Chomping on CHOMPS!

Don’t you dare even TRY TO deny the fact that…

You’re CHOMPING at the BIT because you’re OVERLY EXCITED about what I am going to disclose to you today…


Okay… Lemme quit flattering myself because perhaps you’re really just PUMPED… Thanks to the fact that a few days off from work are JUST around the corner!


You most likely STUMBLED upon the latest GiGi Eats as you were…

  • Daydreaming about festive sugar cookies dancing their way into your mouth
  • Looking at my holiday gift guide because THAT person is still driving you APE SHIT by not giving you any ideas….
  • Watching a dog dressed up like a unicorn hump cats on YouTube
  • Googling how to secretly spike Aunt Alice’s drink at your family holiday party so she passes out and doesn’t get a chance to ask if you’re pregnant AGAIN
  • Working… Oh yes. Working.


Well instead of ruining your teeth by grinding them on the metal part of a horse’s bridle… Unless you want to make a cosmetic dentist QUITE HAPPY this holiday season (Cha-Ching) I am going to give you something ELSE to CHOMP on…



You may now be thinking that I am recommending you bite down on a new pair of dentures… Am I writing a sponsored post for veneers…?

Alas NO… I want you to keep your current grinders readily available for the CHOMPS I AM actually talking about: 100% grass-fed beef snack sticks that are also 100% gluten and MSG-free as well as paleo diet friendly!

In fact, I do believe CHOMPS stands for…

  • COWS (are)
  • OVER (this)


Hmmm, well, maybe I ACTUALLY made that up… But I give CHOMPS full permission to start using that ACRONYM.

Any who… That’s not the point, what I want to focus on is the last word in the brilliant acronym: sustenance.


Notice that I didn’t use the word SNACK… Sure, Chomps Beef Snack Sticks are friggin’ booty-saving when you’re…

  • Stuck on the 12th hole of a golf course on Kiawah Island, South Carolina with a dude who won’t stop swatting balls even if he broke both of his legs and five tornados were headed our way… Excuse: the wind is in my favor right now!


  • Waiting on the tarmac, thanks to the “snowstorm of the century”, wedged into the middle seat of row 35 on Spirit Airlines, for four plus hours, while trying to get to your holiday destination… Ugh: Should have paid the $20 for the “Big Front Seat”.

GiGi is going crazy on China Airlines

  • Getting the “EAT ME” eyes from the “oh so succulent” Honey Sesame Chicken over at Panda Express in the Food Court of the mega-mall you actually HAD TO set foot in because FOR ONCE IN YOUR ENTIRE EXISTENCE… Amazon let you down. Humph: Uncle Jeffery BETTER like this T-Rex Garden Gnome Massacre!


But… Have you ever considered using these whiz-bangingly satisfying LIFE SAVERS as the Chris Hemsworth (starring ingredient, if you didn’t catch that reference) in actual recipes?!


That’s right… They can certainly be utilized as more than just a way to keep you out of jail when your FUNGRY is on the loose!


The ingenious  peeps over at the website Paleo Hacks… Chomped on some CHOMPS and came up with some unique recipe ideas… And I decided to CHOMP DOWN on three renditions of them in the latest GiGi Eats

Finally, you can stop your bit chomping and TRULY CHOMP…

Sautéed Brussels Sprouts


Sprout these in your mouth…

  1. Pour olive oil into pan over medium-high heat. 
  2. Add quartered Brussels Sprouts and let cook for about 5-6 minutes, stirring occasionally (you can add some water to let them steam a little bit as well if you’d like). Cover your sprouts when not stirring. 
  3. Add diced Chomps, salt, pepper and garlic powder, and stir. Then cover your combo and let cook for another few minutes, depending on how cooked you like your Brussels! 
  4. Try your best not to eat them out of the pan, but it may be hard to do… So go for it, I’m not judging you! 

Rainbow Scrambled Eggs


  • 3 Omega-3 Enriched Eggs
  • 3 Tomatoes, I used one red, one orange and one yellow
  • 1 bunch (about 1 1/2 cups) Raw Spinach
  • 1 Tbs Olive Oil
  • 2 Sticks Original Chomps, diced
  • 1/4 Tsp Salt
  • 1/4 Tsp Pepper
  • 1/2 Tsp Garlic Powder

It’s scrambling time...

  1. Pour olive oil in a pan over medium-high heat. 
  2. Add tomatoes, let cook for a minute.
  3. Add spinach, let cook for another minute or two, stirring occasionally. 
  4. Crack eggs into the pan, sprinkle in diced Chomps, season with salt, pepper and garlic powder and stir.
  5. Cook for another 5 – 6 minutes, until eggs are cooked. 
  6. Chomp on down… Out of the pan if you wish! 

