I’m Ripping Off The Band-Aid And Asking

Look at you riding in on your SPARKLING regal white thoroughbred stallion…


Oh wait… Is that just an obnoxiously stubborn braying gray mule?


Well, whatever. I appreciate you trying to channel your inner Old Spice Guy to come help me!

Old Spice Guy in Bathtub

That being said… I have to confess… I am the type of person who hates asking for help. HATES IT.


If I were hanging off the edge of a 500-foot glacier… Fingers slipping because I am known for being quite the “butterfingers” (which is ironic considering I cannot eat butter)… I still wouldn’t ask for help.

ACTUALLY… In that particular instance… I’d MOST LIKELY be shrieking and yelping for help so loudly… The glacier would instantly shatter… Thus not giving Superman enough time to save my ass.

Superman Fucked Up GiGi Dubois

But here’s a better example

Filming one of my YouTube videosI never ask for help. I do it all myself. Coming up with the content, producing it, filming it, editing it… All me. Maybe I shouldn’t be so proud of this, though, considering my videos are probably not as good as they could be, but again, I am not the type of person who likes to ask for help… 

GiGi Eats Celebrities YouTube Videos

And honestly, in some instances, it could be to my detriment.

But… I am about to bite my tongue and ask for your help, because without you, I might wind up splashing ungracefully into the icy cold waters surrounding said glacier.

So here goes… The Hallmark Channel’s Home & Family show is on the search for the BEST HOME COOK. Of course, I submitted a video… And I even helped promote the contest with Mark Steines and Debbie Matenopoulos a few weeks ago… (Video Below!)

But now… In order for me to be considered… I NEED YOU to LIKE MY APPLICATION and/or LEAVE A COMMENT!

Wow… I feel like I am on an episode of TOP CHEF... About potentially about to “pack my knives and go”. 



Before you and your valiant steed come to my aid, though… I want to prove to you (with a few scenarios) that I am worthy of this title, as I am pretty sure a bunch of you are thinking about how I should probably win the title of BEST HOT MESS as opposed to BEST HOME COOK

Here goes… 

  • It’s Friday… You’re dying to call Mr. Chin’s Chinese Bistro so you can play tonsil hockey with their beef fried rice… But you’ve got some leftover cauliflower and beef in your fridge that you know needs to be cooked… Just call me your delivery girl! 

Chinese Take-Out, Made In

  • You were dared by your sibling to take on the Whole 30 challenge (they’re not getting any holiday gifts) and now think your world will be forever bland and boring because, pasta, spaghetti, penne, rigatoni, farfalle, ravioli, etc… Are not allowed while eating that wayI used my noodle so you could say “pasta la vista” to pasta yet still feel like you can have it!


  • Thanksgiving is delicious. Fact. Cooking a Thanksgiving feast more than once a year is ridiculously excessive. Fact. Eating this recipe will have you feeling as though it’s Thanksgiving without having to baste a turkey, perfect the candied sweet potatoes, cream the spinach and face the relatives. Fact. You will now be gobble gobble-ing this recipe up all the time! You’re WELCOME!

Turkey, Butternut Squash and Kale Bites


  • Why is it that every time you cook chicken at home… It tends to wind up resembling a dog’s chew toy? NO LONGER!! You’re going to enjoy the ever living CLUCK out of this recipe, you certainly won’t be sharing any of it with Fido or Spot. 


Maybe… Just MAYBE these example recipes (I have tons more too) have convinced you to gallop over (cause you’re still on your horse/mule/pony/donkey/giraffe, right?) to the website where the voting takes place and endure the obnoxious process of signing up for an account so you can LIKE my application video (which also showcases another one of my favorite recipes)? Maybe?

Dreamjobbing-Home and Family GiGi Dubois

THERE. I did it. I ripped the band-aid off and asked for help. I would tell you how appreciative I am of all of you who decide to help me out (and to those of you who don’t… I hope you step in dog crap?), however, there really are no words for how thankful I am.

