The Unicorn of Pumpkin Pies

Recipe evolution is much like the game “Telephone”

Who else is now humming Lady Gaga’s songSORRY!


That recipe your mother or father passed down to you; may not be anything close to what the original recipe was.

Great Grandma Gladice’s stick to your ribs stuffing very well may have included ham hocks way back when she was introduced to it, but her recipe you now make for your friends and family contains chicken feet instead.


The same can be said for the “oh so popular” fall staple, pumpkin pie. This traditional sweet treat, full of massive amounts of sugar, milk, eggs and cream has evolved since its “birth” in 1621. In fact, pumpkin pies, were not even pies back then (these days pumpkin pies aren’t always pies either though). It has been said that pumpkins were actually hollowed out and filled with milk, honey and spices and then baked until golden brown.


Is any one else drooling over the original recipe as opposed to what’s offered in supermarkets today?

Sadly, these days, you won’t find such things crowding the bakery and/or freezer section of your grocery store come the fall and winter months. Instead you will find pre-made “pumpkin” pastries of sorts that unfortunately barely have any pumpkin in them at all…

pumpkin cookies

Yet have massive amounts of sugar and trans fatty acids, which can contribute to a whole host of documented health complications.


Pumpkin pie also tends to come in what feels like a million other forms these days as well… Pumpkin pie cereal, granola, oatmeal, cookies, donuts, bread, coffee, condoms… Who else is waiting for pumpkin pie pork…?

pumpkin flavored EVERYTHING

I’ll be right back… Have to go throw up.

Now something else has evolved over the years as well; food allergies and intolerances. You may ask yourself ‘why is this happening?’ I asked myself the very same question and found some rather interesting hypotheses.


One concept theorizes that due to the extensive use of antibiotics and the universal use of antibacterial cleaners, bacteria that may actually keep allergens at bay may be altered or totally eliminated.

Another thought is that with the overuse of antacids for such things as acid reflux, stomach acid is decreased, which could interfere with digestion of food proteins as well.

A third thought is that the increase in allergies could be attributed to the increase of GMO foods in the food supply. You see, the more genetically modified plants become present in the market, the more people will be consuming proteins that are completely new to the human diet.


Why is this important you may ask? Because these increases in allergies and intolerances have led to an even further evolution of the classic pumpkin pie, which I am sharing with you below, so those who want to indulge, yet can’t nosh on what’s generally offered in markets, can too satisfy their pumpkin pie cravings! And crazily enough this recipe also reduces your blood sugar levels


You see, I have a very personal reason for conjuring up allergen-friendly recipes. My life has been plagued by innumerable amounts of food allergies including, wheat, dairy, gluten, sugar, soy, nuts and most fruits (as most of you are aware)… So I could in fact be “blamed” for “messing up” the game of telephone when it comes to recipes, but the second you take a bite of my creations, including this pie, you will only be thanking me; I know it!

Allergen-Friendly, Sugar & Trans Fat Free Unicorn Pie



How to construct:

  • Cut the pie pumpkin in half and discard its seeds.
  • Roast pie pumpkin in the over at 450 degrees for roughly 10 – 15 minutes, until fork tender.
  • Place all ingredients (including the pumpkin pulp) into a blender and whirl.
  • Press piecrust recipe into a pie dish.
  • Pour blended ingredients into piecrust.
  • Sprinkle cinnamon on top (if you wish) and place in freezer (covered) for 5 – 6 hours, or over night. Or… SCREW THAT: eat as you make it! 


Not only is my evolved pumpkin pie free of sugar and trans fatty acids, but it’s also free of dairy, gluten, soy, and nuts, yet packed with the starring ingredient that has shockingly been slowly phased out of most recipes, pumpkin! But not just ANY pumpkin… A WHITE ONE! Hence the recipe’s name… Unicorn Pie!

And just to keep you on your toes… I took this pumpkin pie recipe to a whole new evolution level, by not baking it! Instead, it’s a freezer pie, because I know you need more room in your oven to bake other fall staple recipes!


  • What recipe in your arsenal has been passed down for generations?
  • Do you cringe when you hear your phone ring? (AKA: Do you like talking on the phone?)
  • When you think of pumpkin pie, what comes to mind?
  • Do you have a relative named Gladice?
  • Food allergies/intolerances, what are yours?
  • What are your favorite pumpkin spice flavored foods… Objects?



  1. I love it and this will be the first TG we haven’t had it. Home-made IS much better though.

  2. It hard to know why there so many food intolerances these days. I think a lot of the issues I have come from the way food is processed and modified. When I travel to places that value “real food” – I am thinking Italy and Paris – I am typically able to eat things without issue that I can’t eat here. But since I am fully gluten-free again and limiting my dairy this recipe sounds delightful!

