Don’t Bother Mastering This Cleanse

(video below)

Tsk. Tsk Beyonce!

Why on earth would you drink urine to lose weight? Oh right…

“Can you pay my bills…” 

Seems like money was the motivating factor as was not wanting to be “bootylicious” for your role in the movie Dream Girls.

Yep. Still have yet to seen that one. Not going to lie, I am still scarred from Austin Powers

What I also don’t want to see, ANYONE drinking the Master Cleanse Diet concoction of maple syrup, lemon, water and cayenne pepper! 

Watch the latest episode of GiGi Eats Celebrities to find out why! I mean, money most likely isn’t coaxing YOU into doing this, so why, why would you!

Mmm… Scrumptious! GiGi Eats Celebrities!

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  1. We are going to do the chicken dance the wedding. … Maybe not I am now scared for life lol

  2. Food Stories says:

    Loved your video & so glad you shared that this diet was not a good idea :-)

  3. Gia Marakas says:

    Funny fart bit:0)

  4. The “master cleanse” seems more like a great marinade than a stand alone consumable. Sweet & Spicy Lemon Water??? Yucky, but the farting sounds like fun.

    Thanks for not broadcasting from the toilet. 😉

    • LMFAO! DAMMIT – I didn’t even THINK to broadcast from the toilet… NEXT TIME because we all know another bathroom humor-type show is in the works 😛

      Have you ever had spicy water? That just sounds wrong. I am not a fan of super spicy! I like to taste things not burn the shit outta my mouth! LOL

  5. Bahaha omggg that child in the cart at walmart!! CLASSIC! WHat a little shit. I hateee this fackin diet!! I see people buying these ingredients alllll the time at my work. NASTY HOES!

    • I Freaking LOVEEEE that little kid in the cart, he steals the show FOOOO SHOW!!!

      This diet is SOO STUPID! I hate that so many people who watch my video are saying that the diet really actually works and could be healthy because the maple syrup used should be grade B that has vitamins and some crap – NO let’s be real and EAT REAL FOOD!!!

      You said it, NASTY HOES! LOL!

  6. “Why on earth would you drink urine to lose weight?” I mean really, Obviously the only reason you would drink (your own right, I mean people aren’t trading glasses of urine right) urine is to GAIN wait … gah …

    Loved reading all of this GiGi, super funny … you’re awesome.

    • Horse Urine is the only way to go! Ah ha ha! It’s like Gatorade… Although, wait, no it’s not, because if it were, then no one would lose weight by downing the stuff since it’s completely full of sugar. Thanks for stopping by and following! 😛 You’re a rock star yourself.

  7. Big time stupid! Great post.

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