Have Some Balls on Your Birthday!

There seems to be an immature joke running through the BLOGGY-WORLD… All about: BALLS!* (AhemLindsayLaura…)

*Do you notice the color of the word balls… 

And THIS is how I act when there are balls in my food hole

GiGi Dubois love balls

You would think men flock to me because of my adoration… However they actually flee because as you can see, I BITE. Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!


Happy Birthday Cake Ball

Which means you’re turning another year older, AKA: you’re becoming more MATURE! Right? 

GiGi Dubois and Oreos


In fact… In the latest GiGi Eats (Birthday Edition) video (starring Birthday Cake Flavored Oreos, Wink Frozen Desserts, an esophagus entry treat & yours truly), I actually start crying! To find out exactly WHYWatch the video!

(The best present you could possibly give me = watching & sharing & liking this video!)

Now because it’s my birthday week, I am feeling rather GENEROUS (I’m not greedy like… Okay, I won’t point any fingers in particular)… So I am giving all of YOU: TWO THINGS

First of all, I am sharing with you a PIE-HOLE DELIGHT

Birthday Cake Flavored Balls

To make balls you’ll actually want in your mouth…

  • Combine all above ingredients.
  • Roll into roughly 10 – 12 balls.
  • Put in freezer for about an hour (if you can wait that long)
  • Wolf them down… Yeah, I ate the entire platter during the filming of this video. #GUILTFREE 

Healthy Cake Balls

The second thing I am giving you… Is a CHANCE TO WIN some WINK FROZEN DESSERTS!

Wink Frozen Desserts

Gigi’s Birthday Giveaway!!!


  • Do you like balls in your face?
  • Is there a celebrity out there that you share your birthday with?
  • How did you celebrate your last birthday?
  • Have you ever tried Wink Frozen Desserts?
  • How should I celebrate my birthday (June 26th)? How old do you think I am turning?
  • Have you ever popped a balloon in your eye?
  • What is the craziest “birthday cake” flavored food you’ve seen in the market?

PS: Happy Birthday to my DUDE FOODIE-LICIOUS Co-Host Whitney! Today (June 24th) is HER BIRTHDAY!

Healthy Cake Ball and GiGi Dubois


  1. happy birthday!! you know i’m all over these birthday cake balls!! birthday cake is my favorite flavor everrrrrrrrr! ice cream, protein powder, you name it! i’ve got to check out those drops!!

    • Oh girl! I KNOW you loveeeee birthday cake flavor!!!! You will ADORE these, I promise :) The Capella Flavor Drops have truly changed my life!

  2. You know I love me some Wink!
    And there are seriously so many birthdays in June! Haha, so the best month!

  3. Happy Birthday Week!! The cinnamon bun is calling my name. YUM

  4. I’ve been wanting to try Wink since you first posted them forever ago!! I would totally crumble one of these balls into the ice cream. Can I call it ice cream? Who cares I am. I want to be in CA on your birthday WAAHH!! Seriously though, coffee grounds??! You know I am proud of that one.

    • Dude – I THOUGHT OF YOU when I rolled the ball up in coffee!!!! And you will LAUGH when I tell you how and where I got the grounds LOL! – And Uhhhhh If you randomly showed up in Los Angeles to hang out with me on my Birthday and this weekend with my Chevy… I would NOTTTTTT be disappointed, JUST SAYING! 😉

  5. “let’s make obesity easier to open” “I don’t think you eat just two of those cookies” NOT GOING TO LIE I AM SO JEALOUS OF ALL THESE BIRTHDAY CAKE FLAVORED THINGS. Like, I totes would be buying ALL of the cookies, poptarts, ice cream, etc…if I could eat them. I am one of those people excited to eat cake on my birthday. I love food, I CAN’T HELP IT! Hope your eyeball is okay, HAPPY ALMOST BIRTHDAY LOVE <3

    • DUDE I COULDN’T AGREE MORE! Perhaps that’s why I am ranting??? Because I want them ALL IN MY FACE right now!! But dude, seriously, the cake balls rock – YOU’ll love them!! Try them out and let me know what you think!

