You’ll Frittata Over This Heart-y Dish!

Nip. Tuck. Hide. Strap Down. Contour. Shade. Stretch. Tighten.

Let me guess… When you think of these words you immediately envision the “glamorous” world of Hollywood, the land of “bake and fake”.

Plastic WrapOr maybe you just envision plastic wrap?

It’s as if people in Hollywood, walk into an easy bake oven and pop out 30 seconds later completely transformed into something they really hoped would be good, except wound up looking and “tasting” like complete and utter…. [fill in the blank].

Easy Bake Oven Fail

What a sigh of relief it was when I got my REAL hands (yes, there is such a thing as a “hand lift” and no, Hollywood has yet to influence me to get any work done) on a copy of Cameron Diaz’s new book: The Body Book.

The Body Book, Cameron Diaz, Frittata, GiGi Dubois and Tara Redfield

Cameron Diaz has been thrown through the meat grinder, mutilated by the press, insinuating that she has had tummy tuck, liposuction, facial implants, butt lift, fake teeth, THE WORKS!! However, I can attest that this gregarious actress seems as NATURAL as an untouched rainforest (oh wow, that sounded all kinds of wrong… But hey, Cam does have a section in her book dedicated to THAT topic…)!

When I met Cameron (with Tara – you know, The Food Pervert) she radiated natural beauty through her smile, genuine eyes and laid back demeanor.

Cameron Diaz signs a copy of her book

I really wanted to invite her over for a slumber party so we could paint each other’s nails, prank-call cute boys (I am pretty sure she has Chace Crawford‘s number) and watch chick flicks – would it be weird to have a Shrek marathon with her?

All of the Shrek Movies

Wait, no… I mean, I wanted to invite her out to a swanky restaurant and bar in Hollywood, so we can throw back intoxicating cocktails, be each other’s wing women and pick up some studly dudes. Yeah…. That’s right……..?

Since that has YET to happen, Tara and I did the next best thing… We baked up (and filmed, OF COURSE) a DELECTALICIOUS breakfast/brunch recipe inspired by one of the many messages Cameron’s book illustrates: eat a variety of the most nourishing foods!

Check it out:

Here’s the recipe…

Beef Up Your Heart-y Frittata



CLICK HERE for step by step directions!


  • Have you heard of Cameron’s book? What are your thoughts?
  • If you could author a book, what would it be called and what would it be about?
  • What is your favorite Cameron Diaz movie?
  • Out of all the Shrek Movies, which one is the BEST, in your mind?
  • Do you like artichokes?
  • Which celebrity would you like to bring you breakfast in bed? What would you want them to bring?
  • What do you like to shovel down your throat in the morning?
  • Tell me a story about your EASY BAKE OVEN past – I know you had one!

PS: Dudes – this book isn’t exactly catered to YOU, however….. It would be a great gift for a female in your life!

Beef, Olive, Sun-Dried Tomatoe, Onion Frittata

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  1. Hey Gigi, you could totally be Cameron Diaz little sis, you guys look so alike! πŸ˜‰

    • Ha Ha! Perhaps I should audition to be her littler sister or Cameron the younger in a movie? πŸ˜‰

    • oh i so agree! but i think GIgi is HOTTER and more funny!

      • Okay Linds….. What do you want πŸ˜‰

        Since I cannot get to you by tomorrow morning to serve you this magical frittata in bed, I should email Mr. Kiwi and tell him to sneak this mouthgasm in before.. OHHHKAAYYYY!! GIGI SHUT UP! LOL!

  2. We love Cameron and hope to get her book!! So cool you got to meet her.

    And this frittata recipe sounds wonderful!!

    • You’ll love her book! Now there are no recipes, but there is so much other down-to-earth information that will have you glued to the pages! πŸ˜€

      And OMG it’s an HONOR for you two to say that my recipe sounds wonderful πŸ˜‰ I hope you make it!

  3. I didn;t know Cameron had a book. I think she is stunning! And you know I LOVE eggs so I am all over this delicious-ness!

  4. Oh I love Cameron Diaz! Read about her book in Shape Magazine I think it was and cannot wait to get it. And I love her in Knight and Day with Tom Cruise, a highly underrated movie if you ask me! And this fritatta looks so good.

