A Not So Ribbiting Taste Test

Giving people a leg up… Now that’s something I like to do when I can…


Especially when friends of mine come to Los Angeles.

After all, I don’t want them to mistakenly wind up in a Korean porno… Or on a billboard in Hollywood for STDs… Wearing a sparkling unicorn costume.


On a billboard for The Squatty PottyNow that’s A-OK though! 

So when Arman… You know that cute little Aussie over at The Big Man’s World (he and I made a video together once before if you recall)… Told me that he would be venturing out to Los Angeles


I simply told him: “Hey so… CHEERS… But I’ll just be over here EATING salmon skin… Until I sprout scales.” 


My ulterior motive: who doesn’t want to see his cute mug plastered along side of a bus promoting… I don’t know: Beano?


Wow… Perhaps I don’t ACTUALLY know what “giving a leg up” means?

Just pulling your leg… My actual reaction to Arman telling me that he was coming to Los Angeles



All I could think about was the FOOD-OBSESSED ADVENTURES he and I would go on… And when he touched down in Los Angeles… I wound up taking him straight to, well, Korea

Yes, Wolfie may look like just any ordinary Ford Explorer… But he’s (lol, yes my car has male genitalia?) is actually a flying car.



A photo posted by Geneviève (GiGi) (@gigieats) on

How’s that for giving a friend a leg up?!

I bet you ALL want to move to Los Angeles now don’t you… 

Nah… You all just want to use me for my FLYING CAR now don’t you! Ugh… Even before you come to LA you’re already adopting the typical “user” tendencies of a majority of Los Angeles residents.

gigi dubois

Well, before you list your house on MLS.com or tell your leasing manager you are OFF TO LA LA LAND… You may want to watch the LATEST GIGI EATS to see what I truly mean!

After watching that… You probably don’t want to come visit me anymore now, do you? Ha!

Because as you saw… I WILL make you put something in your mouth you’re not used to.


Oh man, that makes me sound like one of those sleazy guys I mentioned above that I try to steer my GREEN Angelinos AWAY from! 

But what I mean to say is… I try to expand culinary horizons to those who visit because… Well… I know you ALL for instance have… FROGS LEGS on your MUST-TRY FOODS BEFORE YOU DIE BUCKET LIST! 


Don’t lie VEGANS… 

Any who… If you do in fact want to get hopping with these CROAKERS… This is how Arman and I made them… 



The hopping instructions…

  • Coat the legs in olive oil… And sprinkle with salt and pepper.
  • Take three sets of limbs and place in a skillet (sprayed with non-stick olive oil spray) that’s been heating over medium high heat. 
  • Cook the legs for roughly six minutes per side. 
  • Take the other three pairs of “stems” and place them on a broiling pan, and then place them in the broiler (on high) and cook for roughly ten minutes, flipping the legs over after five minutes of broiling. 
  • Now… It’s time to try themCross them off your bucket list.. And give the rest to your dogOr the squirrel outside? But wait… If you actually like them, then continuing devouring these tiny body-builder like legs because they’re extremely lean, with only roughly 160 calories and a whopping 40 grams of protein per 8 ounces! 


So Tell Me…

  • What foods are on your CULINARY BUCKET LIST?
  • Have you ever had FROG LEGS before? How were they prepared?
  • Describe a meal that you recently had to throw most of it away because it was just so bad…
  • Frog Legs or Pigs Feet… What would you rather eat?
  • If you were to cook something with me in the kitchen, what would it be and why?
  • Who here has made one of Arman’s BRILLIANT RECIPES?


  1. I wish I had a flying car!!

    I had frog legs a long tine ago. I’m guessing they were lightly fried.

    The one meal that I miss that I would like to be able to make vegan is a fake pork spareribs. When I saw your title, I got all excited that you had done that!

    It’s been years since I made a bad meal :-)

    • BAH HA HA HA!!!! Fake Pork Spareribs?!?!?! I am intrigued, confused, grossed out… LOL! Tell me more!

