Fashion Faux Pas

I am one big walking fashion faux pas

I am sorry that… I am NOT SORRY… that you will NEVER see me in…

Isaac Mizrahi Pink Flower Dress


Fashion Model on Runway in Gold Dress and Black Boots

Some of my closest friends have never even seen me in…

Model in Bootcut Jeans

So when Ms. Purses and Shoes decided to interview me for her web series, Confessions of an Accessory Snob, I thought she was fresh off a shopping high… Because no one in their right mind would ask ME of all people to be a guest on a show about clothing and accessories.

After all, I consider some of my hottest accessories to be… A Whole Foods re-useable shopping bag (don’t forget your bags!) and Wolfie (my car).

Wolfie, my black and tan ford explorer 2008 eddie bauer edition

Oh and my favorite shoes… These:

GiGi Dubois wearing socks and sandals and under armour workout pants

To sum up… I need a stylist!Β 


  • Do you lust over fashion & accessories?
  • What’s your most prized accessory or fashion item?
  • Comfort or Fashion, which do you prefer?
  • WHO LOVES LULULEMON? And who thinks I should be their SPOKESMODEL!?
  • Are you the type that dresses their pet up in weird little outfits?
  • Do you find a Zebra or a Platypus to be more fashionable?
  • What would you rather wear, pants, skirt, shorts… Is there a fashion I am missing? (Men, obviously… Well, hey, you might like the breeziness of skirts…!)



  1. Ha! You should definitely be Lululemon’s spokesmodel. :) They have the cutest workout clothes. Consider yourself lucky that you don’t love clothes. I love fashion, but my wallet, not so much!

    • Ah ha ha ha! My problem is I love FOOD – specifically FISH, and that’s MAD expensive! LOL!!! Whole Foods = Whole Paycheck, yes? lol

  2. Hmm! I guess I would rather be in a pair of jeans and boots, being the tomboy that I am. Like anyone else, I have pairs of boots that I love keeping!

  3. Great video – now I will have to go and check out the rest of your site. My friend has the top styling blog in Australia called Styling You and she writes about comfort with fashion ha ha. And there is nothing wrong with a Whole Foods bag as an accessory!

    • OOO I should go check out your friend’s blog! Because as I said, I am all about the comfort, however, I like to look good wearing comfortable clothing! πŸ˜‰ And thanks for wanting to check out the rest of my site! I have a video from last week with an interesting recipe in it πŸ˜‰

  4. Love this! I totally need a personal stylist too! I’m all about the comfort and Lululemon :)

    • Yes! I am about to throw on my lululemon now! I feel like if people see me in anything but lululemon, they might have a heart attack, lol!

  5. Bahahaha this is why I love you. Who the hell needs fashion!?!?! I just want to be comfortable!! And sometimes I want to show off my shoulders, so running tanks it is!! PLUS they make some damn cute workout gear these days!! Shorts over all those other listed clothing and I think zebras are fashionable. YES.

    • What do you think….. Zebras or Penguins? Who is more fashionable? LOL!

      What’s your favorite sport/fitness clothing line btw?!

  6. I love clothes and accessories and anything else fashion related. But I have kids. That pretty much sums it up. What a fun interview!

  7. I’m laughing because my husband makes fun of me for carrying all my stuff around my Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s bags. And I have to admit that I have dressed my dogs up in Halloween costumes. Rightfully so, they always give me the evil eye!

    • ha ha! You and I think alike, practicality over fashion for sure! I mean, my WF bag can carry SO MUCH STUFF! I mean, your husband shouldn’t make fun of you, especially since you can carry some of HIS STUFF too! lol!

  8. It doesn’t matter what you wear or don’t wear, GiGi, because you take care of the most important part of looking good in clothes and that’s the body that the clothes are on!

    Obviously, you are all about fun with clothes!

    I have thought about volunteering at my fitness center as a fashion police-ta. Short shorts and long socks on the men just ain’t right anymore! I’ll just tell them to take a hike, or a walk :-)

    I only wear skirts in Scotland!

