Charged Up For Another Year!

I like to consider myself a very giving person…


However… Don’t mistaken GIVING for SHARING… Because a sharer… I am not.


Especially… When it comes to…

Salmon Skin Handrolls


Or really, any food on MY plate for that matter.

Now if I give YOU food, by all means, shove your head right into it…

Forks and knives? Those are for wimps!

Bludso's BBQ Los Angeles GiGi Eats Celebrities

But again… Don’t you even THINK about diving head-first into my plate (or even look at me like you want to try a bite)…

Unless of course, you have a death wish.

angry hyena

Whoops! Things just got a little morbid for a split second there… And this is supposed to be a happy post because it’s my birthday week!

Happy Birthday GiGi

Hold the phone! 


Shocked Monkey

That can’t be… No… That’s not… 

Ice cream?

vanilla bean ice cream

HA! Tricked you!

PA-LEEZE… Did you really think I would voluntarily give myself an excruciatingly torturous stomach ache?! 


I mean, I may come off as someone who likes to play with fire and juggle knives but when it comes to abdominal misery… I do my best to try and not anger the beast… 

Angry Stomach

So instead of doing an ice cream barrel keg stand in honor of my birth… 

I decided to have a sensuous rendezvous with my brand new ice cream maker… 


So I could CONTROL what goes into my cool, creamy, birthday cake inspired sweet treat.

Yes, I could be classified as a control freak. 


But hey, I might be a freak, but as I mentioned earlier, I am also a GIVER… And I am GIVING YOU…

The latest GiGi Eats… Go check it out, as a birthday gift, to me!

It’s pretty SWEET if you ask me! 

Birthday cake coconut ice cream

Charged Up Coconut Custard! 

Get chilled…

  • Buy an ice cream maker (BEST INVESTMENT EVER!)
  • Freeze ice cream bowl over night (12 – 16 hours)
  • Take bowl out of freezer, put mixing paddle in bowl and place lid over the top. Turn on the ice cream maker and add all of your ingredients. 
  • Let concoction churn for roughly 20 minutes. 
  • Time to get brain freeze! 

So tell me…

  • How did you celebrate the last birthday you had?
  • What was the most EPIC birthday surprise you ever received? I received a PHENOMENAL surprise this year for my birthday!
  • What’s your favorite type of birthday treat? 
  • Do you mind sharing food with others? Or do you go bat-shit crazy like moi?
  • What celebrity looks far older than he or she really is? 
  • If you had to get me a present, what would you get me? BAH HA HA! You don’t have to answer that! (I sound like a greedy bitch, I SWEAR I am a giver). 

blowing out the candles!


Can you guess what I wished for? It might have something to do with you…

– Subscribing to my YouTube channel

– Following me on Instagram… 

– Or even, maybe… Downloading my APP! Say what?! 


  1. Gigi, super clever recipe. I have not used an ice cream maker since I was a kid. Now I am wanting to do this with my kids.

    • OMG YES! Go get one immediately! Amazon is my best friend – ordered, came to my door the next day, BAM – ice cream in my face! 😀

  2. Happy birthday Gigi! That coconut milk ice cream looks delish. My favorite birthday treat is cannoli cake – it’s cake but then has layers of filling made with the inside of cannolis. Yummmm. {PS – thanks for a great session at FitBloggin! }

    • OMG I want to eat this CANNOLI ICE CREAM! WTF – Ah! I need to figure out how to re-create it, ASAP! I am officially drooling all over my computer keys, LOL! I am actually totally making ice cream for lunch today… Cause I am an ADULT but of course 😉

      And you’re VERY welcome – if you have any questions about the FitBloggin’ session, feel free to email!

  3. Just got an ice cream maker attachment for my KitchenAid mixer as a wedding gift and I cannot wait to try it out! I’m all about knowing what goes into my food. :) And I just so happened to get some coconut milk at the store last night. #WINNING !
    My last birthday my husband got me a kettlebell! He knows me too well, ha 😉 And I totally would choose ice cream over cake for birthday ANY day. <3
    p.s. I don't like to share my food either 😉

    • Aw!!! Love that your husband got you a HEALTHY and USEFUL birthday gift!!! :) Feed him ice cream as a thank you for being awesome!! – he he! But of course, do not let him eat out of your bowl!

