HOT DOG! These Are Good!

The dog days of SUMMERWoof.

dog days of summer

It’s a universal truth that… SUMMER… SOOOOOO hot right now.

LosAngeles Temperature June 20 2016

I bet those Jenner girls along with their ridiculously “caked” minions are all TOTES JELLY of SUMMER… Because she is just naturally hot.


I wonder if these “asselfie”-taking obsessed ladies would be jealous of me around this time of year too because when the heat from the sweltering sun gets to me, I tend to turn into a pissed-off double-humped camel… And you know, camels have quite the PUCKER… And those ladies love themselves some big KISSERS.


The heat isn’t the only thing that transforms me into an enraged desert moose, though…

DOGS… They make me FUME as well.


I’m talking about the dogs that are typically hugged by processed, nutritionally-voice, cylindrical white flour buns… And enjoyed on steamy SUMMER days.

hotdog bun donut

Frankfurters. Sausages. Wieners.

Hot Dogs.


Whatever you’d like to call them… They’re repulsive.

In fact, hot dogs actually remind me of the Jenner girls, and their older sisters, in a way, because hot dogs are so processed (much like those ladies), you don’t even really know where they actually came from.


That being said, Cassie (a.k.a. Super Fit Babe) and I know exactly WHERE the foods in the recipes we are DEVOURING this week came from. However, my thought process in coming up with said recipes… ACTUALLY sort of remind me of both hot dogs and those baby hookers (?)…. In that, I have NO IDEA where they came from! 

HOT DOG… These “Dogs” Are GOOD!

FishDogs-PoultryDogsFor the Poultry Dogs

For the Fish Dogs

For Both “Hotties” (optional)

  • Romaine Lettuce Boats
  • Sugar-Free Ketchup, Yellow Mustard, Hot Sauce, Chutney, Tapenade, etc.

So Tell Me…

  • What are the weirdest toppings you’ve ever put on a hotdog?
  • Are you a fan of hot dogs?
  • Have you ever made your own hotdogs/sausages?
  • Do you love your blender, or would you rather use your own arm’s strength?
  • Who here follows Cassie?!
  • Can you guess what the significance of June 26th is?



  1. This is amazing. bhaha. I love all of the Kardashian references. I think its hilarious that I read this after scarfing down two hot dogs last night too haha. #whoops These look yummy though so OBVIOUSLY I have to try them!!

  2. Oh man…how can there be so much truth in a post about hot dogs? Preach it girl 😉
    I don’t eat hot dogs either [seriously, what’s even IN them? bleh!] but I do remember the good old days of eating corn dogs when I was like 5. I’d eat all the breading off first, because of course even at 5 I knew that carbs were the most important part of any meal. 😉

    • I HAVE NEVER HAD A CORN DOG before in my life, and I totally know I am missing something MAGICAL! Dang it! hahahahaa! Maybe one day I will try and make my own version, but I am sure it won’t be the same! I miss the days of ignorance sometimes – hahahahaha!

  3. Um, I LOVE this idea. LOVE it. Totally trying it out. There used to be a place here called Hot Dougs that basically is responsible for starting the artisan hot dog movement. They had alligator dogs, kangaroo, ones with crazy toppings… People would wait for hours in line. They announced their closing date months in advance and people took actual pilgrimages up here to go.

    • STFU! I wanna try alligator and kangaroo dogs. I actually have kangaroo in my freezer and asked Cassie if she wanted to make dogs out of it, but she doesn’t eat red meat, alas, that did not happen.

      What types of toppings do you like on your “dogs”? And yes. YOU MUST try these recipes cause they were kick you in the buns awesome! 😉

    • Yes to Hot Dougs! I’m so sad they’re gone! Also, love this! :)

      • Oh man, I am glad I never knew about it – Whenever I love a restaurant or a food product, it typically goes out of business!