  6. You are SO fun and adorable. Is Wink ice cream low carb? I liked the video and will be msking that recipe réal soon!

    • YES! There are essentially NO carbs in it!!! It’s wheat, dairy, gluten, sugar, soy, nut & egg free! Oh and fruit free too! It’s delicious :)

  7. Haha you had me cracking up during this whole post. Those balls look amazingly delicious! Happy birthday!!

  8. I want to buy those drops omg… I would make cake batter EVERYTHING.

  9. A couple of days after I had turned 21, I was riding in a cab with a few older people on the way to the train station to go back to college, and one of them said, “After you turn 21, the years just fly by!” That moment has staying with me.

    I think you are 31, but for you, age really is just a number :-)

    I share the same birthday (day/month) as Robert Kennedy. He was not a celebrity, but was a very good man whose loss changed the world for the worse.

    I’ve had some great birthday cakes over the years, one shaped like a guitar that a girlfriend made for me was fun!

    • Wahhhhhhhhh!!! You think I am in my 30s!!!!!! Time to submit myself to some facial surgery to make myself look younger! LMFAO!

  10. Happy Birthday! So glad to see another fellow ball loving gal! lol. And you are turning what? 24? Because you look pretty young to me. I hope you have a wonderful birthday!!!!!!

  11. Happy (early) Birthday GiGi!
    I have no idea what I did for my last birthday, which is kinda sad, so here’s to hoping that yours is a lot more memorable!
    Also, balls in my face is usually a NO but I could make an exception for yours – your birthday cake flavoured balls that is 😉
    Enjoy your week!

    • Thank you Giselle! :) Are you sure you don’t know what you did for your last birthday because….. You were a little intoxicated?!?!?! LOL! I won’t tell 😉

      Oh and you MUST make a ball exception – my balls are truly MOUTH WORTHY! ha ha

  12. Have a fabulous birthday! And enjoy those balls…

  13. Happy Birthday week, I hope you are sucking, licking and slurping all over delicious balls all week! Um, ok, I officially TOTALLY grossed myself out, but you started it.

    Just wondering how cake batter flavored drops could fail to contain any evilness? If they’re GGi approved ‘ll definitely have to check ’em out! I have some toffee flavored stevia drops of which I’m mighty suspicious.. Some day I”m hoping the FDA will stop allowing “natural flavorings” to be a cover-up for who knows what, but until then I”m kinda relying on wishful thinking.

    • Capella Flavor Drops baffle me a tiny bit because I am not entirely sure WHAT they are made out of, but there are FAR WORSE things in life (ahem, those OREOS)… SO I am going to stick with my Capella IGNORANCE and just enjoy!!! And I think YOU SHOUL TOO 😀

  14. You know what I like? YOUR balls in my face! That’s going to happen. Imma make these cake balls for MY birthday. Actually… you should make them and hand deliver yer balls to mah face.

  15. Happy birthday!!! There’s nothing better than balls in your face on your birthday. Literally nothing 😀

  16. Those sound bomb! Happy birthday week!!

  17. Ooh, I am always looking for a new protein rich snack. Thanks for posting!
    Stopping by from Pinterest Foodie Linky



    Happy birthday to BOTH of US,

    Please send me WINK treats for FREE :)

    • HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYYYYYYYYYYY !!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!! I will be seeing you tonight and I am actually bringing TWO peeps!!

  19. It is possible to grow older and not have to become more mature. Really. Ask my sister.

  20. Happy Birthday to you! So what are you.. 21 yet?
    The birthday cake flavored craze is a bit disturbing. I think the cake batter ice cream at Cold Stone is nauseating. I tried it once (ten years ago, no worries) and I felt queasy.

    • Ha Ha! I will actually be 16 on Thursday, LMFAO! Sweet 16 over here!!! 😉

      And can you believe that I have NEVER EVEN HAD Cold Stone before in my life!!!!! I am glad to hear that cake batter left you feeling a bit sick though because I had always been curious about it!

