Food Babe? More Like Food Bitch

Hey babe, you know what’s really uncool? When you completely BLOW ME OFF because you’re “too busy”…

No, no, no, I am not complaining about my “secret Valentine“… I’m actually complaining about another “babe” that most of you may actually know of…


About The Food Babe

Are you ready for a bit of a rant?

You may want to grab some energy-boosting chia seeds… Scratch that, you’ll probably need the fuel of a Thanksgiving FEAST to power through with me.

So raise your hand if you can classify yourself as being EXTREMELY busy?

Obviously I cannot actually see you raising your hand, but I am pretty sure all of you reading this can confirm that you in fact are dreaming of a world where you can simply push a button and robots bust out of your closet, hand you a calorie-free frozen margarita and and supply you with an actually AMAZING massage chair to relax on as they take care of EVERYTHING that was stressing you out only just a minute ago. 

The Jetsons Rosie Robot

Well it seems The Food Babe thinks I live in such a realm because here is what happened…

I have been following The Food Babe for quite some time and I do agree with many of her points including GMOs, High Fructose Corn Syrup and Fast Food to name a few, however, I still had further questions so I thought a one-on-one interview to pick her brain would be fascinating… Not just for me, but for all of you as well!

Beaver Butt The Food Babe

I reached out prior to the new year and her assistant graciously responded saying she would “love to get me in the interview schedule”… Specifically when her new book The Food Babe Way makes its way into stores!

Perfect I thought, I am chin deep in my own crazy shenanigans right now anyways, so the new year it is! [Love my procrastinative thinking]

Hey New Year, thanks for throwing CRAZY my way… But hey, never a dull moment right?

GiGi getting carried by a stranger in a giraffe costume

Because of my constant TORNADO of INSANITY (“busyness”)… I actually completely forgot about The Food Babe, minus reading headlines totally railing into her “food fear monger” ways… Until her assistant emailed me last month asking if I was still up for interviewing her.

Now I always have quite the load on my plate (Ryan, Lindsey, Cameron, Taylor… You know…), yet I still decided to take this interview on, even though it meant I had to make even more time to read 360 pages of The Food Babe‘s new book: The Food Babe Way. [I must admit, I am really NOT much of a book reader – AT ALL]…

The Food Babe Way

When the book finally arrived, I carved out time to read every little word published so as to come up with some thought provoking questions… Because I wanted to expose new information to ALL OF YOU!

Here is what I asked:

  • What would you say to the people who attempt to read your book only to read a chapter and start laughing at the unrealistic approaches you outline…? Green juices, organic foods, filtered water, goji berries, etc. People think these practices are wildly expensive and time consuming.
  • People judge books by their covers and the cover of your book boasts fad diet claims such as: “21 day diet to lose weight”. Obviously you had a say in the cover art, why did you decide with this book façade?
  • This book was published a little while ago, what have you learned between the book being published and now that you would have wanted to add to this book?
  • Chick-Fil-A was your favorite fast food joint, what menu item would you routinely order?
  • If you HAD TO eat at a fast food restaurant, where would you go and what would you order?
  • You cite studies that show adverse affects of specific foods additives/ingredients on animals such as mice and dogs, but animals are different in humans in that we metabolize things differently. How can you be so sure of the claims you’re making?
  • What are your thoughts on mercury/fish and the debate that the amount of selenium in fish cancels out the mercury’s negative affects?
  • I am a fish freak, so tell me what your favorite type is and why?
  • When are you going to convince Whole Foods to ditch the canola oil in their prepared foods? Their labels claim it’s Non-GMO but we still aren’t quite sure where it comes from. What cooking medium should they favor and why?
  • What celebrity would you consider to be high fructose corn syrup and why?
  • Where do you buy your grass-fed/finished meats?
  • What ONE junk food do you wish you could chow down on with no negative repercussions?
  • Nut butters are great, full of healthy fats but a common complaint is that people tend to over eat them. What advice do you have for nut butter portion control?
  • If you and I were to go out for sushi, what would you order?
  • You recommend people eat grapefruit prior to going out to eat, this sounds like a quick fix that might confuse people. They will go ahead and eat a ½ a grapefruit like you recommend and then splurge when they go out to eat because they think the grapefruit will cancel out the negative affects.
  • You mention how going vegan before 6pm is ideal but… I have tried that before and I feel extremely loopy and faint. Why are you classifying this idea along with a few other notions you published in a one-size fits all mentality?
  • Why should people pay attention/listen to/buy your book considering your lack of credibility? I personally agree with a lot of what you say and eat a very healthful and conscious diet but others might think what you’re promoting is unprocessed, grass-fed, free-ranged baloney…
  • What is your favorite recipe in this book?

Sure that’s a lot of questions and some are a bit HARSH… But if I am going to dedicate some time in my own hectic schedule to The Food Babe, I would think she would do the same for me… And I mean, she’s been publicly smacked in the face on multiple occasions so I felt like she could handle some of my aggressive questions.

I EVEN FILMED the Food Pervert and I re-creating one of The Food Babe‘s recipes… Breakfast Burritos to be exact! Check it out below by the way!


After being asked on multiple occasions WHERE MY INTERVIEW QUESTIONS WEREOkay, okay, they’re coming! I finally proudly sent them off and they were cheerfully accepted.

What happened next is what really PISSED ME OFF… I followed up with The Food Babe‘s assistant a few days ago and got this response:

Unfortunately it doesn’t look like Vani is going to be able to complete the interview questions you sent over as the team has very much over committed her. I am sorry we were not able to get them to you in a timely manner. We would still appreciate any support you can give The Food Babe Way though Vani is not going to be able to get her responses to you.
Or in other words… Sorry bitch, The Food Babe is too good for you (and she is basically saying it to all of you reading this as well). 
Vani Hari The Food Babe with Cereal
Essentially I feel like I was virtually flipped the bird. I certainly hope it’s at least a free-ranged, organic bird since I read (and already knew) in The Food Babe Way that conventional chickens are complete and utter shit.


Conventional Chickens
Screw that… Here I come Chick-Fil-A
Chick-Fil-A Cow
Okay, just kidding!
Now I have to reveal that one of my biggest flaws is that I don’t hold grudges… So even though the Food Babe has completely SLIGHTED ME (although, you never know, she may have never even know any of this was going on), by the time I press PUBLISH on this post, I will be completely over it. 
GiGi Dubois Lil Wayne Oops!
However, I don’t think I will ever get over how delicious her breakfast burrito recipe is…
Food Babe Breakfast Burritos

So Tell Me…  

  • How do you feel about THE FOOD BABE? 
  • Would you have been a bit PISSED OFF like me? 
  • What is your biggest pet-peeve? 
  • What celebrity would you consider to be high fructose corn syrup and why?
  • Pick one of the questions I asked THE FOOD BABE (above) and answer it! 
  • Favorite thing to eat for breakfast… GO! Would the Food Babe approve? 
PS: This is very disappointing to me because The Food Babe and I think alike in so many ways. I am more bummed about the way this was all handled than anything else!
The Food Babe Recipe with GiGi Dubois and Tara Redfield Book To Plate


  1. Girl, good for you for speaking out about being wronged. You know how people get successful? BY MAKING TIME FOR OTHERS and making a community and connecting with people. Super un-professional. It may have taken some time, but she could have answered most of the questions or at least a few or hell, had her assistant do it as she dictated them or something. People!