  4. This post is hilarious! Love what hotdog’s remind you of (LOL!) and great healthy alternatives. I also just eat veggie dogs but tuna/salmon ones sound great!

    xO – Steph

  5. I never ever eat hotdogs… buuuut these look like something I could definitely get down with :)

  6. You got me hungry with those hotdogs! I think I need one right now! Got to go to 7-11 for a quick fix!

  7. Hahaha, thanks for having me on the show! I was just way too excited to see the video!! This was awesome! 😀

    And I’m making two turkey burger “dogs” (doggers?) today–and I’m STILL going to use my own arm’s strength! 😉

    • My friggin’ pleasure lady! So happy to have you in the kitchen with me, and I am so excited to continue and make many more in the near future so start thinking about some OTHER IDEAS 😛 While you chow down on those turkey dogs today but of course!

  8. Those do look amazing. I do enjoy a good hot dog at the Fourth of July to celebrate. I may have to give these a try.

  9. I love hotdogs! I had a friend who used to chop up tomatoes for her hotdogs. We would eat our hotdogs with tomatoes and mustard. It’s so good!

  10. I will hot dogs once in a blue moon. They have to be veggie dogs but these fish dogs look so much better.

  11. Great timing for 4th of July Hot dog ideas! Thanks!

  12. haha i actually like hot dogs! i don’t have them often but in the summer i’ll have one in lieu of a burger at a BBQ and of course you HAVE to get one at a baseball game. i like your alternative options, though, especially since no one knows what the hell part of a pig we’re eating when we have those things!

  13. I feel like Vegas might eat the meat version… we should pack a snack cooler for golfing. Mwhahaha!

    Sooooo… I used to work at Johnny Rockets in high school. It was embarrassing (bow ties, dancing… nightmare-inducing), but beyond that all the kitchen staff thought I was nuts for eating mayo on my hot dogs. And they looooooooved to watch me eat the phallic thing with white cream oozing out. I was SIXTEEN! Perverts.

    • The cooler will totally be filled with prepared food from WHOLE FOODS – DUHHH! LOL!!!

      AND HOLY FUCK. Don’t call me perverted but … Can I watch you eat a phallic shaped THING with white cream on top?! LMFAO…. Okay. You can call me a perv.

  14. I only eat hot dogs if it’s a corn dog. Silly I know. I definitely want to try these… even if they aren’t in a “hot dog” shape. They sound delish.

    • Ah ha ha! They do look insanely deformed, I must admit – HAHAHAHA! But they’re so friggin’ good. WE WOLFED THEM ALL DOWN!! 😉

  15. They are so bad for you but soooooo good! I haven’t ever made me own but I’m a picky eater so it’s either chili or mustard. No relish nothing fancy, not even bacon lol
    Your healthier alternative does look good.

    • Ugh. SO TRUE. Hot dogs are just so dang tasty. Seriously adore them, hahaha! Which is why I tried my hand at making my own, ha! Now, they don’t really LOOK like hot dogs, we tried so hard – hahaha… They do fit the bill and fill the hot dog desire for sure!

  16. I don’t really care what’s in my hot dogs, but clearly you wanna ruin that for me and that’s fine. I’m just gonna call you a dreamkiller from now on. Buuuuuuut you do kinda redeem yourself with the dogs you and cassie made. Can’t hate a dog that includes salmon *cough* biased *cough* but whatevs. Team fish dog!

    P.S. You still suck cuz we haven’t made salmon together :p

    • I will be back in JULY. If only you knew the headache that is my life right now. BUT SALMON does and WILL make it alllllllll better! 😉 TEXT ME YO!

  17. hahaha, I love this. 😛 I’d take those poultry and fish dogs any day over regular hot dogs! :]!

    I usually use my own arm strength. :O Yay for built-in workouts!

  18. ha ha love the Jenner/Kardashian analogy! Very true :) This is a great clean version for sure and I think my boys would eat the chicken and turkey dog.