  4. I’m planning my special 18th birthday celebration! I want something big but not too crazy!

    • WHEN IS IT??? If you can believe this – I was in Hong Kong for my 18th birthday! Go big or go home, right? LMFAO

  5. Happy Birthday!! That “ice cream cake” looks delish :) Hope you have an amazing day and get spoiled!

    • Thank you Bri!! I had an amazing birthday weekend for sure and got lots of amazing surprises! I have to say, this was one of the best birthdays I have ever had!!! 😀 And I mean, this ice cream totally had something to do with it!


    Like you, I’m a really shitty sharer especially when it comes to delicious treats. And yet oddly enough, this won’t stop me from mooching off other people who are inclined to be generous. Because, yumm!

    • LMFAO!!!!! Well at least I don’t mooch off of other people’s plates… Well, unless of course they ask if I want a bite – They know that I am a HUGE EATER. Last night… Went to dinner and got a whole trout, my friend got one too. I wolfed mine down, she only ate 1/2 of hers and gave me the rest – BOOM! Love eating with people who cannot finish their plates, bah ha ha ha!

      • Seriously, your friend could not finish her trout? How is that possible? Trout is such a skinny fish, and so delicious, the only reason I ever hesitate to order it is fear that my portion size will be too small.

        Just had trout last night, actually–trader joes has it for a reasonable price in CA but doesn’t carry it in MA, and I’m visiting family, so I bought enough to pig out on all week long. A little crazy-pants hoardy obsessive? Um, maybe! :)

        • AH HA HA HA HA HA AH! YOU ARE I ARE OFFICIALLY TWINS – I always get nervous that food portions is going to be TOO small but the restaurant we went to last night -HECK YES! I posted a pic on twitter: (That’s like a 1 pounder, he he and let me tell you… The bones and all were eaten!) – LOVE to pig out, just like you! LOL!

  7. Wow. Ice cream makers have come a long way! My last ice cream maker was loud and messy and didn’t stay around long. Yours was so quiet I didn’t hear it in the video!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!!!!

    • Right?! I thought it was going to be insanely loud… But perhaps I just talk REALLY LOUD? lol!!! I totally think you need to invest in a new one Kandas – I am going to seriously make ice cream for lunch today, LOL!

  8. It’s super nice having friends over for dinner – love having people over. The ice cream looks really good!

  9. I wish I had a summer birthday! But I celebrated with a vegan dinner at my favorite restaurant in NYC followed by froyo the size of my head (this actually occurred for 7 days straight because I believe in birthday weeks). Favorite birthday treat = seven layer red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting. No better dessert!

    • BAH HA HA HA! 7 straight days of HEAD-SIZED Froyo huh?!?!? What on earth did you top it with, because that’s seriously the best part – cake batter pieces perhaps???!

      Is it crazy I have NEVER had red velvet cake before?!

  10. Such a good idea, I can’t wait to try it!

  11. Happy birthday! I need to make those salmon wraps for dinner tonight.

    • Oh I am totally making them for dinner tonight too…. And making ice cream for lunch! 😉 #balanceddiet – haha ha!

  12. You have an app? You are too cool for me! So glad we met last weekend. I am in L.A. in two weeks for IDEA if you’re planning to go.

  13. Happy Birthday! Glad you had some “ice cream” to celebrate. 😉 That’s really a clever recipe — you done good!

    • I am making it for lunch. I cannot help myself. It’s just way too good! And hey, it’s protein packed, so it’s allowed, right?

  14. Ice cream maker – AMAZING!
    Happy birthday week.

  15. Happy Happy Birthday! and MANY more! I have a 35th bday coming up soon and plan to make it epic well good lol :)

    • OOOOOO!! When is this EPIC day happening???? Shall I bust out of a coconut ice cream cake naked? LMFAO!

  16. Happy birthday week!!! I am all about birthdays. It’s the one day a year where it’s completely acceptable to be a spoiled princess ; )

  17. I’ve been thinking about purchasing my own ice cream maker for some time now. I stopped buying store bought ice cream because it causes my allergies to flare up. I’m definitely gonna purchase it. And how did you know which machine I wanted? The Cuisinart machine, I heard, is amazing. I love your recipe.

    Kia / The House of KTS

    • PURCHASE IT – RIGHT NOW!!! RIGHT NOW I TELL YOU! I even linked to the AMAZON LINK above! You know you want it…… Tee he he he! I am such an enabler!

  18. Happy Belated Birthday, GiGi! Hope your month was fabulous!

    Great ice cream maker, I bought one for a friend and she loves it. She’s vegan gluten free so it’s perfect for her.

