Come On Down To The BBQ

Celebrities… they’re just like us!

They like to…

Shovel mashed potatoes and chicken burgers into their traps.

Mashed Potato Calories (1 cup): 200

Chicken Burger Calories: 325 (includes bun, tomato & lettuce)

Risk dripping relish, ketchup and mustard all over themselves as they lick condiments off their hot dogs before actually eating the dog (hey, if I were once a vegetarian, I’d savor the taste of my sausage too).

Hot Dog (Beef) Calories: 220 (includes bun)

Nibble on the rind of corn… corn… mmm…

Ear of Corn Calories: 155 (with a pat of butter)

See how deep they can stick a corn dog in their mouth before actually taking a bite.

Corn Dog (4 oz) Calories: 271

Shove the entire burger into their mouths out of fear that someone might steal their food.

Hamburger Calories: 512 (with bun, condiments and lettuce)

Airplane spoonfuls of good ol’ Ben and Jerry into their food funnels!

Ben and Jerry’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream Calories: 1,080 (one pint)

And of course they also love to double fist their food for that perfect bite.

Coney Dog Calories: 420

French Fries Calories (3 oz): 271

Sorry EVERYONE but… Regardless as to whether or not it’s a holiday or you’re a celebrity, calories still matter.

HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY! (Oh I am so patriotic!)


  1. Mmmmm…. Yummy?? We are on our way to be patriotic with you :-)

  2. Who is that last celebrity? He seems super famous!!

  3. anonymous says:

    I am liking that last celebrity there!!! hahah omg i can’t wait to stuff a hot dog in my face tomorrow. maybe i’ll become nicole richies size

  4. Dr. Klein says:

    I just love a nice thick piece of grill fish. Salmon, Halibut, Yellowtail, Black Cod… yum. No need for these high calorie foods!

  5. Lets be real, Nicole was not really eating that corn dog for nutrients. She must have been practicing for some kind of movie role. Her skinny bod couldn’t handle that fried goodness of cornbread.

    • Exactly – definitely just doing it for the cameras!! What are you grilling up today missy! Can’t wait to see some of your food photos… ha ha! Oh and get READY for some…. food porno tomorrow, I will be busting out a new “spin-off” video.. 😛

  6. YES calories SO matter, but is it wrong that i am now starving?! LOL

  7. Happy 4th :) I’m eating like a Roman today, almost 2lbs of rib eye and a small flank steak. Did I mention the salad and two avocado’s with broccoli slaw ? yes I ate that two. How many calories is that I wonder. By the way Tara’s new meal :) is really disturbing, GiGi please rescue her. I hope Brittney looks at your other page, I value her opinion.

    • Ha Ha! Tara is a food pervert so of course she’s going to eat some rather interesting things! LOL! I tried to rescue her, but…. She was in it too deep LOL!

      Happy 4th! I hope your stomach is very happy today! :)