Grab An Apron!

Did you know that ripe cranberries can actually bounce like rubber balls…


Or that one fast food hamburger may contain meat from roughly 100 cows!


You learn something new (even if you may not want to) every dayRight?

And if you’re currently eating a burger right now… You’re welcome. 

cow in a burger cartoon

Well… I am about to inform you about something else you might not know… 

I do not own an apron….

GiGi Dubois Lil Wayne Oops!

Say WHAT? 




When a specific meal delivery service got wind of this ASTONISHING news… They knew what they had to do… 

They had to send me a BLUE APRON delivery! 

blue apron

While there may not have been an apron included in the box left at my door (womp womp!)… Blue Apron did pack quite the assortment of farm-fresh foods (in a refrigerated box), to make three sexy-sounding, chef-designed meals, in the comfort of my own kitchen… All with extremely informative step-by-step instruction manuals…

Blue-Apron-GiGi-Eats-Celebrities instruction manual

Which means, you don’t even NEED an apron when preparing Blue Apron feasts because the instructions are so detailed, the recipes are “mess-proof”. 

Okay, okay… Lets be real… I am a five-year-old in the kitchen… So I still made a mess. 


Having Blue Apron delivered to your door (they offer two plans: the 2-person plan, which sends you one delivery a week, setting you back $9.99 per person per meal*, plus FREE SHIPPING & the family plan, which sends you one or two deliveries a week, setting you back $8.74 per person per meal*, plus FREE SHIPPING) is like hiring a personal celebrity chef to teach you how to create new mouth-pleasing exotic cuisine dishes! 

My new girl crush! It was great hanging out today @Giadadelaurentiis @gdelaurentiis #foodnetwork

A photo posted by Geneviève (GiGi) (@gigieats) on

(Giada not included…)

No more trying to choke down that bland, boring and naked chicken breast accompanied by stinky-steamed Brussels sprouts


How about some Piri-Piri Chicken with Coconut-Smached Plantains & Stewed Collard Greens


SURE…SURE… this all sounds fine and DANDY… And some of you may actually be DROOLING right now…


But…You have, I am sure, been virtually SMACKED IN THE FACE by meal delivery service advertisements like Blue Apron… In the side bar of your Facebook Page… Nestled into your Twitter Feed… Clogging your email inbox(es)… Popping up over your entire computer screen, driving you to drink because you cannot find the X to get it away… And it’s overwhelming trying to figure out which service would be best suited for you and your taste buds… 


Well, I don’t hold back in the latest GiGi Eats (when do I ever?) so be sure to check out the video below if you want a FULL SCOOP of Blue Apron’s Cod & Miso Soba Noodles… Just one of the three meals sent to my doorstep!

(No grocery shopping necessary… However I do want to go to the store and get some cranberries to test the rubber ball theory!)


THE FIRST 20 people to CLICK THIS LINK will get TWO (2) FREE MEALS on their FIRST Blue Apron order!

Cod & Miso Soba Noodles with Multicolored Cherry Tomatoes & Eggplant

Blue Apron's Miso Cod recipe created on GiGi Eats Celebrities

(Isn’t my picture pretty! Yep, just tooting my own horn over here!)

Serves two… With roughly 665 calories per serving (every Blue Apron meal is roughly 500 to 700 calories per person)

Cooking Time… 25 – 30 minutes.

Blue Apron's Miso Cod recipe recreated on GiGi Eats Celebrities

So tell me…

  • Have you ever tried a meal delivery service? Success or Fail?
  • Have you ever tried Blue Apron?
  • Do you even own an apron?
  • Who’s throwing cranberries around the room right now?
  • Have you ever cooked with Miso Paste before?
  • Are you a fan of grocery shopping?
  • How many of you HATE those ADS or even email subscribe boxes that have HIDDEN “X’s”?
  • Are you currently in a meal RUT?


Yeah… I’m a eat that…

*Blue Apron meals are cheaper than some fast food meals & take-out orders… I’m looking at you Chick-Fil-A!

Gigi looks at Spicy Chicken Deluxe Sandwich from Chick Fil A

This post was SPONSORED by Blue Apron… If you didn’t already notice! But ALL OPINIONS are my own, I would never lie to you!


  1. I have never tried Blue Apron (though it looks yummy) but I DO own an apron! I only use it when I am cooking Thanksgiving dinner, haha!

