Desperate for Eva Longoria’s Guacamole





Eva Longoria, thank you for popping my guacamole seed.

Obviously I also need to thank the Food Pervert for holding my hand through the experience!


If any of you can believe it, I had actually NEVER had guacamole before mixing up Eva Longoria Guacamole: Chunky Style in the latest episode of GiGi Eats.

Did we like it? Did we hate it? Did we throw a fiesta?

This recipe seems to have enlarged my boobs. (Secrets revealed at the END of the video!)

  • 3 ripe avocados, diced
  • 2 medium, ripe tomatoes, diced
  • 1 small onion, finely chopped
  • 1/4 bunch cilantro, chopped
  • 1/2 serrano chile, minced
  • 4 tbs lemon juice
  • 1 tsp salt

Mix it all together! And BOOM: So easy… GiGi and Tara can do it!



  • Are you a guacamole fan? When did you pop your guac?
  • Are you a fan of Eva Longoria? Have you ever tried any of her recipes?
  • Who here loved the show Desperate Housewives?
  • Do you think I should get a boob job? Check out my knockers! ha!
  • Do you have a special guacamole recipe? Share it!
  • Avocados giving birth – that should be on the Discovery Channel, right?
  • What do you like to put guacamole on?
  • What celebrity recipe would you want to see The Food Perv and I make next?


  1. Chipmunk voices first thing in the morning I do not know if I can handle that!
    You have never eaten guacamole based on Dad hates them!! Have you ever seen him at a Japanese restaurant and they put avocado on this sushi now that’s a funny sight maybe might make a good video HAHA!

    Thanks for the good recipe I will try this one on Josh.

    • THEY WAKE YOU RIGHT UP! I mean, it’s either that or I come into your bedroom and scream in your ear. However, that would require me to get on an airplane, so this is the NEXT BEST THING!

  2. **GASP** never had guacamole????? I also make mine chunky (I had the word chunky). It’s generally requested at parties when I’m invited. My guac is pretty bomb.

    You two crack me up!!

    • Never! Isn’t that crazy? I chalk it up to my father’s hatred, thus it was NEVER in the house! However, I can definitely see why people like it! :) What do you put in your guac to make to drool worthy?

  3. Ahh the beloved Avocado, have them at least twice a week mostly sliced though. I’ll give the recipe a try though, looks colorful. I like them with burgers in place of potato’s. The low fat ones are tasteless, stick with the standard ones. Sorry to say I have never watched Eva on any shows, although maybe I did and never realized it. I’m glad to see your both releasing your inhibitions and trying different things :) Do NOT change yourself, each one of us is unique that’s what makes us who we are. I think Morgan Freeman should come on and do a documentary on the birth of an avocado with you. He’s cool I bet he would do it.
    Do something quick, high protein healthy carbs and a little perverted.

    • I think we may do something with CHICKEN next! πŸ˜€ You know how perverted THAT CAN BE! ha ha ha ha!!!

      OMG Morgan Freeman, Avocado Births, The Discovery Channel, we need to write a pitch! LOL!

  4. I have homemade guac with me today. It consists of mashed up avocado. That’s it. My guac sucks.

  5. Little avocados for life!

  6. I first read that you never ate guacamole and I almost fell out my chair. Assuringly enough, it was just your first time making it so I felt an instant sigh of relief! Guac is one of my favorite foods (um hello, avocado, onions, lime, and peppers? Yes please!) and I love putting it on everything: as a spread, in a bowl, on my burritos. The options are limitless!

    • Oh no, it really was my first time ever eating it! Seriously. Never had it before in my life because my father hates Guacamole and all things avocado so I just did with out it all these years!! Can you believe it!

      And the options are truly limitless, A WHOLE NEW WORLD has opened before me!! ha ah!

  7. Guacamole is a food of the gods. BTW, you should have shown us the final gory mess by tilting up the bowl. I don’t believe in sullying my guac with tomatoes. They belong in the salsa. I mash my avocados with yogurt, a tbsp of low fat mayo, then add in garlic (how can you have guac without garlic!), green onion, any chile that’s hot, all minced. Plus I add a spritz of cayenne pepper, a tsp or so of chili powder and a couple squirts of Worcestershire sauce. And only lime juice touches my guac, not lemon. Pfft!

