What The Fudge?

Non-Organic, Non Grass-Fed, Non-Fat Milk…

Fudgsicles have non-fat, hormone laden milk in them

Ew… What the FUDGE!


Maltodextrin lurks within fudgsicles

Der… What the FUDGE!


GiGi Dubois rips open a box of fudgsicles

Okay, SERIOUSLY… What the FUDGE!

I am so over these pseudo low-fat “healthy treats” that trick people into buying them because of their flashy “I’m so healthy” labels/claims… I am over them as much as I am over hearing about Kim Kardashian posting ass provocative selfies on Instagram.


However, I do give fudges about ALL OF YOU who come hang out with me every week, which is why my latest video is dedicated to letting you all know the TRUTH about one of summer’s favorite treats… 


Am I right? Do you crave these sweet, chocolatey fudge sticks as the heat of the sun causes you to melt into a pile of sweat? How many have you hoovered in the past week… Could you out eat the Black Widow in a Fudgsicle eating content? Be honest!

Well, as I virtually shake my finger at you, check out why exactly those delicious devils are… well, exactly that, DEVILS!

Are you now telling me to “go fudge myself”? 

Not so fast! Not so fast! As you saw in the video (because I know you watched…) I am A FUDGING GENIUS and created a HEALTHY FUDGSICLE RECIPE!! 

Get your mouths ALL OVER THESE! 

 What The… High Protein, Healthy Fudgsicles 

Healthy Fudgsicle Recipe: Sugar Free, Vegan, Gluten Free, Fruit Free and High Protein Fudgsicles

How to make…

  1. Mix all the above ingredients together… Freeze in ice cube trays, push pop contraptions… Whatever you want.
  2. Enjoy in about an hour, depending on how HARD you want them! 

GiGi holds her healthy fudgsicle recipe


So tell me…

  • Favorite frozen treat?
  • Do you know what maltodextrin is? 
  • Which Kardashian would you smear a Fudgsicle in his/her face? 
  • Have you subscribed to my YouTube channel yet? 
  • Chocolate or Vanilla?
  • If you could live off of one dessert for the rest of your life, what would it be?


  1. Very nice 😉 Love my frozen protein pops!

    • Right?! I am over the moon, definitely ate another one last night at like MIDNIGHT – ah aha!

      • This article shows why it’s super important to read labels. Chocolate is definitely tops with me. Love your
        Ta Da picture! Nancy Andres, Author of “Colors of Joy: A Woman’s Guide for Self-Discovery, Balance, and Bliss.”

  2. You’re telling me I have to pick ONE Kardashian? But can’t I smear a fudgsicle in all their faces? Multiple times?

    • I guess you could, because there are just so many fudgsicles in this damn world! LOL!! Enough for all the stupid people! 😉

  3. I’m trying to get out of this habit but i lovelovelove sugar free popsicles.

  4. Are we the same person? Totally agree with the fudgety fudgecicles. I don’t buy into low fat products anymore because the ingredients are just ridiculous!

  5. Your fudgsicles look way tastier than the boxed crap anyway! Yumm! Sadly, I’m pretty sure most of those ingredients would be difficult for me to find here in the Netherlands (certainly the particular brands). We tend to be way behind on ‘fancy’ food items that are typically available in North America. Anything that isn’t a deep fried snack or potatoes counts as a ‘fancy’ food. Quinoa just recently re-appeared after a few month long hiatus).

    And now I have a serious craving for fudgsicles, and no way to fulfill it. Pinning for the next time I visit family in the US, when I will certainly be making these :)

    • Honestly, if you can find any product remotely close to what I have used, it could probably still work. I only mention the brands because that is what I used, but don’t let that stop you from trying! :)

      • Ah, good to know. Sometimes the recipes don’t turn out quite the same when a different brand is used so I thought that was the reason. I’ll have to do some testing/shopping. Do you mind if I link (with full credit of course) to this recipe in my next meal plan post? I’m a little obsessed with ice cream/popsicles.

