Giving Away a Bathing Suit Body


GiGi Dubois is NOT HAVING IT

Swimsuit season… I guess I need to start a few work out programs!

Excuse my random outburst… It must have happened because I am extremely HANGRY due to the fact that swimsuit season is pretty much here (well in LA that is)… And I am starving myself so as to look like Adriana Lima in ass floss and nipple tassels.

Adriana Lima topless

Wait, is that a burlap sack?

Okay, I am actually NOT starving myself (or wearing what a showgirl might wear in Vegas) – you can ask my friends… But I am pretty sure there are a few celebrities out there who might be… 

Lady Gaga Eating? a Hot Dog

Not even sure what to say about this…

It really drives me hair YANKING crazy when I hear people say they’re going on juice fasts, excuse me, CLEANSES, so as to achieve some sexy ASS CLEAVEGE (oh yea, guys want this too…).

Victoria's Secret Model's Butts

These ladies are pretty cheeky!

YOU DON’T… I REPEAT… YOU DON’T need to nix CHEWING in order to get the beach appropriate body!

You want to know who is YELLING THIS along with me?

Kimberly Snyder!

Kimberly Snyder

You can tell she’s conjuring up another delicious recipe!

Kimberly Snyder is best known for being a celebrity nutritionist (Drew Barrymore and Channing Tatum are only two of her “sparkling” clients) as well as the author of the best selling book The Beauty Detox Solution. Kim recently released another delicious read.

The Beauty Detox Foods.

The Beauty Detox Foods by Kimberly Snyder

To sum up 300 pages worth of information (did you know Watercress is wonderful for your skin?): you can eat absolutely delicious foods and look stunning; NO STARVING NECESSARY! 

How about feasting on some Endurance Protein Bars made with nuts, cinnamon and a hint of nutmeg… Or belly-flopping into a bowl of Italian Eggplant Caponata?

Eggplant Caponata on Eggplant

Check out those eggplant’s curves

Kim’s recipes are perfect for animal lovers and gluten shunners as they’re all vegan and gluten-free! For the carnivores in the world (yep, that’s me!) Kim’s recipes make great side dishes to that extra large, juicy, bacon-topped grass-fed beef burger! 

Grass Fed Beef Burger with Portabello Mushroom Bun

Check out those BUNS and MEAT!

Just call Kim the Hangry Slayer! 

Kimberly Snyder Cooking

Stuff it, HANGRY!

While you’re more than welcome to purchase her newest book on her web site or Amazon… (Do book stores still exist?)

I have some pretty tasty news…


NOW THAT IS SOMETHING TO YELL F#$%@*&%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! about!

There are LOADS of ways to enter below!
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  • How do you prepare for ass-floss season?
  • Do you believe in “cleansing” or “fasting”?
  • Is the weather starting to get WARMER where you are?
  • What’s your favorite superfood?
  • Do you have any AMAZING summer plans? Make me jealous… 
  • How do you like them apples? 


  1. Erin from Long Island says:

    Well, sheeeeeeet. Looks like I’m the first one to the party! I f-ing hate, Hate, HATE all the BS cleanses and fasts. So counter-productive! And don’t even get me started on shoving things up your ass to trim down, ugh!

    As for healthy beauty foods, I can’t pick a favorite. Beets, avocados, spinach, garlic, parsley…..the list is a mile long!

    • AH HA HA! You’re definitely NOT TARDY FOR THE PARTY baby!! 😉

      And OMG you and me both! LOTS of friends of mine always tell me, “I am going to go on a cleanse” – I cringe and try to hold back how I really feel, HA, yeah right, The GiGi MONSTER is unleashed the instant she hears detox or cleanse – ah ha ha!! EAT: you can eat and get a SEXYYYYY body, PROMISE! :)

      Clearly you know that though…. Mmmmm Sauteed spinach & garlic with a little avocado mixed in….

