Catch Me If You Can!


Hasta La Vista USA

 Wait, no… I am French, I should be saying Au Revoir!

Au Revoir Mes Amis, GiGi Dubois as a red headed French girl, oh wait, she is French!

But, I am not jetting over to Spain or France… 

Want to know my FLIGHTPLAN?

I fly to Auckland, New Zealand (North Island) NON-STOP (13 hours of bliss!) on December 28th, where I will be bringing in the New Year! I’ll let you all know what 2015 is like before you get there! 

Auckland, New Zealand

Then I soar on over to Queenstown, New Zealand (South Island) January 5th where I will luge down the Kiwi Birdlife park, among other things…

Queenstown, New Zealand

And then I coast over to Sydney, Australia to see The Big Man’s World, on his turf, on January 8th…

Arman in the GiGi Eats Headquarters

And back to the states I come January 11th!

CATCH ME IF YOU CAN! (If only Leo was coming with!)

Now, there my be TURBULENCE when I am UP IN THE AIR… But that’s what happens during FLIGHT (click to see my interview with Mr. Denzel Washington) right?

Right….. Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue. (If you can tell me what movie this quote is from, I will send you a gift from NZ or AUS – And I am not kidding!)

Movie Trivia

I made a little video for all of you explaining what’s to be expected for the next few weeks on the blog…

Buckle Up… This video is quite the take off! Plus, it’s the LAW!


Snakes on a plane GiGi was in the movie

I am going to be taking TONS of photos… If you stalk me on social media, it will be as if you’re WITH ME! (And I need some travel buddies since I am actually going alone!)

Stalk Me GiGi Dubois

So tell me…

  • Have you ever been played with Kiwis in NZ or hopped with Kangaroos in AUS? If yes, what should I do/see?
  • What is your favorite movie dealing with planes?
  • Can you tell me where the quote: “looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue,” is from? I will seriously send you a gift from down under! (First 4 people to guess right, and DON’T CHEAT!)
  • If you could hop on a plane right now, where would you go and why?
  • Have you ever wanted a pet Kangaroo?
  • Australian/New Zealand accents, yay or nay? (Is this a stupid question?)



  1. Oh wow the travelling queen! Can’t wait to see all of your adventures. Snakes on a plane was actually a very well put together MOVIE! LOLOL! Safe travels, Happy New Year and don’t forget us little people BIG TIMER.

    • I never saw Snakes on a Plane, I doubt my plane will have it- LOL… They don’t need anyone having panic attacks 😉

      And thank you, I won’t let you down when it comes to photos! ha ha!

  2. WOW!! So jealous! You are going to have an amazing time. That trip is definitely on my bucket list! Go Buffs!!

    • :) Well follow along with me and seriously, you will feel as if you’re day! I will post on IG like 24823784 x a day – or whenever I have WiFi! ha ha!!!

  3. How will you be fitting in exercise and eating healthy on the go? Just curious!

    • I have hotels with gyms – Of course!!! And… I am going to be walking around a TON! Exploring is always best on foot! 😉 And I know how to order when I am at restaurants, naked, plain grilled foods. :) There will be lots of seafood and all the meat is grass-fed/finished!

  4. Have a great time. Lookout OZ, Gigi’s on the way!

  5. I am so jealous. I would love to go to New Zealand. I hope you have an amazing time. Looking forward to reading all about it. You will have to come to the UK next!

    • Yes yes! I will post more pictures than imagined! 😉 And I will in fact try to make videos when I am there to post when I return! 😉 Going to France in Nov… Meet me there???

  6. Have a great trip! I spent 16 days in New Zealand last year and it was a blast. Go to the Haunted House in Queeenstown if you like scary things. What other cities in NZ are you planning on visiting?

    I think the sniffing glue quote is from the Simpsons.

    Happy 2015!


    • OMG YES!!! Thank you! And 16 days, that’s epic! Flying into Auckland… Did you go there?

