Serving Up Flex Tacos and Key Lime Pie Man-garitas

While other establishments typically close up shop for the holidays, The Dude Food Kitchen… Is OPEN FOR BUSINESS and throwing festive food in your mouth! GiGi and Whitney cooking up Cinco De Mayo food and drinks!However… With a holiday like Cinco De MayoWhitney and I cannot guarantee we will be 100% sober…

GiGi and Whitney drinking MargaritasWe can say for sure though, that the grub we’re dishing up is so easy a caveman can do it, and so delicious, even Gordon Ramsey would be banging down our door for seconds!

GiGi Whitney Eating Fish TacosOr maybe that’s just the booze talking…

GiGi looks at MargaritaNo way! While one too many alcoholic beverages definitely has a way of making you think that curvacious tree over there looks pretty sexy, it has NO AFFECT on your taste buds especially when you sink your teeth into the festive cuisine we’re about to share with you!

Shake your maracas on over to the video recipe!

Flex Tacos & Key Lime Pie Man-garitas!


For The Swimmers:

  • 3/4 Pounds Swai FilletsKey Lime Pie Margaritas and Fish Tacos
  • 1 Tablespoon Barlean’s Coconut Oil
  • 1 Teaspoon Oregano
  • 1 Teaspoon Cumin
  • 1 Teaspoon Garlic Powder
  • 1/2 Teaspoon Smoked Paprika
  • Salt to Taste
  • Or you could use “Taco Seasoning”

For Avocado-“Flex” Dressing:

For Key-Lime Pie Man-garitas:

Constructing the Flex-Tacos: 

  • Season swai (or other white fish) fillets with spice rub.
  • Pan “fry” in coconut oil about 3 minutes per side.
  • While fish cooks, mix together ingredients for avocado-flax dressing.
  • Warm tortilla on skillet (if using tortilla)
  • Plate by laying fish on tortilla or lettuce, topping it with avocado-flax dressing.

 Making the Macho Man-garitas:

  • Combine ice with 1.5 oz tequila, juice of one lime, 2 oz unsweetened pineapple juice and 1 tablespoon Barlean’s Omega Swirl Fish Oil, Key Lime Pie Flavor. 
  • Rim glass with stevia. 
  • Play a few ice cubs in the glass and pour your milky concoction in the glass. 

WARNING: Your taste buds will be partying like it’s 1999 after even just one bite!! Download the Uber App if you need to go somewhere because you’ll probably be in a state of elated food coma. 

So Tell Me…

  • So ladies, will you be (or did you) shaking your “maracas” this Cinco De Mayo?
  • Dudes, how would you feel about drinking these MAN-GARITAS?! 
  • Have any of you ever used Barlean’s products before? Thoughts?
  • Do you care for Mexican food?
  • What’s your favorite taco or fajita topping?
  • How will you be (or how did you) celebrating Cinco De Mayo?
  • What one condiment, dressing, etc could you eat right from the bottle – NO SHAME?
Swai Fish TacoLinked to Strange But Good
This post is sponsored by Barlean’s. All opinions are my own, I mean, you should all know by now, I wouldn’t lie to you!


  1. YUM! probably no shaking it this year except in my living room with baby william to watch and laugh at me 😉 i love barlean’s flavored oils!

  2. Im so so so SHAKIN MY MARACAS and everyotherdamn thing today and tonight -)

    • AH HA HA HA! You only live once so HECK YES… And you know you never need a filter here Carla 😉

  3. Sign me up for one of those Man-garitas please!

  4. OK, I need to get me some of that Key Lime fish oil. I can’t actually believe that it’s not like super gross and disgusting, but if you say so, then I’ll believe you. Oh, and those fish tacos surely looks good.
    Happy Cinco de Mayo GIGI!

    • YOU HAVE TO TRY this fish oil, you have to! You will NOT believe what hit your tongue, promise! Plus it opens up a whole new culinary door, you NEED IT!!!! Seriously!

