Beast Mode: The Literal Meaning



Yep. All of these animals are my appetite’s doppelganger.

Blue Whales devour roughly 1.5 million calories a day.

GiGi eating squid!

Pygmy Shrews need to eat every hour or else THEY WILL DIE.

GiGi eats her turkey butternut squash kale muffins

Star-Nosed Moles find and swallow their sustenance in less than a quarter of a second.

Spaghetti Squash in GiGi's Mouth

And Hummingbirds eat twice their weight in grub.

GiGi Eats Foccacia Batter Raw

Now don’t I just sound (and look) like a circus freak.

GiGi Dubois playing with Ice Cream

It’s actually kind of shocking to me that no one has put a muzzle on me and thrown me in a cage!

Actually… Perhaps I have actually THROWN MYSELF into a cage… 

Because some would consider the interior concrete jungle I frequent every single day… To be a stifling cage.


And if you’re now confused as to WTF I am talking about… And when are you not when you come to my blog… Then let me be “concrete” (har har)…

Interior concrete jungle = THE GYM. 

As much as my appetite mirrors those ravenous animals…

The moves I do in the gym also resemble non-human creatures.



Tricep Dips resemble…

A jacked crab.


My Push-Ups look like…

A girlie praying mantis kissing the floor. 


My Swimmer [move] could be comparable to… 

An awkward lizard stuck in the mud. 


My Booty Bridges and Squats parallel…

A bullfrog laying on its back and flailing about.


My Ski Jumps could be mistaken for…

A hungry and excited Jack Russell terrier jumping on its owner. 


And my High Knee [move] makes me look uncannily similar to…

An uncomfortable flamingo trying to figure out which leg it likes to stand on more. 

awkward flamingo

Now even though these moves might look like Animal Kingdom mating dances…

In the human world… These do-anywhere moves may have people trying to pet your pythons. 

Wink. Wink? 


  • Are you a Cardio Queen/King or a Weight Warrior?
  • When you travel, how do you get your sweat on… Or do you give working out the FINGER?
  • What animal do you look like when you work out?
  • What food do you think you could eat your body weight worth of?
  • Indoor or outdoor workouts


  1. Neither–I’m the goddess of HIIT! But I do love a good cycling session, rope skipping session and a good run too! But I’ve been using weights a lot more often so I can gain a little muscle tone–what can I say? I need EVERYTHING!

    • GIRLLLLLL you are a force to be reckoned with! You’re someone people should look up to because your regime is ON POINT!

  2. Ha! Too funny! I can’t imagine what I look like working out, but it’s not good. I love to do all different kinds of classes, and I’m sure I look crazy doing all of them. I eat quite a lot too, so need to burn those calories.

    • Girl, SAME! I eat enough for a family of 5 in one sitting, NO JOKE – well yes, I confessed this up above – but I am not sure if that’s because I work out so much or so I can work out a ton!? Either way, works for me!

  3. Hi Gigi,
    We had terriers when I was growing up.

  4. Wow this is so great! You are that energetic and charismatic type of person haha how do you manage to look good eating like a blue whale!?

    • Ah ha ha ah aha h aa ha ha ha aha! Uhhhhh I look good eating like a blue whale? LOL!! I don’t see it but I WILL TAKE IT – lol! 😉

  5. I’ve really started to make sure I concentrate more on cardio in the past couple of months and I have noticed a difference in the way I look and feel! I loathe running so I had to find alternative methods of cardio, like HIIT. I like me some HIIT! I have no idea what animal I would resemble when working out, maybe a lizard because they’re kinda/sorta bendy and flexible but not bendy enough to do some of that crazy yoga stuff!

    • HIIT is the best thing you could possibly do for yourself so I am thrilled you’ve been incorporating it into your life Kaylin! I love by cardio, I friggin’ love it! I think it’s so interesting how people can be so different in terms of what they like and dislike! And you’re a sexy lizard 😉

  6. I live in a small town with only overly priced gyms, 2 to be exact. So generally I get my exercise outside and enjoy the outdoors. I could use a couple more hours in the day to add a regular workout!