      And unfortunately the sniffing glue reference is not from The Simpsons – it’s from a movie 😉

  7. Your photos Crack me up mate

    • Not going to lie, I had a good laugh when I made the Snakes on a Plane one – AH AH HA! Man, is Sam was on my flight to NZ, I would be the happiest person in the world 😉

  8. Such a fun video! LOL.

    I’ve never been to Australia or New Zealand. Bucket list items!

    Have a great trip!

    • Well I will do my best to make it seem like you’re there with all my pictures :) iPhone don’t bail on me now! ha ha! Happy New Year!

  9. I would say I’ll miss you, but I won’t. WHY? BECAUSE we will be talking still. Cause we be BFFFFF. HAVE A BLAST BIATCH! I want to come in your suitcase.

  10. And then on your way home you can stop in the twin cities to see meeee! Perfect! 😉

  11. So fun! I worked on a cruise line that went between New Zealand and Australia for several months :) I love it there and can’t wait to see what you do!

  12. Have an amazing trip!!!

  13. I’m sure I’m not one of the first 4, but Airplane! (Looks like I picked the wrong week to stop doing cocaine!) Love that movie.
    Um, I’ve never been to Oz, but watch out for the drop bears! Also, I am so jealous that you interviewed DenZEL! (DENZEL!! Oh mah Gaw!! DENZEL!!!!!) Love him-I did NOT like that movie though. That crash scene gave me a full on panic attack!

    Love that french photo of you and I am sure you will have an amazing time!!! Can’t wait to stalk your trip :)

    • I cannot even think about the movie FLIGHT – OMG – not right now! The fact that that plane went missing yesterday already has me in a slight panic!!! LOL!

      And um, YOU ARE ONE OF THE 1st four… SOOOOOOOOO You should email me your address and I will send you a little gift when I return! 😉

  14. Have an amazing time!
    And number one airplane movie–GET OFF MY PLANE

  15. have fun love!! Can’t wait to hear/see all of your adventures!! Happy new year!!

  16. Ooh so excited for you/jealous–I really want to go to Australia or New Zealand! Have fun! And bring sleeping pills for the plane…that’s how I deal with long plane rides haha

  17. You made a video in Wyoming! Where are my moose??

    I shall miss you when you’re away and I’ll be pretending I’m there with you.

    P.S. Scarlet hasn’t washed her hair in six days either.

    • LOL!!!!! Scarlet and I are soul besties! 😉

      And yes, I made a vid in WY but it was so snowy that all the moose booked hotel rooms in Teton Village – ha ha ha ha!!!!

  18. You are probably flying right now!!! I know how you feel with a long flight… I’ve had my fair share. Hopefully you aren’t stuck next to someone gross or too chatty! Have so much fun on your adventures and you better believe I’ll be stalking you! Did you just feel that tap on your shoulder? muahaha

    • Luckily I am ALIVE!!! :) And the flight sort of “flew” by… Pun intended? LOL!!!!!! But today, wow, dog tired – which is why I am kickin’ it in the hotel room, about to go to bed actually! I need my sleep so I can start my epic adventures TOMORROW!

  19. Have fun! I’ve never been to Australia and the 13 hour flight time is a huge deterrent but I’ve always wanted to go. Can’t wait to see what you get up to 😀
    p.s. I’m home in the blessed warmth right now and am so dreading going back to the snow so I kind of feel your pain?…

    • Ugh! When do you go back to the snow? Enjoy every second of being at home! EVERY SECOND 😉

      Happy New Year Giselle… PS: The flight felt far “quicker” than I thought, and I didn’t even watch one movie!

  20. What a fun way to ring in the New Year! Stop by BKK?
    Happy Holidays Beauty xo C

  21. Have fun with Armen!

  22. Travel safe and I’m working on a script for cat’s on a plane, “Catnip revolution” :)

  23. What a super fun trip – since it is the 28th you are either in route or already in New Zealand! Have a great time on your travels!!!

  24. I wish I could spontaneously plan a trip like this!! HOW FUN!! What made you plan it all of the sudden? And how cool is it that you’ll be one of the first to enter 2015. You’re like a time traveler! 😉

    • Honestly, I just needed to get out of the states BADLY! I went through some CRAP earlier this year, so clearing my head was a MUST – so I went on Orbitz and BOOKED IT! 😉 Loving every second of it, off to Queenstown tomorrow and then Australia! I cannot wait to post a re-cap on the blog!

