Disneyland: Candyland Come To Life

(Don’t miss the video at the end, FYI)

People call Disneyland the happiest place on earth and that’s probably because…

They’re all asked how they like this magical land as they nosh on sugary churros, Mickey Mouse shaped pretzels and freshly made hot fudge mixed with peanut butter, caramel and crack!

Chocolate Turtle Fudge

Why not try asking people how they like Disneyland when they CRASH from their sugar highs?

(Or when they are waiting in 90 minutes long lines)

While gallivanting around the amusement park with friends… (and we made new ones along the way)

Buzz Lightyear and Woody

I couldn’t help but scratch my head and think, “where are all the rides… INDIANA JONES NEEDS ME!!“…

But Indy was nowhere in site… Instead, all I really saw were restaurants, fudge, ice cream and candy shops, pretzel carts and cotton candy machines.

Minnie Mouse Caramel Apples

Luckily I brought a snack with me (because after running around like a three-year-old, I too need some fuel)… Otherwise I would have had to starve all day because if you know me, you KNOW I ain’t touching those EVIL artery enemies!

GiGi Eating Sardines

One of my friends who is trying to eat a bit healthier these days… What can I say, my influence is infectious… Was actually able to find some hummus and crackers, but that was only after we dug through a huge pile of Goofy-shaped marshmallows and lollipops shaped like Donald Duck.

Following our relatively healthy fuel up… We…

Space Mountain

Β Flew through Space Mountain…

Hollywood Tower of TerrorCried a little… (Okay, maybe just me…)

Indiana Jones Ride

Got a little too excited before Indiana Jones…

Armen and Raven

And tried… but failed to steal the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs raven.

Of course, we also hung out with Minnie Mouse. By the way, she’s such a little hussy, I mean look at her, her KNICKERS are popping out!

Minnie Mouse and the gang

After getting over how much of a floozy Minnie Mouse is, we decided to visitΒ Kashyyyk, the Wookie Planet (no trace of any tarts there)…

Star Tours Disneyland

Following our epic adventure… Okay, even though we weren’t on sugar highs, we still had PHENOMENAL TIMES…

We decided to blow the popsicle stand for some HEALTHY food…

Salmon Sashimi

Japanese of course!

Salmon Kama

So good, I ordered two! 10 points to whoever can guess WHAT that is!

Hamachi Kama

Going out to Japanese is not complete without sucking down this dead dinosaur!

Unagi Sashimi

And if Disneyland had carts selling Unagi… I would NEVER LEAVE! How much are rooms at the Hollywood Tower Hotel?

But even though we were all trying to be incredibly healthy that day… This little Japanese restaurant STOMPED ON OUR GOALΒ and served us this complimentary treat (times four)…

Vanilla Ice Cream with Sprinkles

Let me reiterate… I do not eat this junk… So I pawned this little bowl off on my friend, yes the same one who got the hummus. I guess I can be a bad influence too?

So what’s the point of this post? To let you know that relying on Disneyland (or any amusement park) to supply you with healthy meals and snacks is a complete and utter JOKE! Instead, BRING snacks with you and you will save yourself not just calories but MONEY TOO! I do believe the hummus and crackers was around $7!

For a calorie FREE treat… CHECK THIS OUT:

The Dinosaur Single Ladies Beyonce Sushi Dance! Try to imitate THAT!


  1. I would say that is smoked black cod collar. Now if it is not black cod it could be a salmon so some sort but I know usually it is black cod that is served in collars because they like to utilize the entire fish due to costs. I would say it is probably Alaskan, but potential from BC. Oh could be miso black cod too….

    By the way I am now minus a few brain cells from watching your dancing video at the end…exactly what I needed this morning! Trust me Gigi that is a compliment!

    • It’s SALMON KAMA!!! My favorite, aside from Hamachi/Yellowtail Collar (which is the dinosaur… LOL!) I love black cod too actually but they usually just serve that miso baked or something and I don’t need sauces, lol! πŸ˜‰ What’s your favorite thing at a sushi restaurant??