    • OMG YES SAME!!!!!!!!!! When I travel abroad…. My stomach is FAR LESS ANGRY than it is when I eat in the states, soooo flipping annoying and just plain odd! But I agree with you, it definitely has something to do with food additives and processing!

  3. You did it! You made the Unicorn of Pumpkin pie it looks delicious! I can’t wait to give it a try out for my husband who has all the same sensitivities. Thanks girl!

    • YOU NEED TO! That crust alone is… DANGEROUSLY AMAZING! I actually have been making pie crust cookies lately – SWOON!! So many in my freezeerrrrr!

  4. WOOO I CAN SEE IT! Cookies cleared 😛 but ummm, that old school pumpkin “pie” looks AMAZING! I must make! And sadly, I’ve tried about half of those pumpkin finds in that photo..(but NOT the condom bahah seriously what has life come to?!)

    Gonna have to make thissss!
    Sarah Grace

    • Life is NOT complete until you try the PUMPKIN CONDOM….. Just sayin’ 😉

      PS: It’s either PIE or COOKIES! I am glad you decided to go with the PIE! LOL!

  5. I have no family recipes. No lie.
    Also, there is a place here in Chicago (right around the corner from our apartment, in fact) that is our Voldemort after they served us an empanada with a chicken foot in it and told us “That sometimes happens.”
    Um. NO. It is one thing to order a chicken foot knowingly, another to bite into a talon in a pulled chicken empanada.

  6. Hmmm – I didn’t have any problem seeing it – guess I got to have my cookies AND my pie this morning. This recipe looks incredible!!

  7. I see it fine! And I see that pie. I am visualizing you delivering it to mah belly.

    I refuse to talk on the phone. Before calling, ask youtself self “is this textable?”

  8. I think I’ll make this for Thanksgiving… JK I think I will make it for myself once everyone leaves so I don’t have to share.

    • Um. THAT IS EXACTLY what I would do. Eat it before dinner… And then make another and eat it in the closet when everyone is passed out on the couch.

  9. This sounds so good! Also loving the mini science lesson put in this post! haha

    • 😉 You know, gotta educate and entertain all at the same time – LOL!

      AND YAY for you being able to visit the blog now! STUPID COOKIES!

  10. I am with you-what’s the point of all of the “pumpkinification” of everything with artificial pumpkin? It doesn’t even taste good. Your pie does however look like it tastes amazing!

  11. It’s amazing how many people are riddled with allergies now vs. years ago when I was a kid. And who wants to eat FAKE FOOD or FRANKENFOOD?

    • EXACTLY! No one actually DOES – but sadly, people are so accustomed to eating the CRAP that when they try healthier non-Fake Foods… They think they’re gross and taste WEIRD! UGH.

  12. Oh good gawsh – those chicken feet made me hurl in ma mouth! I hate to admit this, but I know someone who loves to braise chicken feet in stock and herbs and then suck on them! What the what?????
    GAH!!! The company I keep!!!
    By the way – this is most definitely one of the healthiest pumpkin pies I’ve seen! One of my go-to’s is this one but maybe I should shake things up and make yours…?

    • Girl, I was skeptical about posting those chicken feet because they make me GAG a bit at all, LOL!!!!!! I have never had chicken feet before but I kinda have a hunch… I would like them. I am weird like that. Deep fried? YEAHHHHH. lol!!!

      And YOU NEED to shake things up – RIGHT NOW. Get to your kitchen. Stop reading this comment. GO. MAKE THIS!

  13. To answer your question “Do you cringe when you hear your phone ring?” –> This is my mantra: Take a moment & think to yourself…is this something I can text rather than doing an actual phone call?


    • BOOM – that is exactly how I think! I hate talking on the phone, TEXT ME NOVELS if you have to! I would much rather read! LOL!

  14. Thank you for explaining the unicorn connection lol. I have seen white pumpkins…well I saw about 100 varieties of squash a month ago. I would totally try your pie, I love pumpkin pie but not a fan of the crappy store stuff. I like the idea of the original pie with milk and honey. I have cooked whole stews in a big pumpkin.

    • I need to try cooking a stew in a pumpkin! I have another pumpkin that I got when i got the white pumpkin – IT NEEDS TO BE USED, or else it’s going to sit in the same spot its in… Until… March! LOL!

