Cool as a Cucumber

What did the cucumber say to the pesto, bell pepper and avocado?

Hang out with me because I’m not a pest, peppery or the pits. I’m just cool.

Cartoon Pickle

Uhhh….. That was probably the worst “joke” on the face of the planet.

Good thing I am not a stand up comedian… Oh wait

Hallmark would never hire me to write their clever greeting cards…

Hallmark Not Approved

The “joke” above also probably makes no sense because I haven’t even told you what today’s video is about!

Well isn’t this just one big FAIL

However, I can assure you, the recipe I am featuring today from Andi Rowland (@unrestrictedhealth) is no fail at all!

Raw Cucumber Rolls

As you may remember, THE FOOD PERVERT and I teamed up with Cameron Diaz’s book, The Body Book to showcase one fan’s recipe every month and Andi rolled up the competition this month, literally!

Cucumber Rolls

The recipe submitted: Raw Cucumber Rolls with Homemade Pesto! And it’s GiGi Approved… AKA: DAIRY FREE!! 

GiGi Dubois Eating

You know you want to hang out with this cucumber roll this summer, so click PLAY below and get (cucumber) rolling with Pervy and I! 

Roll these cucumbers into your mouth…  

For the pesto

  • 1 cup spinach
  • 2 cups basil
  • 1/2 cup pine nuts
  • 1/3 cup cold pressed olive oil
  • 2 cloves garlic
  • Sprinkle salt and pepper
  • Good drizzle of lemon juice
  • 1/4 cup Parmesan (optional)


  • Place all ingredients in a food processor or high speed blender and mix until just combined. If you like your pesto smooth just mix a little longer.

Cucumber rolls ingredients

  • 1 avocado
  • 1/2 red capsicum
  • 1/2 yellow capsicum
  • Snow pea sprouts
  • 1-2 Lebanese cucumbers
  • Tooth picks


  • Thinly slice the cucumber, length ways with skin on and set aside.
  • Next cut up the avocado and capsicum into long thin strips and trim the ends of the snow pea spouts.
  • To assemble your cucumber roll take some of your freshly made pesto and spread it over half the cucumber slices.
  • Then place a slice of avocado and three to four slices of capsicum and a few snow pea sprouts in the centre of the cucumber.
  • Gently but tightly roll the up the cucumber from the pesto covered end and secure with a tooth pick.

Makes around 6 rolls

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In the Kitchen with Tara and GiGi


  • Are you as cool as a cucumber or a pest like pesto?! 
  • Can you believe I had never had pesto before in my life?
  • If you could brag ONE of your recipes… What would it be and why?
  • What celebrity would you like to roll up in your cucumber roll?
  • What’s your go-to summer recipe to beat the heat?
  • Is there a “dream” job you have always wanted yet never felt like it was realistic? (Like a trapeze artist at the circus, for instance)

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  1. YEAHH 1st haha ,, like the pesto recipe it’s always fun to make for me because I can’t over cook it :)
    I’ve never even heard of Lebanese cucumbers but I will look in a couple of specialty markets. My rendition of this will not be as attractive as yours but edible just the same. Would this be good component with grilled meats or fish ? Have a great week lady’s :)

    • Yes! This would pair really well is meats and/or fish!! :) You could even spread the pesto on chicken in you want. As for the cucumbers, you can honestly use any at the store – Lebanese or French or Chinese… Who cares! LOL!

  2. Wow – refreshing indeed- waiting to this try out… Thanks for sharing.

  3. hilarious. i don’t even really have strong feelings about cucumbers but this makes me want to make a cucumber roll :)

  4. I’ve never made pesto before, but now that you mentioned “dairy-free”, you have my attention.

  5. I’m positive you could do stand-ups and if I were Hallmark, I would totally hire you to write greeting cards. In both cases, I’m fairly certain, you would be a smash!

