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While I have FINALLY finished “MUNCHING THE MED“… It’s going to take a hot minute or two for me to get over my EXTREME EUROPEAN FOOD COMA… So in the meantime, here’s a message from “our” sponsors…

Autumn is the time of year where pumpkins tend to whore themselves out worse than juicing tries to convince you that it’s healthier than eating the actual piece of produce (but you don’t fall for that, right?).


Don’t get me wrong, I love pumpkin just as much as that chickadee wearing knee-high Uggs, a tiny, tight purple miniIs that even a skirt?, and pink furry ear muffs, sitting two tables away from you at Starbucks… But on this autumn day, pumpkins “hooking” on every street corner, causing every lady’s appetite to “pitch a tent”, is not what comes to my mind when I think of this crunchy leafed season.


Instead… I’m actually fantasizing about dill, cucumber salads, kale nachos, and chicken mole All recipe ideas that Autumn brings to the table… And by Autumn, I mean, Autumn Calabrese, the host of the show FIXATE over at Beachbody on Demand (which you can access for 30 DAYS ABSOLUTELY FREE, along with ALL the other Beachbody programs… JUST SAYING!).


Beachbody? But it’s autumn (and soon it will be winter)… The days of frolicking in your bathing suit through the salty ocean water or cannonballing off the diving board into an Olympic-sized pool have been replaced with Michelin Man twinning, you might be saying to yourself…


Well… Don’t you be a Silly Sally or a Goofy Gus! Feeling confident and practicing healthy habits should be a year-round idea… And Autumn Calabrese (along with yours truly) wants to remind and encourage you to adopt this mindset if you haven’t already!


To further ingrain this idea into your brain, I decided to showcase how autumn doesn’t have to be synonymous with throwing all caution to the wind (thanks to the fact that baggy sweaters during this time of year are just so “in vogue”) when it comes to eating right… 


By demonstrating one of Autumn Calabrese‘s easy, delicious and hearty recipes on my YouTube channel

Cucumber Dill Salad



How To:

Sesame Seed Encrusted Seared Ahi Tuna



  • A hunk of sexy ahi tuna
  • 3 – 4 Tbs Sesame Seeds (enough to coat the whole fillet of tuna you get)
  • Salt & Pepper, to taste
  • 1 Tbs Olive Oil (or Olive Oil spray), for pan-searing. 

How To:

  • Pour sesame seeds (as well as salt and pepper) into a shallow dish (mixing them all together) and dredge your tuna steak in them, coating it on all sides. 
  • Heat oil in a non-stick pan, or use cooking spray, over medium-high heat and lay one side of the tuna into the pan. Let cook for about 3 – 5 minutes, depending on how thick your fillet is (if you like it rawer, cook for less time but of course) and flip. Cook on the other side for another 3 – 5 minutes and remove from heat. 
  • Serve with Autumn’s awesome cucumber salad! 

Yes, you know WHAT autumn is… But if you don’t know WHO Autumn is… Well, she’s a hard-bodied hottie who is also a celebrity trainer, best-selling author (for fitness books: 21 Day Fix & 21 Day Fix EXTREME as well as her recipe book Fixate), and working mom. This bikini competition winning stunner also has certifications from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and the American Fitness Professionals & Associates (AFPA)… So she is certainly someone you can trust when it comes to sound nutrition and fitness advice! Obviously, you want to check out what her show Fixate (that emphasizes portion controlled meals) on Beachbody on Demand (which you can access for 30 DAYS ABSOLUTELY FREE, along with ALL other Beachbody programs) is all about!

So Tell Me…

  • What comes to mind when you think “autumn”?
  • Are you currently at Starbucks ordering a PSL?
  • What do you love most about the fall season?
  • Did you know who Autumn Calabrese was? 
  • How do you like your tuna?
  • How many layers of clothing are you wearing right now?
  • You’re not a slave to juicing, are you?


  1. How is your food coma?

  2. You are so witty!

  3. I couldn’t agree more about healthy being year round! I’ve never made my own seared tuna. It’s one of those things that freaks me out to make at home because I know I won’t be able to make it as well as what I get it out.

    • Oh girl, YES YOU CAN!! I have faith in you – it’s so simple, sear it on one side for like 2 minutes and the other side for 2 minutes and BAM! Seriously, that is your task for the weekend! I want the full report come Monday! LOL!

