Whoopee! It’s an “Oreo”!

A majority of college experiences include pulling…

1. The Matthew Mcconaughey

– The act of experimenting with certain drugs… Resulting in stripping down naked, dancing around wildly while playing bongos only to shove a cop who came to the scene, after a noise complaint was filed… Consequently earning “silver cuffs”.


2. The David Hasselhoff

– The act of imbibing far too much… Resulting in an epic video made of you making love to a gluttonous cheeseburger on the floor of your bathroom… That could in fact lead to job loss and rehab for food sex addiction alcohol addiction.


3. The Britney Spears

– The act of randomly getting hitched in Vegas… Only to divorce after recognizing your stupidity… Causing anxiety and depression, which you believe can only be medicated by copious amounts of stimulants… Resulting in crazy actions such as: shaving your head, starting your own religion, rocking pink turtle necks, bashing car windows with umbrellas, and going to Mars?

britney spears 2007 crazy


While all of these “acts” happen frequently on and near college campuses, the most common thing that happens at university is…

4. The Lindsay Lohan (yes, she’s back!)… But circa 1998, in the movie: The Parent Trap

– The act of dipping an entire package of Oreos into a huge jar of trans-fat laden peanut butter at midnight… While cramming for a cumulative “you’re going to DIE if you do not pass” exam… That will determine your life’s path.


When a friend from college came to visit this past weekend, she confessed that she still pulls one of these stunts on the regular.

While I would have given her “mad props” if she disclosed to me that she were “Matthew McConaughey-ing”… Sadly, she revealed that she is in fact channeling… Lindsay.

GiGi-Eats-Celebrities-Oreos with Caitlin Milligan

Learning this almost made me full on Britney Spears… Luckily, I do have A LITTLE self-control… Thus I was able to collect myself… And actually get INSPIRED by my friend’s midnight food bestie.


Check out the latest GIGI EATS to see… WHAT exactly my friend and I made and whether or not it was SUCCESSFUL! 

Oreo cookie - homemade and sugar freeWHOOPEE! It’s an “OREO”!

Cookie Crust…

 Cream for the filling…

  • 3 tbs Coconut Butter
  • 1 tbs Vanilla Protein Powder (NuZest)
  • 2 tbs Water
  • 1/2 tsp Vanilla Extract
  • 1 tbs Xylitol Sweetened Honey (Nature’s Hallow)

Cookie Construction…

  • Mix all ingredients in a bowl (have fun trying not to sample the batter!)
  • Pour batter on parchment paper and flatten.
  • Take cookie cutter and cut circles.
  • Bake circles in the oven for roughly 10 – 12 minutes (longer if they’re still “mooshy”).
  • As cookies bake, prepare cream filling by combining all ingredients in another bowl. 
  • Remove cookies from oven, let cool. 
  • Once cooled, fill cookies with a thick layer of creamy filling. 
  • Sandwich cookie together and I dare you to limit yourself to just ONE! 


  • Which college “act” are you guilty of committing?
  • How do you eat an Oreo?
  • What is your favorite unhealthy cookie snack?
  • It’s midnight… You’re hungry… What do you do?
  • What is your favorite, yet most repulsive sounding snack you are embarrassed to admit you adore? 
  • Is there a food you cannot be in the same room with, without wanting to completely inhale it? If so, WHAT? – Can you guess what mine is? 



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Waste Not, Want Not Wednesday


  1. This is awesome, so funny Gigi. How cute Lindsay was back then. If I ate an Oreo’s, I would take them about and use the cookie part to scrape out the middle. Midnight snack if hungry is cereal {boring}. I can’t control myself around cheesecake.

  2. I like to dunk my oreos in milk! I read somewhere that oreos are as addictive as cocaine :-0
    If I am hungry late at night I usually do one of two things: try to be good and have a cup of chamomile tea ..or.. eat a fried egg sandwich and sleep like a baby with a full tummy :-)

    • Mmmmmm the fried egg sandwich sounds….. PRETTY TOP NOTCH compared to that boring cup of tea LOL!

  3. Oh goodness, this girl is too cute. You already know you are too, so I won’t even comment on that. Even though I just kind of did. Anyway…I need to get back on focus with the main attraction here…the WHOOOOOPPIIEE OREO! I love Oreo’s…haven’t had them in a LLOONNNGG time because I cannot be trusted with a package. I have had Joe Joe’s within the last year though, aka the Trader Joe’s version and slightly less sketch. I want these ready for me when I arrive next, they look similar to the deliciousness I bought on our way to the airport when you sadly dropped me off last trip.