    • Initially her assistant told me we could do a phone interview but then had the brilliant idea of just doing a written interview…. And then had the brilliant idea to just call it all off. LOL!

  2. I am really big on the people that I associate with being people that I can and do respect. If I don’t respect you, I have a very very difficult time working with you (much less promoting you). So good on you for still promoting her book and letting us know about it, but boo on her for not upholding her end of the bargain. That said, people do get over committed, but they should make up for it in some other way.

    • OH completely, we all get over-committed in some fashion, but my thing is: “don’t make promises you can’t keep” or at least BE UP FRONT about it -too busy? Really…. Or did you just not want to answer my questions?? 😉

    • YES YES YES.
      you have to do whatcha promise even if it ends up a pain in the…ass for you because YOU HAVE SCREWED UP
      my nine year old knows that :-)

  3. Such a bummer that her team treated you like that. Your questions were pretty great. I have mixed feelings about Food Babe. On one hand she does a great job at exposing some of the sneaky things big food companies do, which I think is great, but she also does it in a sensationalized way that creates a lot of fear and has a very all or nothing attitude.
    I’m a big fan of Michael Pollen, who, while exposing many of the same flaws, does so in a more measured balanced way that’s inspiring rather than frightening.

    • EXACTLY! Michael knows how to expose the truth about food without making people want to live in a chemical-free BUBBLE!!!

  4. Yessssssss that would irritate me so much!!! You took the time to read her book and come up with questions, but all of the sudden she couldn’t do the interview anymore?!?!? LAMEEEEEEE!

    I don’t read her blog bc she makes me feel bad about ANYTHING I eat. I don’t care to be 100% perfect clean eater every single second of the day. It’s all about moderation for me!

    So sorry she did that to you!!!

    • RIGHT?! I have to admit, I feel like I have one of the cleanest diets out there, but when I read she was ripping into Celestial Seasonings TEA BAGS… I was like, WHOA LADY – CHILL…. And grab a cup of Celestial Seasonings and just ENJOY IT! LOL!!! Life is too short to be 100% perfect and perfection honestly doesn’t EXIST!

  5. I’m sorry I haven’t commented in a while. I’ve been busy. but yea. I’m not a big fan of Food Babe. There are a lot of things that I agree with her but I feel like she goes too far with some things. That’s just my opinion though. Oh, for breakfast, I’m going to eat an almond butter sandwich on whole wheat bread. The bread isn’t organic though. The Food Babe would totally disapprove.

    • AH HA HA HA! RIGHT?! When I was making her breakfast burritos and I was like, oh crap, she won’t approve of the pan I am using, or the spatula…. Or the plate I am using to plate my scramble, or the fork I am putting in my mouth – AHHH!

      (And do not ever apologize for not stopping by, I know life gets hectic!!)

  6. Haha this is hilarious! I’ve heard a bit about her, but mostly the criticisms. From what I hear, she doesn’t answer questions at events, especially when people aren’t major proponents of her poorly researched claims. Although they made it seem like she’s “too cool” or too important to be interviewed, it’s really because you’re smarter than her & will feel embarrassed! You go girl! And….. she is the worst!

    • AH HA HA! RIGHT?! I never heard that about her not answering questions at events and what not, makes sense… But then I wonder why her assistant even bothered to say YES to me, LOL! Oh well, water under the bridge, as I said at the end of the post 😉 It felt good to rant about it though, ha ha!

  7. I’d be pissed too. I follow the Food Babe too and while I think she has good intentions, it all boils down to money. Of course she’s going to go the “21 day” route– it sells books! But I would agree that they gave you the proverbial bird while still asking you to promote her. Good for you for not holding a grudge and still posting about her and the book! You upheld your side of the bargain. Too bad she couldn’t.

  8. Wait, she has an assistant? A team? Like for real? Who is she? (I know who she is, but you get my point…)

    It’s a bummer that she didn’t answer your questions, but if I have to be fair – and I’m totally playing devil’s advocate here – those were pretty long and elaborate questions to answer. Probably she got scared.
    So now what are you now? GiGi Eats Food Babe?
    OK, maybe that doesn’t sound right…

    Anyways, at least the burritos were good! 😉

    • He He He! I am all about making people scared and with a journalism background, I am all for asking long and elaborate questions! 😉

      She could have just made some burritos and went for it! LOL!

  9. That sucks, you had great questions to ask her. Unfortunately, people do get over committed and who knows what was going on in her personal life. I dream of the day when I get too many requests for interviews, but life does happen, although I’d like to think I’d send some type of personal reply like ‘the entire house has the flu and we are so far behind’.

    • AH ha ha! EXACTLY! I just cannot help but thinking that this was a sad excuse for just simply not WANTING to answer even one of my questions, you know? I don’t like when people beat around the bush – being up front with me is totally acceptable!

  10. Maybe you weren’t sycophantic enough. Or your list was too long. Can you get a refund on the book?

  11. I know the feeling!! I called Dr. Oz’s private office to talk to him about his stealing the name of my column (just substituting his name for mine) and using it in “O” magazine long after I was using it, and he NEVER called me back. I had planned on letting him use it anyway as he was doing good things then, though perhaps not so good now.

    I can’t answer it, but I’m hoping that we can eat SALMON in spite of the mercury because it’s not the really bad type of mercury. Maybe Dr. Oz can answer it if we pay him enough to do it…

    • When it comes to mercury, I say that I can eat swordfish every so often because the selenium cancels it out 😉 … And if that’s not really the case, then I am going to force-feed Dr. Oz 5000 pounds worth as punishment for NOT calling you back!

  12. Aww bummer that the situation wasn’t handled well! Good for you for not holding grudges about it :)

  13. Well that sucks, I was dying to read her responses to your thoughtfully considered questions!

  14. Rant away GiGi, you always make me smile. I am not a fan of the Food Babe at all personally, and I am not surprised by this unfortunately. Ugh. Just tell your robot to bring you a calorie free marg and all will be well with the world again.

    • Ah ha ha! RIGHT! Let my robot is actually giving me a foot massage right now and my other one is working out for me! 😉

  15. I don’t know much about this broad, but I have a feeling what she does is not in alignment with what I teach, for the most part, minus that stuff that you agree with her on.

    Either way, it will never be part of my business practice to not hold up my end of the bargain. If i promise something, i see to it that it happens.

    Can you tweet her? maybe she doesn’t know and it was all her assistant’s doing.

    • True! I need to tweet this to her to show her that her assistant may be at fault…. I actually sort of want to SEND HER ASSISTANT this blog post 😉 And I very well may!