  21. Haha this is great girl! And SO EXCITING IT IT ALMOST YOUR BIRTHDAY!! Sadly I have NEVER met anyone with my same birthday.. BUT, I turned 21 this past October so you know what celebrating my birthday consisted of! :)))) AND HMM. You need to do something crazy, something spontaneous, something..GIGI! :)

    PS: Will be in LA August 7th-16th!!!!

  22. Happy Birthday GiGi!
    Loving the video, it’s hilarious.
    Now comes the part where I have to create a recipe just for you, right?

  23. i want your balls!!! they look tasty! and allergy friendly and well.. not blue. tee hee. HAPPY BDAY YOUNGIN!

    • YOU NEED to make them, NEED TO! And when you eat them, you video record them and SEND ME YOUR VIDEO!!!!!!! I need to watch you sticking my balls in your mouth!

  24. Girlfriend, you could totally pass for 18 for the rest of your life. I think you are literally the fountain of youth. 😀 Your balls looks amazing too.

    • I LOVE YOU! LOVE YOU for saying that – the BEST birthday “gift” ever! I am going to FRAME this comment 😉

  25. your posts always make me laugh I love them. Have a great birthday and I’m guessing you’re still in your 20’s which makes me kind of jealous. Enjoy!!

    • <3 I love you for visiting! Seriously, it means the world to me that you stop by!! :) And I will enjoy every second of the age I am! ha ha.

  26. I’d eat ‘dem balls, yo. I’d gobble ’em up.

  27. Do you want me to let you in on a secret? Germany is a birthday cake flavoured anything-free zone. No birthday cake nothing to be found. I wonder if that means Germans hate birthdays…???
    Happy Birthday to Whitney and I hope I’ll remember to congratulate you on ypur actual birthday. If not we’ll pretend I’d included the well wishes here already, d’accord?! Oh, and: I’m going to guess you’ll be… 24. Assuming you’re like me and looking younger than your age. I’d say go balls to the walls celebrating. With those Birthday Cake balls. And I won’t get mad at you for not giving me a chance to win Wink ice cream. Can they just start offering it over here?

    • WTF!!!!! Germany sounds depressing, LOL!

      And don’t worry about wishing me a HB on Thursday – however it’s greatly appreciated – because I am considering your wishes today my birthday wishes :)

      And your birthday age guess… PRETTY CLOSE – And I am going to try my best to go BALLS TO THE WALLS on my birthday and when I say balls to the walls, I mean have a food fight with my cake balls but of course!!!

  28. I’m all about birthday balls! Glad they’re not blue! Delicious!

  29. Ha ha, your inappropriateness cracks me up….love it! THose look interesting, I’ll definitely have to give them a shot!!

    • He he! It makes some people laugh and some cringe 😉 My parents cringe… Or don’t even look – LMFAO!!!

      AND YESSSSSSS give these balls a SHOT – PLEASE! You will NOT be disappointed!

  30. BALLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love me some balls! 😉 What a great recipe GiGi!!!! SO EASY & I love easy! :)

    You know I am all about my unhealthy cookie treats on the weekend & that goes for birthdays too!!!! :) Balance in Life for me!

    • RIGHT?!?! A VERY EASY RECIPE even you will want to make!!!! And you might even like these more than your beloved COOKIES??????

  31. I am laughing my ass off over the line, ‘to make balls you actually want in your mouth’…hahahahaha!!
    They actually look very good and I will make these next time my little nephews come over. They love healthy. They actually prefer kale chips over regular chips! It drives me crazy when I see women in the grocery store filling their cart with junk cookies and cake. I want to take it out of their cart and yell at them! lol
    I share a birthday with Oprah!! How fabulous is that!
    The video was hilarious and I hope your eye is ok, funny girl!
    I’m sad though because none of the giveaways let Canadians enter!! Wahhh!
    Have a great birthday, GiGi, and take pics!

    • Uhhhh if you ever do muster up the courage to take out the junk from someone else’s cart.. Can you do me a favor and FILM THIS IN ACTION!!!! That would be DOWNRIGHT HYSTERICAL to see!!!!!!!!

