Guess The Food, Taiwan Edition!

I got in a UFC-like fight with China Airlines… And China Airlines won.

GiGi is going crazy on China Airlines

But really… I feel like I got hit by a plane… Or like I got thrown out of a plane without a parachute, landing head first into an over-sized, ripe cactus-tree.

Cactus Tree

Or… Stuck in the airplane bathroom after someone spent far too long in there, after their in-flight meal…

GiGi Dubois Taiwan

And speaking of meals…

I have a little “mealy” game for you…

I will call it:

GUESS THE FOOD, Taiwan Edition!

That’s right! I am back from Taiwan… With a whole bunch of inside jokes… #CPC… And about 10 extra pounds thanks to being fed like a QUEEN!


Seven-course meals… For lunch and dinner… And even with my SPECIFIC DIET… I still managed to eat more than a family of six would over the course of a month (THANK YOU TINA the tour guide!).

Any who… Lets have you jump right into this game, as I jump right into a steaming hot bubble bath with an ice pack on my forehead!


1. Vegetarian Cuisine Buddha Eats

Hint: This is all vegetarian. Buddha chows down on this stuff on the regular.

2. Wrapped up Fish

Hint: A delicious, and slightly fishy… Light telegram.

3. Wild Boar Skin

Hint: Called by another name, it really doesn’t seem that out of the norm.

4. Whole Mullet

Hint: I don’t really think you need one…? The real question is… How fast did I eat this?

5. Mushroom and Tomato

Hint: Captain Hook would approve of this dish.

6. Pork and Vegetable Soup

Hint: Clearly the woman serving this did NOT understand English… She said this was vegan. It’s NOT!

7. Soy Sauce Egg Whites

Hint: There are roughly 3 grams of protein in each square!

8. Sea Urchin

Hint: That’s NOT fur.

9. Scallop

Hint: And that’s not mulch for the flowers!

10. Whole roasted chicken with claw

Hint: The CLAW gives this one away.

11. Rice Cake with Sprinkles

Hint: You wouldn’t eat this on your birthday… Even though it looks like confetti cake.

12. Rack of Lamb and Lobster

Hint: Rack Rack City Bit**

13. Salmon Sashimi

Hint: A “sunny” display of my favorite food on the face of the planet.

14. Pekin Duck

Hint: Doing the back-stroke like a BOSS. Wait, that’s not a hint…

15. Peking Duck Condiments

Hint: Lets play Mancala. Okay, my hints are starting to suck… And that’s an African game. FAIL.

16. Oyster Omelette

Hint: What a saucy “pearl”.


Fried Prawns

Hint: Tempura has NOTHING on this dish.

18. Lamb Chop

Hint: We could hit a baseball with this dish!

19. Whole Squid Roasted

Hint: This is what Agent K & Agent J in MIB hunt…

Grilled, Pan-Fried Tilapia

Hint: You’d think this were a flying squirrel, but it’s not.

21. Grilled Blue Fin Tuna

Hint: No, that’s NOT Mr. Hanky. If it were… Then I ate a whole lot of SHIT.

22. Green Beans and Pork

Hint: This hugged my taste buds.

23. Gold Appel

Hint: Lil’ Wayne would be jealous…

24. Scallop and Radish

Hint: Four XX sitting in a tree… 

25. Fried Shrimp Mayo Spinkles

Hint: If you’re thinking someone’s birthday was celebrated during this trip, you’d be mistaken… Just your typical Saturday night dish in Taiwan.

26. Fried Shark Fin

Hint: Lay’s has yet to create this flavor of chip… And for good reason.

27. Fried Crab

Hint: I guess these could be considered “tea sandwiches” as they do look like sandwiches and… Tea was drunk when eaten.

28. Fish Roe

Hint: This one was kind of a JERK to my teeth!

29. Fish Roe Handrolls

Hint: Lawn mower remnants, I think not! 

30. Boiled Wine Chicken

Hint: Out of all the dishes, this one gives me the willies and makes me want to vomit.

31. Basil Eggplant

Hint: Blissful Britt would adore this dish!

32. Assortment of Taiwan Flavors, Spicy, Sweet

Hint: Yeah, you’ll never get this one… In fact, I don’t even really know what all of this is! ASK TARA or LYNN!

33. China Airlines Chicken Potato Mush

Hint: What you might find on the ground in one of the cages of a zoo animal.