    • I had a lecture from my boyfriend’s cousin’s boyfriend at a family party on how everyone should be cleansing their colon and how it helps your liver. Yea no thanks!

  2. You are such a silly one! Love this post. I’m glad someone is trying to tell the world to stop STARVING themselves every time bathing suit season arrives!!

    • OMG YES! I hate when people start to just eat like two pieces of lettuce and call it good – NO, being healthy is NOT starving!

  3. I did subscribe to your utube channel…

    And my favorite beauty food… sheesh, freggies, the more the merrier!

    • Wahoo! Thanks Ellie :) And heck yes, the MORE THE MERRIER for sure… Although I think I need to NOT live that way because I tend to wolf down about 8 pounds of spaghetti squash in a sitting, no joke!

  4. I NEED TO FAST! JUst kidding I could never..I like chewing so much I will make a smoothie and a regular meal just to get both. Talk about food overload! All my food is beautiful ESPECIALLY my sugar laden cupcakes. OK I will be nice, I love apples, and I love blueberries and pretty much anything that tastes like dirt. The dirtier the better..merroww!

    • OMG if you FAST – we ain’t friends anymore… LOL! But I hardly think I have to worry about you because since we established that you and I are the same person, we couldn’t POSSIBLY go like 3 hours without food!! Ah ha ha!

      Oh yes, your BEAUTY CUPCAKES – I forgot about those! I think Kimberly actually stole one of your recipes for her book – YOU SHOULD SUE HER! lol.

      PS: When we finally HANG OUT we will go to a park, dig some holes and eat some dirt!

  5. Great Article! And that burger with Portobello Mushroom caps for buns is a delicious way to eat a burger!! By the way, for a juicy, tasty way to get some organ-meat in your diet, you can mix liver in with your burger – it’s delicious, and not “yucky” in the least!
    Thanks for a great article, as always, Gigi – there’s really no need to starve, at all, to attain a great body! When done right you can be satisfied, healthy, and look great all at the same time!

    • OMG that sounds like a phenomenal idea, and all the extra nutrients! I am definitely going to try that VERY soon. And this 4th of July, I am certainly slipping liver into everyone’s burgers – when they regale over how amazing they taste (I trust you), I will tell them that it’s a DELICIOUS secret! 😉

      I feel so sorry for the people in this world who think that in order to have a fabulous body, they need to starve or only drink juices – totally sets them up for failure because would someone with not so good willpower choose a green mush shake over say, a cinnamon bun? Exactly – lol… Although, I would probably pick the mush shake (coupled with my burger)… But that’s because I am an odd case – lol

      • Awesome! I can’t wait to see your post on Fourth Of July *Surprise* Burgers! If you want to try a couple of different taste/texture combinations with other burger ingredients, let me know. I have a LOT of different varieties that I’ve used in the past – and loved! And none of them involve bread-crumbs… :)

        Hey, without people like you to dispel the myths, people would believe everything the Celebrities said. “It must be right – they’re doing it… Right?” Yikes!

  6. Ah this book looks awesome! Screw being hangry! I like that she seems to make such versatile nutritional meals. Vegan meals are nice every once in a while :) Hope to win!

    • This book really is great! Kim details a lot of great information, you are going to love veggies and fruit even more if you win or pick up a copy
      :) – What’s your favorite fruit? I love butternut squash – Yep, it’s a fruit cause of its seeds!

  7. My favorite beauty food is fruit!

  8. Very interesting, I’m on about a 5K calorie per day diet right now but I hope the ladies are working it for the beach !!!!. I have to admit those super skimpy bikinis are not this guy’s favorite, I like a little left to the imagination. I think if you eat right (follow GiGi’s advice) your body should keep it self in a state of homeostasis. It seems going from one extreme to another wreaks havoc on your system. Oh and I’m Old School no grape smugglers for me just some standard swimming shorts here. I have to tell all I saw BIMBO brand white bread in someone’s cart yesterday what is this world coming to.