  4. Now think how much better this would be served with roasted pumpkin! 😉

  5. Yum! Great ideas!

  6. I am that white girl pumpkin spice ho! lol The recipes are amazing I bookmarked them. You are too funny

  7. I am so over all of this pumpkin stuff it’s just gotten way too over the top! Your cucumber salad I could eat all year around. Your vacay looked like a blast I am sure Europe will never be the same :)

    • Ha Ha! Oh man, just wait for the videos to come – I have a series of three being edited right now! 😉

      For now though, just chow down on that cucumber salad and check out with Autumn is all about!

  8. I am wearing ONE LAYER OF CLOTHING. LOL always love your questions!

  9. We eat this quite often because I always have the ingredients on hang. Plus great for a pot luck you can make tons.

    • EXACTLY!!!! Bring it to a holiday party as a side dish! It’s pretty festive when you think about it – and/or throw in some red bell peppers!

  10. Honestly, I’m scared to express my opinion on pumpkins but I’ll here – I’m not crazy about anything pumpkin. Love cucumbers.

    • You’re ALWAYS allowed to express your honest opinion here – so I am glad you felt as though you could! 😉 I actually prefer sweet potatoes over pumpkin, so I am with you!

  11. Welcome home!

    Beautiful healthy meals, GiGi!!

    I can’t really explain why, but Autumn is probably my least favorite season. Maybe because summer is over and school starts? None the less, I love Halloween and my birthday is in November.

    I like tuna pink inside, broiled or grilled.

    I am wearing only one layer of clothing :-)

    • WHEN IS YOUR B-DAY in November?! And um… Dr J… I am not sure what to say! :( I love Autumn SO SO SO much! hahahaha! You can take summer for me – I HATEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE summer! lol!

  12. Love pumpkins. I love pumpkin everything

  13. Kale Nachos??? Yes Please :) I love Autumn Calabrese, I’m a huge fan she rocks. I love cucumber salads; they are easy, light and simple. Fun Part. Cutting onions…NOOOOOO :( I always cry like a baby. NO RULES!!!! WHOOPIE I never use coriander, but I have it. The dressing looks tasty, and the fresh dill is a kicker! I need some of those portion control containers; they are genius.

    • Girl, you need to go check out Autumn’s show!!!! She’s got loads of tips and tricks and she’s such a cutie! 😛

      I wish I had the SECRET to how to NOT cry when cutting onions, ALAS it will forever be a MYSTERY!

  14. First off, I am that girl at starbucks buying a venti PSL and I don’t care what you think because as I sip my drink no one else in the world exists. Until February and they’re gone then I’ll totally care what you think. But right now, it’s fuggin October!!! But damn seriously that tuna is legit sexy. It aint a filet of salmon, but it’s a close runner up. With that said, how can I say this politely…


    Eh, that’s not so bad.

    • I ain’t judging you – if I knew what a PSL tasted like, I am pretty sure I would be a SLAVEEEEEEEEEEE to it… And wear that Britney Spears I AM A SLAVE FOR YOU costume every time I went to Starbucks to order one. Cause, yes. My boobs need that outfit? Since I cannot drink em though, will you do the honors and wear that outfit the next time you get one? K, thanks! SNAP STORY THAT SHIT FOR ME! LOL!

      And I won’t lie to you. I thought that tuna was sexy AF… Hence why I deep throated it! 😛

  15. YASSSSS. This looks amazing.I’ll take this over a PSL any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

  16. Did you survive all the food & fun on your trip??? :) Now to get ready for your next real adventure – the wedding!!!! :)

    I love Autumn since I grew up back east.. the colors, the leaves changing & the beauty of it. I am not a plain pumpkin fan though but pumpkin spice of some sort – not in the calorie laden drinks though! :)

    Love that cucumber salad!!!! That looks amazing!

    Not a clue on that Autumn person & Beachbody is not for me.. :)

    I am wearing not much – it is warm in this house!

    Juicing – not my thing either!

    WELCOME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • You know what’s crazy Jody? There was only ONE DAY where I felt sick…. ONE DAY! Every other day I felt PERFECT and WONDERFUL…. And TODAY – TODAY is the first day where my stomach really hurts. AMERICAN FOOD IS DISGUSTING and POISONING me! I guess this means I just need to moveeeeeeeee to another country, RIGHT?! hahahaha! 😉

      And prepare to walk around naked for the next 4 days because Los Angeles will be back in the 90s! BLAHHHHHHH!!!!!! PS: Um, comeeeeeee to my wedding 😉

  17. One thing about Florida – you can’t get away with letting fitness goals flounder in fall! It’s not usually warm enough for baggy sweaters. We are still in the 80’s here.

    I’m gonna have to try that sesame ahi! That looks really good.