So Tell Me…

  • So how do you feel you did with this game?
  • Are you down-right starving after looking at these photos… Or just repulsed?
  • What looks appetizing to you?
  • What food/dish looks the weirdest to you…? Tell me the number.
  • Which of the above would you like me and Tara to re-create in a video recipe?
  • How do you get over JET LAG? 
  • What do you use to take photos? Would you believe me if I told you I took ALL of these photos on my iPhone

**IF you want to see more photos before I post the full RECAP next weekCheck out the HASHTAG: #ItsOnTaiwan on Twitter & Instagram!


  1. Wow! These are awesome. I can’t believe you were able to eat so many of these! Did you eat them all??

    PS. Love the game!

    • Oh no, I couldn’t eat them all thanks to my food allergies, but my girlfriend who went with me DID!!! And there are lots of eats I didn’t share… If I shared them all, there would be 100s of photos! ha ha.

  2. Whoa nelly, that was a crazay food tour. Seriously, I feel proud when I try 1 new food a week, and you just had….a lot. And the one with the claw/foot/talons sticking out? Uh…lol. Those protein squares on a stick freaked me out. And #8, I think I ate those recently….are they whitish-clear fruit on the inside? I had to try one from the grocery store. What an adventure – so happy you got to go, and with The Food Pervert. YAY! Sorry you are feeling so terrible. : ( Get well soon!!!

    • HA HA HA AH!!! I tried so very hard to ignore the talon/foot/claw when eating that deliciousness… UNTIL I uncovered the head, then I felt like I was going to throw up, even though the meat was just so juicy and delicious, ha ha ha ah ha!!

      And #8 is not a fruit! Not a fruit at all 😉

      PS: even though I feel terrible, I would NEVER say no to going on another trip, that’s for sure!

  3. Where are the answers ?

  4. Not a clue!!! I asked Hoang as well, I thought’:’ He’s Vietnamese, he must know! . He looked at me and kindly pointed out that not only Taiwan is not the same country, but it is also not close … He is so touchy these days :)))))

    • BAHHHHHH HA HA HA AH AH AHA HA AH!!! That’s too funny, and true too 😉 People kept saying to me: OHHHH have fun in Thailand…. Bangkok is a great city. Um no. Taiwan is NOT Thailand people! LOL!

  5. Baaahaha love this post, and love the shout out. THAT CLAW PHOTO made me laugh so hard and I don’t know why. Like…legit fucking claw!? This is indeed a perfect example of how other countries really use ALL of the food possible, which I can get down with. The only one that scared me was that skin one you ate and shared on IG, the others are somewhat intriguing? Can I say that as a vegan without being mauled? HA. Glad you’re home safe, despite breathing in too make poop particles from complete airplane strangers.

    • Oh yes!!! They do NOT like to waste food in Taiwan, however they serve SOOOO MUCH, I wonder how there is no food waste… I call BS on their part, LOL!! But no, I did not suck on any claws… The worst was um, I was eating some of that dish and then BAM – the head was found! GAH! I gagged a little, and you know me, I am pretty adventurous when it comes to my eating……

      And you would have ADORED the vegetarian restaurant we went to. The entire time I was like, BRITT needs to be here in my place!!!

  6. It’s been fun following you gals! I’m excited to see all the beautiful vegetarian foods. Looked like some interesting plates for sure. Cracked up over Mancala, love that game and the dish looks interesting.

    Number 8 scares me lol

    I can only imagine my stomach after a trip like that but how could you not do it right? Glad you’re back safe and sound. Rest up!

    • We went to a 100% pure vegetarian restaurant on the last day at the Buddhist monastery, you would have LOVED it! The food was so inventive and the veggie dishes I could eat we soooooo good, like that eggplant! 😉

      And surprisingly enough, my stomach did a WONDERFUL JOB this trip… FUNNILY ENOUGH – I only didn’t feel good the day after we ate at an AMERICAN restaurant!!!! Figures 😉

  7. Hahaha you are FAR braver than I to try all these foods… but I guess when in Taiwan…

    • Ha Ha! I do like to experiment with weird and wild foods, so yes, I am pretty brave! If they had DOG, I would have tried it! 😮 but it’s illegal… So nope! lol

  8. I feel like I knew some of them! But there are some that I would have laughed in your face if you told me to eat them. Blatantly laughed.
    Meanwhile, I have In-N-Out

  9. You look like you have been having so much fun in Taiwan!!

    • Girl, it’s been outta this world, SERIOUSLY!!!!! Definitely an experience I will NEVER EVER forget – and I definitely have to thank Tara for a lot of that too, she’s an AMAZING travel buddy!