  2. It’s good to know that Blue Apron is cheaper than some fast food– and sounds a lot better! I’ve never tried a meal delivery service ( other than pizza)… I have pretty picky kids, but now that they’re getting older they might be more open to trying more complex dishes.

    • Yeah, I think it would be worth a try for them honestly!! The flavors are pretty great and there are lots of different dishes that get circulated through your kitchen – there are bound to be some recipes/dishes they’d like!

  3. I don’t own an apron either! And I also make huge messes, ask the poor hubs who cleans up after me! I have heard of a ton of food delivery services but this is probably the best review and I like that the instructions are step by step!

    • Aw thanks for awarding me the “best review” ha ha ah! Oh wait, you didn’t really? OH well, I will just pretend! I would totally recommend you try Blue Apron if you’re not picky when it comes to food though :)

  4. Wait – is that piri piri chicken one of the Blue Apron meals?! Time for round 2!

  5. i’ve heard such good things about blue apron. and um, i like that you don’t own one. 😉 Comando chef! LOL!

  6. I tried Plated but I was put off by two things: cost and packaging. SO MUCH WASTED PACKAGING. I couldn’t bring myself to subscribe. The meal was tasty but I am pretty into cooking for myself so it wasn’t doing me any favors. I would recommend it for anyone who fears the kitchen or cooking in general.

    • Since you like cooking, Blue Apron really could be for you because you still have to cook EVERYTHING – they just give you the ingredients!! 😀

      • I miggght still give it a try but what I really meant was I basically had all the stuff they sent me in my box, minus the recipe. But I loveee experimenting in the kitchen so not having a recipe doesn’t really hold me back. Now, my husband LOVED it. It was super easy for him to make a meal because he 1. hates cooking 2. never cooks without a recipe.

        • You could make such a different recipe with all the ingredients they supply!!! Oh that would be an interesting idea! Get a Blue Apron delivery, throw away the instructions and GO FOR IT!

  7. I actually saw the most freakin’ adorable apron this weekend at Anthropologie! I told my boyfriend that if I had an apron like that I would cook all the time : )

    • Ha Ha Ha Ha! Hopefully ONLY IN that apron 😉 I bet if you said that, he’d go get it for you in a heart beat!

  8. Ok those smashed plantains. Yeah im coming over and making blue apron woth you, looks amazing! I love the idea of this but Dave and I have such different palates I feel like I would end up having to still cook him something different. I should go check out their recipe options.

    • Yeah, it’s tough when people live together and have different favorite foods, but you are supplied 3 meals in one box – so Dave could have one and you could have one, ha ha… However, forget that- just come over and make Blue Apron with me! 😉

  9. I’ve tried Blue Apron and wrote a review of it–my mom LOVES it, and it is great for her, but it isn’t great for me with my food restrictions and the fact that Alex needs himself some protein. And so I end up with a shit ton of butter in small plastic cups and have to buy extra proteins. If they offered more control or the ability to make substitutions, then I would be more interested.

    • Oh yes, in my video I say JUST THAT!! That Blue Apron is good for those who do not suffer from food allergies, much like you and me! But I was able to make modifications enough and not eat the noodles… So as to get all the flavors of this recipe to determine whether or not it was good – and of course, I had a taste tester 😉

  10. I have never tried a meal delivery service, but you make me want to!!!
    And we definitely need to get you a frilly apron ASAP1

    • I am so glad I can ENTICE YOU 😉
      And right?! A frilly apron is a MUST for me……. Soon enough I will look like a Suzy Home-Maker… BAH! YEAH RIGHT!

  11. Bummer that they didn’t send you an apron.. but it still looks super delish! This is on my list to try

  12. I have not tried Blue Apron, but they are certainly advertising a ton! Your meal looks pretty :)
    I do own aprons because my mother in law made them for me. I usually remember to wear them when I’m already covered in baking messiness!

    • They’re advertising so much because THEY WANT YOU TO TRY IT – ha ha ha!! So get on it girl 😉 You can cancel at any time if you don’t like it – Boo ya!

  13. Did you know Adrien Brody is one of my favorite actors? I also find him totally drool worthy. I have weird taste, what can I say. I would have tasted your white buns for you.

    • This is only another reason why I love you – WE WOULD NEVER FIGHT OVER MEN… OR FOOD! LMFAO!! We compliment each other SO VERY WELL!

