A “Zesty” Take on Eclairs!

As I have mentioned in previous posts, my mind… Is like a bowling ball in the gutter at a bowling alley.

Bowling ball going into the gutter

And when I think of the oh so flaky, yet thick and gooey éclair pastry… My mind throws gutter balls worse than a blindfolded kangaroo hopping on one foot would.

Kangaroo that is tipsy

I think the French created this pastry so my mind (and yours too?) can have immature field days whenever I think about this oblong, cream filled “delicacy”.

Chocolate eclairs filled with cream

However, as some of you may know, the French too are recognized for their risque sense of humor… Oh wait, I am French, so I guess this makes PERFECT SENSE!

GiGi Dubois has a dirty mind

The French are also known for something else, their use of copious amounts of butter and lard as well as sugar in all of their glistening croissants, galettes, macarons, gateaus and of course, their ever so delectable éclairs!

GiGi Eats Celebrities with NuZest High Protein, Sugar Free, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free Eclairs

It’s rather shocking that I am not constantly bathing in a gluttonous, goopy, sugary mix of diabetes just like “my peeps”… But this can be attributed to the fact that I have innumerable stomach issues, which have me eating a diet… My relatives would say is bête!

In order to convince them that my diet n’est pas aussi terrible as they think, I decided to grab an apron and create a GiGi-approved éclair recipe, with the help of NuZest, a vegan protein powder (roughly 21 grams of protein per serving!) made of out peas!

NuZest and GiGi Dubois

With my easy to digest, complete protein and utterly delicious side kick by my side (NuZest), we were able to recreate the pastry without the sugar, wheat, dairy, gluten, soy, and nuts! Check out just how magnifique this creation is… I bet if I put on a little beret and tried selling these at the bottom of the Eiffel Tower, people wouldn’t even know the difference! 

Paleo Pastries, an eclair recipe that is sugar, wheat, dairy, nut and soy free. This recipe can also be vegan and it uses NuZest protein powder.

For La Pậte (dough)

Pour Le Remplissage (makes enough filling for ONE  éclair – make 4 batches, each a different flavor) *You may have a little extra filling… Use for dipping! 

Les Instructions…

  • Mix all the dough ingredients together.
  • Form in oblong shapes.
  • Bake in a preheated oven at 370 degrees for 30 minutes.
  • As dough bakes, combine all filling ingredients and mix together. 
  • When dough is cooked, let cool and then slice down the center.
  • Smear the filling on one side of the dough and sandwich with the other side.
  • Drizzle NuNaturals chocolate sauce over the tops and it’s time to manger! 

GiGi Smiling with NuZestBON APPETIT!

So Tell Me… 

  • Do you know what I said at the end of my video?
  • Do you speak another language? 
  • Are you a fan of eclairs? If so, be honest, how many have you shoveled in, in one sitting?
  • Would you like to have Charlie Sheen as your sous chef?
  • France: YAY or NAY?
  • Have you ever tried NuZest?
  • What are your favorite gluten free snack bars?


Disclaimer: while I was compensated for this review, all opinions are my own!!!

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  1. Er-mah-gerd. THAT LOOKS AMAZING!

  2. Oh ! There is something about eclairs that just lead one astray! I like your version..Healthier and they look so authentic

  3. I love eclairs also, but don’t know how I feel about protein powder in them. Would have to close my eyes and try it to see.

    • Scott, don’t knock it til you’ve tried it! NuZest is by far the best protein powder I have EVER tried, and lets just say, I have tried them ALL!

  4. I’ve never tried pea protein powder before – – – and definitely not in a paleo eclair! But, mmmm, yes PEAS

    • HA HA! Pea Eclairs – LOL – it’s a must try, however, I will not plaster that sign on my eclair “case” at the bakery 😉

  5. These sound absolutely Heavenly!!!

  6. This looks perfect for someone on a low carb diet too.

  7. Eclairs – so French, so good!

    Secondly: How on earth do you come up with this stuff??? “My mind throws gutter balls worse than a blindfolded kangaroo hopping on one foot would.” LOL

    • Stacie… My brain, oh my brain, is a mystical treasure chest of gaseous nonsense! LOL!!! I really don’t know where the ideas come from, 😉 However the idea for this re-created pastry came from my mom!

