Not So Devilish Deviled Eggs

To some… Eggs look about as devilish as this guy…

John Stamos as a DevilAll fantasies of Uncle Jessie… Just fizzled.

But really, they are probably one of the healthiest foods on the planet; SUCK ON THAT KALE!

Deviled Eggs are tasty!And one of the the tastiest too, I might add!

In fact, eggs

  • Are loaded with antioxidants
  • Contain high quality protein and healthy fats
  • Have the vitamin and mineral profile of a multivitamin

AND… They:

So really, eggs should be looked at like…

GiGi Dubois Excited to eat Deviled EggsTHIS!

Unfortunately, some preparations of eggs, are not so angelic.

Deviled eggs, for example, (I mean, “devil” is in the title), are not extraordinarily heavenly to your health… And it’s ALL THANKS to the globs of mayonnaise used in the traditional recipe.

Evil MayoThis is the star of the next horror film: GASTRIC DISTRESS. The movie hits theaters October 31, 2014!

By the way: If you click the “globs of mayonnaise” link above, you’ll notice this mayo’s brand is: BEST FOOD! Such an OXYMORON!! This is a picture perfect example of FALSE ADVERTISING!!!



Bloggers Yell at me!

Yea, Yea, Yea! SCOWL & ROAR all you want…

BUT all of you secretly know, being GOOD tastes EVEN BETTER!

Eating Eggs is FUN!

In our latest DUDE FOOD episode, Whitney and I transform this “demonic dish” into something far more cherubic!!

Healthier Deviled Eggs

CRACK OPEN, not just ONE but THREE healthy variations of this EGG-STRAORDINARY TREAT:

Classic Deviled Eggs (4 Halves)

Healthy Classic Deviled Eggs

  • 1 Egg Yolk
  • 2 Hard Boiled Whole Egg Whites
  • 2 Tbs Green Onion
  • 1/2 Tsp Spicy Mustard
  • 1/2 Tbs Olive Oil
  • 1 Tsp Black Pepper

Mexican Style Deviled Eggs (4 Halves)

Guacamole and Salsa filled Healthy Deviled Eggs

  • 1 Egg Yolk
  • 2 Hard Boiled Whole Egg Whites
  • 1/4 Avocado
  • 1 Tbs Salsa (mild, medium or hot depending on your mouth’s HEAT METER!)
  • Salt & Pepper, to taste





Spicy Tuna Deviled Eggs (4 Halves)

Healthy Spicy Tuna Deviled Eggs




To make all versions of these eggs:

  1. Boil eggs for roughly 10 minutes.
  2. Place eggs in ice bath and when cool, peel and halve.
  3. Discard one yolk but keep the other.
  4. Mix all ingredients depending on which version you want to inhale.
  5. Stuff your egg white cavities and shovel in your mouth like there is NO TOMORROW!

So Tell Me….

  • Do you consider yourself an angel or a devil and why?
  • Word association: I say Mayo, you say…..?
  • What would you fill an egg white cavity with? That just sounds so wrong…
  • Have you ever had a deviled egg before? Prior to this experience, I never have!
  • Out of all of the unhealthy foods in the world, what should Whitney and I recreate next?
  • Do you believe the egg/cholesterol dispute!?
  • If you could force feed one celebrity mayo, who would it be and why?
GiGi has never eaten a Deviled Egg before in her life!This is the face of a girl who has NEVER eaten a Deviled Egg before! MIND BLOWN!

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  1. I absolutely love deviled eggs! I would add little bits of bacon and a slice of jalapeno to the Mexican ones. YUM!

  2. I love the collage! Haha Omg that avocado deviled egg recipe sounds amazing! That might be the perfect thing to bring to a spring party.

    • Oh heck yes it is!!! Seriously, it was a mouth explosion of flavor!! I highly recommend it! 😉 And I am glad you like the collage, ha ha!

  3. Haha you are so damn clever and creative with your egg talk! I LOVE EGGS! Give me all the gooey yolks and I’m a happy camper! And mayonnaise is legit the most filthy disgusting food out there (although I did just see bull balls at the farmer’s market, that mayyyy trump mayonnaise)!!

