Enjoy These Bananas on a Hammock

Every single time I think about bananas, I think about banana hammocks.

Bananas in a hammock

Have I ever mentioned that my mind is ALWAYS in the gutter? Because THIS is what a banana hammock REALLY is…

I should just live in the sewer with the Ninja Turtles.

I would probably marry SplinterBecause I like my men harry?? And we would have some cute rat babies…

Baby Rat

OKAY… Getting off track. And since when are rats cute?

Rat Babies

Bananas also remind me of high school sex ed class the mineral: potassium, which plays a large role in maintaining normal blood pressure and promotes normal kidney function.

That being said, bananas are actually like pop stars who lip sing, they pretend to be amazing when they’re not all that great… Or in other words, bananas are not the BEST source of potassium even though everyone THINKS they are… Beet Greens are truly # 1 on the charts!

Beet Greens

Charts… Tarts… Chocolate… Do you like my word association? Really I couldn’t come up with any other transition to talk about chocolate… Because it’s also part of the recipe The Food Pervert and I recreated by Ashley Marti from @LocalHaven for Book To Plate, the show where we showcase a recipe by a fan of The Body Book

GiGi and Tara making Bananas

You’ll want to relax in a hammock and eat these! 

Dark Chocolate Banana Recipe

  • 2 Large Bananas (1/2 inch slices) 
  • 1 1/2 cups Dark Chocolate (chopped)
  • 1 tbs Coconut Oil
  • Optional Toppings: Coconut Flakes, Sea Salt, Sunflower Seeds, Chopped Pistachios, Coffee Grounds, etc. 

Here are the a-PEELING directions: 

  • Line baking sheet with parchment paper and set aside.
  • Peel and cut the bananas into 1⁄2” slices. Set aside.
  • Pour your toppings into separate bowls, making sure that each topping is about a 1⁄2 cup.
  • Using a double-boiler, fill the bottom of the pan with an inch of water and bring to a simmer. Place the boiler over the top and fill the bowl with chocolate. Stir the chocolate as it begins to melt. Once completely melted, add the coconut oil, stir and remove from the heat. During the process of dipping each banana, you may need to re-heat the chocolate. Simply place back over the hot water until the chocolate is re-melted.
  • Dip 1 banana slice at a time into the melted chocolate and place on parchment paper.
  • Continue dipping each banana into the melted chocolate and decorating with the selected toppings. Once all bananas have been coated in chocolate and toppings, place in the freezer for a minimum of 5 hours, but preferably overnight. Once completely frozen, transfer dark chocolate banana slices to a freezer container.

Frozen Chocolate Dipped Bananas


  • Have you ever sported a banana hammock?
  • What celebrity would you LOVE to see in one of those “contraptions”?
  • Oh better question: What celebrity WOULDN’T you want to see in that banana snuggler?
  • What is your favorite source of potassium?
  • Do you think rats are cute?  
  • Did you see Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles? 

GiGi Dubois laughing her ass off


  1. These sound like perfection!!
    I laugh every time I use the banana emoji… Can’t help it!

  2. If you like bananas, you should try camping and making BANANA BOATS! THEY ARE LITERALLY THE BOMB! (you add chocolates and then toss the thing into the fire to cook and melt)

    Also, I wasn’t sure if you ate fruits. I get my source of potassium from herbs and only herbs :)

    • I actually do not eat fruit 😉 I am just show casing this recipe from someone who submitted and won!! But Tara does and love these. If you watched the video, I am THRILLED that it looked like I do in fact eat fruit… GiGi = Bomb Actress! AHHH HA HA H AHA H!

  3. My humor is equivalent to a 4th grader so YAY for immature jokes :) PS THESE LOOK AMAZING

  4. Bananana hammock!!1 Loooooveeee it!!!!!! I want one! Dark chocolate frozen bananas, yes please! Those sound sooooooooooo good! Oh my god my mouth is watering after watching that video….Yuuuuuum! The 5 hours sure did fly by :)

  5. Never worn one but I’ve seen some on men on those beaches in Europe and here for our University’s wild and crazy Halloween bash!