  6. Go to summer recipe is anything cold or frozen! It’s SO HOT here!

  7. I want one of your BIG JUICY cucumber rolls in mah mouth for by birthday. You’ll be delivering that in ATL by lunch, right?

  8. You’ve never had pesto before!?!?!
    Also, I always brag about my brownie recipe, because it’s tha bomb. I’ve never shared it on my blog because I always forget to do the whole food photo shoot thing cuz I’m too busy devouring them, but my friends always request it at potlucks and they’re pretty picky when it comes to baked goods.
    Also, I always wanted to work construction because I think I’d look bad ass in a hard had and steel toed boots…LOL

    • Ah ha ha ha ha! That’s how I am with some of my favorite foods, I eat them far too quickly, no photos can ever be taken! LOL!

      And wow, I don’t think I have EVER HEARD someone say they’ve always wanted to work in construction! That truly is BAD ASS!!

  9. Cucumber rolls! You girls are SO STINKING SMART! I just posted today about making low carb swaps – I’ll be sure to share this one with my folks.

    • Heck yes!!! Have you ever seen raw sushi cucumber rolls at Japanese Restaurants?! They’re the best thing ever, these are just a vegan version!!

  10. How had you never had pesto? Thats a major crime in some states….okay, thats a lie, but it should be! I hope your life is now changed forever! A dream job? I have always wanted to be a cake tester…..that sounds pretty amazing to me! Thanks for the recipe, have never tried with cucumber….must do it though!

    • I haven’t had pesto because it’s always made with DAIRY! And I cannot eat dairy! LOL!

      OMG a CAKE TESTER – would be phenomenal!!! Can one job requirement be that the calories do not count since it is your JOB after all! LOL!

  11. Pesto is indeed the besto!
    I cannot believe you made it this far without tasting pesto – glad your pesto cherry was finally popped though!
    If I could brag about one recipe – it would be my beet crust pizza 4 sure! This is one healthy and delicious cucumber roll!

    • Beet crust pizza! Omg you might smack me when I tell you that… I have never eaten BEETS before in my life either!! Do I live under a rock? LOL!

  12. Hmm I will be jacking your pesto recipe for this weekend – I crave! :) Can you freeze this sauce? Mmm i forsee pesto pasta with avocado slices.. damnit hungry!!!! Hope you are doing well lovely GiGi! :) Question, what do you think of these? Have you had them? I’m trying to eat something (QUICK) before the gym to give me energy – I was using the carrot/beet juice but it grosses me OUT! Take Care love -Iva

    • Yes! You can totally freeze this pesto, so make LOTS AND LOTS for a later date!

      As for those bars… I don’t eat them, but I have seen them before, and they’re pretty legit in terms of healthy ingredients but the second ingredient is sugar, so I wouldn’t throw back like 5 of them! LOL! Every so often one of these bars isn’t a bad idea, if you’re in a bind!

      • Cool I tried one today, pretty good – yeah I just need to fuel before the gym. I have to constantly drink water to stay hydrated or I get light headed, maybe coconut water is in order? lol. I am going to make tons of pesto this weekend and freeze 😉

        • Keep drinking water for now… And if you get light-headed by drinking just water, then maybe try a little coconut water – make sure there is NO added sugar though!

  13. oh yaaasss gimme dis now!! Annnd I want to roll up Usher in a cucumber roll. Just me? Yeah? ok..!

  14. I’d like to roll up YOU in my cucumber roll!

  15. I kinda can’t believe you’ve never had pesto!?! BUT then I kinda can. These look so freaking good, so simple too. This is totally a Brittany recipe!! LOVE LOVE LOVE. Roll these up IN MY MOUTH! I’m trying to come up with something clever to say about the music in this video, but I can’t. It was seductive.

    • LOL!!! THAT MUSIC IS MY LOVE MAKING MUSIC…… AND IF YOU KNOW ME, I don’t “make love” lol so yeah, it’s just music LOL

  16. Cool as a cucumber!! DUH!

  17. I can’t believe you have never had pesto!! We have been on a huge pesto kick lately but surprising none of it containing pine nuts. I think my favorite has been this pistachio pesto–it has cheese but I’m sure you could make it work without the cheese, maybe add something green instead?