    • OMG THEY TOTALLY DO!!!!!!!! I forgot about how we totally stopped at that bakery for loads of goodies – LOL!!!!!!! And um, these will totally be ready for you when you come- Er, Um…… Unless I eat them ALL! 😮

  4. Oreos really were my favorite cookie way back when. I can not wait to try this recipe! I eat them by taking them apart, licking off all the filling and then eating the cookie part. I think that the blue ones taste the best :)

    • I CANNOT wait for you to try this recipe too because, HOLY MOLY…….. It’s so friggin’ good! I want your taste buds to experiment what mine did! 😮

  5. Hilarious as always. And these oreos look delicious. I was a Lindsay and sadly a David Hasselhoff, haha. Lots of late night pizza and diner stops.

  6. Ever since I told Alex about Matthew Mcconaughey and the nekid bongos, it has haunted him. And then we got a Lincoln for our rental car this past week…. so so so so many nekid bongo jokes.

    • LMFAO!!!!!!!! I am sure when Alex is driving in the Lincoln by himself, he gets scared to look in the back seat because he thinks MM will be there NAKED… Ah ha ha! I on the other hand, would welcome that with OPEN arms! 😉

  7. Are you going to Blogfest? If so I’ll be there too! So pumped!

    Also this oreo looks like something I may actually eat since I can’t stand real ones.

    • Sadly, I am no longer going to be able to attend blogfest!!! :( However, the reason I am not is pretty HUGE – Cannot wait to reveal why! 😉

      PS: I EFFING HATE OREOS too – but these, WHOA BABY!

  8. OOOOOMMMMGGGG I need this in my life ASAP!!


    • I am not actually going — AS YOU KNOW 😉

      BUT WE WILL HAVE OUR OWNNNNNN “blog fest” when you come visit!!

  10. Love the spoon lick! I’d definitely stick my pinky the batter. 😉 Really good stuff this time (although I think I always say that, don’t I? Well, it’s true!). And although Oreos are maybe the only packaged cookie I’ll ever buy, these look much much better. So thanks!

  11. Hmm, do you think it will work with a flax egg? Sadly real oreos are vegan, something my husband tells me every time his sweet tooth overrules his good sense and he buys a package.

    • You don’t even NEED the egg! You can just use 1/2 cup of water, or add more liquid in the form of unsweetened coconut milk… Or you can in fact try a flax egg if you’d like and let me know how that goes! :)

  12. Love today’s post! And I haven’t had Oreos dipped in transfatty PB in so long….and now I’m craving some ;). Love all the coconutty ingredients in your recipe!!

    • WHOOPS! Sorry to make you crave that combo… But I think you should make MY version and then you can smear some natural peanut butter on top! he he he!

  13. Super creative use of ingredients my friend!

  14. soooo I’m going to blogfest. Want to bring me some of these? k cool thanks!

    • Sadly, I am not going to be able to attend anymore :( But… Maybe I should have someone go FOR ME, and just set up a booth with home-made healthy oreos? lol

  15. Ohhhh yummmmmm! Looks awesome! I love coconut butter. I whip it up in my Vitamix, just straight up shredded unsweetened coconut flakes. So easy and so cheap. Sometimes I add cacao powder…yerrrm!

  16. I was definitely doing the Matthew thing – booze, naked running and dancing, total chaos without the silver cuffs though.
    My favourite horrible snack used to be hot dogs with cheese whiz and relish under the broiler, lol. The idea of it just makes me sick now.
    You guys are fun. Why do I think you got into lots of trouble while she was visiting? Wish I was there to help!

  17. I LOVE The Parent Trap! Haha just re watched it last week in fact. You can’t even believe that’s LL in there.
    Alright on to snacks. I was never a huge Oreo fan but I’ll inhale any kind of vegan chocolatey treat I can find. When I’m treating myself I always crave sweet over savory/salty.
    Also you’re silly.

    • NOW I want to watch The Parent Trap! I wonder if it’s on Netflix! I shall binge… But I won’t binge on these oreos, although, they are VERY addicting! haha.

  18. I tried one of these courtesy of Gigi’s leftovers and boy was it good! Like for real amazing. I’m not a big fan of chocolate but these are a perfect if you want a couple of bites to tame your sweet tooth.