    I feel bad that science uses rat’s without consent for all those cruel lab experiments and wish that Mighty Mouse was real and would visit them with an Experiment This! shirt and give these researchers a dose of their own medicine!

    I like my banana’s shaken not stirred…gutter girl…

    • OMG !!!!!!!!! Shaken not stirred, I just cannot handle this comment, I am laughing so hard I am crying!

      And the world would be a VERY interesting place if cartoons came to life. Wow, a movie needs to be made ASAP!

  6. I was scarred the moment I saw Arnold Schwarzenegger in a banana hammock, but not as scarred as seeing my dad. Yup, totally saw my dad rocking one of these while walking to our car after a day at the water park when I was like 12. I was horrified. This snack is such a delicious classic, but I’m not sure ground coffee is optional. It should be mandatory. I’m sad you can’t actually eat these though. I’ve been rippin and tearing through bananas lately.

    • You didn’t want to see ANOLD (say in Austrian accent please) in nut huggers?!?!?! What is WRONG WITH YOU? We have completely different man tastes, LOL! Okay, just kidding, I really don’t think Arnold in nut huggers makes me want to lick him from head to toe! LOL!

      I still have some of these nanas in my freezer – they could still be there when you come! lol

  7. I’ve tried these.. wonderful. The combination of dark chocolate and the sweet banana is delightful.. funny blog.. great food.. perfect combination. :)

  8. This may be surprising, but I haven’t sported a banana hammock! 😉 I can’t think of a single person I would want to see sport one either. Same with men in speedos. Thanks but no thanks!

    • I am thrilled to hear you have never sported a banana hammock… It would mean that you’re sporting something all of your blog readers have been unaware of 😉 LMFAO!!! I just made myself LOL for real! 😉

  9. Ahh I should not have clicked on that banana hammock link! The things I can’t unsee! haha

  10. I have a pad of sticky notes with bananas on them. I’m very judicious as to when I use them, or as I like to say, I’m particular about where I stick my banana.

    I like chocolate sauce on my banana.

    I should stop and stick to responding to the questions you ask.

    Rats are not cute. And I like saLmon for a surprise food to get potassium.

    • AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! AH HA HA HA AH! I just cannot. Hold on, let me catch my breath. I am laughing too hard to type. I am THRILLED you don’t just stick your banana ANYWHERE – you must have standards! If you don’t you should live in Hollywood… Oh wait? LOL!

      And… I too like chocolate sauce on bananas 😉 😉 😉

  11. This is why we’re friends because my mind is ALWAYS in the gutter. Always! That said, no banana hammocks in my line of vision. I like more mystery.
    I don’t think rats are cute.
    I do like bananas but I actually like beet greens better!

  12. Rats are cute! I used to have a pet rat named Apricot. Ha! You can never go wrong with banana and chocolate!

    • OMG I love that name!!!!!! If I ever have a kid… Apricot will be his/her name…? Okay, good thing I will NEVER have kids! LOL!

  13. Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles!!! oh yes we loved them growing up haha

    love how simple this recipe is 😉

  14. Between the rats and the banana hammock, you’ve ruined my lunch, BRAT! hahahaha!
    Rats are the only animal that terrifies me. I would rather face a grizzly bear in my kitchen than a rat! *shudders*
    Those images of the banana hammocks have burned my retinas for life, lol.
    Thank gawd for the chocolate bananas – I know they’ll make everything ok. I’m definitely making these , they look fantastic!

    • Ah ha ha ha ah ah aha h! I hope you weren’t planning on eating a delicious lunch, although knowing you, yes, yes you were 😉

      I think I am with you though, I would much rather see a grizzly bear in my kitchen… Than a banana hammock! AHH HA HA HA!

