BREAKING NEWS: Justin Timberlake & Justin Bieber Duet About Artichokes

Since moving to Los Angeles I really cannot tell the different between Spring, Fall, Winter and Summer!

Flowers in Snow

Seriously, if you come to Los Angeles in December, you might even find me trotting around the city in a bikini.

Does that entice you to get on Orbitz and book a flight? 

You totally thought I was going to post a picture of me in a bikini now didn’t you!

Regardless of my inability to tell whether it’s winter or summer, I am pretty sure this past winter, you all had to endure Amanda Bynes like bi-polar temperatures that come with Earth’s bitchy atmosphere.

Amanda Bynes eating chicken

Who wanted to kick winter’s grumpy ass?

Well you will be happy to know that Spring took care of that for you and has officially K-Oed Winter’s keister! 

2012 Olympics Boxing in London

While it may now be Spring, this doesn’t just mean that celebrities (and yourself?) have every excuse to wear next to nothing when getting sloppy drunk and winding up in someone else’s bed (hope you have more class than that).

Spring also means that one of the sexiest vegetables is now ripe enough to be “undressed”.

Artichoke drizzled with oil

That’s right, THE ARTICHOKE is ready for it’s walk of shame… Although, it being so delicious and healthy (there is an extract – silymarin – in artichokes that literally hugs your liver), I hardly believe it will ever get kicked out of someone’s bed.

I was gazing at one of my Spring-time globes the other evening while watching E! News and got to thinking: 

Which steamy celebrities look as alluring as seductive Artichokes… (they are an aphrodisiac after all) 


Justin Timberlake

 Would you like to nibble on a little Justin Timberlake? With some melted coconut butter perhaps?

Justin Bieber

 I’m thinking about grilling Justin Bieber…

Katie Holmes

 Katie Holmes will find a man soon enough with her delicious appeal!

Robert Pattinson

 Robert Pattinson has perfected “the artichoke”.

Katy Perry

 Not sure whether I should eat or stick this artichoke in water. Men around the world are wondering the same thing about Katy Perry!


The artichoke has such a strong presence, just like Adele.

E! as well as Access Hollywood, Extra and Entertainment Tonight REALLY need to do special segments about which celebrities that look like vegetables because this right here is some hard-hitting journalism!

You read it here first folks… Justin Timberlake and Justin Bieber will be collaborating on a song called “Artichokes” all in honor of the new season! I guess this is long overdue, considering there are so many winter holiday songs out there! 

NOW GO… Eat some artichokes! 

  • Do you like artichokes?
  • How do you prepare them?
  • Are you happy it’s now spring?
  • What’s your favorite season?
  • What celebrity do you think most looks like an artichoke?


  1. You are so creative with those artichokes GiGi! Ha.
    I hear ya when living in LA-what season is it again?!?! No complaints though right! I will take it. :)

    I LOVE artichokes and am so glad to have them in season.

    • You definitely need to post a delicious artichoke recipe on your blog :) Or we can make one together and invite JT over… Ha Ha!

  2. I’ve only made an artichoke once..ONCE!! It was delicious, but there wasn’t NEARLY enough meat on those bones!! I WANTED MORE!! I have to admit to buying the TJ’s canned artichokes for pizza’s.. AHH don’t shun me please!!

    YES I AM HAPPY IT’S SPRING! I want summer though, so I can eat fruit and sit naked in my bedroom. At the same time.

    • OMFG!! ONLY ONE?!?!?!?!?!?! You need to get to your store RIGHT NOW! RIGHT NOW I tell you! You need to chow down on those artichoke hearts – that’s where the meat is… Without actually being meat 😉

  3. Artichokes, sad to say I never eat them. They look like allot of work I just grab a bag of carrots :) Please say it’s not so, JT and _____ why? I’m still waiting for Jumbo Pop!! he just forgot about his loyal fans :( although Sexy Back is my anthem. Amanda looks a little chemically challenged. No spring here still 40’s and below freezing at night. I like HEAT can’t stand the NE anymore.