    • Why are you on a 5k calorie per day diet? I probably am too, I just don’t count calories so I don’t know exact numbers! But don’t you worry, I am WORKING IT for my bikini… Which means, I am eating burgers, salmon, etc… LOL! Bring it on! :)

      PHEW! I am glad to hear you don’t like nut huggers – I am NOOOOOO fan of those either – lol!!
      Oh and… Don’t even GET ME STARTED about people’s grocery carts. I get SO MAD when I see all this crap in their cart. I have to practice EXTREME restraint because otherwise I might get arrested for “assaulting” their grocery cart lol.

      • I’m eating what I’m burning, approximately I want to keep the weight I’m at now. I think you may have stumbled onto a funny skit “GiGi assaults your grocery’s” :)

  9. Absolutely HATE when people talk about these detox diets or cleanses.. or just drinking some horrific juice cocktail for 7 days..

    I EAT. A LOT. 2000+ calories a day and I’m thinking my fit athletic curves will fill out a bathing suit a bit better than those who have nothing to hold theirs up..

    • I EAT A TON TOO!! Ya baby! We need to have some meals together… I bet I could OUT EAT YOU IN A SALMON EATING CONTEST!! – lol!

      Detoxes are for… the birds?! Nah, I doubt birds would even drink cleanse juices!

      • Meh… no fish for me. How about steak and sweet potatoes? Or eggs!

        • SADLY my doctor just told me, I cannot eat eggs (OMFG WHAT I am going to do, NOT A CLUE)… But lets CHOW DOWN on some STEAK… better yet, I loveeee burgers! It’s on 😉

  10. I hate all that juice fast stuff–I mean, I have toyed with the idea of doing a very short cleanse, but keeping yourself from food in the name of looking good is just ridiculous and not healthy in my mind. If there is something to be gained health-wise, then get in your calories however you want, but I love to chew and have no desire to give it up! :)

    • Don’t you DARE toy with any CLEANSE ideas – EVER! I am not sure you can, you wouldn’t have anything to post on your blog, lol!! Chewing is the BEST :)

  11. Well of course where I live it’s always bathing suit season so maybe it motivates us to stay in shape all year, or not from what I see :-)

    I know how hard you workout and how clean you eat, so GiGi, you have earned the Looking Good award from this doctor :-)

    Seriously, I wish most people would just pay a little attention to what they eat, and be active for the fun of it, and in my opinion, they will look fine in whatever. There is always going to be a range of how people look. Be the best you can be and don’t fret it so much.

    Very nice book!!

    • Where do you live that it’s always bikini season? Los Angeles is pretty much always bikini season too, however when it hits 60 degrees, it turns frigid cold (how sad) so I throw on the LAYERS! Regardless though, I always stay in shape, just like how you said, through clean eating and working out hard! :) That’s all it takes!! Emphasis on clean EATING!!

      I hate that people think ditching food in favor of next to nothing (all in magic potion drinks) is going to help them trim down. What do people think is going to happen when the cleanse is over? Exactly – they will go back to the way they used to eat and… BLOW UP – lol! But… who am I? I want to make a difference in people but I need Oprah status to truly make a difference – IT’S COMING! 😉

  12. I think I got all the possible entries – I don’t know if I have a favorite beauty food (probably why I need to win this book!!).

    • OMG yes you do!! If you do win, then you’re DEFINITELY going to need to tell me which food turns into your fave :)

  13. I’m a meat eater like you, so I’d probably use this for some wicked side accompaniments, like you.
    My favorite super foods are berries and coconuts!

    • Coconuts are the latest amazing superfood!! Their oil, meat, everything… I think I just need to bath in it. Ha Ha.