  15. Bananas and choc together can never be wrong. And since you asked, Bradley Cooper?

  16. Before this post, I didn’t actually know what a banana hammock was. Oops.
    Your banana recipe sounds delicious though :) That is another recipe of yours I haaaavveee to try soon!

    • Ah ha ha! you learn something NEW everyday, whether it’s actually important or not is another question 😉

      • I’d say this was important :) I mean, had I actually ventured into a store to ask for what I had previously thought a banana hammock was.. oh man! You spared me a lot of potential embarrassment 😉

        • AH HA AH! I remember a long time ago, my aunt asked me what I wanted for my Birthday and I said: Limp Bizkit (when they were a big deal) and she went into a bakery and asked for some Limp Biscuits! AHHH HA AH AH AHA!

  17. I have some SUPER right bananas that I decided to slice up and freeze last night since they were turning mushy. I will probably make a smoothie or soft serve out of them soon!

    I haven’t seen TMNT yet but I heard it was really good! I have to go see it since I loved them as a kid!

    • Ooooo soft serve them with chocolate – and then it’s kind of like this recipe!!! And then, sneak it into the TMNT movie!

  18. My hairy father got one of those Borat lime green banana hammocks for his 65th birthday. Thankfully he wore it over his regular bathing suit as a joke and still it was stomach turning.
    I was a lifeguard for years and what is worse than the banana hammock is the guy trying to pass off droopy underwear as a bathing suit. They are see through when wet!

    • OMG this comment. I have a VERY visual imagination, so OHHHHHHH MYYYYYY!!!!

      Droopy underwear… Nut Huggers… Banana Hammocks… Yeah, I am not going to the beach or pool ever again! 😉

  19. Have you watched “The Strain”? If you haven’t – then watch it and you will never think rats are cute – ever – never – ever again! :)

    These chocolate hammocked bananas sound fabulous!!!

    • LOL! I have not watched The Strain, I was so turned off by the poster boards! And I will certainly take your word for the rats 😉

  20. LOVE chocolate covered bananas! Actually, I love bananas in general and enjoy them almost every day (Get your mind out of the gutter GiGi!!! I’m really talking about the fruit here…).

    • YAAAAA you do!!! ah ha ha ah ah! You cannot get my mind out of the gutter even if you try to surgically remove it! LOL!

  21. Banana hammocks are hilarious and those dark chocolate bananas look amazing! Could you please make them and ship them to me? I don’t think I can get past the chocolate melting part… Can’t I just put it in the microwave or is that like a cardinal sin of melting things?

    • You could totally put it in the microwave, I won’t hold it against you! And have you seen any running sporting bananas hammocks only?? 😉

  22. This banana hammock is one I KNOW I wouldn’t fall off of 😀
    I have to try this!

    Choc Chip Uru

    • OMG I just CRIED FROM LAUGHTER AGAIN! This comment. You’re a PRO at the banana hammocks huh? Is this on your resume?

  23. YUM!!!
    I haven’t seen the new Turtle movie but I watched hours of TMNT when the boys were little!!!
    I think rats are one of the ugliest/creepiest looking creatures there are.

    • Ah ha ha! I couldn’t agree more – my sister even had one in college, GROSS! And I too have seen my fare share of TMNT!!

  24. I’m not sure rodent babies and recipes belong in the same post!

  25. lol you crack me up!! and i want those bananas..

  26. I wanna see your banana hammock in a twerk-off. On a Irish bar.

    • LMFAO – this would be for your viewing pleasure only… Okay, other can PAY to see this, but you have a free entry! LOL!

  27. Your face was to funny when peeling the Banana :) of course Tara was sultry when melting the chocolate.
    Looks interesting and pleaseeee send a link for the live feed with Whitney because I have to work second that day. Could we have a melon oriented reference for the lone guy’s here :) LOL I needed a good smile tonight.

