Clamming Around With My Dad

I don’t visit home very often, but when I do, my nostrils are ALWAYS greeted by the most delightfully tempting and down right scrumptious aromas… The SECOND I set foot in the house.

GiGi Dubois Smelling

It takes every fiber of my being not to morph into my alter ego, a hyena, and DESTROY whatever is roasting in the grassland… I mean, kitchen.

angry hyena

There is one dish in particular that causes me to ferociously tear through the kitchen… My parents typically need to get the kitchen remodeled after such an “attack”…

Clam Sauce.


You may be thinking… “GiGi, you don’t eat butter… How could you enjoy such a succulent sauce poured over… Uh, it’s typically poured over linguini… And you don’t scarf that stuff either! I’m confused.”

GiGi is Confused

Well first of all, THANK YOU for taking notes while reading/watching GiGi Eats – otherwise you wouldn’t know such details! Secondly…. My father, whom I am dedicating my recreation to for Father’s Day, is a flipping GENIUS, or in other words, dairy products are NOT NECESSARY for this recipe.

GiGi Eats Clam Sauce and Spaghetti Squash

So what exactly does the recipe entail then? Check out the latest GiGi Eats for ALL THE SCRUMPTIOUS DETAILS!

These Clams Aren’t Clammed Up

Linguni With Clam Sauce

  • 1 tbs olive oil
  • 1/2 small onion, sliced
  • 1 clove garlic
  • 3 tbs dry white wine
  • 3 – 4 tbs clam juice
  • 2 tsp oregano
  • 1/2 tsp black pepper
  • 1 10 oz can of clams
  • 1 cup parsley, chopped
  • red pepper flakes to taste (omit for AIP)
  • anchovies (if I had them, I would have added them!)

Don’t clam up… Check out exactly how to cook this scrumouthfest!

For the salmon with clam sauce recipe, click here!


  • What animal is your alter-ego?
  • If you could swim in a pool filled with one food, what would it be?
  • How will you be celebrating Father’s Day?
  • What meal/recipe/dish reminds you of good ol’ Daddio?!
  • Clams, Oysters, Scallops, Shrimp or Mussels – which would you rather live off of for the rest of your life? (Obviously NOT a question for Vegans, ha ha!)



  1. A big round of applause to your dad for coming up with such as awesome recipe. I’m not big on clams but I would definitely make an exception if presented with a bowl of that!

    BTW my animal alter-ego is a WOLF. Yup, I howl at the full moon, that’s my (only) flaw… 😉

    • Sometimes my father and I add in scallops and oysters to this recipe! Only makes it THAT MUCH BETTER. Oh and ANCHOVIES too! :)

      Dude, I howl too…. and I would HARDLY consider it a flaw! LOL!

  2. Sounds like a great meal! (If I ate seafood!)

    Spending my Fathers Day with my cousins! Wish I could be with my father, but I’m flying down to see him in a couple of weeks!

    • Well that’s good – at least you’ll be able to see him sooner or later! :) And at least you’re going to be spending time with some family regardless!

  3. Linguine with white clam sauce is my favorite dish in the world and will be the last thing I eat before I die. My recipe is similar to this except I add anchovies. Mmmm… I am going to have to make some now.

    • I LOVE ANCHOVIES SO SO SO much! But when I started making the recipe I realized… I DID NOT HAVE ANY ANCHOVIES in my pantry, groar!!! :( They are probably in there though, just hiding from me!

  4. I would love to swim in a pool of cheese fries. I’m sure that would have the added benefit of me smelling fantastic!

    Suck It Emeril. Hahaha!

    • Cheese Fries – OHHH MY! You wouldn’t be able to get out of that pool, LOL!!!!! I don’t think I have ever had a cheese fry before in my life!

  5. ugh I had a horrible reaction to oysters the other week at a wine tasting I was invited too..I puked in the alley behind it…pretty safe to say I won’t be invited back. And now I’m terrified of eating all shellfish. FML that is my sustenance. You need to teach me how to eat when there’s nothing I can eat.

    p.s. I was totally a baby lamb in another lifetime…wearing a bowtie.

    • AHHHHH if I ever had a bad reaction to seafood, I would probably just OFF myself because seafood is my LIFE!!!!!!!!

