Catch Up With This Condiment

Ah ha ha, totally laughing at the title of this blog post… I am just so creative, no? Can you guess what condiment I am discussing today?

Any ways… As you can tell summer is drawing to a close. No more thong bikinis… Nut huggers…

Sad right?

Oh wait, maybe you still wear these things around your house.

The changing seasons doesn’t mean you’re going to be putting the hot dog and hamburger condiments away though so it would be really smart for you to watch the latest episode of GiGi Eats Groceries.

I expose… and I mean EXPOSE one condiment… and it’s not even wearing a thong? Okay, I have no idea where that thought came from, but go with it.

Check it out! It’s quite scandalous!


Mmm… Scrumptious! GiGi Eats Celebrities (or I guess Groceries today)!

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  1. Mmm my favorite High Fructose Corn Syrup, AKA Corn Sugar, expanding humans across the nation. Great post, I enjoy the humor :)

  2. blissfulbritt says:

    0:28…best part ever. Bahaha this had me dying. I feel like I miss you, maybe because I was so close to you last week but didn’t make it to you. Saddest day. This video made me feel better though, fortunately I like mustard better.

    • Ha Ha! Well I am glad the video at least made you happier!! The nice thing about videos is that… even if you’re FAR APART, you feel as though you can REACH RIGHT OUT and touch the person, LOL… Definitely NOT asking you to touch me, LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! Oh god, words taken out of context = terrible! Any ways, how did last week go?!

      • It was amazing. I posted all about it. I want to go back..I want to run it again, and I want to see you, and I want another cupcake from my recent post. I NEED ANOTHER DISNEY ADVENTURE!

  3. Yes, but what about the king of condiments, Mustard!!!?

  4. Ketchup on cereal…really? I do remind ketchup and white bread sandwiches haha….

    ps. are you going to dance that way at my wedding??

  5. Omg you’re hilarious in this video. Ketchup was my fav til I decided I wouldn’t have it anymore (due to sugar) after going Paleo. Now I eat mustard. Sigh lol….

    • This ketchup is sweetened with Splenda… It’s a sometimes treat for me, I really love it with spinach, lol! I am Paleo – minus that ketchup lol!! And you could totally make your OWN ketchup OR… Mix tomato paste with mustard -It’s pretty tasty!


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