  15. I agree, the original pie sounds much better. I really like yours too! Maybe I’d use almond milk, but that’s it.

    Like the flannel look too. Very fall like. Must be from your Montana collection.

    I cringe because it’s mostly telemarketing. If they had a candidate running on the anti-telemarketing platform, they would have my vote!

    My brother has a cousin Gladice (on his wife’s side).

    • Wyoming collection you mean? 😉 And actually – funnily enough, I got that shirt in Los Angeles, BAH HA HA HA!

      And oh wow, I thought NO ONE was named Gladice. But now I know I am wrong!

  16. I so want to dive into your unicorn pie! White pumpkins, how do I now know of these?? I am now determined to find one! I am also wanting to try original version with the milk and honey baked inside the pumpkin, sounds amazing!

  17. This actually looks really good. I have been working on a pumpkin pie smoothie and you just gave me some good ideas! :-) Always love your stuff Gigi. Are you heading to Fitbloggin again this year?

    • Actually I am going to be speaking at FitBloggin again this coming year!! WOO WOO! :) Can you guess what I am going to be talking about 😉 lol

  18. I am not so much a pumpkin person but the flavors of pumpkin spice so I would probably try to drown out the pumpkin flavor & make it more cinnamon, nutmeg! :)

    Since I am not a cook – no recipes that I will be passing down! :)

    OK, sue me, I stopped at the pumpkin sugar cookie pic! :)

    • Honestly, the pumpkin doesn’t taste like pumpkin really – it can EASILY adopt ANY flavors, such as cinnamon and nutmeg! So ADD away! :)

      And the crust is 100% fool proof with NO BAKING – Jody, you can seriously make it!!!!

  19. OMG Girl!!!! Please no chicken feet lol!!!! But DAMN this look DELICIOUS!!!!!

  20. Great to see Brittany again !! she’s not camera shy :) Looks tasty and healthy, the no bake is cool no pun intended. My body cannot tolerate greasy foods at all, no Gladice or family makes for a quite life. I’m fighting chocolate chip cookie demons each day they take control on Friday and I buy one freakishly large cookie :( Forget the cronut’s you made “pumpkin crumble nut’s” more fun.

    • Isn’t Britt amazing on camera!!? I wish she lived in LA, we would make SOOOOOO many videos! ha ha! Tara got a full time job so… Womp Womp! LOL!

      You need to make my cookie recipes and throw some chocolate chips in them… You then won’t really have to feel guilty for your craving 😉

      • That’s great news for Tara but still no excuse, there must be bacon filled video’s with crostini’s and the occasional extra sweet treat. Coolio’s tricked out tilapia is forever in my buffer.

  21. Unicorn pie looks stunning! Great post- as always!

    PS. It;s marcela from I moved to a new domain

    • :) YAY! I am glad you moved to a new domain without stress… Or perhaps I am making that up! Ha Ha! You new space looks SLEEK AND SEXY! 😀

  22. Gigi–laughing hysterical from the comic about trans fat. I mean can you be more honest than that?

    • I’m not really sure actually. However….. I mean, I could get into GREAT DETAIL about how much I ADORE this pie! LOL! That might get a little ODD 😉

  23. Great post, as usual. We actually do not have any passed down recipes – yikes, I know! But I have one for a super simple raw vegan pumpkin pie that I make every year, no gluten, dairy, sugar, or baking. All you need is a good food processor. :-)

  24. Aww, you baked a pie just for ME. Because it’s egg-free and sounds suitable even for my sweet-pumpkin-sceptical palate. Because pumpkin pie makes me think of: nothing. I didn’t grow up eating it.
    When you call to invite me over for pie let it right a little longer because I may or may not occasionally ignore my phone ;).

    • More like… I put a pie in a freezer for you 😉

      And um, GIRL YOU BETTER NOT IGNORE MY CALL! Don’t you DARE!! Or else, i am going to TWEET YOU, comment on your blog a million times, email you, vine you, instagram you, Facebook you, Skype you… BAH HA HA H AH AHA! SO many ways of communication!

  25. Wow, I don’t think I knew white pumpkin existed! My family has a ton of passed down Christmas cookie recipes. Including my grandma’s mince pies which were spectacular. I gotta figure out how to make them lard-free though, for my poor vegetarian soul…

    • I got the white pumpkin from Mr. Bones! ha ha ah! I always wanted to check that place out, and I did —- But is it worth it… Er, um. LOL! Only for the white pumpkin! 😉

  26. Great recipe for a clean pumpkin pie! Most pumpkin pies are too sweet for me so I’m really interested in trying your version. I think I’m going to make yours for Thanksgiving and not tell anyone that it’s a different recipe. I bet they won’t even notice.