    • Yup am with you Dr J on the flying car bit, can I borrow it GiGi?

      Thatsabout where we stop…aaishhhh Frogsgross thats what I would be thinking and I honestly would run a mile…lolol. They along with muscles arent on my eatlist period 😀

      That said I bet you would fond them in a wonderful concoction name then a french name and serve them eik :)

  2. Yay I’m so glad you guys are hanging out! I’m surprised Arman didn’t dip them in some kind of magical no bake cookie dough. Mmmm.

    • Ah ha ha ha ha ha ah aha ha ha! RIGHT?!?!?!? HE IS THE PRO AT THAT!!!!
      I bet if they were dipped in 1 minute sugar-free vanilla cookie batter, they’d be 10x better! 😉

  3. Yes, I had frogs legs – hunted by the man (father of a man who served in the military with my husband) who prepared them. Like all foods eaten in Missouri (sorry if you are from Missouri) it was rolled in batter and fried. They were OK, I guess – well, probably better than the squirrel they also fed me.

    • Nah, I live in Los Angeles… And if you watch the video, we prepared them EXTREMELY SIMPLY because we actually wanted to TASTE what we were eating so we could pair sauces and what not…. But… FAIL! lol! Maybe the only way to eat them is… DEEP FRIED.

  4. Frogs legs are no big deal to me as my family are from Belgium and it’s just the done thing. But, I love seeing people try them for the first time and saying “oh, it tastes like chicken”.

    • Ah ha ha! Everyone does say they taste like chicken and while they do…….. They’re also rubbery and… I am not a fan. I definitely won’t be having frogs legs cravings like I do chicken!

  5. Awesome. LOL. My oldest actually likes them….he’s weird. ; )

  6. Oh you guys are BOLD! I’ve had them before, but have never made them at home.

  7. I’ve never eaten frogs legs, but I’m hoping to get over to Paris this year, so I’d definitely be up for trying them. Unfortunately I have never seen them in the supermarkets here!

    I watched a documentary about flying cars in the USA a few years ago, they look like the coolest thing ever.. :)

    • When do you plan on going to Paris???? I am a little envious as it’s been EONS since I was last there… And when I was, I did not appreciate THE FOOD AT ALL!!!

      Do you remember the days when everyone was saying in 2016 + we would have FLYING CARS? lol

      • I’ve entered a lotto for a half marathon in London in October, if i get a place I’ll take the Eurostar over for a couple of days. I’ve never been but think it’s about time I used all that French I learned in school lol

        • Oh yes! I was in the UK – as you saw – over the holidays and the train system over there is ON POINT!! Highly recommended… And October should be a WONDERFUL time of year to go!!

  8. Ahhhh, the taste tests that being a vegetarian helps save me from…although before giving up meat (a whopping 23 years ago-I was a young rebel) I think I was a pretty adventurous eater who would have tried them…

  9. I remember my dad tricking us to try frog legs as a kid telling us it was chicken. I honestly can’t remember what it tasted like – but I think I may give it a go again if someone else cooked it for me lol

    • Do you remember just simply eating it when your dad gave it to you and not even thinking twice? How did he cook it?? Perhaps he’s a frog legs PRO… And I should be asking for advice 😉

  10. Alex and I got frogs legs our first night in Paris on our honeymoon, and we loved them! Not enough protein for the boy though, of course. You would think with all those squats that the frogs would be a bit beefier 😀

    • You need to eat like 4 pounds of frogs legs to get enough protein for me… So I can imagine how many your man needs!!! 😮

      And you’re right – we should all look to FROGS as examples of what squats can get you!! Some LEAN LEAN LEGS!

  11. OH HEY IT’S ME! No frog legs please, I’ll let you keep them bahaaaha. Also, I think I took that photo of you at sushi!? I’m cheating and writing this comment without having watched your video so I only read it because I’m at a coffee shop aka Starbucks. Will watch your animations soon.


      And um, yeah… You took that photos and… You’re IN THIS BLOG POST!! CLEARLY you’re on my brain!