    • Ugh. Small towns can totally get you with pricey things! I am from Jackson WY where things are insanely over priced because they know tourists will purchase them anyways! Using the great outdoors as your fitness playground is definitely a must living in a small town!

  7. HA! *Wink*

    You crack me up! I especially love the flamingo.

  8. I do a lot of running. I need to tone up my arms so I need to do some of these exercises.

  9. I would rather run than do anything else. I used to do a lot of weights. I’m not a HIIT person. Too much work, lol

    • I loveeeeeeeeeee cardio over weights. I hate lifting – I would much rather do pilates… Which is exactly what I do. And uhhh I TOTALLY agree with you about HIIT LOL! 😉

  10. brianna says:

    haha. well because I HAVEN’T hit the gym in the last two years I would say I look more like the beached whale. *Sigh* Working on getting back at it though.

  11. Way to take it to the gym!!

    Cardio is my foundation, but I do strength training too. Functional fitness is my goal.

    I run when I travel along with body weight exercises.

    I run and bike outside, do the other stuff inside.

    • Cardio is my foundation and it gives me life!!!!! Seriously. Not a morning goes by where you WONT see me on the elliptical! 😉 HA! I am a total GYM RAT!

  12. Lol…the flamingo is mah fav :)

  13. Love the moves!

  14. LOL. This post is hilariously awesome!!! Exercise and eating is all too funny when we really think about it. I always think about how weird I look whenever I’m doing back bridges and booty lifts. haha.

    • RIGHT?! This AM I was doing some booty work outs and I looked in the mirror and was like UHHHHHH this is the most unattractive looking maneuver ever! LMFAO!!!

  15. Great videos and super funny pics! You are very funny.

  16. Haha I love your spirit animals! I am way more cardio queen then weight warrior but I do know that strength training is so important. When I travel I usually get lots of steps in from walking and sit seeing but no real workouts…
    I could eat my weight in pizza!
    Indoor workouts for sure!

    • GIRL! You and I are twins! I am a total cardio queen too 😉 And when I travel I love “getting my steps” by sight seeing – if there is no gym in the hotel – haha! 😉

  17. Lol. Gigi you are hilarious ! Now with all that stuff in your mouth you can sing for us

  18. ha the comparisons are great!!! But also a reminder that we must EAT to fuel our active lifestyle and have some fun with all of it!

  19. Lol, so many memes. I’m going to keep that fun fact about the Pygmies in my back pocket because I too need to eat every hour to survive.

    • And who knows, you could very well be on Jeopardy in the future! And when you get that $10,000 question right – you need to give me at least 10% LOL!!

  20. This post made my day!!!I have not seen something this funny in a minute:)

  21. Girl, you are on FIRE! You are hilarious. :) I try not to look at myself too much at the gym for fear of frightening myself. ahahahah!

    • How do you escape ALL OF THE MIRRORS?! I really don’t know why gyms have so many… I don’t feel like mirrors would be ALL THAT motivating for people to go back! lol

  22. lol! This hilarious… but true! I think we all look a little goofy when working out, but definitely some more than others ;). You definitely rock it! Love this!

    • HAHA right Hollie! I mean, who ACTUALLY looks sexy working out? If they do… THEY ARE NOT WORKING OUT HARD ENOUGH!

  23. Gorgeous photos! Learned a lot about the life in the world of animals :)

  24. This is great, I am going to refer back to it when I need some new workout routine.
    Congrats, and by the way I love the faces you make while stuffing your face with food! heheheh

    • Yes these moves are AWESOME to incorporate into a new work out routine, or your current one!! 😉 I mean, who doesn’t want to look like a flamingo?!

  25. LOOK AT YOU, you are SO COOL. But seriously. teach me how to work, teach me teach me how to work.

    • GIRL you need to TEACH MEEEEEEEE how to work! LOL!!! 😉 We should make exercise DVDs TOGETHER – and show those TONE IT UP chicks who really knows WHATS UP!

  26. I tea;;y don’y have to tell you about me. I hate cardio but do it a lot. :) I LOVE WEIGHTS & push-ups & now I absolutely love my Core Flyte gliders!!!