  18. These looks awesome! I actually just made pesto this morning too. Yummy :)

  19. Actually I’d love to be a baker. Or a pop singer. Or a Disney princess. I make a pretty good Snow White if I put my mind to it.
    I love cucumbers because they lead to pickles, and pickles lead to paradise in my opinion.
    I’m cool as a cucumber, mostly. We actually make great pesto here. I think you’d like it! The basil is overflowing in the garden and we get so much pesto, we have to freeze some so that in the winter we can remember what is awesome about summer.

    • Why can’t you be all three?!?!?!?!?!?!? Uhhhh I would totally go to Snow White’s concert and eat her freshly baked treats! LOL!!!

      DUDE OMG – Pickles + GiGi = too sexy for words! LMFAO and okay, I didn’t mean it LIKE THAT. I just love those bread and butter chip pickles but sadly, they are full of sugar. However, I totally found some that we sweetened with fake sugar, and I would totally eat them every so often over high fructose corn syrup, but MAN are they hard to find!!!

  20. Really cold potato salad on a hot day is the best!

    I want to be one of those jousting, sword wielding knights at the medieval fair except maybe somebody else cleans up after my horse. I would win the day and then win the fair maiden except I’m not into maidens and I doubt any guys going to let me ride off with them slapped over my saddle.

    • Cold potato salad paired with some beef ribs. NOW WE ARE TALKING!

      OMG – what a flipping COOL JOB YOU WANT!!! I remember going to a few of those Medieval Fairs!!!!! LOVE THEM! I’d totally come root you on! LOL! In our reality, you would win the fair LAD… The buff stud muffin and he will def want to ride away with you slapped over your saddle ! LOL!

  21. I so look forward to your hilarious videos! I’m currently making and eating lots of salsa. I love my new Tempeh edamame rice noodle salad. What are the deets for the recipe contest?

    • Aw thanks Deborah!! :)

      As for the #BragYourPlate “contest” – basically, post a photo of your meal/recipe on Instagram and hashtag #BragYouPlate and The Body Book, Tara and Myself will select winners each month! It’s that easy… And then your recipe could be featured on Book To Plate!

  22. I used to dream I was an oscar winning actress. But then again, I think that everyone did, haha.
    I would say that my one, true to me and no one else recipe that I would brag on would be my chipotle cranberry pumpkin enchiladas that I made at Thanksgiving. But I’m also a big fan of my lemon beet power muffins and my peach yo nana bread. Actually, it is time to make those again for the blog….

    • OMG Chipotle, Cranberry Pumpkin Enchiladas – I just cannot even comprehend what that must taste like!!!! So many flavors all mixed together. Talk about an EXPLOSION! Lemon Beet Muffins too?!?! My goodness woman, when are you coming to my house to cook me something AMAZING!!! 😉

  23. Yum!! Those cucumber rolls looks so refreshing! I can’t believe you never had pesto! I love pesto pasta!

  24. i’d say that cucumbers are cooler than the other side of the pillow.. no pests there either! oh man, i’m corny cotter

  25. I would probably brag about my own pesto recipe. What lady?! You never had pesto before?????? I love it! And I think I would probably consider myself a pest. :)

  26. I am 100% in on these rolls!! Great combination of flavors!

    You could probably do an entire comedy routine based on a large hot-house cucumber! Or even write fortunes for adult only fortune cookies although I’ve heard that adding “in bed” to them gets the job done.

    Okay, I always wanted to be a doctor on General Hospital.

    • LMFAO I just cannot even… We should do a duo stand up act about these things, yes?!

      Trust me I could have made this blog post VERY inappropriate! 😉

  27. lol that joke!