  19. Great recipe and super funny comments on the KarTRASHians! 😉

  20. Bah hah hah! Your analogy between the Jenner girls and hotdogs (processed) is so funny! I don’t “do” regular hot dogs either. NASTY. Even my little kids think they’re gross! These versions sound much more appealing! :)

    • Wow! I am impressed that your kids don’t do them either! When I was younger, I didn’t know anything about nutrition and gobbled up those BAD (emphasis on BAD) boys!!! THRILLED you raised your kids well! :)

  21. Well hot dog! I normally don’t eat hot dogs but now I am gonna with your recipe!

  22. I literally never thought of the idea to make your own hot dogs haha. Regular hot dogs are pretty gross! Unless they come from a street cart in NYC, in which case they are somehow magically delicious.

  23. This is awesome! I so want to try these at my 4th of July Picnic!

  24. I despise hot dogs with a passion. I’ll only eat homemade ones and then not really. I’ll eat your dogs thou’ cause I know all those ingredients and like them too! #bringonthesummer
    BTW, your kylie jenner 2013 to current reference is hilarious!! Hahahahahahaha! It’s good to have money 😉

    • Ah ha ha ha! It’s good to have money?? ONLY if you spend it correctly, which…. She may “have”… Only because sure she looks pretty, but she’s such a HORRIFIC ROLE MODEL!!! HORRIFIC! So in that sense, money TERRIBLY spent. She was super cute beforehand!

  25. The thought of hot dogs makes me shudder! Ick! But your poultry dogs…gonna have to try those! Weirdest topping I’ve ever had on a hotdog – kimchi. But actually I love kimchi, and it masked the nasty hotdog, so it was pretty good. HA!

    • I do love me some Kimchi as well, I can agree with you on that one! It’s also an AWESOME source of probiotics and THIS GIRL needs and loves her probiotics! haha!

  26. Totally agree!

  27. Love the idea of making your own healthy hot dogs! I know I won’t touch one of those “frank”en-food versions! 😀

  28. I’m a fan of vegan hot dogs! I made some vegan chili dogs earlier this month as a trial run for 4th July! I saw recently a post about using carrots instead of hot dogs, apparantly roasted in liquid smoke marinade they mimic hot dogs! Who knew?

    • Oh snap! I think I saw that too! SMART SMART way of doing it for sure! However, I wouldn’t want any buns with my carrot dogs 😉

  29. This is one fun post! I’m not a huge fan of hot dogs. I don’t hate them though. I’m actually craving them right now, thanks to you :) Making mine would be awesome!

    ​​​LATEST POST: 6 Ways to Create a Photo Backdrop [for your blog/Instagram]

    • Ah ha ha! Well shoot, if you don’t want to make them, I highly recommend you try APPLEGATE FARMS hot dogs – now those are amazing… But making your own, always the best! 😉

  30. Janie Ashworth says:

    That looks DELICIOUS! I loved hot dogs on a camp fire until my mom’s cardiologist told her to NEVER eat them. He said that they were the worst ‘food’ ever! I gave them up with my mom😢 Your recipe is a great alternative. Thanks for all the work you do to make your site such a great success. It is funny, entertaining, whitty and the foods you create are delicious! You are the best.

    • Your mother’s cardiologist was 100% correct, however, there is a brand out there: Applegate Farms that makes the best and healthiest hot dogs on the market!! If you ever crave one (and don’t want to make one of these, he he)… I highly recommend you try and find them! And thank you for your constant support, it means the absolute world to me! Can’t wait to see you on Thursday!

  31. Such a great idea! No blender here so all muscle power for me!!!! I am NOT a traditional hot dog fan but I did eat as a fat kid. :)

    Great idea!

  32. I have to admit The Kardashians are a guilty pleasure of mine, and I do enjoy a hot dog about once a year. But the recipes you shared sound amazing!!

    • I have never watched the Kardashians… But seeing those who are super fans…. That’s enough for me to understand what they’re all about – hahaha! I don’t get it. Explain it to me! LOL!