      And I know you lady, I know you’ll always keep your end of the deal! Cause you’re amazing!

  16. I have never heard of the Food Babe! Sorry you went to all that work just to get dumped on. I am sure they didn’t like your questions!

    • I am sure of it too!! I just wish they would have SAID that. Nothing I hate more than people beating around the bush!

  17. I loved your questions but I’ve never heard of the Food Babe and now I could care less if I do, lol. I definitely would have been pissed off like you and I love that you wrote this post which is not really a rant at all but a story of how it all went down.
    My biggest pet peeve – hmmm….folks that don’t own their own bad behaviour. You people know who you are! lol.
    I like the robot…can I borrow her? Great post!


    As someone else mentioned she totally over-dramatizes everything to use fear into getting her posts super popular. Michael Pollen, Jamie Oliver…those are people who have sound nutritional value that come across as actual ‘experts.’ What are her credentials again?

    • ha ha ha ha! I used to stand her, but now I just sort of pass over her headings like “ok lady, ok”… I do like listening to Michael and Jamie over her, that’s for sure!

      And exactly… WHAT ARE HER CREDENTIALS?! 😉

  19. I always had a negative impression from her, until I listened to a podcast from Lewis Howes where he interviewed her. I think she needs to sometimes be more detailed in WHY she opposes certain things (ie GMOS – she did clarify in the podcast interview that the GMO food itself is not whats bad, its the companies that are still spraying them with too many pesticides). I think it’s totally wrong for her to commit to an interview and then back out of it. Right off the bat her team should have said no!

    • The reason why she cannot be more details is because she doesn’t have credentials. She doesn’t realize that some of the studies she claims as proving X were actually done on animals, and the studies specifically said “more research is necessary to find these claims to be true”. BAH! lol

  20. Karen Smithson says:

    Honestly, who takes the time to blast someone publicly like this? If you want to come off as professional and perhaps connect with other’s todo interviews, this blog post is sending the WRONG message. You sound like a high school girl. Calling someone a bitch because her assistant emailed you back and said she didn’t have time is just silly. I’m not a fan of Food Babe, I think she is just as crazy as you… but I wouldn’t dedicated an entire blog post to calling someone I never met a bitch.

    • We are all a little crazy, and I am okay with that, because as I mentioned at the end of the post… I don’t hold grudges, which includes holding one against you for leaving a negative comment! You’re entitled to do as you please, just as I am with my own blog!

  21. Oh man that sucks. I admit…I have never heard of her… maybe I live under a rock? I don’t know… Boo for time wasting!

  22. Personally, I have never heard of The Food Babe (does that make you feel better or just make me ignorant, I am not sure?)…..ANYWAY….WHAT THE F**K! How rude to be blown off in such a way…everyone’s time is valuable and you always put such thought and effort into your work you’d think she would be delighted to carve out some time for the interview! Hold your head high, girl! You’re way more of a celebrity in my book anyway!

    • AH HA HA Oh I love you Annmarie and couldn’t agree more – everyone’s time is valuable! AND um, I am also super flattered right now too!

  23. Anyone who calls herself “The Food Babe” already sounds pretty damn egotistical to begin with! Not surprising she bitched out on you!

  24. Rude much!? But you’re right you know, she probably doesn’t even know it was happening since she has so many people managing her :/
    And I’m not totally sure how I feel about the food babe. I’ve read some of her stuff and agreed but other times she can be a bit out there. To each her own though.

  25. I dislike her. I do believe in some of the platforms she discusses, however her tactics are terrible. She legit tries to scare everyone. And it still pisses me off that she takes on things like the Pumpkin Spice Latte. DUH! Most processed, prepared shit isn’t going to be good for you! Do a PubMed search and give me some science – it’s out there if you’re willing to do the research. Don’t use scary words and giant images with letters all over them. I want fact. Not marketing. That goes for FoodBabe and the food industry in general.

    In other news, I totally admire your ability to not hold a grudge. That was super betchy of FoodBabe.

    • RIGHT Pragati!!!!!!! If there is a person in this world who thinks coffee drunks like lattes and fraps are HEALTHY, then WOW… But a majority of us know this stuff… But just choose to drink it anyways. You cannot tell anyone what to do, sure you can advise, but everyone needs to figure it out for themselves!

  26. You are an inspiration for not holding grudges!! I am not a fan of FoodBabe. Although I can see that she may have good intentions of expressing the cons of processed foods, the way she goes about it (scare tactics, lack of research for some of her statements) is not ideal for me!

    • I don’t think it’s ideal for most people… But she does a wonderful job of getting the media’s attention! 😉

  27. I don’t like her. She’s an alarmist and that negates any good stuff she puts out too.

  28. That stinks that you put all your time and effort into reading the book and creating questions just to be blown off. Some people! I hope to never be a person that gets “too big” for the little people. I’m sure she started somewhere but obviously have already forgotten that. I’m sure there will be better opportunities soon. Stay up :)

    • <3 It's wonderful that she's gotten big, I commend her for her hard work, but I agree, forgetting the "little people" is just rude -- Hence the post, LOL!

  29. Well I never even heard of the Food Babe and I heard about you awhile ago, which means you’re more famous, which means YOU WIN!!! Yippee! Problem solved! But in all seriousness it was really rude to ask you to read the book and prepare questions and then just completely ditch you. Pretty unprofessional. She could have at least said I’ll get back to you at a later date when I’m more free.

  30. Aw man that sucks! I would be a little annoyed as well, especially after you put in the work to make sure that you have everything handled on your end. It’s a good thing you don’t hold grudges bc this would be an easy one to hold to. I’ve gotten better about that as well as time has gone on and I don’t let as many things take up happy space in my brain. Maybe she can do the interview at a later time? Anyway, nice rant and you’re welcome to interview me anytime haha.

    • Happy Space in the Brain = THE ONLY SPACE I EVER WANT! lol!!!

      Oh no, she won’t do it at a later time… I asked if she would be able to at some point because I can post the interview “whenever” she was ready… But her assistant simply said: NO.

      AND YES, I will interview youuuuuu!!

  31. Gigi, props and fistbumps, this was a sweet post. Well, sweet as in awesome. Ahahaha. But really, I think you handled it so well. She still got some publicity, and I am curious about the book now. You gave her credit for the recipe, and explained you don’t hold grudges. But, their ‘excuse’ was obviously fluff, since they were confirming with you several times before, asking for your interview questions etc. Those were seriously really well-thought out questions, legit, and I would be eager to hear the answers to! So, right on making such an amazing post out of the whole shebang. And, I can’t wait to research more on fast food. I avoid it, but the hubs doesn’t realize how bad it is. I need some science-backed ammo. Anxious to see how The Food B responds to you! Take care!

    • Ugh. Fast Food is just the bane of all of our existences. I swear DUDES eat it more than chicks. You need to get your hubs OFF of it. What’s his favorite place? I think you’re going to have to start re-creating some of those “happy meals” or whatever at home… Healthier!

