I Want Labels… Do You?

Although I do not have children… And I certainly cannot predict the future (sorry to all those who thought I was a fortune teller)…

So who knows if THAT will ever happen…

By the looks of it… Never.

I recently did however, become an aunt… And my itty bitty niece (woo woo, I finally did not call HER, “it”) is growing up nicely… 

Any who… As her aunt (still weird to think), I want the very best for her and that includes knowing what is in her food.

Arman of the big man's world and GiGi eats celebrities are not fans of Walden Farms Maple Syrup

A priceless gem of a photo…

Food labels might tell us how much sugar, fat and protein an item may have (however… You never really know if you can even trust those!) but these labels DO NOT tell us anything about GMOs… (Check out my previous posts ALL ABOUT GMOs) Why not? Well, my sister and I want to know and I am pretty sure we are not alone on this!

Daniele and GiGI Dubois

This photo was taken when we were NOT thinking about GMOs and the labeling practices in the U.S.

GMOs may be just fine for human consumption… But they have only been in our food supply for a short period of time… Thus NO long term studies have been done on the potential health risks, specifically in children. Do they increase allergies? What effects do the increased use of pesticides on GMO crops have on children? Until we have definitive answers to these questions… I want to know what is in my food and that of my niece… And even when we DO finally know… I still want LABELS!


Read that RED TYPE above people! 

Sixty-four countries around the world require labeling of GMO foods including the nations of the European Union, Japan, Australia, Brazil and China! So why hasn’t the United States jumped on board?

GiGi is nervous

Who’s moving with me to Australia?

Well… The big problem is that the very food companies that cater and market heavily to growing children such as Quaker Oats of PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, General Mills and Kellogg’s have spent millions to stop me and you from knowing if there are GMO’s in our food. As a matter of fact… Large food companies combined, have spent more than $168.4 million since 2013 to fight GMO campaigns across this country!

corn food fight

Lets hope we can KNOCK these large companies down, Ronda Rousey style!

With all that money… These companies have been very successful at keeping us in the DARK… And the anti-consumer DARK Act that will make it even harder for consumers to get transparency in labeling… Just passed in the House of Representatives. UGH!!!

GiGi Dubois and Stephanie Taylor

We MUST fight harder!

To help spread the word that GMO labeling should be mandatory… For the sake of everyone’s tots… Celebrity moms have come together in THE VIDEO BELOW to urge people to sign Just Label Its Conceal or Reveal petition in support of GMO labeling.

If you agree with me, my sister and these celebrity moms please be sure to SIGN THE PETITION and share this video to help spread the word.


  • If you have kids… What was the last thing you fed them? 
  • Reveal: what is the most processed food you currently have in your pantry.
  • What TV food advertisement drew you in as a kid? For me it was definitely Lucky Charms & Count Dracula! 
  • Celebrities helping spread the message of making labeling GMOs mandatory, do you think it will help the Conceal or Reveal petition?
  • What was the last thing you saw at the grocery store that made you happy?

GiGi Dubois thumbs up


  1. I don’t see how putting more information on our food can harm anyone except for the shady food industry.

    The last thing that made me happy in the grocery store? My favorite salads were buy one get one free! Ahhh the little things in life : )

  2. TBH, for me it’s less about the modification, and more about the transparency. Our modern watermelon, apples, avocados, pluots, etc, are all very far removed from their original states–due to cultivation and modification. But, DAMN, the lengths they’re going to to hide it. That’s what’s unacceptable to be.

    • EXACTLY – same here!!!! Hiding what we already know is just down right shady and I do not like it!!! When I travel out of the country, my stomach feels pretty good (I have a history of LOADS of stomach problems) but the second I come back to the states, all hell breaks loose!!!! It’s obvious there is something TAINTING our foods!

  3. One of the original theories behind not labeling was to not mislead people that non-GMO = healthier (based on nutrient content). It seems like that ship has sailed and it’s time to tell us what’s in our food, and leave it up to the producers to convince us that it’s safe.

    • Exactly! That ship has sailed for sure, however, a lot of people feel the same way about organic vs. non-organic so there will always be the thought in the back of some people’s head, but whatever – we still need to do it!

  4. I cannot believe how behind the rest of the world the US is when it comes to what we feed our families! From ingredients that are banned in Europe & Australia to things like this whole GMO issue! Thanks for raising awareness. You can bet my name is on that petition!!!