    I don’t really measure. It’s an evolution. Hmm, now I have to go and make some.

    • AHHH HA HA HA HA! You are SO NOT a fan of this recipe!! Hysterical. And I was wondering why there was no garlic in this recipe, I mean garlic goes in everything right? I like your recipe… I think I might try it! However, I cannot do mayo or yogurt, but all the rest sounds good – and I friggin’ love LIME JUICE – far more than lemons, so it’s ON BABY! lol!!!

  8. Since we are spilling secrets here, I noticed your “enhancement” immediately from the first photo!

    Now my first thought was, “Why does she say she has small breasts?” My second thought will be kept to myself. :-)

    As a doctor let me say that if it ain’t broke, I don’t fix it! But then again breasts, except for those on a few men, are a female thing so I probably do not completely understand.

    Although I do not know the whole story, I really liked Eva’s ex-husband, Tony Parker! Though it’s pretty obvious that any woman who marries a basketball player, and a French one at that, better have a good lawyer on her speed-dial!

    Was there something else in this video? Oh yeah, not a fan of guac, though it’s obvious that beautiful women do like it a lot, even from the first taste!

    • Don’t you worry now, I highly doubt I would ever get a boob job. I will just have to triple up on the bras and promote some false advertising!!! Ah ha.

      Oh and… Guac is okay, but I don’t think I would actively seek it out on a daily basis! Maybe dip some veggies in it here and there if I was DYING OF HUNGER. lol – SHHHH Don’t Tell Eva!

  9. I’ve never even heard of popping my guac! But if it’s going to make my boobs bigger then I might have to bow out.No issues in that area.

    • Ha Ha! You’re LUCKY!! I wish I didn’t have issues in that department. But no, this recipe won’t make your boobs bigger :( LOL!

  10. I’ve been a big-time lover of Guac for a long time! And this recipe is definitely one of the good ones out there! Careful use of hot/spicy ingredients can really improve a guac recipe, like you have in this one – great choice!
    If you want a recipe that will really make your hair curl, take a quick look over at and search for my guest post there called “Awesomesauce”.

    • I am a newly discovered guac fan, I wouldn’t say I would MAKE LOVE TO IT, but if I were hungry, and it were the only thing around, I wouldn’t say no. LOL! I’ll have to check out that AWESOMESAUCE lol Sounds pretty, well, awesome!

  11. LOVE guacamole!!!! And, your boobs look great in this post. Hope this has the same effect for me:-)

  12. I have the blog world to thank for popping my guac… My family is European, so avocados aren’t really popular in our traditional diet and I never even knew they were edible until I saw them on blog pages. Crazy sauce. But I love the stuff and could seriously eat it on anything… or just straight up inhaling it off a spoon… whatever works πŸ˜‰

    • My family is european too, maybe that’s why I was never brought up with them in my life, it was more olive oil and butter!!

      Hey, if you watched my video, you would know, I will eat it right off my hands πŸ˜‰

  13. I can’t believe this was your first experience with guac!! It’s my favorite! It goes really well with salads too!

  14. guacamole that makes your boobs bigger?!?! Count me in!

  15. You left out the fresh garlic and salt to make the guacamole. It really makes it taste a lot better. Being from the South Texas area where Eva Longoria is from this food is a must to eat at least once every few weeks. By the way you can use it for almost every kind of food.

    It’s good in pastas, salads, potatoes, eggs, chips and you can use it as a cream for your face!
    HA! Just kidding about the cream for your face but someone should try it to see if it help rejuvenate skin.

    • I had garlic on the table and asked Tara if we needed it, but the recipe did not call for it! I thought it was weird too. I have a feeling if it were included I would have liked it more!

      And I have TOTALLY HEARD about people putting avocado on their face!! I don’t see why not! The healthy fats are good for skin both inside and out!

  16. I eat guacamole, currently, like everyday. I’m serious. Avocado, lime, salt, garlic, cilantro. No special ratio. If I’m feeling CRAZY I keep the avocados chunky. Or add other things. But I have a fantastic tip for you – if you ever think you’ll make it again. Guac goes brown in the fridge (or out) pretty soon after you make it. But IF you make it ahead and decide to keep it for a bit cover it in water. I’m serious. Cover it in water. Then when you want to eat it drain and eat.
    And the best thing in the world is Avocado and Bacon. Just sayin’.