    Kaftans now, that can work :-)

    Love the name of your wheels!

    • This is why I don’t care about clothing Dr. J – BECAUSE I take care of the body that sports them! As you said, that really is ALL that matters! :)

      OH MY, I wonder if you would write me a TICKET for my fashion faux pas at the gym!!! Sometimes I wear a sparkly sports bra and TINY shorts, LOL!!

      And ah yes, Wolfie is held near & dear to my heart. He is the only “man” I can count on! lol

  9. The only semi-former goth in me likes to dress up from time to time, but I usually just have a black tank, black short skirt, black tights and Chinese slippers uniform…

    • You can NEVER go wrong with black! Seriously. That is my go-to as well. Chinese slippers, I must look into those!

  10. I totally get you. Fitness and being a SAHM is my life so I have workout gear and then ball gowns. I literally have NOTHING in between. When I get to go out ALONE with adults or my husband, I get DRESSED UP!!!! This does not mean I know *how* to dress but I do it up big weather it’s burgers and beers or filets and wine. I feel ya.

    • Ah ha ha! OMG Send me a picture of you when you get dressed up – I am imagining something hysterical! The funny thing for me is that me “dressing up” = wearing jeans and heels with a lululemon top! LMFAO!!

  11. I’m in boxer shorts when I can, not a fashion person at all. My cats Buggs & Sanchez are not the dress up type either, little Sanchez does like her hair done once in a while though. My favorite accessory is my watch. What do you feel makes LULULEMON a good product and why would someone choose this over another major brand? Zebra’s have it covered, simple and functional.

    • OMG send me a picture of your cats! :)

      And what kind of watch do you have?

      I love Lululemon because…. well, I can wear the same pair of pants for like 3 weeks without washing them – just put some Fabreeze on them and they’re GOOD TO GO – LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!! Okay, yes, you may think little of me, but honestly, I only wear them when I am out and about, the second I get home I throw on sweats (like right now, lol)… So really it’s like I have worn them for a week without washing them πŸ˜‰ – They keep their elasticity and make my butt look GOOOOD!

  12. Do you lust over fashion & accessories? – NOOOOOO GROSS.
    What’s your most prized accessory or fashion item? – Ray Ban Aviators
    Comfort or Fashion, which do you prefer? – COMFORT
    WHO LOVES LULULEMON? And who thinks I should be their SPOKESMODEL!? – I refuseeeee to purchase anything from lulu, my pennies have better places to be and I <3 the old navy active line
    Are you the type that dresses their pet up in weird little outfits? – Jax would claw my eyeballs out, Sasha is totes down to wear whatever I put on her
    Do you find a Zebra or a Platypus to be more fashionable? – Blue footed boobie
    What would you rather wear, pants, skirt, shorts… Is there a fashion I am missing? (Men, obviously… Well, hey, you might like the breeziness of skirts…!) – Sweat pants and a hoodie – BOOM

    • LMFAO – “NO GROSS” – Couldn’t AGREE more!!!!

      And I am glad you actually haven’t bought anything Lululemon! I remember when I refused to buy anything of theirs too because I thought, “OMFG it’s so expensive” but then my mother introduced me, and everything went down hill from there, I could NO LONGER resist – However, if you didn’t watch the video, I mention that I have found the OUTLETS (online)… If you’re curious, let me know πŸ˜‰

      And I am currently in sweats and a hoodie, BOOM SHAKA LAKA! lol!

  13. Nope. I kick it comfy style. long hurr. don’t curr.

    • YA BUDDY, that’s how we roll. I don’t give a RATS ASS about what peeps think. I rock my sweats at a club or bar! πŸ˜‰

  14. If I’m not wearing some type of workout gear then I love little dresses and skirts with cowboy boots!!
    You always look adorable and I think that Lululemon should be sending you stuff to wear for your videos!!!

    • OOOOOOOO – How can I make that happen??!! Should I send them this interview? LOL! That would be KILLER! Even if I had to at least pay shipping, LOL!