  28. Hahah totally right there with you with the mind in the gutter 😉 These look utterly DELICIOUS and I’m dying a little bit just thinking about them.

  29. Banana hammock…just typing those words makes me laugh AND a little ill. Nonetheless, your banana looks scrumptious! 😉

  30. It was so great meeting you Gigi! I have no opinion on rats and I’ve never seen a TMNT movie. Almost anything with dark chocolate is a win!

  31. Chocolate and banana = winner! Mice are cute . . . but rats, not so much. Someone just posted a viral video on FB and it was people being filmed in a store dressing room while someone remote controlled in a faux rat — lots of freaking out, shrieking and running around in public in undies.

  32. RATS CREEP ME OUT!! It’s that fleshy tail…. lol! However, these banana bites will be mine all mine!

  33. Potassium = <3. I love coconut water, too. How scary would it be to see some old, fat guy celebrity in a banana hammock? Ugh I don't want to think about it!!

  34. Is it weird that I think rats are kinda cute? I’ve only seen one in person once. It was in the NYC subway and my friend was completely grossed out while I was like ” I kinda wanna pet it.” Yeah, I’m weird and probably just need to move to a farm with animals lol.

  35. These look great – love the idea of topping with nuts of some sort for extra texture too. Rats? I’m not happy with them b/c they’ve been in my garden :-(

  36. These make me happy – I will make these over the weekend :) Potatoes have more potassium than bananas and that makes me very happy because I probably ear more potatoes than I should – but they’re my fave.. Anyways, definitely need to make these 😉 With tons of coconut flakes mmm! Happy Hump Day lovely! -Iva

  37. We make these all the time. They are one of my favourite sweet snacks.

  38. I was wondering where this was going! Sweet potatoes are a great source of potassium. I wonder how bananas got all the credit?

    I like to make something similar with peanut butter on top of the banana slices and then covered in chocolate and frozen. Can’t.Stop.Eating!! Adding shredded coconut on top of that would be delicious too. Next time!

    • OMGGGGGGG PEANUT BUTTER and chocolate – OHH STAAPPP It!!!! I would probably need to go to rehab because I wouldn’t be able to STOP! lol!!!

  39. Haha, I don’t think I’d want to see ANYONE in a banana hammock. Gross! On to nicer thoughts..these chocolates look yummy! 😀

  40. Unfortunately, I have seen banana hammocks on quite a few people who shouldn’t have worn them in Europe… You can’t “unsee” those things…

    And to get plenty of potassium, a beet greens smoothie with 1/2 banana is delicious!

  41. Fun, fun video — as always. And cool recipe, too. Banana hammocks are new to me — I must lead such a sheltered life! Super post (and video!) — thanks.

  42. YUM!! I love love LOVE dark chocolate… and bananas!! GREAT recipe girl!!

  43. So simple – yet those look amazingly awesome!! You crack me up, too.

  44. Okay, I’m a little confused. Bananas are still good, right? Hope so, because I lllooovvveee them.

  45. Controlling the urge to add in a TWSS joke ;)! I’ve made these in the past with a peanut coating and they tasted fabbb!

  46. Ok, so I actually had a pair of ninja turtle speedo style swimwear. It was getting a little bit little for me to squeeze into anymore so I gave it up. Too much eating of these awesome recipes lead to that! lol
    You really do have a sick little sense of humor, I like it 😉

  47. These sound great! I’m not a banana fan but dipped in chocolate and topped with coconut? I’m sure I could gobble a few of those up :) Coconut water is one of my favorite sources of potassium.

  48. Banana and dark chocolate sounds incredible!! thanks for the super easy and delicious frozen treat recipe.. :)

  49. I’m gonna have banana hammocks and hairy rat babies on my brain all day. Great! Hammocks are best for lying in and should never be worn…that’s my opinion 😀
    I do love these bananas dipped in chocolate. Yummy treat I need to eat!