    Those cucumber rolls look so great and on the rare occasion I make pesto, that’s pretty much how I make it.

    Dream job? Travel blogger or something like that! A friend of a friend does this and makes good money while partying in Ibiza. Like, what???

    • Ah ha ha! You actually laughed at my joke?! Because it was just GAWD AWFUL, right?!! LOL!

      And aw man! I have heard of those travel bloggers just roaming around the world, taking pictures, posting them and that’s it! UGH! ME WANT THAT LIFE TOO!

  28. Ooh pesto is my favorite!! I like asparagus pesto better than spinach though :) pine nuts are a must!!

    • I do love ASPARAGUS… So that would be KICK ASS in this recipe instead of spinach. Now that I think about it… I could make Leek Pesto or Kale Pesto… Oh man, a whole can of worms JUST OPENED! LOL!

  29. Never had pesto before? You poor darling!! It’s great made from most things green. Love the rolls!

  30. can we be a mix of both… haha
    or does one twin of to be cool and other pesto? haha
    for us it probably varies!

    • Ah ha ah aha h! YES one Twin has to be cool and one has to be a PESTO! 😉 So who’s who?!?! a ha ha!

  31. These look so pretty! I love cucumbers but I’ve never thought about pairing them with pesto for some reason.

  32. Wow. Those cucumber rolls look amazing.
    And I am definitely not cool, what veggie is awkward and good with it?

    • Hmmmm maybe an artichoke?? They’re delicious but kinda awkward, don’t you think? Or what about Ginger??

  33. I just read this after eating a cucumber salad for dinner… irony. If I could brag on any of my recipes, it would definitely be the two-bite sugar free brownies I made!!

    • Ha! Isn’t it weird how that happens?!?! And HECK YES you should be proud of your brownies because they sneak in beets and bananas! Say what?! 😛

  34. You’re not longer a pesto virgin… welcome to the dark side! Delicious!

  35. Ummm these sound amazing! And why had you never had pesto?!!! YOU CRAY.

  36. Hey GiGi! Thanks for the comment on my blog :) I just wanted to say you may want to make my pumpkin bread recipe instead of converting the banana bread to a pumpkin bread – you’ll get better results! The recipes are very similar but are slightly different. Here’s the link to the pumpkin bread :)

  37. Erin Neu says:

    I am pretty much a whore for cucumber. It literally goes great with everything! If you are anything like me and hate the stringiness of celery, try cucumber with nut butter. This post reminds me of my fav sushi, the naruto roll! wrapped in cucumber and rice-free <3

    • I LOVE the sushi rolls that don’t have rice and are wrapped in cucumbers! They’re just so dang refreshing and they make the flavor of the fish pop so much!! :) :)

      • Erin Neu says:

        totes! and the all-you-can-eat near my boyfriend will do any roll naruto-style! wiiiiiin

  38. Wait pause what do you mean you never had pesto before? I am open mouth shocked right now!

  39. Omg, I’m such a huge fan of pesto! This recipe sounds amazing…it looks so elegant too.
    Um, I would say I’m probably more of a pesto than a cool cucumber…I’m not exactly the most relaxed person in the world, lol, and I speak my mind very often and drive my husband nuts!! OOPS!

    • AH HA HA! I am proud of you for admitting that you may not be the most relaxed person! SO many people can be denial about those types of traits 😉 I am glad you have a hubby who loves you regardless though!

  40. This looks so good! I love pesto and have always been meaning to make my own. Looks simple 😀 My ‘go to’ summer recipe would just be a simple salad. Quick, and easy!

  41. I never had pesto up until a few years ago either. Life changer!


    Do cucumbers have protein?
    Does Lisa Vanderpump feed cucumbers to her pooch?

  43. I don’t think I’ve ever had pesto before but I’m a sucker for cucumber recipes. Thanks for sharing I think I will have to try this one.

    • FINALLY! Someone else who has never had pesto before either!! You will NOT be disappointed, that’s for sure!

