You Deserve Applause!

I would like to give all of you a round of applause!

GiGi Dubois thumbs up

(Or I guess here… TWO Thumbs Up!)

Why exactly? Well because…

  • Some of you wake up at 4 am, run five to ten miles, cook up a protein pancake feast for you (and your family of six? ten? 15? Just you?), send everyone off with a healthy packed lunch (Suck it Subway!) and then you yourself trot on over to work in a sexy polished suit (or if you’re lucky, ass-hugging yoga pants), and you don’t even spill coffee on yourself!!

A coffee cup leaving a mark

 (Not today bitch!)

  • And some of you have run at least one marathon in your lifetime and are now hungry to take part in an Iron Man, Triathlon, or compete to become the next American Ninja Warrior! Or you’re just hungry for the latest flavor of Oreos but you’re RESISTING!

Banana Split Oreos (Who’s arteries have suffered through a binge fest of these?)

  • A few of you even do yoga, eat fire and juggle knives all a top a horse galloping through quicksand… Or in other words: you deal with emotional teenaged children.

Horse Yoga

(I have so many comments to say about this… That I have nothing to say!)

Yet you fail to realize how friggin’ awe-inspiringly phenomenal these feats are!

Far more amazing than Ellen Degeneres holding the record for the most re-tweeted message on Twitter… Or Beyoncé holding the record for the fastest-selling iTunes album of all time. 

Beyonce Lifting Weights

You should all be constantly reminded of your accomplishments (scroll through your Instagram feeds people!)… That’s why applause is necessary.

So go for it… GET APPLAUSE!

Get Applause is actually a healthy living, supportive and FREE APP for your phone that Vianessa (remember her from THIS video) works for… And because I am JUST SO AMAZING AT CLAPPING FOR PEOPLE… She asked me to be in a few videos on the app’s YouTube Channel

Get Applause Logo

That glorious time-wasting video streaming website… Is filled with masterpieces that are hidden by elephants getting randy

Elephant Sex

So it is Vianessa’s job to scour through the animal husbandry (?) and find you the latest and greatest healthy living/fitness/food videos that you’ve never seen… Or maybe you have… Hey, I don’t know what you do at work! 

From there, she splices these videos together dictated by a theme… She likes to call the series a healthy dose of Tosh.0 except PEACE OUT Daniel Tosh… And hello Vianessa (with a little of me sprinkled in there). 

GiGi and Vianessa

So go on. Check out some of the videos below


And let us watch endless hours of YouTube to try and find the stuff that’s actually useful… Like how to cuddle with a camel

Funny Workout Videos:

Healthy Recipes on YouTube:

Best Ab Workouts on YouTube:

So tell me… 

  • What’s your favorite YouTube video? (Calorie-Free Brownie points for picking one of mine! LOL)
  • Do you watch Tosh.0?
  • If you could be on any TV Show, which one would you want to be on and why?
  • Who do you follow on YouTube?
  • What’s your favorite flavor of Oreos?
  • What has been your biggest accomplishment in life thus far?


  1. And some of us just keep on keepin’ on and hope no one will notice, lol!

    General Hospital, of course!! Then Oprah second, although the original is gone. Maybe she could photo-shoppe me into a old episode.

    Oreos? Sometimes a cookie, is just a cookie :-)

    • I hate OREOS – so I hear you on the cookie is a cookie thing, ha ha! And Photoshop is a MIRACLE WORKER these days 😉

  2. I like The Soup. I have a huge Joel McHale crush and I think he’s hilarious. I’m not a big Oreo fan, though I do usually try each kind just to remind myself they are pretty much a waste of calories! OMG that video was so hilarious. Okay, I’m gonna go squat and laugh for an hour to see if it works. Haha!

  3. Haha … you lost me on the randy elephants !!

    I would LOVE to be on Doctor Who. In fact, I’d just like to work on Doctor Who. I don’t need to be on TV 😀
    Hate Oreos. Too sweet.

    • Bah ha ha! I tend to go on TANGENTS!!! But common, you know you’ve watched your fair share of RANDY ANIMALS on YouTube 😉

      And I hate Oreos too… But that’s because I hate chocolate and have a SALT-TOOTH.

