This Chick Gets A Makeover: Chick-Fil-A

Who here craves…

Monosodium glutamate mixed with some moist tapioca dextrin and succulent dimethylpolysiloxane

Piled high with…

TBHQ, ammonium sulfate, liquid yeast, palm kernel oil, cheese culture, oleoresin and caramel color

Oh and lettuce, yes, lettuce too… But of course.


Gigi looks at Spicy Chicken Deluxe Sandwich from Chick Fil A

Didn’t your grade-school chemistry professor tell you to NOT ingest any chemicals?

Then why in DA FAK are so many FOAMING at the mouth for the juicy poison I described above?


Think about this….

Wanting to nosh on that amalgamation is pretty much the equivalent of taking a few bites of the ever so tasty Lindsey Lohan.

Lindsay Lohan and Anna Wintour arrive at the Vogue party at Hotel Crillon in Paris

She is the chemical twin of the number FOUR at Chick-Fil-A (with EXTRA Chick-Fil-A sauce)!


Perhaps she should be dubbed: Spicy Chicken Sandwich Deluxe… Well, I mean, people have called her FIRE CROTCH in the past, so I guess that’s pretty close…

And she actually sort of looks like this sandwich…


Any who… What I am getting at here is, YIKES!

Obviously (oh please tell me it’s obvious!) ALL fast food isn’t exactly your heart’s BFF…

However… I am focusing on Chick-Fil-A because… It needs to be “Justin Biebered“… Or in other words: ROASTED


Actually if Chick-Fil-A quit coating their chicken in processed white garbage and then dunking it in a jacuzzi full of soybean oil, and roasted it instead, THAT would be a step in the right direction in terms of healthifying it

GiGi Eats Celebrities holds a chick-fil-a bag

But since it’s more likely that you’ll see an octopus doing the Macarena in the Sahara Desert… I decided to take matters into my own hands and try to create a version of Chick-Fil-A‘s beloved Spicy Chicken Deluxe Sandwich… That won’t have your liver calling an ambulance for your heart. 

Chick-Fil-A-Spicy-Deluxe-Sandwich-GiGi-Eats-Celebrities Landon Ashworth GiGi Dubois compare sandwiches

To see just how I transformed Lindsey Lohan the sandwich … Take a look at the latest GiGi Eats. I even was able to wrangle in Chick-Fil-A’s # 1 Fan to do a side by side comparison… And he has a lot to “cluck” about…


Chick-Fil-A Spicy Chicken Sandwich Deluxe made healthy

Roll 1.25 lbs of Chicken in…

For the Chicken’s Bath:

GiGi-Approved Chick-Fil-A Sauce ingredients:

Don’t be a CHICKEN and make this CHICKEN…

  • Marinate the chicken breasts in 1 cup of pickle juice for at least an hour. I marinated it over night. 
  • Mix all seasonings and flours together in a shallow dish and set aside. 
  • Whisk together the eggs and coconut milk and set aside. 
  • Drain the chicken and dip the cutlets into the egg/milk bath and then dredge it into the seasoned flour. Set aside. 
  • In a shallow skillet, heat 2 – 3 generous tablespoons of coconut oil until liquid and place cutlets into oil. Cook roughly 4 minutes per side. Add more coconut oil if the pan starts to dry out. 
  • Remove chicken from heat. Construct with a grain-free, sugar-free, paleo bun… Or whatever you’d like… How about a spicy chicken burger salad? And… START PECKING! 

Healthy Chick-Fil-A sandwich revamp


So tell me… 

  • Have you ever tried to re-create a Fast Food favorite? Was it a WIN or a FAIL?
  • If you could marry a Fast Food restaurant, which one would it be and why? 
  • Do you like spicy? 
  • What would you do is Lindsay Lohan knocked on your door? 
  • Have you ever eaten a tasty sponge? 
  • Are you a die-hard “Chick-Fil-A-er”? 
  • What’s the WORST NICKNAME you’ve ever been called?! BOY DO I HAVE SOME BAD ONES!


  1. I would pick your chicken sandwich over Chick-Fil-A chicken sandwich any day of the week. I don’t care what your friend says… 😉

  2. The only meal I’ve tried to recreate was this senora chicken pasta from Ruby Tuesday. I used to go and eat it once a week. Finally, I started making a copycat at home. Man it was good.