    I love having muscles!!! :)

    I love that you put this together! Now you need me & you – young & old. :)

  27. I definitely share your dopplergangers for my appetite! I could easily eat my body weight in all the peanut butter!

  28. First off I am giving your abs am A++++ and five gold stars.
    Let’s see, when not envying abs or working on my own (I swear mine look best when I’m in ballet class a lot) I could eat an infinite amount of bread and butter. Or chocolate. But not chocolate on bread. Oddly I don’t like combining them. Huh.

    • BREAD AND BUTTER – if I could eat absolutely anything = FRENCH BREAD and BUTTER FORRRRRRRRRR SURE!
      And I hear you – combining bread and butter is actually gross to me as well. Actually, that’s probably because I do not like chocolate very much at all! 😮

      • Well yeah mixing bread and butter…all good but throw chocolate into the mix and you are playing with fire. Best to eat bread and butter as 1st course, wine as #2 and chocolate as # 3:) winky wink wink

  29. Pretty sure I’m a pygmy shrew. I eat all day long. It’s kind of scary.

    I don’t even want to know what I look like when I work out. My CrossFit coach is forever having to reexplain all the moves to me. She makes it look so easy!

  30. outdoor for runs but rest i like indoors…i hate treadmill for sure. i cant think of any animal right now, i look super unattractive when im working out. will think of it next time m at the gym 😛

  31. My life now totally makes sense….. I am a Pygmy Shrew! 😛

    I like to mix it up between strength and cardio but when I’m traveling? Workouts tend not to happen unless we’re staying somewhere that has a gym. Instead we just walk EVERYWHERE as that’s how we like to explore the places we travel to!

    • Walking is so so so under-rated, but it’s the bomb! And I definitely do that too – walk EVERYWHERE (even if there is a gym in the hotel, I will do both – ha)…

      And I am SOOOOO THRILLED I could finally turn the light bulb on in your head as to WHAT you are! 😉

  32. I can remember doing 3 count x 100 jumping jacks as part of a warm up they are great for getting your body loosened up. Like anything dedication is key it has to be a life style. I like the outdoors in the heat, running and burpees are great. I will need 180 lbs of prime rib medium rare please.oh and a glass of water :) Great video’s realistic and encouraging. Get that Captain down doing flutter kicks in the next one :)

    • LOL!!!!!! OMG I think one of my future videos should be ME making “CAPTAIN” work out! LOL! THAT would be hysterical. And then we will go eat prime rib and invite you along but of course!

  33. hahaha oh my. I can only imagine what I look like when I go to the gym which I need to get back to. It’s been almost 2 weeks :( need to find that motivation again and put down the ice cream.

    • GIRLLLLLL – Last week I made a healthy ice cream recipe for the blog. This week, I posted easy DO ANYWHERE work outs… I THINK, I THINK… THE UNIVERSE made sure this happened so I could MOTIVATE YOU to get on back to the gym!!

  34. Waaaahahaha Beast Mode! Yes! I love it!
    What an awesome and fun motivational gym post. You’re super awesome
    keep doing all these amazing things and stay as fun as you are

  35. Hummingbirds crack me up. I have a feeder right outside my window. If they would slow down they wouldn’t have to eat so damn much.

    • VERY VERY true!! They need to eat a lot or else they risk starving to death because their metabolisms are so fast!
      #THEDREAM – LOL!!!

  36. This was hilarious! I have been looking for some good ab and arm workouts. I’m going to browse your blog :)

    • WAHOO! I am thrilled you stumbled upon this blog post then! 😉 Your arms will be SWOL in no time – bah ha ha! Okay, you can virtually smack me across the face for saying that.

  37. Your abs are fierce girl!!! Great workout ideas.

    • HAHA! Well it all depends on the day thanks to ALL of my intestinal problems, BUT I WILL TAKE THE COMPLIMENT! tee he he he!