  6. Hilarious post! So crazy people eat them and feel healthy doing so!

    • Right?!?!?!?!?!?!?! “Low Fat” is like the cloak of invisibility!!! People think it’s HEALTHY. Baloney!

  7. This weekend I had 3 different people ask me if I specialized in low-cal treats (I was up at a cabin with lots of MILFs running around) and I repeatedly said “noooo sorry, I don’t create foods made from chemicals”. Let’s just say I was the least popular person there…fucking fudgsicles!

    • Oh goodness. If I were there….. I would have slapped some MILFs upside the head, they would have been called MIWLF! (Mom’s I WOULDNT LIKE to F***).

  8. My teeth hate me when I eat frozen food (yeah, they’re weird like that) -I might just NOT freeze your recipe, haha!

    Best dessert ever? C’mon, I am Swiss – NOTHING better than REAL Swiss Chocolate!! Don’t worry, we have also dairy free versions…..:-) I can bring you some next year when I come to CA. But only if we go and smear fudgsicles in all Kardashian faces. Deal?

  9. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for providing a better version of these to eat!

    Personally, my favorite frozen treat as a kid was probably fudge pops (there was a vanilla/chocolate one I obsessed over) and after that…I love Persian ice cream. http://mypersiankitchen.com/persian-ice-cream/
    That link will show you the amazingness that is saffron/rosewater ice cream with pistachios.

    And as for the debate that has started wars, chocolate or vanilla? This is super tough…suuuuper tough for me.
    I think though at the end of the day, I’d go with chocolate. I LOOOOVE dark chocolate and I’m a sucker for a freshly made chocolate chip cookie out of the oven. GLOOORY.

    Living off one dessert for the rest of my life may not be nutritious but will be delicious! lol!!
    Persian ice cream would probably be it for me. :)

    • WHERE were these vanilla/chocolate fudge pops when I could eat them?!?!?! They were hiding from me, which I guess is a good thing, LOL!

      And I am glad that persian ice cream was hiding from me too, however I did get myself a whole bunch of LA GLACE back in the dayyyyy – that’s FRENCH for Ice Cream, AKA: the most bomb sheeze on the face of the planet! Not to totally blow your Persian Ice Cream out of the water or anything, LOL!

  10. We used to eat Fudge pops all the time and thought they were a “healthy” choice! Gross!

  11. It’s so ridiculous when you look at those ingredients. WTFudge is right!
    I was those push up pop things for some banana-based fudge pops (they don’t hold together well enough in my regular popsicle molds)

    • The push pop things are a “fudging” dream come true!!!! And uhhh banana fudge…. I need to get my mouth on those! 😉

  12. Uhm!! I pretty much lived on those Fudgesicles one summer. I had no air conditioning so between taking cold showers, standing in front of the freezer and eating Fudgesicles I made it through a hot summer working from home. I don’t eat them now because I have air-conditioning so I feel I need not know what maltodextrin is as that is all in the past. Past sins are best forgotten.

    • Ah ha ha! I think you have since detoxed from your Fudgsicle binge 😉 However…… DO jump on this recipe, even if you have AC you will want to suck down a few of these!

  13. Gigi, On a hot summer day, my old go-to summer treat was grabbing a Orange Creamsicle out of the freezer. Recently, however, my diet has changed (thanks in large part to a pretty traumatic allergic reaction) and I can no longer eat gluten and dairy (much like your diet)… So I was wondering if you had an alternative recipe for Orange Creamsicles?


    • You know, I already have an idea for a healthy Orange Creamsicle recipe… It would involve coconut cream and NuNaturals Orange liquid stevia…..

      However I must ask – did you have a secret freezer in your closet back in the day because I do not recall these EVER setting foot in our abode… Or is this post high school?

      • I don’t think I’ve ever had coconut cream before! Sounds interesting!

        I think you might have me confused with someone else…

  14. I used to LOVE fudgesicles! So gross to think how many I ate. As for the Kardashians…I am really thinking that there are, what? 8 fudgesicles in a box? Can’t I throw each one?

