Every Foodie’s Pin Up Girl

As I write this… I’m sitting in the spacious kitchen of Giada De Laurentiis.

Giada De Laurentiis cooking spaghetti in the kitchen

The aromas of olive oil, shallots, cloves and white wine are wafting through my nose… Signaling my stomach to start growling like a lion.

Okay, no. I am really just standing (yep, I have a standing desk) in my kitchen, inhaling the stench coming from my garbage disposal and my trash bag that should have been taken out a few days ago… Why is my RENUZIT Red Velvet Cake Gel Air Freshener NOT working? 

Screw the air freshener, what I really just need to do is whip up a recipe from Weeknights With Giada… Who wants some grilled fish kebobs with parsley and garlic or are sweet and spicy greek meatballs more your flavor… (I know a few of you out there who like your balls! LauraLindseyJodyBrittany…)

Sweet and Spicy Greek Meatballs, Giada De Laurentiis Recipe

And yes, you can make a recipe from this book on the weekend too!

The other day I got the chance to hang out with Giada. We gushed about everything from slathering coconut oil on our faces and our hair (she is the spokeswoman for Clairol by the way), to how to drop those last few pounds, to Bobby Flay cooking up wild boar, to secrets from the current season of The Next Food Network Star to… Who Giada would rather take a bite out of… Yes, I said “who” not “what”.

Giada De Laurentiis eating food

If you’re curious about how Giada keeps her tiny frame despite eating even the most “evil” of foods or who she thinks would win an Iron Chef like battle between her, Bobby Flay and Alton Brown, then why not listen to my interview with the hottie-chef!

This is one skinny chef you can certainly trust! 

Are you officially drooling? Well then further satisfy your Giada craving by cooking up one of her scrumptious recipes…

Giada De Laurentiis Lamb Recipe If you cannot read this… Click on the image!

Good 4th of July recipe, no?

So tell me…

  • Who would you take a bite out of… Between those two?! 
  • Are you a Giada fan? 
  • Who wants a GIGI EATS CELEBRITIES T-shit?! Water Bottle? (ah ha ha! I wrote t-shit and I ain’t changing it)
  • What do you think about the Paula Deen controversy?
  • Did you know Paula Deen has a website dedicated to her riding things? What if Giada had a website dedicate to her licking olive oil off of things? That could get… Inappropriate! 
  • If you were given turkey bacon, sun-dried tomatoes and seaweed, what would you make?
  • What is your favorite show on the Food Network?
  • Who would you like me to interview next?
  • Do you believe in the “everything in moderation” tip Giada lives by?
  • What’s your favorite food to cook?
  • Who likes balls?
  • You’re at a wedding… Chicken or Fish?


  1. I am so going to do that recipe!!

  2. LOVE Giada!!

  3. I haven’t heard about this chef..but she does look really pretty.

    • She is wonderful, if you’re into cooking, you should certainly look into some of her recipes. They are very easy to make.

  4. LOVE IT! Now if only I could cook! lol

    I’m one crappy cook…even with a great recipe! However, I am getting better as time passes.

    Stopping by from the UBC :)

    <3 southernmessmom.blogspot.com

    • OMG Becca, I seriously CANNOT COOK – next week I am posting a video recipe and lets just say, I am an idiot, lol!!!! But seriously, following a recipe makes all the difference! These chefs are geniuses!

      • I want to post some videos soon…trying to find a good FREE editor lol!

        I have done a few things that I think would be great added to my site…but we shall see in a week or so! :)

  5. Wouldn’t you have DIED if she’d said she wanted to lick oil off of you? I totally would have said that… because I’m cooler than Giada. In my head. 😉

    • Yeah, I probably would have fallen off the couch we were sitting on…………
      And uh, while it’s hard to compete with Giada, you may have beat her out in cool points! 😉

  6. Love your blog and your personality!!
    I am a complete Giada fan! She’s so great. Such a fun lady!
    Who wants a GIGI EATS CELEBRITIES T-shit?! Water Bottle? (ah ha ha! I wrote t-shit and I ain’t changing it)
    I love the whole “everything in moderation” tip. That’s a great way to live healthfully. Sometimes you just need an ice cream cone or a big meatball 😛
    I like balls.
    I would choose fish at a wedding. Usually at least!

    • Thanks Amanda!!! :) And I am officially Giada’s #1 fan, seriously SOOOOO NICE! :)

      Omg speaking of balls, I could really use some right now! So hungry… LOL… Wow, if you think “naughtily” you would think I am a MAN EATER 😉

  7. What a fun interview! I love Giada!

  8. Loved the interview! Jealous, total Giada fan. I made her Grilled Scallops & Orange Scented Quinoa and it was so good. I’m just learning how to cook and that turned out awesome. Everyone is pinning it lol You can find it by searching for Giada on my blog.