    • You don’t still make it? I LOVE when I can accomplish the “impossible” – ha. And it seems to be impossible to completely re-create a fast food restaurant item because of all those damn added ingredients!

  3. Great post!!! Laughed out loud. Yes, I always try to recreate not just fast food, but local restaurants too

  4. Their fillet o fish is the bees knees…I swear it’s the mayo!

  5. If I could marry a fast food restaurant, it might have to be Chickfila. Between the diet lemonade, warm cookies and waffle fries…what more can a girl ask for?

    • Well shit, I have a feeling you and Mr. Chick-Fil-A Lover would have to DUKE IT OUT for Chick-Fil-A’s hand in marriage. 😉

  6. Yum! I make homemade copycat chik-fil-a sauce often (my bf loves it!) and have done copycat chicken nuggets but not the spicy chicken sandwich. It’s my boyfriend’s fave so I’m sure he’ll love me forever if I make this!

    • GIRL YES! MAKE IT! What’s your sauce recipe?! I’m curious if it’s anything close to mine… ha!

  7. A few years ago I saw that a Chick fil a sandwich had like 80 ingredients or something crazy. I haven’t eaten fast food since then. 80 ingredients and only one is chicken? No thanks!

    • RIGHT?! THAT IS HOW I FEEL when I look at all fast food ingredients lists, what in the FAK FAK?! No THANK YOU.

  8. I don’t like it spicy..I NEED IT SPICY.
    And even though I’m not obsessed with chick fil a or anything..I CAN’T believe you’ve never had it girl!
    BUT WOAH. did NOT know how many ingredients it was made of.

    xoxo Sarah Grace, Fresh Fit N Healthy.

    • NEVER have I ever eaten the SPICY fried sandwiches – I will admit that I have had their grilled nuggets – I HAD TO because there was NOTHING ELSE and I was going to faint. Did they taste delicious?? F YES. Did they make me feel good…? F NO. ha ha.

  9. You are AWESOME!! You are the ultimate Makeover Queen! :)

    I personally have never eaten Chick-fil-a, they popped up after I stopped eating fast food (or at least I didn’t notice them). I have eaten my share of hamburgers out there (don’t even want to admit that I used to love Mc Donalds chicken sandwiches because I thought it was “healthy”, or Carls Jr. burgers..YUCKAGE). The memory of the smell of those places makes me want to purge my memories, eww.

    My mouth is watering over these ingredients as I imagine the flavors…YUM! I love your presentations and creations, I look forward to them every week, puts a smile on my face! Keep it up :)

    • OMG Audry! You just made my day. 100% serious! I am so glad that I can please your eyes with my creations ha ha… And hopefully your tastebuds too if you ever try some of my recipes! A friend from college is coming to visit this week and I think I am going to try and make OREOS healthy for next week’s video! YIPES! Wish me luck, ha ha ah!!

      PS: I AM THRILLED you have never had Chick-Fil-A and have cut fast food out of your life!

  10. Your sandwich > Chick Fil A Sandwich. I used to eat fast food occasionally (like Taco Bell, OMG YUM) but not anymore. The two places I opt for when going the fast food route are Chipotle and Panera. And Panera isn’t on my favs list because of all of the junk ingredients in most of their food. BUT, their power chicken hummus salad is kind of great. :)

    • What is it about Taco Bell? I have never ever eaten there either, but I know a LOT of die-hard fans. If I have to, I will opt for Panera & Chipotle too – or… I just head on into Whole Foods! ha.

      PS: now I want hummus. LOL

  11. Best. Video. Ever. Well minus the one we did. 😉

    • Oh really, what was the best part of this video for you Hubby? LOL! 😉 There was no WALDEN involved!

  12. I guess my fav fast food place would be Subway. After all, it’s owned by Doctors, Inc.

    Spicy is good!

    911 for Lindsay, since they send the fire dept.

    Never had the C-fil-A.

    Zorro was the worst nickname. I was a kid, and the bullies called me that. I realize it was personal thing, but it really hurt. Now I would carve them up :-)

    • I used to subsist on Subway when I was professionally snowboarding. I would get the meatball sub, without the bread – ha! Meat balls are my JAM! And wait, I have never made any on the blog – Well, THAT needs to happen!