  50. Bananas are one of my favorite fruits. So delicious (and versatile!) I eat one every day – especially now that I’m prego and need to combat those pain in the ass leg cramps. Ergh.

  51. OMG these look amazing i want one now!! And i’d look at benedict cumberbatch in just about anything so i nominate him for banana hammocks and every other award, costume, anything, really. (Was that a sentence?) Rats terrify me, so im going to go back to thinking about cumberbatch now :)

    • Well, I do have a few in my freezer if you’d like to come over 😉 Please do bring Benedict Cumberbatch too!

  52. Mmm those look so amazing I can’t even think about banana hammocks lol. #wowlinkup

  53. Hi GiGi! You and Tara are hilarious on that video, but seriously, the recipe is scrumptious! I would rather poke my eyes out with a spoon than see Ian McNeice, Christopher Walken, Danny Trejo, or Vincent Schiavelli in banana snuglers. Avocados and spinach are my favorite potassium rich foods. Nooooooo, I do not find rats cute; I find them scary. I love your blog. 😀

    • AHHHH HA HA HA!!! The list of men you do not want to see in nut huggers = I COULD NOT AGREE MORE! I too adore avocados and spinach so much too 😉

      AND THANK YOU for the blog love!!!

  54. I do love eating bananas as a good source of potassium as well as drink coconut milk. YUM! I would love to just chill in a hammock with my sweetheart and call it a day. :-) #wowlinkup

    • AW MAN! I think I need to put that on my agenda for the weekend. MUST FIND A HAMMOCK… And not a banana one LOL!

  55. Can I just tell you how amazinh I think you are?! Seriously, you are such a clever writer, so witty and so stinkin funny! I would love to meet you one day. I love your videos too. By the way, I watched your interview with Denzel and commented the other day..I was sitting in a pool of my own drool!!!
    I also finally posted a Gigi approved recipe, I think?! Totally sugar free…it’s not a dessert so that was the only way LOL!!

    • Oh and p.s. I hate bananas!!! Yuck! They make me gag unfortunately

    • CAN I JUST TELL YOU HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU! This comment truly made my day and when I read it, it was only 7:30am!!!! You’re the sweetest and I saw your comment on my Denzel video :) :) And where is this recipe? Posted yet??? I NEED A LINK ASAP – I could totally recreate it in a video!

  56. I unfortunately am not a fan of bananas but banana hammocks are a whole other story 😉 Haha, in all seriousness my friend owns one of those banana hammocks and every single time I go to her house and see it I also have dirty thoughts!

    • Ah ha ha! You may be the only person who LIKES banana hammocks! All I can think about are dirty things TOO when I see them 😉 LOL! — PS: To be honest, I hate and do not eat bananas 😉

  57. My grandma got all the guys in the family banana hammocks one year as a gag gift. It was funny… but awkward!

  58. That is funny that we both posted these. We are simply amazing!

  59. Banana and chocolate, a combo I’ve discovered only recently. I am not very much into bananas (er…) but with chocolate it’s all another story. Like a different fruit! The recipe is also cute (way cuter than rats). I’m a fan!

  60. Omg, those look DELICIOUS! Holy guacamole. AND, the banana hammock always makes me think of the Friends episode where Phoebe changes her name to Princess Conselua Banana Hammock and then Mike changes his to Crap Bag, and he tells her what a banana hammock actually is. Bahaha, good times. As usual, I can make anything into a Friends reference. Back to the point of this comment, those look yummy and I want to make them ASAP!

    • Girl, now I want some guacamole and watch FRIENDS!!!!! THE BEST!!! :) Have you ever seen How I Met Your Mother? Uh… It definitely rivals Friends in the AWESOME department!

  61. Ahh I LOVE LOVE LOVE chocolate as much as I hate bananas (at least the yellow fruity kind *wink wink*). BUT I have heard really great things about frozen ones. Oh and I LOVE banana muffins for some reason. My taste buds are so weird.