    I wish everyone would leave Paula Deen alone. I like her, whatever.

    Fish at a wedding. I don’t eat meat.

    • Mmmm! Grilled scallops! I am drooling over here.
      I am no chef myself, but recipes and recipe books are incredibly helpful! I made a recipe yesterday (posting the video on my blog next Tuesday) and it turned out utterly amazing!! Chefs certainly know what they’re doing!!

  9. So cool that you got to interview Giada – I love her!!!
    I have too many favorite shows on Food Network to pick one – Chopped, Diners Drive-ins and Dives, Next Food Network Star…..

    • I am completely obsessed with the Next Food Network Star! Have you been watching it this season? Who are you liking the best so far?! I actually went to the burger bash and ate Nicky Dinky’s burger. Wait, if you listened to the whole interview, you would know that! AH HA HA!

  10. Loved the interview ~ So jealous of your getting to spend time with her :-)

    • She was fantastic!! If you ever get the chance to see her in person, you should definitely go! You won’t be disappointed at all! :)

  11. Holy special effects :) as for the infamous butter clown, she brought on her own demise, nothing more. I would keep the bacon and throw the sea weed and dried tomato’s to the compost pile, don’t like either. I like making roasted lamb one of my favorites to cook. Moderation is good if you have control, as for balls what kind? cheese, melon, Bull, tennis ??? I don’t have cable TV so can’t say anything about the show, I have never seen it. Chicken. I’m ready for my GiGi shirt. 😉

    • Ha Ha! Butter Clown – I LOVE that nickname!!!!! I am kind of on the fence as to whether I care or not about her fiasco! lol. I just kind of find it amusing! 😉

      And you’re right, if you have control, have fun eating anything… But if you don’t, yeah, moderation may not be for you!

      Balls…………. Bull Balls – Yes! Those – Rocky Mountain Oysters, YUM! :)

  12. I never thought to use coconut oil as a beauty product. Love it! And I’m still trying the Coconut Oil supplements you recommended :)

    • Ha Ha! just don’t slather the coconut oil all over your face like I did, it made me break out! lol… But it really is good for everything! 😀 And I am still taking them too, I actually have noticed subtle differences… Or perhaps my mind is playing tricks on me?

  13. Giada is definitely one of my favorite, if not my absolute favorite Celebrity Chef! And there’s no question as to who I would take a bite out of…
    I am delighted by the Paula Dean controversy! I don’t necessarily like to see people put through the ringer. But she has been the polar opposite of all things healthy for so long that I’m certainly satisfied to see that taken down to size. Or, at least, see some of that size taken down off the billboards!!!

    • I won’t lie to you, I find the whole Paula fiasco quite amusing as well! I mean as you said, she isn’t exactly the poster “child” for living healthfully, so karma is biting her in the booty!

      And I wonder why Giada is your favorite 😉

  14. i like giada, she’s a cutie! but i’m not a big watcher of cooking shows believe it or not, so i don’t really have a fave celeb chef.

    • I actually don’t really watch cooking shows either, I watch competition cooking shows though – bring on The Next Food network Star or Top Chef! :)

  15. I LOVE GIADA! She and the Pioneer Woman are my two favorite celebrity chefs by far. And she’s ridiculously gorgeous and has an adorable baby girl and handsome husband. What’s not to love ;)?

    • I have never seen the Pioneer Woman! I gotta jump on that 😉

      There really isn’t anything you cannot love about Giada! She is 1000000% perfection! LOL!

  16. I had never heard of her! I don’t get out much :-)

    But that’s all changed now, thanks!

    Years ago I happened to share a table at an incredible Italian restaurant in Berlin with an English scientist that had chemically manipulated the growth of chickens for the industry. Never ate chicken after that.

    As for Paula Deen: I don’t like how she sold out to that diabetes drug company. As for her using that derogatory word, if it was 30 years ago and directed at the bank robber that had a gun to her head, I am willing to forgive her if she has evolved and no longer uses the word, nor the sentiment.

    • Dr J – You don’t have to go anywhere to see Giada, just flip on the TV, that is, if you have one? LOL. Well if you ever do want to get hooked on a celebrity chef, well she’s the one to get hooked on!

      OMG! I am obsessed with chicken. Well, now every time I eat chicken I am going to think about this English Scientist. Awesome, ha ha – Thank you for tainting my chicken eating experience 😉

      And I agree with you about Paula and the diabetes drug company. He whole persona is a bit flawed – and she did not do this well… Hope she fired her PR company & publicist. Ah ha ha!

  17. You should see my feet. Gonna slather it on so I no longer offend nobodies when I try to play footsies.

    • Ah ha ha ha!!! Take a picture of your feet before & after for your blogs! Talk about Yucky…. Yum! 😉

  18. oh my gosh, i love her!! and her recipes! and i love lamb, we love lamb! soooo making this!