  14. My favorite beauty food is avacado!! I hope to win the book :)

  15. I totally hated you for the first several sentences of this post, and was already conjuring up a nasty reply about how you shouldn’t be starving yourself and then I kept reading and was like “oh… she’s totally lying”. K so now I don’t hate you, in fact I love you! I <3 people who support EATING, but eating WELL. I also love people who include "ass cheeks" as one of their tag phrases.. hahahahah I died when I noticed that

    • LMFAO! Hey, you don’t know what people might be searching for… Sick, sick people in this world! I should do a blog post about the CRAZY search phrases people use to find my blog, LOL! Now that would be quite entertaining.

      Won’t lie to you, I am glad I TRICKED YOU into thinking I was “starving” myself – YEAH RIGHT! That could never, ever happen, my appetite is like 3 wolves in one! AH ha ha.

  16. No I do not agree with juice cleanses/fasting whatever!! SO bad for you!! Love this whole post!

  17. i love your posts girl! i love veggies!

  18. Love Blueberries for their high level of “beauty” antioxidants and the brain boost factor too! Yum!

    • Blueberries are totally a double whammy, if not WAY more whammies than that considering ALL of their health benefits :)

  19. I don’t know if I have a favorite beauty food but I love lots of fresh fruits in the summer, especially blueberries! This book sounds awesome, and the eggplant dish looks divine!

  20. my favorite beauty food? i guess water because it does so much for the skin! and no i don’t mean water like itz all i eat because hellooooooo that would be one hangry girl over here! i love food. the end.

  21. Ummm… if I eat eggplant with half a dozen cupcakes, does this mean I can get halfway to a beach body??
    My favorite beauty food is watermelon….I’m pretty sure it’s good for you. 😉

    • LMFAO! I am not so sure it works that way… Unless those cupcakes are raw, vegan, made of chia seeds, coconut flour and stevia – Ah ha ha!!

      And watermelon is good for you – lots of Nitric Oxide :) However it’s a tad on the sugary side! But hey, FAR BETTER than donuts, cereals, etc!

  22. Bananas are great for their potassium and I enjoy them frozen in my protein smoothies for a terrific energy boost and recovery too! Thanks!

    • Glad you enjoy bananas! Sweet potatoes also have loads of potassium – try sprucing your smoothies up with one of those some time :) Might sound weird, but it’s definitely good!

  23. Guuuurrl that burger looks amazing!! This book sounds great, I can’t stand when people say they are cleansing!!! Frustrates me more than anything, so I’m all about what she is doing! I entered every way possible, I hope I win!! =)

    • I could REALLY go for that burger RIGHT NOW – The hangries are starting to sneak up on me, lol!!

      Isn’t it SOOOOO annoying when people talk about cleansing! Just eat healthy foods -that’s a NATURAL CLEANSE and it WORKS!!! You could have a “bikini body” all year long if you just ate healthy, delicious foods :) Hope you win too!

  24. my favorite beauty foods have to be avocado, blueberries, and spinach! and thank the goddesses that someone is preaching sense and not starvation this bikini season!

    • Sounds like you could make a shake with all of those foods :) Or… just a nice hearty salad! YUM… and OH HECK YES – I would NEVER EVER EVER tell anyone to starve themselves!! I know ALL TOO WELL how HANGRY I get when I don’t eat, I can imagine everyone else feeling the same way, and it’s NOT fund!! Food is amazing and as long as we all eat healthfully, we can have the bikini bodies we want :)

  25. Love that you called cleanses liquid salads. That’s just a perfect title.

    Favorite beauty food… well, I’ve always wanted to try an avocado mask but I’ve yet to actually do so. Someday soon perhaps?

  26. Georgiana says:

    Love cucumbers and lemon for their cleansing and detoxifying properties – a fabulous beauty food!