  15. This recipe sounds amazing! I hate it as well when people try to sell stuff as “healthy” just because it is low in fat. Ermmm, fat is NOT bad. But chemicals are.

  16. chocolate for sure! and popsicles are my fav – um your recipe looks ah-maz-ing!!!!! want. now.

    • SO do I!! I have one in my freezer, calling to me……….. And I can EASILY make more because this recipe is so easy a chimp could make it! LOL!

  17. I fudge-tastic! Looks delicious! I loved that I was sippin’ on my SunWarrior (warrior blend of course) while watching. I have popsicle molds in my cabinets that have been collecting dust. Must get out!

  18. These look like fun. I am sure my kids will love them…anything chocolate, right?

  19. om nom nom! I’m going to make these in ice cube trays and then use them in smoothies!

  20. I love that you found a healthy way to make over this classic summer treat!
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    Preventive, Lifestyle & Environmental Health Physician,
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  21. Oh man, I went through a phase where I was eating like, five of those a day. I had to go cold turkey:)

  22. What a fudge! I would give a lot to get that fudge. You are bang on the labels and the way products misguide people…one reason I stay far away from boxed products.

    • ME TOO! ME TOO! I really have no real BOXED products in my house, minus that hemp milk – which is really just hemp nuts, ha! And the Sunwarrior!!! That’s it! The rest = ALL NATURAL! :)

  23. genuis!

    BTW, vanilla ice cream . . . chocolate everything else

  24. This is fudging perfect :) and easy enough for me to make myself. The other ones would be good for my eye’s, ears, arms and chest, it was spray day today :( woman are always tougher at hiding pain :)
    There is no doubt that I will be making these this weekend, I’ll might roll mine in shredded coconut and refreeze standing up for a while. “GiGi POPS”
    By the way Mom’s wonder why their kids are so hyper most of the time, it’s not ADHD it’s sugar and chemical over load. Almost all kid’s treats are like Meth, a bunch of chemical garbage.

    • I cannot wait to hear how your “GiGi Pops” turn out! Send me a picture!

      And EXACTLY! Sugar & Chemical Overload = RIDICULOUS CHILDREN… These things give kids a bad name! Maybe if kids ate healthfully, I would actually like them? lol!

      • I will be in search of ingredients tomorrow, if they are photo worthy I will send. Oh start practicing how to speak Bostonian, Cahhhhr, Paaaaaty, Paahhhk da Caahhh it’s like hooked on AHHHHH not phonics’, yes I’m a little jerky :)

  25. I actually thought those fudgsicles were pretty good but you are right that they are filled with junk. You are better off making homemade pudding pops using skim milk and sugar free pudding. Just get some of those dixie cups and buy Popsicle sticks. Stick the cups in the freezer and once they start forming, add the popscile sticks.

    • Exactly!! Or you can make the recipe I posted 😉 But either works! Just make sure that skim milk is grass-fed/finished and that sugar-free pudding is not filled with fake sugar and corn starch!!

  26. YUMMERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are too great!!! How about a molasses cookie flavor! 😉

  27. I think I might make these for lance Armstrong and … Put a ball on it

  28. Ummm your fudgcicles look way better. Also, haven’t had those actual fudgcicles in foreverrrrrr–reminds me of childhood but I gotta say I don’t really miss them.. THANK GOODNESS.

    • WOOOO WOOO! Thank goodness you haven’t eaten them in forever! No need, especially with this BAD ASS RECIPE! LOL! Yes, I am patting myself on the back right now 😉

  29. All of those fake sugars and sugar alcohols give me an upset stomach. Yours looks better for sure!

  30. Fudgecicles were always a favorite of mine when I was a kid, can’t wait to try your healthy version!

  31. Make these for me…WHEN I VISIT YOU IN ONE MONTH!

    • I COULDN’T BE MORE EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!! I might bring you like 10 dozen cookies when I pick you up at the air port!

  32. Oh yum! I know you made it vegan for me :-). I usually buy the TJ’s vegan ice cream sandwich for my chocolatey treat, but I know your version is much better for me.