    • Ah ha ha ha ha ha ah ah aha ah aha ha ha ha ah aha ha ha ha! Have you ever eaten bull’s balls though?! You’ll be singing a different tune after you chow down, LMFAO! And uh…. You’re going to find this disgusting when I tell you but… I have castrated a horse before – AHHH HA HA! Makes you lose your appetite a little bit, no? 😉

  4. Sorry, but I can’t stand eggs! Blech!!

    You say Mayo, I say CLINIC :-)

    I still believe that too many eggs will affect cholesterol in a bad way.

    My best friend as a kid loved what he called an eggy-pie. toast with the center cut out and filled with a fried egg!

    • Ah ha ha! Each to their own Dr. J! I actually shouldn’t be eating them because they make me tired but sometimes I just cannot resist! There are worse things in life 😉

      AND NICE ONE – LOL – My mom would say the same thing about Mayo/Clinic!

      Oh and that egg preparation sounds like an egg in a nest!

      • Eggs can be part of an over-all, healthy diet… I think watching my mom feed my infant baby sister raw eggs scarred me for life!

        • GAHHHH!! Yuck. My mom totally scarred me when it comes to eggs, but I got over it (after about 10 years, lol) – so perhaps, if you tried them again, you would not be so ANTI egg?! lol…

  5. Yum these look great. I love the substitution with mustard. My favourtie.

  6. Deviled eggs at Easter were always a thing for my family. I guess they still are. Oh, and Thanksgiving. How about healthifying nachos!

    • Thanksgiving??? That’s one I have never heard of before!! And I like it :) The perfect way to hold you over til the TURK is DONE :)

  7. I consider myself an angel. I think you would agree. Basically I’m perfect…I mean come on, look at that face!

    Also never had deviled eggs and don’t think I ever want to try them. Love me still.

    • Oh yeah, you’re my little ANGEL! lol… And you’ve never had deviled eggs?! I would think someone who loves to make recipes would be a Deviled Egg aficionado! Ha! I had never had Deviled Eggs prior to this experience, but hot damn, I might turn into an egg now because I am what I eat??

      Alas, it’s okay – You’re still my “ANGEL” – bah!

  8. I love love LOOOOOVE these ideas! I love eggs…and I am obsessed with deviled eggs. Growing up in the south, these were a staple at picnics, barbecues, etc. But they definitely ladled on the mayo. I liked the spices and the texture of a hard boiled egg but not so much the filling.

    The Mexican Deviled Egg is pretty awesome – will definitely try that out this week! An interesting idea is to switch it around a bit and use an avocado skin with some avocado still inside…and then baking an egg within that. Take a spoon and gobble that up – delish paleo snack!

    And as for the next “unhealthy” snack you and Whitney should recreate…I think it’d be interesting how to make healthier versions of “fried” food. Like ways you can get that same texture or crispiness but healthier ways to do it?

    • WAHOO! Please make them this weekend Sharri!!!! THE BOMB! They are seriously THE BOMB! I really love the spicy tuna one, however, the other two are equally as EGGCELLENT! LOL!!!!! The Mexican style one, MOUTH ORGASM FOR SURE – lol!!

      And yes! I like the re-vamping of fried food concept, I will discuss this one with Whitney :) xox!

  9. So happy with how this video turned out!!! And I think the 45 minute food photo sesh paid off too :)

    Now I want more! YUM!

    Go Team DUDE FOOD!

    • Hut Hut, HIKE! LOL – When you say Team Dude Food, I totally envision us on the football field, hiking eggs? LMFAO!

      And dude, seriously, have 2 – 3 hour photo sessions, your photos make my mouth water!!!!!

  10. I hope you don’t get lethargic all week from eating these eggs!! I fucking HATE EGGS!! I swear, they make me sick just thinking about them now..sorry!! I also didn’t watch this video because I am sitting in the car dealership, next to the woman that ate the Swiss cheese toast…SHE JUST GOT A BAGEL TOO!?! WTF STOP EATING! OK I am getting angry. OMG this bagel has Swiss on it too..I need to move or I am going to smell like this shit. My comment has almost nothing to do with this post. MAYO IS SO GROSS!