  33. These dogs look AMAZING! I have to admit, I do love hot dogs on the grill in the summer (it’s the only time I eat them!) but would love to try a much healthier version like this!

  34. My family eats all beef hot dogs because of allergies. We each have different toppings. I choose relish on mine.

  35. I love putting sauerkraut and onions on my hot dogs!!

  36. I am Dr. J, and I am a hot-dog addict in recovery. Chicago style was my favorite with a Chicago made hot dog. Our crew knew that putting ketchup on a dog was sacrilegious. Mustard is the holy grail.

    I like what you made, as tuna and SALMON are the best.

    Is June 26 your birthday?

    • I don’t think I ever had a Chicago style dog before in my life – did that version have a whole bunch of meat on them too?? AND YES! I was waiting for someone to mention the fact that I put KETCHUP on the dogs – hahaha! When I ate the NASTY variety, I ADORED KETCHUP and MUSTARD on them! Sorry, not sorry, I was committing a HUGE FOOD FAUX PAS! He He… But since I made these dogs from scratch, I can do what I want 😉

      And yes – THE SALMON/TUNA mixture with the poppyseeds = ON POINT!! Soooooo easy and delicious.

      6/26 may… or may not be my birthday, tee he he!

  37. I have never tried hot dogs but this one looks amazing. I want to try fish dogs soon. Thank you for sharing this :-)

  38. Yeah I don’t do hot dogs. I’ll have a brat with sauerkraut and mustard once a year. The girls will eat them though and we get the Hebrew National 45cal dogs.

    Happy Birthday! I didn’t get you anything. What do you want? Prolly more Salmon.

    But the real question is this:

    • I WOULD SOOOO EAT MYSELF – if I were an Applegate Farms 100% grass-fed beef dog (look into those for your girls, I don’t want them eating those Hebrew National dogs, I don’t care how low calorie they are, ahha)! HOT DAMN THOSE PUPPIES ARE AWESOME…. And I mean, if I were either of these varieties, you bet “Aunt Sally” I’d be gnawing on my arm right now!

  39. I loved hot dogs as a kid! Thank god I don’t eat them anymore, even the vegetarian ones are processed logs of chemicals :( Great idea to make your own!!

    • Ugh exactly! People think vegetarian automatically means healthier – SO NOT THE CASE all the time, especially when it comes to hot dogs!

  40. I am not really a hot dog fan, if I do eat one on rare occasion, I just like mustard!

  41. I would love to try this recipe. It’s always good to know what one is actually eating!

    – Cait |

  42. Hot digity dog’s :) I made it it’s still the 21st by you. Creative fish combo I think that could break my fish phobia. I eat my fair share of hot dogs each week quick and easy for me. Good video :) The golfing pics are great !!!

  43. These look sooooooooooooo much more delicious than hot dogs! I need to make me some fish dogs as I cannot get enough of salmon or tuna at the moment!

  44. Its look sooo delicious. Perfect dish!
    thanks for sharing recipes with us here. Looking more from you dear

  45. Fish hot dogs??? I *never* saw that coming from you! Hehe. I do like all beef hot dogs BUT I rarely eat them because hot dogs are just not that healthy. I used to be all about ketchup when I was little, but now I’ll do mustard and chopped onions. My father in law grills these huge dogs wrapped in bacon and they are soooooo good.
    I have a guess that June 26th is your BIRTHDAY!!

    And holy cow, I can’t believe that Kylie Jenner looked like that just 3 years ago–good grief that’s a lot of work!

    • Have you tried Applegate Farms ALL BEEF Hot Dogs?! Now those ones… THOSE ONES you can get your mouth around 😉 THEY are so friggin’ good and really healthy, made with grass-fed/finished beef! 😮

  46. Yuuuuum! Your “hot dogs” look absolutely fabulous! We don’t eat hot dogs too often, but I must say that I secretly love them. Hee hee. When we do have them, I always look at the ingredients and buy the healthiest ones I can. However, now that you’ve shared these recipes, I MUST try them!!!