GiGi-Uh Oh

I will, however PROMISE all of you, that when (yes, WHEN, ha!) I get selected to be a guest host on Home & Family for a week between September 1 and November 4, I will certainly be shouting out to all of you who have continued to support and following along with my rather convoluted blog posts and videos each week! 

So Tell Me…

  • Didja… Didja actually LIKE my application!?
  • Do you think YOU have what it takes to win… If so, SUBMIT A VIDEO! Voting closes September 4th! 
  • Out of the above recipes, which one is your favorite/sounds the tastiest to you?
  • Do you struggle with asking for help?
  • What superhero would you like to come save your life, if you needed saving?
  • What’s your favorite cooking show on TV these days?!


  1. Best of luck! I hope that you win!

  2. Asking for help can be SO tough and I know asking for something like this is really hard. But I’m all over it! Liking and commenting. Good luck.

  3. How do you expect me to get beyond the first three pictures to the meat and potato of the post lady? LOL! You are hilarious and you make these dishes come to life! Thanks!

  4. You’re amazing. I’m sure they’ll pick you. Good luck. Let us know if you get chosen.

  5. Wish I hadn’t seen that photo of mint chocolate ice cream, now I want a bowl.

    • Girl, you can have 10 bowls of THAT mint chocolate chip ice cream! I eat the whole ice cream maker worth when I make it – because it’s 100% guilt-free!!!!

  6. Oh yes, I have voted for you. Of course you already knew that. I ALWAYS vote for you! You are engaging and entertaining and funny and a bit naughty and just downright WATCHABLE! I do hope you win!

    And yes, asking for help is downright difficult!

    • Elle, I seriously appreciate you so much!! THANK YOU! And I know you’ve voted for me in the past :) I wish I could make you one of my recipes as a HUGE THANK YOU!

  7. Good Good Good Luck to you. This was such a fun post.

  8. love shawarma – your recipe looks awesome!!!

  9. Good luck! I went and liked ya 😉


    You better win or else! I haven’t figured out what that “or else” really entails yet, but when I do *shakes fist* they’ll make sure to pick you!!!

    • BAH HA HA!!! NOW YOU ARE IN MY HEAD cause that’s exactly what I WAS THINKING – What exactly is “OR ELSE…” I am pretty sure you have already conjured up like 20 different “or elses” because… I HAVE ALREADY too! lol!

  11. I signed up just to like it. Good luck!

  12. That Thanksgiving recipe looks so good. I need to make these for dinner.

  13. Heidi Bee says:

    Liked your application! Best of luck to you, you would be a terrific choice!!!

  14. Commented and liked! Best of luck to you and I hope you win! <3 You'd be awesome and they'd be making a huge mistake if they didn't pick you!

  15. I struggle asking for help too! Usually I have 10000 things going on at once and will finally ask for help when it hits 10001 haha

  16. I went to the site and liked your application! You deserve the award for all the hard work and tasty, very creative stuff you make!

    Forgive me for this, Montana country girl, but I think that’s an Arabian horse and a donkey :-)

    • If that horse is actually ARABIAN – then I BLAME GOOGLE because it’s one of the FIRST horses that came up with I googled WHITE THOROUGHBRED! 😉 Or I could blame the fact that my Wyoming Country-ness did not educate me well enough?? 😉

  17. Goodluck!! I always have a hard time asking for help- I like to do everything myself!!

  18. [ Smiles ] I can clearly see that you are into food.

    Interesting blog post!

  19. Girl you are always cracing me up! hahaha The last time I saw an ass on a blog site, kim kardashian had just learned to twerk!

  20. Liked your application video! :) And the turkey/squash/kale muffins above sound so tasty. I need to make them asap!

  21. Personally I would never choose anyone but you, no matter the application. You’re a star!
    By the way, I legit hung off a glacier last week and I don’t recommend it. I had a guide and he pulled me up, but oh, the bruises!

    • OMG DO YOU HAVE A PHOTO OF THIS EXPERIENCE?! THAT sound absolutely terrifying! I am surprised a mystical MOOSE did not come to your rescue! 😉

      • Lots of photos, in fact! Not of the falling on my a**, though! I will be posting pictures soon, but if you look at my FB today, there’s a panorama photo that shows some of what we did. Make sure you can see the whole panorama. I’m all the way at the right!