  32. Oh man, sorry it went down like that. SO frustrating. To be honest, I liked her at first, thought she made some valid arguments and I share many of her opinions. However, now I feel she’s just TOO picky and wonder what foods she is actually allowed to eat. Plus like you mentioned with animal vs human studies, I have to wonder how valid some of her research is.

    • You and I have the same mind set. I liked her, and thought she had great ideas but… When she started nit-picking tea bags and such I was like, seriously? Common now!

  33. Oooh ooh I hate sweet potatoes too and love subbing butternut squash so…great minds. And yeah, I’d be posses at the Food Babe too:)

  34. I have heard of her -but I am not a fan – I am a fan of the Jetsons though and so wish I had a Rosie to cater to my every whim!

    • OH ME TOO! ME TOO! Common Apple, get with the program here! lol! Give the people what they REALLY NEED!

  35. I’m so sorry you put so much into the interview and then she slighted you. I have very similar feeling about her… I really support her stance against GMO’s , fast food, and HFCS, but she does seem very full of herself and because of that she is loosing credibility, and that’s too bad, because I feel like she’s made some real positive changes in our food industry.

    • I have to agree with you Lisa. When she was first brought to my attention, I thought she was great – we need voices like hers to shed light on the crappy food of the world…… But it’s almost as if she has ripped into EVERYTHING so she has to really pull at straws to have more content – IE: talking about how the air in airplanes is horrific for you, tea bags, etc…. (How do you travel to all of your media events FB if you think plane air is so terrible??)

  36. My thoughts Gigi?

    The Food Babe is afraid of you, afraid of your questions / has no answers to your questions / cannot answer your questions.

    She’s afraid of truth and honestly and by putting the interview off (well she didn’t even have the decency to tell you herself did she, her assistant did) she’s like saying “I’m better than you”.

    Yeah I’d delete her from my life. Delete is my most favourite key on any keyboard by the way. 😀

    • He He He! I will take it Neil…. I don’t mind having people SCARED of me!

      And DELETE is one of my favorite keyboard keys too… Right after the COMMAND key! 😉

  37. I am sorry, I would have loved to read her answers to your questions. I am sorry Gigi! I do support some of the things she stands for as I do for many other people who share their weigh loss journey. But to be honest I feel blah about the food babe, I would not run out to buy her book, primarily due to the tittle… Hey, at least you got a free book and a tasty recipe out of it!

  38. What celebrity would you consider to be high fructose corn syrup and why? haha I laughed out loud.

    I think your questions were very balanced! She’s obviously been asked the tough ones before, but there were some hilarious ones peppered in there that I can’t believe she wouldn’t want to answer.

    Sorry you got slighted! I still love you, and I’m obviously way cooler.

  39. Well, you are a far kinder person than I am! I can hold a grudge for a long time (not a great trait but true!!) and I would be super pissed about all the time invested to be completely slighted. I’m sure that you even had to buy your own copy of the book too. Rude people is a huge pet peeve of mine!!!

    • Oh they’re a huge pet peeve of mine either, that’s why I do not associate myself with them, I remove myself…. Like this situation – once I pressed publish… I don’t care about the situation anymore, LOL – I just wanna eat some breakfast burritos! 😉

  40. Oh gosh I’d be so pissed after spending ALL THAT TIME reading a freakin book!

  41. I do think she has some great points about things that are bad for us, but many others (with appropriate credentials) have been doing the same thing for a long time. I think she uses shock value and fear mongering as technique way too often, and just as often I (and others) have found and shown her that there are holes in her research, or she uses food items that had gross ingredients years ago, instead of the new ingredient list that is currently used.

    • HOLES! Exactly – there are HOLES in her research for sure… And the others who have been pointing out the same problems with our food, actually can back their information up with legit facts.

  42. What a disappointment! I love the Food Babe and was actually heading to Barnes and Nobles today to buy her book. Hmm… on second thought… Do I want to support her? Not cool and those questions are awesome!

  43. Not surprising. I was banned from her facebook page for disagreeing with one of her claims about “toxins.” Apparently she runs her interviews in the same style as she runs her FB page. Would have loved to see her answer your questions….

  44. Asking Food Babe questions is like jerking off a mop handle.

    • You really should have warned me to put an adult diaper on prior to reading that comment!!!! DYING FROM LAUGHTER! 😉

  45. Girl, you can rant away anytime you like lol. I heard of this book, but I’m glad I read your post Gigi. And Did you just bring me back to the Jetsons. I couldn’t believe it, I loved that cartoon lol.

  46. GiGi!! I am so sorry that this is how the whole interview situation was handled, but honestly I LOVED your questions and I would still like to know the answers. I totally agree with many ideas she has as well and I love when people get the word out about healthy eating, but I was honestly wondering what her credentials and sources were myself. Definitely post a follow up if you ever hear back from her :) (AND those breakfast burritos look tasty!!!) Currently, I am loving my coconut flour pancakes with berries and maybe a little nut butter!

    • Oh I certainly will post a follow up for sure! 😉 I am still on the fence as to whether or not I want to share this post with her assistant, LOL –

      AND MMMMMMMMM Coconut Flour Pancakes – one of my other favorites, FOR SURE! You can make me some when I am in Denver??? 😉

  47. I LOVE THIS AND YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! Good for you!!! Honestly the cover of the book turns me off but I get it in the real world – they have to say what readers want to see how they are going to be beautiful and thin & maybe famous in 21 days if you follow her plan – NOT! I tell the truth & most likely why I sit her in anonymity & broke even after 35 years at this. :)

    I have no desire to even read it after you pointed out somethings in your questions and to me – HER LOSS!!!!
    You rock GiGi!!!

    As for celebs – I am not in the know & want to do a whole post on the Twitter BS with these guys & gals that fight on Twitter & act like children but people buy their stuff & are making them millionaires. The y are NOT role models. My prob – I can’t remember their names – I think Drake & Iggy or something like that & Kenye & a few others. I was going to do a whole post about telling them to act like role models & adults but I don’t want to get the names wrong. :)

    • I THINK YOU NEED TO DO THIS POST – We can work on it together! LET me help you :) I know their names… Since the Entertainment World is my realm! ha ha. “Eats Celebrities” of course!

  48. As a working artist, I too can get wronged by the clients I am doing a job for. But as long as you can right the wrongs with out losing the job or coming off with a bad relationship everything should be fine.

  49. Talk about honesty, wow GiGi! I LOVE that you put it all out there. I have read an interview from The Food Babe before, but haven’t read her book. I do know that so many of these types of books are out there now, but the way of life that the authors tell us we need to lead are quite unrealistic. I don’t eat fast food, but I also don’t mind packaged goods here and there. :) We can’t be perfect!

  50. I don’t hold a grudge either which people find weird so sometimes I fake it for a day and then I completely forget about it by the next day.
    Seems like you can get pretty far with a few good sound bites and a gimmick. That beaver butt stuff got a lot of press. Problem is you need to be able to handle all that attention too and answer the hard questions. I think the Food Babe may be in over her head.
    The one size fits all approach to anything really sets me off so that would be my pet peeve.