    • YES! Because you loved it so much…. I WILL DEFINITELY be remaking these within the next week or two! 😉

  19. Fun Fun Fun :) well when I ate Oreo’s about 100 years ago I just ate the whole package, no worry’s about left overs. My favorite cookie is peanut butter chocolate chip, they know when I’m in the store. If there is crusty bread and butter, which I never buy any more I loose all control. I’ve eaten scrambled eggs and tuna with a bowl of oat meal in the middle of the night ???? kinda weird I guess. I believe if Sammy the Salmon is in the room it’s all over for him.

    • That midnight snack of yours… Totally NOT weird at all. Minus the oatmeal and I am ALL OVER THAT! Tuna + Egg is one of my favorite combos ever! :) And ooo man, CRUSTY FRENCH bread… And BUTTER – You have me dreaming of the days when I would wolf down whole baguettes! ha ha.

      And…. You better believe Sammy is a GONER if he’s in the room! 😉

  20. Gosh! College was so long ago and so was the last Oreo I had. Late night munchies have to be Ruffles and Helluva Good French Onion dip. Guilty. Oh yeah. Beer cheese. :)

    • THANKFULLY I NEVER EVEERRRRR liked ANY Ruffles – so woo woo! But girlll I can totally understand your addiction. Ha!

      And OMG beer cheese, LOL!!!!! Lets get wasted by eating CHEESE!

  21. Ah, I love that you healthified oreos! I love using them in anything cookies & creme related, so I definitely need to try making this! *-* (Not entirely sure that it’s going to be possible not to sample the batter. And self-restraint from eating the whole pan? Puh-lease. It’s happenin’.)

    Darn my boards exam for being at the end of July, or I totally would’ve loved to go to Blogfest! :'(!!!

    • GIRL – the snacking HAPPENED FOR SURE when making this recipe, as seen in video – AH HA HA HA AHA HA HA AH!!!

      And bummer about your boards exams :( Can you tell them….. to SUCK IT? LOL!!!

  22. Hahaha, I think I went through most of those stages when I was at uni!

  23. These oreos look super delicious and inviting. Can’t wait to try!

    • I cannot wait for you to try either!!! They’re magically delicious! :) Yep, even the leprechaun would love them! lol.

  24. ahhh I went last year and am trying HAAAAARD TO GET THERE AGAIN THIS YEAR TOO.
    (waaah I missss CALIFORNIA)

  25. Haha so fun! I have such a weakness for Oreos so I love this healthier version! They look amazing!

  26. omg. OREOS, DROOLING. my boyfriend was eating the double stuffed ones last night, I left the room 😛 AS FOR ME – my snack is PB2 powder or Cocoa PB2 with quinoa, i love it, it’s weird, I sometimes add breadcrumbs….

  27. These look so darn good! I am sure they tasty way better than oreos!!!

  28. Hmmm…what college act? Does getting a “bit” tipsy after taking your last final and running through the library “visiting” all of your friends who are still studying count? Yeah, that was one of my finer moments. I think I shall go dip a bag of Oreos in a tub of peanut butter now. Just to relive my glory days. Oh, and I think beer needs to be involved in there somehow, too.

    • OF COURSE that counts…. And um, I’ve been there – even without being “tipsy”! ha ha ha ah!

      AND WTF – no! I am supposed to inspire you NOT to do such things anymore. I fail, I fail! 😉

  29. Such a fun post ! Love it! These oreos are awesome!

  30. ohhhhhhh yes! I need to make this or rather, the centre

    • YES! Make enough to fill a bathtub and then……. Take a nice soak! lol! I am sure your roomies won’t think it’s weird at ALL!

  31. I saved my college activities until I finished college and came to Boulder’s warmer sister city Gainesville and the University of Florida!

    I certainly had my share of Oreos. Unfortunately our best President was fired for calling his boss an “Oreo.” This event led me to make a sculpture of said President with a plate of Oreos titled, “Sometimes a cookie is just a cookie.” Which can not be said about this amazing creation of yours!

    PS: I”m going to see my best friend from college tomorrow. We are going to The Florida Aquarium where we might see your favorite food, the tasty Salmon.

    • Can you steal some of my food bestie and send it to me when you go tomorrow?! LOL!!

      And you’re VERY RIGHT sir – this cookie ain’t just a cookie!!! It’s a SUPER COOKIE! It should wear a cape!