  5. Well, THESE look quite tasty! A Swai Fish? Not sure I can get that where I live…what other WHITE fish do you recommend, cause I know Tilapia is a no go! I LOVE MEXICAN FOOD, but only when I make it, because my fave fixings are Go Veggie Cheese and Greek Yogurt as a Sour Cream substitute, and Mexican Restaurants don’t typically carry EITHER of these…

    • Swai can be found at Trader Joe’s! And we got a pound and a quarter for $4.50!! It was UNREAL! If you don’t have a TJ’s… Well, you could use cod, or sole or halibut! Any white fish minus TILAPIA will do 😉

      Do you bring veggie cheese and greek yogurt WITH YOU when you go out for Mexican??? I totally would! LOL!

  6. Wow, this looks pretty amazing! Definitely trying this over the weekend because I’m working tonight. Yeah, whose great idea was that?!

    • YES – this is definitely a weekend feast in the making :) Do you at least get time and a half tonight?? LOL! jk!

  7. Haha ‘your tastebuds will be partying like it’s 1991’ <- can't wait to see what that feels like. Trying these tacos soon :)

    • AH ha ha! OHHHH that party is EPIC!!!!! I’m not sure you’re going to be able to handle it, 😉

  8. Mmmmm… OLE!

  9. So is 8 am too early for a margarita? It’s arguably approaching lunch time on the east coast…

    Sigh. Guess I’ll wait, but thanks for these festive ideas! And yeah, the fish oil sounds suspiciously barfy, but I trust you, and I suspect if I dump enough tequila in there it would taste just like key lime pie to me too.

    • IT IS NEVER TOO EARLY for a margarita! Whitney and I made this video at 11 am lol!! I was drink by 11:05 am! LMFAO……. And I just smelled the alcohol! 😉

      But seriously, this fish oil………. SOOO GOOD!! And I am completely SOBER when I say this. You really need to try it! I promise you will be shocked!

  10. Wait why are you two the cutest? To be honest… I forgot about Cinco De Mayo this year until the middle of the day!! But it’s okay, I’m more of a vodka gal than tequila (hence the “Is Vodka Vegan?” tees, haha). But your margs look yummmayyy, and I like the way you think– cooking with a cocktail in your hand! I am a huge Mexican food fan, btw. Oh, and what condiment/dressing could I eat straight from the bottle… the oil-free avocado cilantro dressing from Whole Foods… I can literally drink it!!! Crazy? Yes. Delicious? Oh yeah.

    • <3 I will take CUTE any day of the week!! lol.

      Tequila is totally vegan too - so if you ever do feel like getting crazy with the margaritas, jump on em! ;)

      AND HOLY BALLS to the WALLS - I need to find this avocado cilantro dressing!!!! Sounds a lot like the one Whitney and I made for our tacos.... But if I can find it already bottled, I am set for life ;)

  11. Wow, now I feel like making myself a big taco! 😉

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    Previews Blog Post: [Inspirational] .You Are Not Alone In Your Walk.

  12. Unfortunately, no maraca shaking for this girl! At least not this year anyway. Maybe next. :) I knew I could count of you two beautiful ladies for a great Cinco de Mayo recipe!!

    • :) No maraca shaking at all this year?!?!?!?! I mean, you’re more than allowed to shake em any time of the year, not just on Cinco De Mayo! LOL!

  13. OMG. These look so good! I’ll have to try the tacos!
    I don’t really celebrate cinco de mayo now but I did when I was in high school. Our Spanish class had a cinco de mayo party every year and I sang in our school’s cinco de mayo assembly (in Spanish, two years in a row!).

    • AHHH I remember in HIGH SCHOOL & MIDDLE SCHOOL when every single little holiday was celebrated! Way too much fun! LOL. It made grade school bearable 😉

  14. I just put all the info on my iPhone as I’m watching the video…then scrolled down to see it all written out! I must be drunk already. Cheers!!!…oh and thanks for making my dinner tonight!

    • AHHHHHHHH HA HA HA AH AH AHA HA! I am however thrilled to hear that you diligently take NOTES while watching our videos! 😉

  15. GET IN MY BELLY!!!! Definitely making more of these today. Happy Cinco de Drinko Gig!!

  16. I love Mexican food! That flex taco looks delicious and is making me hungry! lol. That man-garita doesn’t look so bad either!