  10. Wow, you definitely ate some interesting . . . stuff. :-) Never had a sea urchin — how the heck are you supposed to eat them? Gotta admit some of the food looks plain weird. And I suspect some of it is! But there’s a lot of delish stuff, there, too. I can see how you gained weight! Now, tell us all about China airlines. 😉

    • Ha Ha! Taiwan knows how to do WEIRD well… And they also know how to feed you like a KING AND QUEEN and make sure you’re NEVER EVER EVER hungry! lol!!!

      And um, China Airlines…. I actually wrote a YELP review ALL ABOUT THEM 😉

  11. Some of the food looked good. Others looked quite gross as I dont eat meat.

    • I hear you! I eat meat and I definitely got the WILLIES when I saw some of the food offered… But I still tried it!

  12. Hmm. Interesting food you got there. Remind me to bring American food next time I got to Taiwan 😉 But I do have to say, that Peking Duck looks pretty decent! Thanks for sharing, Gigi 😉

    • I definitely brought some American food with me, JUST IN CASE… And I only ate it when on the airplane and one time for a snack late at night (when I arrived in Taiwan and was starving)… Otherwise, I definitely wanted to try the offerings available! 😉 I mean, you gotta, right?!

  13. I’m not sure I would be as daring as you and try all of this but I have to admit that it does look great!

    • You have to! I mean, part of the whole experience in Taiwan is the FOOD! 😉 I bet if you were there, you wouldn’t be able to say no.

  14. Love all the food pics!! Looks like it has been an amazing (and delicious) trip so far.. can’t wait for your recap!

    • Oh man, I am completely STUFFED!!!! After meals, I keep saying: I DONT WANT TO EAT EVER AGAIN… but what do you know, I eat again in like 3 hours – ha ha ha!

  15. Taiwan is like the mother of strange but good. Whoa. What is the non-confetti cake thing? And is that really sprinkles on pasta???

    • DUDE SERIOUSLY!!! You need to go to Taiwan because it is the Mother Ship of Strange But Good – ha ah ah ah aha!!!

      And um, that’s not sprinkles on pasta… That’s Fried Shrimp, with MAYO… And Rainbow Sprinkles… And that “confetti cake” is actually NOT sweet at all and made of rice. LOL!!!

    • BAH HA HA AH! WELL SHIT SON, if you want to in fact drive up to LA one day, you’re ALWAYS welcome— But now that I am back in LA… And not going anywhere for a little while now, I am down to plan a day trip yoooo! Or just get your ass up here!

  16. Number 21- HAHAHAHA! On a weirdly related note, my daughter thinks the Mr. Hanky voice is the funniest thing ever.
    I am glad you are back, but I am sorry that Air China won the fight. They never fight fair!!

    • LMFAO! Now I have to go YouTube Mr. Hanky to remind myself of his voice… I remember it being a bit high-pitched, yes? lol!

  17. What an incredible food tour! I loved all the vegan places! More than you would think. And yes, they are big on courses… not a problem in my book! I loved getting the squid on a stick with the sauce slathered on and eating it while roaming the markets. Have you done a hot pot yet?! Those were my fave! So excited and happy for you and this trip :)

    • Oh we have had tons of hot pots, yes!!! They like to throw all the remnants of the food into a pot and serve it up – NO FOOD left behind! 😉

      Wish I could roam the markets with you, squid swords in hand!!

  18. Fun fun FUN food tour!! I’ve never been to Taiwan or had Taiwanese food….some of those look tasty 😉

    • YES! I am so hungry right now, so basically the grossest looking thing up there, I would gladly eat right now! LOL!

  19. hahahaha, I love all your comments on the food, but especially the Mr. Hanky one! 😛 SO MANY NOMS. <3

    I'm glad you got back here safely! I hatehatehate the super-long plane rides to Asia, but oh, the food adventures. <3 They make it worth it!

    • I AGREE! The flights blow and you feel like ASS for a few days, but it’s SOOOO worth it to go to ASIA!!!