      And imagineeeeeeeeeeeee co-hosting a birthday bash with Oprah! HOT DAMN, lol!!!

      I am sorry you cannot enter to win the frozen desserts! :( If I had it my way, YOU WOULD BE ABLE TO!

  32. hahahahaaha. ‘Let’s just make opening obesity a little bit easier.’

    I’m sorry but you seriously crack me up.

    I can’t remember the last time I had Oreos. Probably the last time I finished a jar of peanut butter in one sitting.

    • That part of the video actually made me laugh too because the package wasn’t all that EASY to open – LMFAO!!!!!

      Would you believe me if I told you that I have never had an oreo before in my life????

      I HAVE however eaten an entire jar of peanut butter before too 😉 ha ha ha!

  33. Hahaha your posts always make me laugh… well done GiGi, well done.

  34. Happy birthday, GiGi!!! I celebrated my birthday by going out for a delicious dinner, with an espresso chocolate mousse for dessert…amazing.
    I’m guessing you’re 26. Old enough to know yourself, but still young and ready to party!

    • Dinner – yes I will definitely be going out to dinner too but instead of that dessert you ordered, I’ll probably just order another ENTREE! 😉 ha ha! That’s how I ROLL!

  35. Happy Birthday Week, Gigi! :) Your balls sound awesome! :)

  36. Happy, happy birthday – spend the entire week celebrating and avoiding all those Oreo cookies!!!
    I hope your week is awesome and full of your favorite things!

  37. Oh I totally celebrate in unhealthy ways because I firmly believe that balance is a part of health. So it’s okay to eat 4 Oreos once every month or so. The problem comes in when you do that every day. I refuse to demonize a food. Sugar kills the same way arsenic does, when only administered in large doses, hahahhaha…oh am I the only one with a dark sense if humor? Hehe. But I’m all for the healthy alternatives on a day to day (Non-birthday) basis! Your balls are hot;)

    • That’s the problem with all these Birthday Cake flavored foods – they convince people that their birthdays are EVERY SINGLE DAY, thus they make eating this crap routine! HA HA!!

      And don’t make me blush, but… I do know my balls are hot 😉 – Even though I stick them in the freezer to make them hard……… AH HA AH!

  38. I MUST make these! And find those Capella drops. My birthday is next month, the big 3-0! Gotta find something fun to do…

    • You have never had Capella before?! I could have sworn I told you about the company before!!! Oh it’s going to change your life.

      AND AHHH!!! Happy BIG 3-0 COMINGG SOON :) :)

      • I have had the Capella drops before, but I haven’t seen the Birthday Cake flavor since I haven’t been on their website in a couple years (sad!!). I definitely need to check out their new flavors since they are really good. I have the Toasted Coconut and Chocolate Toffee flavors :)

        • Well you MUST CHANGE THAT ASAP! They have so many more new and improved flavors, you might have a field day when you hit up their web site! :)

  39. Happy birthday week! Who doesn’t want birthday balls?? Have you ever tried the Birthday Cake cake-pop from Starbucks? It makes my life! I’ve never tried Wink before, but I am all up for trying anything that has sugar : )

    • I have NEVER tried the Starbucks Cake Pop! I always stare at it like a dog stares at a bone though. I cannot eat sugar (among other things), so I will never be able to try it but it looks like HEAVEN!!! 😉

  40. Well I’m not planning on any balls in the face but if any were to pass by your recipe looks like fun to eat.
    Geez I always thought you were at least 21 and I have seen your maturity level blossom over the past couple of years. My gosh it seems like yesterday Crazy Ketchup Girl aired and how about Recipe For A Healthier Cereal :) :) I never looked into celebrity birthdays compared to mine. I really appreciate the smile today new job is a brain twister. You be extra safe and have a great time with Whitney and a happy birthday to her to, eat plenty of water melon !!! :)

    • :) :) AHHH! Those videos! I have made almost 100 videos! I have to go back and watch some of my earlier ones! I think I need to have a video re-cap blog post at some point! I TRULY appreciate your consistent watching!!!!!