Virgin Bloody Mary


  • 15 Oz No Sugar Added, Tomato Sauce
  • 1 Stick Jalapeño Chomps, diced
  • 1 Tbs Lemon Juice
  • 1 – 1 1/2 Tbs Grated Horseradish Root
  • 1/3 Cup No Sugar Worcestershire Sauce
  • 1/2 Tsp Cayenne Pepper
  • 1/2 Tsp Paprika
  • 1/2 Tsp Garlic Powder
  • 1/4 Tsp Black Pepper
  • 1/4 Tsp Salt
  • 1 Stick Original Chomps, whole as a garnish/stir

Get your MARY on… 

  1. Combine all ingredients together and stir (or if you’re using a mason jar… Shake!) 
  2. Optional: add alcohol… 
  3. Well that was easy! 


  • What’s your favorite on the go snack?
  • Do you pay attention the beef labels (i.e. grass-fed/finished?)
  • How would you incorporate Chomps Beef Snack Sticks into a recipe?
  • What’s the weirdest meat you’ve ever tried?
  • Tell me a time where you were so hungry, you could have eaten your hand… 


The last time I could have eaten my hand… I kept myself occupied by being a CHOMPS photographer on the golf course…


And this dude… Was so jealous of my beefy fuel!

PS: I have another blog post/video coming later this week!! STAY TUNED! 


  1. So cool. I had no clue these were available. It can be hard to find grass fed meat. This is awesome.

    • Right?! Grass-fed is one thing… SUGAR FREE snack sticks is another!!

    • Lololol Jessica,

      You can find grass fed meat anytime in Africa, Seriously :)

      GiGi you are banned from making me laugh for a week. I got stitches Girl what are you on? whatever it is I wanna CHOMP on it and sustenance be darned! Coz I wanna stay a teeny weeny size 10 :)
      Ga you are a hoot! Thanks for the laughter today hun!

      • I get that question a lot… “what am I on”… Well, right now I am on my two feet, standing in front of my computer?

        Perhaps my blog post tomorrow will NOT make you laugh and I will abide by being banned from making you laugh – ha! Hmmmmmm….. Who knows what my brain will conjure!

        PS: Snacking on chomps == size 10 or even an 8 for LIFE yo! 😉 Seriously!!! Omega-3 Fatty Acids & CLA for the win!

  2. You definitely made me smile with this post! And thanks for the great recipes!

  3. I need to get my hands on some of these for my husband. He would love this! I would not mind to try it too.

    • They are so friggin’ good. But seriously… I cannot stop snacking on them!!!!!!! HA! Best stocking stuffer idea! 😀

  4. I ate a small piece of lion several years ago at a restaurant in Chicago famous for serving unusual game foods.My resident ordered it covered in a grand marnier sauce. He was a great resident, not so good at picking tasty foods. It must have come from the great-grandfather of the reigning king of the jungle.

    I saw on TV this morning that onesies are all the rage now for adults. You were fashionable ahead of your time!

    • Lion is on my TO-EAT bucket list… Is that bad? LOL! Even if it’s not all that good, I still need to try it.

      AND UM… YAY for Onsies… I am breaking it out of the closet next week for XMAS but of course! 😀

  5. Game foods are so much fun. My favorite domestic one is elk. So good. But camel is also surprisingly tasty!

  6. I am pretty sure I really NEED this…. NOW! Maybe I could find them online to ship to Canada? Or will they just have to go on my next cross-border shopping list… hmmmmm.

  7. I love this post! My fiance would love these! I will have to get them for him. By the way could you have found a better cow picture! I chuckled out load when I got to it!

    • YES! Get these for your fiance! He will only love you MORE! 😉
      And um, I swear, that cow is SMILING because he’s happy to be munching on GRASS and GRASS only!

  8. Thanks for making me laugh today! My husband would probably love these!

  9. how to secretly spike your aunts drink…what kind of neice are you?! ahaha 😛
    but ummm, YESSS these look so good! I love typical beef jerky, but know its anything but good for you. Gotta try this!


    • Tee he he he! Actually, if I were going home this XMAS, I would try and figure out how to spike my sister’s baby’s formula so it can do some weird things…?? Actually, I only met it once so I have no idea WHAT IT DOES. LMAO!

  10. GAH – if I’d seen that T-Rex Garden Gnome Massacre earlier, I might have skipped out on going to ROSS this past weekend! Bwahaha – that’s a keeper!