    • HA! Everyone who starts to get unmotivated should move to FL in the fall/winter!
      And ugh, tomorrow and the rest of the week here in LA it’s going to be in the 90s! WOMP WOMP!

  18. These both look delicious, they would be good TOGETHER!

  19. Your site is hilarious!!! I almost forget it’s actually a food site!

  20. Mmmmm cucumber salad! I’d eat that all year. Then again…I’ll eat pumpkin bread year round too…

    • I don’t know why people tend to only eat squash in the fall and winter – it’s available year-round (thank you weird farming practices, but WHATEVER)…. So um, yeahhhhh! LOL! Pumpkin year round, A OK with me!

  21. That is a lovely recipe! I like all kind of cucumber salads so I will have to try this one as well! :) Without the sweetened honey.. 😀 xo

  22. I’ve had a total of about 6 days that have actually felt like fall around here. Virginia is way behind! I grew dill this summer and I was obsessed with the cucumber/dill combo so this salad looks amazing!

    • Ugh if you think Virginia is behind… Come to Los Angeles. It’s supposed to be in the 90s for the rest of the week. Shoot me in the foot! 😛

  23. Omg this looks so good! I’m obsessed with salad. Your YouTube channel looks fab as well!

  24. I love cucumber dill salad but have never made it. I would love to make it, so thanks!

  25. im obsessed with pumpkin spiced but cant do the PSL…and that dill cucumber salad sounds fantastic..i have made a dip with that flavor but the whole salad looks amazing.

  26. I don’t understand the PSL thing. Honestly, I’d rather eat real pumpkin flavor than drink artificial pumpkin.

  27. Hahah what a funny and very true article. I love fall for all the local veggies, leaves changing colours, and crisp fresh air! <3

    • Crisp Fresh Air = YES and MORE YES!!! And the sound of crinkling leaves under your feet when you walk! Ergh. I do not live in the right place to truly enjoy the fall season, ha!

  28. Love this post! Super hilarious. Thanks for sharing such a great recipe.

  29. I totally agree, you have to keep eating healthy and staying fit even though it is fall and winter. Spring will be here before we know it.

    • Right? It’s absolutely NUTS to think about – I don’t want to think about that though because I am looking forward to so many things happening this fall/winter!!!!!!

  30. Elizabeth O. says:

    As much as I love this season, I still don’t want to indulge in all those decadent, fatty food. I would love to stick to my healthy eating habits as well, thank you very much. Those recipes look so good!!!

  31. Autumn for me is orange, pumpkins and drying leaves. A nice time to go out and take tree photos :)

    • Oh yes, I couldn’t agree more! I wish that the leaves on the trees would change colors here in LA – but … I guess I could GOOGLE fall leaves, LOL!

  32. Oh wow thanks for this great recipe Gigi – will keep it in mind for the weekend! And hope you get well from your food coma!!

    Don’t forget to check out this outfit I am wearing this week at the blog for the last installment of my exciting collab with fashion forward brand STAYING SUMMER – I am sure you’ll like it!

    Happy Wednesday!


  33. Food comas are sometimes very useful. Better than hungover

  34. Welcome back! And look at the goodies you’ve brought us — two terrific recipes. Love cukes and dill — great combo. And the tuna looks awesome. Thanks!

  35. Yay! I love the Cucumber Dill Salad recipe! My grandmother used to make it when I was a kid. Now it’s one of my favorite kinds of salads. Thanks!

  36. Ooooh those recipes seem so fresh tasting… I want!
    I laughed for so long though with the pumpkin naked man picture.

  37. I like my tuna in a can. As in, not on my plate. Gurrrllllll, I cannot like that stuff. Haha!

  38. Yum! That salad and tuna looks delicious! I keep wanting to try the beachbody workouts, so now looks like a great time.

  39. Wo this salad looks delicious! I’m currently doing Insanity Asylum!

  40. Never cooked or seared tuna, kinda scares me not sure why. Maybe there are other issues I don’t know.

  41. I am all about staying on my path this year. Funny thing is I am good around fall bc I love soup more than just about anything. Its that darn summertime and its delicious cocktails and get togethers with friends.

    • I totally understand that! Those cocktails can be quite tempting… But what about that EGG NOG? lol! I have never had that stuff before but I won’t lie to ya, it sounds kinda tasty!