  14. I haven’t tried blue apron, but it sounds amazing, and YES I’ve seen their ads everywhere! I happen to own the prettiest apron of all time! However…. it stays decoratively hung on the hutch most all the time. I’m a messy cook, so a little half apron is not going to do me any good!

    • HA HA HA HA AH AHA HA HA HA! I always find it funny when I see such pretty aprons! Who on earth would want to get them dirty! It’s like a nice dress or something, LMFAO! Ohhhhhhhh the irony!

  15. I don’t own an apron either! I haven’t tried blue apron, but it sounds amazing, have to test it out!

    • Yes you do! 😉 I tried out this recipe, so get yourself a different box filled with 3 meals and try them and let me know!

  16. Always hating on the Chick-Fil-A. It’s cool though. Never tried a meal service. I think it would be cool every now and then, but to me it’s expensive. Glad you enjoyed it and sorry you were shafted with no apron!

    • LOL! Always hating on the Chick-Fil-A yes, PROBABLY because I have had it before and… DUN DUN DUN, it was friggin’ tasty – those grilled little nuggets, but I only had it once, and it was a LIFE OR DEATH situation. I am only hating because I want Chick-Fil-A to hear me and stop adding crappy ingredients into their chicken! They need to Chipotle their chicken!!

  17. I have limited domestic skills and also don’t own an apron! I wonder if this is something I could handle?!?

    • LOL! If you’ve ever watched my videos…….. You’d know my domestic skills are… Well, um……. CLASSY? And I sort of handled this recipe so I think you’d be able to for sure!

  18. So much fun! I like how you compared it to taking cooking lessons on your own home. And, how much fun unwrapping everything. It is a little bummer you can’t pick the meals you get, but hey, it makes sense. THanks for sharing allt he great info with us, and you have totally inspired me to cook something yummy today. Thanks Gigi! : )

  19. Haha – GiGi – I gotta say, I simply freaking adore your segue into your review of Blue Apron!
    And you are right on – “You learn something new (even if you may not want to) every day”
    I haven’t ever tried a meal delivery service for myself, but I have for others and they have said they enjoyed it. Maybe this is because I, too, don’t own an apron – and if I did, I’d forget to put it on!!

    • Ha ha ha ha! That could possibly be it! I have a feeling if Blue Apron did in fact send an apron along with the food, I would probably forget to wear it. That’s okay… Prop in the bedroom? LMFAO – OKAY I just took this comment to a whole other level!!! 😉

  20. Even though I’ve never ordered Blue Apron, I’m on their email list for some reason and so I get their “what’s on tap this week” emails and see the meals. A lot of them sound great! And I love that it’s customizable to your dietary preferences so for instance, I could specify no pork :)

    • BAH AHA HA AH! I have been on their email list for ages too, not sure how I got on there either… And then they finally asked me to simply review their products. Perhaps YOU ARE NEXT 😉 Or if you want to, you reach out and be like YO – send me the goods son! 😉

      Oh and yes, I definitely said NO PORK in my order (almost wrote porn, LOL)… And no vegetarian meals! At least they have that option!

  21. I would totally love to try blue apron!!! Someone else cooking for ME, I like that idea

    • Except….. They don’t actually do the cooking for you. They do the grocery shopping for you, you still have to cook it.

  22. bouncy balls from cranberries..100 cows in a burger.. I LEARNED TWO NEW THINGS TODAY.

    but and using kitchen things as weapons..first the butternut squash, now hold the pan as a bat as well..people should beware :p


    • LOL!!!!! Yep, I just cannot help but get a little HANGRY in the kitchen, luckily, once I eat… The “weapons” are put down 😉

  23. Why do you have me ready to go to the market and test the cranberries elasticity now lol. People will probably think I am nuts, but I do not care lol. I can’t wait to do it later on today. Great post.

    Kia / House of KTS

  24. This meal is the whole package, I adore cod! Why haven’t I tried soba noodles yet! Pinning :)

  25. Don’t turn your back on that girl Giada, especially in the kitchen if she has a knife in her hand, just sayin’

    No I do not own an apron. Never had meals delivered. How much sodium is there in miso paste?

    I’m in a semi-rut food wise. But I like things simple.

    • Giada is FAR too nice to stab me in the back 😉

      And the nutritional information was not listed on the miso paste, so I am not entirely sure… However after some GOOGLING I found that a 1/2 cup of miso paste has… DUN DUN DUN 5126 mg! LOL!!!