  32. Omg healthy Oreos!!’ Love love love the coconut butter filling. It’s my favorite way to frost cakes/cookies too!

  33. The Parent Trap!!! I can’t remember how often I’ve watched that movie in my childhood but I’ve actually been considering a little childhood revival bringing it back again :) . The fun fact: My sister and I had no clue what Oreos where when watching it back in the day because they didn’t make their way over here until a few years ago – and only the plain variety.
    “have fun trying not to sample the batter” <- … and how exactly would I be able to ensure it's not poisonous if I didn't?? Sampling is the best part of baking. So much so I don't care much about the actual cookies. More for Matthew McConaughey if he decides to stop by my house 😉 .

    • That’s so interesting that you didn’t know what an oreo was! If only it stayed that way because honestly, it would be wonderful if NO ONE knew what oreos were! LOL!

      And you couldn’t be more right – sampling = THE BEST! he he he! In the video… Yeah, I mention how you don’t even HAVE TO BAKE this if you don’t want to LOL!

  34. These “Oreos” look pretty good GiGi! So I’m heading to a bachelorette party in Miami this weekend, and I have a feeling it’s going to be a bit of a combination of #1 and #2 for me and the 11 girls that I’ll be in a house with hahaha

  35. I wish I could join you!! We have a family reunion that weekend or I would be all over it!

    • DARN IT! :( Sadly, I actually will not be there either – but it’s such a great place to link up with fellow bloggers!

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  37. I did not separate the oreo, I just took a big bite or popped the whole thing in my mouth, lol. I haven’t had an oreo in years! These look delicious! Have you ever used arrowroot as a gluten free alternative for flour? I love baking with it and it always has such a great consistency. I may try these with a mix of coconut flour and arrowroot and see what happens!

    • I have been meaning to use arrowroot for awhile, and it’s on my to-use list! 😉 Maybe for my next recipe… Thinking pizza crust… Let me know what your experiment turns out like!

  38. That looks way better than an oreo to me! I ate them as kids but now as you know – my cookie treats are HUGE cookies from Whole Foods & other places I love. :) I am sleeping at midnight so…. 😉

    I love BREAD!!! Especially right out of the oven! :)

    OK – you are adorable BUT I so often don’t look at your cute face anymore… 😀

    • JODY THIS COOKIE IS FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😉

      And um… I happen to look at other things in my videos these days too… Hmmm – LOL!

  39. Your recipe looks better than regular oreos. I like taking my oreos and dunking them in milk until they’re soft. Yours look soften already…swoon!

  40. Gasp! I can’t believe it’s not an Oreo! Wait….but it IS!!

  41. I’m guilty of none of those! For real! Pat myself on the back. I have eaten Oreos, though. I have two kids so I can’t fully escape them. I like to be gross and eat one cookie, then the other, then the cream last.
    As for gross things.. it’s been awhile.. but Cassidy used to know I was stressed because I’d want to eat something disgusting like… cheese balls.
    Isn’t that horrible?
    I rarely did it, though. Maybe once.

  42. Honestly… I can’t be in the room with any nut butter. I would eat an entire jar if I was going to die tomorrow. And by entire jar I mean like 12 jars. So basically I get drunk and pull a Lindsay. But in college I was more of a Brit Brit.

    • Ugh, nut butter!!! EVERYONE is addicted! I cannot be in the same room as SALMON or spaghetti squash, it’s freaking crazy! LOL!

      If I knew I were going to die tomorrow though, I probably would eat a hell of a lot of peanut butter though too…. It would make me die faster since I am allergic, LOL!

  43. Unfortunately my college shame story was post college. Let’s just say that about 100,00 revelers cheered me on and/or captured me on video being drew barrrymore on a letterman’s desk cray-cray at Mardi Gras

  44. Ummm this sounds so good! I was totally lame in college and had none of these experiences.

  45. Those Oreos!! Wow – they look absolutely delicious and with so many healthy ingredients – LOVE!

  46. Gigi, your healthy oreo version looks tasty. I’d like to say that I would try the recipe and I really should make good switches like this, but I know I won’t. I admire anyone who finds healthy alternatives, though. It looks like you girls had loads of fun in the kitchen. Thanks for sharing your creation AND if ever I want to make a cookie that’s actually good for me, then I certainly am willing to try this out! Hopping over from Friendship Friday!