  38. That was an interesting post indeed. I never thought of things in that way before. Thanks for sharing!

  39. Hahahaha this is great!!! I’ve never considered what animal I look like when exercising. I suppose I look like a bumbling bear when I run, and maybe a turtle when I practice yoga? Lol, I’m not that bad :)

  40. Elizabeth O. says:

    I don’t think anyone would dare put a muzzle on you. You’re a fighter! It’s nice to see you enjoy eating, food is one of the best things that life can offer and it’s even better to see you working it off on the gym to make sure you have a balance on everything! Entertaining post, yet again!

    • Oh yes! While I eat a ton, I work out a ton – balance! And thank you for NOT wanting to put a muzzle on me Elizabeth, however, I do have a feeling a few people wouldn’t mind putting me in one at one time or another, hahahaha! But you know what? I don’t care because as you said, I am a fighter, and I would just rip it off 😉

  41. Nicole Escat says:

    You are so funny! Me too, I eat a lot and then there is exercise and then I got hungry again.

  42. I think I lost about 500 calories only by watching you haha! I am a complete lazy when it comes to gym, that’s why I am always on a diet! I envy the whales!

    • Well I am thrilled beyond belief that I could help you lose calories just by watching me! hahaha!! 😉

  43. Love this!!! Definitely the most creative workout/fitness post I’ve seen! These are some of the best exercises — I’m definitely a hybrid cardio/weight queen. A HIIT workout or bootcamp class always make me feel most accomplished (and sore)!

    • Tee hee hee! I like to think outside of the box when it comes to working out and how to present it to others – I mean, if work outs are the same old same old, no one is going to do them, am I right?! HIIT is the best thing you could possibly do, so GO YOU!

  44. Let’s just say that me and the gym haven’t been seeing much of each other recently. Pregnancy has been getting in the way!
    But, usually I am a bit fan of weights.

  45. Nikki Jenner says:

    Sometimes, I got beast mode too! I can eat literary for two or more persons! You are so funny.

  46. hahaha good post, read with a good giggle! Think Im gonna do some cardio now!

  47. I’m a runner. I love running outdoors, but I really need to get back into a gym routine. So important to switch it up. You are so fit Gigi! Your videos are sooo fun!

    • Running outside is so good for your brain and just clearing your mind of everything – so I definitely think you’re smart for doing that!! <3 The gym is a place to go for weight training and what not, but at the same time... You can do it outside too - you just have to get creative!

  48. Cardio gal here, with some weights on the side. I want to me a whale. I devoured too many sweats this morning and need to hit the gym. Body Pump tonight baby. Speaking of whale, that made me think of Dory (bc she speaks whale) and that movie is coming out soon :)

    • WHAT sweets were you chowing down on?!

      And um…. I am going to SEE FINDING DORI TONIGHT – and meet Ellen D and the rest of the gang tomorrow at the junket!!! STAY TUNED for my FINDING DORI themed recipe to come next week! 😉

  49. Courtney Gillard says:

    You are so funny! I like those animal memes, we are like them! I love your workouts, hope that I can do it too.

  50. Haha! Love this, especially all the funny memes :-) How do I look working out? Well, let’s just say I cringe everytime I get sent RACE Day Photos!!!

    • HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Well I mean, you’ve gotta give yourself credit – you just ran a crazy long distance, and they always take pics of you at the end – when you’re sweaty! WHO THE HELL came up with that idea! LOL!

  51. I did not see you downing packages of chips or oreos or bottles of soda. To maintain your physique, you need the calories or else your body will burn muscle. Photos were hilarious.

  52. Phew! After watching you do all of those exercises I’m exhausted! Need to recover with a nice tall frosty beverage. :-) We talk every single day (at least an hour) but only do body weight exercises (well, with some light weights) twice a week. Hate pushups, but do them. Anyway, inspiring post — thanks.

    • HAHAHAHAH! I worked out FOR YOU 😉
      And push ups totally suck, but they’re do good for you. At least I didn’t make a video for BURPEES now THOSE are the worst thing ever!

  53. This is my first time visiting your blog! OMG you’re hilarious! I love it!

  54. This is too funny and I love the photos you had to go with your descriptions. It is great encouragement though to get up and get moving and not worry about what you look like.