      And I can certainly teach you my ways of eating when you can’t eat anything, LOL! I should write a book 😉

      Can I call you Lambie-kins from now on?

  6. Well, other than needing more garlic (hahahaa) this recipe is fabulous! Nice that your Daddy is such a great cook.

    I love seafood of all kinds… crab is probably my fave and for years on the sailboat we trapped a few every week….mmmm… but I also love mussels, lobster, clams, fresh prawns, and all kinds of fish…not really a fan of squid or octopus.

    Hope your Daddy has a wonderful Father’s Day!

    • Oh yes, MORE GARLIC! It def could have used more – my dad puts LOTS! And I could have used more olive oil too 😉

      I love crab too, but it’s just so hard to get out of the shell!!!! Mmmm OCTOPUS is probably my favorite though, however – it’s so hard to prepare!

  7. Yum yum YUM! I love seafood. First Calamari, and now clams? What have we got next, Gigi? Octopus? Squid?

    Clam juice is so nutritious, it’s like broth.

    • Oh girllllll the second I find some GROSS & CREEPY looking OCTOPUS… I am on it, and I am going to prepare something AMAZING! 😉

  8. Yum! I absolutely LOVE seafood :)

    As for Father’s Day – I’m actually SO excited this year. Of course, I want to celebrate my dad; however, I also want to celebrate Marty becoming a dad with our gender reveal cake :) We find out the sex of our baby on Sunday and I am beyond excited.

    • OMGGGGGG this is going to be the best Sunday ever and I am so excited to read about it, because I KNOW you’re going to write about it, yes?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!!

      I think if I were pregnant, I would definitely want to find out the sex of the baby too! 😉

  9. This sounds awesome! Do you pour the sauce over linguini or what? What do you eat with it? I tried raw oysters once and it didn’t work out – probably never doing that again unless it’s cooked, lol. 😛 Have a great one GiGi -Iva PS. Sugar-Free diet failing. LoL

    • Well in the video I poured the sauce of spaghetti squash 😉 but sometimes I just eat it by itself.

      AND NOOOOOO what the heck happened with the sugar-free diet!?!?!

  10. Yum!! I love clams! I like all kinds of seafood, especially oysters, scallops, and mussels! I actually just had oysters with my dad last weekend!

    • Awwww yum! :) And I am glad you spent some time with your dad!! I personally cannot do raw oysters, cooked – yes please!

  11. Hi GiGi,
    Love your Dad’s clam sauce recipe! I make a shrimp scampi the same way – cut out the butter and cream and use white wine and chicken broth -so much cleaner!
    You did a great job on your dish and I’m sure you made your Dad proud :)
    My alter ego is the Orca. I’d swim in a pool of tomatoes and I’d eat shrimp for the rest of my life, hands down.
    My Dad used to make the best damn BBQ Pork Ribs but I don’t eat pork anymore but I sure can remember how delicious they were, lol.
    Great video!

    • MY dad makes a MEAN shrimp scampi as well actually, without the butter and cream! :) I love clean foods!

      Ah ha ha ah ah! I love your alter ego, that’s too funny. You are “Free Willy” – LOL!!!!

  12. Oooo. Nice recipe. I do love me some clam sauce. Too bad the family hates it. But at least I can eat my spaghetti & clams without sharing.

  13. Holy yum! I would go puma on those clams!

  14. Annnnnd….. Now I need to eat this!!! GIIIIMMMMEEEE! Well done Gigi’s Dad! this sounds perfect!!

  15. Oh GiGi how I’ve missed you!! You father is my new hero. I LOVE clam sauce and now I love it even more!!! I bet I can make this for Father’s Day and my dad won’t even notice what’s “missing.” woot woot!!!


      And my dad is KIND OF my hero too, just sayin’ 😉

      LET ME KNOW if you do make this for father’s day, and what your dad thinks!

  16. When my parents were together, my dad didn’t cook much but he did grill!!!
    The one thing I remember him making was a spaghetti dish that he finished off in the cast iron skillet in the oven – my favorite meal ever!!!

    • DADS = GRILLERS!!!!!!! Whenever I see a grill, oh yes, I think of my dad! :)

      Ohhhh I would be curious about that spaghetti dish! I could make it with spaghetti squash!