    Celebrate summer fun #FlashbackFriday

    • Hopefully one day you find the motivation to make these cookies! They’re really extremely tasty, quite possibly the best thing I have ever made in my kitchen before! I am actually making another batch this weekend for a friend’s birthday!

      I appreciate you stopping by to comment and hopefully drool a little bit over the cookie creation! 😉

  47. Yiippppeee – this is genius!!! An Oreo that’s gluten-dairy-grain-nut AND sugar sugar free?!!?!? I think I might wake up at midnight and snack on these – even though I might not be hungry! These might not be safe alone in a room with me!

    • I just made another batch today, so much prettier and more like OREOS than these…… YUM (I posted them on IG) and OMG… I couldn’t stop SNACKING when I was making them – super dangerous!

  48. Awesome ‘oreo’ cookie. A few ingredients I do not know…hmm. I will go with pulling a Lohan (original parent trap rocks) and licking the icing first.

  49. mMmmm I don’t care for the oreo as a whole per se, I LOVE cookies and cream ice cream though.. Omg I could eat it be the gallon. Where’s my recipe for that homie? 😛 I’m definitely committing the Lindsay Lohan but with a combination of stimulants since this car doesn’t go more than 5 mph without it. No bull. Lol. Have a great weekend GiGi!!! Take Care girl -Iva

    • Cookie ice cream?! OH I CAN TOTALLY MAKE SOMETHING UPPPPPP for that….. This summer there will be another ice cream recipe posted FOR SURE! But sorry, it won’t contain dairy! LOL!

      XO! Girl, when you coming to visit LA – I feel like we would have way too much fun together!

  50. I totally pulled the oreos in PB during college! Now I prefer my spoon dipped in whatever nut butter and shoved into my pie hole. I haven’t had an oreo in years. The cream is the best part, so maybe I’ll just have yours… HA. Happy Saturday :)

    • If your mouth was a pie-hole for real…. What pie would you be?!?!?

      AND YOU CAN JUST MAKE THIS CREAM RECIPE and eat it by the spoonful – OMFGGGGGGGG!!! YES. I made more today and am TOTALLY GUILTY of snacking a BIT TOO MUCH when making them! lol

  51. Oh yes. I can eat coconutbutter right out of the jar too. Sooooo good!
    This licking scene, well….if I were a guy….. LOL.

    Uhmmm, college act. I actually think I was already out of college, which doesn’t make it better AT ALL. I was so drunk I fell asleep in one of the cabins of the ladies room in the club. On the floor (I was like:’ uh, I just lay down for 5 little minutes to recover and then I go back on the dancefloor….’)
    Well, my friends had to call the doorman to come and unlock the door and carry me out. I have no words for this.

    • OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!! IF THERE WERE A VIDEO OF THIS situation….. I WOULD PAY $1 million to see it! SERIOUSLY – hahhaha ha aha ha ha aaha haha ha ah ah! Nothing like a good ol’ power nap!

  52. YUM!! This looks amazing!! Def better than traditional oreos!! Can I just say that I LOVE That you referenced The Parent Trap! :) Great throwback!

  53. Thanks for my much needed weekly dose of LMAO , you know that’s what I come here for, I don’t even remember what you guys made over there bahaha

    • LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HA HA HA AH AH! Well, I am at least glad I made you laugh!!! That’s my intent every week! :)

  54. Wow these oreo’s look really good! I love when you can take a “bad” for you dessert and make it healthy and delicious!!

  55. That was so funny!! I will seriously have to make this recipe – healthy oreos? Sign me up!!
    Crossing my fingers on the Blogfest Pass – I live in LA, I am going and how sweet would it be to win on of these awesome passes? Yep, pretty sweet!!! :)
    Have a great rest of the weekend!

    • I replied to your message on my FB page!!! WE ARE HANGING OUT! I cannot believe you and I both live in LA and we have yet to meet! 😛

      PS: I hope you win a pass too! Sadly, I will not be able to attend but I went last year and it was great!

  56. Hahaha OMG you never fail to crack me up but LL is so adorbs in Parent Trap that I started loving Oreos since then!


  57. I’m going to try making this. I miss Oreos :( I’d eat a whole row at a time back in my childhood days where I could eat all the crap I wanted to and didn’t care! Sometimes after a night out (which tends to just be weddings these days…) I’d sit in the kitchen and eat a whole bag of pretzels… they are my emergency hangover food. I know if I eat at least half a bag after having too much wine I’ll feel like a winner the next day instead of wishing I was dead.