    • I need to see that movie!!!!!! I have yet to, wow, TERRIBLE Cam fan over here πŸ˜‰ I guess I will just HAVE TO have a chick flick night, tonight – AW MAN… What a bummer πŸ˜‰

  5. I always liked her. She pulls off a lot in her movies. I’d say my favorite was “The Holiday.” I remember when she was in “The Mask” and in an interview she was very candid about the fact that she wore fake boobs for the movie and was rather smaller in real life. I loved her honesty! She always looks fresh to me.
    I just heard about the book the other day. I’d buy it!

    Oh, and Shrek 2 is my favorite. I love artichokes. I didn’t have an Easy Bake Oven but my sister made some crap in it!

    • THE HOLIDAY is my FAVORITE!! I have saved it on my DVR for when I am feeling all warm and fuzzy, however… Then the movie just makes me depressed because I think – WHY THE HECK IS JUDE LAW not knocking on my DOOR!! BAH HUMBUG! LOL!

      You need to get your daughter an EASY BAKE OVEN, ASAP! I want to see the photos πŸ˜‰

  6. I always thought CD was adorable and seems really down to earth. She had a show on MTV several years back called Trippin’, and she seemed like she’d be fun to hand out with. I shovel oatmeal with wild blueberries down my throat every morning. It’s comfort food to me. And yes I’ve heard of her book!

  7. ahhhh so jealous you got to meet her!! you girls actually look quite similar in that picture!
    I picked up her book a while ago and so far I’m actually kind of disappointed, a lot of is repeat information to me.. still love her though.

    will you be my valentine?

    • It is a bit repetitive for me as well, we are just too smart for our own good – however, I do think this book is great for people who are not as nutritionally conscious as we are! Cameron writes in a style that’s easy to read and easy to absorb info! :)

    • OH AND HECK YES! I accept, I WILL BE YOUR VALENTINE! :-* (a kiss face??)

  8. This post made me laugh so much haha! I’ve actually been dying to get The Body Book for awhile now! Waiting for it to go on sale! :)

    • GLAD I could make you laugh! πŸ˜€

      While you wait for the book to go on sale, why not go to the book store, pop a squat and read the first chapter or two to whet your appetite! πŸ˜‰

  9. So cool that you got to meet Cameron Diaz – I love her!!!
    I think I like pretty much all of her movies, although I’ve only seen the first Shrek.
    That frittata looks delicious – even without cheese which I love!

    • OMG KIM! WHATTTT!!! You need need need to have a SHREK MARATHON IMMEDIATELY! I demand for you to have a Shrek Movie RECAP on your blog in one weeks time! LOL!!! Homework from GiGi πŸ˜‰

  10. Can’t believe you met Cameron Diaz – LOVE her! This recipe looks relish too!! Totally heading over to to check out her book… Thanks GIGI!!

  11. Pinned to make this weekend. AWESOME! Thanks for sharing.

  12. I’m dying to read her book! That frittata recipe looks delicious!!

    • READ READ READ!!! It’s great! She writes in a way that’s so easy to read, it’s like she’s talking to you as if you two are BFF !!

  13. LOVE Cam! Yes, we’re on a first name basis like that. Best movie by far is There’s Something about Mary. She’s so freaking funny and such a goofball. Checked out her book on Amazon and it has great reviews. Thanks for sharing this recipe, you sexy gazelle πŸ˜‰

    • Dude Cam and I go way back too. We actually have nicknames for each other – She calls me G-String and I call her Cam-Bot. I mean, DUHH!

      And hey, if you want to be in on this nick-naming… You can CERTAINLY call me GAZELLE! I wouldn’t refuse that gracious name! πŸ˜‰

  14. Chace Crawford would be my answer to the sixth question, too, and I wouldn’t be so picky about what he’s bringing as long as he’s up for a Disney watching marathon ;). I bet he’d prefer that to your choice of Shrek.
    The picture of you and Cameron is sweet. She’d better watch out once you’ve published your first cookbook!

    • GiGi Eats ALL OTHER COOKBOOKS – I see that as the title of my up and coming book, what do you think? LMFAO!! πŸ˜‰

      Mmmmmmm Chace…. Don’t even get me started… Oh wait, too late – I will officially be distracted… Forgot what I was going to say, too distracted. πŸ˜‰

  15. i don’t like cameron diaz. i remember her when she first was on the cover of 17 magazine and she was into modeling, not acting. good for her for making it to the big screen but i still think she’s not that talented.

