Over the course of the past several months, I feel as though I have actually turned into what I eat… A SALMON!


That’s because I have been traveling just as much as a salmon does… in order to reach new feeding grounds? (I guess that comparison does actually work… Because I mean, FOOD is what I do!)

It all started…

  • Then… I changed my marital status on Facebook to: Married.


  • Following our nuptials, we did what “all” married people do immediately after sealing the deal… We flew to Hawaii, (Oahu, to be exact)… Where we played with pineapples (we visited the Dole Plantation)… Frolicked with balls (golfed)… Bushwacked (went hiking at Lanikai Pillboxes)… And plowed some grub (that one’s self-explanatory)… Among lots of other stuff!


  • Our honeymoon continued two weeks after returning from Hawaii… When we jetted off to New York City… Where I surprised my husband with front row seats to the musical Hamilton… And then quickly realized… I have already “seen” it because, my husband… Sings it all day, every day. ALL DAY. EVERY DAY. He will be in the Los Angeles cast. Mark. My. Words.

#Hamilton 🎙🌃 #NYC

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  • Then I left my brand new husband in Los Angeles and went to San Fransisco and Sacramento because I was invited to do segments on Nor Cal’s FOX and ABC’s affiliate news stations… Where I discussed healthier alternatives to those NOT SO jolly, ‘olly holiday treats!


  • To Michigan and then Illinois we went immediately following my appearances… Where we were QUICKLY reminded what SNOW and COLD WEATHER (we, of course, went when the temperature did not get about 10 degrees) are… And where we KILLED PINTEREST… BEFORE…

Can you guess which photo is from #Pinterest? #pinterestfail #pinterestperfect #pinterestinspired #Iblamesugar

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  • Hopping on Cathay Pacific’s long-haul 18-hour flight to Hong Kong


  • And then SPRINTED to our connecting Cathay Pacific flight, much like the McCallister Family, to Hanoi, Vietnam… And we made it… 


Well this isn't a @wholefoods #produce department… #Vietnam #VietnamStreetMarket #Fruits #Vegetables 🇻🇳

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#Roleplaying 🎎 <– first time I've ever used THAT #emoji!

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  • We followed our stay in Hanoi with two days of really just eating (one of the worst meals I have ever eaten in my entire fucking life – the picture below is NOT the meal… It did not deserve to be photographed… If you followed my Instastories, YOU SAW the vomit inducing garbage wrapped in a banana leaf) and shopping… in Hoi An, Vietnam

Thanks Squidward 🐙!

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  • Then we bid Vietnam farewell, not without a little bit of a hassle (let’s just say, we almost were not allowed to leave the country… And now, we are not allowed back…) and flew 50 minutes to the land of the bumpiest roads I have ever encountered in my entire life


  • Siem Reap, Cambodia.


  • After eating ALL THE CURRY and BASIL CHICKEN (but seriously, we went to this buffet two nights in a row and I went up for thirds)…


  • We took a quick 45-minute flight to Bangkok, Thailand.


Quite the tourist attraction… No?

Because of all of these monumental life experiences… I definitely feel EVEN MORE like a salmon, because I feel as though I have neglected my baby (salmon tend to lay eggs and then leave to… Die!), this blog, a little bit.

However, all of this travel and life events made me realize that LIFE COMES FIRST.

A few years ago… I would have stressed out worse than a squirrel that cannot find any acorns, if I knew I had to miss publishing a post on the blog and YouTube channel for the week, due to lack of time.

GiGi is nervous

But now?


Primal Kitchen Mayo GiGi Dubois

And that’s what I want to remind all of you.

When life happens: Pay attention to it. Enjoy it. And live in the moment.


Get off your computer… When in the heck was the last time you shut that damn thing off, anyways?

Sure. Sure. I definitely SATURATED THE CRAP out of my Instagram page with photos of all of my escapades… I mean, what else am I going to do when I ellipticalize every morning for almost two hours (I work out on vacation).


Yep. EVERY morning. And yes. FOR TWO HOURS.


But seriously. I have been blogging long enough to know that even if you take a day, week or even a month or two off from blogging and uploading YouTube videos… The friends, connections, and fans you’ve made through the inter-webs will indeed be there when you get back! Why HELLOOOOO there!


Prime example… Stalker alert!