  44. i’m way cool like a cucumber – not pesto. pesto doesn’t even sound cool haha i wish i could be a stay at home momma with baby william!

  45. Good news… not the worst joke I’ve ever heard. I have a friend that wants to be a stand-up comedian… he actually does open mic nights and stuff like that. Only problem: he’s not funny. Like, at all. His jokes are terrible. Worse than yours. Yea, I know. It’s painful to listen to, hahaha

    • AW NO! THAT IS THE WORST!!!!!!! I have a few stand up comedian friends who make cringe a little but at the same time… I give them credit for even trying! :)

  46. MMM Love pesto! I can’t believe it was your ‘first time’ hahaha

  47. Welcome to pesto, isn’t it yummy?! My go-to beat the heat summer recipes are always salads . . .. I am a salad freak . . .. everything is better on lettuce.

    • I couldn’t agree more! Whenever I make dinner at home, I ALWAYS put a bed of lettuce/spinach on my plate and THEN put everything on top! :)

  48. What a fantastic summer dish!

  49. That sounds delicious!

    And I hope you never, ever, become “Hallmark Approved!” :)

  50. Ahh this looks AMAZING! Now I’m craving veggie sushi!

  51. I can’t recall ever having pesto. Maybe I should try it because these look wonderful!

  52. Haha I’m in love with the Hallmark Not Approved pic

  53. I don’t really like cucumber : ( Yet, I love cucumber in my water. Weird? yes, probably…

    • I actually am not a HUGE HUGE fan of cucumber either – they just sort of taste like water, but they’re nice and light and I do LOVE THEM in water :)

  54. Thanks for sharing your cucumber rolls with us at Gluten-Free Wednesdays. Please remember to follow the guidelines and leave a link back so we can share your post even more.

  55. These sound yummy!! Must give these a try asap!!

  56. Never had pesto? Poor you! But now you’ll have to make up for lost time. 😉 Fun video and post — thanks.

  57. Pesto is so so so so good. Making it homemade is a bit of a stretch for me (aka I’m a lazy turd) but TJ’s carries a great one so we’ll just pretend I’ll make it myself. I’ve never had capsicum (or even heard of it…is that weird?) but this recipe is gorgeous!

    My favorite recipe in the summer is a caprese salad – big, red, juicy tomatoes, fresh basil, buffalo mozzarella and some TJ’s balsamic glaze on top and a big piece of crusty bread. It can’t be beat in the heat.

    • OOOOO Caprese Salads! :) YUM! I wish I could still eat cheese, because Mozzarella really used to be my favorite!

  58. I never had pesto either!! I am planning to have some forever now. In fact a friend is making pesto pasta this weekend, and I can’t wait to try it. Love this idea. Totally yumm!

  59. These look AH-MAZING and I never would have thought to use a cucumber as a wrap. Love it. Cucumbers are so yummy right now too. I love pesto too, but I’ve never made it myself. I need to try your recipe. Looks heavenly!

  60. I never had pesto in my life either! I don’t even know why. Pest, like Pesto. Parmesan is not optional for me – I am a Swiss Cheese!! (I am so NOT funny)
    My dreamjob……travel blogger. Aka, travel for free everywhere, all the time and hang out in fancy hotels and hotelbars.

  61. Fresh, light, healthy… what more? It’s approved here too. :)

  62. Ohhh my goodness these look delicious! This would be such a perfect summer snack!

  63. These look awesome. Refreshing for the summer too!

  64. I love pesto. And skipping the cheese really doesn’t make a difference in the taste at all!

  65. LOVE this recipe, GiGI!! So fun and fresh and easy! Looks fantastic, too! I’m going to have to find a recipe to hashtag because I just finally joined Instagram, lol. I like the spinach and the lemon juice in your pesto as well – great flavours!
    As for your questions….
    I am as cool as a cucumber – ha! not! But my man is so cool, his friends and family call him James Bond, lol – truth!
    No, I cannot believe you haven’t had pesto but aren’t you glad you finally tried it?
    My fav pesto recipe is the one I made to put in my Spring Vegetable Soup – it is on my blog and you MUST try it. Best soup I have ever made! Complete fluke, lol.
    I would have liked to roll up John Kennedy Jr. *sighs* He was the perfect man!
    Dream job is a wildlife biologist/photographer with National Geographic working in the jungles of Africa – and a world famous rock star on the side.
    Love your blog, your posts, your fun questions! Always a pleasure to visit :)