    • WHAT?! Why don’t you eat these delicious bad boys! :) The hearts are delicious and so healthy!! Get to the store right now, buy some and let me know how you incorporate them into your diet!

      Sorry to hear that Spring has yet to come to you, but it will!!

      • Ok I bought one and baked it in the oven with chicken and had a cup of Gunpowder Tea, enjoyed it. I used to eat them but did not like the oils or water based packing, tasted bland.

        • Yay! :) Yeah, artichokes in cans and jars can be kind of gross depending on what they’re packed in – the real thing is always best! I am glad you went out and got one!

  4. You are HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could do without Bieber though. He is crashing & burning like Lohan – he best be careful. Artichokes will want nothing to do with him! 😉

    • Ah ha ha ha ha ha! The Artichoke king will kick him out of the pack if he messes up like Lohan and the rest of the celeb trash out there! 😉 How do you like to prepare your artichokes?

      • I actually don’t eat them… lazy me – hub lies them so maybe time to bring in the house. How do you prepare healthy – your fav way? I am lazy so keep that in mind AND a bad cook!!!

        • Ha Ha! Honestly, the best way to cook them… Get the artichoke hearts from the can… Drain the can, soak them in water, drain and then let they sit in an olive oil bath for maybe a day and then roast them in the oven with garlic :) That’s it! Top them on salads – so good!

  5. I LOVE artichokes! I just roasted some the other night, and they are so fun to eat, and then the heart is like a surprise at the end! I stuck some cloves of garlic inside the leaves before roasting, and it made them like 100x better.

  6. Haha I love artichokes. My favorite way to eat them is pickled- the tartness is really accented that way. So jealous of the warm LA weather! We just had snow here and I’m ready for summer!

    • I don’t think I have ever had pickled ones… That sounds interesting. I am more of a freshly off the grill (doused in olive oil) artichoke girl myself!

      And don’t worry, the warm weather will hit you soon enough… And then we will all be craving some cold temps again! LOL!

  7. Black Peppercorn says:

    I just discover your blog, too much funny specially artichoke and Justin Bieber. Artichoke is sexiest vegetables.. lol

  8. Gigi, you are such a crackup! I love your twist on health + celebs :) I love the choke, all dressed up in garlic + hummus YUM! I think the artichoke looks like Pink because of her spiky hair and the spikes on the choke..maybe?? I usually bake mine because its just easier for me, I used to boil them but O LORD that was always a mess + never done right! Thank you for giving me a laugh, I needed it! Love + shine CourtStar

    • Ah ha ha! OMG YES – Artichokes = Pink!! Brilliant comparison!!! 😉 I could definitely see an Artichoke & Jackie Warner too! Ah ha ha! Do Artichokes kind of look like lesbians? Too much? Ah ha ha!

      But YES, I totally agree with you, garlic & artichokes are AMAZING! :) I have never tried baking a whole artichoke before. How long do you bake it? Do you steam it at all first?

  9. I’m not an artichoke fan but then again, I’ve never eaten one before. This post made me laugh though. Thanks. =)
    And, my favorite season would have to be Spring or Summer. I love LA weather. =)

    • You must try artichokes before you write them off! LOL!! Please go buy one! :) The heart is the best part, so if you have to, just buy a can of artichoke hearts… soak them in water, drain, then soak them in olive oil over night and roast them in the oven the following day with garlic! So good :)

  10. Nothing not to like about artichokes, or the celebs you mentioned, cept Bieber that is. He’s a train wreck waiting to happen. You heard it hear first!

    Very creative, GiGi!