  41. Happy 40th birthday!!! I’ll stuff my hole with balls just for you. But like actually so many balls in my face just in your honour.

  42. Hilarious! Great post!

  43. Happy Birthday! Loved this video and love balls!

  44. These look absolutely perfect! I wish I had the cake batter drops. Maybe I could do some kind of flavor variation on them! And happy almost birthday!!!! I know exactly what you’re turning – fabulously beautiful! Oh wait, you already ARE fabulously beautiful! 😀

    • YES! I have so many different flavor drops, so some of these balls can be Birthday Cake, and some of them can be Mint Chocolate and some can be Apple Pie flavored!!!!!! There are just so many different varieties! And then of course you can switch up the flavor of the protein powders! Oh man, now I am going to go NUTS in the kitchen! I will be creating these until my next birthday! LOL!

      AND OMG – The age of “fabulously beautiful” – I LOVE THIS BIRTHDAY! ah ha ah! THANK YOU!

  45. Happy Birthday! Those balls look heavenly and I love the cake flavor too!!! I’ve never tried protein balls with coconut flour in them, but I can’t wait to try it!

  46. OMG you are so freaking funny!! I was cracking up and smiling reading through your post…you are so purrrrty too girl! Oh, and I love balls too, I make some Snickerdoodle Protein Balls with oat flour but I have another raw caramel dessert that I use coconut flour in..so yummy! Let’s see….how old are you turning?? I’m guessing 27-ish?? Happy early birthday! Eat lots of balls, LOL!

    • OMMGGG I am going to have to try my hand at a SnickerDOODLE ball…. The flavor drops come in SnickerDoodle FLAVOR TOO!!! 😀 😀 😀

      And uh….. You are the only one to get my age correct – Shhhhh! Keep it to yourself, will ya? LOL!

  47. Balls forever!! I could eat them all day everyday. I mean it. LOL. I LOVE the recipe!! ANd how on EARTH is it possible that you guys have all these amazing Oreo flavors?? Switzerland sucks, really!! The only ones we have are the originals. Yaaaaaawn.

    Just found out that John Corbett is born on the same day as me (17 years earlier though. He is THAT old??!! Geeeez!!!) . So happy – I ADORED him in SATC and I HATED Carrie for cheating on him with asshole Big! (Though I liked Big in the end, but I loved Aidan.)

    • Wow! I am totally craving a SATC binge watching fest now!!!!! Perhaps I will shove balls in my face as I watch Samantha get the real deal in her face! LMFAOOOOOOO!!!!

  48. It’s so fun to say balls! :) Happy Birthday!

  49. Happy birthday my dearest salmon skin.

    I have a gigi approved ball recipe coming up- similar to this but with NUTZZZZZ.

  50. Happy Birthday! I love me some balls in my mouth too and these sound like the best! I’ve never heard of those drops. I going to have to look up all the flavor options.

  51. LOL actually I don’t like balls in my face and my birthday is April 1st soooo I spent it getting pedicures at a very swanky spa and lunch afterwards at Cheesecake Factory out here at Columbia Mall in Maryland. It was a blast!!!!!

    I have never seen WINK frozen dessert but since I LOVE ICE CREAM I can’t wait to hopefully try it one day.

    • You just gave me the best idea to spend tomorrow at the spa at some point! PEDIS and MANIS here I COME :) :)

      And I HOPE you win some WINK but if not, they offer FREE SHIPPING if you order 6+ pints!

  52. Lori Musselman says:

    Happy Birthday! I love this post! It’s always good to hear someone else talking the same talk so that I don’t feel like I’m talking to myself :). Looking forward to biting those balls ;). (Ok – I couldn’t resist that!!!!)

    • Ah ha ha! You’re NEVER talking to yourself 😉 Someone is always listening, and in this case – I AM! :)
      And yes, PLEASE! It brings me JOY when you bite into those balls, LMFAO!