      And I love the dresses and cowboy boots idea, however, I always feel silly trying to rock that, I feel like I am pretending to be someone I am not. But I am pretty dang sure you look AMAZING in those outfits :)

  15. Socks and sandals huh? Stay Classy Gigi πŸ˜‰

  16. I used to be so into wearing super cute clothing all. the. time. Then I had a kid. Then I became a gym rat. Then I became a group fitness instructor (even bigger gym rat), so now I’m all about comfy and athletic. I DO still lust after beautiful clothes and lovely accessories, but I can never justify wearing them because I am in the gym for work nearly every day. Maybe someday…. :-)

    • Ha Ha! All of that will definitely change you into more of a comfort person!! I used to dress up too… But… I just decided that I didn’t care anymore and I didn’t want to pretend to be something that I am not! lol.

      It’s nice to save dressing up for a special occasion though, because then it is truly a treat for those you are with! πŸ˜‰

  17. I usually dress for comfort, not fashion. If I’m not wearing work out clothes, I’m wearing shorts and a tank. That’s summer clothes (I’ll wear skirts or dresses occasionally). During the winter, I wear jeans, tshirt and a jacket or a sweater.

  18. what a minute you’re telling us that reusable bags are not fashionable haha

  19. I am the definition of What Not to Wear! Too bad they are going out this season although I tried to get on for years! :) I have the worst feet in the world & they do NOT fit in real shoes so I am all about casual! :)

    • OMG you tried to get on that show?? That would have been AMAZING to watch!!! I swear my friends are plotting to put me on a makeover show! lol… I would gladly do it, because I know I need some fashion sense instilled in my brain but… No one can detach me from my sweat pants and addidas sandals!

  20. You are missing a fashion…. leggings! My favorite outfits are oversized sweaters with leggings and boots. Sadly, it’s hard to pull that off very often in Texas. Obviously I’m a Sconnie at heart.

    PS I think you’d look simply maaaaarvelous in a top hat like that.

    • Ah yes, Leggings!! I wear those too, I actually love the overside sweater and leggings look, because it’s “chic” yet ultra comfy!! I think I will rock this outfit today with a top hat of course!

  21. Definitely you should be the Lululemon spokesmodel! No contest! Of course I am the opposite of a fashionista so what do I know?

  22. Lulu is really missing out on the regular girl being their spokesmodels. We are the best advertisement, right? I used to be fashionable but wearing cute workout gear is about as close as I get now.

    • Exactly – Lulu really needs to REVAMP their image! Not gunna lie, I really HATE their staple brown-haired model, she drives me BONKERS!

  23. lol once again hilarious as always!!!! i live in workout clothes when i’m allowed to (aka when i’m not teaching at school) there’s a new lorna jane store in st louis that i’ve become recently obsessed with!! yes, even more than lululemon! seriously!

    • You should be the PE teacher at school! Then you could ALWAYS wear workout clothing! And I browsed Lorna Jane this past weekend, it was…. veryyyyyyy sexy – my mom is going to visit me this weekend, I am thinking: SHOPPING TRIP! lol!

  24. I do! I long for beautiful things! I salivate over the September Issue! But I spend my day in trainers and workout capris. I hate business meetings but I love the fact that I have to dress up.

  25. Well..since I have a lifestyle that is totally based around the home (work from home/stay at home mom) I am pretty casual ALL the time. Jeans, shorts and sundresses about sums it up. And I’m fine with that!

  26. Well, I’m not a fashion person… I like good quality clothes, and don’t dress sloppy, but have very classic tastes, things that can last 10 seasons and still be in fashion!

    The best way to look awesome in any clothes is to have a super fit body! :-)

    • I love buying clothing that NEVER goes out of fashion, but then again, I am not really sure what’s “in fashion” to begin with! LOL!

  27. I have my own style. I don’t follow trends. I just wear what I love :)

  28. You know, I’ve never worn ANYTHING from Lululemon. I keep saying that I’m going to try it out though because everyone raves about it.