  20. Number 20 looks weird because it does look like a flying squirrel. There are some things I just wouldn’t want to try! Haha. The rest of the food looks pretty amazing.

    • HA HA AH!! Well rest assured, it’s not actually a flying squirrel, LMFAO! I don’t think Taiwan has squirrels actually 😉

  21. IPHONE FOREVER !!!! Yeah, who needs to carry 3 extra bags of expensive equipment. Not me, I drop my Iphone in Marinara Sauce and still it performs like a BOSS! Ok make that porcupine looking thingy ! Ciao !

    • LMFAO!!! Well I remember that just in case I happen to drop my phone in some hummus 😉 It will still work like the charmer that it is! HA 😉

      And hmmmmmm how to make that porcupine looking thing 😉 That’s easy, since that’s how it comes!

  22. I think I only got #7 – some sort of tofu or fermented soybean type of something!
    And maybe.. blowfish? Salmon? Peking duck? Captain Hook? (that one’s a joke)
    Flying Squirrel. Almond Cake???

    • # 7 isn’t soy! ha ha! It…is… Egg whites soaked in soy sauce. Oh wait, that’s soy, LOL!!!

      And you’re DAMN RIGHT about Captain Hook, I don’t know why you think you were joking! 😉

  23. Wow that’s some crazy looking food! Have a fun time and I am sure you are!

  24. The Enchilada’s look good actually most of it looks great. The squids are a little creepy, the rib dish looks amazing to. The fugisit dish #6 is intriguing with a side of urchins would be interesting. I’ll be back for seconds morrow :)

    • Oh that’s not an enchilada 😉 That’s an oyster omelette, with some interesting ingredients added… And a fish sauce on top, ha ha ha! Ask Tara if that was her favorite dish- BAH! And honestly, the squids were probably one of my favorites!

  25. This food looks wild! I’m proud of you for trying some of these peculiar dishes I don’t know if I could.

  26. They really did feed you a ton of food- most of the veggie and fish looks good but the meat dishes? I guess those are an acquired taste and one that I would personally never attempt to acquire. You are brave! I’m glad you’re home safe. I followed along and it looks like you had a great time! The National Park looked so beautiful.

    • THANK YOU for following along :) I am glad you enjoyed it!! The National Park truly was stunning, I have so many photos I didn’t even post, if you can believe it.. And the food above isn’t even 1/2 of what they fed us!

  27. Wow, that is some interesting, weird, pretty food they have over there!

  28. 4th last one looks like tripe, Which, even the name of it, before you see what it is, turns my stomach. (Food joke there too 😉 )

  29. If I was actually playing this game I would have failed, HARD. Apparently I know next to nothing about the food in Taiwan!

    • HA HA HA! That’s okay! I have ZERO IDEA what to expect when I went over there. Every time I mentioned I was going to Taiwan, people would say: OMG the food is so good… But I was like, UHHH wtf do they even serve?!?!

  30. Crazy food tour GiGi. You are so BRAVE!

    • When it comes to food, food that I can eat, yes, I am pretty willing to try anything 😉

      Ask me to bungee jump or sky dive – OH HECK NO!!

  31. I have no idea what the vast majority of that is, but I totally want to try it all. I’m glad that you had a good time. I can’t wait to hear more about it :)

    • Next week, the video will be up!!!! And right now I could totally use some of that salmon sashimi! Mmmmmm! 😉

  32. Oh geez, I can’t remember what #32 is either!

  33. Oh my, lots and lots of food. I guessed less then a 1/3 and might eat 2/3 of it but awesome pics and glad you had fun like a queen…except for the flight.

    • I would have been 10000% queen if I were in first class – LMFAO! I tried to sweet talk my way into the front of the plane but um…. That came with a price tag I was NOT willing to shell out for! 😉 I am tough – I can handle cramped quarters… This trip was 100% worth it!

  34. Yum, yum, YUM! Wow what a culture! Thanks for showing us GiGi!

  35. The weirdest to me is no 6 – GAH!!! I like this game – but duuuuuuuuuuuuude – I NEEEEEEEED answers – my brain is fried…gah…I don’t even wanna say “f-r-i-e-d” anymore…..

    • # 6 is funny actually… The woman told us it was a vegetable broth, but then she started stirring it around and LOOK AT WHAT WE FOUND… A pork bone, BAHH HA HA HA AH HAAH! Oh any vegan would have flipped out if they gulped down several cups full of that only to realize they were enjoy some PIG!