    • YES – you need to try making these… But if you’re short on time, get Applegate Farms hot dogs. THEY ARE THE BEST THING EVER (well, aside from making your own, but of course!)

  47. Thank God we don’t have that Kardashians gang here in Greece! I love, love hot dogs! Actually we all love them around here!

  48. Okay so your dogs could not help a vegetarian like me but it is not like all my wino posts help you so clearly the two of us need to go somewhere where all sorts of dogs, booze and non-boozy things exist? I feel like that exists in LA…Wurstkuche maybe? Never been but………..we should

    • I have never even heard of that place, I should GOOGLE. That being said, I am soooo not a pork eater, so GAHH! LOL! Do you like sushi?! I am obsessed with that shit. BAH HA HA!

  49. So these hot dogs look awesome! They would be something I would love to try ’cause I can pronounce everything in there! Favourite toppings on a hot dog? Hmmmm…..onion, mustard and hot sauce. It’s, like 9am, and now I want one, lol 😀

  50. Haha it did make me laugh when you compared Kylie to a hotdog, I wonder what she would make of that lol! The healthy hot dogs look good!

    • Well I tagged her in my IG photo and I mean, I am SOOOOO important that I am pretty sure she’ll notice? LMFAO!!!!

  51. Fish dogs? That is genius! We make salmon burgers all the time, but I never thought to make a hot dog version. Yes!

  52. Hot Dogs. You know what’s funny…when I was a kid I didn’t like them and only ate them if I had to. Fast forward a few years later, I was a vegetarian, and all of a sudden that was the only meat product I craved. Weird. Thank goodness for tofu dogs. I love your poultry dogs – I’ll def have to try them out this summer. My little kiddo loves hot dogs – so I’ve settled upon Applegate Uncured Beef Hot Dogs as the best option. It’s a little better than the the average dog 😉

    • OMG THE APPLEGATE FARMS HOT DOGS ARE THE BEST THING EVER! EVER I tell you – well aside from my creations, duh! 😉

  53. ha! You seriously crack me up comparing hot dogs to the Jenner girls. You can make me an approved hot dog ANY day of the year. I do love them, but I love my body more. Do you think Hebrew National are better than many, though?? I know they’re not approved, though. Sadness.

    • APPLEGATE FARMS HOT DOGS. Yes. Times a MILLION. You will adore them. ADORE THEM I tell you! As will Scarlett 😉

  54. The only thing I like about hotdogs is that they are ridiculously cheap and ready to eat in 20 seconds. This recipe defies the whole purpose of the existence of hotdogs.

    • Yes, yes it does. And I do love the fact that they’re ready in next to no time as well. If you have ZERO time but want hot dogs, then I highly suggest you look into Applegate Farms all beef hot dogs, they’re amazing and far healthier than any other variety on the market! :)

  55. Yum, I do love hot dogs. Yay for a much healthier version than the dirty ones I am used to eating lol 😉

  56. I don’t know- something seems fishy about these hot dogs!

  57. This post made me chuckle! And these are definitely hot dogs I would try!

  58. I try to remove myself from American pop culture, including the Kardashians, as much as possible but HOW is that the same person!?!?

    • THANK YOU! I love you for that. I try to, but um. I live in Los Angeles. In Hollywood. And I work in the Entertainment Industry. So…. YEAHHHH THAT IS HARD. HA! But seriously. It is NOT the same person!! RIGHT?

  59. Valerie Robinson says:

    I like the kosher hot dogs but I rarely eat them because my tummy hates me for it lol.

    • HAHA! I know what it’s like to have your tummy hate you! 😉 Have you ever tried Applegate Farms hot dogs?! Those “puppies” (har har) are amazing and do NOT hurt my stomach!

  60. There are some brands in the grocery store now that are no nitrates, preservatives, etc. Naturally aged and smoked. I’m blanking on the brands, but they’re out there. And they’re no too bad.