  8. Ohhh yumminess! These sound amazing and I am so intrigued by that protein powder! Made out of peas?! Whoa! Sadly, I am pretty certain that the Dutch are way behind on things like this and I know I won’t be able to find it. I need to go to the US soon to stock up on nifty foodie things :)

    • Actually, they have international shipping as this company is based out of Australia! I definitely recommend you check out the web site and see what’s up because I swear, this is the BEST STUFF I have ever tried!!!

  9. Girl, my mind is right there with yours haha. I generally don’t order eclairs as a rule cuz I’m afraid I’ll act all immature in public when the waiter brings it LOL

  10. NuZest is so awesome!! Cappuccino is my fav!

    • :) :) :) I know lots of people who are obsessed with the Cappuccino flavor! It’s a rarity to find a flavor other than chocolate or vanilla that’s a vegan protein powder!

  11. I think I will have to try this.

  12. I love this healthy take on eclairs. Also, toffee stevia? I haven’t seen that before. Sounds amazing!

  13. Wow….YUM. I’m doing Whole30 right now, but already dreaming about the Paleo treats I can reintroduce when I’m done, haha. This will definitely be on my list!

  14. Couldn’t even say the last time I had an eclair but I remember thinking they sounded so fancy.

  15. I’m dying to know what you said in French!

  16. This is pretty much genius! I don’t speak another language despite studying abroad for a semester in college. I do know how to order drinks in another language though 😉

    • You were too busy having WAY TOO MUCH FUN to learn the language lol! Where did you study abroad?? If you say London, then we are in trouble – LOL!!!

  17. Magnifique!!!

    I’ve had an eclair or two, but for a while now, not happening. These seem quite eatable, but au contraire, I can not bake a lick :-(

    Ce qu’il faut faire?

    I would have to be careful with these or I couldn’t maintain my weight :-)

    I lived in France for a few months studying crainiofacial surgery, that was a bonsoiree’!

    • You’re right Dr. J – even though these are VERY HEALTHY…. If I eat too many, yeahhhhhhhhhh I will need to whip out the holiday stretchy pants SOONER rather than LATER! LOL!

  18. Soo i was a french major in school and i want to say you said “i have a habit of eating lots of butter” or something to that effect… I could be so off. If that’s what you said, I DO TOO! if not, well, i still do :) These eclairs look AMAZING!

  19. Your french is so good!!! I haven’t had an eclair in like a million years, mainly because of the sugar and butter and it’s all just too rich for me. France… yay and nay. I love France but I’m just over the whole Europe scene right now :)

    • Ah thanks Cassie! I am a bit RUSTY in the French department that’s for sure. I have a feeling my relatives would smack me upside the head and tell me never to speak in their native tongue EVER again! LOL!

      Over the Europe “scene” huh?!?! Do tell me why?

  20. Pretty sure I need these in my life.

  21. Mais oui! MMMMM…. Magnifique!

  22. I’m still waiting for MY shipment!!

  23. Oh Lordy- the eclair may be my absolute favorite dessert, and now you’ve made it possible for me to eat again. You’re an angel!

  24. I’m very excited to hear about NuZest — my husband is allergic to milk but he thinks most vegan protein powders are gross, so I’m always on the lookout for one that actually tastes good.

    • I swear on my life that NuZest is the BEST I HAVE EVER tasted, seriously! It puts Vega and SunWarrior to shame – and trust me, I love SunWarrior. HA! He will be pleased – and if you use the code GIGI when you check out… You get 10% off! :)

  25. I have never tried NuZest before. The éclairs looks so scrumptious Yummy! :) I am French too, but only know a few words in the language! Thanks for sharing your recipe! :)

    • Ha Ha! French is a slightly difficult language, that’s for sure! What words do you know? All the curse words I bet, LOL! 😉 And you should definitely try NuZest, you won’t regret it!