    My all time fav birthday treat is sushi, I just can’t help it. Yum!

    • You bought an ice cream maker for a friend and not for yourself. Common now, treat yourself 😉 It’s soooo worth the investment.
      And I hear you – EVERY YEAR I treat myself to sushi for my birthday, EVERY YEAR! This year I actually didn’t think I was going to have sushi on my actual birthday, but I got an EXTREMELY AMAZING surprise that day, that completely BLEW ME OUT OF THE WATER and included sushi as well! 😉

      • Oh yes I did BUT she and her 3 girls are living with us so I can use it any time. Good move huh? Except when they find a place to live then I might have to get one ha ha

        Here’s to nice big birthday surprises!

  19. This sounds stinking amazing!! Right up my ally…and this is exactly why I don’t have an ice cream maker, because my diet would probably consist of these kind of treats :) I love cold, creamy goodies!! :) So happy I got to meet you ON YOUR BIRTHDAY!!! :)

    • NO WAY! Get that ice cream maker, RIGHT NOW! I am totally making ice cream for lunch today, and I don’t even care – hey IT IS HEALTHY… and Protein-Packed = GOOD FOR YOU 😉 ha ha ha!
      AND OMG YES! I am beyond thrilled I got to spend my birthday evening with you and your hubby!!! I am so happy to have met you, whether you like it or not, you’re officially my blogging buddy and we will have to make trips to see each other 😉

  20. Love this recipe! I just happen to have a can of lite coconut milk lying around. I also have a 25 year old ice cream maker. It has been handed down through the generations in my family. JUST KIDDING! My mom was going to throw it out and I rescued it.

    • THANK GOODNESS YOU RESCUED IT! I cannot believe your mom was going to get rid of it. THAT is not okay! LOL!

      And well, I mean, if that can of coconut milk is just laying around…….. 😉

  21. First, Happy Birthday! And that sounds so yummy. Especially now because I’m in the middle of dental work and have no top teeth. Lovely site, I’ll be indoors for a while! Thanks for sharing this. Saw you at Healthy Living!

    • YES! This is the perfect recipe for you considering it sounds like you cannot really use your teeth at the moment!! :) Glad I could be of some assistance, haha!

  22. I had an ice cream maker once. Not sure what happened to it. (Shhh! Probably re-gifted because I never even opened the box!). I might have to rethink that though, this sounds pretty yummy (and vegan, thank you!).

    • BAHHH HA HA HA AH! Yeah, ice cream makers typically are re-gifted… But I decided to see what they’re ALL about and I am sooooo glad I did!! You need to rethink that too, LOL!!

      And I knew you’d like the fact that this baby is 100% vegan! 😉 Now we can ALL celebrate!

  23. This looks delish. It’s the start of my birthday month, I celebrate the whole of July. I may need to try this for the protein. Looks AMAZEBALLS.
    Hope you had a great day.

    • I LOVE the added protein, and this protein, EVERLAST, that I added is 100% DELICIOUS! Highly recommended!! :)
      Happy Birthday MONTH to you!

  24. I really enjoyed this video and an ice cream maker is on my always growing “wish list” I have on my phone…This is such a great alternative for those of us who do not consume dairy… If I were to give you a gift I will send you a huge box of organic ground beef that you can cook or eat raw to bring you back to your childhood days.. no forks or knifes included.. lol Looks like you had an awesome birthday week!

    • BAH HA HA HA AH AH AHAH! I LOVE YOU YAITZA!!!!! You know me so well. Raw ground beef = life complete!!! 😀 😀 😀

      PS: I think you need to cross off ICE CREAM maker from your wish list… and make it a reality!

  25. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! All we do for our birthdays is go out to Cracker Barrel.

  26. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! WEEEE!!!!!!! I’d gladly indulge in this keep-you-tummy-happy ice cream with you! Of course, I’ll make my own bowl – ain’t nobody got time for share-zies. Have the BEST day!!

    • Weeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come on over right now, I am making ice cream as I type this!!! I cannot wait, I keep sneaking samples, LOL!!!

  27. Happy birthday Gigi you crazy kid you!! Enjoy the day and your frozen coconut madness!!

  28. Happy Birthday, Gigi! It was great meeting you last week at FitBloggin!

    I don’t think I’ve ever licked my ice cream maker container. I usually leave that for Mini Me!

    My favorite combo is the classic vanilla ice cream with peanut butter cups. It was the first ice cream we had to make when I bought my ice cream maker. I never thought to make a healthy version with protein powder….I’m gonna have to try that – maybe I’ll feel less guilty for eating ice cream!