    • I cannot even look at my blog right now because I might eat it 😉 We should go make these tacos together right now!

  17. Cinco de Mayo is like my favorite non-major holiday ever. I’ve already been celebrating for like 3 weeks. I’m loving your man-garitas! They look amazing!

  18. Can you come be our bartender, please and thankyou – OLE!

    • I WILL CERTAINLY be your bartender, however, I must warn you, my bartender uniform is a bit riske! 😉

  19. Hmmm. Those tacos look really good, but I’m gonna need 4 or 5 of ‘dem thangs to fill up my stomachs. One of two is not enough.

    • You did not see what happened OFF CAMERA….. AKA: I shoved ALL THE FISH IN MY MOUTH…. Ah ha ha, Whitney went to a lunch so it was ALL MINE! 😉

  20. I love your lettuce boat, I’d be right there with you with one of those!! Except I’d ditch the fish and put BEANS!! AND THEN TOOT MY WAY INTO YOUR BED to see if you really are good at rim jobs. I mean….I NEED THAT key lime oil. HAHA.

  21. haha. When you mention the sexy tree, I am convinced you’ve watched “Superstar,” a movie that totally cracks me up.

  22. Hmm, a little substitution and those tacos will be right up my camino (my Spanish in honor of Cinco de Mayo :-) ).

    It has been about 15 years since my last margarita after a bad over indulgent experience, which sadly still haunts me today.

    • Ugh, don’t even get me started about alcohol and bad experiences, I am glad I cannot drink alcohol to be honest 😉

  23. yes to barleans!!! they freaking rock! and i’ll get drunk on them.

    • Dude, I am currently DRUNK AS EVER off of them, I take shots of that fish oil every hour on the hour!

  24. I think I may have had too many margaritas cause I’m pretty sure you just combined fish oil with tequila…Does it stop you from getting hangovers?! I wish I’d know this when my parents got me drunk on tequila in mexico when I was 12. They started me young…

    • You’re probably perm. wasted at this point, however, you did read correctly, fish oil + tequila makes for quite the strong and intoxicatingly amazing cocktail 😉 Perhaps I should have you over and drown you in them – lol!

  25. I know the marg is supposed to be MAN-friendly but I want it for myself! Happy Cinco de Mayo.

    • AH ha! Well of course they’re man-friendly, but that doesn’t mean the ladies cant love them too! 😉

  26. I’m coming over for tacos and margaritas tonight! Hope you don’t mind :)

  27. Mexican food is my FAVORITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I won’t be shaking these maracas at the bar, but I will be at Turbo class tonight! Also – GREAT color on you!

    • Turbo Class = SHAKING IT – so you’re totally celebrating in some capacity!!! yee hawww! And thank you!

  28. I love Mexican food – not sure what I was thinking this morning when I started dinner – oops!!
    Oh, well, nothing that can’t be fixed with a margarita. I didn’t even know there was such a thing as flavored fish oil much less Key Lime fish oil.

    • Every cuisine turns Mexican when you slurp down a Margarita after 😉

      And yes, there is a Key Lime Fish Oil… Among tons of other flavors too!!!!!

  29. Thanks for the Cinco de Mayo reminder, plus I can’t believe key lime fish oil exists…can’t even imagine!

    • You must imagine and TRY IT! It’s so good, it seriously tastes so good, I mixed some with coconut flour and holy moly, SO GOOD! :)

  30. What a day I needed a smile and lady’s you made that possible. Fish taco’s :) sounds yummy, never made a dressing like this so it will be a challenge. O’ boy Tequila, I do like the other ingredient’s wonder what else that lime oil is good in ? I’ll make mine virgin. OMG Brittany !!!! I’ll look for the new brand of oil, By the way I was good friends with three sisters from El Salvador, unbelievable cooking, CA cooking is all very similar.