    • Ah ha ha ah aha ha ha ah aha ha aha ha! This is why I adore you Kathy, your brutal honesty is most certainly appreciated! I too remember her on 17 Magazine! And yes, she was a model that crossed over to acting.

      To apologize that I highlight her on my blog today (LOL), make this recipe – it will THRILL your taste buds! πŸ˜‰

      • wow, i just reread this and i sounded like a HUGE bitch. i must’ve been PMSing or something. i still think that of her but i did like the movie something about mary because ben stiller was in it and he’s awesome.

        on another lighter note, i’ve bookmarked this recipe :)

        • LMFAO! No need to apologize AT ALL, PMS seriously possesses people! Hopefully by feeding your PMS this frittata, it will chill out πŸ˜‰

          PS: you totally weren’t harsh, just honest and I like HONEST people!

  16. You guys DO look like Cameron’s little sisters! So cute.

    This frittata looks delish. Might make it for Abe for Valentine’s Day. He loves his beef :)

    • Oh Whitney, when we made this, I thought of you the entire time cause it is so something you’d ADORE!!!! – I wish you came over to have some! :) That being said, you better make this on V-Day, it’s a guaranteed, well… YOU KNOW! bah aha ha!

  17. This has all the right ingredients for me, I can’t believe it feeds five, it’s a good portion for me :) This is good fuel unlike so many recipe’s out there. She should be proud of you both for doing such a great job with this recipe, so many cooking videos are to blah this has pizzazz. There’s something about GiGi :)
    All I have to say Tara is “Half Life ” OMG so cool !!!!!!

    • I really hope you make and ADORE THIS recipe as much as Tara and I did… Oh and… This recipe totally serves ONE – if Tara wasn’t there, I would have eaten the whole pan, at least I shared it with someone, πŸ˜‰

      And Isn’t HALF LIFE AMAZING!! Tara is a TRIPLE THREAT! – Foodie, Actress & Host!

  18. I feel like an ostrich with ma head buried in the sand – I had not heard these rumors bout CD! That pic of you and her – I thought yall were sisters!

    Heck to the yes to this beefed up frittata!

    • Mmmm Ostrich meat. We totally could have used some in this recipe instead of beef! πŸ˜‰ But I didn’t want to slaughter you and take your meat? OKAY that was WEIRD – lmfao!!!!

      Hope you make this GLORIOUS recipe and swoon over it as much as I am! :)

  19. Love this! Yum maybe I’ll make a frittata with Alex this weekend!

    Love Cameron — one of my healthy body/living idols.


    • LET ME KNOW how much you LOVE this recipe – because there is no doubt in my mind that you won’t LOVE IT!!! I just wanna know how much πŸ˜‰

  20. I would want Zac Efron or Josh Hutcherson to bring breakfast to me in bed. haha. I’d want to indulge and eat a nice cinnamon roll. And, sorry that I don’t know too much about Cameron Diaz!
    The frittata looks amazing! I’ll probably substitute veggie meat since I’m mainly vegetarian.

    • If Zac or Josh came to my bed with some food, I would say, SCREW THE FOOD – my tasty dish is the man in front of me πŸ˜‰

      I hope you enjoy the recipe is you DO make it!!! :) Veggie meat is totally suitable, or no meat at all!

  21. I sometimes forget how old Cameron Diaz is because she looks so freakin’ amazing. That’s not meant to be a back handed compliment. Just truth.

    • TRUTH for sure! She’s only really in her 40s though – although who knows, actors in Los Angeles tend to lie. But whatever, she looks phenomenal :)

  22. You look adorbs in that picture with Cameron – OMG so cool you got to meet her. I saw her on Queen Latifah’s show when she was promoting her book and the two of them were cracking me up!! I may have to check out the book…or you can just keep posting all the recipes and I’ll get back to watching Shrek. That would NOT be weird by the way :-)

    • She actually has no recipes in the book – this Frittata was a GIGI ORIGINAL! πŸ˜‰ You might just have to take a break from your boys and pop a squat at the book store and read a few chapters πŸ˜‰

      Once you’re done, you can then go have a Shrek Marathon!