    • YES! I made them VEGAN for you!!!! :) Please please make them when you get a chance and DITCH those TJ ice cream sandwiches!!

  33. CHOCOLATE. Is that even a question?!

    I’d totally eat your fudge stick.

  34. I refuse to buy ice cream products at the store because of the crazy amount of crap in them. I make homemade ice cream and know you only need like 3 real ingredients for it to be delicious. I haven’t had a fudge pop since I was a kid- back in the 80s when we were fed canned food and tv dinners. lol.

    • AH HA HA! Oh my goodness, TV DINNERS! I remember those GEMS of CHEMICALS! lol.

      These Fudgsicles are only 3 – 4 ingredients and 100% BOMB and ADDICTIVE AS ALL HELL! LOL!

  35. favorite frozen treat is obviously ice cream and i do prefer vanilla over chocolate. however twist my arm, fine, i’ll eat these!!!!!!!

  36. It’s SO SAD how much crap is in those “innocent” 40 calorie fudgesicles! Yikes. I’m lovin’ your recipe though. It looks amazing and so refreshing….and real!

    • :) Well hopefully you will be able to make and devour some soon, however I know… You’re about to burst 😉 – Perhaps you can suck on these instead of ice chips? LOL!

  37. Insanely easy! I’m on it!

  38. Omg girl I don’t know how you made vegan fudge popsicles look so good but now I wanna try!

  39. Holy moly.. now I want a fudgesicle!

  40. It’s amazing to me how companies fool people into thinking that food is healthy when it’s really full of additives and things they can’t pronounce. Thankfully, I’m not really big on sweets so I don’t struggle with the urge to eat ice cream; HOWEVER, these look delicious and so easy!!

    • I am not a huge sweets person either, however I got some requests for a healthier fudgsicle – CHALLENGE ACCEPTED, DUH! 😉

  41. Oh Heck Yes!! Healthy Fudgsicles!!! I have been obsessed with popsicles post-run, so these are totally happening!! You are a little kitchen wizard!

    • Kitchen Wizard!! AHHH I love that name! 😉 And these are FLIPPING AMAZING post run because they’re basically frozen protein shakes LOL!

  42. Glad that Fudgsicles aren’t something we ever have – that would pretty much ick me out now!!!
    This video might be one of my favorites – and now I will be saying “what the fudge” all day!!!

    • YAY! I am glad you liked this video! :) I really have to curb my F word habit and use FUDGE instead too! LOL!

  43. LOL!! Keep fighting the good food fight (GFF almost better than a BFF..just sayin :-)

    I had no idea you could make something like this! Why aren’t products like these offered to the summer-hot masses?

    I had a, very rare for me, TCBY Silk (almond – milk ?) vanilla soft serve just yesterday in our 95+ degree weather. I looked up all the ingredients now and all the crap that you mentioned was in there with those innocent almonds :-(

    • Life is a non-stop fight, but I am prepared to fight it til the end! ha! We don’t need to think about the END right now though, that’s for sure!!!

      And Holy YUCK! TCBY – what on earth did you put into your body!!! No No No!

  44. Yummm I want to make these and use my unused Popsicle maker. Which I would need to track down first lol. I have no idea what maldoextrin is but I know it’s bad and I don’t want to ingest it.

    • AHHHH HA HA AHA HA HA AH HA HA!!! Gotta love those weird contraptions you know you have but have no clue where they are… Bread maker? LOL!

  45. EW- I’m with you on these as a “healthy” treat- things like this drive me NUTS! I don’t care if your recipe is 200 calories if it’s full of fat-free, sugar-free crap! Your fudgesicles look soooo much better. Where did you find those pushpop things?? I need them!

    • I found them at this place called SMART & FINAL – these stores are like MINI COSTCOS… Do you have such places where you live? Otherwise, try Target or Bed Bath & Beyond!

  46. You ARE A FUDGING GENIUS!!! These are brilliant GiGi! I will take any frozen Maltodextrin and Asparatame free treat in chocolate form! Heck I will eat anything in chocolate form (except maybe a kardashian or any moving organism – gah disclaimers are important!)