    • THIS one you are going to love then because it’s really not all that sweet!

      PLEASE do make this for Thanksgiving… I would LOVEEE to hear how you like it! :) Please keep me posted!

  27. Seriously, I’m making this for Thanksgiving. It’s perfect. I love that it’s a white pumpkin – so it gets a 10 for originality. It receives another 10 for the high health factor – using real pumpkin has tons of nutrients and anti-oxidants rather than the canned kind. Lastly, it just looks good and the name is cute. Thanks for the idea. I will let you know how it goes.

    • YES!!!! MAKE IT! And let me know what you think! But seriously, I really want to know because I love other people’s thoughts on my recipes! :) Thanksgiving will be complete with this recipe!

  28. That looks awesome! My mom gave us some small pie pumpkins (regular orange ones) so I need to make them into pumpkin puree for some pies. Yum!

    • YES!!! I want to see the results! :) I just want to see what’s on your T-Day menu in general though too!

      • Last year we got a turducken with sausage filling that was pretty good. This year we are keeping it small and just having a bunch of appetizers for Thanksgiving – everyone gets to pick out their favorites! We are also going to be making breakfast for the day shift at the police department so I’ll be up at 4:30 or 5 making biscuits and gravy haha! We do that for Christmas every year and decided to add Thanksgiving. It’s fun!

        • I’ve never had a Turducken before but I have always been curious! LOL. I actually would really want to try a DEEP FRIED (in healthy oil but of course) Turkey! LOL… But that would take massive amounts of oil for sure!

          And um, you’ll probably have a lot of left overs… And I just made a recipe that will solve your leftover “problems” – he he, stay tuned for that video/recipe!

  29. Looks delicious. I love pumpkin and pumpkin pie though I am not in favor of “pumpkinifiication” of foods. I don’t care for pumpkin-spiced lattes (black coffee please) nor pumpkin pie flavored ice cream …yada yada. I do however love squash in general and acorn squash baked with cinnamon is one of my favorite fall eats.

    As someone with a cast-iron stomach I have never had to worry about food allergies or well anything actually (I can really eat most anything). I do not take that for granted and I am always grateful there are people out there making recipes for those that can’t have anything that gets put in front of them……I may have something of a problem..

    So great to see Brit and thanks for the wonderful post!

    • Oh acorn squash with cinnamon is definitely one of my favorites too! I have actually never had ANY of these pumpkinified foods before in my life, so I really have no idea what they’re like! ha!

      And um, I am 10000% thrilled that you have an iron stomach and that you DO NOT take it for granted. You’re extremely lucky and need to praise your stomach for being amazing – ha ha!! Now go eat some vanilla glazed donuts with sprinkles for me, will ya? JUST KIDDING, I would never tell anyone to eat junk food, ha ha hah! 😉 Go make my pie and enjoy it! You can eat lots of it, and the fiber won’t get to you Iron Man. That’s what I shall call you!

  30. And it’s VEGAN too! Yay! I love pumpkin pie :-)

  31. Pumpkin is my all time favourite…be in soup, salads, desserts or baked goods. This is an amazingly healthy and delicious sweet treat, Gigi.

  32. I have a weird food allergy, I can eat all seafood except for one which is cod fish. They are very deadly to my system and was hospitalized once because of this

  33. You mention roasting those leftover pumpkin seeds. Well could you please, and could you send them over to me here in Scotland? All our supermarkets are empty of pumpkin seeds cause you’re using all the pumpkins! And I need pumpkin seeds on my breakfast porridge!

    Totally agree with you regarding food allergies and intolerances. It’s all done to the cr*p stuck in those highly processed heavy sugared foods you find in supermarkets nowadays. We need to go back to scratch with great recipes like this.

    Rant over. 😀

    • I should have sent them to you! UGH! I feel so badly that they went in the garbage disposal now! :( WOMP WOMP! NEXT TIME because the US def has a influx of pumpkin and I am PRETTY SURE this won’t be my last time cooking pumpkin this year. LOL!

      And you’re ALWAYS allowed to rant for DAYS here! 😛

  34. Thanks for this recipe. It looks terrific.

  35. I have never had pumpkin pie – what is wrong with me????
    Pumpkin related things aren’t very big over here in the UK and I think we need to change that.