  23. Oh cool I had no idea she had a book out! I absolutely love her and though I’ve never been lucky enough to meet her in person (cough cough) I completely agree that she’s a natural beauty.

    • Come visit me in LA and I will make sure you meet a few Hollywood BIG WIGS πŸ˜‰ Not all of them are impressive in real life though – WARNING πŸ˜‰

  24. This book does look legit, however this recipe..DEF not for me!! HAHA!! That’s OK though, because I DON’T THINK I have ANY recipes on my blog that you approve of works. MORE EGGS FOR YOU! I want to go skinny dipping with Cameron so I can see if she really has a jungle of a bush.

  25. Love Cameron (and artichokes). You two really do look like you could be sisters. Pretty blondes :-)

    • :) Aw, thank you Debbie! And I was thinking of you the entire time I was making this recipe and video… Thinking: Debbie cannot eat this :(

  26. i haven’t heard of it but I love her and would have been thrilled to meet her as you lucky ladies did. The recipe looks yummy. Hum, I think I’d like for Idris Elba to deliver me breakfast in bed, yummy!

  27. Cameron’s a special one, for sure! I hope one day she’ll be buying your book!

    Writing a book is hard! I’ve thought about writing the “You won’t try it, but at least you can buy it, diet,” book! But where is the fun in that, unless making the money is fun. I’d rather write a novel. A Year in the Life of a surgeon. The Many Shades of Red.

    Bet you’re loving the extreme snow events at the Olympics!

  28. This looks so good! I would do this with ground turkey!

  29. I would be so terrible at being in LA. I don’t like movies. However, I do like beefy frittatas. And artichokes. You should really come to ATL and be my chef.

    • You want me to be YOUR CHEF?! Ha! I do believe you are FAR MORE creative in the kitchen than I am… How about you come to LA and be MY chef πŸ˜‰

  30. I am legit making this on the weekend. PEFECT for food prep.

    • OMG!!!!!!!! My blog wasn’t scared of you today!!!! THIS DAY IS GOOD!

      And MAKE IT – MAKE IT – and TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK! You will probably get naked and run around the park screaming at the top of your lungs “GIGI IS A FLIPPING FOOD GENIUS” – yes! Then video tape this and send it to me. I will incorporate it into my next video, lol!

  31. I love Cameron! Good for her for getting her opinion out there and spreading the word about real food and real beauty.

  32. I WANNNNNNNNNA her. curious whats happening in her cranium.

  33. I want to read that book! I’ve perused through it a few time at the book store. Definitely on my list!

    • She’s all about USEFUL, no frills, no cookie cutter information! That’s what I like about her, completely down to earth! :)

  34. That firtata looks so good! I would eat that in a heart beat. My favorite Cameron Diaz movie has to be What About Mary. It makes me laugh thinking about it

    • Ha Ha… Heart – beat… That would have been a funny name for this recipe if I put beets in it. Okay, I am such a dork.

  35. You probably could base an entire comedy show on the word, Frit-Tata!

    I like Cameron, and I hope one day she will buy your book!

    I had the notion to write the book, “You won’t try it, but at least you can buy it, diet!”

    But where is the fun in that? So I’d rather write the novel, “A year in the life of a surgeon — the many shades of red.”

    • I would read EITHER of your books – I actually would TOTALLY BUY your diet book first, not going to lie! The title is quite catchy – and you know me, I LIKE CATCHY!!!

  36. Love this GiGi! I love Cameron Diaz, and totally agree with your thoughts on her being genuine and real. I had no idea she had a book out like that, but now I wanna buy it!

    I cant remember half of your questions, but YES i love artichokes, especially on pizza! I have been told by many that I should write a book, maybe someday I will! I would have to write about my running story, and my journey to represent Great Britain (or the USA….dont tell my country that :P) in a world Championships/Olympics in the marathon! I hope that would make a good story? :)

    • OMG I WOULD LOVE TO READ YOUR STORY! Get on this book writing, RIGHT NOW – So then I can have something entertaining and engaging to read when I am on the elliptical!!!

  37. I’ve not heard of her book, but am intrigued now. Glad to know that she actually does seem genuine. That makes me like her even more. The hubby and I used to make frittatas most Sundays for a late lunch (not even brunch). I love artichokes and think they’d be perfect in a frittata especially paired with sundried tomatoes. And I never managed to cook anything in my darn easy bake oven. It always turned out like a blob of a mess.