      LOL! I am so glad my little video made you lose a few brain cells, although I am not so sure if your boss likes that! Ha Ha!

      PS: I haven’t forgotten about you & a guest post, I have just been so crazy busy, we may need to postpone it a bit! :(

      • No worries Gigi postpone away…I ain’t going nowhere…

        My favorite is BBQ eel with just about anything, or smoked Sockeye with some cream cheese…then again I will eat any sushi that is put in front of me! If you ever get the chance to go to Vancouver you have to check out Tojos…I have yet to be there myself but apparently it is world class sushi!

        • Oh man, I am sooooo obsessed with BBQ Eel too! I get it EVERY time I go, same with salmon skin, heaven! I had it last night, lol! πŸ˜‰ I want to go to Vancouver so badly too, I heard they have OUTSTANDING sushi!!

  2. I think you win the award for healthiest visitor at Disneyland. So you don’t eat any of those desserts? I love eating the sweet desserts at theme parks. Now, the meals at theme parks are not my favorite. They are definitely always overpriced and way too greasy. Maybe next time I should think about the desserts as “artery cloggers” too and I’ll skip them all together!

    • I am such a freak right? I swear people walking by me when I was eating those sardines were twirking their heads in disgust! But I just glared at them right back as they shoved a churro in their mouth! AHH HA HA HA! And yup, I really don’t touch those things… The smells are good enough for me, lol!! Lots of fried chicken!

      I totally recommend you bring snacks/food with you! As I said, it saves so much $$ πŸ˜€

  3. I think the last time I went to Disney I ate ice cream 3x a day. I need you to chaperone me next time haha :)

    • Ha ha ha!! I will be HAPPY to chaperone you, although, I have a feeling you might purposely get lost by days end! LOL!!!

  4. You’re the cutest lil thing! Haha, love your dance moves! I can’t wait to visit Disneyland this summer! We live like 45 min from Disneyworld!

    • I went to Disneyworld when I was about 2 years old. Don’t remember a thing but my parents SWEAR they took me and said, “well we did it so never again” – LOL!!

      You’re coming to Disneyland this summer? You better let me know when, I live in LA! We can have a healthy blogger meet up! πŸ˜€ lol

  5. I want to visit Disneyland so badly! How does it compare to Disneyworld? I’ve only ever done the east-coast version.

    • I honestly don’t remember Disneyworld at all. I am sure it really doesn’t compare at all considering WORLD has a zoo and such, but it’s still a lot of fun! :) I wanted to go on the CARS ride but the line was 90 min long! :(

  6. This is so true of Disney World in Orlando too. We went last March and I took snacks with me everywhere. Luckily we had rented a resort condo because we had a big group, so I was able to bake up some vegan oatmeal raisin bites to carry around throughout the day.

    • See, planning ahead and taking snacks is PARAMOUNT! You’re definitely lucky that you could bake up some “treats” to bring with you, definitely helps you not splurge on the oreo cookie, peanut butter fudge brownie muffin! LOL!!!

  7. c’mon gigi, the sugar high/sugar crash myth was debunked years ago. you should know better.



    • Ha Ha! Oh I know, but when you go to Disneyland and you see all the festivities going on, smell the sugar, see your favorite Disney stars, you cannot help but think you’re on a sugar high! πŸ˜‰

  8. I want candy!!! just some fudge it’s been like a lifetime since I had any. Honestly the cravings are powerful how you all didn’t fold I don’t know. Come on GiGi where are the pictures of you guy’s slamming down cookies, ice cream and fried Snickers ?? just kidding, more of society should think before they eat like you do. By the way the beef jerky you spoke of would be great for an outing like that, compact and woun’t crush to easy. πŸ˜‰

    • The beef jerky really would be a great snack to tote to Disneyland!! Too bad I ate my entire stash already and need to get some more, ASAP! LOL!