  36. I have a food intolerance to hotdogs, everything about them
    but the pie looks good :-)

  37. This is one of the few pumpkin recipes I’ve seen that I’m interested in making. I get pretty tired of the orange explosion that goes on from September to November with pumpkin included in everything. I love the simplicity of this and I bet it’s yummy. Count me in!
    I have some American relatives that we spend Thanksgiving with and they make a pumpkin pie that would curl your toes – and not in a good way. They even put eggnog in it, hahaha!
    Thanks for the chuckles, kooky girl :)

    • Simplicity – you’ve got THAT right!!! So easy, so tasty, so healthy… An excellent trio if you ask me, ha ha ah!

      And… I DO NOT want to even know about that pumpkin pie… Egg nog. Never even had it before but hot damn, in the pie?!?! I am sure it’s magically rich and delicious but…. Heart-attack inducing! LOL!

  38. i need to get myself a white pumpkin to make this pie! This looks delicious and i love the name lol!

  39. I had hoped there would be actual unicorn glitter in this recipe. Maybe next time??

  40. Ohhh man, what fun. I can’t wait to come make another set of videos with you on our next adventures together. I LOVE YAAA TO BITS! This pie is calling my name, and I need more crust. CRUSTTTYYY.

  41. You are so right – there are so many people with food allergies these days that no food is ever really safe for them to eat. Love that this is a ‘clean’ recipe so anybody can eat it! Happy early Thanksgiving!

    • Clean = FOR EVERYONE :)

      But yep, I am pretty much slightly terrified of eating EVERYTHING – even safe foods for myself, ha!

  42. Umm, so Im sure this post was great and had a fabulous recipe in there somewhere, but you lost me at pumpkin condoms. Like for real, I think I need to go upchuck somewhere.
    Is pumpkin mania really that insane? Good grief….
    p.s. you and britt’s adorable faces make my day!

    • BAHHHHHHHHH HA HA HA HA AHA HA! I am more shocked that you have yet to try them… Spice up the bed room… With some pumpkin spice 😉 LMFAO!

      Okay, I don’t think they actually exist, JUST KIDDING – well I guess you could MAKE THEM??? lol!!!

  43. Let me just say, I’m happy I’m not the only “nut” out there with so many allergens. Honestly, I can’t eat fruit, I can’t eat nuts and I stay away from shellfish. I typically make my pies with organic ingredients, meaning, most of my sweet potatoes are from my friends farm who doesn’t add anything to his crops thank God. Loved this recipe Gigi and I may have to give it a try.

    • I thankfully can eat shellfish, except not shrimp because they PUNCH ME IN THE EYES – aka, I get huge bags and puffy eyes! 😮 Sucks because I do love shrimp, but oh well!! I’m glad I am not alone in the food allergy world, however, maybe I wish I were because it does kinda suck and I wouldn’t want anyone else to suffer like me, ha! 😉

  44. I’m sure the pie is exceptional, but another video with BOTH of you is what really makes this amazing :) I’m not creepy AT. ALL.

  45. I love pumpkin pie. I do splurge on Thanksgiving on one that is made with eggs and milk.

  46. I’ve made a soup that’s awfully close to that original pumpkin pie! Although I love pumpkin pie, more often these days we make sweet potato pie. Same basic procedure, just substitute sweet potatoes for pumpkin. Anyway, your updated pumpkin pie looks terrific! And really, really healthy. :-)

  47. This pie looks so delicious.I always try and make one new recipe on Thanksgiving that I haven’t made before and this might just be the one to try this year!

    • OMG THIS SHOULD BE the one you make! 😉 Not might… SHOULD – lol! Let me know what you think! It’s super addictive, JUST SAYIN’ ha ha ha!

  48. Your posts are so delicious and FUN! I would love it if you would join my recipe round up that is live now until Thursday (Tomorrow) night.

  49. Omg, REMEMBER Telephone and when that came out… I think I watched that video like 300 times.
    Loving this unicorn of a pie and also the fact that you did something different and used a white pumpkin. They are wayyy under-rated and should be celebrated more often!!

    • RIGHT?! They aren’t rated at all because no one really even knows they exist!! I guess the problem is… If you buy a Halloween/Fall coloring book… How do you color a WHITE pumpkin?

  50. Oh my gosh, not only do I love the historical notes, but I’m going to try to make this recipe. I love pumpkin pie but am not a traditionalist in any way and enjoy trying new recipes.

    • YAY for non-traditionalists!!!! I cannot wait to hear your thoughts on this pie!!! 😉 You obviously know my opinion. ha ha.

  51. My grandma used to make a mean pound cake. Sadly, I haven’t found a replacement recipe yet – but one day. This recipe sounds amaz-balls and I must try it! Gluten, dairy and soy are definitely not my friends, so I love that this is free of all those things! And yes, I sometimes cringe when the phone rings – I’m not a huge fan of phone conversations!