    • OH THAT IS A HUGE PET PEEVE of mine too – There is definitely NO one sized fits all!!!!!! Ugh. That’s why “diet” books drive me nuts!!

  51. i actually really hate the food babe. She cites such cherry picked articles and chooses to ignore equally researched articles on the other side. She recommends such insane methods that it removes any normalcy from eating! Good for you for being real!

  52. Silver lining – She got you to read a book!

  53. WOW! I’ve never heard of the Food Babe! I feel like I haven’t missed anything though. Can’t believe how you were treated! I’m so glad you stood up for all of us. :) You go girl friend! How can she be so popular with “assistants” like that? Weird!

  54. Damn yo that’s RUDE! Fuck that – I read her blog every so often and find some of the information handy and beneficial but I don’t cling to her every word since yes, she doesn’t have the qualifications to tell me so and it isn’t tailored to me. What works for her won’t work for everyone. And in case you didn’t already know: i really love food – all kinds of food even f’ing McD’s filet fish on really naughty times of the year or Taco Bell when I feel shameless and completely drunk at 2AM because why not? YOLO. She’s overrated don’t let that diss get to you – you’re like me, I’m mad for 5 minutes then I’m over it lol. Then something else sets me off 😛 Those were all great questions too, I would’ve loved the answers to that shiet! Have a great one GiGi! -Iva

    • OH IVA I KNOW YOU LOVE YOUR FOOD!!! Ah ha ha ha ah ah! I definitely LOVE my food too, just not the McDonalds! LMFAO. I would love to go eating with you at 2 am 😉 That would be hysterical.

  55. Ok honey – you went IN on those questions. GRANTED they were bold and informative but she may have been a bit intimidated by it all. The video and food looked GREAT btw and now I want to try a breakfast burrito of my own with black beans and plantains. Thank you for the inspiration even if The Food Babe dissed you big time.

  56. Lammmmeeee..

    What celebrity would you consider to be high fructose corn syrup and why? What kind of question is this? lol I don’t even know how to respond..

    Oh – and on this whole nut butter thing. I never understood it. Ever. Then someone was just posting about trying to meet her macros so she was eating gobs of peanut butter. I was craving a snack earlier and have little to no junk readily available in my house so I grabbed the jar of peanut butter.. just to try.Just one little half teaspoon.. whole teaspoon.. two teaspoons.. gobs of teaspoons.. omg is someone watching me? I felt so guilty, so dirty, so liberated! I NOW UNDERSTAND!

    • AHHHHH HA HA HA AH AHA HA HA HA AH AHA!!!! That is totally what happens with the nut butters – SERIOUSLY! I remember when I could eat peanut butter I WOULD GO TO TOWN… Oh man, with rice cakes – LOL! SO NOT Food Babe approved 😉

  57. Ugh, the Food Babe. I like her, I dislike her all in the same breath. While I agree a lot of her statements, I hate her fear mongering ways! I’ve had a few clients who have been terrified to eat because of her blog. Anyways, this isn’t the first time I’ve heard that she hates to be challenged. I’ve heard from a few RD’s that they’ve wanted to interview her on TV/ radio and she will only allow it if she approves questions ahead of time and they DON’T disagree with her! Just more food for thought :)

    • It’s incredible how many times I have now heard this! I had NO IDEA she turns down interviews and what not on the regular. It’s super unprofessional and makes her look VERY bad.

      And you described my feelings for her exactly – You like and dislike her all at the same time!

  58. I am more disturbed that you mention Chik FIL a, one of the most conservative, hatemongering, medieval companies. Noooooo

  59. I’ve actually never heard of The Food Babe but I can not believe she did that! Now I don’t care to learn anything more about her!

    • Ha Ha Ha! 😉 Thank you for the support Claire! I am actually shocked that a lot of people don’t know who she is, I feel like to contaminates all of my news feeds!

  60. Here’s what I know: I have never heard of “The Food Babe”. I don’t go for fad anythings really, so maybe that’s why she is unknown to me.
    So, if she dissed you (but maybe she never even got to see your questions?) then an unknown person dissed a famous person. So there.

  61. oh what a bugger of a babe..err bitch? LOL! I think if she really believed in her book and purpose, she would COMMIT to every interview! way to preach it girl

    • LOL!! Bugger would have been a nicer word to use on my part, but…. Lets be real, that’s not my nature! AH HA HA!

      Can I interview YOU Lindsay!? I feel like you’d be a far better interview anyways!

  62. I’ve only heard of her in passing, but it’s sad that she didn’t hold up her end of the bargain (assuming she knew about it and all that goodness). I would’ve loved to see her answers to your questions! Those breakfast burritos look awesome though! Glad you don’t hold a grudge! ;P

    • Yep! I would have loved to read her responses as well, but oh well… I am just going to chow down on some breakfast burritos! ha ha.

  63. 1. That iS SO rude, EVERYONE is busy, you MAKE time, especially since this was already set up
    2. You’re WAY more of a food babe than she

  64. Looks like you scared her off! Thanks for reading her book so I don’t have to. 😉

  65. Whaaaat?! Um, rude! That’s not cool at all — also your questions are the best things I’ve ever read — can you please start interviewing authors ALL THE TIME ABOUT EVERYTHING?! If you could just add that to your already overly packed schedule that would be appreciated :) also, if we were going for sushi i would get all the eel bc i’ve been craving eel lately.

    • OMFG LETS GO TO SUSHI RIGHT NOW… AND THEN I CAN INTERVIEW YOUUUUUUU! 😉 Seriously want EEL right now too – 😀 😀 😀

  66. Hi GiGi! I’m so glad I found your site….l love it!! You’re so funny, informative and full of awesome energy!
    It’s crappy the Food Babe blew you off. I have been following her for a while now too and NOT COOL! I always thought she was a bit snobby and too cool for school. This just confirms it.
    My HFCS celebrity would be Vani…BOOM! Don’t be so fake and cheap with your “assistants” handling all your dirty work and ditching an interview last minute after you already committed and READ THE WHOLE DAMN BOOK! That totally sounds like something HFCS would do, am I right?!
    Looking forward to reading more from you! xoxx

    • LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOOD ONE – Vani = HFCS even though she hates it, so does this mean, she hates herself? LOL!

      And I am thrilled you came on over – we are now blogging BESTIES, just say 😉 I would NEVER blow you off! EVER.

      • She might be looking at herself in the mirror right now regretting blowing off your interview…and then bathing an a giant tub of HFCS…bahaha,
        Yay….Blogging Besties…love it :)

        • I think she’s in LA right now actually (thanks IG)… I should HUNT HER DOWN and squirt HFCS laden KETCHUP on her! LOL!

  67. Love the interview questions! And really would have liked to see the answers. :-) I’d feel slighted too. But I can usually be had for a breakfast burrito. I have no shame!

    • Ah ha ha ha! NO SHAME at ALL!!!! Well maybe one day she will answer a question or two… Or maybe I am wishful thinking?