Now, I don’t plan on ever giving up my blogging and YouTube video creating addiction. I certainly will continue to pump out, outside of the box, allergen-friendly recipe videos, and/or “weird, and quirky” whatever the heck I post on YouTube about food, nutrition, fitness and health… But I will never feel guilty if I suddenly have to take a tiny break from the blog because I need to focus on life. You shouldn’t either.



So there you have it… I am back!

Now, while I will never stop eating salmon (uh, DUH!)… Which means, I will certainly continue traveling… I do think that my immediate future resembles me taking the form of another food I eat a lot ofChicken… Because as of the moment, I do not plan on leaving the coop for awhile… But, I am certainly allowed to roam free whenever I’d like! 


So Tell Me…

  • Did anyone miss me?
  • How were your holidays?
  • Do you ever feel guilty about not updating your blog for a few days/weeks/months?
  • Can you recall the most disgusting meal of your life? 
  • Have you ever been to South East Asia? 
  • Any requests for types of videos I should create this year?
  • If you truly are what you eat… What food would you be? Do you share the same personality traits as it?



  1. What an update!! I adore all the travel photos and especially your wedding video!!! I DID miss you!

    • I missed you too! So happy you stopped by to say HI :)

    • I agree, what an UPDATE Wooot GiGi you funny girl you. I loved every line of this post, and by the way I had a great time over the holidays, guzzled too much and I shoud definitely do 2 hours of Pure Body loving in a gym or on the road, but I do just 45 mins and I am like that salmon flopping around on terra firma… So Keep up the good work. I am so shrek-like right now on your Asian hiatus…I havent hit that end of the globe yet. I cant wait. Wouldnt wanna find that vomit food though!

      Welcome back. Lemme go stalk you some on Instagram :)

      • GO STALK ME! Do it! I dare you! ha ha ha! That way you KNOW what the “vomit” food is – and you do NOT get near it! haha!

        PS: I highly doubt you look ANYTHING like shrek right now!

  2. Dang girl, you have been BUSY! It’s good to have you back!

  3. Holy Sh*t girl! You have had a whirlwind of a life these past few months! You are doing awesome things Gigi! Here’s to hoping 2017 brings you even greater things, if that’s even possible! You really did it up in 2016…that one’s going to be tough to beat 😉

  4. Tell the hubs to be careful if you start swimming upstream–you might be about to spawn 😀

  5. Love it. Welcome back.

  6. I’m cracking up over your head on that fish!! Anywayyy, what a whirlwind… and a big congrats on the nuptials! And congrats on all of your other achievements, of course :)

  7. That was so much fun to read! It’s like you took me on your beautiful journey…feel quite exhausted, now ;-), but I gotta go to yoga, so… Well, glad to have found you (or maybe you found us, but whatever). Following you now, also on IG. And yes, I do feel guilty if I don’t update the blog. And yes, the laptop, tablet, cell phone, are always on. Congratulations on your marriage!!

    • Ah ha ha ha! Wanna go get massages after you go to yoga?? That would help us relax after this journey, right? 😉

      And so glad I found you too!!! Now go… Go to yoga and turn off your cellphone when you OMMMMM! lol

  8. I did miss your weekly Tuesday post BUT I stalk your ass on social media on a daily basis so I always feel like I’m included in your adventures. Hahahahaha! BTW, I kept salmon very busy while you were away so it might not have missed you as much as you missed it. #sorrythetruthhurts I actually had it for lunch yesterday and saved half of it so I could eat it for breakfast this morning. I love leftover cold salmon for breakfast. Do you do that too? You probably don’t even understand what leftover salmon means 😉
    My holidays were awesome! Thank you for asking.
    Yes, guilty as all hell and I get grumpy too because I feel like I’m a big ol’ loser…then I remember I pay for my blog and can do wtf I want with it.
    My Mom made chipped beef once when I was little and tried to get me to eat that disgusting crap. I took one bite and threw that shit against the wall! (not really but I wanted too)
    No, never been to Asia but want to go so badly. Also, told my Hubby that you all went and we need to go now too. heeheehee
    BTW, we were watching holiday shows when I glanced up at the TV during a commercial break and thought I saw a familiar sight. I yelled at the Hubby to rewind it and IT WAS YOUR GIRAFFE IN A LEGO COMMERCIAL!!!! WHAT?!?!? I had a true stalker moment and it was wonderful. Please tell him we thought he was awesome in it and can’t wait until he’s in the LA production of Hamilton (although we won’t see it cos don’t live in LA but we’ll be very happy for him!) :)

    • If I invited you to stalk… Does that still make you a stalker? LOL. Regardless, I am glad I could include you on everything I was and am doing because… I need my friends with me when I am out and about #socialsquad LOL!

