Brad Pitt Gets Down and Dirty With Pringles

Tony the Tiger

Tony, you better S.T.F.U. before I come over there and shut you up myself.

Your processed flakes are complete and utter garbage with no fiber, 11 grams of sugar and next to no nutritional value.

(Shred paper, put it in a bowl, sprinkle sugar on top and eat. That’s essentially what you’re doing when you gobble up Frosted Flakes.)

Eating Paper

It’s unfortunate that many celebrities started their careers promoting processed garbage like cereal (i.e. starring in food commercials)… What’s even more unfortunate is that many well-known celebrities currently star in junk food commercials because they’re blinded by their paychecks that look like phone numbers…


Is Chia Ti Wah a new rapper? His/Her price tag = $27,724.35

These foods they’re ingesting while rubbing down wet cars, laying out on the beach, and jamming out to their boom boxes… are the foods that are causing Earth’s waistline to balloon to epic proportions.

Lane Bryant doesn’t even have pants that can fit Earth’s expanding waist! 

Obese World

Don’t let Brad Pitt’s sexy Pringle chomping ways lure you in…

Kellogg’s – Keanu Reeves

Did I just see Keanu’s “O face”?

Bubble Yum – Leonardo DiCaprio

Only the yum is the fun that never blows out…” Why oh why do I have such a dirty mind!

Pringles – Brad Pitt

Angie, you better start eating… Looks like Brad likes a woman with an appetite.

Brown’s Chicken – Steve Carell

I want to kick something!! Chicken naturally contains cholesterol. I have a bone to pick with Steve.

Burger King – Brooke Burke

Huh? Who wears that get up to the beach?

Pizza Hut – Jessica Simpson

Pop right into you? WTF?! And this is NOT the only video…

PS: Can anyone tell me who’s voice that is in the voice over? If you guess right, I will award you by NOT giving you a pizza!

I want to smack every celebrity that cashes in on starring in unhealthy food commercials. (Although if Dunkin Donuts offered me $10,000 to star in one of their commercials, I wouldn’t say no… WHOOPS!)

Do these celebrities not realize that young (and old) moldable brains look up to them? By stripping down to their skivvies and rubbing burgers all of their bodies (ahem, Carl’s Jr. ads) not only are they saying fast food and junk food are sexy (do chicken nuggets turn you on?) … But they’re also confusing kids into thinking bath time = going to Taco Bell or Subway (aka, an even bigger headache for parents). 

French Fry body wash… That must smell like the apartment of a group of hung over college guys after a weekend bender. 

What celebrity backed junk food do you think is the worst?

What was your favorite commercial during the Superbowl? 

How much would you have to be paid in order to star in a junk food ad? 


  1. Wow, seeing all of those old ads is crazy! Makes me feel so old 😛

  2. Brad Gouthro says:

    Tony could kick your a$$!!

    Yikes don’t hurt me!

  3. I would totally pimp out unhealthy crap if the price is right. I ain’t your daddy people make your own damn choices…now pay up!!!!! hehehe seriously thought I would

    But to be fair if I had the option of something healthy that i believed in first, I would pimp that (if the $ was right)….

    • Hahahahahahaha! ” I ain’t your daddy people make your own damn choices..” SO true. I think maybe I would feel better accepting $5 to promote my Oreo’s.

    • Ah ha ha! Not gunna lie, I would too – LOL – I did mention that didn’t I??? And you’re right – make your own decisions, hopefully the right ones… SADLY: not a lot of people make the right ones these days! 😛

  4. THE voice over woman sounded like the POP EYES lady..I am ashamed to know what the pop eyes lady sounds like..but I hope I am wrong. I did not watch the Superbowl SO I do not have a favorite commercial, but I like we’re cool.

    Ohhh my lanta these celebrity commercials are SO good. SOOO 80’s HAHA!! I haven’t payed much attention to these shitty food commercials, I am more interested in the Barbie dolls and Hot Wheels that come on my screen. I would probably promote Oreo’s for like..$1000.00. HAHA PLEASE don’t hate me! I would do it for less even. NOT the cereal though, that is shit!