  68. Yeah, I am not overly fond of her, either. I am a Beachbody coach and swear by Shakeology. I eat super clean (mostly primal/JERF/Paleo), but since I encounter so many more toxins, I like that it has my back! I have NOT had Food babe’s back since she posted an ill-informed article about Shakeology’s ingredients, misinforming her huge following… Fact-checking before posting is smart, as is schedule-checking before making a commitment.

    • GIRL you said it for SURE! Fact-Checking + Schedule-Checking = VERY IMPORTANT!! You drink that Shakeology and enjoy it! 😉

  69. I actually loved your questions and the Food Babe could have earned some street cred with me if she would have answered them. They were more than fair. I am not a big follower of hers. I agree with some of what she says but honestly I think she could find something wrong with eating air. What little respect I had for her is now gone. I’m sorry you had that experience – I can’t imagine how disappointed you must have been to get that email!

    • I was more just offended really…. Like a virtual slap in the face, or as I said in the post – middle finger. Thanks. I just felt like she thought she was way too good for me (and everyone who visits)… So not cool on her part, but I am realizing that this is not the first time she’s done this… Apparently this is a frequent occurrence for her. And every time I eat, take a breath, sleep, whatever, I always think – yeah, Food Babe would so not approve… But I DO IT ANY WAY – because if she can virtually flip me the bird, BREATHING is essentially flipping her one? LOL!

  70. Yeah – can’t say that I’m a huge fan of ‘Food Babe’. I don’t know a ton about her but, from what I do know, I feel like she uses fear tactics with little research to back up her ‘investigation’. I wish she would’ve answered some of your questions though. I’m dying to know how to stop binging on peanut butter every night. I had to stop buying the stuff for a few weeks until I could get a grip! EEK.

    • THAT is sort of how you have to do it – you have to get it OUT OF SIGHT so it’s out of mind… No buying it. Or maybe buy the pre portioned pouches that Justin’s Nut Butter has?? Nut butters are seriously the hardest addiction to STOP!

  71. I agree with you, the Food Babe was down right rude. To tell the truth I have not heard of the Food Babe before I read your post. I hope that she reads your post.

  72. Gahh I must be living under a rock, because I don’t know The Food Babe!! Although I do agree with her that conventional chicken is total crap :) Love your question about high fructose corn syrup celebrities though hahaha

    • Ha Ha! You’re not living under a rock – I might just be living too HIGH in the air?!! Maybe I should get off the internet and have a life outside of the blog? LOL!

  73. Omg. I’ve never even heard of this twat. You really don’t hold grudges.

    ….Maybe YOU are the twat. I mean, you are my faux wife.

  74. In truth, I haven’t heard of the Food Bade. lol. With happened to you, maybe the assistant was the one who didn’t forward the questions because they “over committed” her. You know, sometimes assistants keep other things in secret because they are afraid to be reprimanded by their boss. Just my opinion. Anyway, keep your cool :) Thanks for linking up to the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Party. I have pinned your post to the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Board

  75. You’re questions were GREAT. She doesn’t want to answer them because she doesn’t know how. Lets.Be.Honest. You were direct and to the point, and while I find that refreshing she’s probably drenched in sweat because your questions are tough. I’m just happy to see that you are confident enough to actually write how you feel instead of pretend it never happened. GO YOU! I’d rather read YOUR book. Scratch that. I’d rather WATCH your video’s, readings over rated and you’re hott 😉

    • I am BLUSHING!!!! 😉 😉 More videos to COMEEEEEEEE obviously – however I don’t think I can blog next week :( Sad day in the neighborhood and wanna know why? BECAUSE I am going to be “too busy” – LMFAO! Taking a page out of THE FOOD BABE’S book perhaps?!

  76. Oooo, that’s not good! Too bad she missed out on a great interview opportunity with you, Gigi. At least you are good about not holding grudges…. that’s better than me! I tend to hold grudges – not a good thing 😮

  77. Thanks for linking up to Pin Worthy Wednesday, I have pinned your post to the Pin Worthy Wednesday Pinterest Board.

  78. I mean I don’t want to talk about people…..but since you asked, I am not a fan. That’s all. And I love YOU!

  79. Okay, I cannot tell you how happy I am that you actually hit PUBLISH on this post!! I’m ELATED! I did a post a while ago about Pink Peppercorns and Hidden Tree Nut Allergies (which my daughter has) and actually wrote about how terrible it is that the word “allergy” is thrown around so loosely that servers now roll their eyes when they hear, “I’m allergic to _____.” However, to someone like my daughter who has a LIFE THREATENING allergy which means if she has any sort of tree nut ingestion that she can die, it’s terrible.

    Well, during my research for my post I just happened to come across someone who suggested this to her readers: “Go as far as telling the server you allergic to butter and dairy, soy and corn.” OMG, someone telling her readers to LIE about having allergies? She’s putting millions of people’s lives more at risk by adding to the fact that so many people don’t take allergies seriously and doing the opposite of what I’m telling my readers to do!! So you know who she was, right? FRICKEN’ Food Babe herself. Can I tell you how angry she made me when I read that? So now that I’ve read your post, I am hoping for it to go viral. People need to know what kind of person she is, and if she suggests lying to servers in her book, then I’m going to warn my readers too!

    I have a feeling that your questions were outside of her comfort zone because they were excellent questions! Obviously too tough for her though! Thanks for standing up for what you believe in! Two thumbs up!!

    • I COULD NOT AGREE MORE WITH YOU CHRISTINA!!! AS SOMEONE WHO HAS FOOD ALLERGIES HERSELF, I WAS FLOORED WHEN I SAW FOOD BABE RECOMMEND PEOPLE DO THIS TOO BECAUSE SHE TRULY PUTS OTHERS WHO ACTUALLY HAVE ALLERGIES AT RISK!!!!! I am always so fearful to eat out, but it comes with LIVING in general, so we all have to do it. I abhor when people roll their eyes at me and they don’t take me seriously! Sometimes serves will even just serve up the typical dish because they don’t care and just think we are ALL LYING! It’s not fair one bit and I am not a fan of such tactics for those who don’t actually have the allergies. If you don’t want to have something in your dish, just say what you don’t want – you’re a paying customer, the restaurant should accommodate to YOU!

      And yes, my questions were harsh and certainly out of her comfort-zone, I know that’s exactly why they didn’t wind up going through with the interview… I am not so much annoyed by them not going through with the interview, what I am annoyed about is that she used the “I’m busy” excuse…… I hate when people BEAT AROUND THE BUSH! Just straight up tell me that my questions were too harsh!!! My biggest pet peeve is not being up front!

  80. Melissa Falk says:

    Holy***This looks amazing. Thanks for sharing this!

  81. You know it is because your questions were too challenging…seriously I’m sure she assumed you would do an interview that was just totally about how you love her and all that she says :) I find her a bit flaky. Yes I think she brings up some important issues, but there is not always all the info to back it up. Plus, I could never get over some early post of her’s where she compared microwaving water and screaming devil at it had the same result or something really crazy along those lines.