      And um. You are most certainly correct. What is this: leftover salmon… You speak of. I do not know what that means, so you have to explain it to me. That being said, I do eat salmon for breakfast. There are no such things as specific foods limited to specific meal times in my world. Nope. Want sushi for breakfast, DONE.

      So now that you’re going to Asia, feel free to email me, and I can give you the low down of where to go, etc 😉

      And um. YEP!!!!!!!!!!! THAT WAS MY HUSBAND… With his fake kids and fake wife – hahahhahahahahahaha! I love when I see commercials and he’s in them #proudwife

      Okay, I hashtagged TWICE in this comment, which means, I just need to stop!!! But COME VISIT LA, DUH!

  9. Whew! Exhausted just reading that. How fun and fascinating and amazing and wonderful. Feeling a little jealous, and also inspired. Thanks for the pseudo-vacation this morning!

  10. OMG GiGi I thought I was the only one, I eat so much salmon it feels like I have tender pink flesh like my favorite fish, well I do have tender pink flesh, but you know what I mean. You look drop-dead gorgeous walking down the aisle. You give us single girls hope :) I like in Oakland, so happy you came to my fair city. Your Vietnamese jammies are adorable. I just added Cambodia to my bucket list; it looks breathtaking. Missed you GiGi so happy you are back

    • I bet I could out eat you in a salmon eating contest – LOL!!!!! Would you like to accept this challenge and then we can time ourselves to see how long it would take for each of us to eat 2 pounds of salmon (filming it of course) – ah ha ha ha ha!!! Although, maybe I am not kidding? 😉

  11. Holy crap! You’re all “I got married and visited 47,365 exotic countries and had enough peak experiences for eleven lifetimes and got even more famouser and fabulous” and I’m like “um, I visited family for the holidays and worked out a couple times?”

    Yay you!!!!

    Oh, and re: blog neglect… that is one area where I totally have you beat. But yeah, weirdly enough, even after YEARS (seriously) of blogbadonment there are usually a few patient people left to greet you when you return.

    But yeah, we DID miss you!!!

    • BOOOOO YAAAA!! YOU WORKED OUT A COUPLE OF TIMES!! Hey now, that’s a big deal – so many people don’t even bother getting off the couch, so give yourself some credit! ha!

      And I do remember a time where you went MIA from the blog, but… I FOUND YOU right when you came back 😉 I will always be around for you!

  12. Love all the traveling you did. Lots of great eating was involved too, the best part

  13. AHHHH I so needed to read this and read this reminder! I have been spending WAY too much time in front of my devices. I have been for many reasons, but definitely need to take some time off as I think my brain is going to explode! XOXO

  14. It looks like that you had a GREAT holiday and all the fun in Asia…good for you, Gigi.

  15. I missed you more than you will ever know! Can we make Basil Chicken soon?

  16. I love salmon too. Sounds like you had a great time.

  17. Holy cow – so much opportunity and excitement. By the way, did your dad barf in Hanoi? I think I would.
    I love Cathay Pacific!
    I love the royal blue you let your bridesmaids wear. Such a giving bride.
    Congrats on freaking getting married! I missed you!
    I went to Alaska and ate enough salmon and halibut to do you prod.

    • Prod. Not proud. Prod too?

    • OMG OMG AND YOU DID NOT SEND ME ANY ALASKAN SALMON! We are no longer on speaking terms. BAH HA HA HA HA!! 😉

      Okay. I forgive you. I cannot go long without talking to you. I go through withdrawals. Did you see any moose in Alaska? Okay, what kind of question is that, DUH…. hahahaha!

      And um…. My dad… Did not barf… He did something else – BAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH!

  18. What an exciting adventure! Welcome back! Shutting down is hard, but oh so worth it when you do, I 100% agree! Very excited to hear of anything new you learned in your cooking classes on your grand travels!