  26. that sounds and looks delicious! definitely going to pin this recipe, yum!!!!!

  27. I spent 4 years studying French in high school – but that didn’t help me decipher what you said at the end of your video…but let me take a guess – it’s that you are gonna send me some of your magnifique sugar, wheat, dairy, gluten, soy, and nut free eclairs-right? 😉
    I have never tried NuZest – am intrigued about it’s taste…is it like Vega? I do love eclairs – even though I haven’t had one in years…I think I could shovel a dozen of your healthier ones in in one sitting!

    • You hit my French right on the head – LOL! I wish I could send them to you… Maybe in the near future I will be able to send them, I have to work something out with FedEx 😉

      NuZest is on a whole other level – it’s 39218372 x better than Vega. Vega tastes like a protein powder, NuZest truly tastes like the flavor it’s described as. Strawberry, Mmmmmmm! And Cappuccino has all the coffee lovers obsessed. I am serious! If you order, use GiGi when you check out and get 10% off! WHAT WHAT!

  28. Seriously? Eclairs without sugar, wheat, dairy, gluten, soy, and nuts? i’d love to test them… NOW!

  29. These eclairs look so delicious and I like this healthier version!

  30. I love eclairs but I have to try these to see if they taste good. I love healthy versions if they taste good.

  31. OMG, you completely blow my mind! How do you come up these recipes?? Here is another one I have to try to make!

    • My mom actually said: GiGi, MAKE AN ECLAIR RECIPE that is PALEO – “CHALLENGE ACCEPTED MOM!” – Challenge EXCEEDED lol!!

      Make them when you get a chance and let me know what you think! :)

  32. Gigi,

    This recipie looks awesome!! Ever since I was diagnoised as a boarderline celiac, I have been craving these delicious desserts! Thank you for coming up with this!!

    Do you think I could use the same custard to make a Napoleon? If I were to try to make a Napoleon, what would you use as a replacement to the phyllo dough?



    • Thanks Monty, I hope you enjoy it.

      In one of my upcoming posts, I will be experimenting with re-creating phyllo dough to have some nutritional benefits. I will most likely be using a gluten-free flour, perhaps coconut, tapioca or almond and mixing it with yeast, plant milk and coconut butter. Stay tuned. As for using the same custard for the Napoleon, you definitely can, the vanilla NuZest protein powder would work extremely well!

  33. You are adorable! These look great I haven’t had an eclair in years! They look amazing!

  34. Ive actually never had an éclair, and Im pretty sure its BECAUSE of how awkward I feel eating them. Especially if you take a bite and it just…spurts gooey pastry cream all over your face. Ok, now you’ve got me in the gutter with you .Are you happy now?!

    • I just LAUGHED MYSELF INTO side stitches thinking about cream squirting on your face and trying to keep calm and composed BAHHHHHHHH HA HA AH AHA HA AH AHA HA AH AHA HA AH!!!!! Gutter Ball Brains for EVERYONE!

  35. I can’t even remember the last time I had an eclair, but your version sounds like a tasty alternative! I feel like I could eat the filling just on its own. Ha!

  36. I have never even had an eclair! I’ve never thoight they looked that good, lol! I guess it was the creamy filling that turned me off…however, now that I’m older I bet I would love them! Yours looks so good and healthy too. I love that you use coconut butter, I always use that ingredient! They look beautiful girl with all that chocolate

    • Can I tell you a little secret…………… I have actually NEVER had an eclair before in my life too. And if I actually have, I sure as heck do NOT remember! My mom actually asked me to divulge this recipe – so It’s dedicated to her!! 😉 And YOU CAN MAKE AND EAT THESE TOO!!! I am always thinking about you and my Britt when it comes to my dessert recipes!