  12. Flying car??? Yes. Korea town in LA for good eats??? Yes! Staying off of creepy billboards with STD and sugar daddy advertisements, well that might be hard because what happens in LA stays in LA ;). I would love to try beef tongue, I can’t bring myself to bite that bullet but I’m sure one day I will.

    • OHHHHH they sell Beef Tongue in Koreatown too… Man, I feel bad for Arman, HA HA HA HA! Because I am totally going to force him to eat that now too… He can thank YOU for the idea! 😉

  13. I have never had frog legs and really, I am not sad about that. I did have alligator once; I suspect the texture is similar- rubbery and a little tough.

  14. I LOVE frog legs! They usually serve them fried where I come from (good ol’ Arkansas) but I have had them prepared as lightly sauteed with seasoning and they are SO good. What a “ribbiting” post….

  15. I wish I could have seen Brittany’s facial expressions on this post :) Can’t say this is my choice of legs but would have fried the heck out of them in coconut oil with some cayenne pepper. I think you should feed this guy some sweetbread and tell him later what it is :) I can’t comment on instagram but that food feast looked amazing and loved your editorial on rice.

    • HA HA HA! YEAH I am thinking the next time Arman comes to my kitchen, I am going to BLINDFOLD HIM and have him taste a bunch of RANDOM WEIRD foods – Sweet Bread is DEFINITELY on the list 😉

      AND THANK YOU – I cannot with that SugarFish place, they drive me bananas!

  16. Not gonna try ever! :) Sorry!!! BUT if I were with you – COOKIES of course or bread! :)

    Culinary bucket list – what is that? I am no foodie! :)

  17. no frogs legs for me thanks! I mean they wouldn’t exactly fill you up would they!!

  18. I’ve had frog legs at a bunch of places. I live in Pittsburgh and there are many places around that serve them. Usually it is a special, but they are decent. Not my favorite thing but it is nice to have them every once in awhile. And yes…they are not for meals, def. appetizers!!

  19. OMG, your blog is a hoot! I love your photos and how fun it was to read! We use to “collect” frogs and give them to our neighbors. I never could get to the part of eating them myself. Looking forward to more interesting tid bits!

  20. I’ve never tried frog legs before – kinda ascary thought! but my family loves them!

    • Ha! Your whole family loves them, but you’ve never tried them?! Well, I think it’s about time you do try them!

  21. I had frog legs years ago at one of those Brazilian steakhouses where they bring out every type of meat imaginable. They were surprisingly good! We had alligator, too, but that was not nearly as good!

  22. LOL, not lying – frog legs are not on my bucket list! Durian is probably the strangest food on my list. :-)

  23. Haha excellent stuff. People (myself included) need to get out of their comfort zones now and then and try something a little weird.

    Every food is on my bucket list…except maybe a Century egg. Cuz I choose life. I tried to get guinea pig when I was in Peru but time constraints prevented me. I’ve had frogs legs, alligator tail, shark steak and snapping turtle.

    I don’t throw food away.

    I’m not sure what we would cook. Perhaps cactus and mole? Sounds fun actually.

  24. First Armen is adorable! I don’t have a food list but now I want to make one. Frog legs sound like they could be good… if you aren’t thinking about frogs… lol or that it may be the leg of a prince that never got to turn lol

    • Isn’t he the cutest? I am so happy to have him out here in LA 😉
      And you’re right… If these legs were de-boned and thrown into a stew or something… I probably wouldn’t even think twice about them… But… As they were, Eh. Not so much!

  25. Gah! I could barely look at the photos of those little froggy legs! Kudos to you for giving it a shot.

  26. Now I thought frog legs were gross but they look like a cup of tea compared to the century eggs I just read about in your comments. Oh my!!! Truly, I’ll leave experimenting on “exotic” food to the experts {YOU!} I’m definitely IMPRESSED! You’re stronger than I am!!! XOXO

  27. Not sure if I’ll ever try frog legs, but the sauces sounded good AND this video was hilarious. Arman’s face when you were playing with the legs was priceless LOL

  28. Never had frog’s legs before. I don’t get out much, do I? Definitely should cross them off my bucket list. Fun video! And fun post. Thanks.