  82. That’s pretty lame to say one thing and do another. If you say your doing it that do it or shut up is my motto. I only knew of her because of you, now I don’t. I saw some stupid program Mike and Molly in staff lunch room, that’s high fructose corn syrup for sure. Everything happens I believe for the best in most cases, you will always be here she will fizzle out like an over charged light bulb.

    • AH HA HA HA HA! I need to check out this High Fructose Corn Syrup TV show… Or maybe I really don’t since it’s NOT HEALTHY! 😉

  83. Bummer, I really want to know what fast food place she’d go to if she had to. I love your questions! I feel pissed off. I don’t know much about her. I prefer your style, personally, about educating the public.
    That said, you BOTH have a lot of good points. I’m disgusted by what passes for food in this country.

    Very uncool to flip you the bird. I flip her the KFC bird.

    • I TRULY am disgusted with what passes as FOOD in this country too!!!!!!!!! Whenever I travel out of the country, I am so in love with the delicious and NATURAL FOOD!!!!!!!!!!

      LMFAO – I am sure she loved that KFC bird 😉

  84. Yeah, she REALLY didn’t like your questions!

    • True story Dorothy! ha ha. Just wish she would have come out and said that! I hate people who beat around the bush!

  85. I would be ticked off too! It’s obvious you went to a lot of work to come up with the questions, not to mention the video you made too! I can’t believe they would just put you off like that. I would have loved to have heard her answers to your questions too! I loved how honest and straightforward your questions were. I bet she just didn’t want to or didn’t know how to answer them!

    • Yeah…. I am starting to really agree with that, that she didn’t want to answer my questions because she didn’t want to put forth any effort to some of my negative/harsh questions. I just wish they didn’t beat around the bush about it. I hate people who do that – be UPFRONT with me, please!

  86. I can totally understand how you feel. I have been blown off my fellow teachers and even a few bloggers, it hurt. I now know who I can trust, KWIM? Going to follow your blog!

    • Aw thanks KAREN!! And it definitely stings for about a millisecond and then I am totally OVER IT!!

      Checking out your blog now too! :)

  87. It sounds like the Food Babe is going to pick and choose the questions she’d like to answer. What a shame and what an incredible waste of your time. Back here in Oz, I’ve never heard of her xx

  88. Whoa! Good for you for speaking out on this. My issue is that people often commit and never follow through. It’s insane. Especially when it comes to bloggers. I’ve honestly never heard of her so this is al I know!

    • You should check her out and see what she’s all about. She definitely say a lot of great things, however there are some extremes she goes to that are just too much for me and others.

  89. First, you readily admitted you don’t know if ‘The Food Babe’ was even aware of the cancelation so ranting off on her is childish and immature. Further, did it occur to you that perhaps her schedule did, in fact, become too busy? Things happen. Grow up. And save those questions and come back to them in 30 years and pretend they are aimed at you and your work. They are snarky and borderline rude for the most part. I would have flat out told you to take a hike on the basis of ‘mean people suck’ and you appear to be one with the tone of your questions. Every single point you tried to make with your questions could have been made with kindness and tact but you chose snarky. So while cancelling the interview wasn’t cool, neither were you, nor was your approach. In my opinion, she gets points for cancelling. As for bragging that you live in a ‘constant tornado of insanity’…..that speaks for itself. You appear to like to create drama and then live in it. This is my first exposure to your blog and I came here through The Food Renegade’s Fat Tuesday. It seems to me that your poor behavior and snarky attitude probably prompted theirs. Step back and try kindness. Those same concerns stated without tact above could have been rephrased with little effort to make the same points in a much more productive way. I am familiar with ‘The Food Babe’ and I appreciate that she’s is a voice trying to change things. I’m not a huge fan and I feel others are more articulate and less about the drama of it but either way, the tone of your post remind me of my teenaged nieces and nephews who respond to everything with attitude. Hard as it is to believe, it probably wasn’t about you at all but if it was? Then go back to the wording of the questions (and for all we know, the wording of the messages back and forth). Try nice.

  90. Of course, I would have been pissed off like you or even more! Especially if the book did not provide any useful information I did not know before the reading (was it a complete waste of time?). I like that you wrote and the way you wrote about it despite everything. Personally, I am not a fan of the “lose weight in just 21 days” thing but I don’t know The Food Babe so I can’t judge her work. I definitely find your questions extremely interesting, it would have been a nice interview.

  91. Uh oh. Yet another negative report about the Babe. She needs to get it together. I’m glad you had the balls to speak up about this. Very proud of you for voicing it as strongly as you have here.

  92. Hi GiGi,
    Those were darn good questions! I can totally relate to your feelings! Thank you for sharing your Food Babe interview issues with us at the Healthy, Happy, Green and Natural Party Blog Hop! I sincerely appreciate it. I’m pinning and sharing!

  93. Well that breakfast burrito does look good, delicious even, but no that’s not good enough to make up for the blow off!

  94. Interesting! I guess the Food Babe was thinking you sent her questions that would not even hint at questioning some of her findings, but I think this would make a thought-provoking interview if she did answer them for readers.

  95. Dear Gigi, I am so sorry and feel so terrible for you that this happened. It can be such a disappointment and as a fellow foodie blogger, I understand how you feel…especially after all your hard work and time dedicated to the interview…I bet the questions were just too tough for her to handle. Her loss. xo, Catherine

  96. Aww no!! That’s terrible, especially after reading the book and getting everything ready! I’d definitely react in the same way 😉 Good on ya for telling it like it is! 😀

  97. I can’t believe I’ve never stumbled upon your blog before! I love your energy…even when you are ranting. Totally made me laugh. I want to answer those questions for her! They are really great questions. Especially the first one about what do you say to people that don’t have time to cook everything from scratch. I say prep! Prep! PREP! and remember why you’re doing it in the first place. Great post!

    • I couldn’t agree more – preparation is KEY 1000%!!!! I always prep… Bringing cans of sardines with me in the car… Making spaghetti squash for the week, etc. I just wish people could adopt such measures!

  98. I can’t believe they slighted you like that. Also, I think you had some really valid questions that I know I would like the answers to!

    • I just wrote her assistant… Maybe it will have “encouraged” her to at least have Vani answer… Maybe 2?

  99. I really wish that I could post a gif of Chris Tucker from Friday saying “damn” as part of my response. Holy cow! Haha! I would be ticked off too because her time isn’t anymore valuable than yours.

  100. Thank you for sharing this post at Bloggers Brags Pinterest Party! It was so fun reading this :). To answer one of your question now: I don’t know if The Food Babe will aprove or not but for breakfast I like bananas and any other fruits and sometimes I really enjoy eating pancakes or hot sandwiches made by my mother…but most of the time I eat fruits.