  55. These are hilarious! Also, great workout ideas!

  56. For me workouts would be both Indoors and Outdoors, I love doing this with a group of people hence my usual workouts are sports 2.5 hours of basketball for a week which is basically my cardio, and 2 hrs of badminton a week which is my stretching. During times apart from winter a run outside the beautiful New Zealand with the family is a usual affair after office.

    • Working out with others is insanely motivating!!!! I am actually the type that doesn’t like to work out with other people, but I KNOW I am just weird – and lots of people think working out with others is the best! Do what works for you, am I right?!

  57. Hahaha funny pictures! I loved your videos! I want to join in in your routines

  58. Ok, I could probably eat 1.5 million calories if it was in chocolate chip cookies. :) These workouts are great. You make them fun and are informative at the same time.

    • Ah ha ha! I could eat the dough that’s part of chocolate chip cookies – but no chocolate chips for me. HAHA! I will leave those to you! 😉

  59. Your body is insane, so jel-sooo amazing x

    • Aw thank you!! Well I did get it from my mama, because my mama also gave me determination and will power too – 😉

  60. Ok, i have to admit. Sometimes I do feel as though I will die if I don’t eat every hour! LOL I loved this post. But you look terrific.

    • Carol, I feel like that ALL THE TIME – I get made fun of by the fiance at this point for it! LOL! He doesn’t understanddddddddd! HA!
      And thank you, I appreciate it!

  61. I love your analogy of these animals compared to your appetite! I wish I could eat like you!

    • Ah ha ha! Well, I eat ALL the right foods for my body, thus I can eat lots and lots! 😉 If you find what works for you, then I am sure you can chow down a little more than you currently do! haha.

  62. I love blue whales almost as much as moose. Do moose have big appetites, I wonder.
    I’m going to use your exercise videos!
    I tried a barre workout a few days ago and I still can’t feel my thighs when I walk downstairs. Or rather, I feel them too much. I did it wrong apparently!

    • I can confirm that MOOSE have HUGE appetites. They’re eating all day every day. Leaves to them is like salmon skin to me! haha.
      AND SCREW BARRE! I got kicked out. Never again will I go. I feel like an ass, thus I laugh the whole damn time. Hey, gotta make working out fun, right?!?!
      My work outs are way better than any Barre class anyways – AND FREE – tee he he!

  63. I think I’m more of a cardio queen but I have been getting into pilates lately! Hilarous post!

  64. Great exercises! I love cardio the most. I’m an Orange Theory addict. My fave above are the ski jumps! Great post, love your blog! Tracy

    • Orange Theory!! I have heard of this, but I don’t really know WHAT it’s all about!!
      And ski jumps for the win – you can ski YEAR ROUND! ha!

  65. 😀 it’s almost 3am in the morning and I just literally laughed out loud. The neighbors may or may not yell at me in the morning. I totally love the idea of eating 1.5 million calories a day – bring on the chocolate cake 😀 When it comes to work out, I guess I’m a yoga and cardio queen. And I’m pretty sure I look like a drunk baby seal most of the time when I exercise (wobbly hilarious with huge confused eyes)

    • BAH HA HA! Well there is NO LAW as to when you can laugh – so I am glad I could get you going despite the early morning. But why are you up so dang early?!?!?! Perhaps to do all these work outs?!

      DRUNK BABY SEAL. I JUST LAUGHED friggin hard (at 9:45 am – LOL)

  66. Always looking for fun new workouts/ workout video! Adding your adorableness to my list.

  67. I work out plenty and I’d have to imagine that I look the same as you do! lol

  68. Ha ha ha brilliant, almost spilled my coffee over my PC….. Anyhoo….

    Are you a Cardio Queen/King or a Weight Warrior? – Cardio King, I like to burn burn burn! (Well calories that is 😉 )
    When you travel, how do you get your sweat on… Or do you give working out the FINGER? – Is it sad that Lynne and I won’t go anywhere on holiday that doesn’t have a gym or outdoor activities?
    What animal do you look like when you work out? – a gazelle running away from a Lion (lol!)
    What food do you think you could eat your body weight worth of? – cheesecake
    Indoor or outdoor workouts? – Both. But in Scotland (and you know cause you’ve been here!) 9 months of the year it’s winter and so the only place you can go that’s warm and dry is in the gym!

