but true.

    • Oh I know! I HATE food corporations – they are out to make a pretty penny and could give a crap about our health!!!!!! I know better, thank god, so I can read between the lines, but not everyone can!!!!!!! :(

      AND YES!!!! I shall get my Food Police Badge in the mail soon enough. Then I will get my uniform and wear it in one of my upcoming videos, LMFAO!

      You would adore this movie, especially if you were a spelling champ – Seriously! You’d probably try and spell some of the words along with the characters in the movie!

  25. I am guilty as charged! I do eat fairly well…lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, and green smoothies. BUT, I do love me some processed cookies and chips. I will work on that! :)

    • Uh Oh! The cookies!!!! Those are the culprit! Maybe you could try making your OWN cookies, that way you know EXACTLY what’s in them, no extra fillers, chemicals, etc! :) You can bake some this weekend and keep them in a freezer for portion control purposed! 😉

  26. So true… and something that I (honestly) don’t pay enough attention to. :)

    If you can’t read it… don’t eat it!

  27. Have I ever told you how much I LOVE your videos?? 😉 I used to eat all kinds of junk as a kid. Now, if it has more than 4 ingredients… I leave it! and if I can’t say or spell one… forget it!

    • So…. Comments like that truly make me smile so hard it hurts. And make me want to keep on making my videos… Tomorrow I will be making another one, which actually already makes me laugh, LOL! Think… Erect… AH HA HA! 😉

      And you and me both – when I was younger, I was a junk food garbage disposal! I used to eat whole boxes of pop tarts without blinking an eye! Those Apple Cinnamon ones are PURE HEAVENLY EVIL!!

  28. It’s a happy Friday when Gigi releases a new video!!! You crack me up, girl!! And the day is just better when you drop F-bombs and have to bleep your own damn self. Jason Bateman is fuckin’ hilarious and I will def. see this! True story: we snuck booze into Horrible Bosses, got tipsy and laughed so hard I think everyone wanted to punch us in the face too. I fight back so we could totally be movie buddies. I got your back girl!

  29. Haven’t heard of that movie.
    I was the kid in elementary school who brought a liversausage and mustard sandwich everyday. No one ever wanted to trade with me!

    • BAH HA HA HA HA HA! OMG you and I would have been friends because I was the girl who brought the Ezekiel Bagels smothered with TUNA FISH! 😉 NO ONE wanted to trade with me either!!!

  30. I used to be a huge Jason Bateman fan when he was in that sitcom with Valerie Harper – I think it was called “The Hogan Family”? I might have to throw some popcorn smothered in carrageenan at him, and then wash it off with some delectable Almond Breeze almond (carrageenan) milk !

    Happy weekend GiGi!

    • Oh no! What happened between you and Jason that I am unaware of???? Did you two have a fling and he never called you back?? lol

  31. You are beeping hilarious! I heard Jason Bateman on Stern this week promoting the movie and it sounds fantastic!!! I’m sure I’ll have to wait until I can watch it on tv since I never get to see a movie that isn’t made by Disney. And, where did you even get that box of King Vitaman??? Scary.

    • Ah ha ha ha!! Wait, this movie isn’t made by Disney….? I could have sworn. LOL – But yes, it will probably be on FX soon enough 😉

      King Vitamin’s castle = The Dollar Store. LMFAO. I could NOT allow myself to purchase a box of “real” cereal that’s probably like $4, when I could just get a box for $1! Thinking economically! 😉 I gave the cereal to The Food Pervert when I was done with it… She said, it was… NOT GOOD. lol!

  32. You know I had an infection in December and the doc took a bloodtest and said something indicative of inflammation was high – I have a feeling its my diet. There’s so many diet fads out there – what’s a good way/thing to start eliminating? I hear tooooo much nonsense: no sugar, carbs are bad, cut dairy, vegan, paleo – wtf too many options and suggestions, I just want food!??! Where did you start? Have a great weekend love! -Iva

  33. I couldn’t beat an infant in a spelling bee!

    For a moment there I thought you said Batman! I love superheros!