    P.S. I got those same Adidas sandals about 15 years ago, and I haven’t let them go either. Sorry I’M not sorry πŸ˜‰

    • I’m not sure you should because once you start with Lululemon, you will NEVER STOP!! And your wallet will HATE YOU, but your body will love you! πŸ˜‰

      And YES!!!! Sorry that I am NOT SORRY AT ALL!!!! Ah ha ha!

  29. Lulu gives Disneyland a run for it’s money for the title of “happiest place on earth”. Also, I live in workout clothes because I have to dance at work all the time, but when I do wear “real person clothes”, I still dress like a child. I keep saying I need to get a grownup wardrobe, but I just don’t feel like a grownup yet. πŸ˜‰

    • Lulu is SERIOUSLY Disney LAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I get so excited when I walk in…… It’s almost like me walking into whole foods, LOL!!!

      Real people clothes?! WHAT IS THAT – ha ha ha!

  30. Oh man. lol I have a love-hate relationship with fashion. First, I would NEVER wear the crap I see in fashion magazines/runways. Who wears that? Seriously? I don’t even see the models wearing it out in public!

    As for me…I love a great pair of jeans, a sharp jacket, and long necklaces. I won’t even go on the boots kick…I have 1o pairs of boots. Shoes in general are my thing, but I refuse to pay full price. (This may mean my style is a year off. lol)

    But man I love my running capris, a hot pair of running shoes, and a great sweatshirt or tank (depending on the season). I wear these most often and wish I had more opportunity to have to look less…sporty. πŸ˜‰ (Sporty is definitely a better term than homely, right? lol)

    • Where do you buy your shoes?!?! I want the IN on inexpensive shoes!

      Sporty is a far sexier term than, HOMELY – LOL!!!! Homely sounds like you have 10 children all under the age of two, spitting up on you! πŸ˜‰

  31. I know this sounds weird but I’m better at dressing for work than I am casual. I love shopping for work clothes but can’t put together a casual outfit to save my life

    • WHOA?! That is weird? Can you come over and help me when I need to dress professionally?! When I have to “dress up” I will put on black yoga pants with heels and a blazer and call myself “professional looking”! LOL!!!!

  32. I’m always in workout clothes, but when I’m not . . . . I wear the most interesting sundresses and sandals in the world. My most-prized fashion possession is a pair of turquoise and black cowboy boots I bought more than 20 years ago. Damn I’m old.

    • Ohhh! I want to see a picture of those cowboy boots!! I think you could totally rock them with yoga gear!! πŸ˜‰

  33. My WF reusable bag is so my best accessory too…green is just my color.


  35. ya, i’m not stylish. Can i join you as a lulu spokesmodel? I beg and plead. And reusable bags are so the new trend.. so i heard.

    • YES! That’d be fabulous, we’d rock LuLulemon’s WUNDER UNDERS’ off! ha ha ha! If I figure out how to accomplish this, I will definitely let you in on it! πŸ˜‰

  36. I currently wear workout clothes about 99.999% of the time now – I am a fashion derelict! I don’t have any Lululemon, though, it’s a bit pricey for me. :)

  37. A stylist would of course be nice, but I think jeans are great too :) No way could I pull off those things they wear on the runway!!

  38. I hate shopping!!! Except when it comes to food…and athletic clothes! Sounds like we’re in the same boat πŸ˜‰ I’m attempting to make wearing running shoes everywhere the new “it” thing.

    • OMG you and I need a food shopping date! LOL. I could LITERALLY SPEND HOURS in Whole Foods just wandering! ha ha.

  39. That video cracked me up!! I am getting into fashion & accessories now, but still do NOT like shopping. I like it when I happen to stumble upon new finds or things like ellie/stitchfix that do most of the work for me. :)

    • I like when I find things when I am not really looking for them either. Isn’t that how it always works?! I hate when I am actively trying to find something and… ALAS: I wind up with NOTHING! BLAHHH! Tis why I hate shopping, because that means you’re actively trying to find clothes you want!