    The weirdest meat I’ve eaten – well – do crickets count? Cos I had cricket fried rice once – nope it wasn’t fun feeling them little legs whittling down ma throat – I’d much rather have been chomping on some Original Chomps!

    • For some reason, CRICKET is trying to become ALL THE RAGE… I have yet to try it, I might try it once… But really, I am not so sure I am ever truly wanting to go the BUG route. No… That just… BUGS ME! har har!

  11. Loved this post, laughed crazy hard at the picture of the cow.
    I’m honestly the most blah when it comes to eating, but my hubby, oh goodness, on another level. He has eating a lot, frog to kangaroo to snake….
    Had loads of fun reading this post.

  12. YES I AM AT WORK, how did you know lol? Another product to try when I see it. I am a nut gal on the go.

  13. • You caught me lol was totally supposed to be working lol
    • Virgin bloody Mary no fun lol
    • I always have Emerald 100 calorie pack almond in my purse so that’s my go to snack. I also love cucumbers and sour worms.
    • I felt like I could eat my hand before lunch today. I have a friend that always makes fun of me because I always get distracted and forget to eat and by the time I realize I’m hungry I over dramatically state, “This is the hungriest I’ve ever been in my whole life,” therefore I tend to forget levels of hunger once they’ve passed.
    I’ve had allegator meat before that was good

  14. Okay so I’m not at work, but I am desperately neglecting studying. These recipes all sounds fun and delicious!

  15. I must have a Great Garden Gnome Massacre; I just found the perfect gift for my husband…oh, wait, this post was about CHOMPS? OK, fine. I’ve eaten rattlesnake (was actually pretty good and veal-like), and squirrel (like really greasy dark meat chicken and no, not all strange meats taste like chicken). For my paleo friends, these CHOMPS will be perfect.

  16. Well, I am not a beef person but you are too fun & ingenious!!!!! Bring on the cookies!!!!! :)
    I am pretty boring.. I have not tried anything crazy except for a new cookie flavor! 😉

  17. Oooo, this looks delish! I love eggs and I’m always throwing all kinds of stuff into them. Those Chomp sticks sounds fabulous!

  18. Favourite on-the-go snack? Chick … peas. No chicken for me, you know it.But to each their own so keep chomping. And maybe do the ultimate GiGi-approved gift guide to please even those ever-so-difficult cases [i.e.: the men in the family]. My brother better like the PJ pants I sewed him ;).

    • Chickpeas – you can not get me near them… Unless you want me to eat ALL. THE. CHICKPEAS.

      Seriously, it’s ridiculous how much I have NO CONTROL when I am around them! This is crazy for me to say too since I have LOADS of self control!!

      And MEN ARE SO HARD TO GET GIFTS FOR! Seriously. Ugh!

  19. Those Chomps look delish!

  20. All three recipes look really good {beef and bloody mary, I think yes!} Thanks for sharing, I had never thought of cooking with CHOMPS!

  21. Your post made me smile. i love your youtube videos:-)

  22. You never disappoint – SO hilarious!!! And all of these recipes look FANTASTIC!!!

  23. Dammit, your blog always makes me hungry… I WANT TO EAT ALL THE CHOMPS!!! –

  24. What a fun acronym! The recipes look really amazing. The YouTube video was very entertaining and informative.

  25. haha, where do you come up with this stuff? Truly brilliant and unique.
    I love grass-fed beef sticks. I use them for energy. People think I mean Slim Jims when I say I love beef sticks. Can you imagine? Not GiGi-approved. Not Tamara-approved either!

    • “This stuff” comes up from the depths of my hippocampus……….

      Slim Jims make me wanna DIE INSIDE. I see them at 7-11… Who TF actually sees them and thinks: “YES! THAT IS WHAT I WANT TO SNACK ON…” Er, um. GROSS.

  26. That cow looks like it’s taunting me. (“What are you gonna do about it, huh?!?”)

    Those brussels sprouts + scrambled eggs look amazing! <3

    Weirdest meat I've ever tried is…squirrel. (Courtesy of a wilderness medicine dinner!)

    • Okay, someone else mentioned squirrel… They said it tastes like slimy dark meat chicken… Yes?
      Do I need to try said meat??

  27. Awesome article! We try to stick to grass-fed beef around here too so will be checking these out!

  28. You’re a better woman than I hanging in there so long on a golf course!

    But you’re wrong about Mary. She’s a bloody whore.