  19. I LOVE t-shits! How’d you know?! :)

    Best line I ever heard about Bobby Flay was in that show Entourage when Ari called him a red-headed fire crotch. lol

    Paula Deen…………..LOVED her interview on the Today Show when she basically said he who is without sin cast the first stone. I don’t condone her behavior, but give her a break already.

    • I ADORE T-Shirts! That’s really all I wear, other than Lululemon No Limit tanks when it’s just super hot! lol.

      LMFAOOOOOOOO Bobby Flay really is a red-headed fire crotch. He ain’t the nicest of men either, however, I never had a sitdown, one-on-one with him, so maybe he isn’t so bad? Well, maybe that’s my next interview… Who knows what I have up my sleeves! 😉

      Paula, there are things I love about her, and things I don’t like so much…… I am really curious to see where she will be when this all blows over.

      • How friggen awesome would that be to interview him?! I would not be shocked at all if you did. I’m pretty sure you can accomplish whatever you put your mind to. :-)

        I think of Martha Stewart– she committed securities fraud, spent time in the clink and STILL came out on the other side smelling like roses. I’m sure Paula will be fine, but it will be interesting to see what happens.

        • We shall see who I cook up next 😉 Hopefully I’ll surprise you, lol! What if I interviewed Martha, asked her what it was really like in jail! Ask if she knitted every lady in jail some pot holders and if anyone made her their bitch! LMFAO!

  20. I love her & of course watch the New Foodnetwork Star along with a lot of other shows there! :) Wish you could have actually videotaped her! :)

    Oh yes, the balls – very funny!!!

    Thx so much for sharing her with all of us!!! I always am amazed how slim she is & all that she cooks!

    • I wanted to video tape it so badly, but the room wasn’t set up for that and my iPhone is literally on its last life so all it could do was tape record! That’s okay though, if you close your eyes, you can picture her, perfect as ever, sitting there and dishing the scoop with me! 😉

      I am an even bigger fan of hers now, she’s amazing! I am glad she is too because it would have been sad if she was a diva.

  21. Love this interview! I definitely agree that moderation is everything and making it a lifestyle like you said, not a diet. Diet = #theworst.

  22. Please become best friends with her, and then we can all hangout and eat Italian meals for DAYS!! Well..you can eat buttnutt squash and I will eat CARBY whole wheat PASTAAA!! AND BREAD OMG YUM! YEs yes yes everything in moderation..including non edibles..let your mind wander with that one.

    • What if I told you that Giada, Alton Brown, Bobby Flay and I are going out to dinner tomorrow night. Would you book a plane ticket to LA and be here in time?!?!?!?!?!?! We are going to Mario Batali’s restaurant Osteria Mozza… Where you you be able to jump head first into a vat of spaghetti……………………….. Makes you want to call in sick for work tomorrow now doesn’t it?! 😉

      I don’t practice the moderation rule with non-edibles by the way 😉

  23. WHAT?!?! This is unreal… she’s like my idol. I can’t believe you interviewed her! Amazing.

    • She is definitely a GREAT IDOL to have!! She does it all and she looks & acts great doing it! She is so down to earth, I wanted to talk to her for hours. If you ever get the opportunity to see/meet her, definitely don’t hesitate- ha! I have a feeling you wouldn’t :)

  24. I LOVE Giada!!! What a fun and great interview. She is one of my favorite celebrity chefs and you can totally trust her even though she is skinny. Her food is legit!

    • Ah! Thanks Tasha! Giada really is a gem to interview! She may be thin but she knows what she is doing, that’s for SURE! :)

  25. Seriously!!! Giada is a doll…if only the Gutsy girls could eat her style.

    • No kidding right! If only… However, I have found a few recipes in her book that we could modify!

  26. Great interview with Giada! Love her. I’ve actually been experimenting with face oil pulling to clean out my pores. It has helped with my acne. Coconut oil makes a great moisturizer! I use it all over my face. I had a few flare ups the first week I tried it, but my face has cleared up since. My face is so much smoother now. It sounds crazy, but it worked for me!

    • This just goes to show how there is no one-size-fits-all approach to beauty! Everyone’s skin is different and I am so thrilled that coconut oil works so well for you! :) It really is a miracle moisturizer!

  27. Giada is the best. #thatisall

  28. I love Giada!!! I make a pot roast recipe of hers that is to die for!!!!

  29. I WANT A TEE SHIT!!!

    zazzle me up please.

  30. LMAO at Miz! What a lucky ducky! I think Giada is SO adorable and genius in the kitchen!

    • I am so glad she didn’t disappoint. It always stinks when you love a public figure and then meet them in person and they suck!