      XO! Happy New Year!

  25. So jealous BUT you deserve it!!! Have so much fun & I will try to check out all your feeds but as you know, I am not the best with social media these days AND busy with trying to correct learning mistakes by me! :)

    HUGE HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Thank you Jody! I am having a blast thus far! Very early morning tomorrow to head to the South Island and then Australia! 😀

      I will be posting a re-cap on the blog when I return, so no worries about keeping up to date on the social media! Xo!

  26. Wow, have an amazing trip! Sounds really exciting, I’ve always wanted to go to Australia and NZ!

    • I have lots and lots of pictures posted on social media thus far, but I will be posting a recap blog post when I return, I have taken so many pictures, it will feel as if you’re with me! ha ha!

  27. Have a safe and fun trip! If I could go anywhere it would be to Australia to meet my internet friend Roz. She came to Canada a few years ago and we ran a 10k race together. We hit it off like we were BFF’s. The worse plane movie I ever saw was “Twilight Zone: the Movie” where a gremlin is on the wing of the airplane. I was young when I saw it (8?) and it’s given me nightmares ever since. I would suggest that you don’t watch it before or during your trip :) Happy New Year!

    • Ha Ha Ha! Oh I will make sure NOT to watch it! 😉 I had a dream when I was on the plane that we crashed into the water, and then I jumped awake, LOL! See, I don’t need scary plane movies to scare me from flying – LOL!

  28. So looking forward to seeing what wacky treats you bring back from seeing Arman!

    The last time you guys met up together was hilarious! 😀

    • OOOOOOO I didn’t even think about the foods I might bring back. Sadly, probably not that much because I fly back to NZ after AUS and they’re VERY VERY VERY strict when it comes to bringing food into the country! :(

  29. You will totally make friends on the plane! Have a fun & safe trip :)

  30. So exciting (except the 14 hours on a plane part)! Have a marvelous time.

    • It actually wasn’t even that bad! Have another flight tomorrow, then another on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday and then Sunday again! ah ha ha ah!!! Frequent Flier much??

  31. You’ve got your head on backwards in that shooting photo, lol, but I’m sure 13 hours on a flight will straighten it out!!

    I’ve been to South Africa and love all the accents from down that-a-way!

    The glue line sounds like something Dan Ackroid would say so I’ll guess The Blues Brothers??

    I envy your seatmate on that flight, lady-matey!

    • How may hours was the flight to S. A.??

      And I wish YOU were my seat mate on the plane!! Wow, 13 hours would have FLOWN BY… Ha! See what I did there? 😉


  33. ooh New Zealand sounds amazing! I can’t wait to see the pics. I was so bored on my 18 flight to Singapore. I binge watched breaking bad. Or you could just drug yourself up-have a great time!

    • I drugged the shit out of myself and I don’t know what the heck happened. I had a “dream” that my plane crashed!!! And I JOLTED awake like no one’s business! LOL! I will prob drug myself again for the flight back, LOL!

  34. I’m so jealous! I miss being able to pick up and go. I can’t wait to follow you on social media– have fun and be safe! xoxo

    • :) I am glad I can pick up and go for you then!!!! I will have a re-cap post when I return, it will make it feel as if you were with me, promise!

  35. One word, ambien (at least for the track back home). I haven’t been to either, but my hubby went to NZ and brags about it incessantly. Apparently, it’s really rad! Go figure.

    Have a blast! Safe travels!

    • I have to completely agree with your hubby!!!!! I am having a phenomenal time, tomorrow – Queensland! 😉 I will have a post recap when I return!!!! Your hubby can relive his adventures!

  36. Have so much fun, GiGi!! Very very jealous you get to fly across the world to New Zealand for the holidays. Must be better than staying trapped in a white out in Wyoming, right? Surely you’ll have a great NYE & New Year’s! Never been to NZ but I mean…it’s beautiful & definitely on my list of places I want to see. HAVE SO MUCH FUN, don’t come back until you do.