  19. Wow!!! Did you have an amazing time!!! There will be no keeping you down on the farm after this!

    Of course I missed you.

    And from what I understand, Salmon don’t travel to look for feeding grounds, they go upstream to procreate! You holding something back from us???

  20. Welcome back! We may have missed you, but hey we get to hear about places like Cambodia, so I’m glad you allowed yourself a break. Congratulations on the marriage!!!

  21. You have been on an amazing adventure and it’s just beginning :) I enjoyed the pictures and short videos. I really liked when you asked Landon “are you ready” at least that’s what I think you said ? Yes the cake and lasagna pic was xxx food porn for me :) but those cannoli’s were the ultimate. I miss the Tara post’s you both are great together, I do like the other guest’s but nothing like a tricked out video now and then. I’m basically a Velociraptor when it comes to food.

  22. Well my blog has been practically on life support since 2014, but I still give it a little love now and again. The people who are interested find their way back.
    I want to know why you can’t go back to Vietnam.

  23. What a whirlwind of fun, laughter, family, fun AND being MRS. thru it all!!!!! Thank you for sharing ll your amazing adventures with us GiGi. If I could only have figured out things when I was younger & instead of stupid boring stuff… I will live vicariously thru you! xoxoxo

  24. Guess you have been flying high and eating good. I have been stuck in cold weather but eating good.

  25. Wow! What amazing adventures. It looks like such a fun time. Happy 2017!

  26. Holy cow, chica! You’ve been busy! I just figured I hadn’t seen anything from you because the FB Blogging group we’re both in went on vacation for two weeks. My holidays? Full of family and food as they should be. Yes, I struggle with missing a blog post. I’m “attempting” to get better organized with my editorial calendar and YouTube filming. But we shall see how that goes. Never been to Asia at all. Only been to England.

    • ALWAYS REMEMBER – you come first!!!! So if you need to take a blog break, DO IT. We won’t hate you for that! NEVER EVER!

      And I can’t wait to get to your youtube channel!

  27. So nice to have you back again! :D!! I missed your posts but I’m glad you were out living life and having fun–I’m happy that I got to live vicariously through you on your adventures! (SO MUCH DELICIOUS FOOD. <3) Yay for the Lanikai Pillboxes! That was a pretty hike! :]

    SF & Sac are close to my two "home bases" in CA! :O Too bad I just missed you! I've never been to Vietnam or Cambodia but I hope to go someday! :]

    • Do you ever get down to Los Angeles?!?!?! You must let me know and if I ever go back up to NorCal, I will definitely fill you in for SURE!!!

      As for traveling to SE Asia… I recommend Cambodia over Vietnam! 😉

  28. Looks like you had fun in Italy. The wine cellar was awesome. Thanks for sharing.

  29. whew that sounds like a lot! when you mentioned playing around w pineapples, i thought of nigahiga playing fruit ninja irl with a real sword. didn’t turn out well 😂 and hamilton?! hope it was amazing! i tried to get tickets for the sf show and was the 90,000th person in line. oh well.

    • 90000th person!?!?!? Oh no no and more no! LOL! I got my tickets on line, IE: no lines, and no people! 😉
      And um, I friggin’ love Nigahiga – HAHAHA! I must go watch this video!

  30. GiGi, I have just read this post and I just cannot agree more with your sentiments about blogging.

    Last year I was working 50 hours a week at my full time job and then coming home and working on posting 2 blog recipes per week. It stressed me out completely and made me miserable.

    I went down to one blog post and now I HAVE A LIFE! I no longer care about posting twice a week I have REMEMBERED I HAVE A LIFE!

    Your photographs and travel exploits are fantastic and I love keeping up with you on Instagram,

    I see you were in Hawaii. Lynne and I are going there in March via San Fran. WE CANNOT WAIT!! Any suggestions for eateries? We’re in Maui for 3 nights and then Travaasa Hana. We’ve booked for Whale watching and going up Haleakala so far.

