Tricked Out With Coolio

I felt like CRUISING into the kitchen because I wanted to try SUMPIN’ NEW.

I thought to myself, IS THIS ME? Because honestly, I never really EXERCISE [MY] YO GAME in the kitchen!

The Food Pervert decided she wanted to endure this FANTASTIC VOYAGE with me and cook something BRIGHT AS THE SUN.

GiGi Dubois and Tara Redfield in the kitchen

Coolio’s TRICKED OUT TILAPIA (except we use cod!)

You might think we are KINDA HIGH, KINDA DRUNK when we made this recipe, but really we be just SMILIN!

This recipe is TOO HOT. (literally!)

Ah ha ha ha ha! Do you like my SAD ATTEMPT at writing a blog post with COOLIO song titles through out?! Did you catch on?

Any ways, here is what you need for Coolio’s Tricked Out Westside Tilapia!

The Ingredients:

2 lbs of Tilapia fillets, rinsed
1 small can crushed tomatoes
1 can fire roasted green chilies
1/2 cup chopped white onion
2 1/2 teaspoons crushed garlic
1/2 can of beer (not light)
1 sliced yellow bell pepper
1/2 cup malt vinegar
1 teaspoon fresh ground black pepper
1 1/2 teaspoons seasoning salt
1 jalapeno pepper (optional)

The Directions:

  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Place tilapia fillets in 2-qt. casserole dish.
  3. Sprinkle garlic, seasoning salt, and pepper all over the fillets.
  4. Put chopped onion in dish.
  5. Pour malt vinegar over the fillets.
  6. Mix everything and rub into fish with your hands.
  7. Lay fillets out flat and put can of roasted chilies over the fillets.
  8. Pour beer over the whole mixture.
  9. Add chopped jalapeno for extra heat.
  10. Pour can of crushed tomatoes and sliced pepper on top.
  11. Cover dish, place in oven, and cook for 35-40 minutes or until the fish is flaky.

GiGi busts out her rapping skills

By the way, THE ANSWERS to LAST WEEK’S QUIZ are…

  • 1 Hostess Chocolate Cupcake: 160 calories
  • 1 Quarter Pound Burger with Cheese, Lettuce and Mayo: 572 calories
  • 1 Medium Soft-Serve Vanilla Ice Cream with Sugar Cone: 382 calories

Quite a few winners! I will contact all of you individually! 


  • Do you still rock out to Coolio?
  • Did you know Coolio cooks?
  • Are you a fan of Tilapia?
  • Who was/is your favorite singer from the 80s & 90s?
  • Write me a rap song in the comments below!
  • Should Coolio be a guest on the show?!
  • Do you think GiGi should start a career as a RAPPER?!


  1. HAHA…riiiiiiiight…..point!?!?!?!?

    • The point of this video is to encourage your WIFE to cook up something other than Mary’s meat in the kitchen!!!! Ah ha ha! You should be thanking me Josh!

  2. this is a funny twist…I need to learn some dancing skills…must not be that good since the food pervert spits it out HAHA!

  3. You are soooo thugged out today, my homie.
    “Ewww, leaky-nasty”. LOL!

  4. HAHA….riiiiiight!….point!!??!!

  5. you are a riot. I love me some good fish recipes, so I’ll put this on the list…I may not make it with quite as much flare, but that’s ok ha!

    • When you make this one, add some fat like olive oil, that will make it muchhhhh better! 😉 And you MUST wear a bandana when making this recipe, It’s mandatory!

  6. Gigi! Put down the knife its kind of scary….looks delicious…beer huh??
    Do you think it could work with sable fish??

  7. Adrienne Dupree says:

    Interesting recipe. Will have to check it out.

  8. Very funny! And sounds yummy too! :)

  9. COD brings back some special memories! Sitting alone and lonely in a lovely restaurant overlooking the harbor in Port Charlotte, Fl after a day of teaching a continuing ed class to doctors. I had never eaten COD before so I ordered that.

    Cardboard would have been better!! It was the worst meal I ever had. A few years later, I made COD again for a friend, and she said of all the many meals I’d made her, that COD was the only bad one!

    Perhaps I need to do it like you did, but I am a little gun-shy of COD right now.