  53. Happy Birthday girl!! OMG… I NEED those balls. seriously… and I need to look into those drops!

  54. Hiiii love!!! I love sweet balls! Hope Whitney had a great bday, what’d you get her? I hope not just balls! 😛 Hope you’ are well lovely GiGi! -Iva

    • :) Thanks love! I will be throwing LOTS of balls in my face tomorrow for my birthday – Whitney’s birthday yesterday went quite well too!

  55. You always crack me up :) I love reading your posts. Also, those balls look delicious! The best kind! Haha.

  56. ROTFL! You are a FUNNY FRIEND you know that! I want you to have an AMAAAAZING birthday xoxo!

  57. Hahahha, you are so cute! Happy early birthday!

  58. Oh my gosh you are the cutest person ever. Your gif/faces/everything ugh you are adorable! Okay your questions are amazing, so here I go:

    Do you like balls in your face? If they’re the kind you had, than YES.

    Is there a celebrity out there that you share your birthday with? Kate Winslet and Jesse Eisenburg. I was born on October 5th which is aparently the most common birthday in the world, so apparently I share it with LOADS of people.

    How did you celebrate your last birthday? Birthday trip. Taking a trip for your birthday is always a brilliant way to celebrate.

    How should I celebrate my birthday (June 26th)? How old do you think I am turning? Lots of balls, lots of cake, lots of being treated like a queen, lots of pampering, lots of sleeping in, lots of partying, and lots of time with close friends and family!

    Have you ever popped a balloon in your eye? HA nope. I don’t think I’d want to either.

    What is the craziest “birthday cake” flavored food you’ve seen in the market? Not really crazy, but I’ve seen birthday cake gum and ice cream. Those both sound a little questionable to me!

    • In that long word vomit of a comment I forgot to mention HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY! Make sure everyone treats you like the queen that you are! xx

    • THANK YOU Katherine! ha ha ha! :)

      Ugh, I would LOVE to take a birthday trip – and I was actually sort of supposed to… It’s a long story, but to cut it short, I am NOT on that trip and totally regretting it right now! UGH!!! :( OHHHH WELL – Hopefully I get a nice trip in this summer at SOME POINT :)

      And YES – I think PAMPERING and DELICIOUSNESS is a MUST TOMORROW!!!!!! I will party all day long so I can go to bed by 9pm! LMFAO!!!

      I need to try this cake flavored gum… As long as it’s sugar – free! I am not on a mission to find it!

  59. First, Happy Birthday!!!! I think you are turning like 25 or 26!! In your birthday enjoy lots of HEALTHY cakes, well… balls 😉 as long as they are real, without anything artificial or added!

    Balls in my face… if they are sweet I’ll bite them!! yuuuuuummy! 😉

    I actually googled celebrities born on May 2, I’m so cool -____- some celebrities born on the best date ever: David Beckham, The Rock and the absolutely gorgeous Catherine the Great (who’s that?) Whatever!

    I prefer healthier options for birthday cakes! Why eat oreo’s when you can have black bean brownie? 😛 I know the oreo’s open faster buuuuuut I prefer to enjoy my time baking, counting every second until I can taste it 😀

    • Oh you better believe my balls are REAL and REALLY SWEET! 😉

      Oh man, imagine if you had a joint BDAY party with David Beckham!!!!! What on earth would go on on that party!?!?! Soccer obviously, lots of hot men – perhaps the dress code for the men would be Armani underwear only? LOL!

      And I hear you – I am all about making my own treats!! I like to know what goes IN THEM!

      • Say what! lots of HOT men in armani underwear… You know how many balls I will have? (balls to cook/make of course 😉 nothing naughty).

        Knowing what’s in my food is one of my priorities, even when I have to be a prostitute to pay for cashews, walnuts, maple syrup and coconut oil 😛 Just kidding, or maybe not? I love real food, even when I’m broke I’ll spend every single penny I have in real food, rather than partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, sugar and modified corn starch!