  13. Well I eat lots a chicken and this great and if the captain needs heat slice some jalapeno on top with some cilantro and Applegate Farms bacon ? MSG is addictive in the sense that real food tastes bland. I don’t eat any fast food really but if I pass a certain Pizza place a couple of slices is not out of the question. Ok confession on sponge eating I have roasted the puffy pad on the bottom of chicken and started eating it when I realized the plastic was a bit chewy :) If double L showed up I would immediately throw her in the shower and work from there. Well considering my name let your imagination run wild.

    • BAH HA HA! YOU KNOW I HAVE AN ELABORATE imagination so HOT DAMN it’s running WILD, no joke! 😉 Bah ha ha!

      And I LOVE your addition of jalapeno and bacon! YES! That’s happening for sure.

  14. This looks and sounds delicious, girlfriend! Loving the use of coconut milk for the chicken “bath” 😛

  15. Hot damn! Is it a crime that I’ve never tried anything from Chick-Fil-A?

  16. That looks awesome. I would like one right now. I was never a fan of Chick-Fil-A anyway, so I would obviously choose yours.

    Do I like spice? I’m married to an Indian and I like my food waaaay spicier than him. The spicier, the better. Whenever we go out they always try and give him the spicier dish haha.

    • One healthy spicy chicken sandwich with 10 x the cayenne pepper that this recipe calls for, COMING RIGHT UP! 😉

  17. Ummm I would have YOUR version any day! I’ve actually never had Chick-Fil-A….and to be honest, I don’t like eating at places that can’t spell…lol.
    Anytime you “healthify” a greasy fast-food recipe it will never turn out the same because of all the crap they use. However, you can make some pretty decent alternatives.
    Definitely going to try it :)

    • Exactly!!! This alternative, as mentioned in the video, is not the exact same thing… But, Chick-Fil-A inspired me to make a recipe I never would have thought about prior to observing their sandwiches! So I guess I can sort of thank them?

      • Yes totally!! Looks awesome. I’ve tried to helthify so many foods for my hubbs, he never goes for it. I mean he’ll say it’s good, but he’s like “you can never replace the real thing”. The only time I was close was with a vegan cashew-base “cheese”cake. That he gobbled up!! lol

        • I tried so very hard for this one. Why are men’s palettes so hard to please? LOL!

          OMFG a VEGAN CHEESE CAKE?! AND HE LIKED IT- I wanna see this recipe! NOW!

  18. I have quit eating fast food for some years now, and I have no clue how #4 at Chik a fill tastes like. But your recipe sounds fabulous! I can have THAT any day!

    • And you should have it ANY DAY :) All the ingredients have health promoting properties, that’s for sure!

  19. I would love to try your recipe! We don’t have that restaurant up here but I wouldn’t try it anyway.

    • Good – just try my recipe instead!! You won’t have anything to compare it to, so you will just think it’s tasty – if you like spicy that is! ha ha.

  20. Marinating chicken overnight in pickle juice for a fast food chicken burger recreation? Genius! I want that. In my mouth. Now.

    • I really think the pickle juice the a HUGE difference! Perhaps brining in general makes a HUGE difference in all recipes! I need to do that MORE OFTEN!

  21. Great recipe! I LOVE spicy. Oh & for the record, if I could marry a fast food place, it would be In & Out. :)

  22. uhhhh Lindsey Lohan DOES look like that sandwich! How does someone look like a sandwich?!

    • LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA AH AHA HA HA! I wish I could record me laughing out loud so hard right now!

  23. Great re-health-construct recipe. But seriously marinate in pickle juice? Love it. Only thing that comes to mind is I actually deep fried Coke cause I was to curious and I never saw it sold. A novelty for sure.

    • Wait, you deep fried coke??? Or did you just try it? OMG PLEASE TELL ME WHAT THAT WAS LIKE! I am sooooo curious!

  24. Oh, I was so excited and sad to see this all at the same time! I do love Chick Fil A but I always go for the grilled chicken. My kids LOVE the chicken nuggets. And here I thought we were eating the “healthier” fast food. We don’t go all of the time, it’s definitely a splurge, but bummed to hear about the ingredients. I will definitely be trying yours out!