  101. Wow that’s so unprofessional- you should forward her this post hahah!

  102. Hey girl! I’m sooooo sorry I haven’t commented in awhile….I’ve had a tough time keeping up with everything. I’m working with a few companies right now and an Ebook and well, my 3 year old 24/7, lol, so I’m struggling a bit. Anyways, wow, I can’t believe you read that entire book and then didn’t even get the interview! I would have been extremely upset that I invested the time to read it and then that happened. I guarantee she didn’t like your really BOLD questions, lol! But honestly, a good interview would involve questions like that. Most interviews with her are probably really simple like “how long have you been eating organic?” LOL. I totally agree about the cover, it really bothers me when there is a date or timeframe so small like that to basically guarantee weight loss and “look years younger”…really? In 21 days you are going to look years younger?? But, like you said, it sells books. People want a magic pill and will believe that stuff. I totally believe major changes can happen, but some of that stuff is really stretching the truth. The only thing I didn’t agree with in your post is where you said you get “loopy” trying to eat vegan before 6 pm, HAHAHAHA!! There is no way to be loopy if you are eating enough food…you see my blog girl and see vegans eat WAY more than lettuce and carrots….I honestly feel MORE satiated than before I was vegan and that is the truth. SO much damn yummy variety of food :) Anyways, I’m just picking on you! Love you! xoxo

  103. Like you, I would be so torn with her/their response to the non-interview. I want to love her because I really believe in what she stands for – clean living. I commend that she (and the FB army) have gotten big companies to acknowledge and change their toxic ingredients. I understand that she (like many) is busy, so could understand if she said “no” from the get-go. It just raises questions why she wouldn’t follow through with an email interview. She could have easily picked out some of your questions and not answered all of them. I love your creative and thought provoking list. My favorite would be the Q about nut butter and how would she suggest we portion control. This was at once an issue of mine…so I now buy a less sweet version so that I don’t over consume. (I.e. I chose the organic Sunbutter (sun flower seed butter) version with no added cane sugar.) It satisfies a sweet craving, but isn’t sooooo delicious that I want to eat more and more.

    • You see Caryn, you don’t even need Food Babe’s answer to the nut butter question, because it seems you have found a solution! :)

      But I hear you – even after this experience, I am still not sure if I like her or not. But as I said, I don’t hold grudges, so I guess she’s just fine. ha!

  104. Best Rant EVER!

  105. What a silly book cover. She should get a pair of glasses instead of running around with a magnifying glass to read nutrition labels. Who came up with that idea? That’s the worst marketing department ever.
    Hmm, regarding the interview – even sillier.
    But hey, who knows? Maybe she really wasn’t able to answer you? I just imagine her with the magnifying glass decipheirng your email hahahaha

    • LMFAO OMG that’s funny and I am going to GO WITH THAT!!! She was just too “stupid” to answer my questions, BAH H HA H AHA!

  106. Sorry to hear about your experience with “the food babe”. I read her book thinking I would learn something new, but was highly disappointed. The most offputting part of her book is that three quarters of it seems to be her narcissistically bragging about her own accomplishments prior to and then after starting her website. It’s like reading 300 pages of a resume that should have only been two pages. Yes, there was advice in there, but I felt like if anybody has been reading about natural foods for the past three years, they already know the information presented in her book. On a personal note, I don’t like the way she seems to shamelessly plug herself because it comes off as her caring more about herself, and then the message she is presenting.

  107. Sorry to hear about your experience with “the food babe”. I read her book thinking I would learn something new, but was highly disappointed. The most offputting part of her book is that three quarters of it seems to be her narcissistically bragging about her own accomplishments prior to and then after starting her website. It’s like reading 300 pages of a resume that should have only been two pages. Yes, there was advice in there, but I felt like if anybody has been reading about natural foods for the past three years, they already know the information presented in her book. On a personal note, I don’t like the way she seems to shamelessly plug herself because it comes off as her caring more about herself, and than the message she is presenting.

    • THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU – SARAH you took the words RIGHT OUT OF MY MOUTH! I honestly did not learn ANYTHING NEW from this book AT ALL <-- that's what frustrated me the most and made me feel like I was wasting my time....... UGH I am sorry you wasted your time too!

  108. The ‘Food Babe’ IS a bitch! Why is her time more important than yours? And after you read her book, worked on the interview questions, prepared a video . . . I would be pissed too. :(

    • OH YES! And the “best” is that I even sent her assistant my video… And she didn’t even respond!!!!!!

  109. I used to follow her as well thinking good for her standing up for all of us, healthy foods and the right to know what we eat. I was a supporter! And then my inbox was bombarded with nothing but sale e-mails and fad diets , which I get it, she needs to make a living and i’ll support that! But then all those pictures with celebrities and president Obama and calling out companies just to actually be consulting them on the sides until she got called out on it. It seems to me that she isn’t so much about the cause but about her career and being famous and making as much money as she can riding this train, personally I lost the trust factor and at the end of the day, she hasn’t discovered anything new, come on we all know that stuff in the cereal box is not good for us. Peace, Love & Food to the World ! :)

    • YOU SAID IT! YOU SAID IT!!!! She is a sell out at this point and I have VERY LITTLE respect for her at this point. I liked her initial message but she’s gone… WAY TOO FAR with it!

  110. Good article but you sort of reduced yourself IMO when you said you had an issue with GMO’s….. just like I’d ask FB, show me evidence that GMO’s are bad for us? About 600 to 1 studies say they have no food safety issues.

    • Honestly William. Each to their own. I am not going to tell anyone how to live their life, like the Food Babe does. I am simply going to share my opinions and thoughts and people can take them or leave them! 😉

      • William says:

        Mmm….that’s a sort of a non answer. Not sure of the purpose of a comments section if you just want people to read rather than question your blog. But each (blogger) to their own. But I do appreciate that you (sort of) answered and didn’t delete my comment! 😉

        • I would NEVER delete a comment, ever! Even if totally bashing me, that’s not my style. If you have something to say, you’re entitled to say it.

          Sorry if you feel I brushed off your answer. If you truly want my explanation, here it is:

          The American Academy of Environmental Medicine has cited that animal studies show organ damage, gastrointestinal and immune system disorders, accelerated aging, and infertility as a result of ingesting GMOs… That being said, we cannot compare ourselves to animals, for we process things differently than say, rats and monkeys. Now, they have done human studies, which show genetically modified food can leave material behind inside us, possibly causing long-term problems. Genes injected into genetically modified soy, for example, can transfer into the DNA of bacteria living inside us. And toxic insecticide produced by genetically modified corn was in fact found in the blood of pregnant women and their unborn fetuses.

          So at this moment in time, there are “beliefs” that GMOs are not healthy and could potentially cause harm, but truly there is not enough evidence yet to prove anything! So that is why I said in my previous comment, “to each their own”… 😉

  111. So sorry about this, but good for you for standing up for yourself with this post! I personally don’t want to judge her because I don’t know the girl, but I did hear that the Food Babe can be quite harsh. Anyways, yes, my biggest pet peeve is finding out that someone is not at all how you make them out to be!

    • EXACTLY! As an entertainment reporter, I have met my fare share of celebrities who are a lot ruder than I ever expected – it’s such a let down! :(