Eggactly What You’re Looking For: Egg Salads

Would you like to know something egg-strodinary?

GiGI Dubois and Tara Redfield with their shades on in the kitchen

What I am about to tell you might make you egg-splode.

GiGi and Tara are Eggcited about Safe Eggs

The Food Pervert (Tara) and I are bringing you two egg-samples of Egg Salad recipes that will egg-spand your palette.

Whoa Hey Tara and GiGI

Oh I am sorry, do you now have the urge to yolk me because of all my egg-cellent egg puns?

I promise you won’t want to kick me in my “invisible eggs” once you try a bite or five of Pervy and my egg concoctions because they are smack a Rhino’s booty fantastic… And perfect for the upcoming holiday… and Spring season in general!

Actually… All vegans will probably still want to drop kick me… SO feel free to EGG-SIT right now!

For all of you who stuck around… I egg-tend an invitation to all of you, to watch the latest Book To Plate episode!

NOW… It’s time to egg-splore the recipes…

Sweet Egg Salad with Vanilla Protein Powder and Chocolate

Un-Egg-Spected Egg Salad

(makes two servings… or just one if you’re hungry!)

  • 6 Davidson’s Safest Choice Egg Whites, hard boiled & chopped (you can add yolks if you wish)**
  • 1 Scoop Vanilla Protein Powder (I used Vanilla NuZest)
  • 1/2 – 1 oz Stevia Sweetened Chocolate Chips (I used Cocoa Polo)
  • 1.5 Tablespoons Baking Stevia (I used Natvia)
  • 12 Drops Vanilla Custard Flavor Drops (I used Capella)
  • Optional: Unsweetened Coconut Milk (to make it “sticky”) 

Egg-structions… (okay, that did NOT work)

  • Mix all ingredients into a bowl.
  • Shove in mouth with the aid of a fork… Your hand… Face-plant into the bowl…?

Egg salad with ricotta cheese

Ricotta Egg Salad Egg-Stravaganza

(makes six servings)

  • 1 Dozen Davidson’s Safest Choice Eggs, hard boiled & chopped
  • 1 Cup Ricotta Cheese
  • 1 Cup Roma Tomatoes, diced 
  • 1/4 Cup Fresh Basil Leaves, chopped
  • Salt & Pepper to taste
  • A Few Squeezes of Lemon Juice

Diregg-tions… (Ha! THAT WAS PERFECTION!!!)

  • Mix all ingredients into a bowl.
  • Eat atop a piece of whole grain (zero sugar) bread or dip cruditee into the mix!

GiGi and Tara pose with egg salad


  • Tell me an egg joke/pun…
  • How do you celebrate Easter (if you do in general)? 
  • Are you a fan of eggs? 
  • What celebrity would you like to egg in the face?
  • How do you fill your egg omelette?
  • You have 3 eggs… What do you do with them? GO!

**THANK YOU Davidson’s Safest Choice Eggs for supplying us with an EGG-PLOTION of EGGS! 

Thank you Davidson's Safest Choice Eggs


Strange But Good!


  1. Y’all are eggs-tremely talented for coming up with such unique, eggs-traordinary regg-cipes! I can’t believe the chocolate one! Who would have thought!

    • Right?! Ha Ha! I have always loved “sweet eggs” and I just realized that maybe I should share my concoction with the WORLD! 😉

  2. I love eggs and omelets but I am super weird and don’t liek egg yolks at all unless they are runny. That is the only way I will eat them. Extra bonus points if avocado, bacon, lettuce, tomato, mustard, and whole grain bread are involved. Not that I’m thinking of anything in particular or anything.

    • My recipe doesn’t call for the yolks, but I am right there with you – LOVEEEE ME A RUNNY YOLK… Over seared tuna no less! MMMMMMM!

  3. I am going to veganize these recipes just to annoy you! If I had three eggs, I would fertilize and hatch them. For Easter I usually have chocolate cake soaked in booze, and it is not unusual to find a bottle of fine Scotch in my little Easter basket.

    Thanks for the fun video, girls!

    • LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just cracked up… Like an egg? That was funny 😉

      And um, I think I might be attending your Easter party this Sunday… ha ha ha ah ah. Chocolate and Scotch….. Sounds like a combo I wouldn’t want to pass up?