    • Applegate Farms?? That’s the brand that I would recommend above ANYTHING else! Grass-fed Finished Beef, and no sugar added! :)

  61. I’m sorry–I just can’t stop laughing when I read your posts! But so much truth! Yeah, hot dogs. Hmmm. I just can’t, really. Not when I think about what’s in them.

  62. Actually, from an ancestral health standpoint, despite the fact that it’s a gross thought, the traditional mishmash of parts in a hot dog is beneficial because we get things/nutrients from parts we normally wouldn’t want to eat – like organs and cartilage! The trick is also avoiding chemicals and antibiotics or inhumane treatment. Whole Foods has a couple lines of hot dogs that have the benefit of the parts and the lack of chemicals and inhumane treatment, so that works for me! <3

    • Unfortunately, these days…. Organs and Cartilage are NOT part of the hotdog equation, but I do like where your heads at – as organ meats are VERY nutritious! Applegate Farms hot dogs are pretty much the best hot dogs on the market in my opinion, have you had them??

  63. Wow, really creative! Never would have thought of blenderizing (is that even a word?) the ingredients, then piping them into a hot pan. Brilliant! Your fish hot dog is inspired. Thanks!

  64. I am kind of fascinated by the idea of “fish dogs”!! How unexpected!

    • Yes!! It’s a delicious combo!!! And throwing it in the blender is the best – DO NOT forget the Bagel Seasoning – it really brings out an awesome flavor! :)

  65. I made a Filipino style hotdogs before, instead of hotdogs I used a Filipino sweet style sausage called longaniza then I topped it with salted duck eggs, tomatoes, pickled green papaya and garlic mayo. Here it is if youre interested.

  66. Haha…as always, great post! :)

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

  67. I love hot dogs!! I never ever would’ve thought of making them from scratch. I never heard of fish dogs either. Sounds interesting!

  68. CourtneyLynne says:

    I do like hot dogs but im a total hot dog snob! My hubby gets so mad because I buy applegate organic hot dogs & they are pretty expensive for hot dogs…. Worth every penny if you ask me though to avoid a lot of the ridiculous stuff usually in hot dogs… Never even thought about making my own! I should def try that.

    • OH THEY ARE SOOOOOOO worth every tiny little penny! Seriously. They’re amazing. My fiance adores those – one of the FEW healthy things he loves…. He mixes them with Mac & Cheese. Ahem. No longer healthy. LMFAO!!!!

  69. Krystle Cook says:

    Your post made me giggle with that one graphic with the hot dog, bun and donut. Oh my gosh! Those hot dogs look awesome.

  70. Robin Rue says:

    I love all kinds of hot dogs and they are the easiest thing to throw together quickly whether it is for adults or children.

  71. Wow, I do like hot dogs, but only a certain kind that are without nitrites or nitrates. I KNOW we should be a lot healthier and not even eat them though. I’ve never put weird toppings on my hot dogs. lol I certainly have never made my own.

  72. You got quite interesting recipes here. I’ll surely give them a try instead of the ones we used to consume. I am sure this is definitely a healthy one! :)

    • You are certainly correct in your thinking :) It’s good to know what ALL of the ingredients are in your food!

  73. lindsay Cotter says:

    I like brats but the casein free kind. And their german so that’s hot. LOL! okay but i must try these fish dogs. I think i’d love! and yay Cassie! Love her

  74. These sound so good! Thanks for sharing!

  75. I used to get down on hot dogs when I was younger. Now I don’t eat them, but I like your take on them. Lol on all the Kardashians too…I used to be obsessed with them as well.

    • Have you tried Applegate Farms hot dogs?! They’re the best things on the face of the planet and SUPER healthy… If you don’t feel like making mine right away 😉

  76. Hot dog everyone but I like it plain. Only the sidings are mayo, green salad, catsup, hot sauce. Beef hot dog is superb like turkey. Well, hot dog is everywhere, anywhere…

  77. I thnk that the old Kylie Jenner is prettier than the current one.

  78. I eat the occasional hot dog. Cut back on them after seeing images of what they are made of. They do make for a quick meal though.