      And nope, there are NO PHOTOS of me eating cookies ANYWHERE – no one can black mail me! Ah h ha ha ha!!! πŸ˜‰

  9. Love this! I always try to have some healthy snack on hand because being left to only food with pure sugar is just not an option!

    • If only more people planned in advance! It’s as simple as throwing a tin of fish in your purse or some of that jerky I made a video about in your bag πŸ˜€

      I have a feeling you would pack some deliciousness! πŸ˜‰

  10. Never been to Disneyland but have been to Disney World multiple times. The place is great! The hotels at Buena Vista are great! And Epcot is great! Even from Gainesville, we would drive there for dinner some evenings! Can you say Hawaiian luau?

    I’ve never had a problem finding healthy things to eat there because I just don’t eat the crap the tourists eat. Don’t dress like them either.

    But we love when all y’all visit! Come back soon, lol!

    • I have never been to Disneyworld, wait scratch that. Apparently I have but my parents brought me when I was around 2 years old… No 2 year old would ever remember such trips!! But since they “took” me, they never thought I needed to go back, lol!

      I do want to go though because I really want to go to the ZOO! I am a sucker for giraffes! πŸ˜‰

      And you know, I think the actual restaurants in Disneyland were okay and you could probably order some healthy meals, but they come with a hefty price tag! $$

      • I once ordered some fancy salmon dish at the French restaurant on the paddle wheeler at Disney. It was covered with some very rich sauce. I pushed the sauce to the side of the plate. Next thing I knew, THE CHEF in full regalia came out of the kitchen and asked me what was wrong! lol! And I thought you could do no wrong at Disney!

        Yeah, giraffes are cool!

  11. Where can I get a fly hat like that?

  12. You rocked it Dinosaur!

  13. I LOVE DISNEYYYYYYY!!! When we went this past summer, it was so effing hot that manfriend and I split one of those SUGAR LADEN crack sticks known as a frozen lemonade. I NEEDED to cool off. It was good, but then I could feel the sugar taking over my soul. Thank god for TJ’s and Whole Foods to save my life with dinner. I cannot wait to go back to Dland and I am taking you with next time, maybe BUzz will take a picture with me if you’re there. Your Japanese food scares me..but not the ice cream..I’ll eat that for you next time.

    • OMG OMG OMG OMG! YOU BETTER COME BACK SOON! Because the day you + me go to disney land in PINK LEOTARDS and GREEN TUTUS… will be the day the park closes down just so we can go on every ride with no lines and have an EPIC DAY at the LAND THAT IS DISNEY!

  14. Ah! I would have been so tempted around all of those treats, but you’re right – they’d just make me feel dehydrated and exhausted and grumpy later!!

  15. Another tip – bring an empty water bottle to refill throughout the day! Bottles of water (anywhere but amusement parks and airports especially) are INSANELY expensive.

  16. We went to Disney and I think I ended up more annoyed and angry by the time I left LOL – lines lines more lines and crying kids. Oh good fun πŸ˜‰ I think I found a veggie burger and that was pretty much all I ate the whole day. Hmmmm perhaps part of the anger issue…

  17. hahaha okay this post makes me laugh :)
    I wouldn’t expect Disney to be filled with veggies – after all the happiest place on earth only has happy foods aka sugar & sweet sweet carbs. Don’t want to make those kids cry with broccoli.

  18. You and I would be great dance partners :)

    I have a similar sweater except mines a Monkey!

  19. Disneyland!!! I always pack some healthy snacks too:)

  20. Well the east coast is about to be slammed with snow, so life is going to be like a amusment park SNOW HELL. Everyone was buying, ready Cheeto’s, frozen foods, TONS of bread, soda, little Debbie cakes, Potato chips,corned beef hash etc. I used GiGi’s ideas, nut’s fresh vege’s, Applegate farms hot dog’s, Beef jerky, and some as healty as it could be canned soups. Your advice rings in my ears.