    • That’s the thing – I think Chick-Fil-A tends to get a health halo because it focuses on chicken… But alas, it still is full of chemicals and processed to the nines. Yes, I have tried the grilled chicken before 😮 and HOT DANG it was tasty, but ugh, it also made me sick just THINKING about what exactly I was ingesting.

      I hope you do like my recipe! You can make it into nuggets too and give it to your kids :)

  25. Dude! I love Chik-fil-A (still) so this was right on. How about some Popeye’s next time? Can you tell I’m from the south 😉 ?

    • OMG PopEye’s! I have to see if LA even has it! ha ha ha. But that could be a CRAZY GOOD challenge!!

  26. OMG, LANDON!!!! He is about 10 feet tall so he can afford to eat that stuff. 😉 He sounds like my hubby! If you tell him it is healthy, he already is balking at it. :) He cracked me up! I am sure yours is way better!!!!

    My hubby likes Chick FL BUT I have to say that neither of us like the political stuff – I know – but he still goes every so often.

    I love spicy!

    If Lindsay knocked at the door – I would close it. :)

    As for nicknames – takes me back to childhood UGH stuff so I will leave it there.

    • HE IS 10 feet tall! Did you see that one part in the video where he stands all the way up, LOL!!!!!!!

      And yep, every time I mention something healthy, I get this face like “UGH GROSS” – bah ha ha! But oh well, I am used to it and I will continue to TRY until it kills me 😉

      As for the politics, I don’t even pay attention to any of that, there is enough BAD about all fast foods, I don’t even want to think about the politics too – ha. I put my BLINDERS on!

      Nicknames, ugh, AGREED! I had some of the worst ones, that’s for sure!

  27. mmmm currently craving a MSG sammy. just kidding. But i do like that hunk in the video next to your sexy face. 😉

    • AH ha ha ha ah! I had a feeling I might make YOU foam at the mouth too at the thought of an MSG sandwich 😉 That’s good though because I am craving that HUNK of beef next to me and I don’t wanna share, 😉

  28. I’ve never tried to healthify a fast food favorite (unless you count fries into sweet potato fries, in which case, it was a total win), but I love doing healthified copycat recipes! 😀 I like what you did with this one! It looks awesome!

    I have never eaten a tasty sponge, but I am totally cool with that. :O

    (I’d probably marry In N Out.)

  29. Ah man! Chick-fil-a has to die in my world now. Dang. I can’t think of any fast food that I’ve tried to recreate. And I’m going to be very careful now not to put myself in a position where I may need to. :) If LL knocks on my door, I’m probably going to do the mom thing and take her in to try to fix that hot mess.

    • Right? LL just looks like a “fun” project at this point, I think I would take her under my wing and try and HELP her too… And in the process I would feed her this chicken sandwich and my churros! LOL!

  30. Aw man I sure do love me some Chick-Fil-A! This post hurts Gigi. I do enjoy the spice though. If I’m at Chick-Fil-A or Wendy’s, I’m almost always ordering the spicy chicken sandwich!

    • I am sorry that I HURT you Chris… But in the end, I am actually HELPING you? 😉 MAKE this revamp and let me know what your taste buds THINK! I am curious of your manly perspective!

  31. I’m started to get jealous of the chicken when you mentioned a bath. I’ve haven’t had one of those since WWII. Anyway, anything fried is heavenly and I find a coconut oil bath and deep fat frying to be equally satisfying as the sowbean monglyceradiation that Chick Fil A uses. This looks amazing. Once again you have created a masterpiece. Feed me.

  32. I would definitely much rather eat your healthified version of this. Cannot stand fast food. There are so many terrible things out there to eat!

    • THANK YOU and I COULD NOT agree more! Ugh to FAST FOOD. Seriously makes me cringe every time I drive by a place!

  33. I wouldn’t recognize Lindsay. I would probably say:’ Hey. So?’ And she’d be offended. Whatever.

    I am a whimper when it comes
    to spicy food. Even mild salsa is too much for me, haha!

    Nicknames. What about:’ Hey, SwissChick, are you fit?’ – it should be a rule to strike down lame jokes. Laura, Meg and the Aussies call me Luc. I like it. Though when I was this anorexic girl, they called me BONEY at school. Lol.

    • Lucie, I am right there with you – I really DO NOT like spicy food, I am a wimp too… I like to actually TASTE my food – I don’t like burning my taste buds, LOL.