    • Considering the US is ahead of the gang in so many other realms, it baffles me as to why we are SO BEHIND in the food world too! UGH!!!
      AND THANK YOU SO MUCH for signing the petition!! 😀

  5. I always want full transparency.

    Congrats on being an aunt too. I have a niece and nephew and they are my world. I love them, but I like being able to leave and go back to my child free home too 😉

    • BAH HA HA AH! TRUE STORY!!! My sister and I live no where near each other and see each other maybe 2 x a year if we are lucky, which makes my time with her just that much sweeter!

  6. Sharing to spread the word, indeed! Thanks for posting it in such a creative way as usual!!

  7. This shit they out in our food is scary. That said, I’m have some scary SF Walden Farms caramel sauce in my fridge. In my defense, I rarely use it! I keep it *mostly* unprocessed. Still working on Vegas though…

    • Ummmmmmmmmmmmm I ACTUALLY have that stuff in my fridge too – GUILTY AS CHARGED, LMFAO!!! I don’t use it either though.

      And yeah, working on the other 1/2 is friggin’ HARD MAN!!!!

  8. I think that regardless of whether or not you care about if you eat GMO’s or not, you should be behind having GMO products labeled. Seriously, is it going to do you any harm to have the label there? Like gluten–label it and let people do as they will.

    • EXACTLY!!!!! It’s not going to do any harm to anyone, if only, it will ONLY benefit!!!

      I love the gluten label, it helps so many people, hurts NO ONE and for those who don’t care, they can ignore it!

  9. I got so mad when I found out about the US even considering not making GMO labels mandatory. It’s a shame that most people have no idea what GMO’s are and why they should be petitioning against them. It’s also unfortunate that these big businesses do not have our best interest at heart. That’s why I try to support local, eat organic and avoid processed food. Lets hope there is an up roar and things change soon!

    • Ugh, it’s a sad reality that BIG businesses would rather just make a profit, then look out for our best interests! :( Womp Womp. I am thrilled you support local businesses! I bet you frequent the Farmer’s Markets! 😀 Love!

      Sign the petition if you haven’t already – to help spread the message!

  10. Well put GiGi. To me the most compelling point is that in the EU, Japan, etc. the same companies that here in the US refuse to label their products (Kraft, Kellogg’s, Unilever, and so on) have no problem at all labeling their products. Why is that? I really don’t understand…

    • RIGHT?! I DONT GET IT EITHER – Makes absolutely NO SENSE to me WHAT-SO-EVER!!! I really would love some answers, and obviously so would you!

  11. What really makes me sad is when I tell people who have kids about GMOs and they don’t believe me or don’t listen! It’s so frustrating!

    • Ugh. Yep! Story of my life!!!!! With some people, it’s just not worth it, but that’s why we have blogs – so we can say whatever we want and the people who choose to listen, can come on by and read :)

  12. I want labels too. My last happy store thing was finding 20 bags of coffee on clerance for 2.00

  13. Somethings need to be kept under wraps – but not when it comes to food labeling! Reveal it all I say! Let it all hang out I say!
    Ok I’ll stop – yes, we can move to Australia and go visit Arman…oh but wait, Arman moved here!

  14. Yes please to labels- I will most definitely move with you to Australia! 😉

  15. Petition signed!

    This is my biggest worry with Charlotte growing older – what the hell is in her food? I’m not as worried about the foods I’m buying for her but what others may perceive as ‘healthy’ and try to give to her when she is out of my care. I know one thing every so often won’t be the ‘end all be all’ but I’d just prefer that we stick to healthier options and continue to be discerning about what goes into our bodies :)

    • What I can remember from when I was little is I was VERY rebellious and would eat ALL THE FOOD when my mom wasn’t around… So obviously we will all need to learn for ourselves, but hopefully you can educate Charlotte enough to know the GOODS and the BADS so she can make the right decisions!

  16. Reveal for sure! Of course General Mills and all the big food companies don’t want us to know but we have a right to know what we’re putting in our bodies! I hope it becomes mandatory.

  17. Signed & shared GiGi!!!! I LOVE the pics of you & sis and with the baby too!!!!!

  18. The more we know the better… why DON’T they want us to have information? Cute pics. Auntie GG

    • They don’t want us to know, because they know it’s bad and they don’t want negative press and they don’t want us to stop buying their products. UGH!

  19. Being an auntie is the best! EVERYTHING should be clearly labeled on whether it is GMO derived or not…it’s just a no-brainer!

  20. My kids and I are obsessed with watermelon and canteloupe this summer. We’ve been chowing on it! You will make the best aunt ever!

  21. Hey, if you move to Australia, meet up with my daughter. 22, great sense of humor, going to Sydney to live for a year. You can label away with her!

    • OMG – YES!!! Love making/meeting new friends (as you know) and it sounds like she and I would get along SWIMMINGLY! Are you going to visit?