    I’m off to make your birthday wish come true – see you on the YouTube channel! 😉

    • I am so glad we got to meet at FitBloggin!!! :) I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

      As much as you may want to share with your mini me… Licking the ice cream maker mayyyy be the best part of making ice cream, so um…. You might want to try it 😉 ha ha!

      AND THANK YOU for making my birthday wishes come true, I really appreciate it!!!

  29. you can go bat shit anytime when you have no colon and it’s your bday! LO!L love it and you and the recipe

    • BAH HA! WELL THEN HELL YES! I will forever have an excuse to go BAT SHIT!! he he he! I mean, YOU SAID I COULD 😉

      LOVE YOU right backkkk!

  30. ooooo yummmm. I’m dousing this in sprinkles. Wait I do that with everything. Are you going to be dousing your salmon?

    • I HAVE BEEN TRYING TO LOOK FOR SPRINKLES I can eat, EVERYWHERE! I wanted rainbow sprinkles to make this custard look even prettier… ALAS…. I failed, but whatever – chocolate is good enough!

      And um….. YOU BEST BELIEVE SALMON is on the MENU!! Stick a candle in that bad boy!!

  31. Coconut custard? That sounds so refreshing! And that hyena picture is totally me when people try to touch my food. Haha! Happy Birthday week, Gigi! Celebrate!!

    • Bah ha ha! We are totally Hyena Twins! We should go to Africa together and go on a safari and see some actual Hyenas going at it! 😉

      And thank you for the birthday wishes!!!

  32. I have NEVER used an ice cream maker! it does seem like fun, but I’m not sure I need another gadget! Very cool about the app!

    • I didn’t think I needed another gadget… But I got it anyways… AND I AM SO GLAD I did! LOL! Sure, I am struggling to find a place for it in my pantry, but I don’t care because it’s the best invention on the face of the planet, LOL!

  33. Yummmmm! Thanks for sharing. My sister will love this dessert too.
    Happy Birthday to one of my favourite funny gal bloggers!

    • AW! YOU just made my DAYY, my week… MY YEAR BABY! WOOO!! 😀 😀 😀
      And I am thrilled to hear, you want to share it with your sister 😉

  34. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Girl, you crack me up – those animal pics are hilarious! I’m glad you decided not to anger the beast and play it safe with some non-beastly ice cream! My birthday is on St. Patrick’s Day, so you can imagine how it get celebrated. :) Have a great birthday week!

    • BAH HA! Just think. EVERYONE is celebrating your birthday on St. Patty’s!! That’s pretty EPIC 😀

  35. I actually do NOT like ice cream in the summer…heat and heavy creamy things do not mix well with me. I would want some of this though, at like…5 am when it’s still cool out. Coconut milk doesn’t sit well in my gut when it’s hot either. Happy belated birthday biatch, I hope you got my card. Still working on what to get you. AH.

    • You would like this puppy though. I KNOW IT – because it’s LITE, not the full fat heavy crap that would weigh me down too! ha ha ha! I am going to MAKE IT for you when you visit. AND STOP THAT NON-SENSE!! You don’t have to get me ANYTHING. If we see each other… No, WHEN we see each other in August – that’s a good enough gift!!

  36. Hi funny gal! Are you going to BlogFest? I sure hope I’ll be meeting you there — saw you hit up FitBloggin’ — what fun. Also, I don’t have any allergies, so I’m all about any type of ice cream and have never made my own. But my birthday treat of choice? Red velvet cake with extra cream cheese frosting. Yum! Nice job on the recipe!! :)

    • I have NEVER EVER EVER had red velvet cake before in my LIFE! Can you believe that?!?! I don’t even know what it tastes like – ha!

      As for BlogFest… I was going to go but……… Something kinda friggin’ amazing as come up, so I am not going to be able to make it now. I promise you, you will understand when you find out what’s going on!

  37. Happy birthday! Hope you have the most amazing day and week. Hey we don’t all get fireworks for our birthday :)

    • Honestly Deborah…….. FIREWORKS have been going off this week for me!!! No complaints here 😀

  38. I use my ice cream maker weekly!!! I love it! Such a fun recipe, my husband has health problems and has to watch dairy, so he would enjoy this! I make frozen yogurt (with coconut yogurt) for us on the weekends. Happy Birthday too! Stopping by from Pin Worthy Wednesday!