      Luc – would it be pronounced “luke” or “loose” – BAHHH HA HA HA HAAHA HA HA to the LOOSE nickname!

  34. oh oh oh if this passes the CHILD TASTE TEST I may have to kiss you full on the mouth.

  35. while the sandwich looks enticing, i think i would give up with the amount of ingredients and effort required, i am SO lazy in the kitchen…so, maybe you should come fly me out to LA and make it for me 😛 I’ll bring spaghetti squash!

  36. Oh wow, I really want that right now! , I “thought” the chicken was healthier because the coating not as thick and nasty as say McD Don’t usually do the bun or fries though so all I’m left with is a little hunk of chicken filet, and I’m still hungry, so needless to say we don’t go there very much even though the kids looooove it.

    • I hear you! That’s how I feel whenever I got out to eat in general, I take away all the carbohydrates I cannot eat and I am left with a measly tiny piece of protein…… For $15 none the less, ha!

  37. Ha! GiGi. This looks delicious and way better than the ones bought at fast food places. Plus, it’s healthier! I like my food spicy. Funny thing is, I’ve never eaten at Chick-fil-a.
    As for nicknames, boy did I have some bad ones too.

  38. I’ve actually never been to Chick-Fil-A! Yup, I’m the one that hasn’t been there. Guess I’m just not all that into dimethylpolysiloxane. But this sandwich looks superb! Good video, too. :-)

    • Ah ha ha!! GOOD I AM GLAD TO HEAR THIS!!! My sandwich doesn’t have such an ingredient, so WOLF THIS PUPPY DOWN!

  39. never recreated a fast food dish but damn you chickfila, damn you! it’s my only guilty pleasure…..i’m going to have to try this recipe out. thanks for healthifying it lady!!

    • I cannot wait to hear what your palette thinks!!! I am sorry to make you feel guilty about your Chick-Fil-A obsession, but I am looking out for you – lol

  40. Lol, you are hilarious. I really enjoy your articles. Thank you for this HEALTHY version of a chick-fil A sandwich. I am sure it is delicious and nutritious.

  41. That picture of Lindsay Lohan is everything ahahahaha

  42. YES YES YES it’s so obvious that it’s total and complete crap. I’m so very glad you wrote this because I’m sending it to like 10,000 people who love this awful, garbage-ridden hell hole.
    Too much??

  43. That looks delicious because I LOVE spicy foods and spicy chicken. Pinning your page because I want to try this for our end of the season Outlander party next week-end. #wowlinkup

  44. Great post and so true about the crappy additives in fast and processed foods. Great recipe and easily veganizable. Thanks! :-)

  45. I was JUST saying I need a cookbook fillllled with cool new chicken recipes. This one fits the bill!

    Chik Fil A seems like the least terrible offender but it’s still B.A.D. so I can only imagine what McDonald’s does to THEIR chicken….

    • OMFG I DO NOT EVEN WANT TO THINK ABOUT McDonalds! YIKES x 1000000! 😮

      And I am thrilled I gave you a new chicken idea!

  46. Yum – the sandwich looks awesome!! I like Chik-fil-A OK but it’s not someplace I eat often.

  47. Oh that’s sad, I’m sure I used to eat those all the time in college, LOL! I like your healthier alternative better :)

  48. I’d eat your chicken sandwich any time over a Chik-fil-A one! Give me home made food, and the effort that someone makes to produce good home made food like that, that wins me over every time.

    I used to be addicted to McDonalds McChicken Sandwiches when I was at Uni. Yeah, no wonder I felt crap most of the time, until I learned about the monosodium glutamate in it and have barely eaten one since.

    An octopus doing the Macarena in the Sahara Desert… ha ha ha, the thought of that. Brillant! 😆

    • I AM THRILLED you no longer are addicted to those McDonalds sandwiches! YIKES! I have never eaten at McDonalds before but just the thought makes me feel like a dried up Octopus who cannot do the macerena any longer! ha!

  49. hahah! A bag of crap!! I’ve never been to Chik-Fil-A. Whew.
    Relating Lindsey Lohan to a chicken sandwich? Good move, my dear!
    I would eat yours over theirs in a HEARTBEAT. For the pickle juice ingredient alone. I want it right now but it’s midnight and no stores are going to sell me chicken, which is bunk.