  17. I can NOT believe that you’ve never had guacamole before – I could eat it every day!!!
    I don’t really care what recipe y’all make – I always enjoy your videos with the food pervert!!!

    • Ah ha ha ha! Well then maybe Tara and I should just make fun of food in our next views! We can buy some weird shaped fruits and veggies and just compare them to people or things! Ah ha ha!

  18. LOVE avocados any way I can get them!!!!

  19. You are sooooooooooooo funny! I did notice those boobs right away being a small boob person & wanting a bit more! I thought, did I miss something along the way! πŸ˜‰

    Guac – I am so lazy with cooking. I smash an avocado, put in low sodium salsa, Nutrex Hawaii spirulina, hot/sweet mustard, garlic powder & I am done! :)

    • Ha Ha! I bought 2 PUSH UP bras in DTLA……… $5 each, lol and decided to put them BOTH ON! Ah ha ha ha!

      And Avocados are really turning into the PERFECT food! They’re so low maintenance!!!

  20. I can not believe you have never had guacamole before!!! That is simply insane to me. In our house we put it on anything… sweet potatoes, Wasa Crackers, burgers, pitas… you name it, it’s dipped in green. I make at least two batches a week!!!

    • Dipped in green huh? Well perhaps I should be making a few batches a week so I too can dip in to some green – That phrase could mean so many things!

  21. As a California girl I find it hard to believe that you’ve never had guacamole! I’m such an avocado fan I’m surprised my skin isn’t’t green!

    • Ha Ha! I am not actually from California, I am from Wyoming. Avocados don’t grow widely or are even domesticated in that state – ha ah! Plus, my FATHER HATES Avocados. I told him about his video and he was like, that’s great gigi, moving on…… Ah ha ha!

      I am actually kind of GLAD your skin isn’t green πŸ˜‰

  22. I’m pissed at you. Non boob shout out?! We are breaking up. Imma pop your avocado seed.

    • LMFAO! You KNOW I was thinking of you the WHOLE TIME I was SMOOSHED into the avocado holders, on how you don’t have to wear TWO BRAS in order to make your BAZOOMAS large and in charge!

      I gotta get my ASS TO ATL to make it up to you!!!

  23. I almost died when I read you had never had guacamole…I’m glad you got that little problem squared away. πŸ˜‰

    • Ah ha ha! I am glad you didn’t ACTUALLY die! It surprises me how many are shocked that I have never had this stuff before!

  24. A life without guacamole is just sad. And wrong. :)

    • Ah ha ha ha aha ha!!! I was actually pretty happy, but now having the world of guac in my life has only INTENSIFIED my happiness! LOL!

  25. You crack me up with your guac popping! This looks like a delish recipe. I love the taste of Serrano peppers, and of course Avacados rock!

    • The Serranos DEFINITELY give this recipe a kick. I didn’t think they were going to make too much of a difference but my mouth was on FIRE!! lol!

  26. New here. Found you at SITS. Love guac. Love Eva. Didn’t watch “Housewives”.

    Never have seen a blog just like yours!

    • Thanks for stopping by! I love new visitors, hopefully you will be recurring! πŸ˜€ I am headed to your blog now.

      And OMG Watch DH!!! It’s all on Netflix! Seriously addicting!

  27. Never had guacamole? O_O Girl, you have been missing out! Guacamole, avocados, I love them!

    Thanks so much for stopping by Marvelous Mondays and sharing this fun post! :)

  28. I caint stant GUAC.

    • Ha Ha! I am glad I am the ONLY ONE who has the POWER to pop your guac!!! I’ve heard people make “guacamole” with asparagus before… Would that be called Asparamole?

  29. PLEASE tell me that you have been eating guac every single day since making this video?!?! I luuuuuhhhhrrrrvvvv a good guac! :)

    • Ah ha ha ha! Actually the left overs went bad about 10 minutes after I put it in the fridge, LOL!!! However, there wasn’t much leftovers so don’t worry! You know, it was good, but I like tapenades over it… Maybe I just need to add garlic to my next batch! πŸ˜‰ Garlic makes everything BETTER!

  30. I LOVE guac, but am still waiting for my boobs to get bigger as a result of my making it! This recipe is different from how I do it, but I might give it a go for something new.