    Thanks! 😀

    • RIGHT?!?!?!? I only update my blog ONCE A WEEK too because…. I NEED A LIFE! I feel like anymore than that, and I would be CHAINED to my lap top and I would have zero social life. I HAVE NO IDEA how people do it! NO CLUE. But hey, I guess they have a magic system that works for them – more power to em! I am glad you found a method that works for you though… :)

      As for Hawaii… WOO WOO!!! Pumped for you! We actually went to Oahu, so I am not very familiar with Maui… That being said, I could ALWAYS do a Yelp search for you because I am YELP obsessed – haha!

  31. Totally understandable, Girl! I’m so glad you’re back though and I hope you’re having an awesome year so far!

  32. What an amazingly busy time! Huge congratulations to you!

  33. Welcome back and congratulations! You packed in lots of travel and loved keeping up on instagram. Life happens and sometimes you just need some time off from blogging and then you go back with even more inspiration then before. Take Care

  34. Oh my goodness – so much AMAZING traveling!! I’m slightly jealous, because my most recent travels involved a long ass car ride to go see family for the holidays with my son getting antsy in his car seat and deciding to crush an entire sleeve of crackers in his lap. 😉

    • LOL!!! Oh trust me… There were frustrations and cracker crumblings on my adventures too. My sister brought her 1.5 year old baby on our Asia trip……. So you can imagine!

  35. What an amazing and eventful couple of weeks! Sounds like you have enough frequent flyer points for another excursion with all those flights. Glad you guys had an amazing honeymoon!

  36. Wow, you really have been everywhere! I absolutely love the pics of the Vietnam street market. The colors!

  37. I LOVE your blog post, they are so fun, especially the photos. And yes it’s true, you can take a break from blogging if you have loyal followers, they will always have your back!!!

  38. I love your blog post – what a lot of fun! xx

  39. I am so dizzy after reaing this post, and terribly envious :-) Missed you off course…when I did not see IG or FB updates lol. No SE Asia but Beijing in 3 weeks 6 days! hey did you know I took the YT plunge while you were away? Welcome back , rest a bit, now get into that kitchen!

    • EEEEPPPPSSSSS Bejing, SOOOOO soon! Are you ready for the long-ass flight? Our flight GOING to Vietnam = 18 friggin’ hours STRAIGHT! How insane is that!!!! Drugs. Bring drugs. LOL jk! I didn’t use any drugs to try and sleep. Nope. This girl is ALL natural. Well uh…… BAHHH HA HA HA HA!

      And um, I gotta go check out your YT!!

      • No of course not I am not ready for the long-ass flight lol. But at least it is (only) 13 hrs. There might be drugs involved lol but I don’t really sleep on moving things so much and I leave at noon, not sleepy time lol.

        • I did 13 hours when I went to Taiwan. I was with Tara… And we had WAYYYYY too much fun! What airline are you taking? You will most likely have your own TV – so I hope you didn’t go see ALLLLLL the movies lately 😉

  40. Wow, such a busy life! Love it!
    I love this post and your blog.
    Thank youuuu :*

  41. Welcome back! And yes, I did miss you — your posts (and videos!) always bring a smile to my fast. I used to worry about not updating my blog, too. I’ve gotten over that, thank goodness. Easy in my case — it’s just a hobby. Anyway, Happy New Year!

  42. robin masshole mommy says:

    Sounds like you have been up to so much! Loved hearing about all your adventures.

  43. Damn girl you’ve been busy! Gotta admit though, I love shamelessly living through your escapades. Congrats on the marital fb status as well. Only way it’s official, eh 😊
    Katja xxx

    • Ah ha ha ha! Oh yes. Facebook is the ONLY WAY to make anything official. I swear before I tell my husband, I will post a photo of me with a baby bump or something – LOL! And I am glad you could “come along” on all my adventures!

  44. Wow, what an adventure you’ve been on, huh? I loved your photos from Cambodia – I’ve always wanted to go there. But from this whole post, what I’m left with is … why are you banned from Vietnam?

  45. I am jealous of every place you’ve been. I have been to that Jurassic Park spot! I loved it.

    I want to see Hamilton someday. Fingers crossed.

  46. Don’t blame you for ditching the blog for a bit. All of that seems awesome! I feel guilty when I neglect my baby too, but we gotta live!

  47. It looks like you having a great time, thank you for sharing. I’m a little bit jealous though, I would also love to visit Hawaii (its on my bucket list)

  48. You are hilarious! Also those bathrooms?! So not looking forward to that when I travel!

  49. Jacqui Odell says:

    Very true!! I need to remember to take it easy and not stress, but it’s easier said than done.