      • Actually you and she probably would get along famously. Both of you are funny, smart, irreverent, outgoing, cute as can be. Yes, my hubs and I plan to visit her in March 2016. Surprise. No not really. She knows we’re coming as she’ll need that time to clean her room. h ah ahaa I did not say she was tidy.

  22. I love this post and your photos are awesome. I’m with you 100%. We have the right to know what we are putting in our body. Companies need to label if their products contain GMO.


  23. Forgot to mention I love the photo of you and your niece. So adorable.

    • And why thank you?! Are you referring to the one where I am holding IT like I am a scared wannabe football player?

  24. When I lived in China (I just moved out of the country in June) I didn’t see wholesale GMO labeling–I did see some products, but much more of the “Doesn’t contain GMOs” style than the “contains GMOs”. So I was surprised to hear that it’s the law there. A sort of law like that would be pretty difficult to enforce in a country as big and as varied as China. Seems like a reasonable idea to label–personally, I just assume that anything that doesn’t proudly declare “No GMOs!” on the packaging/label/sign, contains GMOs. Which is perhaps a backwards way of going about things…

    • Oh I couldn’t agree more!!! Anyone who isn’t proud to say “GMO free” is totally hiding something!!! Since there are no gov. standards, it doesn’t cost $ to put that label on food, much like the organic seal of approval!

  25. Ok. So, I’m getting all serious on you now. I’m really perplexed at how our country is comfortable not being transparent about what is in our food. Chemicals = higher disease risk = unsafe environment for all. I want to be patriotic thinking we are the land of the free…but also wish that our foods were free from all the toxins and good for all so that we didn’t have to worry about this.

    • We are the land of the DOOPED. That’s what we really are.
      This country is not transparent about all that much when you really think about it…. They don’t want to “scare” us! But it’s scarier NOT KNOWING!

  26. I’m in. I’ll include this video on Tuesday Tidbits. I’m gong to examine how I can join in on the fight, GiGi. Enough talk…..I want to take action like you are!

  27. The last thing I fed my daughter was a raw mushroom. The most processed food in my house is a box of raisin bran; my husbands favorite cereal ever. And the cocoa puffs bird or the flints tones and their damn cocoa/fruity pebbles always got me.

    • Did you know a serving of Raisin Bran has more sugar than a serving of Lucky Charms! :( True story, so sad, but so true.

      AND OMG Flinestone’s cereal commercials – YES!

  28. “his photo was taken when we were NOT thinking about GMOs and the labeling practices in the U.S.” ahaha

    ps: i’ll move to australia with ya, always wanted to go :p

    • GIRL YOU WOULD LOVE IT!!! I went for 1 day, and obviously that is just NOT ENOUGH – so a re-peat trip is a must!

  29. Aw, yay – congrats on your new niece! I am a mom and still slip and call new babies “it” haha so bad. It’s something I need to work on. The last thing my daughter ate was Annie’s white cheddar mac n’ cheese with peas. At 8am. For breakfast. Hey, it could be worse.

    • LMFAO! I have a feeling if I ever had a kid… I would call it it forever – BAHHH HA HA HA AH AH! Maybe I would name it IT so I wouldn’t feel all that bad?? 😉

      And man, I remember…… THAT White Cheddar Mac & Cheese. Mmmm!

  30. I don’t keep anything processed in my pantry. Frozen? If it’s not phillo pastry sheets, it’s not in. The only frozen packets I keep are the vegetables – peas mostly. Rest I buy fresh and cook from scratch.

    • What do you do with your peas?! Those are the one veggie I would never have in my freezer, lol! I don’t like them much. Green beans on the other hand – hello! 😉

  31. I think people should be able to make informed decisions by knowing EVERYTHING about the food and products they purchase! REVEAL! And congratulations on being an aunt! I don’t have children but I adored watching my nephew grow up – he’s almost 20 now – the time goes fast so enjoy every minute of her!

    • OMG he is almost 20 right now? I cannot even imagine what it’s going to be like to see my niece at 20! Whoa, in 20 years from now… Where will all of us even be! Crazy to think about.

  32. I am 100% onboard with labeling products with and without GMOs. That “Verified Non-GMO” label – it just so happens to be one my favorite sights in the known universe.

  33. SIGNED! I think celebrities will help. They have a huge influence over our population (which is good and bad 😉 and will hopefully draw more attention to the issue. Worst thing in my pantry? Probably Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal for the hubs, but you know I eat that ish. Last thing in grocery store- free samples. Read: pre lunch!

    • MMMMM CINNAMON TOAST CRUNCH! Sign me up for a gluten, sugar, soy, nut & wheat free version – LOL!!!