    • The lime oil actually tastes REALLY GOOD with those cookies I made awhile back! I was shocked but also very HAPPY with it :)

      And I am glad we could make you smile today. I am sorry today wasn’t the best! :(

  31. I love Barleans! Will have to try the Key Lime fish oil. You two are so hilarious!

    • Thanks Lindsay!!! :) The Key Lime is so good, as are the other flavors – I seriously cannot walk by my fridge without wanting a TBS! lol

  32. Didn’t eat anything to celebrate Cinco de Mayo today. :( I’ll have to make this up later this week! The tacos and man-garitas sound delicious!

    • You can pretend ANY day of the week is Cinco de Mayo 😉 Really this holiday is just starting the summer festivities full of delicious summer foods!

  33. I love Mexican food! Cheese and margaritas – what is not to love?! Happy Cinco de Mayo to you!

  34. Totally forgot that it’s Cinco de Mayo. Totally love Mexican food and fish and shrimp tacos are the best. Yum! Um..I don’t think I like condiments that much.

  35. I pretty much never drink, but now I’m thinking a Martguerita might be a good idea soon…

  36. Key Lime Pie Man-garitas? Yes please!!

  37. I could eat my homemade ranch dressing straight from a bowl. I shouldn’t call it “mine.” It’s the recipe from Pioneer Woman. It kinda makes the store-bought stuff taste like pure crap. Which it is!
    Not much celebrating here, sadly. Maybe it’s not too late to change that.

    • I don’t think I have EVER had RANCH DRESSING BEFOREE but I know how much people ADORE IT!! I gotta check out this recipe! 😉

  38. You ladies are fun! I was using Barleans flax long before they hit social media… :) I have not used their new stuff.

    I usually want to go for Mexican food just for the margaritas! Well, I like chips & salsa too but need to be careful there :)

    So, I am home as you can see… 😉

    • Oh man, Jody, I too have been using Barlean’s for a long long long time! It’s been in my life for at least 20 years at this point, thanks to my mama :)

      Their new stuff is hands down phenomenal!! You must try for sure – reach out to them to do a review!!

      And it seems like I am going to have to bring fish tacos, margaritas and cookies to when we meet! LOL!

  39. I’ve never heard of Barleans- will have to check them out. I heart fish tacos (and margaritas!). I’ve got to put them on the menu soon!!!

  40. Oh man, your Dude Food episodes NEVER disappoint! I must say I’ve never heard of putting FISH OIL in a margarita. You may want to bring those along with your healthy donuts to our event next Monday. K, thanks.

    • HA! I really might have to because this stuff is just THAT GOOD and I want to convince people!!! ha ha.

  41. These look great! I never thought to use coconut oil to fry fish for tacos! We will definitely be trying these :)

    • Coconut oil is so good for cooking pretty much EVERYTHING! I highly, highly recommend it. It gave the fish a little bit of a sweeter flavor too! :)

  42. I know I missed it, but I knew you would have a good cinco de mayo post! Love it as always GiGi! How were those margaritas? :) Another question, what the heck is swai?? I have never heard of that fish!

    • Swai is a white fish I randomly stumbled upon at Trader Joe’s!!! For 1.25 pounds it was $4.50! SAY WHATTT! I couldn’t resist and I am glad I didn’t because it was so good :)

      And those MAN-GARITAS… Top notch!!

  43. Looks yummy, fish tacos are my favorite! And, YES I care for Mexican food, it is my favorite and I probably make some variation of it 5x week! Light and fresh like your tacos though!

    • Mexican can either be light and fresh or heavy and…… have you running to the toilet! LOL!!! I think I always associated it with the ladder but after making these fish tacos, I am going to have to re-evaluate my thoughts!

  44. Oh my goshhhh that flex dressing sounds really good and I did nothing for cinco de mayo….. I mean, I went to yoga and was in bed by 10 sooo…so yeah I did nothing lol. Fav condiment ummmm buffalo sauce?? Maybe?

    • The dressing is seriously legit, it can really be put on ANYTHING!! :)
      And dude I hear you! Bed by 11… ALWAYS!!

  45. I love this post! I did not shake my maracas this Cinco de Mayo. haha But I did get beads! They handed them out at the restaurant we were eating at.