  26. Who knew about the cranberries!!!!!

    Ummmmmmmmm, NO apron. I barely cook!!!! :)

    I don’t subscribe to any of these things cause I like to control what I est. :)

  27. Ok, this is the fifth blog I have read this week about Blue Apron. I think someone is trying to say something to me. I have even went to the site but still holding off. My girls would probably look at me like I am nuts. Perhaps, when they move out.

    • Ah ha ha! That is too funny! Sorry to be repetitive!!! But perhaps it is the universes way of saying, JUMP ON BOARD!
      Why would your girls think you’re nuts? I remember my parents got meal delivery services all the time when I was younger and LOVED it!

  28. I don’t think we actually have Blue Apron in my area but it sounds really great! And miso paste is so great in homemade salad dressings!

  29. I still jealous of you and Giada. Hers is my favorite Vegas restaurant. Well, top 5 at least.

    I can’t red “miso” without thinking “miso horny.” I should really be embarrassed.

    • LMFAO never ever be embarrassed about your brain – LOL – Cause lets be real, I think of MISO HORNY whenever I hear MISO too – bahhh ha ah aha! great minds think alike, yo!

  30. Lovely meals! I do not own an apron. I have been thinking of getting one soon though. I’m quite messy myself!

    • HA HA! I am just a mess, but I don’t mind getting dirty, so I probably won’t ever invest in an apron, LOL! More things to clean 😉

  31. I actually own like 5 aprons, and use none of them. Except on Thanksgiving. I wear a special turkey apron. And no, I am not kidding.
    I do not think I would enjoy Blue Apron. Too much work. I am a lazy cook.

    • UH – SEND ME ONE!??!?!? lol!! Or at least send me a picture of this SPECIAL TURKEY APRON! ha ha ah aha ha ha!

      And I hear you – Blue Apron is a bit too much work for some people! But it is tasty!

  32. Hehe this was fun to read :) as always. I have a couple aprons, but NEVER remember to put them on unless I’m baking with flour. Weird?

    • Ha! Well flour does get EVERYWHERE!!!! I remember when I used to help my dad make pastries… My clothes would all turn white! 😉 But it was soooo worth it!

  33. Oh my gosh, GiGi, you and Giada looks so fabulous together! What a great pic!
    Never tried a delivery service but I think it’s a great thing for super busy people who want to eat healthy and don’t know how to cook. Or don’t have the time.
    I have an apron for the grill that I always wear cos it gets messy out there. I have a baking apron that I never wear because I have developed a phobia about baking, lol.
    As for every day cooking, I don’t wear an apron but I usually change into my ‘cooking clothes’ if it’s Italian, lol…(read that as yoga pants with an elastic waist)
    I’m all about farm fresh food so I love this service. Let’s get fresh food from the farm right to everyone’s table!

    • Now I just want to get on the grill and make some burgers!!!!! And I will risk not wearing an apron for some juicy deliciousness 😉

      And I love farm-fresh too, just wait til you see the EGGS I used in next week’s recipe!

  34. Reminded of a giant Jiffy Pop :) That’s a interesting concept food and recipe in one. It’s also a great way to help people who are sketchy in the kitchen when it comes to putting a meal together. I hope to start cooking again soon. Your always fun in the kitchen and good to see Vianessa again.

    • YES! Blue Apron is definitely PERFECT for those who want to know how to cook yet aren’t all that cooking proficient… Well they will be after making a few of Blue Apron’s meals!

  35. This girls got 3 aprons (worn sporadically), has never tried Blue Apron, and has never even tried bouncing a cranberry. What have I been doing with my life? Thanks for the Blue Apron intro…I’ve always wondered about those types of services. xoxo

    • Ah ha ha aha ha!!! You have been doing productive things with your life, that’s what you’ve been doing 😉

  36. I think the only aprons I have are from brewing events and I’ve never actually put one on in the kitchen. That’s just weird. You know Giada! Wow! That’s so cool! We have to talk about these steamed Brussels sprouts. I can smell them across the country and you are stinking up North Carolina with this business. Roast, saute, or grill only! I’ve never used a delivery, but there used to be a place here that was a life-saver. It was a similar concept, but you had to pick it up. I do not love grocery shopping unless it’s at the farmer’s market, but then I tend to go kind of crazy. Now I use the personal shopper at the Harris Teeter most of the time. I order online, pull in, hit a button, and they bring me my groceries. Most of the time they get it right, but not always.