    • OH CRAP! I hope you’re not super angry about messing up your PC…. Are you going to make me buy you a new one?! LOL!

      And GAZELLES are graceful regardless of what they’re doing so you must look quite majestic when working out!

  69. Oh my god, that was hilarious, GiGi! I gave up the workout while traveling for awhile and then discovered that it was too hard to get back into a routine when I returned home so I usually at least go for a run to keep everything working, lol. I could eat my body weight in pasta, seafood, raspberries, and ummm, just about anything really, lol. I can never have too much food!
    I look like a bear coming out of hibernation when I work out. It’s painful at the start but once I get moving, it looks worse than it feels, ha!

    • OMG I LOVE your work out analogy about the bear – it’s soooo friggin’ true! Sometimes starting the workout is just the F-ING WORST!!! But I mean, if you wanna eat your body weight in pasta and seafood, well, yeahhhh a little work out is definitely necessary! 😉

  70. I haven’t laughed like this for a while, haha. Great animal pictures and captions. Honestly I just look like a dorky giraffe whenever I’m doing exercises, always stretching my neck and checking if someone’s noticing that I’m doing everything wrong.

    • Can I take you home if you look like a dorky giraffe?! I HAVE WANTED AN AWKWARD GIRAFFE for a LONG LONG LONG TIME! Giraffes are my favorite. You must be tall?? lol!

  71. i’m SO curious how you found out all that information about those animals hahah. funnily enough, my favorite animal is the blue whale, so i think that speaks volumes about me 😉
    love the workout videos! form is on POINT!

    • Girl, I am the master at GOOGLING random facts 😉 Without GOOGLE I would sound far stupider! LOL!!
      AND FOR YOU TO SAY MY FORM IS ON POINT is like getting handed a check for $10 million!!! WOO WOO!

  72. i look like a sweaty freaking pig when i work out LOL! love those animal memes lol!

  73. I am all over the interior concrete jungle. I do cardio because I have to, but weights are my spirt animal. I’m like a gorilla in the gym. A stinky, sweaty gorilla. Rawr.

  74. Haha this is a great post! I too need to eat every hour to survive (or so it seems)

  75. Bwhahahaha! I love all of your comparisons!!! However, you look amazing! :-) I love all of your moves. I need to get myself over to the concrete jungle stat. 😉

  76. Your positive energy is amazing! Love your sense of humor!

  77. I am a cardio queen, but I like lifting weights for arms too. I do cardio much more often though!

    • Oh yes, I am with you – however, I do LOVEEE working my arms in the gym, because they pop the quickest! 😉

  78. Melissa Bernardo says:

    Your positive energy is great! I am all about a good round of cardio!

  79. Your post is funny but very inspirational. I missed working. I just want to trim some excess fats on my tummy. Wow! you have a very sexy body especially the abs. I eat a lot too especially I am Asian. Oh!I do have a terrier(a rat terrier) that loves to chase anything that moves.

    • Well girl, if you put your mind to it – you can get right back into working out! :) You can start with some of these moves!!

  80. Your workout videos are phenomenal. I’m totally doing this tricep workout because I WANT THAT LINE IN MY ARMS!!! Thank you for sharing :) Also I eat all the things, too. It’s like I need to feed every hour or I feel like something is off. Le sigh.

  81. Robin Ruehrwein says:

    This post made me giggle because yes I feel like I look super awkward when I am doing workouts. Doesn’t mean I don’t shove my face full of food and then do them anyways!

    • He He He – looking awkward when eating vs. looking awkward when working out = two totally different things, haha!

  82. Well then, I was going to say how can you eat this much and not look like a whale but seeing your video lol I can see why! I’m all the animals you mentioned before but no gym for me and you can totally tell *insert crying emoji*

    • You don’t necessarily need a GYM in order to not feel like a whale. Walking is a VERY UNDER-RATED activity… But it can totally work wonders. Striving for 10k steps a day is a totally do-able goal, Marielle, you should try starting with that?!