  50. Welcome back! We missed you. Well I can’t speak for everyone else but I did at least. Happy to see you spent your time eating salmon. I would have been disappointed otherwise.

    Contrary to your father I love the mingled smells on the street. I dunno, maybe it has something t do with growing up in Mexico but there’s just something about that busy tangle of scents.

    • Ah ha ha! Well then you need to get your butt on over to Vietnam. I was used to the smells because I go to Asian Markets all the time… And they smell JUST like the streets – however, I won’t lie. I definitely got a TAD queasy at times myself…. The smells were just SO RANK. Think DEAD CARCASS + Feces + Worms… hahahaha! Mmmm Now I am hungryyyyy!

  51. Girl, you have been busy! You are so right and thanks for the reminder to get away from the computer and remember to live life! Having a full time super demanding job and keeping up with a blog can be too much sometimes. We all need to step away for a bit. Cheers!

  52. Everything looks awesome! Love the pictures!

  53. So, so happy for you! Except for maybe the vomiting…Looks like 2017 is off to a great start. And yes you always look so happy, but maybe now…even a little more. Congrats! P.S. My daughter heads to Vietnam in March. Anything I should tell her to beware of?

    • DO NOT OVERSTAY YOUR VISA….. Beware of the smells… Drivers DO NOT pay attention to traffic rules. ALWAYS carry tissues with you (the bathrooms are creepy and disgusting)… Sugar is added to every dish you eat… I hope she likes pork! LOL!!!!

  54. Wowswerz! What an adventures you have had ! lol busy busy! I love all the pics and hats off to you for your 2 hour workouts every morning!!! <3

  55. So cute! Your post is so funny and nice to read.. Mermaid Salmon.. Haha~

  56. All the things seems pretty awesome. These beautiful clicks makes a bunch of memories. It’s been nice to visit your blog post. Have a blessed life… <3 :)

    • Thank you Bindia! I do believe I have a blessed life, that’s for sure!! :) Making memories is certainly one of my favorite things to do!

  57. julie porter says:

    I would have to agree with the title of your blog post, you do have a crazy, awesome life. I got tired just thinking about doing all of those things, much less doing them! You are a beautiful salmon by the way :)

    • I definitely do not take my life for granted, that’s for sure!! :) And will you take a nap for me? LOL! I really feel like I want to take a good long nap – perhaps for 3 days? 😉

  58. Awesome, must be absolutely wonderful to be able to travel to all these wonderful places! I’m a little jealous, lol. I love everything about your post. Someday I will be able to travel!

    • I hope this post serves as motivation more than anything else! I adore travel for so many reasons especially in that is really opens my eyes to other cultures and at times truly makes me appreciate how fortunate I am!

  59. wow that is a busy year! I think i liked the vietnamese pyjamas best! and i often feel guilty for not updating my blog enough

    • Oh yes, those jammies… Or dresses… Or whatever the heck they were. I loved them too and totally wanted to keep them! Especially the hats 😉

  60. Vietnam has the freshest fruits ever! All the exotic fruits that aren’t easily available in America. xoxo

  61. I’ve never been to South East Asia – what an awesome travel experience!!

  62. Woohoo, sounds like you had an incredible time 😀 I was just telling my hubby that I’ve been wanting to see Hamilton. If I am what I eat, I’m seafood. All kinds of it but mostly shrimp and tilapia.

  63. Your life looks incredible, just saying. Thats awesome you got to do a one night cruise! I have never heard of that. Perfect get away I say!


    • Right!? Cruises are the best thing ever… In the video I posted… My friend THE FOOD PERVERT and I did a 8 night cruise through Greece and Italy and it was one of the best experiences of our lives. I will not forever look up cruise excursions when I want to go on vacation!!! And you should too for your next outing!! 😉

  64. Aaw welcome back, girl! So glad you had some time away because your travels looks amazing!!! Congrats on getting married! You looked gorgeous and I loved your VN jammies – so cute!

    • Thanks Lady! I certainly hope you had a stellar holiday yourself!!! I am already looking forward to November, December & January of 2017-2018 – hahaha!

  65. wow, what an amazing time! Glad you been having so much fun!