    • OHHHH We have something like what you’re talking about here in LA too – I think it’s called MY FIT FOODS or something, you go and pick it up… Never tried it before but I kinda wanna now!!!

      And you use a personal grocery shopper?! How interesting! I have always wanted to BE a personal grocery shopper because that’s the ONLY type of shopping I like to do! Now hiring a personal clothing shopper -that is something I would TOTALLY do!

  37. My husband got me an apron for my birthday a couple of years ago (from anthropologie! He saw it on my pinterest board!)

    Anyways, I’ve tried Blue Apron a few times and I really like it! It was a fun way to learn a few new cooking techniques and stuff :) Plus, it’s nice getting all the ingredients at once because i’m notorious for forgetting ONE thing at the store, haha

    • SOMEONE ELSE said they want an apron from anthropology above in the comments! Stacie @ SimplySouthernStacie 😉 – Clearly you two have the same taste!!

      OH AND I HEAR YOU!!!!! I am notorious for forgetting ingredients too… Or not measuring them out to their specifications! ha!

  38. Yes I have used a similar meal delivery service and it was awesome! I got my first apron for mother’s day this year!

  39. I keeeep getting their emails for some reason.
    it’s a sign?
    they know I SUCKETH in the kitchen??
    PERHAPS :-)

  40. Uhhh-that fact about fast food hamburgers is horrifying! Yet another reason I stay away from fast food.

    Also, Marty and I tried a free-trial of Blue Apron and weren’t huge fans. We felt like 1) it was really wasteful with the packaging 2) it took more time to cook than our typical dinner meals 3) the meals were really high calorie for a dinner (we typically eat the least amount of food at dinner.) That said, I’m sure it is a great service for working moms + dads but it just wasn’t a fit for us!

    • I have heard the same complaint about the packaging! Too much – and I hear ya! And I also hear you about the high calories…… However, for me, since I modified my serving, it was actually very low calorie- but again, I completely understand your qualms. Have you tried any other meal delivery service?

  41. I have about 400 aprons, you can borrow one of mine if you want 😉 I have some that are practical, and others that are just for comedy value.

  42. No apron in the kitchen for me, either. And I have some permanent stains on clothing to prove it. :-( Anyway, I always love exotic dishes in my mouth, and if Blue Apron is a way to get them, I’m all for it! Fun stuff — thanks.

    • I kinda love food stains on my clothing -is that weird? Okay, that’s a flat out lie – but I am trying to convince myself. LOL!

  43. wow lots of yummy foods in here…Now I am hungry! and yes, glad to received an apron from Korea from a sweet friend..

  44. Wow! Those meals look look like restaurant quality! I’m super impressed over here GiGi :) I own a few aprons but have no idea where they are, nor do I care where they are, because I like to get dirty in the kitchen. You def make me want to check out Blue Apron for easy cooking days.

  45. Gigi you’re such a natural in the kitchen!! Who needs aprons anyway… grease stains are super hot right now i hear.
    I love cooking with miso except i only used it a couple times and now have a massive tub of it in the fridge waiting to be used…. need any?? 😉

    • Grease Stains are ALL THE RAGE this fall 😉 So I guess I am actually going to be “IN” this season? LMFAO

      Oh and I have SO MANY FOODS just like your miso! You use a TBS and then you’re like WTF do I do with the rest of this! UHHHHHH……. Save it for a rainy day? AH AH AH!

  46. Haha, love the opening – looks like you have a winner there w/Blue Apron. Thanks for sharing with us at #TryaBiteTuesday – hope to see you next week!!!

  47. This looks amazing!!! Thank you for linking up at the Creative K Kids’ Tasty Tuesdays! I have pinned your post to our Tasty Tuesdays Pinterest Board!! I hope to see you again next week! xo

  48. The hard-to-find/as-close-to-non-existent-as-possible X to get rid of those annoying pop-ups is driving me CRAZY. Especially when reading blogs on my phone.
    Believe it or not but I do actually own an apron. However, it’s currently hiding somewhere so whenever I feel I’m about to create a huge mess while baking I steal/borrow my mum’s. It’s okay, she knew what she was getting into deciding to become a mum, right?!
    While I like [massive understatement] grocery shopping I do think those meal delivery services would come in handy to help with meal planning and sticking to a budget. Because no grocery trips = no unneccessary purchases.