    • BAHHHHH HA HA HA AH AHA HA AH HA! I don’t even know how to respond to such a comment. This is why I love you. Randomness, just like me. I want a piggy back ride from a gorilla.

  11. I love eggs, but I HATE mayo!! def trying these!!

    • Definitely DOOOOOO :) You’ll fall deeply in love! I bet Baby D would LOVE THEM TOO !! Just sayin’ 😉

  12. True story: I rocked that devil look to a Halloween party… the hostess is now my wife! Couldn’t have pulled that off with a halo…

    I like devilled eggs, but that Japanese one (no Wasabi?) looks awesome.

    • Ah ha ha ah! Perhaps I should dress up as a Devil… TOMORROW, so I can find the man of my dreams? Do you think it would work for me?

      AND YOU ARE RIGHT – Wasabi!!! I had some too, Whitney and I don’t like SUPER SUPER spicy though, but I think I might mention in this recipe you can use wasabi too! :)

  13. I have had deviled egg many times and I can’t stand all the mayo. I am in EGG LOVE with your recipes and am totally making each one! I am even bringing one on Easter and sharing.

  14. Ok first of all, nothing can ever ruin the Uncle Jesse fantasies. John Stamos is untouchable.

    Second of all, I have an unhealthy love for deviled eggs! It’s probably because I hated eggs as a child, so now I’ve got to catch up for lost time.

    • John Stamos SERIOUSLY can do no wrong. That man, SWOONNNNN!

      Please DO catch up on lost time, these recipes will DEFINITELY help you! I need to buy 4 dozen eggs right now so I can make some! 😉

  15. These all sound yummy! I just sub Greek yogurt for the mayo anytime I want “traditional” deviled eggs.

  16. You. Are. So. FUNNY! I love your posts :)
    Thanks for linking up with us today :)

  17. Yum, I’m loving your healthy alternative devilled eggs. I would make every one of those recipes but I especially like the Classic.
    I didn’t know eggs were ok cholesterol-wise but happy to hear it. The American Heart Association came out a couple of years ago and announced shrimp is not a cholesterol problem either. What’s with all the mixup? I love eggs so I’m a happy camper.
    I would force feed mayo to Kevin Costner. I know he’s an old guy but he got me at Dances With Wolves and I’ve never let go, lol.
    Great post, GiGi!

    • Eating cholesterol does not cause high cholesterol, it’s such a misconception that the AHA really needs to clear up ASAP! Eating trans fat and processed foods is what causes high unhealthy cholesterol levels!

      So jump on these eggs and shrimp – Hey…. Shrimp stuffed Deviled Eggs perhaps??? And then feed some to Mr. Costner!

  18. Thanks for linking up with us! I make deviled eggs often and actually just found a recipe for Hummus deviled eggs!

  19. Although I have heard of deviled eggs I have never tried them yet. I didn’t realize that there could be different variations. The Mexican ones sounds so delicious!

    • I had NEVER tried Deviled Eggs prior to making these either!!!! But let me tell you, my world has flipped upside down since I tried these suckers! I know yours will too :)

  20. Well if I had to choose I would be an angel like Castiel on Supernatural, little good little bad. You say Mayo I say Huevo. These are an all time favorite good with a dash of paprika to. I think that little puke singer should have some mayo,because if being a jerk isn’t enough he is trying to drag everyone around him down to. Nice outfit GiGi,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, well I’m of to the gym ROPE CLIMBING :) Thanks lady’s

    • I wish we put a dash of paprika on the original ones, but hey, that just means we need to make them AGAIN! :)

      Enjoy the gym!!!!! I cannot even remember the last time I did rope climbing, but I do love rock climbing!

  21. I love the idea of using avocado in deviled eggs!
    and, I think we have the same taste in guys! hah. Oh, John Stamos.What a hunk!

    • This could be a problem!!! We might butt heads if we both want to sink our teeth into the same sexy man meat!

  22. You say Mayo, I say..totally gross. My entire family hates mayo and that’s that!
    I was at a winery once while pregnant and we were given a beautiful free tour because my sister knew a guy. Well I felt like I had to somehow support them financially even though I wasn’t drinking, and I bought a cookbook from their gift shop. The whole book is deviled eggs recipes! I was so happy to know that many of them DIDN’T have mayo!