  4. I heard that there are now smores oreos. My question is if they make double stuff of that….

    • GOODNESS I HOPE NOT! When are they going to make calorie, carb, fat, gluten, sugar, dairy, soy, nut and fruit free oreos?! LOL!!

  5. I laughed out loud, several times! We all need a pat on the back! This was great, and the gifs and pics made it even better (what the what with the horse?!).
    Hmm, my greatest accomplishment thus far is probably having kids, and they’ve survived me. I have too.

  6. I have been at war at myself lately as to whether I should get the red velvet oreos. I fear that it would just open up a giant downward spiral I would never be able to come out of though. Darn Oreos and their addictive stuffed center!

  7. I loveeee the sound of the flavoured oreos!
    I’m not sure if we can even get them here in the UK.
    -That guy must have a lot of arm strength!

  8. Ha ha ha! Funny workout videos, absolutely fantastic!

    What about chairobics though? Or is that taking it too far 😉

  9. Banana split oreos??? OH MY! We don’t have ANY flavoured Oreos over here, which sucks. I am going to binge on them when I am in the States this year.

    • No that’s a GOOD THING – I am sure those Oreos taste DISGUSTING!!!!!! And please DONT binge on them when you come over here, LOL! I will not allow it… When are you coming?

  10. Screw the Oreos, I WANT THE YOGA HORSE!

  11. LOL! I would be on Law & Order SVU or CSI. I love both those shows! One question…what the hell is up with that horse??

    • LMFAO Well if you are on those shows, wouldn’t you have to be the one to investigate the horse and figure it out?? 😉

  12. Hey Gigi! Great post today. I have a quick question for you… How did you do it? How did you get a horse to allow you to do yoga on it? Could you please explain? I would like to incorporate my dog into my yoga/calisthenics routine but so far he won’t let me…

    • That is a circus trick and I am not able to reveal how exactly it’s done.
      As for teaching your dog these tricks, perhaps an extra few pieces of bacon could help? Unfortunately I am not Cesar Millan!

  13. Hahaha! Oh dear – for one – that was one freakin fabulous job segueing into that Get Applause App! And for another, those were some insanely funny exercise videos! Oh my!
    If I could be on any TV show, I would like to pick “Jamie at Home” w/Jamie Oliver on the Food Network – or any Food Network show would do for that matter…cause…F.O.O.D.!!!!

    • Ah ha ha ha!! I am glad you like my segue 😉 I don’t know how my brain comes up with these things! But I am not complaining at all! HA HA.

      And you are more than welcome to come on my Food Network show 😉

  14. 4 am to run…sounds familiar. I’m all about that workout when I can’t sleep. HAHA.

  15. Lately I have been binge watching Mean Tweets and I was laughing as hard as that crazy woman in the workout video from 1980 – OMG! This is a great idea for a YouTube channel and I will definitely be watching…and giving myself applause.

  16. Love this. I’ll have to check out the videos after work. :)

    I’m definitely resisting/avoiding/hoping my Safeway never stocks the red velvet oreos. :)

  17. lol your posts are hilarious, Gigi- I love your pics you choose hehe 😉

  18. Hi GiGi! Happy Tuesday! I’d love to be on the ‘Family Feud’ because I have a wacky family and I love Steve Harvey. He’s hilarious and it would be so much fun. Plus we’d win . . . okay, maybe we won’t but it’d still be fun! This is so random––but you asked the question!
    The YouTube video was hilarious! 😉

  19. Those ladies laughing while they were “working out” were funny!!!
    And that yoga gif is one of those things that you just keep watching because it is so odd.

    • Ah ha ha! RIGHT?! When I found that GIF I was amazed for a good 10 minutes and then a little creeped out, LOL! But I couldn’t stop watching!

  20. Flavour of OREO? The question itself is blasphemous! Original is the only acceptable answer. Thanks for the applause, I think I deserve it!

    …the app isn’t available on Android yet, is it?

  21. We all deserve applause! As it happens, I set the bar low and will congratulate myself for almost anything I get accomplished, like yay me, I flossed my teeth!