  27. As a for-the-most-part vegan, I think I’d love this book! And I do and don’t agree with juice fasts/cleanses. I think they *can* be good, but probably just adding juices in along with whole foods would be better for long-term success… I write this from experience, sadly. Last Feb., I did a 30-day (yes, you read that right) juice-only fast…it was crazy, intense, but after the first couple days, I did feel amazing…amazing amazing.. I lost about 18 pounds and was on cloud 9. Then I “went off” it, but didn’t keep up with adding the juices in, and slowly, but surely, I gained much of the weight back. So I think it can be good if you go into it with a better game plan than I had…but just to make life easier, just eat real food, adding in juices and smoothies when you can/want to :)

    • OMG this book is TOTALLY YOU! And I am sorry to hear about your weight gain after your juice cleanse! That’s why I am not a fan of these “diets” because a lot of people don’t know what to do when the cleanse ends! :( But I am glad you have learned your lesson and are most likely now doing things healthfully! I hope you win the book!

  28. My favorite superfood is gogi berries and no I do not do cleanses. My metabolism is too fast and with all the miles i put in I would pass out and be found in the weeds on a trail somewhere.

    • BEST ANSWER – And so true! You need to FUEL YOUR RUNS! I know that if I went on one of these fasts, I would probably faint within a 1/2 hour of drinking the “cleanse” because it didn’t fuel me enough – LOL! Never had gogi berries before, how do you eat them?

  29. My all time favorite beauty food is avocados! I never ate avocados unless I was at a Mexican restaurant loading up on guac but now I try to incorporate them into my salads and wraps because I have noticed a tremendous difference in my hair, skin + nails! Ok so maybe you have talked me out of juicing my ass away… Sending you an amazing weekend Gigi! Love + Shine CourtStar

    • Avocados are definitely a popular one! Don’t hate me, but I am not a huge fan… In fact, I am not a fan! LOL!!! But it’s probably because the one time I tried one… It just was not good – maybe I got an unripe one! LOL.

      THANK GOD I CONVINCED YOU NOT TO JUICE!!!! Mission COMPLETE! :) Have a stunning weekend yourself!

  30. My belly aches from laughing out loud while reading this post: do you think I burnt some calories? Just stopped by to say aloha GiGi, but you are so cool I’m going to follow you on Bloglovin, Gfc, FB (id Valeria Arizzi).
    Keep rocking and eating
    Coco et La vie en rose
    Coco et La vie en rose on Bloglovin
    Coco et La vie en rose on Facebook

    • I am thrilled to have given you a ab work out just by you coming over to my blog! 😀 I am going to follow you back, because I do love me a fellow EATER!!

  31. Love that you advocate- eating and not starving! People are so extreme and the fact that they have to fast means that they’re obviously not taking a ‘healthy lifestyle’ approach.

  32. I, oh i like them apples (duh!)
    um i dont believe in juice cleansing and stuff either. my version of a “detox” was just to not eat processed stuff for a week and eat tons and tons of fruits and veggies (and i didnt even last a week really) which luckily i have tried to adapt into my usual everyday thing anyway, but you know how that goes (aka, i like to eat pizza and drink beer sometimes too, shit)

    • Exactly! Detox = eating healthy! I find it funny when I read a lot of “detox” books and they say to eat lots of veggies, high quality protein and healthy fat… Well, then I guess my life is a detox – lol…

      And every so often that pizza and beer is NECESSARY! lol

  33. Thanks for linking up to Friday Flash Blog. Have a wonderful and happy weekend :-)

  34. Vegan and gluten-free? Oh, yes. I’m totally entering this! Thanks for sharing it with Raw Foods Thursdays too!


  35. Great giveaway Gigi! Agreed- you don’t need to not eat to be healthy!!

  36. Tell it like it is!!
    I had a couple of roommates last year who had totally fallen for all that crap. They thought it was awesome, but the poor girls looked a) unhealthy and b) like they needed a sandwich.
    Great post!

    • OMG Your roommate would have driven me CRAZY!!!! They probably went on this cleanse or whatever and then in 2 weeks time went back to eating and GAINED weight! Awesome. LOL! 😉

  37. I refuse to starve (or freeze) for fashion! Bring on the good eats, move a lot and pick me to win the book!

    • P.S. Fav beauty food is definitely avocado! So creammmmy….