    Oh. And I feel the same way about lobster rolls. Around here, it’s all mayo. My husband makes his with just garlic and butter.

    • YOU’RE SO LUCKY that your family hates mayo – When I was little I used to eat White Bread & Mayo ONLY sandwiches – SOOOOO repulsive!!!!!!

      I would be so curious to look at the recipes in that deviled eggs cook book! However, I am sure they’re all on pinterest now? LOL!!!

      Mmmm Garlic & Butter is such a phenomenal combo!! Or nix the butter for coconut oil! 😉

  23. Please tell me you are joking about not eating a deviled egg before! :) These look delish! I actually love eggs, period. Love them! I am so going to try the mexican variation above. they sound ridiculously good!

    • By the way, MAYO. I grew up eating mayo on white bread as a sandwich. Loved it. Actually, I know it sounds kind of gross but I still love it although haven’t had it in forever.

      • Ummmmmm Maria – we are twins. I USED TO DO THE SAMEEEE EXACT THING!!!!!!!!! It sounds downright gag-worthy now, but back then, MMMMMM! Ignorance is bliss, no?

    • I honestly had NEVER had one before in my life, however, from the comments I have been getting on this post, it’s NOT that uncommon, LOL!!!

      I am actually not really supposed to be eating eggs, but screw that, LOL!!!!

  24. I have also NEVER eaten a deviled egg because mayonnaise makes me want to hurl! However, I’m loving the variations because I absolutely LOVE eggs! They are usually part of my power-up breakfast!

    • No mayo here – GROSS GROSS GROSSS!!! I really hope you include these for your power breakfast – make some TOMORROWWWW :) I promise you, your day is going to be 80000x better – LOL!

  25. I eat so many eggs its ridiculous!! But I have never been a deviled egg fan, in fact I don’t like hard boiled eggs either. I like my yolk to be all runny! Because I am wild like that

    • Oh baby, I LOVEEEEE me a poached egg any day, runny yolks make me oh so happy! You can totally make deviled eggs with runny yolks – I mean, clearly if you’re wild… You like it messy too, right? 😉

  26. I LOVE deviled eggs. I make a version with horseradish I love:
    and want to try your Mexican Style ones! Although I have to say one thing about mayonnaise-out of the jar from the store, yes it is terrible for you but if you make your own it is basically olive oil and an egg yolk so not too shabby at all, health-wise. But then, who makes their own mayo?;)

    • I MUST try with horseradish soon, sounds amazing :)

      And MY FATHER MAKES MAYO!!!!! With Olive Oil, Yolks, Mustard and a tiny bit of tomato paste – IT’S THE BEST… Especially with Lobster!! Mmmmm!!! But you’re right, Ain’t nobody got time for that… EXCEPT retirees? LOL!

  27. ahhh love me some deviled eggs! i totally want to try the sashimi one. Brilliant! but i thought you couldn’t eat eggs?

    • The deal with me and eggs: Eggs make me very tired. This is why I am not supposed to eat them. They make me tired for about 4 or 5 days. I can still function, I am just super lethargic, which is why I really shouldn’t eat them ALL THE TIME and try my best to avoid them – however, I will eat them for a recipe like this!!! And the sashimi one is 100000% LEGITTT :)

  28. I LOVE deviled eggs and all 3 of these versions look awesome – like maybe they should be lunch tomorrow!!
    Was that really your first time to have deviled eggs?!

    • YES! make them for lunch tomorrow – DO IT, and please please let me know what you think! :)

      And yes again! This was my FIRST TIME EVER having deviled eggs!

  29. Egg-otistical haha that’s a new one. I’ve seen deviled egg recipes using greek yogurt instead of mayo but never olive oil (or avocado or tuna for that matter). Definitely gonna give these a try 😀
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Ha Ha! Full credit goes to Whitney for that one, LOL!! She’s definitely got some funny vocab up her sleeves!! 😉

      Let me know what you think when you try these: I want to know which one is your favorite, it is so very hard to choose!!

