This One Takes The Cake


Blake Lively eating a cupcake from Sprinkles

(What she’s thinking: Welp… Guess I am going to need to run an extra hour on treadmill tomorrow…)


Brooke Burke Eating a Crumbs Cupcake

(What she’s thinking: F&#@ Pilates… I am going to exercise my arteries right now!!)

These two outrageously popular celebrity-infested “mini heart attacks in cupcake liners” shops ain’t got NOTHING on…

The GiGi Eats Headquarters!

GiGi Dubois with Cupcake

Why exactly?

Well because THE PINK HAIRED CHEF is in the KITCHEN today…

Mariko, the Pink Haired Chef and GiGi Dubois

And she is helping me BAKE (holy crap – since when do I BAKE?) up a batch of….

Pumpkin Cupcakes with Spiced Protein Frosting!


Those two sugar-coma inducing sweet shops better watch out!!

Soon enough* GiGi Eats will be coming out with a line of sugar-free, dairy-free, egg-free optional/vegan, nut-free treats that will have people scrafing them down as if the apocalypse is coming tomorrow!

Since this FANTASTICAL food line (shall I call it… Ha! I was going to change the F to a G in FOOD… But wait, what would be GOOD – FAIL) has yet to actually be produced… You’re just going to have to fire up your own oven and try out this recipe for yourself! Check out the latest GIGI EATS to see how these SINLESS and ADDICTING (Seriously, I ate about 5 mini-cakes at one time) are MADE!

For the cupcakes

For the frosting



  • Do you think I have what it takes to take on these two EXTREMELY POPULAR Cupcake Brands?
  • Have you ever made cupcakes? If so, what are your SPECIAL ingredients?
  • Crumbs or Sprinkles?
  • What’s your favorite cupcake flavor?
  • What are you most excited to bake this coming holiday season?
  • Would you rather eat 18 pounds of pumpkin or 18 pounds of Brussels sprouts?
  • Do you think you have a bigger mouth than Blake Lively? (I sure as heck do!)
  • If you were a cupcake, what flavor would you be?
  • Are you subscribed to my YouTube channel? If not, DO IT NOW!

*Yeah, when I meet a rich man who can help me FUND THIS flipping phenomenal IDEA!! Maybe I should post an ad on Craigslist?



  1. Looks great, might have to give this recipe a try!

  2. Those things are a powerhouse of a cupcake! Loving all of your guests on the show lately! KEEP IT UP GIGERS!

  3. You have some awesome guests in your kitchen! Love the recipe! Oh, and i never have the right tools in my kitchen, like toothpicks. I use a knife as a replacement. :)

    • I guess I COULD HAVE used a knife, but I think baking is far more complicated than it actually is! HA HA. πŸ˜‰

  4. Did I share the Cricket Protein with you ( This is seriously good stuff, and not one of those super-over-modified used-ta-be-food-like-things in order to arrive at a protein-like molecule.
    Oh, and the spinach just MAKES the recipe – seriously! You can’t do without it!!

    • I watched this show: SUPERMARKET SUPERSTAR and this guy was trying to plug cricket protein bars…. Definitely not MAIN STREAM yet but interesting. I don’t know if I can wrap my brain around that quite yet. I got a sample of elk antler protein the other day………….. Ha! Ever tried that?

  5. WHAT!!!! WHAAATTT!??! YOU ATE CUPCAKES…WITHOUT ME!!?!? OH my gosh I feel so betrayed! AND it’s a funky recipe with spinach, even better!! Although I don’t eat eggs…hmm..we must create a cupcake that is both vegan AND Gigi tummy friendly when we hangout…ok good. I love pumpkin, but would def rather eat brussels..even though they make me really gassy if I have too many.

    • I did, I did! And I put the leftovers in the freezer and about 3 hours later I walked into my freezer, took them out, warmed them up and shoved them ALLLLLLL down my throat. SO FLIPPING GOOD. HA HA HA HA! And the flax… Well, that just helped MOVE THINGS ALONG! WOOP WOOOP!!! LMFAO!