    • Girl, you need to try this, especially since gluten, dairy & soy are not your besties!!! They hate me too, but you know what I tell them? You CANT SIT WITH ME. LOL!

      As for your g-ma’s recipe… DO you just not have the recipe ingredients? If you do have the ingredients, we can always sub in certain things to make it gluten & dairy & soy free!

      • Hah! Love it! I think I have my grandma’s recipe, but I do know it’s got a pound of butter, a pound of flour, a pound of sugar, a pound of love. All the things that my stomach doesn’t like, except the love :)

  52. A confession – I am not crazy about pumpkin pie. Or pumpkin not much of anything else. But, I discovered that if you mix a box of devils food cake mix (forgive me, but after years of scratch baking I use mixes nowadays) with a can of pumpkin and three egg whites, it makes a spectacular, light, fluffy cake. Certainly not gluten or allergy free although I wonder if this (minus the egg whites) would work with gluten free mixes or not. I’ll be the first to agree home made is better, though.

    • THAT COMBO…. Has me drooling, ha! I have never had Devil’s Food Cake before but that MIX always looks sooooooo bomb when I wander down the baking aisle!

      You should try the CRUST recipe for this pie…. That alone = PERFECTION to me! I have been making CRUST COOKIES, and it’s so easy and 100% vegan so…. You can eat the “raw” dough! LOL!

  53. LOVE pumpkin pie (and pumpkin pie spiced pretty much anything!!)

  54. Wow! This unicorn pie looks amazing…so unique and different!

    • 😉 Unicorns are so very unique, and I love them! ha ha ha! Just as much as this amazing pie… I may sound bias but…. It’s the truth!

  55. Pumpkin and coconut (and more goodies)?! I’m IN.

  56. I’m so grateful not to have any food allergies, but I do think they are more prevalent nowadays. There’s something fishy about that. You’re a genius for developing such a tasty recipe with all of your restrictions!

  57. I’ve been wondering a lot about the condoms thing! Are they real??
    I’ve also been wondering about the food allergies thing. Interesting theories. I think we can all admit that something is up, though!
    I’m a rare breed because I like legit pumpkin. I don’t need it to be fake or sweetened or anything. I really love pumpkin. So this pie? Yes.

    • I like legit pumpkin as well… But then again, are you surprised? I mean… We are similar peas in different pods 😉

  58. I have been scarred ever since I got Papparazzi stuck in my head whilst trying to take my biomechanics final back in college. :[

    That pie looks delicious! (I would totally eat it while I made it, hahaha.)

    • Ha Ha Ha! Yeah…. I do not like Lady Gaga all that much! I always wondered what she would do when she got sick of always dressing NUTS… And now she’s showing us! When she dresses like a normal human, no one GAF! LOL!

  59. [email protected] says:

    Wow I can’t believe its over 20 since I stopped eating chicken feet and I don’t miss it! Your white pumpkin pie sounds healthy, I would love to try it~

  60. Looks really yummy! 😀 Sadly it’s very difficult to find pumpkins here in the UK apart from just before halloween. I’ve certainly never seen a white one!!

  61. I’m intrigued! This looks really good. I like the idea of the texture it would have after freezing it :) I’m not big on pumpkin spice flavored foods but I do like a good slice of homemade pumpkin pie. Not so much the crust but I LOVE the filling!

    • You might actually like the crust more than the filling on this pie – JUST SAYING……. I have been making pie crust cookies with it!! #addictive You have been warned LOL!

  62. I really don’t care for pumpkin pie but if I was going to make one, making it with coconut milk sounds amazing! Have you ever made a dark chocolate pie that way? Pretty much just melt the coconut cream into the dark chocolate, add cinnamon and you have pie filling. Amazing!

    • Holy MOLY! That’s a must try as I have never done it before! I don’t like chocolate very much, but mixing ANYTHING with coconut cream……. Turns into straight up HEAVEN!!! So good, Eeee! I need to try it… Now LOL!

  63. this looks de-lish! I like how you get creative and come up with an allergy free one that works for you! 😉 and I really liked reading the different theories on food allergies… crazy how so many people have them now days, I avoid certain food groups as well due to health reasons. anyways, YUM to the healthy pumpkin pie!!!

    • Do you have food allergies or other health reasons if you don’t mind me asking?