    • How snowy is it over there right now? How many feet have you gotten?? I don’t miss snow at all. How sad. Cheetos, bread, etc are NOT going to make you WARM AND COZY! And the power might go out, so why on earth would you buy frozen food, that’s just silly!

      YOU are EXTREMELY SMART Rocco!! πŸ˜€ Thanks for listening to my advice, I am glad someone appreciates it!

  21. YOU ARE HILARIOUS!!!!! :) I have worked behind the scenes so I am not commenting on the happiest place on earth here. πŸ˜‰

    As for food, I love that you bring your own food – I do as well to most places although at least you can find some fruit – real fruit & a few other things there now…

    I am a pretty clean eater BUT I am into moderation so I do enjoy & do not eat to be perfect in any sense of the word. I try to do what works for my bod & also enjoy it too… to each their own! :)

    • OMG You worked at Disneyland?!?!?! I want details, FILL ME IN! πŸ˜‰

      I am glad you know what’s best for your body – mostly everyone struggles with that. I too know what’s best for my body. It feels so good to not have to constantly struggle with the thoughts of, “what should I be eating?” because I know what works and what doesn’t! πŸ˜‰

      Cans of sardines baby! LOL!

  22. I appreciate your openness and authenticity. There is something intangible that you have portrayed that shows your specialness. I have never picked this up from a blog without actually meeting the blogger.
    I admire your determination – keep it up!

    • Thanks Jamil! My thing is to be very blunt and not sugar coat anything (ha ha , PUN intended, lol). I will certainly keep it up πŸ˜€

  23. Hi! I just found you through Food Renegade’s Fight Back Fridays! :)

    We don’t usually eat as Disneyland as we are usually there for just a couple hours at a time, so we bring some trial mix and bottled water. Partly for health, but mostly for cost! If we have dinner there, we eat at Uva Bar at Downtown Disney.

    But my question is, what Japanese restaurant did you go to – it looks delicious!! πŸ˜€

  24. Holy snow maddness, 2+ feet, internet just came back. I’m lucky to have a generator runs just the important things. Thanks again for the advice, was that a Taradactle they served you? it did look good.Tthis was the first site I went to. :)

  25. Ahhhhhhh! That is exactly how I feel when I go to theme parks. Here in Minnesoooooota….our “Disney Land” is the…”State Fair.” You should come for a visit during that and make a HILARIOUS video. Fried Snickers…Cream Puffs….Alligator dipped in chocolate. Now that is GiGi Eats worthy!

  26. Thanks for stopping by my blog. What a funny look at Disney. This is one reason I have not visited in many, many years. I know my kids would love to go, but I would rather explore natural wonders.

    • Exactly! I feel like natural wonders are far better than any machine that makes you jolt in the air at unnatural speeds, lol!

  27. Ahhh. Disney Land huh? Well you sure made it look fun and like the Happiest Place on Earth!
    I am NOT a big fan of all the people but we go during the Holidays.

    I will take one of those Mickey Cake Pops though any day!

    • Ha Ha! I hadn’t gone to Disneyland in 11 years because I hate all the people, etc… But my friend has free tix so I couldn’t say NO! :) I made the best of it that’s for sure! ha ha ha!

  28. You are soo cute and I admire your discipline! Although I admit being around all that candy and sweets actually turns me off from it too. Too much of even a good thing is never good πŸ˜‰ On the note of the rides definitely go back to Disney World! I was there almost 15 years ago when my mother brought me in the 5th grade and I still remember riding down The Tower of Terror, Space Mountain and the indoor roller coaster like it was yesterday. I’ve been to Disney Land too and it’s an ill attempt to measure up to the real Magic Kindgom πŸ˜‰

    • I know, I need to go over to Disney WORLD! My parents brought me once when I was… like 3 years old – well they CLAIM to have brought me, I don’t remember a THING! LOL!