  17. This looks AMAZING!!! I’m totally making this for my Chow-baby daddy :)

    • AH HA HA HA HA HA HA AH AH AH AH AH! Chow Baby Daddy, I LOVE THIS title!! Should be on his business cards!

  18. My alter ego would be….ohhh…I don’t know I need help. Something that does weird shit. HA! I don’t like the word clam…AT ALL! I don’t like clams either, so if you make this while I visit I will shove it ALL DOWN YOUR GULLET and take NONE for myself!! I think your dad would be proud though. I don’t really think about my dad with any certain meals, but the thing that makes me think of my dad would be Splenda. He loves that shit. I once tried to get him to use real sugar (I am ALL for real sugar over Splenda!) and he had to use SEVEN PACKETS OF SUGAR IN HIS COFFEE. I about died….but at least he tried. I don’t know what’s worse honestly. WOOF. I definitely didn’t get my love for black coffee from him!

  19. Like it, quick and healthy, the spaghetti squash idea is cool. My neighbors the Griffin’s always have plenty of quahogs on hand. When I cave in and buy some Bread I’ll use a clam sauce for dipping especially with extra garlic. Were does the cookware get shipped to ? I’m like an saber tooth cat, maybe that’s not good their extinct. I’m swimming in a pool of rice pudding no raisins :) I think clams have the most protein so I’ll go with cherry stones.

    • OOOO HECK YES bread and clam sauce is like chocolate sauce on vanilla ice cream! These things go hand in hand!

      And I have never ever had rice pudding before but now I am completely intrigued!

  20. I do not like clams AT ALL but this looks SO tasty! Is that spaghetti squash lurking in the photo? Mhm, maybe I can make this without the clams and use shrimp or scallops, cause I could live off of those!

    • You can DEF make this with SCALLOPS!!! In fact, scallops are soooo bomb in this! I have done it before! 😀

  21. I’m so glad you are home where the heart is!

    I’m on the road to my hometown as I type.

    You would not have believed where I had to eat dinner tonight, but your great recipe would have been a dream come true for this stranger in a strange land!

    • My heart is at home, I am alas, still in Los Angeles – and I will be for who knows how long. I don’t see any vacation coming up, even though I did tell myself I would go home for the 4th.

      And uhhhhh I don’t think you should be typing and driving on my behalf – I am flattered, however, please stop driving before you comment 😉


      • The Franklin (Kentucky) Steak House!

        I actually found a GiGi-worthy grilled salmon (baked potato, mixed veggies) for $8.50, lol! Not Cal or Florida prices :-) I was probably the first person in a week, if ever, to order that!

  22. Hahhah ahhhh you funny. According to my friends my alter ego is a cat… which really makes me mad because I hate cats but….. I guess I can see it. Around food though I’m totally a hyena as well.

  23. I’ve never had clams but that looks great! I’m all about shrimp. Wait no, scallops. No SHRIMP!

  24. I could definitely live off oysters… they are a food I could swim in!!

    • Swimming in oysters huh?! I like oysters but I need them cooked. Have you ever has oysters out of a can! Those are TOP NOTCH! :)

  25. See, I clicked over anyway. You can’t scare me away with that “not for vegan” stuff.

    Whenever my dad cooked, we would make a Danish dish called frikadeller, which is basically Danish meatballs. And he always made red cabbage with it (not sure if that was traditional or not). Good memories, though. My dad passed away over 27 years ago, but I’ll still be thinking about him on Sunday.

    • Aw! I am thrilled to hear that you have good memories with your father :) And regardless as to whether or not your father is alive, this Sunday is a tribute!

  26. So nice to have dishes that remind us of family. My dad LOVES this dish too as well as pescatore (I love them both as well, but not as much as HIM!). I bet you like Linguini Pescatore too WITHOUT the linguini of course. I am going to have your likes/dislikes/allergies figured out sooner than later! 😉

    • OH MY GOODNESS – do you have a recipe link to Pescatore or……… Shall I google this? It sounds like something I want in my mouth, NOW! 😉

  27. ((IVE NEVER EATEN A CLAM!!!!!! is it time?!))