  4. I think this will be perfect for tomorrow–April Fools Day. My kids will be floored.

    • Ha Ha Ha! YES!!! I didn’t even think of that! I fooled my VEGAN friend when I sent her a pic! She thought it looked so good, and then I said it was… Eggs and she was like OHHHHH nevermind! LOL!

  5. I dont even know how my mouth would respond to those flavor combinations!

    I used to eat scrambled eggs and mushrooms every morning for breakfast for well over a year. I am back on the oatmeal train now, but Im sure I will abandon that and go back to eggs at some point bc that’s just what I do.

    • Well that’s why you should shove these creations in your mouth – so you can tell me what it thinks 😉

  6. Hey, this is sort of like sweetened scrambled eggs with extra protein, isn’t it? :)

  7. I love just about any egg salad so you know I will be trying out these recipes Gigi :). And after Easter, I will have to do something with he amount of eggs I might have lol..

    Kay of Pure & Complex

  8. I eat tons of eggs for breakfast but never egg salad-I have no idea why. You 2 are too cute!

    • I have never really made an egg salad before in my life – so I am right there with you, but I think I may have converted! ha ha.

  9. Your so funny with all your egg jokes! This looks delicious btw! Perf for Easter! :)

  10. I can’t even imagine sweet egg salad – chocolate chips and eggs??? Gonna have to try because now I’m really curious.
    Umm…what happened to part 3 of the story – is it coming up soon?

    • Part 3 is coming FRIDAY – I just had to post this one today…. 😉 You know, blogger obligations!

      But while you wait, enjoy some chocolate egg salad!

  11. Haha – GiGi – this post is hilarious! I gotta give it to you – you got some hilarious egg-jokes! And you are not kidding, that first egg-salad was indeed Un-Egg-Spected and a first for me – never, ever have I had vanilla or Chocolate Chips in “egg-salad” – but I’m thinking it’s like a lumpy custard? In which case – yum!!!

    • LUMPY CUSTARD sounds anything BUT YUM…. Way to GLAMOURIZE my dish! LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But….. It is DANG GOOD! 😉

  12. No egg-sit for this vegan. I’ll just mash up some chickpeas and some tofu and make a vegan version. :) Love the puns!

  13. Hahaha! Your Diregg-tions were definitely Perfegg-tion, lol. Too much? Yeah, I thought so!
    I’m going for the Ricotta version – I miss egg salad so much because I refuse to eat mayo. I’m so excited about this! The ingredients are going on my shopping list this minute. Thanks, Ladies!

    • WAHOO!!! Tara will be SO HAPPY to hear that. I am a little bummed you’re not going to sweet egg route though! LOL!

  14. Hmmm. I’m a don’t let this food touch that food kind of girl. Yeah a 6 year old princess. If I have 3 eggs I’m making scrambled eggs. Why mess with a beautiful thing with “shudder” ingredients.

    • Ah ha ha ha ah aha!!! Tell me more about this! What do you do on Thanksgiving??

      • Oh that was another story. Mom is 80. I thought she was doing well. Then she served Turkey and some tired out old grey boiled potatoes for Thanksgiving. No, that was Christmas actually. Seems she forgot to cook anything other than the turkey. She will not give up any part of her traditional role in holidays. Easter is coming!

  15. :) :) What’s going on GiGi ????? Hmmm !!! No Easter for me ever. I think Sean Penn needs egg in he face, he’s like Cher’s belly button people are tired of seeing it. Ok here’s my lunch today, Shredded purple cabbage, carrots and broccoli sautéed with one diced red chili in olive oil till slightly crispy. Than I add 6-8 eggs scramble than serve with avocado and sliced tomato. I like diced pickle’s in egg salad, yours look really good and will try them. :) :)

    • Ah ha ha ha! What is going on?? 😉

      OMG your lunch sounds AMAZING!!!! I think I might need to try it… And FILM myself doing so in the process?!?!?!

  16. Love the aviator sunglasses!!

    Well I had a girlfriend that I first met while she was wearing a tee-shirt with an egg on it that said “Incredible!” She was, the egg not so much. Don’t ever eat them, but always enjoy seeing you two making fun-filled foods.

    • I haven’t eaten eggs in a long while. Oddly enough they make me really tired, but since that’s really the ONLY thing they do… I thought, to heck with it, I am going for it! 😉 And…. I am glad I did! ha ah.