    • You need to move to Los Angeles… Pickle Stores are open 24/7 here – for all the pregnant ladies in the city… Or for me? LOL

  50. Hahaha I love this post, girl… you had me lolling on the floor right from the very beginning! ;D Worst nick-name… wow, I got a few. I remember being called “Teddy-bear” through elementary school. I didn’t really realize that it was because I was as huge as one! (I was 50lbs overweight!)…. and totally in love with McD’s Mc Chicken! …. note to self: there might be a link between the two!

    Fast forward 10 years… now I’m none of those nasty things 😉

    • Considering you were over-weight, I am actually shocked your nickname was just Teddy Bear – that’s actually really nice compared to some of the names I have heard people call those who are over weight :(

      And wait a second… McDonald’s may have been the cause for your weight gain? LOL!!!! — I AM THRILLED we are fast forwarded 10 years from then 😉

  51. I’ve never been to Chick-Fil-A, we don’t have it up here but it looks just awful, lol. Your creation is amazing, GiGi, and I’ll definitely try it. I’ve made a couple healthy burgers lately but damn, they are so hard to photograph so they didn’t make the cut. They did, however, make it into my mouth, lol.
    I’d set my dogs on Lindsay – just to chase her away, of course. Plus, it’d be funny as hell to watch her run. I have a feeling she has the body of an 80 year old woman, ha!
    That was really fun!

    • RIGHT! BURGERS ARE SO HARD TO PHOTOGRAPH to make them look pretty! SOOO HARD – lol! But hey, I say, every photo deserves some praise – so POST EM! 😉

      PS: You’re lucky you don’t have such fast food in Canada!

  52. I think this looks amazing! YUMM!!! And, can’t wait to make it for The Chadly. He’ll be over the moon. Luckily, he has learned to love lettuce buns for his burgers, so his preferences towards that yucky white flour are averted with replacing the whole bun with lettuce. HURRAH. And, I can’t wait to show him this vid. Wish I could show my in-laws, but they would hate me more. Haha. They are a very anti-healthnut, but love me anyway. haha. And, so funny how you caught his food-gasm on camera, and called it out. HAHA! Gigi, you da best! Take care.

    • Catching the food-gasm on camera is like taking a photo of a salmon jumping out of the water as it swims up stream to spawn… It’s not easy – however, I guess just put Chick-Fil-A in his mouth and BOOM, done! I wonder if the same would go for Salmon… AHHH HA HA AH! Oh no! I hope Salmon do not eat Chick-Fil-A, or else that would mean, I have in fact eaten Chick-Fil-A before because salmon is my favorite food on the face of the planet.

      Okay, and this comment just got weird. LOL!

  53. Ahhh!! This is great! I would definitely pick your chicken sammie over real Chick-fil-a! :) Hello healthy!!

  54. I loved how your transformed this sandwich. Believe it or not, I like to make my chicken at home as well. And I’ve never been to Chick Fil A, so I’d rather make your recipe ;).

    Kia / House of KTS (formerly known as Pure & Complex)

  55. This looks yummy!! I can’t think of any fast-food I’ve tried to re-create. I use to love Chick-Fil-A for breakfast, but haven’t been since the whole homophobic remarks thing. Besides we try to avoid fast food for the most part, minus a few trips to In-N-Out since we moved :)

    • Oh In N Out – so many people adore that place too. Ha Ha. I don’t know what the commotion is 😉 – I recreated one of their burgers on the blog too!

  56. I LOVE Chick-Fil-A and I LOVE what you did with this sandwich! It looks fabulous! I especially love that you recreated a Chick-Fil-A sauce! Woo hoo!

    • YES YES! :) I tried my very best! I think if you used MAYO it would be better, but I sure as hell ain’t going to do that.

  57. I have never tried to create to recreate any fast food, and I have never eaten a sponge.
    I think I would be afraid to do both.
    This recipe looks delicious.

  58. LOL that is hilarious! You crack me up!
    Chic Fil A has wonderful customer service, great tasting food, and clean facilities. Seriously their employees have I only know this because I sometimes frequent the place. Even though I know about the chemicals… :-(
    Their honey mustard and waffle fries call my name!
    Oh, how I wish they would just get rid of all of the nasty chemicals and clean their food up to match the rest of their store.
    Your recipe looks delish. :-) :-) I will save this and try it the next time I get a hankering for Chic Fil A!
    Happy Weekending!