    • AH HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!! Disclaimers are certainly important, which is why I should make one about this recipe = IT’S SO ADDICTING YOU MAY WANT TO EAT the whole thing! LOL! – Like I did 😉

  47. Haha, love the video. Your fudgsicles look way more chocolatey and delicious than the ones on that box. I want one NOW!

    • GIRL SO DO I!!!! I finished my last one last night, THE STRUGGLE right now is real… Because I know if I make more, I am going to EAT IT ALL! LOL!

  48. love your fudgsicle recipe!! we love our gelato!! more fat the better haha

  49. Ugh. Yeah. Maltodextrin is in all the popular running gus and gels – almost impossible to get away from. That’s why I use Island Boost instead of power gels or clif gus. But I do love fudgsicles. hehe

  50. its amazing how food companies trick you…

  51. Flatulence!!!
    haha. Sorry. I’m giggling.
    These are disgusting. I don’t ever eat them. Yuck!
    Your alternative is much better. My favorite frozen treat is ice cream. In my defense, I like it from local, organic, grass-fed milk! Whenever possible.

  52. I used to love fudgsicles, but I’m so with you on avoiding stuff with virtually nothing natural in it. I’ll take your odd chemical here and there, but “treats” like these really are the work of the devil. Love your recipe! Much healthier. Oh, and fudgin’ good video!

  53. GIMME THE FUDGE!!!! Eh – I’m not a fudge girl but I’m super addicted to these dark chocolate goji berries.. mmmmmmmm they’re awesome! Your eyes are so freakin pretty and blue young lady! Happy Hump Day GIGI!! -Iva

  54. Hahaha love your videos… they are so funny but full of really fudgin’ great information!

  55. If you could send me some I’d be so super happy – please and thank you

  56. Yummm! Those look so delish – and healthy! I just started giving my little guy very tiny tastes of chocolate, I need to make these and give him a taste :)

  57. Errr you might be my new favorite person- LOVE this video! Can you hear that- I think it’s the sound of Fudgsicles going dooooown!

    • New favorite person?!?!?! OMG I AM SO HONORED it’s not even funny!!!!!!!!

      I cannot WAIT for you to hear how you LIKE THESE! :)

  58. LOVE me some chocolate! Can’t wait to try your version. :)

  59. Yours look amazing! :) I would def pick chocolate!

  60. On the ingredient list they should just state: “Made with crappy stuff, but at least we’re honest about it”
    That would be a honorable thing do to, don’t you think?
    BTW love this recipe GG, I might need to try it soon!

    • The fact that YOU even said you’d try to make these soon has me on the FLOOR with excitement!!!!! YOU BETTER make them and instagram yourself in the process! LOL 😉

      And I REALLY WISH products would have such disclaimer labels too! It would make eating SO MUCH easier!

  61. Thank you thank you thank you! Things aren’t healthy just because they’re low-calorie. Food companies can be such liars – straight up liars. Thanks for calling them out. There might not be as many calories in those bad boys but they make you feel like shit and don’t fill you up because it’s not quality nutrients. Nice alternative! Thanks for sharing :) I really need to start incorporating protein powder back into my diet.

    • It’s good stuff, but bear in mind, some protein powders are full of crap that can be found in those dang Fudgsicles! EW! LOL.

  62. Super healthy and delicious fudgsicles 😀
    Your version beats every single one!

    Choc Chip Uru

  63. As the mother of three kids, I am always looking for frozen treats that melt when put out in the sun. It sounds like your’s are full of ingredients that will indeed MELT! Yes! They look delish!!! xoxoxo

    • YESSSS THEY WILL MELT!! And they’re so friggin’ delicious, they should be illegal! LOL! I actually should just NOT make them anymore because my mouth cannot get enough 😉

  64. Okay seriously, I need to get on my NUnaturals grind and Capella Flavor Drops, but I haven’t yet cause I’m afraid I’ll become addicted. My sweet tooth struggle IS REAAAAALLLL

    • GIRL GET YOUR GRIND ON! Those things are NOT the worst things you can be addicted to – THAT’S FOR SURE!