      Why don’t you eat them?

      • Never liked the taste, I have terrible memories of my mom feeding my sister raw eggs when she was a baby, and other than seafood, I eat vegan.

        • My mom made me hate eggs when I was little too – but then I started to like them again, then I didn’t eat them for eons… And now I am starting to enjoy them again.

          Mmmm seafood… And eggs together – YUM! 😉

  17. I LURVE egg salad. And I love those pasteurized eggs because the only thing better than anything is raw cookie dough.

  18. Egg-tually, I don’t eat eggs anymore and even when I still did wasn’t a fan. Only in their hidden form (baked goods, sauces, …). Or in their different hidden form as chocolate eggs. Luckily, Lindt is one reliable hen laying the best chocolate eggs known to mankind.
    Looking at your first creation up there I’d say we both have a thing for sweet eggs 😉 …

    • I am ALL ABOUT those sweet eggs!!! I wanted to have a Lindt Chocolate egg so badly… That I just put the two together! ha ha.

  19. Okay I make a sweet egg scramble but I have to admit the sweet egg salad sounds a little strange! I love eggs so I’m sure it’s good!

    • It’s probably just because the word “salad” is in the name – ha ha! But it’s honestly probably just like your scramble 😉

  20. I absolutely loved the video!!!! And you and Tara are hilarious! I cannot say that I have ever made that type of egg salad but I do love all of those ingredients individually and I eat them almost daily. Side note, I need to try that dark chocolate. I haven’t tried any with stevia. The last ones I used were Enjoy Life and they were tasty. Hmmm no plans for Easter for me. I will probably relax out on the beach since it’s supposed to be gorgeous here in sunny Florida :) I’ll be rockin similar glasses, they are my new favorite!

    • YOU MUST try this dark chocolate – it’s so friggin’ good and I am not even a chocolate person, so that’s REALLY saying something!! Plus this brand…. Is small and the woman behind the whole thing is TRULY THE HEART and SOUL of the company! She is the sweetest, which only makes this chocolate sweeter!! 😉

  21. The “smack a Rhino’s booty fantastic” was an un-egg-pected comment that made me laugh egg-tra hard! You’re too funny! GAH! I love all the food puns!

  22. All your puns are egg-cellent! I am a huge fan of puns in any way, shape or form 😛 Your egg salads look pretty egg-trodinary too :)

  23. OK, you need your own comedy show stat – I mean it!! Talented in so many ways!!!! I like eggs. Eggs make me toot. I don’t care. I eat eggs anyway! :)

    No Easter for me but the hubby’s side celebrates so we will go to his youngest daughter but it is more just a get together & to see the newest granddaughter for me! :)


    • I love excuses to get together – holiday or not, so enjoy Sunday!!!! And eat all the eggs, and just TOOT TOO TOOT! 😉

  24. I LOVE love love my eggs. All the ways! I get so upset when I egg-cidentially run out! 😉

  25. A really great, quality and tasting looking recipe from you GiGi, thanks. :-)

    Just what I would have “eggs-pected” from you. 😀

    • Ah ha ha!!!! Oh man, you EGG-SPECT these things huh?? Well I need to try and come up with something completely UN-EGG-SPECTED!! To throw you off!

  26. egg chest.

    Okay, we need to discuss this Capella goodness I’ve heard so much about.

  27. you are CrAcKeD and ScRamBlEd and THATS WHY WE LOVE YE :-)

  28. You two have just the perfect chemistry together. Not to mention, your videos are so bubbly and entertaining. I really have to make your recipe because it looks delicious and fun!

  29. I wish I could come up with some egg puns like you gals but I haven’t had my coffee yet lol! Love your recipes— I’m a fan of simple scrambled or deviled eggs. But every now and again I like to switch things up!

  30. I’m scrambling to come up with something eggy but I’ll have to step back and make egg salad.

  31. One of the nicest things my mother in law has ever done for me was cut her way to the front of the deli to get me an egg salad sandwich during a “hangry” pregnancy situation. BTW, love the sunglasses —

    • Awwwwww!!!!!!! That’s LOVE right there, ha ha ha!