  37. As usual your videos are very amusing! I’ve not heard of Nuzest. I haven’t explored the coconut flour yet-on my to do list

  38. I want to try these! I love eclairs!

  39. I’ve heard good and bad thing about using xantham gum. You approve, I take it?

    • Xanthan Gum…. For me, I can only have a tiny bit because it causes intense stomach bloating… However for others, there are no side effects. I read an article on Mark’s Daily Apple about it, and it’s really not all that bad. But really, a LITTLE goes a long long long way! I only use a 1/2 tsp but really you could use 1/4 tsp!

  40. WHOA there French babe!?!! MERROWW. I HAVE had NuZest..WITH YOU!! I want these eclairs all over my face. For real…can I come back over and eat these on the floor. I want to be on the floor so that I can lay down easily. WTF BITCH I need to be our sous chef!

    • I feel like YOU NEED to come back!!!!! I feel like I wasn’t in the bestest of moods I could have been dammit!!!!!!!! And I want to smear my cream ALL OVER YOUR FACE.


  41. Mmmmmm YOUVE GOTTA BE KIDDING. These look delicious. AND, love that toffee stevia, in my coffee errrr morning! Killin the game GiGi!

    xoxo Sarah Grace, Fresh Fit N Healthy.

    • I LOVEEE the toffee stevia in my coffee toooooo and in these DELICIOUS LOGS OF LOVE!! ha ha aha h! Girl, get your BOOTY OUT TO CALI and we will be baking up a storm, day in and out!

  42. Thanks for sharing this. They look amazing. I have been known to have a sweet tooth. Now I can without the guilt!

  43. I do t think I’ve ever tried an chocolate éclair but now I don’t know if I want to–sounds too addicting! I’m better off just using your recipe :)

    • I won’t lie to you though Linda, my version is pretty dang addicting too – however you can eat two or three as opposed to a measly CRUMB from the original! 😉

  44. Our first time to France we loved the scenery but the people were rude, but the second time going there we really enjoyed it
    Have you ever tried NuZest? NOPE

    • I won’t lie to you – MY PEEPS – are VERY RUDE! ha ha! They think they are BETTER than “Stupid Americans!” LMFAO!!! But that’s why you just have to really ACT like an American and not care what they think 😉

      And YOU TWO need to get your hands on NuZest, ASAP!!! You two will definitely create some masterpieces!!!

  45. I’m loving the fun flavours of these – they look and sound delicious!

    • They are seriously so delicious, I am not kidding you even for a minute, they taste far better than ANY protein powder on the market, you will NOT be disappointed if you try them :)

  46. Now that I’m back from France, I really want to try my hand at making healthier versions of all the treats I indulged in (and those I valiantly resisted!). Your take on eclairs is going to give me a great starting point!

    • YES! I honestly think I am going to go down the list of French Pastries and try to re-make them healthier. My mom actually told me today that I should make Boston Cream Pie – obviously not French, but… She likes to challenge me! 😉

  47. How do you come up with these recipes?! This sounds so delicious but I would’ve never thought to put protein powder in my eclair 😀 YUM!!

    • My MAMA told me I should make a healthier eclair recipe and I said CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!!! And then I turned into a mad scientist in the kitchen, but if you can believe it, this was my FIRST TRY!!! AND IT WORKED! YAY for NOT wasting ANY food! 😉

      The KEY Ingredient is DEFINITELY the protein powder!

  48. Very interesting take on the traditional Eclair! I think i’m going to try this recipe :)

  49. You came up with this! Love it. You had me at Eclair Gigi…
    I am not one to bake {I suck at it} but these are a rainy day recipe project for me.
    I love eclairs, never heard of NuZest, Charlie Sheen scares me but makes me laugh at the same time.
    No I do not speak another language {unless you count rambling words at a high level of speaking to my children count when I am in a bad mood}
    I have no idea what you said at the end of the video..You will tell us though right?