  29. I had frog legs long ago. I think they tasted like chicken.

  30. funny enough, one day my mom made 2 minute noodles and I don’t know what happened but it was disgusting to a point I could not eat it at all…

    • Ha Ha! Sometimes that happens to me with Trout…. I love trout but every so often, I will start eating it and this wave of nausea will wash over me… I always finish my food, but I just can’t when this happens!

  31. Wow, I didn’t even realize Korean porno was a thing! Love that I’m always learning new and interesting stuff from you :) I had frog legs when I was about 6 years old. My Mom is a very adventurous eater and would lie to my sister and I to get us to try something. She pulled the ol’ “it’s chicken” line and we questioned her by stating “then why are the legs so small?” She said they were “special fancy chickens”. We bought that hook, line, and sinker and ate them up.

    • LMFAO!!! Do you recall even telling the difference? That’s too funny. How did you FIND OUT she was lying to you though?

      And um… Please DO NOT tell me you googled Korean porn LMFAO!

      • I think I remember it being different texture-wise. I’ll have to ask my Mom about how I reacted to it and get back to you. She always told us the truth shortly after we ate whatever it was. One time I ate turtle soup because she told me it was Manhattan Clam Chowder (it was a Creole turtle soup and looked similar to the chowder). Immediately after I put my spoon down, she blurted out the truth. I was horrified but we were at a fancy restaurant so I couldn’t throw a fit. hahaha! Maybe that’s why she told us right we ate because we were always at a restaurant and couldn’t get mad at her. The good news is I’m not a picky eater and will pretty much try any type of food (within reason).

        I did not google Korean porn but I will now. I’ll get back to you on that too 😉

        • Oh man, you were a GOOD KID. If my mom told me the truth – I don’t care WHERE I WAS… I would throw a FIT! I remember when I was younger – PICKIEST EATER EVER – I would only eat noodles with butter… NOTHING GREEN. I specifically remember one French Restaurant (in France no less) they served my noodles… And trying to be fancy they put ONE TINY LITTLE SPRIG OF PARSLEY ON IT… And I FLIPPED and did NOT eat it. BAH HA HA HA HA HA AH!!! Now..? Now, I would flip because noodles are touching my parsley, LMFAO – okay not really, but you get the point 😉

          And do … Do… TELL ME WHAT YOU LEARN! lol! (*gomabseubnida* – thank you in Koran… If GOOGLE is correct!)

          • Too funny about the parsley and can’t believe you are a healthy eater now (thank goodness because this blog would suck if it just had stuff about noodles with butter). I bet the French just LOVED you for flipping out over that sprig. I have to tell you this…I spoke with my Mom this morning and she just laughed when I asked her about feeding me gross stuff and lying about what it was. Then she says, “That’s nothing! We used to catch puffer fish (I grew up in South Florida) and eat them when you were little”. What?!? The freakin’ poisonous puffer fish that you can die from eating? Yes, those same ones but then she said that she knew how to clean them (the poison is in a sac behind the head) and I didn’t know what I was eating so it was okay. 무슨 씨발!! (that means WTF in Korean…per Google) I think my Mom needs to come out to LA and do a YouTube video with you on preparing dangerous foods you can eat, but shouldn’t. #livinonthedge

  32. As a matter of fact I just are Vietnamese frog’s legs the other night soaked in a garlic butter spicy sauce. Yum! Now s a kid on the Kankakee River, we ate then fried-on Fry-day nights, of course!

    • MAYBE I NEED to make them like THAT! ha ha! Even though… I am not a spicy person, and I cannot eat butter. The meal might be the end of me but all in the name of trying to LIKE frogs legs!

  33. omg I lovve frog legs! Never tried to make them though – I’m impressed!