      I use my allergies and intolerances and complications as motivation and creative JUICE! :)

      • LOVE how you think girl! I’m gonna start lookin at it as my mojo instead of my selective diet lmbo! 😉
        and I don’t think I have allergies per-say, although I have never been tested…
        my Gyno suspects I have endometriosis and I found that out a little over a year ago, she wanted to do laproscopy but I really wasn’t game for that! not yet at least!… I looked up more info about it and a lot points to inflammation, (although that’s not all, but a lot of it is) so I decided to start there by eliminating the food groups that cause the most inflammation in regards to endometiosis, and it has helped TREMENDOUSLY! (at least for now I suppose someday it won’t be as effective and I’ll have to do the laproscopy but until it’s that bad I’m sticking to cutting the food!) … so I don’t eat meat which wasn’t a big deal I’ve been vegetarian for almost 10 years, but I also cut dairy which was HARD! I loved cheese! but I think dairy was the absolute BIGGEST problem out of them all, I also cut Soy… I’m now attempting to cut as much processed sugar as I can (which stinks when it comes to baking) and possibly gluten at some point too… but I feel that dairy was the huge game changer for me!
        sorry that was a long answer probably totally TMI too lol 😉

        • DAIRY IS THE BIGGEST PROBLEM WITH pretty much every single person on the face of the planet… And the people that consume dairy are in DENIAL that it makes them feel like crap, I SWEAR! LOL!!!

          And there is NEVER too much TMI here – so lay it on me girl, I have been through every elimination diet on the face of the planet and I think I have found what works for me (FINALLY) however, every single day is different. While it sucks that you have endometriosis…. It’s nice to actually HAVE a diagnosis – I mean, if your GYNO believes you do and your eating style (to reduce inflammation is working) than, uh, I think you have it too – ha ha… For me, I have so many compliations that it’s hard to say what’s causing what, when! WOMP WOMP.

          That all being said – stick around 😉 I hopefully will be able to help you with your getting rid of processed garbage! 😛 Although, this coming Tuesday’s recipe includes meat… But you can use any meat! ha ah.

          • I totally agree about dairy! it’s just crap that curtle’s in your stomach and gets all nasty! LOL and thank you for being so sweet 😉 your fun energetic personality is SO catchy, your like serious meets FUN! 😉 love it!… and that really sucks that you don’t know what’s causing what but at least you have a good idea of what makes you feel sh*tty so you can avoid it! I just watched a couple of your youtube videos too, I didn’t know you had a nutrition certification too! that’s awesome!!!

        • Girl, we are MIND TWINS! lol!!! We should be neighbors… We would take over the world, LOL!

          PS: thanks for watching some of my videos – and yep, got my nutrition cert from Tufts! WOO WOO! Thanks mom for forcing me, very much worth all the blood, sweat & tears – ha ha ah!

  64. OMG love seeing brittany in here! you guys, i mean girls made my day! plus the pumpkin condoms. I mean unicorn pie. duh!

    • You know what would make this post EVEN BETTER – if you randomly knocked on my apartment door…. And came in and ate some UNICORNS with us!!!!

  65. I love how this recipe has only a couple ingredients! And Lady Gaga’s song totally popped in my head after reading the first sentence, haha!

  66. Although I’ve pretty much reached pumpkin overload at this point, I would still go in for seconds on this pie! It looks great.

  67. I hate talking on the phone. I hate voicemail even more. That is all.

    • RIGHT?!?!??! ME TOO! I especially hate the RED NUMBER with how many missed calls you have and how many VMs you have too!!!

  68. this sounds delicious! And I actually love the color. I hate to admit this, but I DO cringe when I hear the phone ring. Can’ you just text me?!

  69. There weren’t really any passed-down recipes in my family. If I want to reproduce something from my childhood, I have to rely on memory. (I haven’t included any chicken feet yet.)

    I probably wouldn’t have thought of using coconut milk in pumpkin pie, but it is a fabulous idea!

  70. Yummy, I always used canned pumpkin to make my pies. I want to try this for sure. Thanks for sharing.

  71. I think you should mix the chicken feet into the pumpkin pie! Totally kidding. Chicken feet are gross. I have tried them. And for the record, I do not have a relative named Gladys. But if I baked (or cooked) I would totally want to make that Unicorn pumpkin pie! I’ll have to get my hubby to make it for me.


  72. Omg I just watched that whole video and I can’t believe you did a video with Brittany!! SO darn cute! You both are precious and the pie and donuts look scrumptious!! I noticed you said coconut butter in the video but not in the recipe though, just thought I’d mention it :)

    • This is Britt video # 2!!!! We had to squeeze in making 2 when she was here, it was mandatory! ha ah.
      You have to try this recipe too, ASAP – it is just tooooo stinking good, I cannot stop eating it, and I did not stop eating it until it was all done, without 20 minutes, LOL!