    • Lynda, I am SOOOO NOT A BAKER EITHER – so when this actually worked, I was FLOORED and just wanted to call up the Food Network Channel and let them in on my GENIUS ha ha ha ah!

      And I am right there with you, Charlie is totally creepy but also hysterical. I would NEVER want to be near him with a knife in his hands, and……….. I do not want him to touch me! LOL!

      You must look into NuZest, you will NOT be disappointed!!!! Seriously! And uh, what I said was: When I was younger I used to eat sticks of butter. LOL!!!

  50. Ok if you and Charlie Sheen do a cooking video I want the un cut footage, it will be priceless. WINING !!
    Wow that’s still stuck in my head, wish I had time to make half the treats you come up with someday I will.
    I’m not a pastry fan the occasional muffin passes by my lips no and then. Go ahead run with that one :)
    I do like the new protein powder, will try it for sure. I don’t know any French but have a mixed knowledge of Spanish and Greek, don’t ask. Actually Charlie Sheen is one of the Celebs I want to hang out with, definite trouble.

    • LMFAO LMFAO! OH I AM RUNNING WITH THAT ONE!!!! Muffin 😉 You and Charlie can go eat some MUFFINS together! ha ha ah aha!

      What kind of Muffins are your favorite?!? Perhaps I will try and re-create them, healthier? AND AGAIN: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! Thank you for all of your constant support!

  51. You just introduced me to a whole bunch of new stuff Jenipher! I don’t think I’ve had very many eclairs in my days, but this recipe definitely makes me want to try them. I love how you can get so many different flavors from the same recipe. And kudos for healthying them up! Your use of 370 to bake… that’s such a precise temperature. I’m going to live on the wild side and bake mine at 375. They will probably be burnt to a crisp but hey, the French never ran from a challenge!! ……nevermind

    • Ah ha ha aha ha ha aha ha ah! I like random oven temperatures! I like to go against the NORM…. I mean, my name is Jenipher – That’s not exactly a NORMAL name, right 😉

  52. Mon dieu! What was that about eating a stick of butter? Looks super yummy. I have Vegalite, also pea based and just bought coconut flour and tried it for vegan gravy for Canadian Thanksgiving. Not a total success but it was et anyways. :)

    • I will check out Vegalite, but honestly, when you finish it, totally look into NuZest!! I cannot get enough, I literally wake up in the morning, CRAVING it!

  53. Nuzest? Oh I need all of this! I need a donut like yesterday. Preferably one that doesn’t wreck me haha

    • YES YOU DO! AND YES I AM SCREAMING!!! BECAUSE I LOVE NUZEST SO MUCH! I would go streaking, through the quad, into the gymnasium yelling at the top of my lungs how much I love the stuff, LOL! Donuts can DEFINITELY be made with NuZest, no question! 😉

  54. Oh wow, these look amazing! I’m a big fan of eclairs, but I hardly ever eat them. NOW, I can make these and eat them all the time. Yay!

  55. these look amazing! I love how healthy the ingredients are also 😉 yum!


    Okay. You need to be worshipped for whipping up a Gigi (and Arman) friendly eclair recipe. Epic.

    • I just scored BIG MAJOR BONUS POINTS!!!! WAHOOOOOO!!! I will have to make them for you when you come to visit? Man, we are just gunna be eating a ton! HA HA AH AH!

  57. Je t’adore…ce video est magnifique! I learnt French all through high school- I am still kicking myself for not taking it further…lord knows I would be 100% fluent by now if I did! This is my first time hearing of NuZest- I’m intrigued!!

    • Let your NuZest INTRIGUE lead you to buy some!!!!! It’s so so so so so good, too good! It should be illegal! LOL!

      And I hear you! I WISH I took my French onto another level!!

  58. Loveeeee Eclairs!! They look heavenly.. protin powder in eclair

  59. Oopppps. . Clicked post comment even b4 finishing.. 😀 over all these éclairs look fabulous…..will definitely be making these!! :)

  60. yum yum yum i love me some eclairs! bonus points for being healthy!!