      PS: LOVE ME SOME Whole Food SAMPLES 😉 Sometimes I walk out of there not needing lunch anymore, bahhh ha ah ah aha ha ha!

  34. I am all for GMO labeling and anything else I can get out of ’em! Way to go GiGi!

  35. I hope you win this battle. Australia welcomes you :)
    We are fighting to get country of origin so that we know exactly where our food comes from.
    Thanks for sharing, we love you at our party Fridays Blog Booster Party #19

  36. I have three “it’s” (that cracks me up) and the last thing I fed them was pasta tonight for dinner. I try and buy Non GMO- I always check packaging and most of our produce comes from our local farm stand. Large food corporations are one of the major downfalls of this country. I avoid if at all possible- they suck. I’m lucky we have a farm down the street.

    • Oh you are so lucky to have a farm down the street, what do you buy there? I actually picked eggs from a coop a week ago and took all the eggs home – I just love eating foods from a chicken’s well… You know! LOL!

  37. ahh for once I ROCK THIS.
    the last thing??

  38. Well, my only kid is currently chilling in my uterus so the last thing he ate was oatmeal with vanilla almond milk and a bit of maple syrup :)

    • BAH HA HA HA AH AH AH AH! Chillin’ in the uterus! It’s like the latest breakfast spot down the street 😉

  39. All these photos definitely made me smile and super important article! I live in Europe (and will be moving to Australia so it stays the same) but I can’t quite believe the US is still so behind on certain things. Makes no sense at all!

    x- Naomi in Wonderland

  40. Uhhh, this is really gross . . . but I am on a family reunion vacay . . . and by group vote, we bought a loaf of velveeta and can of rotel to make Queso

  41. I wish I could say I have NO processed foods in my kitchen but that would be a big fat lie. However, most of them are from the “natural” food aisle, not that there aren’t a few sketchy ingredients there as well.

    And why did you have to mention Lucky Charms, evil temptress? That was my FAVORITE cereal before I got all grown up and sensible and boring.

    • HA HA AH!!! Oh Lucky Charms…. When I used to eat them at the ripe age of like 8… I would only eat the marshmallows, I mean, I want PURE SUGAR thank you! LOL.

      And the “natural food aisle” makes me laugh.

  42. I always think the things celebrities choose to support are interesting. In this case, I think it can do a lot to help spread awareness!

    • Agreed! I am on the fence about celebrity backing on certain things, but I am totally okay with the labeling of GMOs!

  43. My husband and I are constantly discussing this topic. For a country that’s suppose to be so strong & mighty, they sure do suck at making changes in the health industry :(

  44. I really don’t see why hiding what’s in our foods are big business. It just doesn’t make much sense at all. Why not reveal and allow us, the consumer, to decide what we want to eat. Wonderful petition.

    Kia / House of KTS

    • I couldn’t agree more. Sadly the US has yet to agree with us! Ugh. But hopefully SOON our words will be heard!

  45. Great post Gigi. The most processed food in my kitchen right now is Golden Grahams – I totally put it in a bowl with some chocolate chips and a marshmallow the other day and popped it in the microwave for a quick version of smores. Well, now that I think about what I just said, I guess the most processed food I have is marshmallows 😉

    • LMFAO! OMG – while I am thinking about how unhealthy that combo is… It also sounds friggin’ delicious! BAH AHA HA!

  46. There’s also the questions about why there are so many food allergies in children now. 1 in 12 or something like that?
    Chrissy’s GMO food – Golden Grahams – is making me hungry right now!
    Above all that, I want to KNOW everything. And make my own decisions.

    • YEP!!!!! I mean, my food allergies JUMPED ON ME starting at age 14!!! And they’re only getting worse! UGH. I hate US food. LOL…. But I love food, so I just cannot stop eating!

  47. I’m so passionate about this subject!!! I love this post! I really want my readers to know about this too! I want to share this in my weekly series called “Roll Out The Red Carpet Thursday” – I share bloggers’ amazing posts that I’ve found during the week. I hope that’ ok! Have a great night!

    • OF COURSE you can Danielle! This message needs to be spread to the MASSES! So please do share with everyone! The more signatures of the petition, the merrier!

  48. Such adorably, cute photos! Doll!

    God bless,
    XO, Claire

    • If only you saw the photo my mom just text messaged me! LOL!!! It’s the baby staring at one of my mom’s dogs… She is NOT impressed LOL!!