  34. I’m actually not a fan of frog legs. I had them once, and to me they tasted like fishy chicken. Not my bag, but hey, I tried ’em!

  35. not a fan of frog legs, but I love escargot! Hilarious about your friend, Arman – you’re always so funny in these videos! I also love that you named your flying car? lol. you crack me up 😛 thanks sharing this ♥

    • HA HA! Of course I named my flying car… He is my baby but of course 😉
      Frog Legs… Yeah they’re NOT my baby!

  36. Ok I love The Big Man’s World – he has some legit amazing recipes! And I love you too-for never holding back and making me lol! Dunno if I can do frog legs, I’m such a wuss!

    • I ADORE ARMAN SO MUCH! His recipes are so on point, but you know what’s crazy? HE HASN’T FED ME ANY YET!! I thought he was going to be stuffin’ my face full, alas – NO! LOL! Probably because he is mad that I made him eat these legs!

  37. I’m so jealous- I want to join the frog legs party with you and Arman! OMG, his face was priceless when you first started playing with those sexy legs :)

  38. Hahaha I’ll let you two stick to the frog legs 😉

  39. Frog’s legs are the best! So tasty with a light garlic sauce!

  40. You WILL never fail to crack me up Gigi! Seriously, coming from the Philippines where most of my countrymen wouldn’t mind eating exotic cuisine like frog legs – this post is a wee bit close to my heart – although I am not as exotic/adventurous like them when it comes to cuisine haha!

    Have a wonderful weekend!!


  41. I have had alligator and of course, snail (escargot) but never frog…that I remember at least. Guess I have to add them to my bucket list!

    • YES you do! You have to at least try it. While I may not have been a fan…. I am glad I tried it, or else I would have been forever curious!

  42. Sounds like a fun visit! I still have not tried frogs legs but it’s on my list. I also want to challenge myself and try a lot of the out there filipino specialties when I’m over in the Philippines next year since they have some very unique foods — ahem, balut, or developing duck embryo. yum?

    • Yeahhhhhhhh I am not so sure about some of the more unique foods out there… Ah ha ha ha! I might seem daring, but I don’t know…. Tee he he!

  43. Never had frog legs, but I totally would. That’s nothing compared to other stuff we’ve tried… I think they’d be the best fried… not that I’m a proponent of fried, but maybe fake-bake-fried?! So is the texture like calamari? I want to visit LA so bad now!

    • Yeah, FRIED would probably be best… To the point that you could actually eat the bones too… Crispy baby, it’s ALL about the crispy! The texture is not like calamari….. More chicken… Like if a squid and a chicken had sex…. A frog would be the result.

  44. No. Just. no. I don’t think I could do it.

  45. I’ve never had frogs legs & if given the choice between that or pigs feet, I’d probably pick Porky Pig’s feet – lol! Love your flying car photo btw!

    • OMG REALLY?Y?Y?Y I would NEVER EVER pick the pig’s feet! I saw them sitting in a jar at the store yesterday… BLECH!

  46. I was eating frog legs as a child. As an adult, to maintain the thrill, I’ve had to seek out some really hard core shit, like beef tongue, kimchee, and Cool Whip straight from the bucket with a spoon. But it’s a dessert spoon – I’m not totally uncultured.

  47. Oh my gosh, this post made me laugh out loud!! Looks like you guys had a blast!! What a great time! :)

  48. Hm, nope, not even doing a Santa – aka: checking it twice – made “eat frog legs” appear on my bucket list. Not like you were surprised or anything here ;). Maybe having a pair of frog legs = the ability to swim really well and fast could become a bucket list item one day …
    Well, I remember you promised me some crazy good vegan spinach dip if we ever got into the kitchen together so … mmmh.

    • Ba ha ha ha! Out of everyone, I never for a hot second thought you’d be on board with this idea, LOL!!!!!!
      Having a pair of frogs legs wouldn’t be so bad, that’s for sure! They’re EXTREMELY sexy and muscular! 😉 Who doesn’t want a pair of gams like that.