    Alexis @

  39. Hilarious as always! Awesome recipe!! Happy early birthday GiGi :)

  40. Happy birthday beautiful! I’m totally jealous of the ice cream maker. Seeing as I have whole cookbooks devoted to ice creams both normal and vegan you’d think I’d have one, hehe.
    Glad it looks like you are having fun with yours, for life without frozen treats is sad;)

  41. WAIT?! What was the phenomenal surprise you got?!?!?!?! WHAT IS IT?!?! I am bat-shit stingy with food.. if I give it’s one thing but don’t “assume” I’ll share. I’m greedy – esp if it’s a fave, anything pasta or potatoes 😛 nom nom nom. Vanilla is my favorite ice cream – for shizzle> How young are you now?!? What’d you do?? For my last bday this year I went to a Whiskey bar :) I likey my whiskey/scotch <3. Have a HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIGI!! <3 -Iva

    • OH GIRL – I AM SOOOO GREEDY!!! And everyone who eats out with me, KNOWS IT 😉 ha ha ah aha ha!!!!!

      And um, can you guess how young I am now? 😉 And as for my surprise… Lets just say, man friend pulled through so unexpectedly. I have never been surprised like that before in my life! I went to Denver for FitBloggin’ and got to see some of my friends from college… And then I visited my sister and her new baby.

      • Lol I am greedy too no worries :) YOu look young so I’ll say 29-30 range? oOoo lala!!! Romance? That’s awesome 😉 Get it girl!! Glad you had such a great birthday!! Now tis the 4th so let the celebration continue! <3 -Iva

  42. Happy Birthday! This coconut custard is absurdly delicious! Definitely need a ice cream maker!

  43. Your birthday wish is a photo shoot with me?
    I don’t share food well either. I wonder if growing up with five siblings did that to me? Either way, this ice cream looks fantastic! It just needs to be cold – I don’t ask for much else.

    • Yeah, I think the sharing thing could have something to do with your siblings, lol! I think mine has to do with… Um, I just love food and want to eat it all cause I am a PIGGY? LOL!

  44. Those flavor drops are game changers!! Happy Birthday gorgeous Gigi! Wish I could have seen you on my trip! I cut it short but next time xo C

    • Yeah, it seemed like you did cut it short! I thought we had more time to see each other :( Just keep me posted as to when you’ll be back in LA!

      And thank you for the birthday wishes!

  45. Happy Birthday friend! I’m shocked you have never had red velvet cake because it is DELICIOUS, and I always have my mom make a cake for me. And it has to be her red velvet cake… I rarely eat any if it isn’t her recipe. But enough about me… happy day to YOU! =)

    • I just don’t even know what red velvet consists of… It makes me think that you’re eating the fabric velvet. HA AH AH!!!

  46. Dang, I hate coconut. But I love vanilla. And ice cream. I shall figure out a solution to this conundrum, you can count on it.

  47. OK. I followed you on Instagram, so now you can celebrate. I have that same ice cream maker but not in that pretty red color. It works great! Now quit making me laugh and go enjoy your birthday! Celebrate with fireworks, please!

      And I purposely got RED because, well, it’s PRETTY 😀 ha ha. However, I tried making ice cream yesterday and it made a funny noise, perhaps my ice cream bowl was just TOO frozen – lol!
      Oh and yes, I will be celebrating this weekend with FIRE WORKS – however, I think everyone will be 😉

  48. Yep… I know what is going to be the first thing I do when i get home to Canada… Walmart here I come haha!
    My last birthday was the best ever! I celebrated it with friends in Paris, actually just people that I had met that week but it was great! The best surprise was probably actually this year to be honest. My friends planned a picnic with a macaron cake! Fave treat is ice cream cake from dairy queen, nothing beats it!
    and sharing? Hell no. I’m a greedy b. with my food.

    • OMG I LOVE that you spent last year’s birthday in Paris!! That’s friggin’ AWESOME :) And you sound just like me – making friends everywhere you go 😉
      I CANNOT WAIT until you get home, get to WALMART… And purchase your soon to be FAVORITE kitchen gadget to date, he he he!

  49. Sounds like a great recipe for the BIRTHDAY GIRL!

    My favorite b-day treat is chocolate cake with chocolate frosting 😉

    now I want an ice cream maker (OH OR YONANAS!!!) for mine in a few weeks.

  51. What a cleaver idea, Gigi! Looks like a perfect recipe for the birthday! Happy Birthday dear, Girl! :)

    • THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH Anu! :) I am going to be experimenting a TON with this new gadget of mine! he he.