  30. Wish I liked deviled eggs… I think the mustard/mayo is the turn off for me… I don’t like either! BUT I do love plain hard-boiled eggs :)

    • You could still eat them, just ditch the mustard (and of course the mayo)… You could mix the yolk with some hummus or tapenade or just olive oil and green onion!! :)

  31. Eggs make me sad, though I always loved the taste. Deviled eggs are delicious.

    • I knew you weren’t going to like this post – ha, but I always appreciate your company 😉 And I really need to make a vegan recipe SOON!!!

      • You’ll probably think this doesn’t sound good because you eat the real thing, but my newest obsession is an “egg” muffin made with tofu that is sprinkled with black salt, which has a sulfery smell and taste. It’s been years since I’ve eaten an egg, but this tastes just like one.

        • I could actually see that as being really tasty! It’s not that I don’t like firm tofu, it’s just it screws with my stomach! :( I am glad you have found a great replacement for the beloved eggs though!

  32. love me some deviled eggs. I think I would fill the cavity with avocado . . . or hummus, or bacon bits

    • I need to try this hummus version! And I definitely just got a great idea of mixing some tapenade and throwing it in the egg white cavity!!! We can make eggs for every country! LOL!

  33. Mayo –> jizz. Seriously. Ewwww!

  34. I love the Mexican Deviled Eggs idea! I do love eggs. For a long time, i didn’t eat them or only egg whites because of the whole cholesterol thing but now, nope. Eat them regularly since they are such a great source of protein.

  35. Subscribed!!
    You say Mayo, I say SICK!! It makes me want to…sorry. But ijust can’t. That’s probably why I would feed it to Rihanna – I think she does a good job, but can’t she just eat mayo instead of getting high all the time?? That would do her good.
    I can not decide Gigi, these all sound SO like my taste. I want them all. Like, now.

    • Oh Lucie, I am right there with you – NO NEED TO BE SORRY about that! Mayo has no feelings anyways, LOL!!! And I would GLADLY shove mayo in RiRi’s face too, she bothers the shit out of me! LOL!

      And make these handsome devils this weekend and let me know what you think!!! :)

  36. You are the yolk to my egg white. Actually, kidding. I am the yolk to your egg white. Yolks > whites.

    Ex oh Arman and gigi eat celebrities…after the seafood buffet. Can we be both angelic and devilish?

    • Good thing I love me some yolks! Let me get my mouth on your cholesterol 😉 BAH HA HA HA!!!

      The more we talk about this seafood buffet, the more I get dehydrated from my DROOL!

  37. I think I’ve only had deviled eggs once and it wasn’t very good. However your versions sound much more appealing!

    • Lets change your thinking!!! Make these this weekend and I promise you, you’ll be craving these little DEVILS!


  39. i’ve never made deviled eggs before . shoot i’ve never made hard boiled eggs! i do like them though and the healthier the better! :)

    • WHATTTT YOUUUU Linz have NEVER MADE HARD BOILED EGGS, I am in complete and utter shock right now! I have a feeling you and baby would LOVE THESE… And you’ll love the tuna ones AFTER baby is born of course! 😉

  40. I need to make the avacado ones! Yum.

  41. I love Deviled Eggs! But never thought about avocado. Thanks!

  42. Love the scowl faces! And YUM- I need to make these eggs!

  43. I love those Mexican ones, great idea of combining deviled eggs and avocado+salsa.
    I might make some for TIY!!!! :)

  44. I love eggs, but something about deviled eggs makes my stomach swirl.

    • It’s the MAYO!!!! Since we ditched it, Deviled Eggs are my new besties! LOL!!! They know how to comfort me when I am in a bad mood, that’s for sure! ah ha!

  45. The spicy tuna deviled eggs sound EPIC!!

  46. Umm why on earth would you discard one yolk? That’s WASTEFUL! Tomfoolery I won’t have it, I LOVE the yolk :) I eat eggs almost everyday, they’re freakin’ awesome. Your version of deviled eggs sounds way better than the original, ive never made it but i know it took mayo. Sippin’ on tea with no sugar 😉 and have some baked pears WITH cinnamon – my bf like devoured half that twat now ill have to bake some apples tonight, lol. :) Happy Hump Day lovely GiGI! -Iva

  47. I LOVE deviled eggs! My grandma makes really good ones, although a little too much mayo like those eggs up there! haha still relish though!