      And thank you 😉 We HAD TO wear our shades for this episode! lol

  32. Yay for eggs! I have two runny eggs every morning on top of roasted potatoes an sauteed veggies. An egg-cellent combination! LOL

  33. You crack me up! Ahahaha. I am all for egg puns because I HAVE to eat eggs every day. Well, I don’t have to, but I look forward to it, and you have opened my eyes to some new idears! I have never put ricotta in eggs, and what the heck are vanilla custard flavor drops?! Sounds like a must-have that I never knew existed. YUM. Excited to try this out, and happy to see Pervy and you back at it. ; )

    • Hey, if you look forward to them, then you HAVE TO!! 😉 I cannot wait until you tell me how you like “sweet eggs” – LOL!!!

      YOU NEED to look into the flavor drops, there are SO MANY DIFFERENT FLAVORS … My life wouldn’t be complete without them!

  34. I would never have thunk…eggs and chocolate. Eggs-traordinary indeed.

  35. Egg-sellent post. And video — fun to see the two of you egg each other on. BTW, pasteurized eggs do make so much sense for anything that you might want to taste raw. Like cookie dough. 😉 We buy them all the time!

  36. I am NOT an egg person (sorry I couldn’t come up with an egg-cellent pun like you) but you had me cracking 😀

  37. Really eggs-cited to have discovered your site. Love ricotta cheese, that recipe sound Delish!

    • YAY! I am EGG-CITED myself that you came on over to visit!!! :) I love making new friends and feeding them with some odd but tasty recipes! ha ha!

  38. This is just too funny ! Especially as I am making eggs right now ! Great job ladies !

  39. I seriously thought this was an April Fools joke but noticed it was posted yesterday! hahaha. I would’ve never thought to make a sweet egg salad but I’m kinda feeling it the more I think about it!

    • ah ha ha ah ah! Yep, no joke – this is 100% delicious!! 😉 And trust me, once you try it, you will be addicted!!

  40. Hehe Gigi this is such a cute post! And now I totally feel like eating eggs for lunch! 😀 I’m intrigued by the sweet egg salad!

    • TRY IT… At lunch none-the-less because you’ll think you’re just eating dessert, but it’s actually lunch… No guilt AT ALL! 😉

  41. If I have three eggs, I make my daughter and I a soft boiled egg ( served in an egg cup) with sourdough toast soldiers- I can’t think of a more simple yet delicious and comforting meal.

  42. NO WAY! My Life + This Post = My Life Complete.

    I must try this…you my friend, are egg-straordinary ;D


  43. Oh, I LOVE eggs and egg salad, but I’ve never thought to make a SWEET egg salad!!! With chocolate too??? It sounds wonderful! I must try it. 😉

  44. How egg-cited and fun! I love esp. that sweet egg white salad.

  45. You guys are egg-stemely talented and funny.

  46. I LOVE eggs, and would gladly sacrifice one to egg Kim K in the face. Chocolate and eggs?! Sounds oddly delicious 😉

    • LMFAO!!!!!!! I will totally be in on that egg slinging bah ha ha ha ha! We would totally get arrested but it would be SO worth it!

  47. I LOVE EGG SALAD!!! im obsessed with it. That and salmon and chicken salads too.

  48. You two are too funny, not your normal eggheads!

    • Ha Ha Ha!!! I find normalcy BLEGG. (ha ha ha, um that did NOT work) so I am going to take this as a compliment 😉

  49. You two are the cutest! Now I’m totally craving egg salad! Looks egg-cellent!

  50. I loveeeeeee eggs (not egg salad, ironically), but wait….SWEET egg salad?! Get out of town!

  51. Love eggs and salads, clearly this post was made thinking in advance that I’d read it! <3

  52. Eggsactly!! (my favorite pun)
    The Ricotta Egg Salad Egg-Stravaganza would make me VERY happy indeed. If I had three eggs, I’d probably eat two and throw one at an unsuspecting neighbor. (just kidding!)