    • Wait WHAT!?!?! Are you speaking Chinese?!

      Can you dedicate a blog post to simply tasting the magical world that is CLAMS?!

  28. To celebrate Father’s Day, I am grilling beef for my Dad, natch. Of the sea creatures you mentioned, I would probably pick shrimp or scallops . . . . . for the pool questions, I would float on a tortilla chip in a pool of creamy jalapeno sauce

    • OMG! I could see you relaxing on a tortilla chip in a pool filled with jalapeno sauce, ha!!! Sounds magical – don’t forget your black olive shades 😉

  29. Salmon and clam sauce? Stop! Is it wrong to crave this at 8 in the morning? Spaghetti always makes me think of my dad. He’s not too gifted in the kitchen, but he could cook some mean spaghetti!

  30. You should just move in as my chef! 😉

  31. Well hello girlfriend!! Sorry for falling off the face of the earth, but I have returned! Even though I am from the seafood capital of the world (or at least the country), I really don’t like it very much. So if I could swim in one food forever, and I couldn’t pick french fries (because that would be hard), I think I’d pick spaghetti. And I don’t mean spaghetti squash! 😉

    • MY LOVE! I am thrilled you are BACK!!! I am off to check out what’s the latest with YOU….. And I cannot believe you do not live seafood that much! We should swap locations of living, LOL!!!! I need to appreciate the seafood for you.

  32. Is it weird that I’ve never had clam sauce? You certainly make it sounds delicious! I grew up hardly eating any seafood so I’m just now discovering how awesome it is. (I just started eating shrimp THIS YEAR. Crazy.)

    • No way, it’s not weird – however if you say you’ve never had clams, then I might just faint!

      I cannot BELIEVE THIS YEAR was the first year you ever ate SHRIMP!!!!!!!!!! I didn’t faint but I definitely lost my breath! LOL!

  33. My dad used to make this awesome grilled cod with squash & zucchini!

  34. Hi GiGi! Cudos to your dad for the great recipe! You must have really enjoyed it the way you were scarfing it up! Ha,ha! Actually made me hungry. Anyway, my animal alter ego is a tiger or is that my favorite animal? Hmm. The dish that reminds me of my father is “Garbanzos Frito”, which are garbanzos sautéed in olive oil with green bell peppers, onions, garlic, cumin, oregano, salt and tomato sauce (homemade). Yum! Now I’m hungry. :/

    Have a great day!

    • Garbonzo beans are AMAZING so this sounds out of this world!!!! I have been recently introduced to these little beans and I cannot get enough. If you have a recipe for this… Please do share :)

  35. Ohh yummmm this sounds so crazy good! I’m a huge lover of clammy food and anything that lives in the dark abyss of the ocean, lol. Your daad sounds so cool, to actually even COOK, haha!

  36. What meal reminds me of Dad? Expensive perfectly BBQed steak with an odd sandy gritty texture. The man dropped them in the sand by accident and thought he could just brush it off and serve them. What a Dude! Oh and horseradish the man goes on forever about how nobody will eat horseradish with him.
    Well I have dysfunctional family Father’s Day so I will be celebrating it with my father and one of my 3 brothers on July 2 which is Dad’s birthday. Brother number 1 gets the traditional holiday, but 1 and 3 can not be together at the same time and son 2 does not associate with Dad or son 3 ever. Now I will need a chart if you want me to work in next level of relatives. Weddings are hell in the family!

    • AH! It is so hard to coordinate everyone’s schedules! ha ha! At least you get to see your father again soon. And hopefully he grills you up some Sandy Meat, like the good ol’ times! LOL!

  37. Will try this next week. I think my husband might eat it. LOVE pouring stuff over spaghetti squash and I think I’ll have to include the anchovies. Thanks :)

    • Heck yes to the anchovies!!! I wish I HAD THEM when I was making them. Apparently they SWAN OUT OF MY PANTRY! lol!

  38. Spaghetti squash and clam sauce! What about brown rice pasta? Would that work?
    I’m in love with clam sauce. In love.
    My animal alter ego is definitely the moose.
    And I met Iva this weekend and we talked about how awesome you are but I have to tell you that we both may or may not have eaten candy/cupcakes.
    I can only speak for myself of course..