  36. #22 looks awesome. I have no idea what is it, but I’m 100% sure it’s delish!

    • YOU AND I HAVE similar taste buds! #22 was probably hands down one of my favorite dishes!!! Sauteed green beans HUGGING minced up pork! MMmmmmm!! 😀 Re-create that one on your blog, ASAP!

  37. Yikes! I’m pretty sure I saw tofu on a stick, green beans, and a dead duck, but I totally can’t go back to get the numbers because I’m sort of grossed out! These pics kind of remind me of my trip to Shanghai and that makes me totally sympathetic about your jet lag. It sure looks like you had a fun and interesting trip!

    • That wasn’t tofu on a stick 😉 That was EGG WHITES soaked in soy sauce on a stick… “Low Calorie” was their marketing ploy, ha ha ah!!

  38. I really couldn’t identify the food but I didn’t care. I would probably eat it anyway, just for the experience. Who knows? I might discover a new favorite food. I’m glad that you had a good culinary adventure!

  39. Your food photos are making my mouth water. I want to eat all of them. haha….

  40. I reckon it’s an unfair advantage but I can guess most of those meals 😉

    Now I’m starving!!

  41. Gigi, you guys are too funny!!! I also feel, like Arman, that since I am living in Asia that I also have an unfair advantage over most. However, fatty, boney chopped up chicken, grizzle and cartilage with the bones still in it, just like they have here in HK, does not settle well with me. Are you vegan? Being vegan in Asia has numerous advantages… LOL

    • Oh no, not vegan at all – in fact, I cannot eat vegan and we even went to a vegetarian restaurant once, and I totally struggled to find something to eat. I brought a can of fish with me (LOL) and apparently I offended the restaurant… HA HA HA AH! WHOOPS!

      PS: when I visit HK again (LOVE IT THERE)… Do you have an extra bedroom? 😉 WINK WINK!

  42. I have to say that some of them made me nauseated. I am impressed if you even tried to eat them all. Thanks for sharing on the Healthy Living Link Party. It has been pinned to our party board and tweeted. Glad to have you as a regular contributor to the party.

  43. Wow!! I can’t believe you were in Taiwan! What an incredible experience!!
    The food looks incredible! It’s like mini works of art!!
    Looking forward to your post about the whole trip :)

    • They were all mini works of art for sure – holy moly – we didn’t want to eat them because they were so pretty!

  44. I was so concerned about your tummy when I was seeing the food pics!!! :) I am not brave like you guys. I can’t even watch those crazy shows on Food Network & the other channels that show those men eating crazy stuff – I am too afraid of what my tummy might do! Fun to see all the pics on IG!!!!!

    • I LOVE that you were concerned for me, I appreciate it so much! Our tour guide was AMAZING and made sure every meal I would be able to eat EVERYTHING!!! She definitely jumped through hoops for me and my stomach! The only time I got a stomach ache is when we ate American food. Go figure! 😉

  45. Those are some interested looking foods. I am not sure I could eat a lot of them, although I am sure my husband would try them all. Thanks for sharing with us at #HomeMattersParty I hope you will join us again next week!!

  46. OMG! Such a crazy food pics! I love them all! I wish I could try some!

    • Any in particular? Tara and I are going to re-make a few of these dishes and would love to know what you might want a recipe for!

  47. Wow, those are some awesome eats! There are a few I don’t think I’d try but I’m pretty adventurous when it comes to international cuisine. Looks like you had a fabulous trip, GiGi! So cool that you could find lots to eat with your diet restrictions. Welcome home :)

    • RIGHT?! I was very impressed with the food offerings! I brought so much food from the states JUST IN CASE I wouldn’t be able to find anything, LOL!!!

  48. Quite interesting – yeah that’s why I’m not interested in traveling to Asia, not interested in their cuisine LOL Sorry but more than half of that shit would NEVER make an appearance in my mouth. If it’s not awesome sushi or things very recognizable it can stay on the plate. :) What was the most disgusting thing you ate on there? Be honest. Glad you guys had a safe trip! Take Care GiGi! Rest Up -Iva

    • BAH HA HA HA AH!!! Oh girl, trust me, you’re not the only one! But hey, if you only live once – ha ha.
      And um, there were some grosssss things I ate. THE FU**IN’ boiled wine chicken makes me wanna gag just thinking about it. It was cold. Poached. Weird wine flavored. Jelly-like, because it was essentially all skin and dark meat. GAHHH I AM vomiting in my mouth right now! LOL!!!!