    • It’s weird how HANGRY AF sort of dissipates when you’re in love. NOT COMPLETELY THOUGH…. That. Is. For. Sure. LOL

  29. You lured me in! Did I miss something?

    My middle name is beef stick :-)
    ok Beef jerky.
    or ostrich jerky…

  31. Must say never heard of this and sadly, hubby not an adventurous eater. Cute way of introducing a new product.

  32. This is right up my alley. I’m going to try some of your recipes in my meal plan. Probably this brussel sprouts. Love brussel sprouts.

    • Yay! You must – the Brussels Sprouts kick some serious butt, they all do actually!! My friend in the video… Wolfed them down after filming, ha! :) Cannot wait to hear your thoughts…!

  33. Yes!! Protein Me!!! I am all about the protein lately. I even ordered an organic meat box – who am I? As a former vegetarian the change is shocking, but I feel good and the body is happy so… meat wins!

    • What company did you order from? I order meat ALL. THE. TIME! ha ha!
      And I am not going to lie… I am so glad you’re no longer vegetarian! LOL! It makes me THRILLED to hear you’re feeling good and your body is happy as well :)

  34. Confession: I’ve never had beef jerky. It always freaked me out as a child (and adult.) Now that I’m eating a more paleo diet, I’m intrigued…I love the idea of more protein instead of fruit for a snack!

    • Well don’t just EAT ANY BEEF JERKY… Just eat CHOMPS — These shouldn’t freak you out because you KNOW the meat is healthy and there are no crappy fillers!!!

  35. That cow picture is wonderful! Anyway, never heart of CHOMPS — sound like fun. Unless I’m stuck in the middle seat — although CHOMPS might be a life saver on one of those flights from (or maybe to) hell. 😉 Great recipes, fun post — thanks.

  36. Yum! Those sound delicious!

  37. I love how happy you seem! You are hilarious. Thanks for sharing this. I love finding new things to eat that are extremely healthy!

  38. Chomps could go well in a paella dish, don’t you think? Could be interesting!
    I definitely pay attention to where my meat is coming from and buy from an organic farm. I’ve got to check into getting my hands on these, they look delicious! Brilliant with eggs!
    Happy Holidays, crazy girl!

  39. Omg, I never considering adding these to a meal! This was fun to read, you crack me up.

  40. Jacqui Odell says:

    I didn’t realize you could do so much with beef sticks! Lots of great ideas.

    • Right? Thinking outside of the box is what I love to do! 😉 Someone even mentioned using them in paella! GENIUS right there too!

  41. Interesting recipe ideas here. Honestly can’t say it would have come to mind for me. I don’t pay attention to beef labels. I almost never eat meat. I’m not a Vegetarian or Vegan but I’m close to enough to see them from my house.

    The weirdest meat I’ve ever tried? Shark or Alligator tail. I don’t recall what the shark tasted like but the alligator tail was pretty tasty. I almost had guinea pig when I was in Peru but it just didn’t come together.

    Good stuff. I always read your posts as if you are a little over-caffeinated or on a sugar high. Is that accurate?

    • LMFAO!!!! Well, I don’t eat sugar… Soooooo that is not accurate 😉 I am just a very bubbly person and I honestly attribute that to my healthy diet. People always ask me where I get the energy, and again, I say… My diet!

      Speaking of posts… I am about to post my latest one… at 9pm PST! Craziness, not happening on a Tuesday but hey, got to cram them all in before I take a 3-week blog break, right?! 😉

      On that blog break, one of my goals will be to try and find some Alligator tail!

  42. I’ve never heard of Chomps before. Sounds like a great snack option for those who enjoy eating beef! Thanks for sharing.

  43. Oh I want one of those bloody marys! YUM!

  44. FMLLLL I watched this while waiting to go to my appointment, 25hrs since my last meal…and I AM DYING FOR BRUSSELS SPROUTS!

  45. Yum. It;s great that they don’t add sugar. So many snacks kill the healthiness by adding sugar. Like really? Would you pour sugar over your burger?! I’m with Brittany about brussel sprouts! Todd’s been staying home bc of the baby and bans me from the stinkyness… no worries, he goes back to work soon 😉

    • HOLY CRAP YOU JUST GAVE ME ANOTHER GENIUS CHOMPS IDEA…. Mince them up and mix them in ground meat!!!!!!!!!!!!

      PS: These sticks would be PERFECT FOR YOU RIGHT NOW… In your “situation” – lol! 😉

  46. I think I’m partial to that Bloody Mary 😉

  47. These would be a great on the go snack to keep up your energy while holiday shopping! If you had to be stuck on some golf course, at least it was a beautiful one like Kiawah.