    • YAY for beads!!! I love those things 😉 However you totally cheated, because you totally need to shake what your mama gave you for them! LOL!

  46. love margaritas!! we look forward to one day sharing a few with you :)

  47. I’m loving the healthy tacos with that Avocado Dressing. I put flaxseed oil in my smoothie every morning but never thought about adding it to dressing. I would make this using halibut and it would be gone before my first Margarita sip, lol.
    Love the drink, too, and will definitely check out the fish oil thingy – sounds great!

    • I got the idea of this dressing from my mom!! She always used to make the most delicious flax dressing, so I thought, why not follow in my mama’s footsteps :)

      And Halibut would be BOMBBBBBBBBB in these! I was going to purchase it but… MAN have you seen how expensive it can be these days! :o!

      • The last time I wanted to buy halibut it was $35/pound!!!! I bought haddock instead – that’s just insane! But since it is in season right now, I’m going to buy it at some point because I LOVE it almost as much as I love salmon. I just have to find the right fish monger where I can bat my eyelashes and wink with a promise and walk away with a deal, lol.

        • How do you like to cook your halibut, because honestly… Not comes close to Salmon… Other than maybe Chilean Sea Bass – but that fish is CRAZYYYYY expensive too (and not the best to eat all the time).

  48. You girls are so fun and your man-garitas are really cool! Yesterday I did not have tequila at home so I got my cocktail fix with cachaca :)

    • Well, you may just want to pick up some tequila and fish oil this weekend!! 😉 This is just the start of margarita season!!

  49. Mexican food is probably my favorite, I love it. I was recently out of town and ate way too many burritos and there I realized I really really really love it and it keeps me safe. <3

    • Ah ha ha ha! It keeps you safe, lol! It’s like the burrito wrap is wrapped around you as a security blanket 😉

  50. Using swai in these tacos is a great idea and that flex dressing sounds so yum!
    I will skip on the MAN-GARITAS and flex for a double serving of these tacos!
    I do love Mexican food – the best I’ve had were in San Diego!
    One condiment i could eat right from the bottle is chili sauce! Oh yeah!

    • Oh I am so right there with you Shashi, I am all about the FLEXING for a double serving of the tacos! 😉

  51. Yum! Never heard of Swai though. Love me some Mexican food…and drink!

  52. Huge Barlean’s fan here! I love their products– so cleaver to make a cocktail with Swirl! Semi-Guilt free drinking!

  53. I have to take the Cinco(th) on this day in Mayo, because the the truth would incriminate me.

    It relates to my view on alcohol, but I love seeing you two having a good time, and I’ve never told a date not to drink :-)

    • I actually don’t drink Dr. J!!! Aren’t I a good actress??? 😉

      • That’s what I thought, but pictures “never” lie :-)

        Actually, I often see commercials or TV shows and think, GiGi would be great in that part, but all I can offer you is an operation :-(

  54. I loved celebrating Cinco De Mayo with lots of mexican food!! YUM! I’ve been seeing this Barlean’s around.. must check it out!

  55. Need these in my life!!! 😀

  56. I LOVE Mexican food and would totally eat those tacos AND the man-garitas…heck I’d drink margs too.

    Let’s shake our (non existent) maracas together. Too far? Too far.

  57. I swear I always learn something from you, like swai filets. I never ate fish growing up because my mom would make soup out of fish but with the head in it and it would float on top of the freakin’ soup with the eyes looking at me.. would trip me out and I never ate seafood as a kid because of that. I have to try that avocado mix because I could eat avocados all day everyday. Flax, I hear it all the damn time – what is it good for? Absolutely nothing! Sike, but seriously what is it good for? Happy Hump Day GiGi! -Iva

    • If you can believe this…. I HATED salmon when I was younger, ran away from home even because my mom wanted to serve it to me!!! But now……. I eat it EVERY SINGLE DAY! Ah ha ha ha ha.

      Flaxseed oil is a wonderful source of omega-3 fatty acids, which are necessary for healthy skin, hair, nails, immunity, energy, etc! It’s vegan too, which is great! You need to jump on the flax bandwagon!