  61. oh I have not not not had an eclair since my youth!!!!
    and I do love me some zEsT :-)

  62. Why Stevia! That stuff still makes me gag – so sad :( I love eclairs but like you said, who doesn’t? What on earth did you say at the end of your video?? I DON’T SPEAK FRENCH!!! Have a great one GiGi!! -Iva

    • Girl you need to branch out on your stevia… USE BAKING STEVIA! It has NOOOOOOOOOO gross aftertaste! I SWEAR!! The one I recommend on the blog is LEGITTTTTT I could eat spoonfuls like someone might with regular sugar to help the “medicine go down”? 😛

  63. I had no idea there was a way to make a healthy eclair, I need to try this!

  64. Aw I speak french so I loved hearing you speak it! I feel super uppity that I could understand it 😉 when you said you were making them Zesty I definitely was worried these were going to be savory eclairs…idk why my brain went there haha but I guess that would be interesting too?

    I think you said something about eating a lot of butter? Like it’s a habit of yours to eat tons of it? Haha hey I didn’t major in French, just minored 😉

    • EWWWWW SAVORY ECLAIRS – like meat ECLAIRS! That is NOT okay…. HECKKKKKKKK NO! ha ha ha ha ah! And madam, I think we need to just leave each other comments in French from now on 😉

      **I used to eat sticks of butter when I was younger (that’s what I said! You were close 😉 )

  65. LOL! When I saw the first photo, I just kinda knew how you were going to begin your post. :-) And you’re right! Anyway, good stuff, as always. I always want to have my cake and eat it too! Or at least my eclairs. Very creative recipe — thanks.

  66. WOW!! You made an eclair Paleo?!! Props to you girl!! That is impressive!!

    • Why thank you! I am not going to lie, when I made them, I was doing a happy dance and totally telling myself out loud that I am the SHIT! LOL!

  67. I would sample your eclairs but I don’t know if I can get past the fact that the protein powder is made out of peas!
    I have no idea what you said at the end of the video – I can’t speak any other language even though I took 2 years of high school Spanish and Hunter teaches me German words every day.

  68. Wow! …I have a soft spot for eclairs…which is tough as I am lactose intolerant the cream plays havoc with my tummy…but it is kinda worth it every now and again :)

    French: Yay! lol

  69. I hope you were talking about a coconut butter eating habit at the end there 😉 . Though – sharing a secret with you here, too – my sister used to eat slices [not a little spreading] of butter as a child calling it ‘cheese’ because she didn’t like the latter.
    Did you try the vegan version yourself? Because I have a feeling I absolutely need eclairs in my life right now and as you might know I don’t anything that plopped from a feathery friend’s butt. Or just: no eggs.
    The only other language I’d say I actually speak is English. Granted, my oral exam in school was in French but don’t ask me to talk in it. Je parle pas bien du Francais, mademoiselle GiGi. And as much as I’d like to lie here now that I know about your French origin I can’t say I liked France. Mean thieves is all I’ll say.

    • Oh my habit when I was little was just straight up butter, like your sister! 😉

      And yes, I have tried the vegan alternative of this recipe – LMFAO – chicken butts 😉 And it’s GOOD – it has a bit of a flax/nutty/seedy taste, but it’s still GOOD :)

      THANK YOU FOR COMPLIMENTING MY FRENCH!! I am super super rusty though, lol! And hey, you’re not offending me at all, some French definitely practice thievery!

      • That’s what you call rusty?? No way. Then mine is crusty. Like French bread. OLD French bread.
        Could you give me a little more details on the flax? How much you used, water:flax ration? I’ve baked with flax before but only cakes and cookies where there was maybe one flax ‘egg’ or they were ‘hidden’ not playing such a major role like here.

  70. I don’t actually like “real” eclairs all that much, so I think I would far prefer yours!
    I know no French. :-(
    I took Japanese all through high school and college, though!