    • Ugh! I hate how cookies and pretzel come in bags that are 1800000000000000 portions sizes! ha ha! It just gives us all so much more desire to want to eat MORE AND MORE AND MORE!!! At least with these cookies.. You can and you don’t have to feel too guilty because there are no trans fats and sugars! 😉

  58. We were just talking about Erthyritol.. I need to try these- my kids will love you after I make these. They beg me for the store bought.. I will never cave in.

  59. I’ve totally pulled that Lindsay Lohan crap on occasion too. Sadly, sugar calls my name too often! I usually resist it, but occasionally plead temporary insanity, lol. I cannot believe this recipe you came up with though! I’m amazed! I’ve made (non-healthy) homemade Oreos before and they are amazing. I’d love to try your version!

    • Please do try my version!! So when you do temporarily go “insane” you can at least nosh on something healthy! ha ha.

  60. Living in austin Im stilllll convinced some day I will stumble upon a naked Matty McC somewhere…
    hopefully in my pool.

  61. Mmm. Yummy! But are they dunkable? 😉

  62. Can I just say that any post that starts off with a shirtless Matthew McConaughey is a-okay with me! LOL Oh, and the “oreo” looks good, too LOL Thanks so much for taking the time to link up with us over at the #HomeMattersParty – we hope to see you again this Friday! Feel free to bring a friend or two :)

  63. Yum! What a delectable Paleo and GF treat! I am delighted that you shared your healthy and delicious Oreo Recipe with us on the Healthy Happy Green and Natural Party Blog Hop. I appreciate it. I’m pinning and sharing.

  64. Oooh these sound so good! I LOVE oreos, but haven’t had one in at least a decade. Imagine my surprise when I recently saw how much they’ve branched out the flavors. I really shouldn’t be alone in a room with nutella. I exhibit zero self control.

    • RIGHT?! THE FLAVORS ARE NUTS these days! I haven’t had an actual OREO since the only flavor was….. THE CHOCOLATE ONE! What’s awesome though, is I have these drops called Capella drops, and I can honestly make ANY flavor Oreo under the sun! :)

      PS: I have NEVER had nutella before – so I have no clue what I am missing there, LOL!

  65. When we do one day make a video, can we PLEASE get LiLo to come??? I heart her. I should be embarrassed, I know.

  66. LOL this was great, I remember that Hasslehoff disaster and felt so bad for him =( college was so long ago and I was pretty boring!! these oreos look fantastic!!! I’m definitely an oreo lover and if give me chocolate cake with chocolate icing, I craved it during all three of my pregnancies! =)

    • Oh man! Chocolate cake cravings during ALL THREE pregnancies?! HA!!! Did you give in every time and just subsist on cake? Hey, chocolate is good for you, right?? 😉

  67. I think I’ve done 1, 2, & 4 in college but honesty can’t really remember. Thank goodness there weren’t any cell phone cameras back then or I’d be all over YouTube (and not in a great way). Good times! lol! Loved dipping Oreos in peanut butter and also used to dip potato chips in A1 sauce. Oh yeah, awesome drunk food! Thanks for sharing this healthy Oreo recipe so I can eat them again, dipped in almond butter this time. Yummy in my tummy :)

    • Oh man, I couldn’t be more happy that the whole SOCIAL MEDIA craze didn’t really exist when I was in school because my word there would be a lot of BLACKMAIL in this world on me 😉 lol!!!

      Let me know how my recipe tastes with that delicious ALMOND butter! 😉

  68. This recipe looks like a dream come true. I love Oreos, and I can imagine that these are a million times better! And I absolutely love how healthy they are.
    That way, I can feel great about inhaling the whole thing, right?!

    I recently made a cooking and baking blog, too.
    I would greatly appreciate it if you would check it out!
    Thanks so much!

    • Oh Kennedy, this recipe truly truly truly is a DREAM!!!!! I actually dreampt about these last night – oddly enough! LOL! And you’re so right. I ate like 5 of these when I baked them… And baked them again, ha ha ah, and did not even feel one ounce of guilty 😉

      Going to check out your blog RIGHT NOW!! Congrats on the new endeavor!

  69. these looks awesome! perfect midnight snacking 😉 and I love that its healthier!


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