    I really like the serious material you are presenting in your non-serious way!

    I’m of the Lenny Bruce school of bad words, seriously.

    • Remember that show: Are you smarter than a 5th grader? Yep. I’m not. HA HA HA!

      And why thank you for the compliment on my presentation of “serious” materials 😉 Get ready for my next video… Not so sure how SERIOUS that one is going to be 😉

  34. I’ve not seen a preview for this movie yet! I do my best to keep my list of ingredients short :)

  35. Yes! Love it!!! I can spell almond butter so that gives me license to eat as much as I want, right?

  36. love Jason though never head of Bad Words.
    we remember 8th grade, good times but not as good as our high school years :)

    • I am thrilled to hear you liked 8th grade and high school!!!! HA! I cannot say I overly enjoyed those years! 😉

  37. I am still recouping so too behind to answer questions. 😉 BUT I am a major label reader!!! Great video!

    • Ugh, you’re still sick :( Well hopefully you’re not filling up on sick meds that are full of sugar! I highly doubt it though because YOU are smart !!

  38. Okay, you don’t honestly expect me to get up from my comfy chair and walk to the kitchen to look up the nastiness in my roommate’s vegetable broth, right? Though I’ll admit the ingredient list you posted is WAY nastier. I’m not boasting myself saying I ate the cleanest of all diets but I -do- have my limits. And something that essentially reads “would you like some additives with your additives?” is not making it on my plate.
    And yes, I do indeed know what castoreum is – and I wish more people knew.

    • YES – GET UP off your bum and go look 😉 I want you to find the LONGEST, WEIRDEST ingredient you can find and tell me what it is! LOL!

      I think the next time I go out to eat I will order the Additives with Extra Additives and a side of Partially Hydrogenated Soybean Oil! Mmm Mmm GOOD!

  39. OMG, I watched the trailer this past weekend and it looked hilarious! Yes, I am a Jason Bateman and love it even more when he is casted in crazy roles like this! And you are too cute! Keep the videos coming!

    • Oh don’t WORRY Maria. I just made another….. very…. ERECT… VIDEO for this coming week, AH HA HA HA! It’s so inappropriate, I hope you’re ready, lol!

  40. I always thought America was like Australia in which you could TRUST the label at the front without resorting to turning it over. WELL. During my time there, I bought this bread which would say ‘100% natural whole wheat bread’ and I thought (probably because you guys are always 10 steps ahead in food and fitness) it was just as it was…how wrong I was. It legit had like 20000 ingredients and the worst part- HFCS!!!!!

    Now as for Jason Bateman…. meh. As a kid I watched Harriet the spy and then became obsessed with mayonnaise and tomato on white bread. Actually, that sounds pretty epic.

    • HA! No way, America is one big MONEY HUNGRY WHORE – so when it comes to our food industry, all they want to do is suck our wallets dry… Meaning, they will sell anything in order to make a buck! Never ever trust our food products, that’s for sure. You learned a valuable lesson when you were here! F&#$ High Fructose Corn Syrup!!!

      Holy CRAP: Harriet The Spy – talk about BLAST FROM THE PAST!! (Ha! That movie too… Brendan Frasier). I used to eat straight up MAYO sandwiches on white bread actually, I didn’t like anything healthy when I was little so EFF the tomatoes – LOL!

  41. We try very hard to live off the land so we have canned fron the farm our veggies and things… I make my icing from scratch, cake from scratch, beef in my freezer doesn’t have hormones I am very live off our farm girl so I am with you on all the nasty crap put in food.

    • I LOVE YOU and your ways! I wish more people who live like this! I am curious, what’s in your frosting?? And what;s your favorite kind of cake?

      You better believe the beef in my freeze is the same as yours, and 1000% grass-fed/finished. Yes, 1000% lol!

  42. After your comment on my blog about the added sugars from your ExpoWest haul, I realize that I’ve been neglectful in reading labels closely. I always teach clients to be aware and yet, I was remiss. Thank you for the reminder.