    Little did I know that the next day in the class, I would meet someone that filled the loneliness and that made all the memories of COD evaporate, but that’s a story for another day, or not…:-)

    • AHH HA HA HA! I am not going to lie to you, cod is raunchy. It didn’t taste all that fantastic in this recipe, probably should have stuck with Tilapia even though it’s one of the most unhealthy of fish… I think this recipe just needed some FAT! Bring on the coconut or olive oil! ha ha ah!!

      And i would LOVE to hear your story! 😉

  10. I watched Coolio on Food Networks competition show. He lost. I do think he should be a guest on your show though. No fish though, I don’t like fish. I will give you all my fish. You dance party is the best thing I have seen all day.

    • I saw that show too!!! Ha Ha! I laughed at him the entire time because I could only hear him SINGING “get your woman on the floor” – LOL! God I love this man!!

      And yeah, I knew you wouldn’t like this recipe. Maybe you can make it with tofu?!?!?!

    • Oh and considering you watched this video at like 6:30am, I am not sure if I am flattered that it is the funniest thing you have seen all day…. Since it just started!!! LOL!

  11. Tom Dubois says:

    I think the bandanas do the trick.

  12. I have never eaten Tilapia – salmon is my favorite fish.. although I do eat tuna and halibut and cod… Love your SCHTICK!

    • Ha Ha! Thanks Elle. And it’s actually goo that you don’t eat much Tilapia… Not too healthy. I LOVEEEE salmon though, just like you! :) Do you ever eat straight up salmon belly or salmon skin? Those are my favorite!

  13. That video seems pretty ridic. I am at work so I just scrolled through it on mute. Your facial expressions were enough to get a good laugh out of me! I am def a fan of cod and tilapia. Cod is preferred though!

    • Ha Ha! Oh work would totally approve of you BLASTING this video, that’s for sure. Everyone would get up and do the HARLEM shake! lol… Well, if you feel like watching it with noise later, I won’t hold it against you! 😉

  14. You guys are SO badass hahah! The bandanas CAN’T lie! Also: you should go pro with rapping ;). Thug life.

  15. Haha I’m a fan of the bandanas! I’m also a fan of any old school music, especially rap. It’s been a while since I’ve jammed out to Coolio, maybe I’ll have to listen to him today!

    Great recipe. I love talapia. It pairs well with so many different flavors and it’s super healthy. Win win!

    • Oh man, you MUST listen to Coolio today! I cannot stop, he is just a GENIUS!! – Both inside the rap studio and kitchen! ha ha ha.

  16. Yo Baby G “n” Baby T you lady’s mixed it up old school in da kitchen :) I like the Cod idea, nice simple healthy recipe. I’m old school NY so my first picks are Big Pun and Biggie smalls, Christopher Rios and Christopher Wallace RIP. Ok this video is epic a true fantastic voyage, lady’s you were bumpin and a grinding and I was :) I want to see you lady’s do Salt N Pepa’s ” Push it ”
    if you could have Colio on go for it. Well a lyrical gangsta I’m not but I’ll work on it.

  17. You two are too awesome…there I said it! But Gigi, Tilapia? Oh my dear we need to talk. And yes it is one of thos talks. Such a fish is grown in poop! I kid you not farmers actually put manure in the ponds so it causes a phytoplankton bloom (crazy amount of nitrogen). The fish then eat the resulting bloom.

    I would recommend Alaskan wild caught rockfish of a flatfish of some sort. Nothing beats a fishey from the sea. Ed

    • So I totally CAUGHT YOU RED HANDED ED. You DID NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO and I am mad at you now. I SPECIFICALLY SAY in the beginning of the video that Tilapia is UNHEALTHY and we use COD instead.

      As a punishment, you must watch this video 80 times over again and dance along to Coolio for 5 hours. STARTING NOW!

  18. Pretty sure this is my favorite of all of your videos – I think I’m going to mark the rest of the blogs in my feed as read and just watch this for awhile!! Since I’m sitting out on my deck, the neighbors probably wonder what I’m laughing at – oh, well!!

    I was going to ask why Tilapia wasn’t a healthy fish because I like it – then I saw Ed’s comment (clearly he didn’t watch the video!!) and it pretty much grossed me out.