  42. Girl you crack me up!
    Loved all your food pics! So much goodness!
    I am not a fan of PSL. Actually not a fan of SB much at all…the coffee tastes too bitter to me.
    Thanks for some more awesome recipes :)

  43. I LOVE her cookbook, and need to start watching the show. Autumn’s recipes are so so good!

  44. Haha! Absolutely hilarious post! I also didn’t realise that we could get free access to Beachbody for 30 days, so thank you for that :-)

    • YES! You can! I am so glad I could let you in on that – it’s such an awesome way to check out their GOODS… And there are LOTS of them!

  45. I like my tuna raw mixed with a little bit of mayo and soy sauce. So good. Also here in S Texas we wear as few layers as possible! LOL

  46. The Seared Ahi Tuna looks so yummy! I’ve never been brave enough to cook one at my own house (for fear of over or under cooking it), but it does sound easy enough!

    • Oh it’s SO SO SO easy! You can do it Jessica, I absolutely, positively promise! That’s your task for the weekend and I want you to let me know how it goes come Monday! haha!

  47. OMG speaking of mole, I’ve been having way too much mole sauce. And speaking of pumpkin, I need an IG account of just that pic.

  48. I love marinated cucumbers! Soaking them in the acid just really brings out the punch, but I’m with you in leaving out the honey. They are also good with some grilled chicken, peanuts, carrots and peanut sauce in a lettuce wrap! My favorite way to eat them.

  49. Well, I do like my tuna sexy. And with cucumbers. Ate a lot of those in China! And worked off 5 lbs by just walking so much! Now I better eat these to keep it off!

    • RIGHT?! I just got back from Italy and Greece and even though we ate SO MUCH FOOD – we walked around SO MUCH as well that Tara and I mentioned the other day how we lost weight, LOL! (or at least felt like we did)… However, being back in LA – any weight I lost (if I did actually lose any) is BACK on! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I hate American food so much.

  50. WELCOME BACK! It was fun seeing your adventures through Instagram! Never heard of using honey for a cucumber salad but I don’t see why not! Sounds delicious haha!

    • THANK YOU P :) I have so many more pics I want to post but I feel like I need to stop because people will still think I am there, ha ha ah!

      And I thought you might like this cucumber salad!

  51. I have to say I do love pumpkin but I also love all the flavors fall has to bring! These dishes look amazing! I think I will have to try that salad first though – I do have a thing for dill. :)

    • And dill loves you right back – he told me 😉

      I need to start getting into the FALL swing of things… It’s 90 degrees in LA right now and will be until Sunday, so it’s a bit hard… HOPEFULLY Mother Nature can CALM DOWN soon!

  52. This looks incredibleee. All the flavors going on in that salad–so yummy! I love pumpkin spice things, but not actually PSLs… they just taste a little too fake for me now!

    • I have heard that complaint before and I totally believe it! I have never had a PSL (well the one from Starbucks, I have made my own and it was AWESOME)… And I am thankful that I cannot drink them, they look like health nightmares! LOL! Pumpkin Spice everything else though = yes please!

  53. I think it’s good to have a balance, especially this season! If you’re going to overindulge in everything that Fall has to offer, you should also eat healthy on regular days.

  54. European food coma! So lucky! Totally pumpkin for autumn but I have never tried a PSL at SB, don’t like how sweet they are. Oh yes on the hunk of sexy ahi tuna recipe, I like it barely seared.

    • I am pretty sure you’ve made your OWN PSL though, right?!

      And ugh. Now I want me some sexy AHI… AI AI! lol! I like mine still swimming 😉

  55. Welcome home !! enjoyed the pictures. The best comment was when someone was going to give you all their stuff . Juicing reminds me of Jim Carrey’s juice man skit :) dam I wish I had those eyebrows. No winter please I need heat. Tuna from a can for me, how weird would a tuna smoothie be ?

  56. These recipes look delicious! I can’t wait to try them!

  57. I like pumpkin baked goods. You can keep the overly sweet coffees though. I like mine black. Like my soul.

    I also like this salad. I need to be back in a Mediterranean climate. Plus I’m sweating like a fat kid. Why can’t we HAVE FALL???

    • OMF LAST WEEK’S HOT WEATHER MADE ME SO ANGRY. SO ANGRY. What is this BS crap!! FALL, you know… SoCal everyone wants to move here, so why don’t you move your fine ass over here too. Oh wait, I get it, you’re trying to AVOID SoCal people. I get it, I get it. Well get the hell over yourself. It’s time to come say HI!

  58. When someone says “autumn” I think “you mean, fall???” :-)
    I did have a PSL a few weeks ago – it was October though. At least Starbucks calls it pumpkin SPICE latte. So many other “pumpkin” products are really just nutmeg/cinnamon flavored but called “pumpkin” to justify the artificial orange coloring.
    My family loves salmon but I haven’t tried tuna on them in a while – maybe it’s time?