  53. Are you f’ing kidding me? I’m here to read part 3 of your intestines story and i get this ish?!?! Where’s the third part of my story B?? Oh and the flu bit me ini the ass for the 2nd time this season so I went to CVS to get some sudafed and while there was looking for Quercetin but didn’t find it so I’ll have to find it elsewhere.. I HATE being sick. It’ BLOWS! It’s one thing to be “sick” and another thing to be S I C K! TELL ME THE LAST PART! Do we need to hunt down that surgeon? Take Care GiGi! -Iva

    • Yeah, CVS does NOT carry that awesomeness — Do you have a vitamin shoppe around you?!?! Or just buy it on LINE YO! Common now, what century do we live in? Who shops in stores anymore!? LOL!! Oh and Part 3 is coming Tuesday. Sorry, duty called and I had to post these recipes this week! LOL!!!!!!!!

      AND UM OF COURSE WE NEED TO HUNT DOWN THE SURGEON!! you and I would have a little TOOOOO MUCH FUN doing that!

      I hope you get better REALLY DAMN SOON!

  54. Sweet egg salad? That’s something unheard of…I’m intrigued GiGi, definitely intrigued…

  55. haha this is so cute. i recently started eating eggs more often — the ricotta one sounds so good.

  56. Eggstraordinary recipe. Chocolate and real eggs? Wow, wow, wow.

  57. Hi GiGi,
    Egg-cellent! Thank you for sharing these healthy and delicious Egg Salad recipes with us at the Healthy, Happy, Green and Natural Party Blog Hop! I’m pinning and sharing!

  58. I never would have thought of putting sweets in eggs! What a neat idea! My favorite egg omelet, is ham and cheese. I know, BORING, but so good!

  59. Yesss I can’t get enough of your eggs-cellent puns Gigi – you’re the best! And since it’s Easter weekend I will have to try your Egg-themed salad recipes – hope you have a Happy Easter !!


  60. I love deviled eggs and never knew I would like eggs as much as I do now vs. when I was a kid. These recipes look good especially recipe #2. Chocolate and eggs had me flipping out for a minute but I am sure it was tasty. LOL.

    • Oh it was!! TRY IT… RIGHT NOW – I want to know what you think! Maybe my taste buds are just weird? LOL

  61. Face plant in bowl…lol. Thanks for sharing with us at Pin-Worthy Wednesday!

  62. You’re so Punny and I love it! Both these recipes sound delish. I like egg whites on toast with jam, so I’m sure I’ll like them with chocolate. My egg contribution: I wish I could eggcersize so I could eat all the food!

    • Ah ha ha ha!! Girl, ugh! EXERCISE rockksssss!! And def helps with making us feel a little less guilty about eating 😉

  63. Eggs with chocolate chips?? Um, ok I’m game!

  64. How timely are these egg recipes! Loving the egg salad. Happy Easter! xx

  65. Very unique recipe. I love the addition of protein powder in the dish.

  66. These look eggs-eptionally delishhhhh ;)! Love me an omelet so if I had 3 eggs, I’d add some mushrooms, spinach & peppers and fry that bad boy on both sides!

  67. HUGE fan of eggs. I can never wait to do something fun with them, though, I just eat the boiled eggs as is as soon as they’re done and after they’ve cooled down enough to eat. 😀

  68. I miss eggs, now that I’m vegan. I used to love Rocky Mountain Eggs (put a hole in a piece of toast and then sauté it with a sunny side egg in the middle.) Why on earth did they name this Rocky Mountain eggs? It’s more like egg on a floating dock? Loved your happy bright yellow blouse. Happy Monday.

    • Ah ha ha ah!!! Those eggs should be called DOCK SIDE EGGS. LOL!

      Why did you go Vegan if you miss eggs?

  69. I don’t really like the taste of eggs and normally only use them in my baking, but mixed with sweetener and chocolate?! I might just be convinced 😉 Haha.

  70. hahaha, I love all your egg puns! Egg salad is one of my favorite types of salad ever, and I like these twists on em’! <3

  71. I’m late as usually linking up and I wish I had seen this before Easter. I would have made it for my Easter family get together. I wouldn’t have told them what it was made of. Pinning for future plans. #wowlinkup

    • I have a feeling though, that you will be having eggs again in the future 😉 So you can certainly make these then! he he… Saturday brunch??

  72. Can I just tell you….your puns make my day just so sunny…side up!!! 😉 😉 See what I did there?? lololol oh jeeeez Gigi. Anywho, that sweet un-egg-spected salad looks pretty fab. xoxo

    • Ah ha ha ha ah aha ha haahahah! I am soooo glad that I made your day SUNNY SIDE UP… I wouldn’t want to poach it 😉