    And I agree with Axel; the very notion of Oreo “flavors” is reprehensible. And they must, in my opinion, be consumed whole so you get white and black in each bite, none of this childish lick off the creamy stuff first nonsense, and oreos should always be accompanied by a glass of milk.

    (Haven’t had ’em in years, but if I do, that’s how it’s going down.)

  22. Oh, gee, if I could be on any TV show? I’d say screw Ellen or whomever: I’d choose your Youtube channel. Because Ellen or Oprah or whoever have nothing on the promise of making Dude Food with you 😉 . Brownie points right there, right?!
    … and I still need to mail you my address, I think.

    • Oh don’t you know how to flatter a girl! 😉 Well you’ll be on an episode or two SOON ENOUGH!!!!! And yes! Send an address to moi 😉

  23. Banana split sounds so much better than red velvet to me. Now you really made me want pancakes :)

  24. Like Dr. J – just keep going with few accolades… it is tough sometimes…. You know the world living where you do – it is almost always about looks.

    I would want to be on Ellen or Oprah or any show that might get me where I have bee trying to go for years – at 57 & what I have accomplished fitness wise, I think I can help in the talk sense… I don’t want to train. :) LOts in my head but I am not a book writer… just want to share…. :)

    I need to watch more YouTube but no time – I barely watch it! :)

    • You need to make one or two YouTube videos and submit them to ELLEN!!!!!!! She would totally find you intriguing enough to have you on her show!

  25. haha the workout video is SO funny, I love the one where the old lady is like crip walking wahahhahaha love your videos girl! xo C

  26. This is only confirmed that I’m not doing enough with youtube! I am missing out!

  27. Well naturally my favorite channel is mine right now, haha. Then again you may at least half approve of the drink we made on the show this week, Gigi, it has tea and fresh juice and (ahem) gin:
    So almost totally healthy:) and I follow your channel and like fitness blender for workouts. Clap clap clap (applause for your):)

  28. Oh sunshine you puzzle me with where you find all these videos and pictures. You have a weird weird mind.

    clearly YOUR yourtube channel is my favourrite although I have a secret one which I’ll tell you privately haha.

    TV show- The real housewives of Beverley Hills. I’d be Lisa Vanderpump’s left shoe.

    • Bah ha ha ah! I think my mind is why you love me and want to marry me 😉 Or wait, is it my US citizenship?? BAHHH HA HA AH AH AHA HA AH AHA!

    your videos your hilarity

  30. We only have boring plain Oreo’s here in the UK….at least that’s all I’ve noticed while desperately trying to avoid the biscuit aisle anyway 😉

    • You don’t need variety! It will tempt you to want to try everything… And it’s unnecessary! LOL! I think they have WASABI Oreos in Japan… Gross!

  31. Aw thanks for the ego boost this morning 😉 you’re the best!

    I used to watch Tosh.0 and loved how off-the-wall and random his stuff was. It was sometimes so funny I was peeing my pants but othertimes covering my eyes cuz it was so gross haha. Shock value, that’s for sure!

    I love me some traditional oreos, but I’ve heard nothing but good things about the red velvet ones!

    • I am always here to boost the egos!!! :)

      And hey, if TV shows didn’t have SHOCK VALUE – they would be canceled after episode one, so Tosh is doing something right for sure!

  32. I wanna be on Game of Thrones!! Give me a sword cause I have some dragon chopping to do. Faux dragons! I don’t want any blood and guts on me thanks! I have lots of practice from fighting with wrapping paper inner rolls and foam swimming noodles.
    Sometimes Tosh.0 is a little mean so I don’t always watch it.
    Oreos???? No!!! Pure icing sugar and fat. Yikes! And then they make it even more appealing by double stuffing or coloring it red for Christmas!

    • LOL so these faux dragons are…. Stuffed Animals? LOL. Are you okay with FLUFF getting on you?

      And I hear you on OREOS – I haven’t had one in…. Oh man, maybe like 16 years??? I never liked them to begin with, even when I could eat them!