  60. Happy birthday! Those balls look delicious!

  61. Birthday Cake flavour drops? So many possibilities!!!
    Have a very happy birthday week…balls in your face and all :)

  62. Happy Birthday! And thanks for the balls recipe. I think. 😉 Fun (really fun!) post — thanks.

  63. Happy Birthday! The video made me laugh out loud. I’m in Australia and the chances of us having birthday cake Oreos are slim. Very good. I can’t imagine eating only two. I also agree about ingredients I can’t pronounce. I won’t do it if I can help it!

    The Happy Birthday cake balls look very good.

    My birthday cake has always been unhealthy. …sad…

    • It’s a wonderful thing that BDAY cake flavored oreos do NOT exist where you live – ha ha! I actually find it fascinating that these Oreos only exist in the states!!!

  64. Larisa Dixon (@0to26point2) says:

    Omgoodness this is hilarious; ) who doesn’t love balls in their face, HELLO!

  65. HA, its my birthday week too! Guess I need to make some balls! New follower from the blog hop. Hope you can stop by sometime!

  66. Hehe, oh Gigi you are so naughty :) I LOOVVVEE those birthday cake oreos….and as it is my birthday next month, do I get to eat the whole packet in one day….calories don’t count on your birthday right? 😉

    I would love me some of those cake balls!

    • Tee he he he! My brain is the most immature thing on the face of the planet, LOL!!

      AND NOOOOO you’re NOT allowed to eat all the cookies on your birthday! You mis-listend to my video, LOL!!!!

  67. Happy Birthday Gigi, I can’t tell what year you were born but you look good so that’s all that is important. I have never heard of Wink ice cream and I looked for it on the food locator on their blog. There is one location in the city of Chicago. Stopping by from the #wowlinkup

    • OMG there is a location in Chicago! I am thrilled to hear this because that obviously means they’re expanding!!! :) I hope you get your mouth on some soon!!!

  68. Happy birthday! I’ve never tried those flavor drops but they sound amazing! #wowlinkup

  69. I’m pretty cautious as to what I put in my mouth, but I think these balls would do just fine.
    And its not my birthday, but it is my husbands birthday on Saturday. Think I could get away with making him some balls instead of an actual cake? 😉

    • OMG yes, make him some balls!!!! He would love them in his mouth, LMFAO – and if he doesn’t… MORE FOR YOU! 😉

  70. GiGi, you are hilarious! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I wish you all the best! I love balls in my face too! Ha,ha! I share a birthday with president Barack Obama. :/ Have a great birthday (extend it to the weekend 😉 )

    • AHHHH HA HA HA HA AH AHA HA HA AHA H! I love that you’re not overly thrilled you share the same BDAY at Obama! 😉

  71. Ahahaha with all the coconut flour and protein powder I might start liking balls! :)

    • LMFAO!!! I just thought of something SUPER inappropriate that could be an interesting weekend experience, LMFAO!

  72. Hope you’ve been having an awesome birthday week! Lovin’ the simplicity of this recipe!

  73. Happy Birthday Gigi!!! I hope you had a fantabulous day yesterday filled with Wink frozen-y goodness.
    I came across this awesome recipe while looking at the Plant-Based Potluck Party Link up.
    This recipe is funny and makes me giggle. My husband has been making immature snack ball jokes since South Park made a song about Chocolate Salty Balls ;p
    I would love for you to come check out Healthy Vegan Fridays as your recipes would be a hit!
    Come check it out: http://rockmyvegansocks.vaskor.ca/healthy-vegan-friday-2-2/

    • Ah ha ha ha ha! I need to watch South Park again, it’s been WAY TOO LONG!!!!!!

      And Yes, I am definitely going to join your party! I am so happy you stopped by and thank you so much for the birthday wishes! :)

      • Aw thanks for sharing your recipe with us (please make sure to link back next time =).
        I hope to see more of your recipes!
        I have pinned this one on our Pinterest Page.
        Thanks again GiGi!

  74. Happy Birthday!! Awesome video – my favorite line: “Let’s just make opening obesity a little bit easier!”

  75. OMG!! Your posts and videos make me smile and laugh alot!!! Thank you for that! Happy Birthday Week!! Are we really supposed to be getting more mature with age? Like you, I don’t feel that is happening, oh well! Love these birthday cake flavored balls! I need them in my mouth asap!