    • LOL! Yes, I just saw some news bit about how the Biebs is CRASHING AND BURNING right now… LOL – I be artichokes around the world are appalled by my comparison! LOL! 😉

  11. OMG. Love the photos! So good.

  12. I didn’t know they grow artichokes in other countries {R-Pats & Adele}. Does this variety taste tart? 😉

  13. Oh my Giggle! I may never be able to look an artichoke in the eye again!

    Loved your comparisons! Spot on!

    • A ha ha ha! The next time you eat one, you can think that you’re taking a bite out of Justin Timberlake! Ah ah ha.

  14. I have never had an artichoke but after your post, I can’t wait to try one!!! Hmmm, I wonder how it juices :)

    • Ah ha ha ha ha ah! I am not so sure artichokes juice, lol… Maybe the heart? But I definitely recommend you try one! Steam it… Drizzle olive oil all over it, slice garlic and put in in the leaves and then bake it for a little bit, YUM! :)

  15. Hihihi! I enjoyed your post so much!
    Anyways I live in northern europe. We don’t do artichokes here (nor grow nor eat). We are potato/tomato and cucumber people 😀 Well, but when or if I’m in the south or states and someone orders that as an appetizer I love it pretty much.
    Though your post made me crave it so, I’m thinking on buying one and having in some kind of style :))

    • Roasted artichokes with olive oil and garlic are by far the best in my opinion! :) I also love them antipasti style!

      I would be so sad if I couldn’t get artichokes on the regular! :(

  16. Grrreeatttt now I want spinach and artichoke dips – SHOW ME DA CHIPS!

    • LMFAO! I don’t think I have ever had artichoke dip before in my life!! But, if you need a “vehicle” for your dip… Bake some eggplant chips!! AMAZING 😀

  17. hahahhahaha!

    I love artichokes, yes, I’m happy it’s Spring, I love summer and one day I shall visit you and love it no matter what season it may be! :)

    • You are MORE THAN WELCOME to come visit at ANY time :) And then we can go get artichokes and sit in the sun while eating them. lol

  18. HAHAHA i loooove this! And yes, I love artichokes, too. These photo combinations are hilarious. Thank you.

  19. Mmm, artichokes. Love em. Putting them in my Easter quiche.

  20. Madeline @ Food fitness and family says:

    Bahahaha I love this! Just as much as I love undressing some artichokes :)

  21. I love artichokes. Though I’d say they look more like a Georgia O’Keefe paining, if you know what I mean.

    • Ahhhhh ha ha ha ha!! I am sure artichokes are an appetizer at the Georgia O’Keefe Museum’s restaurant 😉

  22. On a different note; I just read that the punkie adolescent has a pet monkey,,,,,,,,, I guess this will really be his new friend now that he lost that nice young lady. :)

    • Ha! Ha! Did you ever hear about that woman who had a pet monkey… And how it wound up ripping her face off? Yeah, well that could very well happen to him!

  23. I love artichokes! LOVE them.

    I’m in LA too and while it’s not super warm today, I’m over the colder weather and am wearing a sun dress. :-)

    • The weird thing about LA is that it’s cold until about 1pm and then it gets sunny and warm! I am not complaining however, I am an early bird, so when it’s cloudy and yucky outside, it’s not very motivating! 😉

  24. oh yum! i love artichoke just never make them. That must change!

  25. I love, love, love artichokes and actually nabbed one at the grocery store just last weekend because he looked so pretty nestled in with all the other produce. I couldn’t resist and now that I have him, I’ll probably steam the shit out of him and dip his luscious leaves in a light lemon butter sauce and swoon.

    • LMFAO! Okay, the award for best comment definitely goes to you! LOL! I wish I could send you a golden artichoke as your consolation prize!! You better be steaming that sexy bad boy up this evening, he’s yearning for your nibbles! lol

  26. I love artichokes tossed in pasta or on top of homemade veggie pizza! yummy

    • Mmmm!! Yum – totally! I love artichokes with olives and hard boiled eggs… Maybe a little tuna too 😉

  27. you, my friend, are freakin hilarious.

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