    • Of course brown rice pasta would work!! Go for it :)

      AND OMG you MET IVA!!!!! I am envious of this UNION!!!!!! GAH! When are all three of us going to get together and eat…… Healthy, dressingless salads with grilled chicken? LMFAO!

  39. It sounds WONDERFUL! Now I just need someone to make it for me… I find fresh shellfish too intimidating, even the buying part because I’m lame like that. Don’t suppose you rent out your Dad?

    • Oh trust me, I was quite intimidated by this recipe too – but I just used canned clams – BOOM!

      And I can talk to my dad about his rental fees and get back to you! LOL!!!

  40. I actually make a white clam sauce that’s similar to this, although I don’t include onion or anchovies. Fun stuff — I love your videos. Thanks.

  41. I love it when you can take “regular” recipes and make them work! It just makes everything better. I’ve never actually had clam sauce at all.

  42. Shrimp. Definitely shrimp although right now all seafood is grossing me out! I hope that goes away!

  43. You know what’s sad? I’m allergic to shellfish so I’ve never had the pleasure of tasting linguini with clam sauce but it smells delicious!

  44. found you through #brilliantblogposts and am loving what I’ve read so far! It’s so nice that you have a smell to greet you as well as a cool dad when you get home!
    My dad is a famous under-caterer (cooks for two regardless of how many are coming over), so my favourite meals from his home are things like 1/4 of a quiche with a two-new-potato salad and eight cold baked bean chaser. HOWEVER. Christmas day evening – thick slabs of turkey on thick pastings of salty butter laid on soft white rolls from the mill (he’s a flour miller and brings home test baking). Only he can make them the way I like them, and I’m nearly 40.

    • Awwwww – even if dad has some flaws, he still knows how to blow you out of the water :)

      And you just got me REALLY EXCITED for the holidays! LOL!

  45. Shashi @ RunninSrilankan(dot)com says:

    All things sweet remind me of my dad – not only because he is a sweet man :) , but because he has a wicked sweet tooth with vanilla cake and ice cream being his favorite!

    Way to not clam up and duplicate your dad’s clam sauce, GiGi!

  46. haha i would swim in butter…..sorry.

    i made a gigi pancake. One more try this weekend to perfect it.

  47. This recipe is great. I also don’t think butter is necessary. You may not need clam juice as well, if you go for fresh clams, right? I miss this dish so much!

    • You are correct, however you do need some liquid as it tends to boil down as you simmer this deliciousness! So having extra clam sauce on hand is always good to have!

  48. Geegers, whyyyy are you so cute?! Can I let you in on a little secret? I may or may not have started dabbling with eating fish again… for health reasons. So this clam sauce is sounding reeeallll good right about now. Make it for me when I’m back!?!? I’ll bake you a yummy vegan dessert… all food intolerances accounted for! 😉

    • OMFG SERIOUSLY?!?!??!!?!??!?! Ohhhhh snap! You and are really going to be BESTIESSSS because seafood = MY LIFE!!! We are going to have SWIMMINGLY GOOD parties. LMFAO – see what I did there?!?!?!? And uhhhhh PLEASE DO make me some vegan desserts! 😀

  49. So this is the first time that I saw your blog and I love you already! You are not scared to be goofy! How cool is that?! Well I was born in the year of the Rabbit so ill just stick with that as my alter ego. Nice teeth! Oh no I have poor eyesight tho. Oh well. #brilliantblogposts

    • MERLINDA – thank you so much for coming on BY! :)

      I was born in the year of the Rabbit TOO! However, I hardly believe that that animal is my alter ego 😉 😉 I definitely do not eat like a bunny, ha ha ha!

  50. I’m not a big clam eater except for clam chowder. I love that stuff but I can’t have it because I’m lactose intolerant. Your recipe does look good so I will pin it. Visiting from the #wowlinkup

  51. This sauce looks amazing and SO simple! Unfortunately, my dad can’t cook… all. Actually, he was always the “gravy maker” growing up, but that about sums up his culinary talents, lol!

  52. There’s this one restaurant that makes the best clam sauce. I only have it there. That said, it’s been years since I’ve been to that restaurant lol

  53. Yummmm clams! My dad has this famous venison recipe he makes and he actually hides the recipe for it so no one steals it. It is Soooo my dads cooking, every time I smell it I’m instantly 12 again helping him make it.