  31. Fish Balls?! I must try.

    T-shit. I want lol Gigi me up!

  32. Haha! Your posts always kill me (the good way!).. I am a Giada fan, although I think sometimes she shows too much boobies! I like her recipes and she seems pretty genuine. And yes! I would love a “t-shit” 😉

    • Phew! I am glad my posts don’t actually KILL YOU, I would probably have to stop blogging if that was the case! lol.

      And hey, sex sells, right?! LOL!!!

  33. I’ll trade you a Live Lean TV tank for a Gigi T-Shirt and a shot of olive oil

    • A shot of olive oil out of my belly button?! AH HA HA HA HA no no no! I don’t do things like that. But I am def down for a trade-ski!

  34. I enjoy making bread products… flatbread, tortillas, pretzels, breadsticks… :)
    Thanks for linking-up at A Humble Bumble :)

  35. Love Giada!! The man in my life wants to leave me for her, should he ever get the chance. I’m not even joking lol. Heck, I would leave me for her lol

    • Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Well luckily, I think Giada is pretty happy with her current relationship, so your man ain’t going nowhere. I guess you just need to bake him some more love… 😉 — Yes, think inappropriately!

  36. Love Giada- great interview- good for you!!

  37. What a great interview– so awesome!!

  38. Sounds like a good recipe!

  39. Great interview, I loved it! And the recipe looks fantastic, I have been looking for a homemade barbeque sauce recipe for a while so this is perfect :)

    • Thanks Sarah! She was so easy to interview because she was just so sweet :)

      And I am glad this recipe helps you!!! Happy 4th!! Totally looking forward to some food photos on your blog tomorrow!

  40. that looks like avery nice kitchen you are so lucky! Happy 4th of July!

  41. I am definitely a Giada fan and I really want a t-shit…b/c I can’t cook for shit so it’s appropriate…but I keep trying!! I’m glad I found you so I can make (what seems like) simple recipes without screwing them up too much!! Thanks…

    • Ah ha ha! A t-shit. That kills me every time 😉

      Well, get ready because on Tuesday I am posting a recipe video that… Is actually SUPER EASY and CRAZY delicious! :)

  42. It’s too early to read such delicious posts! 😀

  43. I love Giada, she makes amazing dishes with fresh ingredients that you can feel good about eating! I feel bad for Paula Dean… but when you live in the spot light you have to really watch yourself.

    • Exactly. You have to be EXTREMELY CAREFUL when you’re in the limelight. However, Paula has been slowly but surely digging a grave for her career, ever since she came out about having diabetes. We shall see where her career goes from here!

  44. OMG! So jealous! I love Giada and her recipes! Love the interview!

    • Thanks Giselle! I love Giada so much more after this interview :) When I left her, she gave me her cookbook and said, “The next time I see you, I want you to tell me your favorite recipe” – Ah! So she expects to see me again, I like it! 😉

  45. Giada is amazing and of most of the Food Network chefs, I tend to trust her cooking the most. That and she is total eye candy for the hubs.

    Thank you for linking to Raising Imperfection.
    Please come back Friday to see if you were featured. :)

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

  46. Great interview! My favorite show is Chopped, I can’t get enough!

    Thank you for linking up to Raising Imperfection!
    Make sure to check back on Friday to see if you were featured.

    • I love Chopped TOO! Do you watch THE NEXT FOOD NETWORK STAR?? It’s probably the best show on the network, not going to lie – And it’s on tonight! 😉

  47. She’s awesome! We are watching her on the Next Food Network Star right now!

  48. So awesome Gigi! Also I had no idea you wrote for the Examiner. I read those articles a lot. I’m a huge fan of Giada!

    • Yes! I write for the examiner but def not as much as I used to! But now that I know- maybe it’ll motivate me to write more!

  49. I like Lindsay’s balls does that count?
    Her healthy bites rock.

  50. Giada is electric. There is something about her…. Oh yeah, its all the wonderful food she makes.

    • Ah ha! It seriously is! :) She is always so happy because she eats so well! No one wants a cranky chef 😉

  51. Thanks for linking up to Raising Imperfection this week while I’m a co-hostess! Please come back to Mommynificent on Friday to see if you were featured.
    Have a magnificent day!

  52. Visiting from Ahola Friday. I’d like to invite you to my Friday Flash Blog, where you can share your best blog entry of the week! The party goes on ALL weekend at thejennyevolution.com. And who knows, you may just get featured next week.

  53. Omg so amazing!! Seriously, I have been watching Giada for years, even back when she was doing “Everyday Italian”! She is my favorite celebrity chef and the ONLY one I record. Love her. Great post!!

    • Aw thank you! She seriously is just as great in person as she is on TV – she didn’t disappoint me AT ALL :)

  54. Definitely a Giada fan and totally all over making those Grilled Lambchops! :)


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