  48. Can you believe I’ve never had a deviled egg? I’ve always stayed away at Easter because they looked weird. Now I’m going to have to try one :) The Mexican style deviled egg sounds awesome!

    • I can believe it because I TOO have never had a deviled egg prior to this experience! AND HOLY HOT DAMN, it was AMAZINGGGGGGG!!!! I highly highly highly recommend it! Your mind will be BLOWNNNN!

  49. This is the funniest post! I am a Deviled Egg kinda girl…not so much mayo but Dijon mustard. I’m spicy too! Thanks for some fabulous recipes!

  50. I LOVE deviled eggs and almost always take them to or serve them at get togethers. I’m bad and like the kind with mayo but I love trying new varieties. I make a spicy kimchi version that I loved (it has cream cheese and a little mayo). I will have to add your healthy versions to try out soon :)

    • OOOO A spicy Kimchi version sounds super intriguing!! I must experiment with it, sans mayo (& Cream Cheese) of course 😉 I hope you try these out this weekend because YUMMMMM you will NOT turn back to the classic mayo-laden version again! Seriously!!!

  51. Hubby LOVES deviled eggs with real mayo! :) I would use my love of TJs sweet & spicy mustard that I use on everything!

    Being into weights & bodybuilding in younger years, we know how great eggs are as a source of protein! They do make me toot though! 😉 I know, TMI but it is you so… :)

    • You need to make Hubby one of these ASAP :) He will love them even more than the mayo version, PROMISE!

      TMI??? What does that even mean, 😉 AH HA AH AH!!!

  52. I like eggs. Good to know they are so healthy. Good as a multi-vitamin? Cool! Thanks for sharing your post at the Healthy Tuesday hop!

  53. You guys are so fun! Sounds good on all the versions.

    “Exotic”… too funny!

  54. Eggs are delish!! And I totally want to make these healthy deviled eggs!
    Oh yeah, and everyone thinks I’m an angel, until they get to know me :)

  55. LOVE LOVE deviled eggs, but don’t make them very often because I like to save them for special occasions- like barbecues and Easter 😉

  56. Mayo…Maaaaayoooo daylight come and me want to go home 😉

    These look all kinds of devilled deliciousness. I don’t think the bad version are as popular here in Australia as they are there but its time to make the good ones popular over here that is for sure. Especially the tuna one, nom!

    • Ah ha ha ha ha! Thank you for your beautiful song this AM 😉

      What’s the most popular dish over there in Australia?! I have yet to go and discover it for myself!

  57. Ok so I don’t usually like deviled eggs because I don’t like mustard but GIVE ME those mexican styled eggs right now!! Also that pic of John Stamos is uuuuuber creepy haha

    • You could totally make a hummus version too!!!! 😉

      I cannot believe you don’t like mustard – lol! I cannot live without it, I can however live without the Stamos photo too! lol

  58. When you say mayo I think “gross” haha! I am not a fan of mayonnaise. But I absolutely love eggs, and I agree that they are one of the healthiest foods you can eat!!

  59. EGGCELLENT POST …. #done.

  60. That mayo with the devil face totally makes me wanna die!!! And Uncle Jessie will always have a place in my heart 😉 *swoon* but I am loving this– especially the Mexican Style, mm mmm.. will have to veganize this ASAP. OH, and amazing news… I am moving back to LA this summer!! AKA blogger play dates need to happen as soon as humanly possible.

    • OMG OMG OMG tell me more! Where in LA are you moving? When exactly are you moving? Why! So many questions, PUMPED for our blogger play dates!! EMAIL ME :) gigieatscelebrities at gmail dot com!

  61. I’m so going to have to try some of those deviled egg variations that you have there. I also switch out the mayo and use greek yogurt for my deviled eggs.

    PS you should bump your comment form above the comments I had to scroll forever to get here! but it was worth it, I love your gals posts!