    • OH MY LANTA! Best phrase to date! LOL!!!!!!!!

      Oh and that voice happens to be Queen Latifa I believe… I am totally guessing but… MY GUESS IS RIGHT – because I make the rules on my web site! AH HA HA!!

      PS: If Oreo ever approaches me to be their spokesmodel, I will throw them in a pool of milk and then tell them to give you a call!

  5. Tony better watch out! lol

  6. Confession: Frosted Flakes used to be one of my go-to cereals as a child. lol….

    • Ha Ha! No worries, as long as you’re not wolfing them down now! I used to be a LIFE CEREAL girl myself… Oh and gotta LOVE ME LUCKY CHARMS – lol! 😉

  7. Oh good god. Watching celebs whore themselves out for crappy food makes me appreciate my job a teeny bit more.

    • Ha Ha! Seriously, right? Although pretending to eat food… Not too bad of a job? LOL – just not exactly the best when it comes to leaving a good impression on children!

  8. The thing is you know they don’t eat that junk! Ridiculous.

  9. Though I wouldn’t mind a phone number worthy paycheck – that’s just obscene! If only the fruit and veggie counsels had that kind of cash money to toss at big endorsements. Because honestly, when I was an impressionable little tart I would surely have eaten my peas if Devon Sawa told me to. At least pop-eye got me to eat spinach. So there’s that =)

    • OMG Devan Sawa! Completely forgot about him! Or what about JJT! Swoon! lol.

      PS: I don’t think ANYONE could make me eat corn… Probably one of my least favorite “healthy” foods out there, lol!

  10. I grew up with these commercials AND eating that crap – I am old, remember! 😉 Seeing so many celebs do this PLUS the weight loss supplements & other crap we know they don’t even use or eat…

    You are right, young kids & older people watch this stuff & fall for it – still!

    As broke as I am, I might actually take the money these days… well, I might try – my honest mind fights me! 😉

  11. So sad to hear how unhealthy our childhood foods were! Oh well. I actually don’t eat cereal because it never fills me up. Oats are the way to go!

    • Isn’t it??? I mean, I loved DUNKAROOS, Mac & Cheese, etc… If I knew what I know now, back then – oh man, my childhood would have been ruined! LOL!

  12. Tony and the Cheetos cat are under duress, they need the cash to feed the litter :)
    GiGi just do the commercial, we will just tease you later. Kid’s are insane on this stuff, there like Gremlins after they eat then later crash. I see it when I volunteer once a week at a middle school. How many of you fitness people see the level of childhood obesity today, growing up if there was a heavy kid it was rare. I understand the differance to between overstuffed and someone who is going to be a big person by genetics. really cool GiGi to see the commercials, I wonder if Brooke and the King ever went any further?

    • I used to eat terribly when I was a little kid, but back then we didn’t have computers, tons of video games, iPhones, etc… We had TRAMPOLINES, tag, capture the flag, etc!! So even though I ate terribly, I was extremely active and revving my metabolism! These days kids just plop down in front of their TVs after school, open up their lap tops and play on their cellphones. They don’t even consider hanging out on the monkey bars anymore!

  13. I can see how tempting it is, but that doesn’t make it ok. I have turned down several product reviews that just don’t align with my diet/nutrition philosophy but the money is always tempting, not gonna lie (even though it’s like a penny compared to what these guys are getting paid)! lol!

    • I agree with you! I remember I went to an audition and when I got there I realized it was for ALCOHOLIC ICE CREAM! Heck no, I am NOT supporting that stuff AT ALL! I walked out immediately!!! If it doesn’t fall in tune with my brand, I will NOT support it…. Unless they pay me $300,000 + lol! Okay, maybe even $100,000… Ah ha ha!

  14. Whoa! This was so cool to see-GREAT post! I love it all. I am all about the “There Grrrrreat” and “the Wheaties” back in the day. 😉
    It reminds me of my husband-he has done some seriously silly commercials-they may come back to haunt him! We love it though.