  66. Ha…I love your posts. :)

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

  67. I’ve been blogging for about a year, so I always feel guilty if something comes up and I can’t blog or update my social media. I feel like I haven’t been doing it long enough to take a break!

    • Ha Ha! That’s how I was for the first two-three years of blogging. I have to say, my mindset has changed a lot thanks to my husband’s influence, good influence. And I mean, I have seen it first hand – when I go away, people understand and will come back when I come back! Definitely get yourself into a blogging schedule, but please do not forget about your life outside of blogging!

  68. Congrats on an amazing life! I’m sure 2017 will be just as awesome.

  69. Katrina gehman says:

    looks like everyone had a blast. i would love to do that someday! talk about memories being made

  70. What a super fantastic and adventurous life you’ve been leading! Congratulations on the marriage, and may 2017 be just as fantastic as 2016 was! :)

  71. Glad you’re back honey! I can definitely relate on feeling guilty after not updating for a while!

  72. You are SUCH a goofball! I have crazy missed your blog… super happy to have found you again!! <3 <3 –

  73. I missed you! Although, thanks to Instagram, I never felt you left! I agree that taking time away from “having” to post/upload is so needed. Glad you’re back home and able to relax max! Beig go go go all the time is HARD! (That’s what she said).

    • Except, you and I both know… I ain’t relaxing 😉 Now I am getting ready to move out of my current place (after living here for 5 years) and filming more videooosssssss!!! So maxin’, relaxin’ and being all cool… Yeah, that’s going to have to WAIT! 😉

  74. Looks like you’ve had an eventful past couple of months. May 2017 be just as awesome!

  75. Welcome back. And congratulatons on your marriage.

  76. I’m so glad you’re back! I cannot believe ALL of the places you’ve been. So crazy and so fun! You have had so much going on the past couple months!! I hear ya about the whole “step away from the computer and live life” thing. I’ve had to do that a lot these past couple of YEARS…but it’s life and I gotta keep the priorities in order. I can’t believe you got FRONT ROW tickets to Hamilton!!! So lucky! I saw that in NYC back in April and loooooooooved it!!!

    • RIGHT?!?!?! Hamiltion was so stinkin’ good. I can’t wait to see it again…. When my husband is in it! hahaha! 😉 Oh wait, he performs it for me every day…. LOL!!! I should record him singing the whole dang musical and post it on YouTuber 😉

      And you… I give you so much credit for even attempting blogging, with your huge family, where there is always something going on! HOW DO YOU DO IT?! What is your secret!!?!?!?!

  77. Wow! You have such a nice experience. I dream of going to those places too. Definitely, they are on my bucket list. My partner and I are just waiting for cheap flights in Vietnam and Siem Reap. Kudos to all your adventures!

    • Have you ever looked at Groupon or TripAdvisor and Living Social?? You should keep your eyes on those sites for cheaper flights/stay packages for Vietnam and Cambodia!! :)

  78. Wow what a whirlwind you have been on. Congratulations on a beautiful wedding. All those places and all that food. My worst meal was in Mexico in a cardboard house, but I was so honored that the beautiful family shared their meal with me.

    Glad that you are back and I love your idea of taking time off when needed.

  79. Yeah, I kinda noticed that you having a life over there Gigi haha 😛 Well, I’m glad to hear (and see) you had amazing holidays! It’s really good to have you back <3
    PS … HAPPY NEW YEAR giiirl!!! CHEERS for all the new and exciting things to come! One of my NY resolutions is to find people outside my computer, so yes, cheers to REAL LIFE too ! xoxo

  80. Wow. Just Wow. Thanks for sharing all the travels. And CONGRATS!

  81. I used to feel guilty if I didn’t post all the time now if real life gets in the way… oh well life is for living and experiencing for yourself not others. Though it is nice to share but I will not loose precious sleep over it 😉 I really don’t like loosing sleep for anything…lol. South East Asia is certainly interesting and fun but I did find I was hungry all the time I just didn’t trust the food I was afraid dishes secretly had cat and dog in it! I ate a lot of fruit and fries which I hate doing on holiday but at least I knew they were meat free…. lol. Here is to a fun filled widely traveling 2017 😀 Happy New Year!