  58. Ummmmm heck yes! All of this sounds like total perfection!! MUST stop type and go eat! YUM

  59. That fish sounds good! And yes, I use Barleans cod liver oil capsules.

  60. Key lime pie in a cup sounds like heaven.

  61. Those tacos look amazing and I love that you put yours in lettuce! Yum. That dressing sounds incredible too. I’ve been on a huge avocado kick lately!

    • You know what? I don’t eat avocado much at all, but… I REALLY SHOULD because it’s so delicious!

  62. Looks yummy!

  63. Ok Gigi what gives with the grain avoidance? Either way that fish taco looks absolutely delish! Now fish oil in a margarita? Umm, I am not yet convinced but you guys DID act as if it was super tasty. LOL! #wowlinkup

    • I promise we are not jerking your chain, the key lime pie fish oil is SOOO GOOD!! I seriously snack on it! :)

  64. This was so much fun to watch! Looking forward to following you! I found you on What’s Up With the Wilhelms Link up Party.

    • Thank You Marilyn! I always love meeting new fellow bloggers!!! :) I appreciate you stopping by and your support

  65. The perfect combo!! I think I need some Mexican food in my life this weekend 😀

  66. Yum! Those man-garitas look amazing! Thanks for sharing in our #wowlinkup :)

  67. Oooh, I love a real margarita and those tacos look great!

  68. Just found your blog through Ladies Only Blog Share! New fan, thanks for sharing!

  69. hello DELICIOUS. I JUST had fish tacos on Cinco de Mayo! And this margarita…YUM.

    xoxo Sarah Grace, Fresh Fit N Healthy.

  70. Girl, I’m stealing your recipe for my Game of Thrones viewing party this week-end. I love Key Lime pie so I know I would love the Key Lime margarita. Visiting from the #wowlinkup.

    • Steal away, this is why I share it 😉

      Have you ever had Barlean’s Key Lime Pie fish oil?!?!

  71. GiGi, Those tacos look delish! You always have the bestest recipes! Any kind of mexican food is alright in my book!

  72. Since turning 18, I have been happily indulging in Margaritas (though I love man-garitas now too after ur post :D)
    And delicious tacos!

    Choc Chip Uru

    • Ah ha ha ha! How old are you now? Now you can say you’ve been HAPPILY INDULGING in MAN-GARITAS since… INSERT AGE! lol

  73. I love adding guacamole to my salads…and salmon? 😉

  74. Nope. No maraca-shaking. But I do love Mexican food!! We went to our local Mexican restaurant…support your local businesses 😀

  75. Margaritas just scream summertime to me. Love the key lime twist!

  76. Hi GiGi,
    Whether it’s New Year’s Eve or Cinco de Mayo, you really know how to throw a party! Of course, a strong and tasty alcoholic beverage never hurts! I’ve been using Barleans oils for quite a while. They have a good reputation. I can imagine drizzling your avocado cilantro dressing on lots of dishes! So good! There is nothing like a great taco–or margarita–so thank you for sharing this healthy and delicious recipe on the Healthy, Happy, Green & Natural Blog Hop! I appreciate it!

    • You’re ALWAYS invited to my parties Deborah!!! :) And that cilantro, avocado flax dressing would make even a car tire taste good!!! 😉

  77. The one condiment I would eat right from the bottle (but have shame about it) would be mustard. Seriously obsessed. I just plan my food around “what can I add mustard to?”.

    • OHHH GIRLLLLLL – mustard is my JAMMM!!! We should have a mustard tasting party! I love those boutique condiment stores, I could spend HOURS IN THEM looking at all the mustards, among other things!!! When are you coming to LA so we can explore together? lol!

  78. How did I miss this?! Not only do both these recipes look beyond incredible but you two are so funny in the video haha. Nice rim job joke – never gets old. Bookmarking as we speak! Pin Pin Pin!

  79. Yum! I love tacos. I haven’t had lunch yet…. :(
    I could totally go for tacos and key life pie man-garitas :)

  80. Great post.. I would definitely try the tacos! :)


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