      • I certainly REFUSE to starve as well, FOOD is just SOOOOO good! 😉 Everyone seems to love avocados! I never got around to actually liking them! How do you eat them?

  38. Ha ha ha ha ha Jeez I LOVE your blog I would say my favorite “beauty” food is Coconut oil. I use it for EVERYTHING!!!

    • Thanks Lady! :) Do you bath in coconut oil?? I actually was putting it on my face for a little bit cause I tend to get dry… But it made me break out :(

  39. I love when humor crosses with common sense. This is a great post and coming from someone who lives in LA all the more refreshing. Will look forward to picking up Beauty Detox Foods. Yum!

    • Well that’s what GEC is all about 😀 I cannot be bothered with starving myself b/c I know the effects it has on people — I walk down the street in LA and everyone’s so HANGRY! lol

  40. Bummer, I missed out on the giveaway!! But I am definitely checking out that book – it looks perfect :)

    • You definitely should! :) It has a lot of delicious dishes! And don’t worry, I will have lots more giveaways in the near future!

  41. Dang, I just saw her on DR. Oz although his show drives me crazy these days but I do record for info I might want to check on. I never got this post in my email OR I just missed it! Either way, :(

    • It’s okay! I will have PLENTY of other give aways soon enough :)

      Would you watch Dr. Oz if I were on it? How about if I took over his show? LOL!

  42. Down with the fasts. Up with the food. Excuse me while I go eat some watercress.

    • LOL! You cause sautee that watercress in some olive oil with garlic and serve it along side some grilled fish! 😉

  43. This looks like a book I must have! Thanks for sharing! Thanks for linking up at our Gluten Free Fridays party! I have tweeted and pinned your entry to our Gluten Free Fridays board on Pinterest! :)

    Be sure to stop by to see who the winner of our So Lucky GF Basket is! We are ALSO having a fantastic giveaway this week to kick off Celiac Awareness month! :)

    Cindy from

    • Thanks Cindy! 😀 Definitely check out the book, you will find some delicious recipes in there!

  44. I just read an article about “Fatkini’s” a new swim wear line, interesting. I see an epidemic with men and the spherical belly syndrome. What’s up with that? By the way it’s really fun to read everyone’s post’s. Keep up the good work GiGi !!! :)

    • FAT – KINI??? You’re joking! Ah ha ha ha! How about overweight people just COVER UP. LOL. Okay, no, overweight people should try their best to lose the weight and get healthy…

      I have seen an increase in men with rather round bowling ball stomachs lately too! It’s all the beer!! And now that baseball is on… Guys get to sit and watch 9 innings while chugging the ale!

  45. Brandi says:

    Omg you are too funny! I totally agree with you! I was just talking about this on Facebook today about how people who cut out carbs, healthy ones, are crazy. These diets or magic pills are just screwing up the metabolism and it’s an endless battle! I eat healthy, eat a lot, don’t count calories and I’m in great shape. People stress WAY too much! It annoys the crap out of me. I know a girl that weighs herself almost daily and posts a pic in Facebook about it and every few weeks does a lower calorie diet and then resumes her “normal” eating. No wonder her diet fluctuates so much, because she’s totally screwed up her metabolism!!

    • OMG If I saw this post, we would have had a crazy awesome discussion about the stupidity that is FAD DIETS!!! ah ahaha ha ah! OMG and that girl who posts pictures of her scale and stuff, Yeah, I would BLOCK HER! ahhhhh ha ha!

      WHEN PEOPLE STOP STRESSING – they achieve the body they want because they no longer have the STRESS that’s causing them to keep pounds on!

  46. Sad that I wasn’t here in time for the book give away, it sounds like a rockin’ book full of recipes to give a gal a rockin’ summer bod, even in the winter time. 😀

    • It’s a good book, definitely check it out… Sneaky idea for you: go to the book store, find it and take pictures of the recipes you like! 😉


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