    • I won’t lie to you Emma, I was totally up for trying dog or cat meat – hahahahahahaha! That being said, we made sure to eat at “nicer” establishments (due to my food allergies and intolerances) and I definitely ate A LOT!!!

      I am thrilled to hear that you don’t let much get in the way of your sleep – that’s a very good approach to take. If I am ever tired. OHHHHH YOU CAN TELL – ha ha!

  82. You’re the most adorable salmon ever

  83. You have been a busy girl! But since I follow you on IG, I felt like I was RIGHT THERE . . . and I threw up a little in my mouth at the banana leaf dinner.

    • RIGHT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?! You saw it on my story! It was absolutely, positively the worst damn thing ever!! I will never ever ever ever get ANYTHING in a banana leaf EVER again! BLECHH!

  84. Hi Gigi,
    I came by to say welcome back!
    I saw what you wrote. Congratulations on your success in the entertainment world. What does your husband do for a living. Is he an actor? You said he might be in Hamilton.

    • THANK YOU for welcoming me back Janice!!! I missed you :)

      And yes, my husband is an actor, as well as a director, producer, writer, pilot, golfer and model. LOL! He wears a lot of hats, that’s for sure!

  85. The worst meal of my life was the day after my sister’s wedding. The 18-year-old me woke up with the most punishing hangover I have ever had in this lifetime, only to have try to choke down gazpacho instead of the Bojangles cajun chicken biscuit my body so desperately craved. I don’t like gazpacho under normal circumstances and it took every ounce of self-control I could muster to not barf in that bowl of nastiness. Enjoyed your blog!

  86. OMG what an incredible year you had! WOWWW! Congratulations on the segments thats HUGE!!
    Courtney Bentley ||

  87. Same as you I did travelled, also in Asia but we went to Japan. Sad to be back to reality but need to earn again for the next holiday

    • I am glad you traveled!!! Traveling is one of the best things anyone could ever do, that’s for sure! How’d you like Japan????? I flew over Japan and wanted to tell the pilot to make a pit-stop! haha. Alas, you are correct… Back to reality – womp womp!

  88. I so so so <3 this "When life happens: Pay attention to it. Enjoy it. And live in the moment." And Amen to that phrase! You bet, I missed ya – I sure was glad to keep up with ya throu you zany FB and IG posts and am glad your back from one heck of an awesome amazing adventure!

    • Right?! I will have to remind myself and re-read this blog post in a few months when I start to feel guilty about life taking the forefront!

  89. What an amazing and fun journey you two have. Congratulations! I love how you still able to keep yourself fit.

  90. Looks like you had an amazing time with your family and honestly, that’s what matter more than the blog posts. I’m sure you’re going to get on more adventures this year, so don’t forget to live in the moment.

  91. Haven’t had salmon in awhile. That is #1. You two look so happy – congratulations! That’s #2. And a happy 2017 to you both!

  92. Wow that is some seriously busy stuff!! What a fab post, lots to take in. Thanks for linking up to the #bestandworst the linky is open for this week if you have anything to add :)

  93. If you had ended this post talking about how you got front row seats to Hamilton I woulda said you won the year. But you kept going and going with all the awesomeness that my head exploded. I dunno how I’m even typing this actually. But in all realness it was so fun to watch all the exciting things happen to you last year. From the news segments to the wedding you killed it. Oh and legs up on the flight???


    • BAH HA HA HA HA!!!! I am thrilled you were able to gather up the pieces of your head (er um, kinda gross visual, lol) and put it back together so you could write that comment, because, hot damn, you made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! 😉

      Lets make 2017 great by making at least 2 or 3 videos together… Yes?!

  94. LOL that’s so funny that your husband is Hamilton-obsessed. Apparently the music in Moana is by Lin Manuel Miranda…wonder if your husband sings the songs from that movie too, haha!

    I can’t believe you did that much traveling in such little time! Slightly envious of your adventures 😉

  95. Your life story sounds fabulous! All the food and travel makes me want to take a month off and just travel. Thanks for sharing and congrats on getting married!

  96. Wow….what an AWEsome adventure!!! Hope you enjoyed Oahu, I just LOVE that pineapple plantation. Aloha

    • Ha Ha! I love that Pineapple plantation too! It was such a random, but awesome stop! I even got sucked into the Oyster/Pearl experience – LOL!

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