    • Ah ha ha! You caught Ed too now didn’t you. He must feel AMAZING right now 😉

      You should invite your neighbors over so you can ALL WATCH and have an amazing dance partayyy!! And then maybe cook up this recipe, and NOT use Tilapia! LOL

  19. I LOVE the Coolio song titles in the post. Haha!

    This looks and sounds delish.

    Also, I won’t be eating tilapia again….

  20. LOVE spicy food! I’d like to try this with chicken, too!

  21. Who doesn’t love Coolio?? He takes me back…way back…and sometimes he shows up on my iPod when I least expect it. I certainly never expected him to show up in my kitchen! Yeah!!

    • Ha Ha Ha! Imagine if you walked into your kitchen and he was sitting there and said, “Wad Up Allie. How You Doing, Lets Start Baking!” Ah ha ha ha ah!!!

  22. 😆 I don’t even like fish (I know, I know), but you still sucked me in to watching the video and laughing all the way through. I’d definitely say go on to become a rapper, but I selfishly like you where you are now 😛

    • MUAHHH HA HA HA! I sucked you in! Well you could always make this recipe with chicken! 😉

      I promise that if my rapping career takes off, I will still be here to make videos! lol.

  23. This video is amazing! I thought Coolio was the coolest back in the day 😉
    Love the recipe too! Sounds delicious!

  24. Yo. I heart you. You are as white as your tasty Tilapia though. LOL! I’d eat this while sippin’ on gin and juice. Laid back.

  25. You two are hilarious. I have not thought about Coolio in forever and had no idea he cooked. Love me a good fish recipe.

  26. I don’t know if I could take this recipe seriously if it’s from Coolio. And now I’ve got Fantastic Voyage stuck in my head. Thanks a lot! 😉

    • I didn’t think I could either, but he ain’t too shabby! 😉

      And you’re very welcome, you have to suffer with me (having the song stuck in your head, lol)

  27. Hahahaha I’m glad you picked Fantastic Voyage and not Gangstas paradise —debbiieee dowwnnerrr cooolio

  28. slide slide sliiiiiiiipity sliiiiiiiiiiiide.
    and you :-)

  29. Get your booty on the floor! First song that came to mind when you mentioned Coolio! lol So old school!

    You know I love fish…although Tilapia is not one I buy or eat. Recipe sounds great though, perhaps it would work with salmon?! 😉

    • Oh this would totally work with salmon, I actually think it would work better than the COD I used – I don’t touch Tilapia either!! Cod was actually a little too FISHY, but salmon can do NO WRONG!

  30. Coolio is old now…which makes me old. I also saw him on “Celebrity Wife Swap” and he was kind of a douche…and it was on TV, so I KNOW it’s true.
    I love tilapia, but then read that most tilapia is farmed OUTSIDE the US of A!!! WTF?!?! So I am on the lookout for fish caught in our country.
    How does cod taste? I cannot stand fishy tasting fish.

    • Oh yeah, I heard he was going to be on Celeb Wife Swap, but I have never watched that show in my life, lol! Aw man, don’t tell me he was a douche, I need to pretend that he’s just utterly ridiculous in a GOOD way! 😉

      I actually to be honest have never eaten tilapia before in my life!

      The cod we subs in the recipe, meh, a little fishy, I think BLACK COD or SALMON would be FANTASTIC though!

  31. So funny! Great recipe!!!!

  32. This recipe sounds great. Definitely will be trying it. It’s been a while since I heard a Coolio song. Lol

  33. Girrrrrrrl, you’d fit right into the rap scene. 😉 The bandana seals it.

    This looks delicious and probably a great way to get the man of the house to eat fish!

  34. That’s funny. We avoid tilapia and use cod, also.

  35. i LOVE tilapia! and i’m a big 80s fan and there’s something about GnR (esp welcome to the jungle) and depeche mode songs (all of them) that boosts my energy during my workouts!

    • HA ha! Old skool (yes, skool – lol) songs ALWAYS jazz up a work out! They bring back such amazing memories!

  36. Wish I liked fish!! I really do but I don’t…. BUT watching you makes it all better!!! :)

  37. This recipe looks delish and super easy! Love me some spicy always!

    • It really is SO EASY! You just throw all the ingredients in a pan and cook! BOOM! The hardest part might be……. Yeah, no there really is NO hardest part. lol

  38. I like this kind of fish, sounds like a spicy recipe?

  39. The fish recipe sounds great…we eat a lot of tilapia!

    It’s late..I did not catch onto the song titles at al.