        • Going to check it out now… And um, you KNOWWWWW you can always text me those embarassing moment photos – I won’t share them ….. Except on Instagram 😛

  22. Girl you are too cute! Choosing you is a no-brainer! Good luck to you I sure hope you win!

  23. Good luck, I good, don’t need saving.

  24. SHARED & VOTED & COMMENTED AGAIN!!!! You can always ask for help from us. We love you!!!!

  25. Guuurrrrrrl, I don’t know how people WOULDN’T want to vote for you! You’re stinking ADORABLE and your videos ROCK.

  26. I rocked the vote;)

  27. This sounds so tasty! :)

    I would love for you to share this with my Facebook Group for recipes, crafts, tips, and tricks: https://www.facebook.com/groups/pluckyrecipescraftstips/

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

  28. Don’t forget COOLIOS TRICKED OUT TILAPIA !!!! one of my all time favorites :) Gee the choices are so tough ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, yeah sure I’m with your party the “GEC” GiGi eats celebrities :)

    • YOU BETTER be with MY PARTYYYY!!! Or I will have “Captain” fly me over there to give you a piece of my mind 😉 hahaha!!! And yes, but of course… GOOD OL’ COOLIO – I feel like Tara and I should make another COOLIO recipe…. See if it’s any better than that Tilapia/Cod situation, hahaha! Hmmmmmm…… Maybe when we are in Italy/Greece 😉

  29. Woot! Good luck! I’ll vote!

  30. ..and still scrolling looking for where to vote ! You are simply amazing , if not you who else should rock the boat !? I sooo enjoyed reading , wow .. what a remarkable girl you are ! You’re doing a brilliant job , I so keep all fingers crossed for you ! Gooo for it 👌

    • Klaudia, I am 100% taken aback and in awe of how sweet you are – this comment blew me away and I am so appreciative!! If you didn’t figure out how to vote, I hyperlinked BEST HOME COOK/ MY APPLICATION/ LEAVE A COMMENT up above – hopefully, that helps. But my goodness, I don’t even care about the vote, because this comment was enough to make me feel like a winner!! :)

  31. You are the best – so entertaining, so cute and lots of fun! You deserve to win!

  32. Seriously, though…can’t we all just accept and admit that we curse in the kitchen AND when we are excited?! I hope you win!

  33. Giiirrlll, I got you!!! :-) xoxo

  34. You deserve this so much! Work has gmail blocked so I can’t create an account to vote/comment but I will spread the word!

  35. This would be the perfect job for you! Liked & commented!

  36. Oh fun good luck! What happened to that old spic guy anyways?

    • Bah ha ha! RIGHT?? Made you think about him now didn’t I? He’s alive and kicking though, working on his acting career here in LA!

  37. You are too funny ! This is my new go to recipe site, you’ve definitely got my vote!!

    • OMG this makes me so happy and totally just made my Wednesday and it’s only 7:15am! I can go to bed and wake up for Thursday now! hahaa!

  38. You would be SO awesome…left you a comment there just now!

  39. I love your crazy posts – but I couldn’t figure out where to go to vote for you!! Thanks for sharing on the What’s for Dinner link up and don’t forget to leave a comment at the party – Next week’s features that also leave a comment get pinned and tweeted!

    • I hyper-linked where to vote prior to sharing my YouTube videos 😉 But you leaving a comment here is just as good in my opinion!

  40. Fun post. And I hope you win. On my way to vote right now . . .

  41. That mule, I’m dying… But going to LIKE it now! Girl you don’t have to prove anything to me!!

  42. Oh my I love the humour in this. Good luck and I’d be rooting for you. xx

  43. Oh how cool!! I love your videos! Good luck!

    • Thanks Leslie!! I have loads of videos – so if you’re not doing anything this weekend… GiGi Eats Celebrities marathon perhaps? LOL

  44. Oh,hahaha!!! Love this post…I will “like” that application for sure!! Cheers Gigi :-)

  45. Go girl go! I hope you win! I love your sense of humor! I also LOvE mint chip ice cream! Can’t wait to try yours :-) YUM

  46. Good Luck! That would be such an awesome experience.

  47. Oh Gigi, you had me at “Sparkling” or was it the mule?

  48. Wow, what a cool opportunity, hope you win! You’d be great, good luck!

  49. Good for you for asking!! So many people are willing to help a girl out, we just need to speak up! You’ll nail it, no doubt!!