    • This Sunday – MAKE THIS frittata! It’s so good, you will want to lick the pan, like Tara and I did! ha ha ha ha!

      And I too ADORE that Cam is down to earth, I have met way too many celebrities who I liked, who turned out to be A-HOLES — needless to say, I no longer like them!

  38. Love this. I love anything with eggs. You make reading from a book look good :-) And talking about gut bacteria funny. :-)

    • HA HA! So how are you feeding your healthy gut bacteria today? πŸ˜‰

      And Can you believe that I had not had eggs in a YEAR prior to wolfing down this recipe!!! How crazy is that?!

  39. Hahah you kill me. I would totally invite her over to a slumber party wayyyy before a night out. But maybe that’s just us? Love the heart shaped pan for this breakfast! So festive.

  40. Wait you aren’t CD’s younger sisters? Could have fooled me…

    artichoke hearts in a frittata sounds bomb. Now I need to find my savoury breakfast cravings again…

    • Yep. The cat is OUT OF THE BAG… I am NOT related to Cam… However, if she wanted to adopt me, I wouldn’t say no!

      What happened to your savory tooth?!

  41. I’ve never seen her book, but have always been a fan. She is so beautiful and seems pretty down to earth. The
    frit ‘tata” (why does that always make me laugh) sounds super tasty!

    • OMG I ate TA TAS! I never thought I would see the day! LMFAO! And trust me, I was laughing far too much over the word Frittata – I didn’t know how to pronounce it! I was just gunna call it beefy egg mixture of love… But that kind of just sounded like a BAD porno involving food. πŸ˜‰

  42. I love frittata’s – such a yummy food with so many variations.

  43. Im so happy you found a heart shaped pan!! :) The recipe looks so good. I just wish I could find olives without so many additives!

  44. I love Fritattas! Egg whites? I need the yolk, cholesterol please! :) Cameron Diaz looks like she’s a ball of fun and hilarious in person. I want to read her book. Happy Hump Day GiGi! -Iva

    • Oh we have some yolks in this recipe, don’t you worry! I LOVE my cholesterol!!! πŸ˜‰ However, eating cholesterol does not cause high cholesterol so it does not MATTER πŸ˜€

  45. Ah, the Hollywood gossip & more!! I have seen & heard it all!!! :) I do agree you could be her sis – you look like her!

    OK – I never know how to answer all your questions!! I just love watching your videos! :)

  46. I have heard of Cameron’s book but have not got my hands on a copy yet. So cool that you got to meet her in person! She does look really pretty in that photo of you and her! I think every girl wants to look like her!

    • Get your hands on a copy – STAT! Go to the *GASP* bookstore this weekend! πŸ˜‰ Or you could try and read a few pages on Amazong? LOL!

  47. I love Cameron and I think it’s so neat you got to meet her! I hadn’t heard about her book, but it looks like a good one. That frittata looks amazing too!

    • I think you’d really like this book, but you might like the FRITTATA more!! Your kids will like it too, I know it!! πŸ˜‰ It’s a crowd pleaser!

  48. I have not heard of her book but I do love her. I appreciate how active she is and would take her washboard abs any day. πŸ˜‰

    • I appreciate that she is a positive role model for women around the world – we need far more of those in the public spotlight! :)

  49. I heart Cameron but had not heard of her book until now. Thanks for the laughs, as always. Really needed them this week. xxoo

  50. Love her! And the Beef Frittata too! And There’s something about Mary!

  51. I didn’t know that Cameron had a book out and totally forgot that she was in Shrek. So fun that you got to meet her. And that frittata looks delicious!

    • I think what you need to do tonight is watch Shrek, while eating this frittata and reading her book at the same time πŸ˜‰

  52. Aww, so cool you got to meet her! I just ordered the book online yesterday after reading so much great reviews for it :)

    • OOO YAY!!! We are totally going to have to chat about it, when you get and read it! LOL – I remember opening to a random page when I first got the book and said, OHHHHHH WOW…. LMFAO! I am curious to hear if you do the same at this specific part πŸ˜‰

  53. I didn’t know she had a book but I’ve always loved her in movies. Charlie’s Angels or the one she’s in with Christina Applegate and Selma Blair – I forget the name! Both are awesome movies! Even My Best Friend’s Wedding is a favourite with her in it too :)

    • THE SWEETEST THING! OMG YES! Such a hysterical movie!!! :) That’s totally a Valentine’s Day chick flick I have to watch – since I am single and all, LOL – it will give me hope! πŸ˜‰

  54. MMMMM can you come make this for me for BREFFEST?!!

  55. i love frittatas!! this looks awesome!!