  76. I’m sorry that you hurt your eye :( These protein balls sound awesome. I love balls in my face! Anywho, Happy Birthday week!! My birthday was in May (didn’t do anything fun) and I share my birthday with David Boreanaz. He was my big crush when he was on Buffy :)

    • OMFG you and me both!!! Lets watch Buffy together!! I totally need to binge watch that show now, thank goodness it’s on Netflix! LOL!

  77. Thanks for linking up to my linkies but please add my badges to your posts or link back. Thanks!

  78. Thanks for coming by Let’s Get Real. Love your post and appreciate you taking the time to share.

  79. Yum! I hope you had a great birthday! I’m definitely going to have to try out the cake balls and those wink frozen desserts. I am a huge ice cream/frozen treat lover and I am always looking for a healthy alternative :)

  80. Happy belated!! Hope it was a wonderful one!

  81. Your Birthday Cake Flavored Balls look like a special birthday treat! Hope you are having a great week and thanks so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday.
    Come Back Soon!
    Miz Helen

  82. You’re hilarious! I used to be an Oreo junkie…these don’t sound all that great to me…or maybe I’m just in love with the original ones. But haven’t had them in forever…thanks for helping to keep me away! #wowlinkup

    • You’re welcome!!! 😉 It’s funny, I never ever liked the chocolate Oreos, but these birthday cake ones appeal to me so much – until I read the ingredients label!

  83. Hi Gigi, just ventured over from KR kitchen, and this looks like a fab place that you have. You are one funny lady :) Happy Birthday! Have a ball 😀

  84. Happy Birthday week! I really don’t know what to do with all of this balls talk except talk sports soooooo I will just thank you for the recipe :)

    • Ah ha ha ha ah aha! I mean, sports – yes, soccer! That’s what’s big these days right? And there are balls involved! 😉

  85. Hi GiGi,
    Happy Birthday to you! Gee you really know how to throw a birthday party! This is the healthiest, easiest to make birthday dessert I have ever seen. No baking involved. Just freeze them! You can’t beat that! Thank you for sharing your Birthday Cake-Flavored Balls with us at the Healthy, Happy, Green and Natural Party Blog Hop! We appreciate it!

    • Make them ASAP! They are too good to be true!!! :) And thank you for the birthday wishes!!! You always put a smile on my face :)

  86. These look GREAT! Thanks for sharing them at Natural Thursdays! I pinned your recipe and hope you come back this week :)


  87. kolya k says:

    Oh my goodness….I won….how do I claim my goods (:

    So excited…thank you, thank you!

  88. Hi GiGi,
    I guess we’ll be serving cake flavored balls this weekend for my nephew’s birthday party! This will be a treat for him! I am so delighted that you shared this healthy and delicious Birthday Cake recipe with us at the Plant-based Potluck Party! All the best, Deborah

  89. Hi, visiting you via Healthy Vegan Fridays, those look totally scrumptious, thanks for sharing!

    • Thank You! And HECK YES – they are out of this world! I make them in bulk and keep them in the freezer – and they call to me when I am home! LOL!

  90. I thought you were going to make cake balls with the oreos and was pleasantly surprised your recipe is so healthy 😀 Just made raw maple macaroons from oh, ladycakes and bought coconut flour for that so have some to spare. Have never heard of Capella flavor drops, will have to try them out sometime…

  91. Hope that you had a wonderful birthday and those cake balls look really good!

  92. I know I am late to the game, but these look SO good. I never have any of the ingredients on hand to make balls (hehe), but I am due for a good trip the grocery store, and I’m going to pick up all of this stuff!

  93. Happy Birthday! I must help you celebrate by shoving fist fulls of these into my mouth 😀

  94. Birthday balls are the best!! 😀 😀

  95. Can I use liquid unflavored coconut oil?

  96. Birthday cake flavored anything = perfction. I will definitely be trying these! Thanks for the recipe, dear. 😉


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