  50. All your recipes look so good. You deserve to win. All the best dear. Will like and comment :-)

  51. Wow, good luck – hope you win. And haha, love the first few images in this post, you are so great!

  52. Made an account and voted/liked an left a comment! You deserve this girl! Can’t wait to be watching you on the real tube!

  53. Just voted and commented! I hope you get to be on the Hallmark Channel!!!

  54. Asking for help is a difficult task for me as well but in this case, I am sure glad you did :) Best of luck! I hope you win!

  55. Liked and commented! Girl, you are going to get this, I just know it! You are too perfect for it and the whole network would be lucky to get you. Also, I’m extremely impressed you do everything on all your videos. That’s damn impressive 😃

    • THANK YOU Karrie! :) I like to call myself a “one man band” – haha However, I am terrible when it comes to playing musical instruments so maybe … NOT? LOL!

  56. Good luck and best wishes.

  57. I liked AND commented because I am SO PROUD of you girl! And then I’ll be on a mission to find some way to watch you in Australia haha!

  58. Wow, I gotta tell you. This post is super intense for the end of my day! But hoping you do well and win!

  59. Liked and commented (as soon as I activate my account lol). You do not need to convince me you are the right person to win 😉
    I have no problem asking for help. And I want the chicken shawarma NOW! Bring it to me pleassssseeeeeee???????????

  60. Goodluck! That is so exciting. Hope you win!
    It is always hard to ask for help. I am so independent too!
    [email protected]

  61. I love Home and Garden TV but I don’t get to watch it that often. Thanks for sharing your post with us at Creatively Crafty #CCBG http://tryit-likeit.com/link-party-it

  62. I liked and voted and watched your interview. You were so charming that everyone will just HAVE to vote for you,lol.
    I have a hell of a time asking for help as well and I don’t think I’ll ever get past it. I’m the helper not the helpee, damnit, lol. Funny though, the few times that I have had no choice but to ask for help, everyone jumped in. That should sort of convince us, right? We’re too stubborn!
    Good luck, GiGi, you’d be fabulous!!

    • I am right there with you! I am the HELPER! I love helping others, I never ever ever want anyone to ever think I need help – because generally I don’t – but in this instance, yep… I do! So I really truly appreciate you helping me out Robyn! I put your helpfulness to good use! 😉

  63. Okay created an account just to comment and like your video GiGi..go Go Go Gooooooooooo ou got this gal!

  64. I commented liked and the deleted my account. I hope that didnt affect my vote for ya! Too many subscriptions!

    • Oh I hear you – too many subscriptions for sure – we shall see if it helps, but honestly, I am just so appreciative that you went out of your way to help me!

  65. I suck at asking for help too! I think you would be such a great guest host and I hope you win!!! You definitely deserve it! I just liked your application and left a comment. Good luck!!!

  66. Good luck Gigi!

  67. I’m not a particular fan of asking for help either, but I know it’s necessary sometimes. And this sounds like the right time to ask for help =)
    I liked & commented. I hope you get this ’cause you would be AWESOME!

  68. Voted for you girl!!!! Good luck!

  69. It would be shawarma for me, nothing beats a good wrap!

  70. You’re a winner! We’re so glad you shared these healthy and delicious gluten free recipes at the Healthy, Happy, Green and Natural Party Blog Hop. I’m Pinning and sharing!

  71. Hi Gigi,
    Thanks for coming to Blogger’s Pit Stop last week.
    Janice, Pit Stop Crew

  72. I vote for you as much as I can, love! You’re the queen, GiGi! <3

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