      And um, COME TO LA – we need that spinach dip… PS: I just made Tuesdays recipe. YOU are going to love it. LOVE IT I tell you! I am making up for putting you through this week’s recipe – ha ha!

  49. You are hilarious! And I love your expressions on your face… always makes me laugh! So cute… won’t do the frog legs… I’m sure my husband would love them, tho!

    • Ah ha ha! I am known for those expressions. I just edited next Tuesday’s video and I have to say…. My face has a mind of it’s own! LOL!

  50. Haha, there is so much going on in this post it’s amazing! You’re too cute!

  51. This post was toad-ally hilarious, and it looks like you and Arman had a wonderful time! :)

  52. Dude. No frog legs here. If you want to cook with me, we are going to need a bunch of beer! :)

  53. All the times I’ve been to Koreatown were for desserts, haha! But I did have VEGAN korean BBQ on two different occasions 😛

    • Ah ha ha! They definitely have some awesome desserts but you know, me being me, I don’t normally pay attention to them 😉

      How was Korean BBQ?! I have never even been! Too busy wolfing down Spitz!

      • The vegan version is actually pretty good! My meat-eating friends love their version, but always get sooo stuffed afterwards haha!

  54. Had so much fun reading this!

    I had frog legs more than 10 years ago in a restaurant with a name I can’t pronounce somewhere in China. They were in gravy & my fuzzy memory tells me they didn’t taste bad, at least! And no pigs’ feet for me!

    • I think sauces and how they’re cooked make ALL the difference in the world… The way I made them, BLAND AS BLAND GETS… Yeah, NOT the best approach. Oh and I agree whole-heartedly… NO pigs feet for me!

  55. I love Arman!!!! Loved seeing him here and I watched the other video too. . OK, as a Korean, I have to ask .. why would you pick up frogs legs from K-town in LA (I used to live in LA: Marina del Rey, Santa Monica and then we moved to the Valley when we bought a house) . . there are SO many other choices in Korea town. . ???? Why not kimchi or beef to make bulgogi. . I’m not sure of your dietary restrictions but there are a ton of other choices that are more representative of Korean foods. Loved the video! Just didn’t understand why frogs legs? and if you live in Los Angeles and have never had Korean BBQ, you are missing out. Big time.

    • Ah ha ha! Oh I shop in Koreatown a TON… But I have never had frogs legs before and neither had Arman so we decided to go for it! 😉 We wanted to taste something a little out of the norm… Definitely had kimchi and beef before – he he. Although crazily enough, I have NOT had Korean BBQ yet… I am a little scare because of sauces… As my food allergies/intolerances are pretty extreme. But who knows, I shall expand my horizons in the near future!

  56. Hi GiGi,
    You crack me up. I always know that when I see one of your posts I am going to get a good laugh.
    Yes I have eaten frog legs and they were fried and i don’t like pig feet. As a kid we would butcher ourselves & my Mom would make the pigs feet – none of us kids like but my Mother & Grandmother loved and they ate it while we ate all the other good meat.
    Thanks for sharing on Real Food Fridays. Pinned & tweeted.

    • Omg wait…… You butchered pigs yourself?! I can’t…… Ha!

      • Hi GiGi,
        That’s farm life – butchering, hunting wild game that you have gut and butcher too. Someone has to do it – how so you think meat gets in a store? It butchered by someone.
        When we did it nothing was wasted from the animal – every part was used – we ate the brains, tongue everything a purpose. The fat was used for lard (Shortening) I never liked the brains but the tongue was quite tasty. We pickled the heart which I also liked.
        When you grew up on a farm it was a way of survivor and completely normal to us — it sure was a much healthier way of life then going to grocery store any buying processed factory produced junk and the processed meats that you get get now. It was hard work but well worth it. Marla

        • Oh I couldn’t agree more – FARM LIFE & growing your own foods = THE BEST way to live.
          I hate even thinking that there is CRAP in my “fresh” produce! :(

  57. Oh, my Salmon! Gigi, you made me laugh and gag at the same time. I’m so glad I discovered your blog — you’re too much! I’ll be making more frequent trips over here from now on!