  56. Cameron Diaz is gorgeous! I love her as an actress, and would love to meet her in person. I hope she’s as silly and carefree as most of the roles she plays :)

  57. I have just figured out how to watch your videos of delicious meal prep–I just have to do it during meals so I’m already eating and not craving more food!!

    If I wrote a book I would call it “Drawn to Triathlons: How I left the couch and started swimming, biking, and running” Or, you know, something like that. I mean, I haven’t really given it much thought πŸ˜‰

    My Easy Bake Oven story: I never had one and was always super jealous of all my friends who did. The end.

    • Ah ha ha ha ah! That’s one way to watch them! I am glad they make you hungry though, I am doing a GOOD JOB then!

      You could also write a book called: BITTER OVER THE EASY BAKE OVEN I DIDN’T HAVE – LMFAO! That one would certainly RIVAL the Triathlon book you SHOULD DEFINITELY write πŸ˜‰

  58. Caroline Thomas says:

    you both are beautiful…glad you got to meet her!

  59. I agree – I think she looks pretty natural! And you two really could be sisters because you look a lot alike! The frittata (why does Google want to correct this word and change it to “irritation”?) looks delicious too! Love the heart shaped pan.

    • BAH HA HA HA AHA H!! That’s too funny because this frittata was HARDLY an irritation! πŸ˜‰

      And be sure to get to the grocery store on Saturday because all heart shaped pans will be on sale for 99 cents, guaranteed! he he!

  60. I LOVE Cameron Diaz, and shame on anyone who says she has had work done. I always feel like she seems so down to earth and natural. I just watched Bad Teacher the other day and she was killing me. I’ve heard of the book but haven’t read it, I’ll have to add it to my growing list. Ack!

    • I need to SEE BAD TEACHER! I have heard she’s hysterical – Adding it to my NETFLIX queue right now! :) Thank you for reminding me!

  61. This recipe sounds great, although ground beef for breakfast seems a little heavy for me. Maybe it can make an appearance in my next installment of breakfast for dinner? I keep hearing about this book — I think I need to check it out!

    • Actually, this ground beef was perfect. We only used 4 ounces, and if you serve this up to 4-5 people, you only get an ounce to a half ounce. In that case, the beef just adds a little extra delicious flavor :)

      But yes, it can CERTAINLY make an appearance at your next breakfast for dinner masterpiece! Served up with a spinach salad or roasted brussels sprouts – YUM!

  62. I had no idea there were so many Diaz haters! I thought everybody loved her. Or I think everybody should love her because I do. : )

    • You would think everyone would love Cameron because she is so down to earth, however I have a feeling some people don’t like her because they’re envious of her πŸ˜‰ I tend to think that is the case with a lot of people who dislike others… But that’s just my theory πŸ˜‰

  63. I don’t think I ever had the “classic” Easy Bake Oven but I DID have a “Mrs. Fields Oven” LOL And let me tell you, I loved that thing. Whenever there’s mention of an Easy Bake Oven I think of the Friends episode where they talk about Monica having one as a child and she says she loved to play restaurant and Ross’s reply was: “Not as much as you loved to play uncooked batter eater.” LOL That is so me.

    • OMFG OMFG OMFG OMFG!!!! I AM A FRIENDS FREAK! Now I just want to have a FRIENDS marathon… Well, there goes my weekend Erica, LOL! Thanks for that πŸ˜‰ Want to come join!?

      AND WHATT??!! A Mrs. Fields Oven? Did amazing cookies pop out, even if you stuck uncooked beef in there? AH HA!

  64. I had not heard of her book but that frittata looks amazing! Wonder if I could get breakfast in bed tomorrow…wishful thinking…

  65. haha, what a coincidence! I JUST read an article today about hand lifts. Weird…
    I have been meaning to read this book for a while now.