    BTW, what the hell is King Vitaman? I’ve never even heard of that cereal! I guess that’s good, right?

    My favorite bad word is motherf%&*(#. I don’t curse often but there I feel some major release whenever I let that bad boy (or girl) fly.

    • You’re very welcome Melissa! :) Always happy to give reminders. And King Vitamin is the SHITACULAR CEREAL you can find at the Dollar Store! I could NOT get myself to purchase a box of cereal that is like $3 – LOL! I haven’t purchased cereal in about 10 years, ha!

      And oh you betta believe I let some of those ladies fly when I need to! 😉

  43. I haven’t heard of Bad Words but it sounds hysterical! As a (former) chemist, I have a leg up in the pronunciation department, sooo I go with the “do I know what it is” test instead 😛

    • I should give you a call when I need some pronunciation! When I make my videos and foods have specific healthy nutrients that are 28 letters long, I need some help pronouncing them! LOL!

  44. Indeed! Bad words have more than four letters.

  45. No packaged foods around here to read but one of my favorite baddies is hydrogenated. Ugh! The Caveman has been warning me about my shampoo. Need to find something better.

    • HYDROGENATED!!!!! AHHHHH! And the term is only getting more confusing that’s for sure! Manufacturers are trying to TRICK US into thinking hydrogenated oils are healthy! Drives me CRAZY!

  46. Bad words in food? What is that? What are you talking about? We are the healthiest society that’s ever walked on earth! Helloooo we eat fruits and vegetables all day long… In form of French fries and apple pie :D. Ok there stop it!

    I think that the majority of people don’t even know what the food label is, or what it means. I’m the weird girl that would read very single label. I try to buy as many fruits and vegetables as I can get my hands on. I’m saying all this because a few years ago I was one who could eat 6 cookies without blinking the eye. I was all fast, cheap and unhealthy food. Cereals full of partionally hydrogenated oils, or high fructose corn syrup, even better a huuuuge pancake for breakfast swimming in syrup, tasty huh?

    There are so many complicated word in today’s food, and the worst part is that people keep eating like laboratory rats! Darn it! They do nothing about it, they don’t try to learn and listen. I know that the USDA organic can’t grant you many, however is a step.
    I guess that you mentioned the food babe because you know all about azidocar… Something like that, I can’t even remember the word. Yeah, I check it and it’s everywhere! Say whaaaat!! But it takes a lot of hard work to change the current mentality that subway is healthy (not even close), or to make people read labels. While consumers don’t demand quality food, they’ll keep eating junk food (that looks like healthy)

    On another note: Jason Bateman, sometimes is fun, sometimes he isn’t. But he is a gorgeous man 😀 haven’t heard of bad words, I’ll check the trailer!

    8th grade was a year of nerdy meeee. God did I was nerd, hanging around school with works. I also took a course that was usually given to boys, was soon fun! The teacher actually hated me and my friends! Literally he saw the evil every time we got to class!

    Ok that so much words, I wrote a post! See ya Gigi keep on the good work!

    • Oh wait! Weirdest combo: bread with vanilla custard (flan) and I feel sorry about castors!!

    • Jess! I am with you – when I was younger, I used to eat 6 cookies and a strawberry shortcake ice cream – EVERY SINGLE DAY for lunch, and then after track practice I would go to my friends house and eat THE BLUE BOX… And then some Fruit Loops, and then a bagel and then some ice cream. And then…. My mom would wonder why I wasn’t hungry for dinner! Ha! Thank GOODNESS I know FAR BETTER NOW!! And I am thrilled YOU know better now too! Hey, I feel like we all need to learn from our mistakes – my mother used to push healthy on me, but to rebel I would go NUTS with junk foods!