  52. Happy belated Birthday! How comes a year has passed this fast?? I still remember getting those balls rolling 😉 in celebration of you last year. And ice cream would be even more up my alley so I’d totally play the repeat birthday surprise – if it wasn’t for the fact I can literally just get one single ingredient you used there: the light coconut milk. None of the other. This country does not cater GiGi-approved recipes well.

    • Uh Oh! I wonder what would happen if I lived in your country! I might die! LOL. And isn’t it crazy how FAST a year went by!!! SO MANY THINGS HAVE HAPPENED… But girl, one thing stayed the same – I am still totally obsessed with CAKE BALLS!!!!

      TRY and re-create this recipe some how, it’s epic! You could probably just use a blender if you want! :)

      • What do you mean about the blender?? That won’t solve my ingredient problem :(.

        • Wait, are you telling me that you don’t have a MAGIC blender that creates the ingredients you cannot get your hands on?? DAMMIT Germany needs to step their game up! 😉

  53. this looks delicious!!! hope you enjoyed your bday! <3

  54. i’m pretty obsessed with all things birthday cake flavored!

    • I 100% thought of you when I made this recipe because I KNOW how much you love birthday cake flavor :) You certainly need to get Capella Flavor Drop Cake Batter flavor!! 😉

  55. I need an ice cream maker!! This looks so tasty :)

  56. Happy Birthday Week girlfriend!! I hope you have an absolutely FAB time. I also love the cartoon of the angry stomach…that’s mine, like all the time when I eat things I’m not supposed to, which is…all the time haha. I love the sounds of the coconut custard though – must try!!

    xx Jill
    McBride Sisters Interview: On Wine, Following Your Dreams, and Being an Oprah Favorite!

    • HA HA! Our stomachs are TWINS!!!! 😉 But during birthday week, I am just giving him the finger, ha ha ha ha!!!
      However, my stomach adores like coconut ice cream, just like I think you and everyone else will 😉

  57. Your faux ice cream is such a fun idea!

    Happy Birthday, GiGi!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m sure the earth was smiling when you graced us with your entrance, and still is!!

    • OKAY SERIOUSLY Dr. J – that was the sweetest comment ever. But I have a feeling the earth was just covering it’s ears! LOL!

  58. Dairy doesn’t agree with me either, but I just can’t resist all the Italian gelato I’m surrounded by! Happy birthday!!

    • What are your symptoms when you eat it?! I can imagine that GELATO…. Calling out to everyone 😉 However, the pain I feel when I eat tainted food, I just can’t…

      • Serious bloating and stomach cramps! Like 0 to 7 months pregnant in 5 minutes. And it also gives me breakouts! Funnily enough, I seem to tolerate ice cream better than fro yo or milk.

        • That is super interesting – dairy is just so WEIRD! Some people cannot do ice cream or milk but cheese is totally fine.

  59. Your pictures always kill me! But in all seriousness that ice cream looks aahhhh mazing! Gotta try it.. I think I need to invest in an ice cream maker.

    • YOU NEED to invest in an ice cream maker!! 😉 I will keep posting ridiculous photos IF YOU DO! ha ha.

  60. I am always behind! So…. what was your big surprise beyond the twins which are no longer new!! :)

    Is that a ring on your finger????

    Hope is was as special as you!!!!

    • Ha Ha! The surprise includes man friend and his amazingness. But no, no! No ring on my finger… My camera films things backwards!! ha ha. I’ll Facebook you! 😉

  61. Hi GiGi – This looks delicious. Thanks for sharing with the Let’s Get Real party. Pinning to our group board.

    • Thank you GAYE!! It is certainly SO SO SO delicious and I hope you get it make it at least a few times this summer! 😀

  62. Birthday Girl !!!!! that’s a cool machine, no ice ? Wow you can be really creative with this, shredded toasted coconut, blueberry’s, how about a couple shot’s of cappuccino !! I buy coconut milk ice cream with strawberry tastes pretty good. What brand machine is this ? I’m kind of off for two month’s so I can have some fun again !!! Bacon Ice Cream !!!! :) My birthday’s were never memorable, now it’s just OH No can’t believe it. I wish you a life time of happiness and eternal fun for your birthday’s. :)

    • OMG YAY! I AM THRILLED you’re off for two months and you can have fun again!! The ice cream maker is a cusinart! GO FOR IT – I want to hear about all of your combos you create :) You really can go nuts with this… Oh hey, you can add nuts to the mix! ha ha.