    • What’s interesting and I am not sure if you remember this – but Starbucks actually went through a big thing last year touting that they have real pumpkin in their drinks. UGH. LIARS! lol!

      And yes, try some tuna on your family – however, THIS GIRL lovessssss salmon so so so much so……. I would prob want salmon over tuna all day, every day!

  59. Hi Gigi,
    You’ve been to Europe and back? I figured you were going there on your honeymoon. When the big day?

    • Nope – this was a pre-wedding trip!! 😉

      Honeymoon will probably be NEXT year! Something else to look forward too, woo woo!

      And the big day – NOV 12th!

  60. Oh love me some tuna! I haven’t had it in forever and it’s TIME! YUM!

  61. Lol this looks so yummy. I am so anti-pumpkin haha it’s nice to see a recipe online this month that doesn’t involve it. When I think autumn, I think fall tv, cooler weather and football!
    How many layers of clothing am I wearing right now? Why Gigi, don’t be fresh! lol And i know how you feel about juicing lol

    • Do you not like pumpkin in general, or just this time of the year because everyone else gets OBSESSED with it??

      And girllllll I am always going to get “fresh” – haha! NO FILTER over here, you know that!

      • Haha I feel like even if I liked it I would avoid it haha but I’ve never liked anything I’ve had pumpkin. I do like pumpkin seeds but not the guts haha

  62. What comes to mind when you think “autumn”? Beautiful multicolored leaves.
    Are you currently at Starbucks ordering a PSL? Hell no! Do you know how much sugar is in that thing? lol
    What do you love most about the fall season? Even though I’m a Florida girl and I can take the heat, I do appreciate when the weather gets a bit cooler and crisp.
    Did you know who Autumn Calabrese was? Nope.
    How do you like your tuna? Typical tuna salad recipe or as sushi.
    How many layers of clothing are you wearing right now? 1, but spent the last 2 weeks in England and was wearing 2-3 layers.
    You’re not a slave to juicing, are you? Hell no! The whole point of eating fruit is to allow your body to use the fibrous part of the fruit to help process the fructose.

    • Multicolored leaves = the theme for my wedding! :) I am so so excited. Since FALL doesn’t happen in Cali, I am bringing the FALL TO CALI – hahahahaha!!

      And yes, I do know how much sugar is in those things, and I DO NOT recommend ANYONE EVER DRINK THEM! And I am beyond thrilled that you DO NOT! Girl, I love where your head is at – GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE! :)

  63. Whattttt I can’t wait to hear where you went in Europe…. scratch that, just spent a few minutes stalking your #munchingthemed posts. Ahh Italy is my favorite place ever!!! I’ve never been to Greece but it’s definitely on my list. Will keep an eye out for your travel posts lady!

  64. Yum! Thank you for sharing your healthy and delectable Cucumber Dill Salad and Sesame Tuna at the Healthy, Happy, Green and Natural Party Blog Hop. I’m Pinning and sharing!

  65. Dill is one of my favourite herbs! And I can’t wait to read all about your European adventures!

  66. Hi Gigi, I’m not a huge fan of pumpkin but do enjoyed looking at the first pumpkin picture. Love your great sense of humour. :))
    Nice tuna recipe… I love tuna sandwich.

    Best regards,

  67. YOU are hilarious – and I promise not to over do it on the pumpkin this Autumn 😉 Thanks for linking up at share the wealth sundays!

  68. haha… it just doesn’t taste the SAME that way :p… you know as it does in like… pie.

    • Ah ha ha — Okay, OKAYYY! lol Although I do have HEALTHY pumpkin pie recipes here that kick some major regular pumpkin pie BUTT 😉

  69. Oh thank you for that salad- I just got a huge bag of fresh dill from my CSA and I want to use it on everything but I was running out of ideas- love your salad –

  70. I am salivating, absolutely salivating. I am always nervous to prepare my own raw tuna but this has me thinking, I can!

  71. I love Autumn Calabrese and Fixate! I haven’t tried these recipes yet though. Looks like I need to get back in the kitchen!

  72. Hi GiGi,
    I can’t wait to make this cucumber dill salad recipe. I’m so glad you shared your healthy and delectable recipes at the Plant-based Potluck Party. I’m pinning and sharing.

  73. Angela says:

    No PSL’s for me, but I do love…ok, I may have a small problem with the straight up whole milk Latte Macchiato! I’m going to sub it with black coffee and your fab salad recipe tomorrow though!! Thanks for getting me back on track!

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