    • GIRL I HATE BANANAS TOO!!!! ah ha ha ha ah! 😉 AND OMG I DIE, I DIE! I do like those OTHER bananas too!!!!

      But I get it because bananas muffins are so good as are those BANANA RUNT CANDIES!!!! My taste buds are so weird too!

  62. Thanks for coming and linking up at #The Weekend Social. Please be sure to come back next week starting Thursdays at 9PM EST The Midnight Baker ! I hope to see you there!
    Judy@ http://www.bakeatmidnite.com

  63. OK, not going to the joke part – you already know my mind is in the gutter!!! :) YUMMERS on this!!!!! Got to love bananas, ummmmm, yup, ;), & them chocolate!! Maybe put that in between graham crackers! 😉

  64. Audrina partridge is a banana.

    Heidi and Audrina rah rah rah.

  65. OMG, this is hilarious! The banana chocolate dish looks divine, will have to try it now! Hope to see again tomorrow at the Coast to Coast Blog Hop Party! xo Margarita – WestCoastMama.net

    • :) Thanks Love! And I hope you down some chocolate bananas hammocks, LOL! Oh man, that sounds like something you might only find in a sex shop!

  66. I made the decision a while ago that if I came back as a vegetable, it would be a cucumber…and I just decided that I might choose to be a banana if I’m a fruit…thanks for bringing awareness to this awesome food item! haha #wowlinkup

    • Ah ha ha ah! I LOVE the way you think! 😉 If I came back as a vegetable, I might want to come back as a really gross one though so I can stay alive FOREVER! ha ha ha….. Or longer than veggies that get eaten!

  67. Cute post, thanks for sharing at the #WWDParty.

  68. Who are you!? Actually, I’ve seen quite a few men in Banana Hammocks. Mostly because I work for a University and for some reason people are always dared to run around campus in them! Always funny :) Also, I vote for Leo. (I know, I know. But you DID ask 😉 ) I don’t eat bananas that often but love anything covered in chocolate!

    • LOL!!! Who am I? Well I am a very immature girl named GiGi – LOL!

      And oh jeeze, those college “pranks” – I have to admit, I DO NOT MISS THEM AT ALL! lol

  69. These look SO amazing!!! I love bananas and chocolate :) I always think of immature things when I work with bananas. Sadly, it’s not just because I used to be an 8th grade/HS teacher….haha Thanks for sharing this awesomeness with us! #wowlinkup

  70. Oh, these look fabulous!!! I’m a huge banana fan (lol!) and I love them topped with chocolate, peanut butter, coconut, pretty much everything!

  71. Banana and choc is like a marriage made in heaven…great recipe GiGi!

  72. Chocolate and bananas together…yum! And I really don’t want to see anyone in a banana hammock. EVER.

  73. FYI, I am pretty sure you will RULE the world one day! Just saying! Thanks for linking up at our Gluten Free Fridays party! I have tweeted and pinned your entry to our Gluten Free Fridays board on Pinterest! :) I can’t wait to see what you share this week!


    • Rule the world?!?!?! I cannot even fathom what that would be like, but if you’re correct, then I guess I will find out soon enough 😉

  74. I had to hurry up and scroll! The rat pictures grossed me out! I do like bananas though but I’m weird and have to have them a certain way otherwise I’d rather have them in a smoothie or I freeze them and make ice cream out of them, too. Chocolate is always good. It’s one of my favorites!

    • I hear you about having to eat bananas a certain way, or none at all! They’re iffy to me, but the chocolate makes the WORLD GO ROUND! lol!!!

  75. This looks delicious! YUM YUM!! Banana Hammock always reminds me of the “Friends” episode where Phoebe wants to change her name to Princess Consuela Banana Hammock…have you seen it?

    • OMG I LOVE FRIENDS and that episode makes me laugh every time. Who am I kidding though, every Friends episode makes me laugh! :)

  76. Yuuumm! I love doing this! I eat bananas every day 😉


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