    • OMG I COULD NOT AGREE MORE! Those stupid ads that cover the entire screen are slowing down my computer… I DO NOT WANT to buy that ENERGY SPIKED APPLE SAUCE and I DO NOT WANT TO SUBSCRIBE TO YOUR EMAIL LIST….. Even though I originally came to your blog to do so – because that pop up showed up, I no longer want to! LOL!

      And of course your mom knows that… What’s hers is yours too 😉 So borrow her apron, no problem – LOL!
      Does Switzerland have meal delivery services?

  49. Ha ha! You may not have an “actual” apron, but I know where you could possibly get a free pair of excellent oven gloves! :-)

  50. Nope, never tried a meal service-with a $90 a week grocery budget for a family of five, which also includes non-food items like tp and cleaning supplies, it’s just not happening lol.

    I’ve never owned an apron either-kind of weird because I do a lot of baking! I really should ask for one for Christmas or something :)

    • OMG I COMMEND YOU 10000000% – $90 for a family of five, plus cleaning supplies! I need to go stalk your website and see how you accomplish such an incredible feat!

  51. I tried Blue Apron before and though the meals and food were top notch – super delicious and unique. But I’m a frugal foodie, so I tend to do better financially at the grocery store on my own (and I actually love grocery shopping – I used to ask my mom if I could do it as a chore when I was teenager <– weirdo).

    • I ADORE grocery shopping too Chrissy, so I am right there with you! But Blue Apron is good for those who cannot stand it!

      PS: if you’re weird, I am the QUEEN of the nuts-os! LOL!

  52. I have seen this advertised but really didn’t know if it would be any good. The food looks awesome and what a great deal having it shipped right to your door.

  53. I have never tried a meal subscription service before.But Blue Apron sounds fantastic.

  54. I have not heard of Blue Apron on this side but those prices sound like a real cheap meal plan.
    Thanks for telling us your amazing facts on Fridays Blog Booster Party #19

    • I am glad I could inform you Kathleen! I would love to hear your thoughts if you do in fact try it, so keep me posted :)

  55. Haha, I have two aprons but always seem to forget to put them on. I’ve heard about Blue Apron but haven’t tried it yet. It sounds amazing and the miso soba noodles look delish!

  56. I’ve never had meal delivery service, and I can relate to being like a 5 year old in the kitchen. I hate to cook so much.

    • Ah ha ha! Then BLUE APRON may not be for you, but there are other services out there that do the cooking for you and all you have to do is warm it up in the oven/microwave! Ha. What do you like to eat that’s easy to make?

  57. Okay, I’m curious about 2 things (well more than that but 2 things relative to Blue Apron). Yes it comes in a cold box, but do they deliver everywhere? And, you probably know this question since you know me, do they have vegan options?

    • Yes, there are VEGAN options for you! :) And yes, they deliver everywhere! Debbie, it’s totally worth a shot if you’re not the grocery-store loving type!

  58. I actually didn’t have an apron until last week! I got a moose one for my birthday. Obviously.
    Giada = awesome. Very cool you hung out, but sad she doesn’t come with the delivery.
    I’m not a grocery store type so I need this!

  59. Who can resist a goodie box of yummy ingredients delivered right to your door. Not me! Bring on Blue Apron! Thanks for sharing this entertaining and mouthwatering post with us at the Healthy Happy Green Natural Party! I’m pinning and sharing.

  60. GiGi, this post was in the TOP SIX most clicked on Fridays Blog Booster Party #19. Well done. It will be featured on Friday. We love your helpful and fun posts.

  61. How do you not own an apron chickee? That’s kinda funny. I haven’t ever bought one… but a friend made me one. It’s super cute =)
    I haven’t ever tried a food delivery service, I’m curious to. I should give it a go at some point. There are definitely nights that I look longingly in the freezer at my frozen pizza when I just can’t bear to cook (which isn’t often fortunately). It sounds like Blue Apron can handle dietary restrictions too, which is nice.

    • MADE YOU ONE?!?! Whoa – talented friend, ha! I want her as one too – LOL!
      I really think you should try Blue Apron, you can cancel after one delivery.. And I think they do offer a lot of free specials, and you can make the delivery vegetarian/vegan!

  62. Ooh, I’ve been tempted by Blue Apron — a bunch of my friends have posted about it and the meals always look awesome. I may finally have to give in and give it a try!

  63. It’s such a pretty-looking dish on the plate, looks yum!