  54. well sorry to say this but we are not huge clam girls 😉 but it sure sounds wonderful!!

    and the one food that reminds of us our dad is PB&J. haha we know that may sound sad but he LOVES it and it is a big joke in our family about him eating them for dinners when he is alone.

    And we got a random question for ya, we like how you have your google+ under the share buttons, is that a plugin? Thanks :)

    • Ha Ha! PB & Js are flipping delicious so your dad has good taste buds 😉

      As for the GOOGLE + under the share buttons… If you go to settings on WP, click SHARING and then under the share OPTIONS there should be a Google + Profile option… I don’t believe this is a plugin! Let me know if that helps?

  55. I would love to be on a floaty raft with a BIG curly straw, drifting lazily in a pool of chocolate core power protein drink. That stuff is yummy! I of course would also be slathered in sunscreen. in a big floppy hat, over sized sun glasses, and an umbrella! I wouldn’t want to get sunburn! I have my limits, you know!

  56. Funny how the smell of food can turn us into absolute crazy people! Yesterday, I was driving home from work and I was soooo hungry and I passed some gross little fast food restaurant that I would probably never eat at, but it look all my self control not to pull the car over and order everything on the menu, it smelled so good! I’m kinda obsessed with cats, mainly my cat, so I would have to say my alter ego is a cat, mainly because I love eating and taking naps and would be pretty happy to do that for the rest of my life! That is awesome that your dad makes you this yummy pasta, it looks delicious :)

  57. My friends and family would say my alter animal is a TIGER! I can get ferocious when I am hangry!!!! LOL. I used to eat a lot of clam sauce years ago. I might need to pull up this recipe and try it again! #wowlinkup

    • OOOOO YES! I can get pretty FEROCIOUS too! 😉 We would be battling it out for the clam sauce… However, I don’t think Tigers eat clams? LOL!

  58. Hahah!! Look at you go GIGI! You’re dad is a culinary genius!! :)

  59. Just a quick wish to your father GiGi, the best gift any father can have is being proud of his family, GiGi is a very talented and kind hearted lady and she always speaks highly of her brother and sister. Have a great day and I hope to see you cook some time with her on here, that would be a blast.

  60. Once again absolutely adore your post :) Do I have to pick JUST scallops or oysters? I love both!…I’ll think on it. Currently I’m OBSESSED with mango anything so I’d say I’d want a pool of mango gelato to swim in, por favor. I won’t get to see my dad this Father’s Day :(, so enjoy hanging with yours for me!

    • AW! I didn’t get to see mine this year either – but I got to shovel in his delicious foods :)

      And WHOAAAAA a Mango Gelato pool.. I have to find me one of those! LOL!

  61. take me home with you! 😉

  62. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever had clam sauce… but your dad’s recipe is kind of making me want to change that! Oh and if I swam in a pool filled with one food it would totally be chocolate, and I would eat my way out.

  63. This sounds so good! I love seafood. Your question is much too hard to answer, about which seafood, maybe mussels, but I love them all.

  64. Wow delicious and love your blog-my brother owns a fab Italian restaurant so don’t usually cook Italian at home! Thanks for linking up to #brilliantblogposts, please do link back if you can!

  65. Alfie often refers to me as a pitbull. lol

  66. Thanks so much for sharing with the Let’s Get Real Party.

  67. Your dad is awesome, what a fantastic recipe! I completely agree too, dairy is so not needed when you add amazing other flavor components, that has been a huge thing for me! I love the added wine and onion to this, wonderful flavors. Oh, and cute photos 😉

  68. Hi GiGi,
    What a delectable recipe clam sauce! It’s always fun clamming it up with you! I am so glad you shared this delicious recipe at the Plant-Based Potluck Party Blog Hop! I appreciate it!

  69. Great memories!!! :) I don’t like clams but I love you! :) I have a few dishes that bring back memories of my dad but none healthy – that is why I was heavy as a kid! 😉

  70. Hi Gigi. I highlighted this recipe as one of the favorites at this week’s Paleo AIP Recipe Roundtable. Thanks so much for linking up!


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