  49. WOW! Look at you girl!! Way to try everything! Honestly I would be too scared to try it all without knowing what it’s made of first! SO props to you! Hope that you’re having a blast! :)

    • Oh it was totally a blast! Working on the recap video RIGHT NOW… It’s going to def take sometime though, LOL! LOTS of footage to go through for sure!

  50. I’d like to consider myself a fairly adventurous eater; however, I think you definitely put me to shame in this category. I think I’d be willing to try about half of this stuff but not sure I could stomach all of it. Mind over matter? Glad you are having/had such a great time in Taiwan! Looks like such a beautiful place to visit!

  51. You are much, much braver than I when it comes to trying new foods.

    • I like to consider myself pretty brave. However, I must be careful about my allergies!! But luckily, I only had one stomachache!! 😀

  52. Pwahahah Mr. Hanky!!

  53. Luckily I was not hungry when looking at your nice food gallery. No19 turned me right off. Thanks for bring your wonderful variety to Fridays Blog Booster Party #16

    • That’s so funny that # 19 turned you off, because it was my FAVORITE DISH SERVED! ha ah!!! Oh well more for me! 😉

  54. I LOVE LOVE LOVED following your travels over there as well.
    and often thought BETTER HER THAN ME WITH TRYING THAT :-)
    BUT, I need to get more food’venturous.

    • I am thrilled you followed along!! The video I am editing right now from the trip – YOWZA, ridiculous! LOL! And I am glad I could be your guinea pig! 😉

  55. So much food so little time! You look like you’re having a great time!

  56. Girl I couldn’t guess any of these things they look interesting. I’m so glad your trip was good.

  57. Wow on all the crazy eats, I did not do very well with this game at all! 😛 But great pictures and I would use my iPhone too, the cameras, apps, and lens options are getting way better and lugging a DSLR gets old quick when traveling!

    • Oh heck yes about lugging heavy camera equipment! NO THANK YOU – unless I had sexy man friend to carry them for me! haahha!

  58. OMG GiGi! This post is hilarious and educational at the same time! lol doing the back stroke like a boss and the men in black joke were my favs lol

    • HE HE! I am glad my odd brain could be of entertainment to you 😉 Never a dull moment in my cranium! LOL!

  59. Beautiful food presentations!! Except for the duck, that one made me a little sad.

    I think I could recognize a lot of the dishes. I like the “tribbles.” Hopefully you didn’t have any trouble with them 😉

    For Jet Lag, time and the occasional short nap. No magic here, although I take melatonin prn. From my experience, push through it because the memories of the trip will last, and you will not remember how tired you were..

    I’m sure you had a fabulous time, and the elliptical is now your new best friend :-)

    • I THINK… I AM STARTING TO GET OVER THE JET LAG… However, I am just TIRED. Ha. So maybe I just need to start getting to bed a bit earlier again these days.

      Oh and Dr. J – the Elliptical and I have ALWAYS been besties.

  60. Pretty sure if I ever went there, I’d have to have a food allergy. Oh wait, I do!

  61. Interesting food. Thank you for joining the Small victories Sunday Linkup. Please join again. Pinned to the group board.

  62. I loved this post! Your blog is so refreshing, and funny. Definitely subscribing.

    • Aw why thank you Amber!!! You just made my day 😉 And gave me even more motivation to get this Taiwan video re-cap DONE! ha ha!

  63. Wow, the food in Taiwan looks amazing. I am delighted that you shared your healthy and delicious meals with us at the Plant-Based Potluck Party Link Up.Have a great vacation! I’m pinning and sharing.

  64. I can see how it would be easy to gain weight having all this awesome food served to you! Looks like you had an amazing trip with lots of delicious food to choose from.

  65. Looks like an epic time. I can’t wait to read the recap.

  66. Woah! Check out that food! Looks like you had an epically awesome culinary adventure GiGi =)
    “And about 10 extra pounds thanks to being fed like a QUEEN!”
    Yup! I just got back from vacation and I think I may have eaten a few pounds of vacation food… ;p