  31. Ohhhhhhh I love Guac. I will make this!

  32. If guac makes your boobs bigger, I’m staying away from the guac.

    But in all seriousness (although the above statement was at least half seriousness), I like it on chicken sandwiches. I think it’s a great substitution for mayo.

    • Rest assured that it will only make your boobs big if you eat TOO much! Secret is out: I was wearing 2 padded bras (I reveal the secret at the end of the video – lol).

      I have heard guac as being a great mayo replacement, and I don’t doubt it AT ALL! πŸ˜€

  33. I’ve only tried guacamole once. It was good with crackers. :)

  34. I cannot believe you had never had guac!!!?!?! WTFFFFF I AM so addicted to avocados and everything about them!! This looks amazing and I would just face plant into the bowl and use my tongue!! UHH YES I noticed your BOOBS before I even read your words or watched the video I was like DAYYUMM!! Your ta-ta’s look perfect..DO NOT get a boob job.

  35. You gals are too cute! I LOVE DA GUAC!

  36. Love avocado! Can’t believe you’ve never had guacamole! Craziness :)

  37. YUM! I absolutely love guac and avocado…and Eva Longoria’s recipe was the first guac recipe I ever tried on my own as well!! It’s so tasty :) Love the video! You are too cute!

  38. another fun way to make it is to add peas! Yup that’s right more bulk without many calories, me likey!

  39. Eva, I love your attitude and your love for cooking. I found you from My Personal Accent blog hop. Blessings, Diane Roark I look forward to following you.

  40. I can’t believe you’ve never had guac! I’m pretty sure I could live on it. A little different than my secret recipe so I’m going to try it :)

  41. GASP!!
    Welcome to team GUAC! I have some killer recipes if you become an addict like the rest of us. xx Moni

  42. LOVE guacamole! We used to have an avocado tree when we were growing up in Puerto Rico. You killed me with your comments about your boobs getting bigger with this recipe. lol

    • OMG an avocado tree? That’s pretty cool!! You could just go out there and snack, ha ha. Did you grow larger boobs when you did this? lol

  43. Ha! I didn’t know guac can make your boobies bigger. Then, I need that in my life right now! LOL! :)
    I love avocados. Have you tried eating them as is topped with condensed milk? Or try making them into smoothies?! Mmmmm…. that’s good. :)

    • Ha Ha Ha! Head to the store ASAP and purchase all the avocados on display! πŸ˜‰ You will see the magic happen within a week – AHH HA HA HA!!

      OMG avocado on condensed milk?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! That’s definitely a new one! ha ha. But I could see it make it even more creamy :)

  44. Mmmm… I love guacamole, especially the one I make myself. No special recipe though, I just throw in what I feel like throwing in. :-) I dip veggies or tortilla chips in it.

    Boob job? Noooooooooooooo! Small breasts are beautiful, and they stand the test of time (and gravity) better! πŸ˜‰

  45. Thanks for sharing on A Humble Bumble’s Healthy Tuesdays Blog Hop. I hope you will join us again next week!
    Kerry from Country living On A Hill

  46. Haha! This is great! Thanks for stopping by DIY Vintage Chic’s Friday’s Five Features and Fun Festivities. Don’t forget to stop back by this Friday!

  47. GIG. You got a nice (dot dot dot) rack. #justsaying I can’t believe you’d never had GUAC BEFORE. Guac virgin!

    • You too can have a NICE RACK (granted I have never actually seen yours – you may already have one, LOL)… If you decide to wear 2 push up bras for a C CUP – LMFAO!

  48. I can’t believe I just found your blog – hilarious!! And you had never had the best food on the planet!? Crazy!!

  49. Omg I eat guac like every day! haha I’m a bit obsessed! ;p

  50. can’t ever go wrong with guac!

  51. I love the GUAC…Like holy MOLE! πŸ˜‰

  52. Whaaaat, how have you never had guacamole until now?!

    Oh and yes, I did watch DH faithfully! I even won a Desperate Housewives recipe contest (one of the prizes was some DH branded spices and a DH cookbook, yeah!) My recipe was “Married to a Jerk Chicken”

    • I could re-watch DH over and over and over again! NEVER gets old!

      And where is this Married to the Jerk Chicken recipe?! I must try it!


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