      Brussels Sprout Cupcakes with a Cauliflower frosting sounds absolutely mouth-tastical!

  6. Oh my goodness!! I really want to try these πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ YUM! Pinning it now

  7. I love Better with Veggies and have had this recipe pinned for a while, so maybe you’ll inspire me to actually make it! Great video as always – thanks for the laugh!

    • I know right! I pinned this puppy and was like I GOTTA MAKE IT!!!!!!! I cannot leave it in the corner like I do all my other recipes! Since it was so good too, I need to jump on making other recipes in my GET IN MY MOUTH pinterest board! Let me know if you make these!

  8. Yum!! I love cupcakes. Never tried making them before though. I guess this gives me a reason to :p

    • First time for everything! This was definitely my first time πŸ˜‰ It was slightly awkward but… it was successful and pleasing… Unlike other first times for some people! A HA HA!

  9. OOOOH Good Golly! THESE LOOK AMAZING!!! Love it!

  10. I”m so excited you both tried AND liked them – they are addictive!! I think I need to make another batch myself. :)

    • πŸ˜€ SOOOO addictive! I ate 4 when we made them right then and there… Then I put them in the freezer only to rip into them the following evening when I came home late at night… Downed 5! Ah ha ha ha!! I will certainly be making these again in the VERY NEAR future! :)

  11. I LOVED these when Heather posted them! It’s almost exactly what I put in my microwave chocolate cake. Now I’ll be making them en masse.

    Also, I want pink hair. No, I want blue hair. ‘Cause I’m punk rock old.

    • I remember reading that this recipe is very similar to your mug cake! So I should have dedicated it to you as well!!! But don’t worry, I will be making one of your recipes VERY soon! πŸ˜‰

      And you could rock green hair if you wanted!!

  12. Oh my! With an ingredient list like that – I could eat a dozen a day!

    I haven’t used spinach in my cupcakes, but I do use avocado, greek yogurt and apple sauce … I gotta try this version! Specially now that I know it doesn’t smell like cow poop! :)

    • I must try AVOCADO in my recipes more often now that I have “popped my guac” – lol, if you didn’t watch my guacamole recipe, then you might not get that, LOL!

  13. I would eat these if they were in front of me, I’m not set up to do any baking in my kitchen. I will bake in someone else’s though, I do like making apple and cherry pie on a rare occasion. If I eat a cup cake , which I cannot even remember when I did last, it would be vanilla with lemon frosting. Come to think of it that’s the cup cake I would be. Pumpkin over Brussels sprouts, way better I think. Try marketing your product locally at specialty shop, or at a local fair or event. The hardest part would be the legal aspect, usually first stop is a lawyer. Nice video, liked your new guest. CC is not safe, my opinion.

    • While I definitely have a kitchen for baking, I do not have all the equipment so everyone brings the stuff to me! HA HA. So I am right there with you, not much of a baker.

      What if you mixed pumpkin and Brussels sprouts? I have definitely had that combo before, not too shabby – HA HA. Oh my, I cannot wait for THANKSGIVING!

  14. Looks delicious….do you have a substitute for egg whites??

    • I got the below from – Because… Well, I need to educate myself too because I am feeling the EGG effects on me RIGHT NOW!! :(

      We will make these at Thanksgiving if we are together?

      Baked Good Substitutes
      What about in baked goods? Here are some egg substitution ideas. Each option is equal to one egg:

      -2 Tbsp arrowroot
      -1 tsp baking powder + 1 Β½ Tbsp water + 1 Β½ Tbsp oil
      -1 Tbsp tapioca + ΒΌ c warm water
      -2 Tbsp applesauce
      -”Flax Eggs” – 1 Tbsp flax + 3 Tbsp water, let sit to gel for 5 minutes. Whisk.

  15. WOAH – I actually have all the ingredients for these in my kitchen. That NEVER happens when I see baking recipes. Well la di da, FANCY THAT! Lookin good lady.

  16. I never knew about sexy cupcake holders! Do you they’re appropriate for my kids halloween party?? I’m sure these cupcakes will be a big hit with the kids! Thanks again GiGi!!