    • I had definitely heard the greek yogurt swap, I just cannot do dairy!! :(

      And yes, I will try and figure out how to change the comment box! LOL! But THANK YOU for leaving a comment :) xox

  62. Love the spin and I am thinking of trying all three of these. Connected with you via Healthy Linkup at Fitspiraton for Moms

    • Thanks for stopping by Lena! I hope you stick around 😉 I post updates every Tuesday!!! And I cannot wait to hear whether or not you liked these variations!

  63. Mayo = vomit. I always use spicy mustard.
    However, I am excited to try avocado.

  64. How are you so hilarious?! Haha 😉 And yummmm I love deviled eggs especially when theyre healthy!

    • Ah ha ha ha! I popped out of the womb and made my mom laugh…..? Perhaps because I just looked funny, AHHH HA AH HA H!

  65. Haha, I seriously laughed at multiple points in this post! Love it :) These all look incredibly delicious. And maybe now I can disassociate deviled eggs from the thought of 100 degree summer picnics and warm mayo. :)

    • 😀 I am glad you got your laugh on!! That’s my goal 😉

      AND PLEASE DO try these so you can associate deviled eggs with put mouthtastical BLISS!!!

  66. I love deviled eggs so I was excited to see this! Your mayo pic was hysterical though! I do love my Hellmann’s, I have to say.

  67. I am not really into devilled eggs but you have SO convinced me 😀
    I need to try these!

    Choc Chip Uru

  68. I love deviled eggs…but mostly the kind I shouldn’t be having. God think they rarely come around here. :)

  69. EGGcellent! So many good ones. Wow.

  70. You mayo I say yayo




    I personally love eggs. Eggs all day, everyday. They’re my energy food!

  71. All 3 of these versions sound so yummy! My mom makes deviled eggs for every and I mean EVERY event! I am not sure why because no one really eats them. Bless her heart! My oldest son feels bad for her and will give one a try every now and then but he still doesn’t like them!

    • Ah ha ha ha! That’s so cute, it’s probably something she looks forward to – perhaps her mother used to do the same? And I love your son from trying to appease her!

  72. When you say mayo, I saw eww! I used to eat it when I was younger but now it completely grosses me out.

    Personally, I love eggs. I think there are a lot of other foods that have a negative impact on your cholesterol and as long as your cholesterol isn’t high, you probably don’t need to worry about eating eggs.

    • Exactly! The fact that people look at eggs negatively, is stupid- you should be demeaning the processed packaged foods!!!

  73. Omg I died laughing at the blog of mayo ghost, LOL! Those are some really creative deviled eggs! Deviled eggs were one of my favorite things my mom made growing up. I could eat like 5 or 6 at a time. I don’t eat eggs anymore, but I can understand why people like them. They did always give me horrible gas though, lol!

    • I am happy I could help remind you of back in the day!! :) Although I am sure you’d rather forget about your SMELLY TIMES! LOL!

  74. The eggs look delicious. I always wanted to learn how to prepare them.

    • They’re so good. I had never had Deviled Eggs (or even made them) before, prior to making these three types! I just had this idea that yolks with these ingredients would taste delicious and, SUCCESS :) I hope you enjoy them if you do decide to make them!

  75. Ooh I think I want to try classic and Mexican! I love eggs :)

  76. I barely eat eggs! I know they are healthy, but mmmmm I can go on weeks without them. I know too many people love them, I just prefer oats and bananas 😛

    If you say Mayo… I say my favorite month (mayo means May in spanish 😛 and it’s my birthday)

    Back to eggs, yolks have a bad BAD reputation, but I believe that an egg is ok, five eggs in a day too much 😀

    • I barely eat them too because I am actually NOT supposed to eat them! Ha! Oh well, they just make me exhausted – so if I know I don’t need crazy amounts of energy over the next few days, I am going in, LOL! Actually, no, I really don’t…

      AND YAY for Mayyyy!!!! What are you going to do for your birthday!?

  77. Come on, I was your valentine so how much more obvious could it be that I’m an angel?!
    You say mayo I say .. yuck! I’ve never ever liked mayo. Not even back when I was still eating eggs. Then again, I also didn’t like ketchup – and still don’t – so I was the odd one out as a child. Plain french fries with salt – no ‘red and white’ for me.