  40. Athletic capris and tanks all summer… that’s my favorite style to wear. :)

  41. Ha! Funny post.

  42. I’m unfamiliar with Lulemon but I’ll check it out after watching your energy about it. Yes, you’d be THE BEST spokesmodel! You’ve got some very high traffic here lady!

    I am a fashion kinda girl. I’d like to post more but I don’t feel like asking people to take the pictures.

    • Unfamiliar with Lululemon!!!!! Holy Moly, you need to jump on that ship immediately, however, you might hate me after you fall in love, because the prices are a little up there! LOL!!! πŸ˜‰

      And I hear you, I look at these fashion blogs and wonder, who on earth took those photos of you! LOL

  43. I prefer comfort over fashion most days. But when I am at work, people might tend to disagree. It appears some think that I have a shoe fetish. I do have an affinity for very stylish, and unique stilettos. But when I am not at work, I love sundresses in the summer, and shorts, tees, and flip-flops. In the winter…jeans, sweats, and gym shoes.

    • It’s kind of fun to trick people into thinking your a fashionista though right?! I do love shoes as well, but I just get too lazy when it comes time to actually put them on! lol!

  44. Re-usable shopping bags are H-O-T! You have nothing to be worried about with those!

    And if you think your favorite shoes are un-trendy, think how I feel when I’m walking around in my favorite shoes:

    People look at me funny, they ask me if it hurts when I use them… If I didn’t know any better, I would think people were born with high heels on! (and to me, anything that’s not perfectly flat is a “high heel”)

    • Oh those sexy barefoot shoes! I used to live in Boulder, CO and everyone would wear them. I even did a “news package” about the trend because it first started when I was in college – LOL! I myself have never tried them though, I feel like they would hurt my toes.

      I used to be able to run long distances in heels, but now I am just too lazy to even put them on! LOL!

  45. Haha. This is great! I would live in yoga pants if I could. Jeans are getting “dressed up” for me most weeks. My sister-in-law recently asked me to go shopping with her for a vacation they had planned and wanted someone with “good taste”. What??!?!?!? And you came to me for what? :) Stop by my Friday’s Five Features and link up this post (and others)!

  46. I love to play dress up from time to time and get pretty! it’s fun being a girl….but I also prefer comfort before anything. So when looking for stylish pieces while shopping, I still make sure it’s something I will be comfortable wearing.

    • It is fun being a girl, guys definitely miss out, well unless of course… They swing that way? lol!

      My problem is I gravitate towards comfortable things… Which are, PJs and sweats, LOL! I try to “dress them up” but uh yea….. Sweats and heels? That doesn’t really work, lol!

  47. I have considered myself an unofficial/official lululemon spokesperson for years. As for accessories…I gotta say my raybans and lip gloss or lipstick. I can literally wake up, put sunglasses and lip gloss on and be presentable. LOL! Cheers!

    • Ha Ha! You and I should put a pkg together about why we would be the best spokesladies and present it to Lululemon!!! :)

  48. Thanks for linking up my Friday Flash Blog on The Jenny Evolution. I’m back from vacation in central Colorado and ready for a great party this week. See you there!


  49. I’m a jeans & tank/shirt type of lady! I wish I had better fashion and can sometimes be a tad jealous at friends and the outfits they find…but then I remember how comfortable I am in jeans and a tshirt and I don’t think I’ll ever be comfortable wearing those things models wear. πŸ˜‰ So Im ok with my jeans…and definitely my workout clothes (which I live in half the time too!)

    • Jeans and a Tank should just be the dress-code for EVERYTHING, that way we can all just be comfortable. I know that when I wear weird outfits my friends put me in, I just don’t feel like myself and my attitude CHANGES – that’s not good, AT ALL!

      Work out clothes for the WIN!

  50. Haha! I think lululemon would be lucky to have you! I am new to your blog, and catching up. LOVE it.


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