    • Oh they are SO appropriate for the kid’s halloween party, because they won’t even pay attention to them, they will just RIP THEM OFF and dig their fangs (because your kids are dressing as vampires, right?) into these deliciously moist cupcakes! I hope you do make them for Halloween, cannot wait to hear how it goes!

  17. These look actually like halfway healthy cupcakes, that doesn’t even seem possible :) And I LOVE anything made with pumpkin (would anyone choose brussel sprouts over pumpkin?).

    • HA HA. I actually DO know a few who might go the SPROUTS route, as WEIRD as that sounds!!

      And BELIEVE IT BABY – these mini cakes, HEALTHY HEALTHY, they’re not dressed up in a Healthy Halloween costume, lol!

  18. Wait, Gigi eats CUPCAKES? What’s this blog coming to? Actually those look like fun.

    • Bah ha ha! I know right!! What on earth is going on! I was shocked myself when I discovered this recipe!!! And pleasantly surprised!

  19. I am so lazy in the kitchen! Yes, I bake my protein bars/muffins & VERY EASY food for me but that about does it… I can send email you my address & I will do a a-taste test for you! πŸ˜‰

    • I am SO lazy in the kitchen too – I only cook when others are there to HELP ME, lol!! If you can bake protein bars and muffins, you can totally make these too – you don’t need me to send you anything πŸ˜‰

      PS: We live pretty CLOSE to each other! We could have a baking day πŸ˜‰

  20. I’m the most “un”baker type person ever – I’m just too lazy. I like to cook but baking is not my thing!
    And – I might actually go with Brussel sprouts over pumpkin (not a pumpkin fan).

    • YOU AND ME BOTH! I do not bake. I made Mariko bring EVERYTHING to my house because the only thing I have is a knife and a cutting board. THAT IS IT. lol!

      And WHHHAAAA!??!???!! You’re not a pumpkin fan? Do you like any winter squash?

  21. That is a very interesting list of ingredients! How does all that Stevia taste…does it leave a weird aftertaste? Super cute video!!

    • You know Brandi…. I have been eating stevia for 11 years (and no real sugar for that long too) so to me, stevia doesn’t give me a crazy aftertaste. That being said, we did use a little TOO much in this recipe, so it was a bit sweeter than we would have liked – I think we did one or two too many drops or something off the recipe, so if you don’t want so much AFTERTASTE, just reduce the stevia by a few drops πŸ˜‰

  22. I’m totally baking deficient and challenged!

    I like chocolate cake with white frosting cupcakes.

    I’ll call my cupcake flavor, “You’re gonna need a doctor after this!” :-)

    • You and me BOTH Dr. J – Hence WHY I need guests on my show when I cook things, LOL!!! πŸ˜‰

      OOOOO and I am intrigued by your cupcake flavor and want to learn more about what’s included!

  23. So fun and totally DElicious looking!

  24. Oh girl, I’m absolutely horrible at pinning recipes that I never end up making. I don’t even know why either… maybe because there are so many good ones out there that it just gets overwhelming?! But I’ve gotta say… I don’t think I’ve ever come across cupcakes laced with spinach. Sneaky, sneaky…

  25. Since I love love love pumpkin, I need to find a way to make these with the 9 (!) egg whites :-)

    • You could definitely use FLAX or HEMP-“eggs” or you could use some apple sauce! I promise any egg replacer would work great :) Give it a shot!

  26. Take them on Gigi! Your Craigslist ad will have tons of responders to help you. I love Blake but I can outdo her anytime. My favorite is red velvet no cocoa, not healthy at all but I rarely eat sweets and baked goods.

    • HA HA! I have had my fair share of WEIRD responses whenever I post anything on CL… Including a……….. EXACTLY : fill in the blank! LOL!!!!

  27. I need to make these! Yum!

  28. see?
    Im a misfit.
    now I wanna BE ON GIGI EATS and dye my hair purple while making BEET COLORED cupcakes.