    • It’s funny, when I was little, I adored ketchup but HATED tomatoes! LOL! It’s the same with raisins/grapes – raisins are NASTY but grapes are heaven!

  78. Yummy!! This looks great, I eat eggs everyday!! 😉

    New Blog Post: Healthy Habits You Must Add To Your Routine

  79. Wow GiGi,
    This is an egg-straordinary post! Deviled eggs were the go-to appetizer for almost every social occasion I attended as a child. I have been known to just hang out by the deviled egg platter popping them like pills til mom made me move away and behave myself! So I guess that was kind of devilish of me! Thank you for sharing these devil egg recipes with us fact the Happy, Healthy, Green and Natural blog hop!

    • Ah ha ha ha! That’s the cutest story ever! Did your mom make these little devils? I feel like, if she did, she should take you popping them like candy, as a compliment!

  80. Love deviled eggs! And really eggs in all their glorious forms! Love this blog I’m totally hooked!

  81. I HATE the bad rep eggs stil carry! Me? I’m an angel with horns 😉

    I am actually surprised you didn’t do them my fav way (after avocado, that is) USING GREEK YOGURT. Then again, you can’t do dairy if I recall correctly. Maybe a nut-based mixer would work? Although, homemade mayo is REALLLY good for you!

    • You’re right! I cannot have dairy, that’s why I didn’t do them with yogurt! :( They’re so tasty without it though… However, I have a feeling the yogurt would def. take them to another level!!! 😉

  82. So funny! We raise our own chickens, and I definitely think that eggs are healthy AND delicious! Thanks so much for sharing with the Let’s Get Real party. We hope you’ll join us again this week.

    • YAY! I love where your heads at, and I adore that you raise your own chickens. I wish I could, but I don’t think chickens living on my balcony would be such a good idea, LOL!

  83. Yumm! I can’t decide which one I want to try first….I am thinking the Mexican version!! Thanks so much for sharing these at Saturday Night Fever!

    • Go for the Mexican!!! :) And I am a huge huge huge fan of the tuna one too, I am certainly a spicy tuna fan! If you want more HEAT – add wasabi!
      Happy Easter!

  84. Haha so proud of you for trying them! I have a healthy recipe for one too :) But it has dairy in it..oops (not GiGi approved, YIKES). As for these fun questions..

    Do you consider yourself an angel or a devil and why? angel obviiii, I mean my middle name is grace! even though I have my devilish moments of acting out :)

    Word association: I say Mayo, you say…..? GROSSSSSSSS. Probably the nastiest texture and taste!

    What would you fill an egg white cavity with? I’ve filled it with tuna salad before and it was so yummy!

    Have you ever had a deviled egg before? Yeppp, guilty.

    Out of all of the unhealthy foods in the world, what should Whitney and I recreate next? something PUMPKIN. OR a fun, yummy alcoholic drink :)

    Do you believe the egg/cholesterol dispute!? NOPE. LOVE THEM

    If you could force feed one celebrity mayo, who would it be and why? GIGI. because I’d love to see your face after seeing all your other weird selfies on here :)


    • Ha Ha, you are correct, not GiGi approved, however… I am sure they’re tasty because OMFG these deviled eggs were the SHEEZE NEEZE!! ha ha!

      Ahhhh ha ha ah! Your parents named you GRACE for a reason 😉 They knew you’d feel you would have to live up to those expectations. So glad my parents didn’t name me something like that, ha!

      OMG – the face I would make if you fed me mayo…………… You don’t WANT TO SEE that actually, so this will NEVER happen, LOL!!!!!

  85. Great egg recipes! I’d say I have an angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other :) Thanks for linking up at our Gluten Free Fridays party! I have tweeted and pinned your entry to our Gluten Free Fridays board on Pinterest! :)

    Its live now!


  86. I love deviled eggs, well I used to love deviled eggs before I stopped eating Mayo with all its bad ingredients. Now thanks to your mayo free deviled eggs I get to enjoy them again!

    • EXACTLY! I had never had deviled eggs because I always thought I needed mayo – but clearly not! I CRAVE these eggs :) Let me know what you think!

  87. I love deviled eggs! So many great version that you’ve created for us! I’m making the Mexican style one today! xoxo muah!


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