  71. I hadn’t heard of NuZest. Thanks for the info! And now I want to eat a lot of eclairs. I know a tiny bit of Mandarin but soooo wish I would’ve learned it fluently when I was living in China!

  72. Looks good but hmmm really? Oh and I’ve been known to shovel one or three in one sitting! So good!

  73. I love your paleo version of these eclairs! That means I can eat 100 of them, right?! I have all kinds of stomach issues too, but if I didn’t I would probably be eating eclairs by the handful, everyday! So maybe it is a good thing I’m not gorging myself with them all the time :) Instead, I will opt for these healthy ones and get my fix while not getting a horrible stomach ache!

    • RIGHT? I feel like stomach issues could actually be a BLESSING in disguise?! LOL! However, you can totally eat 100s of these, I ate all 4 in about 2 minutes, NO JOKE!!

  74. Toffee stevia?! Must find.

  75. How amazing do these sound? GAH. I lived off french patisserie when I lived in France and let’s say it did not do wonders for my hips! Hehe, I love how ridiculously creamy that filling is and how healthy these are!! Gorgeous! And, j’adore ton français girl! :)

    • Ugh! I HATE HOW Delicious SUGARY and CREAMY pastries are just so dang bad for us! LOL! But hopefully if you try this recipe, it can help fill the void! 😉

  76. You’re so creative GiGi!!

    I’ve never been to France, but I wouldn’t mind a trip to French wine country sometime! :)

  77. I would LOVE to visit France some day! And I wouldn’t let Charlie Sheen even remotely close to me. Ever. #winning !

    I wish I spoke a different language. If swearing and sarcasm were languages I could say yes to that question. :)

    • Ha Ha! Charlie is definitely in hiding right now, I haven’t heard or seen him in AGES!! I think that’s a good thing, we don’t have to worry about him spiking the eclairs 😉

      And girl, Swearing & Sarcasm are DEFINITELY different languages! 😉 So I will say you’re TRI-LINGUAL!

  78. never tried making eclairs on my own but I think I need to give them a try! love this healthy version! :)

    • This was certainly a spur of the moment creation and surprisingly enough, after only one try, it was a success! I certainly hope you like my healthy version!! :)

  79. I wonder if these would get past hubby who thinks everything I make tastes too healthy! :) Course I am too lazy to make – come to OC! :)

  80. I’m actually not a huge fan of eclairs. There are definitely other things that I would choose. BUT, these look really good and obviously way healthier!

  81. That doesn’t sound too hard! Thanks for sharing!

  82. Hi, look delicious! Does the discount code only work in Australia? I try to enter the code on the Europe page and it says the code is invalid or has expired.. :(

  83. Um hello lover. I want all of those right now! Yum!! :)

  84. OMG! You offered me a vegan option! I <3 you so much!

  85. I love eclairs. I haven’t had one in years, but I do remember one thing, sinfully delicious. What a healthier take on such a rich dessert. I’m ashamed to say this being Canadian and taking mandatory French in school, but I have no idea what you said at the end of your video.

    • AH ha ha ha ah! That’s the problem with French CLASS – it doesn’t help AT ALL because you most likely don’t even want to be there, thus you put up a mental BLOCK! 😉

  86. Gotta try these. I need more protein, more funny, more creamy and more sweeeeeet!!

  87. Wow, so inventive! I love my protein/paleo sweets but have never made anything this elaborate. Haha. Never tried NuZest, but I have had pea proteins that have been surprisingly tasty! :)

    • Pea protein is so good! I hate when people think: OH GROSS – it’s PEAS!