  49. Guuurl, I have a huge beef with our government regarding food labeling and the simple fact that as consumers we have a right to know what is in our food. The money in politics makes it impossible for “the people” to have a fair chance at getting what we WANT and deserve because corporations now make the laws that benefit themselves at the expense of all of us (thanks Supreme Court for ruling that corporations are people!!). I now live in NH and our 1st Congressional District Representative voted in favor of removing labels on meat in the U.S. showing the place of origin. WTF?? Seriously, people want their food labeled and it’s high time our government and representatives start listening to us and not big money corporations.
    On a side note, your niece is adorable!! And that pic of you and your sister? Gorgeous!!! :)

    • I CANNOT BELIEVE IN NH they voted AGAINST LABELING!!! However, they did the same thing here in CALI! UGH!!!! Well LETS HOPE come 2016 elections THINGS CHANGE!!!!!! So dang frustrating! PS: I am thrilled your so for labeling, sign the petition!! 😀

      PSS: Thank your for the compliments!

  50. Well at least the United Kingdom has done something right in proper labeling of products containing GMO’s!

    That’s good to know, But apart from that, what else? Lol

    Cute niece btw, mine went to school for the first time yesterday. Thought she was just born yesterday too……. 😉

  51. I think knowing what’s in our food is important – in the end, we should have the ability to choose whether or not we want to eat something! You’re right in that we’re just NOT SURE what long-term effect GMO’s have on our bodies…so many conflicting research studies!

    • And that’s the problem – if there is one study saying that GMOs are fine, the FDA and all the BIG companies are going to rely and cite that one specific study! Ugh.

  52. Today, I went to the beachfront with my kids. I found a sea
    shell and gave it to my 4 year old daughter and said “You can hear the ocean if you put this to your ear.” She put the shell too her ear and screamed.

    There was a hermit crab inside annd it pinched her ear.
    She never wants to go back! LoL I know this is totally off topic but I had to tell

    • Ahhh ha ha ha ah aha ha! OMG that is hysterical – You are more than welcome to share stories about ANYTHING here, I love them all… I have a feeling it might take her a minute to get over this traumatizing experience. LOL!

  53. Even my 16-year-old says that if GMO’s are supposed to be ‘totally safe’ then why wouldn’t they want to label GMO food? DUH! Safe or not… let US decide and we can’t decide unless we know what’s in there!

  54. I wholeheartedly agree- foods should be labeled if they contain GMOs are any other “mystery” stuff. I believe it is the company’s responsibility to provide the information of what iis n our foods that we are buying. I signed the petition! :)

  55. Great article, I’m lucky liking in the UK all food sources must be traceable and labeled correctly. Companies have to be very open over here which is a great thing. Though there are always companies that slip through the net but 99% of the time they get caught out. While reading your article it really made me think of all the American foods that are banned in the UK and the European Union for having ingredients in them that were banned a long time ago and considered dangerous. But then I must admit there are some American foods that I do love….. Reese’s, yes please 😀

    • Isn’t it crazy to think that there are SO MANY foods available in the US that are banned in other countries!! It makes me cringe just thinking about grocery stores around here. I seriously need to move!

  56. You and your sister are gorgeous! You look like best friends, I love that =)
    And your niece is beautiful. Being an aunt is the best! I’m an aunt too (no kiddos), and my favourite part is to spoil her rotten and give her back to her mom haha ;p
    And I definitely want what is best for her! Knowing what is in her food is extremely important! Thank you for continuing to shed light on this disturbing problem GiGi.

    • My sister and I have not lived together since… OH man, at least 15 years! But I do love her and when we do talk, it’s wonderful :) I do miss her a lot!

      AND I HAVE A FEELING my favorite part about being a niece is … The ability to GIVE HER BACK… when I am done – LOL!!!!!!

  57. Love this Gigi! Good for you for taking a stand. I really don’t understand what is so hard about asking to know what is in our food. It should be a basic right of every citizen of the earth.

  58. I agree – clear, concise food labelling is so important! I’m really lucky to live in a country (the UK) where the situation is pretty good but we still need to be much more aware of what is actually in the food we eat and where and how it has been produced.

    • I think I need to go to the UK and scope out the GMO scene there! Then I should pen a strongly worded letter to the FDA over here in the states… Because I am sure THAT will work 😉

  59. I agree and also want transparency with regards to food labeling! It’s a shame that the food industry and the corporations that run it have so much power.

  60. I believe it all comes down to accountability and money. In my thoughts, if you are proud about your product then you want people to know what you used to make it.

    Labels should be clear and accurate. So many times I have worried about feeding something to one of my children because of not being sure is they would have a reaction because the labeling was not clear on the contents.

    • I couldn’t agree more! The reason why certain companies do not want to label their products is because…. Their products contain the ingredients we want to know about, and they are ashamed!