    • Ha Ha! No worries about the song titles… However, I did link to all the music videos. Maybe save them for tomorrow morning – a way to WAKE YOU UP 😉

  40. Yes, you should be a rapper and this sounds yummy. LOVE the headbands!

  41. hahahaha…. you all are crazy. Sooooo, when do I get to be in one of these videos?

    Worst. Rap. Of. Ingredients. Ever… WE OUT!

    • You are more than welcome to be in ANY of my videos… Maybe I should just grab a photo of you, and put it in the video… Just floating there in the lower left hand side! Ah ha ha.

      And yes, thank you for calling me out on my terrible rapping skills! LMFAO

  42. Sounds like a delicious recipe! Thanks for sharing at the Healthy Tues hop. I see I was waaay off on the calorie count. 😉

  43. Ok, seriously, how come you haven’t messaged me about my winnings yet? I’m pretty sure that my estimate for the calorie count was just about dead on. But just for the ease of searching, I’ll go ahead and copy/paste my estimate for you:

    • Yeah, that didn’t come close. Sorry, ha ha! Now go dance to Coolio, that will put your frown upside down!

  44. Too funny!! This tilapia sounds GOOD!

  45. OK I’m still laughing from that video, I love it. Of course now when ever I make this really great recipe I’m going to be laughing as I remember that video, or maybe I should just play some Coolio…

    Thanks for sharing at The Blog Strut Peacock Style!

    • Ha Ha! I am thrilled that I will ALWAYS be thought up when you’re cooking up this recipe, or when you think of Coolio… Because I know that’s often! 😉

  46. This was hilarious! I don’t even like fish and I’m tempted.
    Maybe it was the dancing, or all the coolio references, but I think I’ll make this for my husband.

    and I want that talapia vs. cod video asap! (please!)

  47. Love it! The recipe sounds great and you cracked me up! Ironically, my friend is a flight attendant and had Coolio on her flight just yesterday! She posted on FB and said how random it was…
    Yeah, the Fantastic Voyage line was WAY over used by all of us. Haha!
    Oh, and I like to run in bandanas…they make me feel ‘street’ 😉

    • THAT IS SO IRONIC! Oh my, I would kill to meet him! He seems like such a trip – LOL!!! Did she say if he was actually nice? I friggin’ hope so!

      Oh and you better believe, I have yet to take the bandana off!

  48. You two are way too freaking adorable. I like tilapia and it is one of my go-to fish when cooking, but nothing will ever top my beloved salmon. Mmm, fatty goodness.

    • OMG NOOOOOOOOO SALMON IS CHEATING ON ME WITH YOU! How dare he! He is going to be getting a…. BITING (literally) from me! LOL!

      Salmon is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!!!! Fat is my LIFE! LOL!

  49. LOL!! I had to watch it twice!! What fun!!!! You girlies just had way too much fun, love it!!


    Hope to see you at Let’s Get Social Sunday

  50. Visiting from the All Things Pretty link-up and this cracked me up. Hilarious. And now I really want to know why tilapia is bad! Cod is too fishy for me, but this recipe seems great! Also, it should be noted that coolio’s normal hairstyle would mean he doesn’t need a hair net in the kitchen. You feel me?

    • Oh my, his actually actually needs like… 4 hair nets since it’s just so odd, lol!! He looks like a moose in some photos! LOL!

      My next video will be about why Tilapia is EVIL! Stay tuned!

  51. You are hilarious! I love that this has chilis and beer in it- my husband’s favorite ingredients!

    • Oh well then you will TOTALLY want to cook up this recipe this week! :) You can use any fish you’d like really too!

  52. Not a fan of tilapia but I’m sure I can find a sub. Trying this sans rap but with a bandana :)

    • No tilapia for me either! You can honestly use any fish in this recipe, I feel that Black Cod or even Salmon would be delicious in this recipe! Cod is just too fishy and as I mentioned – Tilapia is not healthy, but that video will come in the next two weeks! :)

      And what?! How on earth could you NOT try this recipe without rapping? lol


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