    • Yeah, I was oddly enough… Not super crabby on that golf course because A. it was super pretty B. the weather was great C. the man-candy was pretty delicious! LOL!

  48. I am not much of a beef stick person but you’re actually making me want to try Chomps. I am also really hungry right now so that might have something to do with it! :)

  49. That video is hilarious! Great recipes :) I’d probably add a bit of vodka but heck it looks delicious either way! Awesome post!! I love jerky sticks for on the go!!
    Danielle Greco –

  50. I hadn’t yet heard of CHOMPS! But I am a fan of grass-fed beef all the way. We like pasture raised bison too!

    Hmmm. How would I Chomp my Chomps in a recipe? I am liking your bloody mary idea! And the scramble too! I think I would do a Chomp and Cheese Pizza seeing as just tonight I made a pizza for my hubby with cheese, olives, and grass fed summer sausage.


    • Where do you get your pasture-raised bison from? Have you ever heard of NORTH STAR BISON??? Highly HIGHLY recommended!!!

      And um, CHOMPS + PIZZA = GENIUS! I might have to make a GiGi-Diet approved pizza again and throw them on top! :)

  51. That’s look very tasty and make me so hungry 😀

  52. So fun to read through your post. Great recipe too. Thank you for sharing with us at #HomeMattersParty. We wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays !!. We would love to have you again when we are back on Jan 8, 2016.

  53. You look like a cowgirl in this video for some reason lol.

  54. I must say, I’m digging the chomps in the scrambled eggs!! Good choice :) I have had the beef sticks from Trader Joe’s and I’m a fan. I never thought to add them to my meals!

  55. I don’t know how i missed this post, but I did. Glad I caught back up because I need me some of these chomps in my life. We buy organic, grass fed meat (cow, pig, and chickens) from a local farm that practices sustainable and humane farming. It’s a beautiful thing knowing your farmer and being able to visit with your food. Although I do get upset when I visit and the animals are gone you-know-where. I come home crying and yelling that I’m going to convert to vegetarianism. Usually don’t eat beef sticks because they are gross but these are all natural and sugar-free so I’m totally game. Also, love Kiawah Island and riding bikes throughout the whole island is the best. Wish I was there now :) Genius on your recipe using chomps. I think they would be good in a no bean chili with grass fed ground beef. Kind of like a dried Spanish chorizo. Yum!

    • Sadly I didn’t get to ride bikes throughout the island, that sounds like a BLAST though!! Just as much as beef stick chili sounds friggin’ BOMB!!! I MUST HAVE IT NOW – in my face ha ha!

      Oh and I have a meat supplier I have been ordering from for about 15 years at this point, adore her and trust her and her product TIMES 100000 %!

  56. This recipe looks so great! I’m going to have to keep my eyes open for Chomps!

  57. If I was a vegetarian I am sure I would like these too!

    Thanks for sharing at Bloggers Spotlight. I pinned this to our group board. Don’t forget to come back on Jan 7 to link up again and checkout the features.

    • Are you being sarcastic because these are beef sticks… LOL. I don’t think vegetarians would actually like these… Might convert them though if they tried them.

      • LOL stupid autocorrect!! If I was NOT a vegetarian! I am though so nope no Chomps for me! Love your meme at the top though, would love Santa to give my house a once over right about now!

  58. Thank you for celebrating the season with us at the Holiday Edition of the Healthy Happy Green and Natural Party! Thank you for sharing your gems and for your support! Wishing you a Happy Holiday and a Happy New Year! All the best, Deborah

    • Thank you, as always, Deborah for hosting!! You’re such a great host, I can only imagine how wonderful you are in person!

  59. Fabulous!! I hope you had a great holiday! Thank you for linking up to Creative K Kids’ Tasty Tuesdays. I have pinned your post to our Tasty Tuesdays Pinterest Board! I hope you can come back and party with us again tomorrow!

  60. Well, those memes were great. haha! And I must say, the Chomps sound pretty good too. Especially with brussels sprouts (which my 8-year old just told me were her favorite veggie!). And my hubby likes your version of a bloody mary. 😉

    Thanks for sharing this at Savoring Saturdays! We’re getting the party started up again this weekend – hope to see you there! :)

  61. Your post is making me a bit hangry and smile ( weird combo ) I must eat – but thank you for dropping Pin worthy Wednesday :)

  62. Oh wow, I was a bit freaked out at the beginning, CHOMP in South Africa is a very nice chocolate candy. Hahahah But your ideas are good with your kind of CHOMP. hehehhe