  58. Totally bumped into his blog by accident when looking for a protein bar recipe before I saw him with you. And totally love frog legs. I was a weird kid, I loved them back as a kid in fancy French restaurants. So I love the recipe. My food bucket list: try an insect?

  59. Thanks so much for sharing with us at Full Plate Thursday. Hope you have a great week and come back to see us real soon!
    Miz Helen

  60. Fun post! I’ve had frog legs, need to try and make them myself!

  61. I am impressed that you not only tried them but made them yourself. I agree with you they are not a favourite, but I think they are best if seasoned or sauced enough to make up for the little bit of meat (sort of) you get. Thanks for bringing them and your video to Fiesta Friday.

  62. Ha! You always crack me up, lady! Looks like you and Arman had a fabulous time… which is duh, because he was hangin’ with you! I LOVE frogs legs, but they have to be crispy! However I haven’t made them myself since culinary school. You are inspiring me to make them again sometime soon! Cheers doll!

    • Ba haha ha! I have a feeling I may EXHAUST poor Arman… But HEY – I mean… I advertise who I am all over this blog, so … You know what you get 😉 Love him so much!!

      And you’re SO RIGHT – I think we needed to cook these FAR LONGER than we did…. Crispy = the best. When you make them again, share the recipe with me!

  63. Maybe you should give them another try. Once is never enough to make a final judgement.

    • You make an excellent point. My fiance actually really likes them, so perhaps I should make them again with him – we can grill them 😉

  64. I had frog’s legs and snails over on holiday in France – you should always try something once I believe but truth is it is the mussels and duck in France I couldn’t get enough of although I would eat frogs legs again but they don’t fill you up :) Thanks for popping by Pin worthy Wednesday Gi Gi

  65. That billboard Gigi, oh my gosh! I don’t know what I’d do if I saw something like that around here! Enjoy your frog legs…. X-p Thanks for sharing this at #FoodandFitnessFriday!

    • Oh man, do NOT come to Los Angeles… The billboards here are… Freaky. Comical. Scary. Eye-Opening… Way too many things rolled into one! HA!

  66. Sounds like you two had a great time and got to make a fun meal together. I would have no idea where to get frog legs where I live. Thanks for sharing on the #HomeMattersParty I hope you will join us again next week.

  67. hahaha, I can’t say I’ve ever tried frog legs, but…as with many other things, I’ve heard it tastes like chicken! They’re not quite on my bucket list. 😮 I’d just want copious amounts of salmon sashimi! 😛

    Have you ever had durian?

    • It does taste like chicken… Under-done chicken… So um. Gross. LOL!

      And I have never had Durian. But isn’t it the stuff that smells HORRIFIC??

      • Horrific is subjective, because I think it smells fine! I’m the only person out of my family that likes it though, so I basically never get to eat it. :[

  68. Hi GiGi,
    Thanks for sharing your delectable Frog Legs recipe at the Plant-Based Potluck Party! I’m Pinning and sharing!

  69. I have never had them before, but my husband has. Thanks for sharing this at Savoring Saturdays linky party! Hope you’ll join us again!

  70. This is amazing and so very bold!

  71. Hahah the title to this post is brilliant! You two certainly aren’t making me want to try frogs legs ha but you’re definitely right — it’s good to try new things! They can’t all be a hit. People squirm when I say I love escargot but man that stuff is delicious! I never would have known had I not taken that first squeamish bite though!

  72. Is it still cheating if I know baucese those things live in my nightmares? We have a beanie baby scorpion (don’t ask me why) and it freaks me out every time I see it. There is no way on earth I could allow my children to have a rubber one. I would have a heart attack whenever I ran across it.

    • BAH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!! Yeah, if/when I have kids – I will make sure they NEVER have any “pranking materials” ha ha! I bet their father will get all that stuff for them though! lol