    • Kraft Mac & Cheese – that Ad always made me want to whip out the blue box! LOL!!!

      OMG, do spill on what ads your husband has done!! :) I must google them! LOL!

  15. I am totally loving this post, and it’s so true and still ongoing. It makes me crazy when I see them promoting fast food and soda pop.
    By the way, that was definitely Keanu’s O face, and it Queen Latifah was the voice over in the Pizza Hut ad.

    • I recently got a TV and whenever I see these ads I want to rip my TV off the wall and throw it out the window… Okay, well not exactly, but you get the point, LOL!!!

      And heck yes, Keanu… Ah ha ha! And you’re so right, it is Queen Latifah’s voice! LOVE HER… But don’t love what she promotes!

  16. They all are so little!! Especially Leonardo- so cute:)

  17. I couldn’t agree more!! The media is a joke!!

  18. Queen Latifah!

    Hmmm. I eat some unhealthy foods, so if it was something I actually ate, I wouldn’t have an issue. I would just back it up with how I balance it with a proper workout. You can have both and be healthy/happy.

    • You’re RIGHT! Queen Latifah has such a distinct voice! Kinda LOVE her… Just not necessarily what’s she’s promoting in the ad, lol.

      Balance is key! :)

  19. what makes me laugh are those carl’s jr ads with the hotties in bikinis eating the burgers. i think it kinda sends a bad message to girls – makes them feel like they will never be good enough and there is really nothing they can do to be healthy, that some girls are just born thin and some aren’t and that they should give up. when in fact that is NOT the case!

    • EXACTLY! I especially HATE those commercials because it’s selling unhealthy burgers through SEX – and obviously SEX SELLS for a lot of people! So aggravating!

  20. BAHAHA! That is all I can say!!! Love!

  21. And they thought no one would ever find those commercials buried in the tomb of Youtube! HA!
    My fave was the VW commercial, Mon – “WEEKED COFFEE MEESTA JEEM!” hahahahahh

  22. I want some cholesterol free chicken. Thanks for the joke Steve Carell! Also the Brook Burke video is kind of disturbing and very strange. What we won’t do for money. Hahaha

    • LOL! Seriously RIGHT! Steve is clearly NOT a nutritionist! LOL! 😉

      And isn’t the Brooke Burke thing really weird? That KING is just so weird, the WORST advertising idea ever! LOL

  23. I find it entirely ironic that Jessica Simpson went from advertising for Pizza Hut to advertising for Weight Watchers–that’s what the hut will do to you! ha!

    • AH ha ha ha ha ha! You are so right, completely ridiculous! THE HUT will definitely do that to you! Get out when you can!

  24. Oh the shame! Frosted Flakes were my favorite as a kid!!

    I’m really disappointed with our “celebrates” that sell out rather than being a good example. I know they are just people, but it still bothers me. Not only with unhealthy foods, but cigarettes especially.

    What would it take to buy me? I don’t know, but I do know I took a six figure salary I was getting and told the boss to shove it and quit because of my principles!

    Maybe a seven figure? Offer it and we’ll find out. Maybe the “It’s Grrrrrreat!” kid still likes them. :-)

    • I really respect you for turning down a six figure position before of your principles. I have a feeling if I truly did not believe in something that was being offered to me, I might do the same thing. Might sounds nuts, but it’s what we believe in that really matters!

      • I was reflecting yesterday on what it would take to “buy” me. The only thing I could come up with is if I was offered seven figures that would be donated to the charity or cause of my choice. And that would be if the good outweighed the bad.

        Médecins Sans Frontières has been a special one to me.

  25. Isn’t it ridiculous? It makes me lose a lot of respect for those celebrities when you see them stoop to junk food for extra income. So disappointing…

    • Exactly! I have very little respect for Jessica Simpson… Although karma kind of bit her in the butt… If you know what I mean! 😉

  26. Wow, I didn’t know any of these adds! So interesting :)