    • YAY TO JOINING INSTAGRAM! I will go and follow you! :) Get to hashtagging missy!

      And when you book your ticket to Africa, let me know so I can book mine too!!!

  66. Can’t believe you never tried pesto! it’s so yummy! Those cucumber rolls looks super good…and fancy haha :)

    • Ah ha ha ah! Uhhhhhhhhhh that photo was just for photos, let me just say the ones Tara and I rolled up were…. Not so pretty! LOL!

  67. If you ask me, I’m cool. But I’m sure my kids think otherwise. Those rolls look great! My cukes in the garden are slow this year but the basil is not. Hopefully it’ll all come together so I can make these.

  68. I can’t believe that you’ve never had pesto before!! And I love it!! You should try pesto w. spaghetti squash… A) Because I remember you said you love spaghetti squash and B) because I’ve had it and it’s delicious!! YUMMY and healthy :)

    • HA! I love that you remember that I LOVE spaghetti squash, because you are correct, I AM OBSESSED! lol! And I totally could see the combo being AMAZING!

  69. These look so good! I can’t believe you’ve never had pesto! The best pesto is homemade. Store pestos don’t compare at all! I love pesto that isn’t too oily.

    My dream job would definitely be working in fitness but I’m not sure it is an option for me. Oh well. Blogger for now.

  70. That looks delish!!!!!!

    Ummmm, I have no recipe to brag about – I like what I make but others most likely would not… I am simple!

    As for dream job, not going there again – I have bitched too much about it in the past & how looks are what matters in this world for the most part in certain arenas.. :)

  71. Oh wow, that is crazy! You poor pesto-less sweetie :(
    Please make up for it now, with tons of pesto pasta (the BEST!) 😀
    As for cucumber? Mini sushi rolls with cucumber in it. A touch of soy sauce and I am in heaven. Actually, I think cucumber = heaven 😛

    Choc Chip Uru

  72. I always love y’all’s videos!!!
    These cucumber rolls look awesome – perfect for a summer get together!!!
    My dream job – I think it would be fun to work on a cruise ship!!!

  73. Gigi you are so WILD!!!! Pop my pesto cherry – OMG!! This looks delicious I plan to try it. #wowlinkup

  74. Girl, those look fabulous! However, I’m too sick to drive to Lebanon to get their pickles and I’ve already taken the good cough meds so I’m just making out with a jar of regular pickles right now. I’ll make the fancy ones later.

    • AHHHH HA HA AH AH AH AHA! You don’t need Lebanese cucumbers, don’t worry, ANY will do 😉 And I hope you feel better!!!!!

  75. i love cucumbers. my FIL grows them in his garden (summer cucumbers are the best!) and then pickles them for the fall/winter. YUM!!

    Vodka and Soda

  76. These look delicious! Perfect appetizer for summer – I need to try this! Thanks for linking up with us at #FoodieFridays!

  77. For the record, I thought your joke was cute! Food humor is fun. And your cucumber rolls look yummy too! I’m always glad to have you at Foodie Fridays because I love reading your posts. :)

  78. I was watching the origins of slang on the History channel last night and how did cool as a cucumber come about. Well, inside of a cucumber is 20 degrees cooler than the outside temperature. I’m pinning your recipe. #wowlinkup.

    • OMG STOP IT! Ironic that that phrase came up and actually super INTERESTING! I am going to turn on the history channel right now!


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