  83. Cool post. Funny pictures and great video. Thanks for getting me hyped up for the gym

  84. I LOVE this post!!! You look fabulous – I will try these moves out so I can get some awesome muscles! Your tri-ceps are amazeballs! You seem to have a pretty great metabolism too – nice!
    That picture of you on the x-pole made me laugh haha. You always make everything look so fun.
    I’m a Cardio Queen!!!! I need to work on my strength more. I actually just hired a personal trainer to work on that.
    I actually really enjoy working out while on vacation. My favourite is to go for a run and check out new scenery. I also like videos from – they are great. Core is easy to do on vacation, any body weight exercises and of course, dancing =)
    Thanks for sharing your videos!!!

    • RIGHT?!?! EXPLORING can be a WORK OUT! It’s the best!!!!!

      And um, that pole dancing picture has gotten me a lot of gigs … So of course I am smiling… BAH AH! I kid. I kid! 😉

  85. Hehe I definitely won’t be showing you my fitness moves! My trainer often jokes that I should be a fitness model-VERY SARCASTICALLY 😛

  86. That is a lot of animals you pulled into this post. It’s like an episode of Wild Kratts in here!

    Cardio is my thing, but I know I need to start doing more weight work. I don’t want to get SWOLL or anything but it will help my running I know.

    The nice part about running is I can do it anywhere. All I need are shorts and shoes. So I generally get my runs in no matter where I am. Outdoor workouts of course are preferable but indoor has a lot to offer as well. Don’t knock the treadmill!

    • I hear ya on the cardio. I am a cardio QUEEN myself. Don’t tell anyone, but I do 1.5 hours of cardio EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. HA! 😉 I am much of an indoor as opposed to outdoors exerciser though! ROAR!

  87. Yay for alll the foods!! <3 And hooray for pole! :D!!! I love your comparisons, hahaha. I'm definitely nowhere cloes to a cardio queen, but weights? Hells yes! <3

  88. Very cute. I mostly walk when I exercise so I am not sure what I’d look like.

  89. For now, my exercise is walking. But I’ve been planning to go to the gym or do some cardio exercises when I fix my time. Btw, you’re looking good. :)

  90. Weight warrior here as my focus is strength training. Although I do love kick boxing. I probably could eat all the peanut butter.

  91. For awhile I took a lot of classes and felt like I was in pretty good shape. But that was before family life! I am trying to get back into it, and I’ve been to four Zumba classes with a friend now. I feel like a particularly uncoordinated penguin in those classes! It’s awful!

    • Oh the family, TAKING OVER LIFE – but you can certainly balance the two, it’s alllll about the mindset!

  92. What a fun post. Working out should be fun and making fun of myself is always a good thing. Thanks for sharing this recipe on Let’s Get Real Link Up.

  93. Looking good Gigi! I’m a Cardio Queen and Weight Warrior. I’m in love with the spin pick, push up and kettle bells, they always seem to do the trick, keeping my body toned and my weight under control. I’m loving your triceps dips, I’m going to add them to my workout routine this week. These exercise videos rock! Keep shining :)

  94. Hi GiGi,
    These moves are just what we need to get fit and fab for the summer season. I’m counting the days. Thank you so much for sharing this awesome post with us on the Healthy Happy Green and Natural Party Blog Hop. I’m pinning and sharing.

  95. Wow! Great videos! Love it. Cardio Queen here :) I love outdoor workouts Keep it up! People are enjoying and learning a lot here in your site.

  96. Ha! 1.5 million calories a day is justtttt a tad over my daily calorie intake 😉

    I like to do a mix of strength training & cardio, and I like to change up it all the time with lots of different workouts – otherwise I get BORED!

    • Yeah, that’s a common theme for most! I am a cardio queen and I do the same cardio every day -hahahahahahah! And for some reason, I totally don’t get bored!

  97. Hi Gigi,
    How do you have time to cook, make YouTube videos, blog, and go the gym?

  98. Haha I love your exercise analogies! Keep inspiring girly!

  99. I look like a breathless whale!!! LOL! Love this post – funny! Thanks for your continuing inspiration!