      AND YES – I will put that in the recipe, WHOOPS!

  73. No food allergies. I eat gluten like it’s going out of style. Wait, it is out of style, isn’t it. Shrug.
    White pumpkin pie is a new one. I’m totally intrigued. Thanks for sharing !

  74. YUM! Sounds delicious and love how these are perfect for those on restrictive diets or with many food allergies!

  75. I am totally trying that this week!!! Since removing artificial sugars and most processed foods I have been kinda dry finding inspiring fun/festive dishes that won’t completely destroy my healthier balance. This is great!

    • YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so pumped you’re going to try this. You will NOT regret it at all, AT ALL I tell you!!!!!

  76. I’ve never heard of pumpkin pie with a white pumpkin. Love the name and idea!

  77. i love pumpkin – but this season i haven’t been about it, i think i like the filling more than the pie, but your crust looks so tasty!

  78. hahaha, yess this pumpkin cake seriously looks delicious 😀
    You should come back to Europe, at least here’s less GMO food around. Well, that’s what I hope, ha.

  79. I have one of those elusive white pumpkins on my counter right now – the best for pies! no allergies for me (knock, knock…), but this is more my style than chicken feet anyway! 😉

  80. Love it! Looks amazing! Will be making it!

  81. The top still looks so fluffy and perfect!! I definitely have to try the white pie pumpkin for a pie soon!

  82. ughh that picture of those chicken feet. I nearly gagged. That being said, you are an incredibly funny person! Love the recipe :)

    • Those feet make me wanna gag a bit too………… So when I go to the post, I scroll past them quickly, but that’s because I KNOW they’re coming, LOL!

  83. I have never had pumpkin pie of any variety ! There I said it. Thanks for sharing with Pin Worthy Wednesday.

  84. I love pumpkin pie spice! I’ve had it in mind to make a pumpkin spice cake for the past few days, and you’ve inspired me to go on ahead with my badsef. Being honest, I’m slightly afraid of the effects of 2 cups of water in a pumpkin pie…is that to balance the erythritol? Is that stuff particularly drying? I think I’ve heard that…

  85. Your recipe was the most clicked and I featured it this week. I am opening my recipe round up early due to the holiday, so you can post now until Thursday night. Thank you so much for contributing! I hope you will join the party again this week!

  86. Ah Unicorn Pie!!! Best. Name. Ever! I love it =)
    It sounds super delicious!
    “Or… SCREW THAT: eat as you make it!” Um yea… pretty much. With everything ;p I like how high in protein this is. And I’m all over pumpkin spice.
    I would LOVE to see you share this at Healthy Vegan Fridays GiGi =D

  87. lol — I pretty much always eat as I make stuff :) Interesting hypothesis on the allergies btw — new “food” for thought…

  88. All you said about allergies are so true! Our exaggeration created most of these! I love your pie! Unfortunately we only have butternut squash here in Greece!

  89. Two things I love about you and your site Gigi:

    1. You’re really honest. :) It’s funny and refreshing.
    2. You have done so much work to make allergy friendly recipes that makes cooking for people with allergies SO MUCH less intimidating.

    Have a happy thanksgiving friend!

    • Emily, you truly just made my day. I even just screen shotted your comment because I am overwhelmed with flattery 😉 And… Since you know I am a very honest person – I am certainly NOT lying! ha ha!


  90. You had me at unicorn, but you kept me going at pie. :-) Funny post and awesome recipe!

  91. Haha, I love Brittany’s faces and gestures in this video. I love pumpkin products – but you’re right, it’s gotten a bit out of hand with all of the fake pumpkin stuff on the market today!

  92. You always have such great allergy friendly recipes. Thanks for sharing on Creative K Kids’ Tasty Tuesdays link up. Hope to see you back next week.

  93. Bravo! A delicious looking pumpkin pie for the allergy sensitive! Coconut milk saves the day!

  94. I featured your pie! Thanks for playing!

  95. I learned so much from this!

  96. Hi GiGi,
    Thank you for celebrating good food and fun with us at the Plant-Based Potluck Party! I hope your holiday season was happy one! Thank you for sharing your delectable gems and for all of your support! Wishing you a very Healthy, Happy 2016! All the best, Deborah

  97. How am I only JUST NOW seeing this?! I heart Britt & her blog so clearly I am way behind here! Loved getting to see you two ladies working together!

  98. Hi GiGi – I love all forms of pumpkin pie! Thanks so much for sharing with the Let’s Get Real party.