      YOU CANNOT TASTE THEM AT ALL! ha ha! And Girl, you need to get on this recipe! I got inventive for you! 😉

  88. These eclairs look really good, and so does that protein powder! I love pea protein!

  89. I love France and I love sweets. When shall I expect my delivery?

  90. If you don’t mind, you can send me five batches? Once they finish in a day I shall order again 😛 YUM!

    Choc Chip Uru

  91. Your recipes are always so much fun to read/watch. Thanks as always for sharing at #theWeekendSocial. Please come link up again Thursday 9:00 PM EST. Pinned! :)

  92. Hi GiGi,
    How yummy these are! My hubby will love them! He has a big sweet tooth! Thank you so much for sharing this healthy and delicious eclair recipe at the Healthy, Happy, Green and Natural Party Blog Hop. I appreciate it!

  93. These look so delicious. I just love taking some of my favorite not so healthy foods and making a healthier version of them. #wowlinkup

  94. Those eclairs are calling me. I can’t seem to look at anything else but those eclairs lol. Wonderful post

    • Ah ha ha ah aha ha! I should have put a WARNING sign at the beginning of the blog saying that this may distract you from all other things you need to get done today! LOL!

  95. You know what? I never actually thought about how unhealthy those pastries truly are. When I think of European lifestyles I always think they tend to be much healthier than Americans because they tend to walk more and they have things like siestas where they sit and have family time together (Spain!) :) But wow, this is a great point. I guess I did learn of eating nutella on croissants in French class. Oh so yummy! Great recipe! I had to share it!

    • Ha Ha! it’s funny how we can get so distracted by life that we forget to think about important things like nutrition in foods. Of course a European made Eclair is far healthier than an American made one, however, there are still globs on fats and calories that have little nutritional benefit!

      But man, croissants, SOOOO GOOD! If someone can master a HEALTHY croissant recipe, I might have to marry them!

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  98. I didn’t even know they made protein powder with peas. I didn’t know peas had that much protein. The recipe definitely sounds interesting. I would be hesitant. I’d probably have to try them without being told.

    I’ve been following for a while. What are you favorite workouts? I am always inspired to get up after reading your posts. I should read them first thing in the morning instead at the end of the day. :)

    Thank you for linking up with Creative Style Linkup! Have a blessed weekend!

    Your co-host, April

    • April, wow, your comment just made me SO HAPPPYYYYYYY! You’re so sweet thank you so much! And YES read my posts in the AM – I post them at 5am PST, ha ha ah! So they are READY to be devoured first thing 😉


  99. I can’t WAIT to try these! You are a genius. I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of my coconut flour now! This was one of my favourite posts last week and you were featured here: http://wp.me/p3ScXB-B6
    Thank you for sharing! 😉

    • AH! Chantelle, thank you SO SO SO SO SO SO much for featuring me! It means the world to me and I cannot for even a second WAIT UNTIL YOU TRY THESE!!! :) I really hope you enjoy them as much as me, they are pretty addictive, just saying 😉

  100. Nicole @ Waterloo, with Love says:

    I just stumbled upon your blog, and am so glad I did! Really looking forward to reading more of your posts! :) Thanks so much for sharing this recipe! After a long week, I might have to try this recipe and indulge in their goodness

    • Yay! I am so glad you stopped by! I love meeting and making new friends! :) And yes you certainly need to relax after a long week and get baking! The best part is that these are 100% healthy so there is NO NEED to feel guilty if you eat a LITTLE MORE than you intended on – ha ha!

  101. What a beautiful light version recipe for eclairs Gigi. I am pretty sure these taste just as they look!

  102. What a beautiful HEALTHY version of eclairs. I love this lighter version and can’t wait to try during the holiday season!

  103. YUM!!!!!! Oh my, girl, this looks AMAZING.

    • Oh they are WAYYY TOO GOOD – ha ha ha! I ate ALL OF THEM pretty much when filming, LOL! 😉 Eat at your own risk – ha ha, good thing they’re SUPER healthy!

  104. These look great. Thanks for linking up. I have pinned to the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Board.

  105. So creative!!!
    What flax to water ratio would you use for that version??

    thank you so much!!!

    • Try using 6 TBS of flax with 9 TBS of water… If you feel you need more water, add about a tsp at a time until you get desired gummy consistency! :)

      I hope you enjoy them!!!


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