    • They do – they do! Have you ever tried Applegate Farms hot dogs?! I would say GO FOR THOSE if you’re looking for a quick meal! They’re made with the BEST ingredients and are SOOOO healthy!

  79. Gigi- These look FABULOUS!!! I have never seen the Bagel Spice, but what a great idea and combo of spices, Yum!!! Thanks for sharing at the Sunday Fitness & Food Link-Up, Pinned :-)

  80. Wow! Those fish hot dogs sound AMAZING:) Great summer recipe idea!

  81. I cringe thinking about how I used to eat raw hot dogs when I was a kid. I thought that they tasted just like bologna. Ewwwww. You know I don’t eat meat, but my husband and son, do, so will try the poultry dog for them. Love using sweet potatoes in items, too.

    • Oh man. Raw hot dogs huh?! I won’t lie to you, I am pretty sure I did the SAME THING when I was younger too!! GAHHH! The things we did when we were young and clueless!

  82. Oh well, the healthier option of food we enjoy is really the best way to go although sometimes it really takes effort.

  83. Thanks for sharing on Let’s Get Real Friday Link Party. I could see eating these hot dogs. Love when there is alternatives.

  84. I am laughing at the comparison of the Kardashian to hotdogs!!!! Love your recipe of healthy hotdogs.

  85. You know I don’t eat hot (or salmon) dogs, but I still love reading your posts. They always leave me smiling and happier when I’m done. :-). I hope you had a great birthday and thank you for sharing at the Blogger’s Pit Stop.

    • Oh I know, I am sorry Debbie, I know this one isn’t for you – but I am happy I can at least still entertain you with my posts :)

  86. I am so delighted that you shared these healthier hot dog recipes at the Healthy Happy Green and Natural Party!Thank you so much for sharing your gems and for your support! All the best, Deborah

  87. Haha where do I start!!! Yess to nibbling on Ryan G though!

    Come join this GIVEAWAY I am hosting at the blog this week for yoga/activewear brand AIRABELLA ACTIVE – Happy Tuesday!


  88. I used to eat hot dogs like it was my job and I have toned it down a bit in my old age LOL loved this post!

  89. I have them in a very bue moon, they do not taste very natural for sure. Love your recipes and the fact of fish or plcuk pluck option. I HATE the heat and humidity too, I will join you in the camle pen.

    • Have you ever tried Applegate Farms hot dogs?! Now those bad boys are UNREAL and soooo friggin’ healthy! You can eat them when the moon is ANY COLOR!!!

  90. I just want ketchup on my hotdog if not nothing. I will cut it in slice and add dip it with a soy sauce it with a rice.

  91. This is such a great idea!! Thanks for sharing the recipes!

  92. wow, thanks for sharing this is one for me and one for my mother who doesn’t eat poultry. Looks fantastic too.

  93. Thank you for sharing your delicious Healthier HOT DOGS with us on the Plant-Based Potluck Party Link Up. I’m pinning and sharing.

  94. Perfect meal for me. I tend to eat more. These hot dogs look really great and tasty. Thanks for the Amazing recipe.

  95. Reading this post reminded me of how my family and I used to have veggie dogs for 4th of July…haha, no veggie dogs for me this year today, but I did buy some for lunches this week!

  96. I like hot dogs! They are gross but so good… Never made my own. I’d totally let you share my hot dog and bite from the opposite side simultaneously 😉

    • APPLEGATE FARMS hot dogs are where it’s at if you’re too lazy or busy to make your own, FO SHOOOOO!! And little lady will love them too – I KNOW IT!!

      PS: I am 100000000% HONOREDDDDDDD that you want to LADY AND THE TRAMP a hot dog with me!