  33. Hilarious as always! That yoga GIF is mesmerizing- can’t stop watching…

  34. Always enjoy coming here — the things I don’t know that you teach me are astounding. Or something like that! Fun stuff — thanks.

  35. Oh boy. These are great. I should make a video of how I get two kids and three pets all fed in the morning.

  36. This made me laugh so hard in so many ways. You crack me up. My biggest accomplishment….I would say running my first marathon after having 2 kids. You would think I would say being a mom, but the fact that I could find the time to train for something as big as that was huge for me!

    • THAT IS HUGE!!! BEYOND HUGE! So many people have the excuse that their kids take up so much of their time that they have no time for themselves, but YOU made YOU a priority!!! :)

  37. I just love this. Thank you for this it really made my day!

  38. WTF, I have a bad case of diarrhea. OH my GOSH. that is hysterical. As were your facial exercises. lol

  39. This is hilarious! I can not even believe some of these videos are true!!
    Thanks for the good moment!

  40. Now ya know my favorite YouTube video is mine! LOL! Anywho – never saw elephants “get Randy” before. And please stop with those funny workout videos – you all are killing me over here. LOL Hilarious. #wowlinkup

  41. And I just work to survive the day and have fun with the kiddo!

  42. I am not the biggest You Tube fan – probably because I like to read blogs while I’m out and about in public and it’s kind of frowned upon to watch videos while standing in line at the bank… or maybe I have a short attention span? And, I don’t like Oreos… what is wrong with me? I’ll take a chocolate chip cookie please.

    • Oh I completely understand! This is why I know that while I make videos for my blog, 1/2 of my readers won’t actually watch right then and there because they’re at work – that’s why I write enough and ask enough questions to engage people regardless 😉

  43. The man + horse yoga made me spit out my coffee this morning hahaha

  44. This post was hilarious! If I could be on a TV Show I would probably be on Law and Order.

  45. No Oreo’s for me never liked them, I’ll take some oily NY pizza over cookies any day. You were the first person I ever followed on line,,, ever :) follow some others now. My biggest accomplishment was not to die as a kid, rough start. Supernatural !!!! all the way, I want to be Crowley’s new foe and take over hell 😀 !!

    • YOU AND I… ARE SO SIMILAR! I HATE OREOS!!! HATE THEM! Gross! Pizza for the win! lol!

      And I am beyond thrilled you accomplished NOT dying as a kid! Really I am, you are an inspiration to so many :)

  46. Hehehehe dying at the workout video clips! And your funny faces!!!

  47. Did you know that Oreos are vegan? That is the reason my husband buys them (so he says), which means I have OREOS IN MY HOUSE!!!!. I actually don’t even like them, but there is something about their being vegan that makes me eat them once in a while.

    • I did know they are vegan actually, I wish they weren’t because at least some of the population of the world couldn’t eat them, because they’re so gawd-awful for us!!! At least you don’t like them (like me) because they’re NOT worth it!!

  48. Okay so my biggest accomplishment so far in my life has been carrying twins to 38 weeks, second to that was qualifying for Boston (4 times) and finishing an ultra in 2 feet of mud. That sounds like I’m bragging.. ew – but I am proud of all of those things. So my favorite TV show right now is Stacey and Gavin, I’d love to play Gavin’s mother or Nessa– that makes me laugh to type… yes, I’d love to play Nessa. Does anyone know this show? it’s on Hulu Plus… a BBC series. GiGi, it’s so funny that I need an adult diaper while watching– I am re-watching right now and it is full of subtle one liners and hilarious shit going on in the background. I am clearly a fan.

    • Well…… My life is crap compared to your accomplishments! HA AH HA!

      I have never heard of Stacey & Gavin but I have adult diapers because I am a HUGE FAN of shows that make me pee my pants so BRING IT ON!!!!! It’s not on Netflix? I don’t have Hulu Plus.

  49. I love this uplifting post! It’s great to recognize the every day amazing things that we all do!

    I LOVE those funny workout videos SO MUCH! Prancerize and that facial workout chick….unbelievable! Oh, and that horse yoga thing….oh my! There are some things you just can’t unsee, lol.