  65. Must try these!


  67. Love it Gigi! I get so tired of all of the additives to make food “healthy”…yuck! This recipe looks great, thanks!

  68. I love this GiGi! You speak the truth and do it with such humor. Your fudge pops sound great too. Thanks so much for sharing this at Let’s Get Real. I love when a blogger shows the problem with a product and has a great solution to go with it. Keep being AWESOME!

    • Aw thank you Christina! :) I am glad that my brain came up with such a scrumptious SOLUTION!!! Please do try! And I will keep being as awesome as I can! LOL!

  69. Ok your pictures were absolutely hysterical! Bravo!! #wowlinkup

    • Ah ha! I am glad you like them! :) Screen grabbing the video is probably the best part of “writing” the blog post! LOL!

  70. Oh fudgsicles!! I used to love fudgiscles when I was younger but yes, that ingredient label is scary. Love your version.

    • :) Yay! To be honest though, I don’t even think I liked fudgsicles when I was younger, not much of a chocolate person – however these…. Make me love chocolate!

  71. But… but… I love fudgsicles…

  72. Is it weird that I still call them fudgicles? Your version sounds much better than the original. I love incorporating protein powder into recipes!

  73. I have to figure out if I could “trick” my son into eating this! He is such a picky eater that it drives me nuts but he and his sister love ice cream (they always have room for that). Love your videos as always!!!! #wowlinkup

    • This really wouldn’t be hard to feed him! The NuNaturals Chocolate sauce really is AMAZING!!!! Sure it might taste a little “protein shake” like… But if he likes chocolate, he will like this! 😉 I hope you try and make this for them, I am curious to hear what they think! :)

  74. I would like to try this but can I use almond milk? #wowlinkup

    • Of course you can! It may even make it taste better! I want to try coconut milk once I am out of the hemp milk! :)

  75. It is so frustrating to go shopping these days. We live in the maltodextrin world. Just today I was looking for a good hemp milk… maltodextrin even there! Your video is seriously funny and important at the same time. Everybody should watch it.

    • UGH! NOW THAT is frustrating!!! The brand I use in this recipe does NOT have maltodextrin in it, so DRINK UP :)

      AND THANK YOU!!! Feel free to share the video if you’d like!

  76. I refuse to make these until I find those push pop thingys. Looks like upped the enjoyment factor by like 10million haha
    And yes, it did look kind of dirty LOL

  77. Hilarious post! Love it! İt is hard to believe those horrible ingredients of fudgesicles we have! Happy Sunday, Gigi!

    • I actually don’t find it ALL THAT HARD to believe because the food industry is trying to make a dirty dollar and could give a crap about our HEALTH! UGH! :(

  78. İ am not sue if my first comment went through.
    Hilarious post! Love it! Can’t believe those horrible ingedients of fudgsicle we have!
    Happy Sunday, Gigi!

  79. GiGi, I think you need to revise your recipe. Exactly how much of the mono & diglycerides do I add? And where the fudge is the HFCS in the ingredient list??! Honestly, it’s ridiculous how much crap is in store-bought ice cream of any kind these days. The only ones with acceptable ingredient lists I’ve seen where by a local creamery. No artifical anything and it tasted just as good – or better, really – as the store-bought ice cream I ate years ago.
    If my stomach wasn’t so sensitive when it comes to SunWarrior I’d stick a bunch of your fudgies in the freezer right now. Oh, wait, once I’d finally bought popsicle molds, that is.

    • OMG I was so confused for a minute. I was like, wait, what? My recipe is messed up? I forgot to add something? LOL!! BUT NOW I GET IT!!! HECK NO! I will NOT be adding any such CRUD to my HEALTH POP! ha ha ha!

      As for your stomach sensitivities – MAKE THESE with a protein powder that works for you! You don’t have to stick with SunWarrior – the world is your….. Protein Powder? LOL!