    • Ha Ha Ha! Oh I will not, that’s for sure! 😉 I have a lot on the agenda and I will certainly be posting updates on social media any chance I get wifi!!

      Thank you – hopefully you can visit NZ soon enough!

  37. I hope you’re having loads of fun over there in New Zealand. Have fun and enjoy yourself. Do something I wouldn’t do lol. I hope you had a great holiday. Happy New Year

    • Oh I have done far more than I ever thought I would ever do!!!!!! And I am here for another week – if I went home tomorrow I would be a happy girl. Tomorrow – Queenstown!! Thursday – Sydney! 😀

  38. Have FUN!!! I don’t even need to tell you that, I know you will :)

  39. Have a great and safe trip GiGi! Can’t wait to see some photos :) Denzel is so yummy – he’s so composed and relaxed. Lucky! Get me an autograph! 😛 Have a great one and happy new year GiGi! -Iva

    • Next time I see Denzel, I will let him know that you think he’s YUMMY! 😉 I will secretly film his reaction! ha ha ha ha!

  40. AAAH! How awesome! Have so much fun- I will be following along on IG :)

  41. AMAZING! so jealous! have fun and safe travels! :)

  42. Gigi, you rock star! Safe and happy trip. Can’t wait to see amazing photos. Happy New Year :)

  43. Funnnnnn! Wait, it is actually summer where you are headed right? Oh wait…we live in LA. Doesn’t matter. BWAWAHAHAHHHA!

    • Summer for SURE! Way hotter than LA right now, and there is no Ozone Layer, so yep, I am burnt to a crisp right now! LOL!

  44. Hope that you’re having a blast on vacation lady!! I’ve never been to NZ or AUS but would love to venture over there someday! I have to say, I thought that it’d be longer than a 13-hour flight from the west coast to NZ…. I did an 18-hour flight once, so I could deal with that! Hope that you took a sleep aid to knock yourself out for a bit! Haha.

  45. WAUW, jumping into the 2015 from the beautiful coast of NZ !!? How adventures 😉 I hope you have an awesome time down under, Gigi :)

    CHEERS TO A NEW YEAR! May the Champagne taste even better down under (Who knows where to get the best… the Frencemen?!) 😛

    • HAPPY NEW YEAR MARIE! :) I figured the best place to spend the cusp of a New Year would be in the time zone that celebrates 2015 first!!! I wanted to put 2014 behind me, although, I have to say, it was a pretty good year :) So far this one is magical! I hope you’re having a great one thus far as well!

  46. Everyone and their mom is going to New Zealand this year! Apparently it’s “the place” to be! Have an amazing time — can’t wait to read about your experience on Arman’s home turf haha

    • Oh really??? I haven’t seen everyone and their mom yet, LOL! In fact, it’s been pretty EMPTY here in Auckland, LOL! Well, tomorrow I am headed to Queenstown, maybe everyone and their moms are there? BAH HA HA HA!!!

      Happy New Year!! :) I will def post a few pics of me and Arman!

  47. Wow, how FUN that you get to be in New Zealand for the New Year!!!! That’s also so neat you’ll be traveling around there and Australia. I’ve never been to “the land down unda,” but have always wanted to! I hope you have a wonderful time. Oh, and you look beautiful as a redhead, lol!

    • 😉 ha ha h ah! Oh well then perhaps I should dye my hair out here before I return! LOL!!!

      Happy New Year Melanie! I hope you are already having an amazing one!

  48. Your blog is so fun—can’t wait to see all of your adventures in the new year!

  49. Okay, I’m jealous times two. 1. You interviewed Denzel Washington! Craziness. I watched the clip and how did you even manage to stay all calm??? It looks like he was a really down-to-earth and relaxed guy.
    2. You’re off on an epic vacation. If I could hop on a plane right now it’d be headed to LA. Yes. I actually talked about that to a friend living there just yesterday.
    Oh, and: That quote would be from “Airplane”. I’ll admit I never saw the whole movie but a friend showed me that exact scene on a particularly boring day in school. Sssh, don’ tell.