  50. Daniel Tosh is hilarious, possibly gay, but love it! He cracks me up – Especially his video breakdowns, ha! People do really stupid ish! You’re right that we don’t focus on our accomplishments and dwell too much on our failures, to-do lists, and what we’re supposed to be doing. It’s exhausting quite honestly. That looks like a really cool app – the interface is really pretty. :) Thanks for sharing GiGI and happy Friday love! -Iva

    • Nah, he’s not gay, that is just how Los Angeles men act… It’s a sad sad truth, LOL! Don’t be envious of me, that’s for sure!

      I hope you’re having a terrific weekend thus far, Happy Valentine’s Day my love 😉

  51. Your posts always crack me up! Yoga on a horse that’s so me LOL My biggest accomplishment is definitely my kids and seeing how well they are devloping makes me super proud *tear drop* Shark Tank is currently my favorite tv show

    • :) I am glad I can crack you up!!!

      Aw! And I love how you’re such a proud mama! That’s the way everyone should be!


  52. Where were you this morning when I needed you Gigi lol. I needed a round of an applause but instead I was looking at people like “Not today bitch” LOL. Great post as always

    Kay of Pure & Complex

  53. I want to do yoga on horse too, it sounds soooo cool!

  54. These videos are great! I’m going to go make my pb & onion sandwich to power me through my prancersising (spl?) and facial workouts. I might reward myself with a red velvet Oreo, though… not gonna lie, I really want to try them…

    • LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So did those PB & Onion sandwiches give you the lightning power you needed to squeeze your cheeks together? LOL!

      And were you able to sample a Red Velvet?? I hope NOT – lol!

  55. WHAT is that yoga on a horse?? I seriously stared at the screen for a good minute trying to figure out what exactly was happening. So funny! THAT guy deserves an applause! :)

  56. I hope this gets Tosh O’s attention…you would be perfect as a guest on his show! #wowlinkup

    • AWWW THANKS Markita! I actually have the opportunity to go to his show tapings, so perhaps I should go and just TALK A LITTLE TOO MUCH – ha ha ha, that’ll get his attention. 😉

  57. These ab exercises look mean. But I have to admit her abs are in mint condition. They probably belong to the top 100 abs in the world (maybe universe).
    Will try some of those, thanks!!!

    • Her abs truly are BOMB – and actually, she’s my friend and she’s getting married TODAY!! Her man is a lucky, lucky dude… And he has equally as TIP TOP abs!

  58. Wow do I have a ridiculously feel good attitude after this post 😛
    I may not do the running but I yoga occasionally and dance – next step? With a horse helper!

    Choc Chip Uru

  59. Subscribed to your channel. I wish I had your personality for my YouTube videos but I guess you have to be yourself LOL. I love the orginally Oreo’s and if I have a taste for them, I buy the small package of 6. #wowlinkup

  60. My favorite YouTube video is Jenna Marbles “Drunk Makeup Tutorial.” I cry laugh at that video every single time!

    My favorite type of Oreos to binge eat are Double Stuff Oreos! YUM!

  61. How can you hate Oreos?! That’s blasphemy! Although I have to agree that banana split Oreos sound disgusting…

    • Bah ha ha! I hate chocolate… That’s why I hate Oreos – I know, crazy business right?!?!?! What girl hates chocolate? LOL

  62. Pracercise is hilarious! I think that made my whole day when it came out!

    My husband loves Tosh.O but I’m not a huge fan.

  63. You’re a crazy genius. I’m subscribed!!

    One of my biggest fitness accomplishments was running a half mary. I’m signed up for another one this year!

    • I LOVE YOU AMANDA! 😉 You’re my SNAP CHAT LOVERRRRR! I don’t think I have anyone send me as many snaps as you- he he!!! AND WOOOOOO on the 1/2 Mary!!! When is the one this year??

  64. Not gonna lie- I kinda wanna try some of the new Oreo flavours, especially the s’more kind!

  65. I am *just* starting to get into youtube and of course I am subscribed to you! Not an oreo fan but I think my favorite vids to watch are dance videos.