  80. as a kid, fudgesicles were definitely my favorite but now that i’ve cleaned up my diet, i haven’t had one of these in YEARS. besides, i’m more into making my own shizz like fresh watermelon popsicles :)

    Vodka and Soda

  81. BAHAHAHAHA I adore you already!!

    I honestly never liked fudgesicles…Drumsticks on the other hand? Guilty! I’m a choco-holic!

    I didn’t know what maltodextrin is but now I do 😉

    I want to smear fudgesicles on Kris Jenner for raising the Kardashians!

    • I ADORE YOU Jane for stopping by!!!! :)

      DO NOT get me started on those Drumsticks, I actually have a video dedicated to those – posted that last year, AH AH AH! 😉

      And, I WOULD LOVE to smear a fudgsicle in Kris’s face, and to be honest, I get the opportunity A LOT!

  82. True story- I ate an entire box of the sugar free fudgsicles in America. I then felt like gigi after 2 buckets of brussels.

  83. This looks delicious! I’d love it if you’d be interested in sharing this with August’s edition of Naturally Sweet Recipe Roundup. Thanks for considering! :) ~Aubree


  84. i have never had a fudgsicle but your alternative looks yummy! and kim, or her mother. bloody idiots they are.

  85. You’ve convinced me! I see maltodextrin everywhere but wasn’t really sure what it was. My favorite frozen treat is Baskin Robbins mint chocolate chip ice cream. It’s a rare treat, so please don’t tell me it’s bad for me! I know, I know.

    • I just put duct tape over my mouth, but I am TRYING TO RIP IT OFF RIGHT NOW so I can tell you about Baskin Robbins! LOL!

  86. YUM! I was just babysitting the other day and almost pulled a fudge pop from the freezer for myself before I read the box… after that I almost felt bad feeding them to the kids.

    These look like an easy and delicious alternative :)

    • PHEW! I am thrilled you read the box first!!!! And yes, of course you can feel guilty about giving them to the kids, but I mean, the kids have to learn for themselves – If you neglect them of these goodies, they will only rebel! I know that’s what I DID when I was younger. LOL!

  87. Playing catchup on blog reading girl, sorry! These look gorgeous and delicious! I make some chocolate fudge Ice cream cups with all coconut cream and no maltodextrin or fake sweeteers, haha! I am so with you…I get so pissed at all these lying companies trying to be misleading. I am always telling people to read labels, or better yet, make things homemade. I’m appalled at how little people read ingredient labels!

  88. I’m with you, I’m all about eating REAL food. I used to eat so manyyyy fudge pops as a kid in the summer! I think that it’s the norm for so many chemicals to be found in our food system, and because of that, most people hardly even realize or question it. Not cool!

    On another note, BOOOO for me not running into you at IDEA! Hope you had a great time at the conference.

    • OMG I am so sad I didn’t get to run into you either!!!! :( I was only there on Saturday (at the EXPO) though and as you know it was pretty crowded! But hopefully one day soon we will MEET!

  89. GIGI- I could not love this post and recipe any FUDGING more! Perfection!!!

  90. Just one dessert for the rest of my life would be really difficult to pick. D: I might go with tiramisu though. 😛

    I’ve never heard of those hot chocolate drops, but that looks really good! I love how you revamped an old favorite so it’d actually be healthy! :] Thanks for sharing and linking up with Foodie Friday!

    • I have NEVER had a tiramisu before in my life! I guess I am going to have to eat that before I die. LOL – Morbid much?

      And Girl – Go check out CAPELLA FLAVOR DROPS, your mind will be blown!

  91. LMAO my love you are such a trip and so fun! I love your healthy alternative recipe — great job

    • Ha Ha! I hope a “trip” is a good thing? LOL! I wish I could go on a trip out of the country right now actually!

  92. These look great. Too be honest I would smear on in each of the Kardashians faces, not a big fan :) Would definitely be willing to give these to my kids rather than those horrible artificial ones!

  93. I am dying laughing! I totally agree with you on how gross most packaged food is. Thanks for your recipe!

  94. I love your healthy version of fudgsicles GiGi!


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