    • Ha Ha! I am a professional??? 😉

      AND UM – COME TO LA IN 2015 – JUST DO IT! Hop on that plane, ASAP! You know I would welcome you with open arms!!

      AND UM, YOU ARE TOTALLY CORRECT about that quote!!!!! 😉

  50. If LOVE a pet kangaroo! Happy new year!

  51. Oh, that movie! The quote from Airplane just makes the post! Have an amazing time on your travels!

  52. Wow what an amazing trip!! Hope that you have a wonderful time and look forward to seeing pictures. I think the movie was Airplane!

  53. Safe travels you jet setter you!!! And Happy New Year!!!!

  54. OMG if you are Sydney we should totally meet up!!! I am in Brisbane till the 8th but I want to try get out of some stuff that weekend to see you 😀
    Happy new Years and have an amazing travel time!

    Choc Chip Uru

    • I am going to be in Sydney from Jan 8th, get in at 6pm until Jan 10th! I have getting lunch with Arman on the 9th… You should try and join us or maybe we can get dinner or something?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?! Facebook message me: – We need to set this up! :)

  55. Never been to Australia or NZ, but please please hit some beaches for me!
    On planes, I mostly spy on people, do stretches, look out the window, hope for food to come soon, and sleep. :-)
    I tend to go back to Europe over and over and over again… have also been to Africa and Asia. Need to hit South America at some point.
    Have fun on that trip! So lucky!

    • Oh I HIT the beaches and the sun HIT ME right back! LOL!!!!!!!

      Where in Africa have you been?! I want to go sooo badly but it’s just not exactly the safest right now :(

  56. Hello gorgeous – bon voyage too! Wishing you all the best this 2015 – Happy New Year!!


  57. New Zealand is so high up on my list of places to go! You are so lucky! Have so much fun, and be sure to tell us all about it when you get back. Thanks for sharing about your trip with Hump Day Happenings.

    • Oh you better believe I will be re-capping my adventures on the blog!! I mean, that’s what they’re meant for, right? 😉

  58. Can NOT believe you go so sunburned! I love NZ. Spent some time in Auckland on my honeymoon. 😀

  59. Buuuuuuh! You should have come around to Spain!!

    • I WOULD LOVE TO! I KEEP telling my friend who lives here in NZ that my next solo trip needs to be to Spain and she can meet me there :)

  60. so exciting!! i hope you have a great trip! safe travels:)

    • Thank you Caralyn! I feel like I have done so much thus far, and I am still going to Australia tomorrow! NUTS! 😛

  61. Wow GiGi! That’s an awesome vacation! I hope you’re having an awesome time and 2015 has been great to you so far. 😀 xx
    If I could hop on a plane right now I would go to Thailand. I’ve been dying to go there for so long. Hopefully there won’t be any snakes on my plane. :/

    • Oh man, it’s been nuts and it’s NOT over yet! Going to Australia tomorrow! 😮

      I would love to come to Thailand with you! Perhaps later this year?? 😉

  62. What a terrific trip! Hope you’re having a swell time — terrific way to celebrate the new year. Speaking of which, Happy New Year! Airplane is such a classic movie — so many favorite lines. The glue sniffing one is great, but I think my favorite is “I speak Jive,” :-)

  63. I’m dying to see pictures from your trip! I’ve never been to Australia/New Zealand. I’m sure you had a blast!

    • INSTAGRAM lady, I have been going NUTS – but I will have a recap photo post x 2 the week of the 19th!!! So much to share! 😀

  64. OMG so the travel bug bit you my globe-trotting friend – thanks for sharing the FUN!!!


  65. UGH, I am so far behind on everything! I saw many of your pics – what a wonderful experience!!!!

  66. OMG no way! You are so brave to travel alone, I love all of the photos you have posted on social media (stalking MAJOR) cannot wait to hear more about your trip! xo C

  67. Sounds like a great way to kick off the year! I look forward to hearing more about your trips and in the meantime I start following on instagram (not sure why I didn’t do it before!)