      And thank you – Rocco, you always know how to make my DAY!!! PS: The Captain gave me the most amazing gift EVER! 😉

  63. oh my goodness this looks so darn yummy and creamy! I’d rather eat this than ice cream!

    • Oh me too! And I totally just finished off my batch I had in the freezer – UGHHHH! SO GOOD! 😀

  64. omg! You’re amazing! Happy Birthday, Gigi!!! You’re so lovely and funny! Thank you for sharing your positive energy with us!

    • XO! Thank you Marcela!!! I completely appreciate you stopping by and giving me well wishes :) I would like to give you a pint of this deliciousness as a thank you!

  65. I’d have to seriously be head-over-heels in love with someone (and also at a sushi buffet) for me to even entertain the thought of giving up a salmon hand roll to someone else. >_>

    So happy that you got an ice cream maker! 😀 Those things are magical, and that recipe looks delicious! <3 Happy birthday week! <3

    • Oh Farrah… I have ONE PERSON, who has stuck his hand in my salmon skin handrolls and unagi handrolls a few too many times because he forgets that he doesn’t like them… And while I definitely get ANGRY ANGRY ANGRY… I still let him take the TINIEST BIT ever…. THAT RIGHT THERE IS ABSOLUTE HEAD over HEELS love! LOL!!!!!!! He better friggin’ know that. LMFAO.

      Do you have an ice cream maker??? If so, what do you stick in it?

      • hehehe, true love indeed! 😛 I’m sure he appreciates it! :]

        I do indeed! I had to pack it up due to all the moving nonsense I’ve been dealing with, but I used to make sorbet-ish type thingies with greek yogurt + fruit!

  66. Happy Birthday! It’s such fun to have a birthday celebration over a holiday weekend. Enjoy!!
    The ingredients in this custard look awesome and healthy. :)

  67. Happy Birthday GiGi! (although it may have passed by the time you get this message, sorry I’m always catching up on my favourite blogs! :-) )

    I can’t believe you licked the coconut milk can lid! I was scared for you then, I thought you were going to cut your tongue on it!

    I really want an ice cream maker after watching this. I could get the ice cream bucket attachment for my Kitchenaid but it just wouldn’t fit in my freezer. Looks like I’m gonna have to consider getting a new freezer! 😉

    • Ha Ha! I lick a lot of things, my tongue should have scars on it at this point, LOL!!!

      AND YOU DEFINITELY need to just get a new freezer… As do I! lol

  68. Happy birthday girlie! Recipe looks amazing…and I do have an ice cream maker so totally doable! 😉

    • YAY! Make this right now! Right now I tell you 😉 And thank you for the birthday wishes! Hope July kicks some ass for ya!

  69. This just reminds me of the Friends episode of “JOEY DOESN’T SHARE FOOD!!!!”

    Happy Birthday :)

  70. I will feed you real ice cream and you’ll enjoy it. I’ll then leave you in pain for the day :)

  71. Happy Birthday GiGi!
    With yummy ingredients like these, I will be making this custard for friends and family quite often. Thank you so much for sharing this healthy and delicious Charged Up Coconut Custard at the Healthy Happy Green and Natural Party Blog Hop! I’m pinning and sharing.

  72. Happy birthday! And this ice cream sounds amazing – perfect to mark the occasion :)

  73. I hope YOU did have an epic birthday!! Mine was beyond…..Vegas with Laura, you should’ve been there!

    I love Coconut Milk – and since we’re in the middle of a crazy heatwave, I would definitely stuff my face with this….wait, I’d BATH in it!

    • OH I HAD THE BEST BIRTHDAY EVER! The manfriend did something AMAZING. and Everything was just awesome. Am I still drunk? Maybe? Bah ha! Wait, I don’t actually drink , so maybe not??
      And um, a coconut milk bath sounds flipping amazing. I will bring a straw and a spoon when bathing! LOL!

  74. Thanks for sharing on the Healthy Living Link Party. We hope you will come back each Wednesday.

  75. I totally agree with you. I would probably bite some one if they tried to eat my food! Have a great birthday! And I agree with you, ice cream machines are awesome! (especially when you make coconut ice cream!)

  76. This post is hilarious, loved it. And the pictures choice is too funny.
    Technically, if you control what’s in your food, you could be classified as control freak. I agree 

  77. This sounds delicious! I actually bought some coconut milk to make ice cream but I haven’t done it yet! And I think stevia will be the perfect sweetner!