      I couldn’t agree more with you in regards to the food label and ingredients issue too! A vast majority of the world is very un-educated in the world of nutrition, thus they will eat whatever someone tells them is healthy – which is very dangerous because nutrition is such a debated topic. The low fat diet – that’s just one example! Unfortunately things will probably get WORSE before the get better – however, I have seen a vast improve in some regards. While I am not saying GLUTEN FREE foods are healthier, I am going to make a note that when I had to give up gluten a while back, no one even knew what that was, so it was VERY HARD – now more and more companies are purposefully making sure their products do not contain it. And stevia! I have been using stevia for 12 years. I always wanted a soda that was solely sweetened with the natural sweet substance and FINALLY there is one! WOO WOO! Commonnnn world, we can do it! LOL!!!

      Thank you for hanging out and leaving a comment though, I love that you’re so passionate about this, like I am! :)

      • Gigi!!! I love this comment so much!! The cookies, ice-cream, bagels. etc that was my life (maybe lots of mcdonalds, fries, ice creams and loooots of chocolates!!)

        I’m so glad that there are people like you telling the truth to other people!!! I’m constantly talking with my mother about food, nutrition, labels, and more food 😉 Education is the key in the food industry!!!

        • Ohh and oh wow dunkaroossss they look like animal crackers to me!!! yummm! Can I have some? Ok not healthy Jess move on!

          • BAH HA HA! Well I don’t even have to say no since they aren’t being MADE ANY MORE :(

          • Ok cool! Now I won’t feel bad trying to buying them through amazon or ebay! Ha! You now one cereal I loved that doesn’t exist anymore? Oreo cereal!! They said it had too much sugar, so a loooooooooot of years ago the stopped selling them! Bummer! I loved my daily dose of sugar, in fact I use to eat half a box in a day!

          • I never tried Oreo Cereal before because – DONT SHOOT ME – I hate OREOS! Just like those bananas AH HA HA!! 😉

  47. I haven’t heard of this movie, but I LOVE funny movies! I can’t speell for the life of me 😉 While I hate all those additives and ingredients I can’t pronounce, let alone spell, I still consume them, just not a lot. If I have the option of something with/without, I’ll OBV choose w/o but sometimes a girl just needs a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch! Staple Bad Word: the F-bomb. Only when I’m either really excited or really pissed.

    • WE NEED TO SEE THIS MOVIE TOGETHER!!! We need to be funny movie watching gal pals?! LMFAO – Gal Pals. I don’t think I have EVER USED such a term before in my life, so you should feel special because you got it out of me! 😉

      And don’t even GET ME STARTED on the Cinnamon Toast Crunch THE BEST… Ugh!! SO GOOD!!!!

      The F-BOMB is more like a NUCLEAR BOMB when it comes out of my mouth! LOL!

      • Gal Pals= mood rings and bff bracelets. Just saying. And Cinnamon Toast Crunch has it’s own acronym in our house, CTC. As in, “Hey, you want CTC for the break in your fast?” I’ll see you at the corner theater tomorrow at 7… just don’t bring any popcorn unless you popped it yourself 😉

  48. If we can’t pronounce it then we shouldn’t be eating it! All this research on what causes cancer is a waste of time and money. It’s the chemicals we are ingesting plan and simple! The weirdest thing I ate was butter. I am talking taking bites off the butter stick. I was only a year or two old but they would find me under the table with the butter stick all the time!
    I found your lovely blog on the Ladies Only Blog Link and am so glad I did!

    • OMG Susie, you and I have that in common! I too use to eat sticks of butter as well!! Except, I was definitely older than two years old, LOL! 😉

      And I AM SO GLAD you found me too!! I love new friends, I am off to check out your blog now!

  49. The movie sounds funny!

    I try to avoid processed foods as much as possible because most of them have questionable ingredients and many have bad ingredients.

    I don’t think I ate weird things when I was little, but when I was pregnant with the older kid, I ate chocolate ice cream and Swiss cheese at the same time – spoon in one hand, piece of cheese in the other.

    • OKAY no. No. NOO! That just sounds so weird, however, when you think about it…. Ice cream and cheese are both DAIRY – so they come from the same animal, so really, you’re just eating the same thing in a different form, so it really shouldn’t be thought of as all that weird, LOL!