  29. These look yummy, I’ve been on a pumpkin kick too! Mmm, but I do like brussle sprouts too, so hard call on the 18lb question

    • How about dipping brussels sprouts in pumpkin? LOL!!! Now that sounds like something Dunkin Donuts might come up with next?

  30. i gotta make these! i have sun warrior protein so you know, it’s on like donkey Kong!

    • YES!!! I love Sun Warrior – would probably work EVEN BETTER in this recipe! When I come over to dinner we can make them together, lol!

  31. Oh yeah! All over these!

  32. I like the fact that these cupcakes use a ton of eggs and that they are loaded with protein! I also like the idea of the dark chocolate with the pumpkin! Yum!

    • All around this recipe is BOMB! :) I love that this CUPCAKE is super high protein too, keeps you nice and full. It’s a complete meal with a great balance of healthy fat, high fiber carbs and high protein! SHA-BOOM! LOL!

  33. My sister likes to make cupcakes. I normally prefer muffins. Yours sound great! Thanks for sharing at the Healthy Tuesday Hop. :)

  34. So good. Sweet potatoes are awesome too. But pumpkin is so in right now. Salmon? Some day, it will be a salmon cupcake.

  35. I love to make cupcakes! I appreciate that your recipes here do not have crappy, processed ingredients. I like to make both fatty and light cupcakes with as natural as I can find components. I am currently in a cake decorator class and cringe when they tell us what we have to use for the class in terms of products XP Needless to say, I don’t really eat my homework, lol.

    • I would NEVER EVER advocate crappy products!! I am thrilled that you notice this :)

      OMG how can you be in cake decorator class and not taste it? Do you get a lower grade because of this? Are you going to go on one of those CRAZY AMAZING Food Network shows where they decorate cakes to look like SKYLINES or movie characters?!

  36. Yum! These look great and I love that there’s spinach hidden in them!

  37. I pin like it’s my job and never make even 1/8 of what I see. Though, sometimes I’m pinning for clients, so maybe it is my job πŸ˜‰ Thanks for making these and reviewing. I just might have to get into the baking mode!

    • Get into baking mode this weekend! :) It will not only make your house smell AMAZING and COZY but you will get a sweet treat and have fun cooking too!

  38. I’m pretty sure I’d want to eat 18 pounds of pumpkin!!! Screw brussel sprouts!

    And I’m definitely going to try these cupcakes!

  39. Wow, these look yummy!! I love pumpkin and I love that there’s spinach in there too!!

  40. If I were a cupcake?!!! I’d be devils food. Bwahahahhaha!

  41. Haha, you’re hilarious, so glad I found my way here. Cupcakes are a great love of mine, particularly red velvet, but I’ve never attempted baking them before. Can’t wait to try these out! Not sure if I’d be able to wait till the’re done to dig into them though, they just look so good!


    • LOL! If you can tell by the trend… I only COOK WHEN people are in my videos with me, because I am a piss poor baker/chef – LOL!!! However, everyone who joins me motivates me to actually practice patience when I am making stuff.

  43. That was such a fun video! I’m in love with the pink hair πŸ˜€ Ok, so many questions…I like to add almond extract to my cake. I could eat more brussel sprouts than pumpkins.

    • You’d rather have more sprouts!! Wow, your mother must have LOVED YOU when you were little (well, of course she still loves you, but you know what I mean. LOL).

  44. Oh My Gah those cupcakes sound amazing!! I love pumpkin anything so this is right up alley! If I were a cupcake flavor I would be pumpkin, chocolate and almond butter swirl yummmmmm!!!

  45. Carrot cupcakes…with a cream cheese frosting…just in case you’re ever looking to find the way to my heart πŸ˜‰

  46. YUM! What a tasty take on cupcakes. I’d have to put funfetti cake near the top of my list, as artificial as it is. :) A once in a LOOOONG while treat to enjoy! :)

    • HA HA! Funfetti. Soooooo good… BUT SOOOOO BAD! lol!! As long as it’s a ONCE in a blue moon treat, I guess it’s ok πŸ˜‰

  47. Sprinkles. That is all!


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