  78. Happy Birthday GiGi! I really like this recipe! I’m going to have to get me an ice cream maker and try it––seriously! Okay, why am I using so many exclamation marks? I’m not shouting I promise, just excited about making my own ice cream. 😛 My last birthday sucked but I’m going to make sure this one (in Aug) is fabulous!

    • !!!!!!!!! I think this recipe and perhaps I… BRING OUT the !!!!! ?? ha ha ah! I use so many of them all the time, lol.
      HECK YES to making this year’s birthday KICK BOOTY! What are you planning??

  79. Happy Birthday Gigi! Hope its a great one 😉

  80. Happy Birthday! And such a great recipe, simple and looks amazing! Loved this post, you are hilarious!

  81. A bit late but HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And I want that coconut custard ice cream. I already have the appliance! This birthday I went with friends to a traditional Brazilian restaurant. And yes I share, must share, I want to taste everything lol!

    • Never ever late to the PAR-TAY!!! ha ha ha!

      I HAVE NEVER done Brazilian before!! I am all for trying it, I take it, it’s a MUST EAT!

  82. Happy Belated Birthday my beautiful GiGi! That custard looks mighty yummy! I got an ice cream maker at our wedding and pull it out every summer… guess it’s about time! I like to celebrate my bday with a homemade cake from my mom. I’m all about the frosting baby. You’re big surprise is prob the ring on your finger?! OR a vacay to FL in which we’ll get to meet up 😉 Hope you had a great bday and celebrated more than you should!!!

    • HA HA HA! A few people have asked about that ring, but um, I am sorry to admit that… The camera I was using FLIPPED ME, so that ring isn’t actually on my RING FINGER – LOL!!! I have no idea what I would do if THAT actually happened. That being said, the surprise was PHENOMENAL and it did involve some travel :) Not to FLORIDA, but maybeeeeeee sooon!?! I have the travel bug… Which is why I am actually leaving the country next week 😮 — Stay tuned for that news!

  83. Yum! That looks super tasty! Happy belated birthday! :) Thanks for the yummy recipe!

  84. Happy (late) birthday! This ice cream looks like the ultimate way to celebrate! I made a strawberry cheesecake ice cream in my ice cream machine, a month ago. And it was that moment that I truly realized that the machine was the best investment I’ve ever made. But I truly do love this healthful version you’ve made! I’ll HAVE to try this soon before summer ends.

    • Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream. OKAY I cannot even IMAGINE what that would taste like, because I have never had cheesecake before in my life, BUT HOT DAMN…… I am willing to risk my life to try it! It just sounds SO GOOD!

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  86. Happy Birthday GiGi!
    With yummy ingredients like these, I will be making this dessert for celebrations and parties quite often. Thank you so much for sharing this healthy and delicious Charged Up Coconut Custard recipe at the Plant-Based Potluck Party Link Up. I’m pinning and sharing.

  87. Hope that you had an awesome birthday!! The ice cream looks so yummy!

  88. Hope you had a wonderful birthday. That ice cream sure does look yummy!

  89. Happy Belated Birthday!!!!! Sorry this is so late – but I’m glad I caught it.
    What a fantastic way of enjoying a treat on your birthday. I think I just might make my own birthday dessert this year too (I’m always scared restaurants will try and sneak dairy into my dessert – I don’t want to feel horrible either).
    It sounds so delicious!
    I’m not much for sharing food – it’s MINE after all ;p
    What was the phenomenal gift you received this year??????
    “How did you celebrate the last birthday you had?” My last birthday was crapola. My hubby forgot and my bff was sick and I ended up eating a birthday lunch solo. Hoping this year will be better =)

    • THANK YOU KIMMY! I really appreciate any birthday wishes, regardless as to when they are given 😉
      AND THE SURPRISE: a certain SOMEONE completely surprised me and came with me on a few different business/pleasure trips these past 2 weeks. Couldn’t have been a better gift, EVER!
      OMFG – your husband FORGOT!!!!! HE BETTER have made it up to you!

  90. Ooooh, this looks delicious. I have the opposite problem, though – I can have the real ice cream, but not coconut cream! Oh the joys of food allergies, eh? Thanks for sharing on Waste Not Want Not Wednesday!

  91. That’s the best birthday present ever and ice cream is much better than the cake. I like the candle too. I hope you had the best birthday ever!

  92. you had me at cake batter…