  50. I just ate some marshmallow peeps and was afraid to read the ingredients list. The good news is I recognized all the ingredients. The bad news they were sugar, corn syrup, and gelatin. Seriously, I’m not sure what I was expecting, it’s not like marshmallow peeps are hiding vegetables on the insides! Thanks for building my awareness!

    • Ha Ha! You were hoping for the best, but knew the worst! :( It is very true that we should not eat foods we cannot pronounce but then there are the ingredients you listed, sure we can say them, but we should not eat copious amounts of them. However, gelatin actually has some health promoting properties! :)

      IF ONLY vegetables were hiding in peeps!! lol! Perhaps I will try to create this MAGICAL recipe!

  51. I don’t even know who Jason BATman is… but I ate weird whizz as a kid. And now. Peanut butter, banana, and may sandwiches, FTW!

    • Okay for a minute there, I thought I wrote BATMAN! LOL!!!! I think Jason should change his last name to Batman anyways, so much cooler – Seriously. However, then he would have to uphold a pretty superior reputation and I am not sure if he’s willing to do so!

      May as in mayo do you mean?! I cannot imagine what peanut butter and may together would taste like, BLECHH!!!!!! lol! But you’re my #strangebutgood girl!

  52. Mmmmm, King Vitamin. That was my favorite cereal as a kid. It was knock-off Captain Crunch cereal, but much cheaper so my mom would buy it. And that’s not the worst thing I ate as a child. We used to have brown sugar sandwiches as a special treat: margarine and brown sugar on Wonder bread. The thought turns my stomach now.

    • So it tastes like Captain Crunch? I bought it was the $1 store! If you’re feeling like you want to relive your youth, you can go pick it up over there!

      AND OH MY GOODNESS – Brown sugar sandwiches sound like an AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS treat, but also AMAZINGLY unhealthy! Aw man, I bet you toasted those up and shoveled a few in your mouth, I know I could………… Oh my! I miss the days when I knew nothing about nutrition sometimes, lol!

  53. I haven’t heard of Bad Words, but I love Jason Bateman–huge Arrested Development fan. and carageenen obviously I can’t spell it– no thank you!

  54. I’m always looking at ingredient lists in the supermarkets, I must look a little obsessive haha, but you just don’t know unless you check! Weirdest food combo would have to have been jam and butter sandwiches, yuck! I got that one off my Grandad haha, no one else would eat it!

    • You and I would make great supermarket shopping buddies – because we would both take hours just looking at all the labels, LOL! 😉

      Jam and butter huh? I think I have had this combo before though, so you’re not the only one!!

  55. Pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin 6) is the longest word I found on the first box I grabbed!

    My staple bad word is a French Canadian swear that I won’t write here! LOL

    Who is Jason Bateman? (I know, I’m bad) I do know, however, what castoreum is! :-p

    Food combination: I once ate green olives dipped in strawberry yogurt to “impress” my friends. I’m pretty sure it was in Grade 8.

    Other than that 8th grade was not super. I was bullied. Luckily it got better after that, and things have only improved since then!

    • Well at least vitamin B6 is healthy, lol!! You must have some good food in your house 😉

      And now I am curious about this French Canadian Swear Word – PLEASE share it!!!!!! No censoring on GiGi Eats, that’s for sure!

      I’m sorry you were bullied in school :( You should have thrown castoreum at them! ha ha ha!

  56. OH OH OH OH I LOVE ME ALL ALLL ALLLLLLL things Jason Bateman.

  57. lol!!!!!!!!!!!! strangest combination that i can remember when i was a kid was probably a toasted bagel with cream cheese and SALAMI on top! i can still get down with bagels and cream cheese but not salami…. especially on top!

    • Nothing like a slab of salty salami slathered with cream cheese. Oh wow, things just got X-RATED in my brain! LOL!

  58. God this is so true… Ridiculous how many things are so complicated to read but they are really the most terrible things. I’m ashamed to admit that I JUST (about a year ago) realized that mono sodium glut <<whatever it is, is really MSG. UGH!!!