    • Yes, I actually wrote a YELP review about the customer service and facilities at Chick-Fil-A, not the food… And I have it rave reviews! 😉 I just wish they could clean up their chicken act – ha ha.

      TRY my recipe!!!! And use a little honey mustard on top if you wish — he he!

  59. Awesome recipe makeover!!! The Bieber roast was hilarious but I actually kinda felt bad for him, they shit all over him! Considering your brutal roasting of Lindsey Lohan above, I bet you would have been amazing on his panel!

    • HA! Comedy Central needs to give me a call, ASAP – I have lots of words…. LOTS OF THEM… For all celebrities 😉

  60. This looks amazing! I never knew they used MSG (I can’t eat this without having a reaction)! Your version looks just as good!

    • You can just assume all fast food restaurants use MSG – that’s how they HOOK you because it’s so addictive! 😮 It’s unfortunate.

  61. Hi, my name is Michaell and I am married to a Chick-Fil-A addict. Dude…my husband would go crazy for this! I am both surprised and curious by the pickle juice ingredient. Great recipe makeover!

  62. Lmao comparing Lindsay to a sandwich is epic. That roast to JB was pretty funny – They went hard on him and I feel they could’ve went harder/more serious but that’s neither here nor there. Lol. 😛 He’s a twat and needs to grow up. I am excited about this recipe – but don’t ruin Chick -Fil-A for me LOlI love their nuggets and fries and refuse to stop lol 😛 Man when I read the ingredient “cassava” it took me back to my childhood; my mom woudl always buy cassava bread/crackers and spread peanut butter on it and I’d eat it with coffee. Why she’d give a child coffee- no clue. Lol :) Have a great Memorial Day Weekend GiGi! -Iva

    • I hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day yourself and…. Perhaps this recipe can be memorable in your life too, if you do make it?! 😉 I think you NEED TO!

  63. Hmmm…Letting the chicken marinate in pickle juice. That sounds like a great idea. I wonder if I could let bean burgers marinate in pickle juice and then saute them?

  64. I used to love eating chik-fil-a until i found out what was in the chicken lol! This looks amazing! :) thanks of sharing

  65. Good for you, GiGi!
    Thank you for sharing your healthy and delectable recreation of the not so healthy Chik-A-Fil sandwich with us at the Healthy Happy Green and Natural Party! I am pinning and sharing!

  66. Yum, what a great looking chicken sandwich. Throw a piece of pepper jack cheese on this and call it dinnner for me! 😉

    • Ha! Oh the pepper jack cheese! I have never tried it before but I guess I really need to… Oh wait, I am lactose intolerant! ha.

  67. Your version looks super yum! But nothing can replace a Chick-Fil-A Original Chicken burger. Everything in moderation, I say. I prob eat 3 a year, so I’m OK with that. If I could have you personally make me your version, I’d totally give up the original for you <3

    • 3 a year? HA HA HA HA HA! Try telling that to the man in this video 😉

      And I WOULD LOVE to make this sandwich for you, just so that 3 a year habit could be put to rest! lol

      • Don’t you mean, you’d love to make it for me so we could be together always?! That’s what I was thinking at least. HA! Eating Chick-Fil-A all the time does a number on your wallet, too. That ish isn’t cheap- compared to other fast food at least.

        • OH I KNOW!!! It’s like $12 a go… Which, compared to other Fast Food, is astronomical! LOL! However, compared to the sushi dinner man friend & I had last night, it’s dirt cheap, LOL!

          And, you caught me. WHEN THE BEEP are we going to meet? lol

  68. I love this recipe Gigi! featuring it this week on Allergy Free Wednesday!

  69. Lindsey Lohan really does look a little like that burger, hhahahaha. Well, I’d marry McDonald’s and then get divorced right away = lot’s of cash. Then I’d get married with whole foods or something

  70. Wow! I didn’t know Chik-fil-a was so bad for you. I’ve been eating it for years and always considered it one of the more “healthier” fast food places around. Learn something new everyday!

    • A lot of people perceive C-Fil-A to be the healthier alternative, alas, it is fast food and should really be kept to a minimum! I am glad I could open your eyes :) Do try my recipe if you would like and let me know what you think!!