  66. Way cool… but get this, I AM CAMERON’S LITTLE SISTER. Shhh. It’s a secret as I don’t want to steal Cam Cam’s glory. You know, meat grinder and all. She’s been through a lot. Let’s keep it between us.

    Annnnd, when do I get to be in a GIGI video? I can paint toe nails and make prank calls.

    • Wait HOLD UP – you got a sex change operation?! I mean, I am cool with that, I just want to make sure I am reading things correctly πŸ˜‰ —- MAYBE you should be on an episode of GIGI EATS explaining that! LMFAO!!! JK JK!!

      I would want to run sprints with you. Wait, I take that back – I would want to PRE-MARATHON FEAST WITH YOU!!! Yes, that’s what we should do for a video! LOL!

  67. So exciting that you got to meet her! Her girl-next-door look is what makes her rand out among the other ladies in Hollywood. Cute pic with her πŸ˜‰

    • For sure! I love that about her, she is very much the girl next door! While you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover, Cameron’s cover scream – down the earth and just plain awesome! πŸ˜›

  68. Hi Gigi! I adore Cameron Diaz and honestly the second Shrek movie is my fave!! I’ve heard of the book but haven’t committed to reading it yet. I get nervous when celebrities write books because I’m not sure if it’s actually good or if it’s just how much the celebrity is loved…. aaaaand I do love Cameron!!

    You may have swayed me to read it lady! Oh and Easy Bake Oven…hahahaha I’ve eaten some raw dough in my life thanks to that little machine… and it was good! :)

    • I JUST watched the second Shrek – definitely AWESOME!!!! I really don’t know if I can pick a favorite one. I am craving to watch the 3rd one right now! What a STUPENDOUS Valentine’s Day movie, AM I RIGHT?!

      I think what you might want to do is head to the book store, read a chapter of her book and then decide! There is definitely some good stuff in there :)

      Oh and I am surprised we didn’t hear more salmonella BREAKING NEWS stories when Easy Bake Ovens were all the rage! πŸ˜‰

  69. Hi Gigi! It’s so cool that you met Cameron Diaz! The frittata looks amazing! I think I will try it! I love this post. Have a happy Valentine’s Day!

    • I really hope you DO try it Vashti, this weekend even. It’s so good, you’ll want to eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the next week πŸ˜‰

  70. Dang girl, you’re famous! πŸ˜‰ That’s pretty awesome :)

  71. That recipe looks phenomenal, a definite must try!

    Very cool about Cameron Diaz, I’ve always adored her work, like Tamara, The Holiday has to be my fave movie!

    Thanks for sharing with #LOBS this weekend!!!!!

    • Oh heck yes, this recipe is so good, I really hope you make it this week – and if you do, please, please let me know your thoughts! πŸ˜€

      You make me want to watch The Holiday now, good thing I have it on my DVR πŸ˜‰

  72. I never had a Easy Bake Oven and I’m still upset about it! :(

  73. This is great! You look like Cameron Diaz a lot! Ha ha! I hope you had a great VDay! <3

    New Blog Post: 15 Things Every Woman Must Have

  74. The Fritata looks super yummy.. Like a bit delicious pie of goodness (minus all the sugar).

    I’ve always like Cameron and there is a genuineness to her smile that makes her extremely likeable.

  75. Hi GiGi,
    I am a huge fan of Cameron Diaz so I watch, read and love anything that she is involved with. She has a healthy natural look with a great smile and skin that glows! My fave movie of hers is “There’s Something About Mary”! Thank you so much for sharing this fun and fabulous post on the Healthy, Happy, Green & Natural Blog Hop! I appreciate it!

    • Something About Mary – SUCH A GOOD ONE!!! :) Do you remember the movie: THE MASK? Ha! I kinda, sorta LOVED that one too πŸ˜‰

  76. I love Cameron Diaz! I can’t believe you got to meet her!! AMAZING! :) I would love to read her book…it is definitely on the “must read” list!

  77. That sounds amazing! I love a good fritatta! Also, i’ve been wondering if I should pick up a copy and mayyyybe I should. Just because you said so : )

  78. Fun! Are the recipes in the book meant to be healthy? It would be awesome for a star like Diaz to be elevating health(ier) recipes.


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