    • Don’t be ASHAMED – be happy that you ever realized it because still so many people haven’t a CLUE what MSG is!!!

  59. I do avoid long words for the most part… but there are still a couple that I keep running into.

    I haven’t heard of this movie before.

  60. Gigi, ahhh I love this post. First of all — EW about all of the artificial ingredients in our packaged foods. Luckily I ditched the packaged/processed food wagon a few years back so I don’t have any of that nasty shiznit laying around. But I totally feel ya and am so, so glad to see it mentioned here on your blog. Annnddd to answer a few of your questions– hell yeah I remember 8th grade! Abercrombie polos, skorts, Spongebob shoelaces, pigtails, braces and all. Such a fabulous time in my life haha. And something weird I ate when I was little… I loved to dip my chips (salt and vinegar specifically) in my Gatorade. Don’t knock it til ya try it 😉

    • CHIPS IN GATORADE while sporting the Abercrombie – I can see it! Ah ha ha! I think I saw some 8th Graders doing JUST THIS an hour ago outside of their school – For some reason that food/drink pairing reminds me of soda and pop rocks. 😉 But thankfully you did not combust!

  61. Tell me about it….everything at the store in a box is pretty much crap!! I haven’t heard anything about the new movie, but I never watch tv, so that would explain that, lol!

  62. Thanks so much for linking up again! You have the best pictures! I’ve been working on moving toward more clean eating, but it hasn’t quite happened yet. Baby steps! It doesn’t gross me out to read the ingredients in processed foods, hopefully I’ll make that full switch soon. Thanks again!

  63. Thanks for the info!

  64. Huh, I am actually surprised that there’s no AZP in that cereal! Of course, there’s plenty of other disgusting nasty stuff in there to make up for it; but it was surprisingly free of AZP. Unless I just missed it… That’s obviously possible.
    My staple bad-word: Soy. Anything, anywhere, with anything even remotely related to Soy is out! I treat it like it’s plague ridden!! I’ve noticed that “Soy” is a useful filter. It’s in absolutely everything, and there’s a very very very low probability of something having one of the wheat or corn derivatives, and not having soy; so looking for that ugly little three-letter-word is the easiest way for me to rule something out as a potential food product.

  65. I’m queen of the ‘F’ bomb!

  66. Hi GiGi,
    All of these long words on the ingredient labels really “makes me want to holler”! What in the world is happening to our food and drink! Even so-called health foods are sullied by the addition of harmful additives like carrageenan which makes me crazy. I love to drink hemp milk and almond milk–not to mention a dozen other yummy but seemingly healthy foods–but once I found out that carrageenan was a “bad word” for my health, I was determined to track down that critter and avoid those products. Believe me when I tell you that it was almost impossible to find a non-dairy milk without this additive. I was so disturbed that I even wrote a couple of posts about it and started making my own nut milks and avoiding almost all processed “health” foods. I am so glad you shared this revealing post at the Plant-Based Potluck Party Blog Hop! I appreciate it!

    • I COULD NOT AGREE MORE Deborah! I went to this NATURAL food expo a few weeks ago, but EVERY “healthy” food was full of added ingredients! It drove me crazy and almost just made me laugh because I mean, what are these companies trying to pull? They clearly think the population as a whole is just plain stupid! They print HEALTHY or LOW FAT or HIGH FIBER on the front of the cover and they think that people will just fall for the gimmick and buy it. Well, I certainly hope more and more people become AWARE that this is all false advertising most of the time and it’s utterly important to read all ingredients labels on EVERYTHING – even the “healthy” tomato sauce!!!!! I actually tried a Hemp Milk at this expo though and it had NO added ingredients and it was truly magical! Never had it before in my life :)

  67. Oh ingredients! Why can’t they make life easier and just put the good stuff in products! You know with ingredient lists that aren’t a mile long! ugg! Thanks for sharing at Gluten Free Fridays!